that word is so overrated


“We talked about it [about marriage]. I think, both me and Marzia, kinda feel like when we want to, we will, but we’re still young…we’re still beautiful. What’s the rush? You keep seeing these young couples getting married way too soon, you know, and it all goes to the shitter. You want that to happen? Is that what you want? Don’t think so….so until then…shut the fuck up” [x]

Love is overrated. What’s so good about liking someone till the point it drives you into insanity? What’s so good about crying every night over someone who’s probably asleep without you? What’s so good about having feelings that rips you to shreds or fluctuates to heaven like a roller coaster ride? Love is fucking overrated and I didn’t asked for any of this.
—  I was asked to describe love.