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northern downpour - panic! at the disco


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes



Alright nerds, today we are going to discuss headphone etiquette.

You walk into your favorite hang out joint and you see a dear friend. How grand! However, you see their headphones are in use and you have not the slightest clue how to approach them. Here is a helpful guide on how to decipher the code.

Both headphones on/earbuds in: Leave them alone, especially if they are hunched over a laptop, a book or their phone. This means they do not want to be disturbed. It is okay to give a small wave, head tilt or smile as acknowledgement.

One earbud is out: This means said person is listening out for something and not fully engaged with what is being listened to. You may approach, but watch for body language that says ‘leave me alone’. Examples are: crossed arms, little to no eye contact, short one word answers.

Headphones/earbuds out: You may approach! This one is not enjoying music/audio books on their device currently, and it is deemed okay to talk to said person.

Note: If someone sees you, and takes off their music delivering device from their head, that means they desire to talk to you! Smile, and enjoy a lovely conversation.

You taking off my headphones/earbuds: Run. Because no jury will convict me.


this is another fanart bc of darksidekelz fanfiction. Like I know it’s not a specific scene FROM it again, I just don’t care abt them in TFA but really love that story vOv


I have been blessed by a whole new level of cuteness overload

when you fuck up his lovely face..

So I was thinking today about how almost everyone in ME wears translators (not just for talking with aliens)…
And about how some words just don’t translate.

What I want to consider is words that don’t translate well into one Earth language, but do in at least one other.

So whichever alien word might not come across in English, but when translated into Swahili or Chinese or German…
And vice versa, aliens getting the best overall understanding from translating someone speaking Hebrew or maybe Tagalog.

Anyways, that’s what I’m interested in, and I hope you’re all having a nice day.

I gotta give him credit. He’s coming across likable on this cuz the lyrics could go either way.

I gotta give him credit because I normally don’t like songs or celebrities complaining about being a celebrity. Like, your life is freakin awesome. Yeah, you got problems but your problems probably pale in comparison to somebody who is broke and/or sick or whatever it may be. But there is something really well executed about this song: the lyrics. And I’m rooting for him. I’m rooting for him.

I think a lot of that has to be because we know his back story, or I do. His mom passed away and that is so heartbreaking. His mom was just 40 something years old, so young. So when I hear Louis Tomlinson singing about having a hard life, I believe him. And I sympathize. And I wanna see him win.

Perez Hilton reacting Live to Just Like You by Louis Tomlinson


“So… when do we start?”
“I dunno, when do you wanna start?”
“Dammit, Steve–”

Anime North 2017, Day 1:
@thesteppinrazor​ (Steve Rogers / Captain America) and me (Sam Wilson / Falcon.) 

Magical Girl Sam Wilson at the end there inspired by @nicoise-salad​‘s Magical Falcon


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)

Top 10 MTMTE/Lost Light characters that are likely to stay up having really deep and/or weird conversations with their s/o until someone passes out

  1. Swerve (weird)
  2. Misfire (weird)
  3. Whirl (weird-deep)
  4. Nightbeat (weird-deep)
  5. Rung (deep)
  6. Rodimus (weird-deep)
  7. Drift (deep)
  8. Brainstorm (weird)
  9. Nautica (deep)
  10. Skids (deep-weird)

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*slides in* every day I remember how proud I am of you and how far you're getting with your phenomenal skills. I'd say this in chat, but it's much more fun to drop word piles in your ask box than to say these corny things in chat. I reserve chat for our funny conversations, hehe. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm proud of you and I'm happy that we're friends!!✨

Let me stop screaming, please TvT



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Mistress I need help! Do you know any good scarecrow quotes that are short enough to put on a banner but still give a good sense as to his character?

How short are we talking, one sentence, a few words? Jonathan loves to monologue, so I don’t know how easily it will be to find a shorter quote that describes his character well enough. I’m gonna try and meet you in the middle with several of his more iconic lines, with some of them cut into shorter segments. Anyway, here’s a handful of his best quotes! I hope this helps, and if you’re looking for something from a specific cannon, let me know!  

Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • And at the end of fear… oblivion.
  • There is no Crane… only Scarecrow!
  • Is the world falling apart or just your mind? Are you scared? Embrace it.
  • Fear drives everything, Your life is governed by fear. Every decision you make is a product of that fear.

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Fear isn’t pure biology, Batman. It’s more than instinct. True fear is the absence of hope
  • Do you know what happens to a man who refuses to be controlled by his fears? He must face them! 
  • You’re not dying, it just feels like you are. My toxin is filling your lungs, drowning you in your greatest fears.

Batman Begins

  • I respect the mind’s power over the body. It’s why I do what I do.
  • Would you like to see my mask?

Batman: The Animated Series

  • I am fear incarnate. I am the terror of Gotham. I am the Scarecrow!
  • Inducing terror has always intrigued me. Even, as a boy, I liked to frighten things. People, animals, it was all the same. I became obsessed with fear’s crippling power
  • Fear is the glue that holds society together. It’s what makes people suppress their worst impulses. Fear is power.

Comics (Various)

  • It was the moment I learned from my own great grandmother–the two most powerful forces on earth–fear and control.
  • Fear is our friend batman, it tells us what to guard against. But deep down we already know that, don’t we? We know the real enemy…is us!
  • Though it is simple to bring on, you cannot escape from fear. For fear is not a delusion. You are a sentient mortal condemned to die, and time is against you. 
  • The sinister Scarecrow is free once more–a living heart attack loose in the dark!