that word is so overrated


“We talked about it [about marriage]. I think, both me and Marzia, kinda feel like when we want to, we will, but we’re still young…we’re still beautiful. What’s the rush? You keep seeing these young couples getting married way too soon, you know, and it all goes to the shitter. You want that to happen? Is that what you want? Don’t think so….so until then…shut the fuck up” [x]

Demons and Sleepovers

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(Th3 post about drunk girls and their cute shenanigans.)

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The party had been going on for hours now, and all the young women at the sorority sleepover party were at that pleasant stage of drunk where everything seemed brilliant.

Which was the major reason why they were daring each other to try out the summon Bridget had been given when she’d been accepted into the Cult of Dippingsauce. The other women didn’t believe that any demon could be friendly, and, well, Bridget was drunk enough that proving them wrong about this particular demon by calling him up seemed like a wonderful idea.

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Beyonce is overrated.

But you came onto a beyonce blog, clicked anon then sent me this 3 worded bs, so clearly she’s on your mind. Overrated? Bwahahaha. That’s why yesterday we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of her 132 date SOLD OUT world tour