that would be cute

anonymous asked:

how did mitch ask kirstie out

Basically they were in a car and Mitch asked Kirstie out by putting a little note on one of Kirstie’s  favorite band’s cd’s that said,“will you go out with me?”. And Kirstie didn’t read the cd and just got out the car and said bye and all that.  So Mitch was sitting in the car probably really bummed out. But then when she    read the other side of the cd, she rushed back to the car and told Mitch she’ll go out with him. 

I found it all really adorable. 

So yeah, Mirstie.

sawamura eijun introducing his new little kohais to the world 

i love this girl so much. She’s my everything and i honestly dont know what i would do without her. I just wish she would see what i see. I see a beautiful, kind, loving, sweet, cute, sexy, and adorable girl. She’s so precious like she couldn’t hurt a fly. She’s so kind and non judgmental to everyone she knows and she has the sweetest heart, this girl would do anything for anyone. This is the girl i have fallen in love with. My heart is hers fully and completely. I just cant see myself with anyone else. I love you babygirl and i will never let you forget that. I will tell a thousand times a day that i love you because i never want you to forget it. You’re my home…my love, my world, my best friend, my girlfriend, my soul mate, and i will never give up on you. 2,210 miles cannot stop me from loving you. ❤️ donutsforall

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I was just thinking since the Dragon Age peeps live in a medieval setting, wouldn't they be kinda short compared to us? Like, the Qunari would probably be taller, still, but I'm just imagining like, tiny Varric.

You’re probably right, since medieval peeps were shorter than us. But I think someone said something about Solas being 6 feet? so IDK.

But that would be so cute. OMG TINY VARRIC. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS.