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northern downpour - panic! at the disco


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes



Alright nerds, today we are going to discuss headphone etiquette.

You walk into your favorite hang out joint and you see a dear friend. How grand! However, you see their headphones are in use and you have not the slightest clue how to approach them. Here is a helpful guide on how to decipher the code.

Both headphones on/earbuds in: Leave them alone, especially if they are hunched over a laptop, a book or their phone. This means they do not want to be disturbed. It is okay to give a small wave, head tilt or smile as acknowledgement.

One earbud is out: This means said person is listening out for something and not fully engaged with what is being listened to. You may approach, but watch for body language that says ‘leave me alone’. Examples are: crossed arms, little to no eye contact, short one word answers.

Headphones/earbuds out: You may approach! This one is not enjoying music/audio books on their device currently, and it is deemed okay to talk to said person.

Note: If someone sees you, and takes off their music delivering device from their head, that means they desire to talk to you! Smile, and enjoy a lovely conversation.

You taking off my headphones/earbuds: Run. Because no jury will convict me.

when you fuck up his lovely face..


I have been blessed by a whole new level of cuteness overload

Top 10 MTMTE/Lost Light characters that are likely to stay up having really deep and/or weird conversations with their s/o until someone passes out

  1. Swerve (weird)
  2. Misfire (weird)
  3. Whirl (weird-deep)
  4. Nightbeat (weird-deep)
  5. Rung (deep)
  6. Rodimus (weird-deep)
  7. Drift (deep)
  8. Brainstorm (weird)
  9. Nautica (deep)
  10. Skids (deep-weird)

astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)

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hi, if you're still doing top 5 things, how about top 5 things yuuri likes about phichit? :)

1. Socialising with Phichit around is great because all you have to do is show up and sit in a corner, and he is always surrounded by friendly people who are happy to talk to you or let you be, whatever

2. Don’t tell Victor this, but Phichit actually is better at cuddling, because Victor is an Octopus and Phichit just lets you lie in his lap and pets your hair and tells you about the weird shit his family in Thailand has gotten into lately. Phichit’s family is huge and they’re always texting Phichit updates on the latest gossip.

3. Nobody feels bad about eating in front of Phichit, because Phichit loves food and he loves you and he loves to feed people. 

4. Never, not once, ever, has Phichit indicated by word or deed or look that it’s weird that Yuri is so hopelessly in love with Victor or that it’s weird that Yuri is so bad at at people. Phichit just Rolls with It.

5. Phichit has this thing he does where Yuri doesn’t have to say anything, but somehow he looks at Yuri or Yuri just looks at him, and Phichit manages everything so Yuri doesn’t have to decide anything or do anything but follow what Phichit says. It’s like, not weird or kinky or whatever, but not having to make a decision when his head is already full of static is the greatest relief Yuri has ever known.

Have another shitty comic based on true events :D

Damn, so this was something that happened to me like years ago, maybe like 5-7 something, was going to get something from the fridge and as soon as I opened it something fell out, a carton of milk I think, and I immediately shouted out “ARGHH WHORE!!” in surprise for some frikking reason, felt like drawing it today so here ya go <:

also the text that I wrote says “Papy watch your fucking language” if ya guys can’t read it~

Shirofuku: Shortly afterwards, we managed to ask some rowdy guys for directions, but it seemed like shady Shirofuku was invisible to them! \(^o^)/–g-dqZ4MmE

Got7 Reaction: They meet a girl version of Yugyeom

Requested: Got7 reaction to meeting a girl version of yugyeom appearance wise and seeing the 2 side by side (I’m 5'11’ Asian, distinct moles, sharp facial features, big smile and eyes) sis calls me mini yugyeom 😁😊😂 Thanks

A/N: I actually want to see you now<3 I’m curious and I hope you like this. 


Jaebum would be kind of weird a little at first. Like are you Yugyeom’s lost twin or something? Eventually he would kind of worry about the mess you two can make and he already deals with enough wild actions with Yugyeom and BamBam, now you come along he will be in for a long life.

“Please don’t be as wild as him.”

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Mark would be pretty amused with you. He wanted to get to know you more. Like are you just like him or just by appearance. Mark would lowkey probably confuse you both.

“hey Yug- oh hi Y/N.”

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I think Jackson will like the idea.  He was a bit shocked and creeped out on how much you looked like him. He would then tease you both and then treat you guys to anything you wanted. He loved to goof off with you to. Always messing around with the rest of the members. There was times when Jackson would just stare still trying to process how much you both look alike.

“You both look so alike….”

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Oh don’t get him started. Much like Jaebum he would just pray you weren’t like him personality wise. He doesn’t think he can deal with another Yugyeom.

“Here we go”

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Youngjae would be at loss of words. He would find it a little weird that you looked so much like Yugyeom. Like did the maknae ever mention having a twin? He doesn’t remember. Either way he would really know what to say.

“Oh um hi…

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You have no idea how much this boy would enjoy this moment. He was so amused by how much you look like his best friend and he totally loved it. With you it was now a trio and the three would become the best of friends. Honestly think bam would flirt with you.

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Much like BamBam he totally love it but he kinda hated it. He would get jealous of how his hyungs were paying more attention too you now, especially BamBam, but other then that he would treat you a lot like a little twin sister and always joke around with you by pretending to look at you as if he was looking at a mirror saying he looked good, making you roll your eyes.

“I look good.”

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