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I was thinking of organising a 24 hour read-a-thon 😊 This is literally what it sounds like: dedicate an entire day to reading and try to get through as many pages/books as you can 😄

Would any of you be interested in this? Is it a good idea? Would you take part?

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Mary 💖

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so I was thinking, when a peer dies his wife would be known as "the dowager *title*" or "*first name*, *title*", but what about untitled women? I mean if mr. musgrove died mary would be the new mrs. musgrove right? but what would the old mrs musgrove be called?

For a plain Mrs., she would simply remain Mrs. Musgrove. Mary is known as Mrs. Charles Musgrove to differentiate her from her mother-in-law, and this may continue after her father-in-law’s death. Or perhaps people might refer to Mrs. Musgrove the Elder or the Younger, but in a neighbourhood like Uppercross I’d think that the standard “Mrs. Charles Musgrove” would stick until old Mrs. Musgrove died, herself. As there is no title for Charles Musgrove to rise to, he’d be Mr. Musgrove as always, only now with no need for HIM to be distinctly referred to as Mr. Charles Musgrove.

I don’t even know what would happen if a son was named after his father but probably the elder/younger thing or Old Mr. John Doe and Young Mr. John Doe.

Consider that Fanny Dashwood is Mrs. John Dashwood even when Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret’s father has died, and Mrs. Dashwood remains simply Mrs. Dashwood. Same goes for Mrs. Ferrars, another widowed Mrs.

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I don't think charlotte knew Mary was her mother, because there was a scene where they showed her with Jenna and Archer, and she was asking Jenna if she found her birth mother, and this supposedly occurred at some point during the five year time gap, like while she was in the hospital. Which is strange, honestly, because you would think if she met Alex before the dollhouse, she would know more about her family. Did Alex know? That Mary was their mother? Like at that point did she know

It just makes no sense to me because like. Charlotte obviously knew she was related to Spencer in some way, which means she had to have some kind of doubt about if Jessica was her mom or not. It sure sounds like Wren knew??? And Alex seems to know, like, we don’t really find out how she finds out but if Charlotte disappeared for 5 years, which she did to Alex, and then she died after being released from Welby, how did Alex find out? I dunno I don’t get it

me: i know destiel isn’t ever going to become canon. jensen has said it on multiple occasions, they’ve all said that wasn’t a storyline they were going to go down, and i understand this and am now going to move on

an episode like 12x12: *happens*


My friend and I have come to the conclusion that Viktor and Yuri, the dorks they are, are both determined to surprise the other on their wedding day. And they both decide that the best way to do this is to give their vows in the other’s native language.

They both stay up late studying without the other knowing. Yuri frantically asks Yurio to check his grammar (Yurio is of course DISGUSTED by how sappy he is but helps anyway), Viktor calls Mari at 3 am because he can’t figure out how the fuck this word works and he’s so worried it won’t be right… she looks at what he has and just laughs thinking of the time Yuri tried to write Viktor a fan letter in garbled Russian, taking pity on him.

Wedding day comes, Yuri comes down the isle, both are almost crying already. Viktor takes a shuddering breath and starts his vows. His accent is terrible, he stumbles on pronunciation, but Yuri? He is sobbing already. Viktor finishes, grinning widely. Yuri is crying and laughing, slowly takes a breath. Smirks up at Viktor, starts his own vows… and Viktor is in instant tears. 

It takes all their willpower not to kiss before they’re told to.


Bellamy & Octavia Blake’s growth from childhood on the ark to now.

ML Idea

One day, someone sees Ladybug entering Marinette’s room and they assume the obvious: Mari and LB are having a fling. Pictures are taken and shared, until everybody has seen it. Alya freaks out, Chloe freaks out, Nath freaks out, Lila freaks out, Adrien/Chat freaks out, all of Paris freaks out. That’s followed by Mari trying to solve the problem without exposing herself. Lots of jealousy ensues.

Hearing Voices

“Is there something hidden in his room? Why would he seem so scared of something there?”

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Sangwoo is actually not only scared/freaking out/going crazy over thinking Yoon Bum is dead/dying but he is also vividly hallucinating about his mother due to PTSD. 

He actually does mention before that that he sometimes “hears her”, in Chapter 5. 

But there is more. 

We never saw this happen to Sangwoo before even though he mentions that it did happen before but…

The moment Sangwoo thinks Bum might have died, so left him, Sangwoo started hallucinating about his mother. His brain was left so understimulated that it had to conjure something artificial to keep him sane. 

The moment his brain realised that he was alone again, it filled the surrounding itself with the presence of his mother because it couldn’t bear to have no one around. It makes me think one of the reasons why Sangwoo is keeping Yoon Bum is because he realised that Yoon Bum is almost therapeutic for him. When Yoon Bum is around, Sangwoo isn’t scared anymore, he doesn’t hear voices, he doesn’t feel out of control, he feels as close to normal as he can. 

I wonder what kind of life Sangwoo had before Yoon Bum, maybe having to kill people just so he could get a good night’s sleep, so he could stop hearing his mother banging on the door all night, calling for him. Then one day noticing someone entered his house, telling him he likes him, and then realising that even though he didn’t kill him, the voices just stopped because he didn’t feel alone anymore. His brain substituted for the lack of his mother’s presence with Bum’s presence, so it didn’t have to artificially bring her there every day anymore. And finally, Sangwoo could stop being so afraid all the time.   

Guys, Sangwoo is so lonely.