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ya girl is traveling again

hej, hiya and moin to all the lovely wonderful people here on tumblr!!

i am from today, once more, going to travel for a while. this time it is (probably) for around two months but i don’t know as i haven’t got a ticket home yet. i will, however, this time bring my laptop with me and i will make sure to keep up with tumblr and everything while traveling. 

why do you need to know? right. well. there will be a tag again. #cecilie’s travel adventures, under which i will be posting all my travel updates and garbage if you either want to keep up or blacklist idk. 

love you 💖

andi mack is very very cute. good on you disney

The more you look at Jung Hoseok, the more beautiful he becomes.

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Angel baby~Part 1

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I have a serious problem with controlling myself these days so yeah I have another fic series coming up and this is the magnificent part one 

I am sorry I just couldn’t stop the urge of writing sugar daddy jimin 

I hope you guys are going to like it because DAMN I LOVE THE STORY LINE OF THIS ONE 

I’ll stop now, enjoy :) 

-4, 009    words 

mentions of smut 

Pairing: Female Reader x Park Jimin

Genre: Sugar baby/sugar daddy AU; multimillionaire!jimin

~Your new sugar daddy is anything but what you expected, and you’re not complaining.~

music rec list:  (just for the cozy bar vibe) 

all of them are alex aiono and william singe covers lmao oops :’) 

preview, part 1

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I think what I find the most fascinating with tinhats is how determined they are to be unhappy.

Like, yes, they pretend to be happy. They spend their days saying antis are pressed and miserable and that they, the virtuous tinhats, are just enjoying the lives of their favs, despite hating everything they actually see of said favs’ lives and regularly feeling angst about it.

But we all know what they thrive on is despair.

And I just… don’t understand why?

Because at the end of the day, turning their tinhat theories around and putting a positive spin on them would have been… so easy??

Why didn’t they just decide that Briana was a surrogate? That Danielle and El (and whichever girl Harry might be briefly linked to) are friends of theirs happy to help them “blend in” until they’re ready to come out?

Why didn’t they just go with the idea that instead of a big conspiracy to keep Louis and Harry unhappy, they themselves just decided that they weren’t ready to come out yet, or did not want to deal with the inevitable scrutiny?

They could get to enjoy Freddie, they wouldn’t have to imagine Louis as a mere pawn, a spineless man whose suffering is basically ignored by his partner. They could just enjoy both Harry’s and Louis’s solo careers for what they are, and STILL imagine them spending time together whenever we don’t see them.

Like, they’d still be wrong, obviously, but at least they’d have things to rejoice over instead of spending their days desperately trying to find explanations for things that can’t be explained away!

Yet any time a tinhat tries to put a positive spin on things, they’re shunned by the rest of the group.

And I sit there wondering… why???


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game

may we never get what we deserve

So to preface, I’ve see Wonder Woman … more than once in theaters (I love that movie ok don’t judge me), and that little manta the group does felt very mandalorian to me, so I wanted to try my hand at translating it into mando’a.

Most of these words don’t have direct translations, so it’s my closest attempt while keeping in line with the beat and overall meaning.

“May we get what we want.
May we get what we need.
But may we never get what we deserve.”

Vercopa mhi hiibi copad.
Vercopa mhi hiibi lin’ba.
A’vercopa nu draar, hiibi meg mhor tor.

Literal translation is roughly: 

“May we take [our] wants
May we take [our] needs
But may we not never get [that] which [is] our justice.”

Really, what it means is a little different, though it has the same spirit, I think? The use of vercopa makes it a statement of wishing or hope, and hiibir means to take, but it doesn’t carry the same rough context as it does in English (remember hibiir and hibirar are close, the latter meaning to learn). It really can be used for “to get” as opposed to “to take”

In mando’a, double negatives do not make a positive — double negatives are used for emphasis. So if something is “not never” it really means never ever

Also, in this sentence, “not never get [that] which [is] our justice” is more like … may we never receive what’s just for our actions, or alternatively, may we never receive the justice waiting for us … or, you know, may we never get what we deserve

individual word by word translations:

vercopa — wish, hope; “May this happen / I wish” statement prefix

mhi — us, we

hiibir — to take

copad — ambition, desire

linibar ( shortened, liniba - lin’ba ) — to need

a, a’ — but

nu draar — not never

meg — which, what, that, who

mhor — ours, archaic (poetic)

tor — justice

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Please share more of your headcanons they are awesome. from a fellow pukwudgie.

Ask and you shall receive my fellow Puk :) It´s been a long time since my last Puk headcanons I´ve missed them! 

1/ The Black Market run by Pukwudgie students is a thing okay. Everyone knows. The teachers would do something but… 

2/ Pukwudgie’s pureblood prefect and wampus’ no-majeborn prefect are dating and they are most terrifying power couple in the whole school (although to be honest there is this Horned Serpent couple from 5th year that is really next on the list to be The Couple when the prefects graduate)

3/ Girl gangs are definitely a thing in Ilvermorny but only the one integrated entirely by Puk girls have matching jackets

4/ Actually, the most dangerous dark lord from the last century in America was a Pukwudgie boy called Adrian Koch. But he has no tragic background. He was pretty okay all the way through his education in Ilvermorny. The only problem was that “he thought he was sick in his heart if you could be sick in that place”. Because the most terrifying thing about the heart is that when sick, it wants and wants and wants, but it doesn’t care it doesn’t fill it just takes.

5/ Pukwudgies that love reading team up with Thunderbirds and Horned Serpents to go to muggle cities during mid-term to go get the latest book from their fave series

6/ Pukwudgie’s own ilvermorny’s debate club. It might have been officially founded by Horned Serpents but ask anyone and yup Puks own that club they are terrifying you can present actual facts while they get there with a pen and two pieces of paper and they will still win. Devil’s advocate those ones.

7/ Pukwudgies are known as the most… how should i say this… promiscuous house. It’s mostly a stereotype, of course, but rumor has it the heart does what it wants and Pukwudgies are not ashamed of feeling love or any kind of desire, and some of the most vocal house members have given the whole house a ‘reputation’ through the years. This does make a lot of freshmen uneasy, living up to weird expectations or plain disgusted for being seen as ‘easy’ or 'eager’ or even interested in sex by default.

7/ Sooner or later every Pukwudgie sees the little carved quote that its half hidden in the stairs of Pukwudgie’s common room and smile every time they remember it.

8/ In summer the school grounds are basically full of two houses: Thunderbirds and Pukwudgies.

9/ Pukwudgies curse. A lot. Remember that post “Look im mad, and just saying 'gosh’ is not gonna do it for me Susan”. That’s Pukwudgie.

10/ Pukwudgies have archery training fields.

11/ The actual Pukwudgies (the creatures) have been seen teaching Pukwudgie students little basic fire magic when they find out the student its afraid of the dark

12/ Every Pukwudgie ever will deny they actually bake. Even while they are baking in that very moment in fron of your eyes. They will go full Mariah Carey on you 

13/ Pukwudgies, just like the creatures they are named from are incredibly easy to annoy

14/ Salty Pukwudgies are a Thing okay. Mean Pukwudgies are something to be avoided. They will lash out to anyone and everyone and perks of the heart: they know how to cut deep.

15/ Some Pukwudgies are terrible in potions and that makes them feel so empty they can feel their eyes water when asked about that particular stereotype.

16/ The most romantic Pukwudgies, when in love, will literally make flower crowns to everyone who even looks in their general direction.

17/ Pukwudgies are the type of people who get strangers phone numbers in public cafeterias.

18/ Some Pukwudgie’s love parties. Capital L love even. Some Pukwudgies can’t stand them at all. Every Pukwudgie is obsessed with at least one blanket from the common room and there would be fights for the best spots to cuddle in winter when it rains.

19/ House movie marathons are a thing.

20/ Pukwudgies value eye contact and is their preferred go-to when flirting with someone they actually like.

21/ During exams, Pukwudgies are either the friend who brings enough snacks to the library to feed their entire year or the one who forgets to eat 3 days in a row. There is no in between.

22/ Pukwudgies do love plants. That stereotype is 110% true. Not the actual plants mind you, allergy is a thing, but the aesthetic of it. The common room is filled with them and *magically enough* once you enter Pukwudgie’s common room allergies stop being a thing entirely. People have had to be physically removed from the common room during spring because *No you can´t stay here Marcos this is not even your common room get. out.* 

sometimes i think about how much i used to love voice acting (and still do) and how it was like smth i rly wanted to like actually do with my life in the future but then i remember how bad @ it i am and im like? o yeah


Happy Birthday for my amazing king Minji-chan! 26.2

Hunting For Love

Fandom: Teen Wolf + Supernatural
Pairing: Stiles/Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: thatgirlwholikestowritestories
Summary/Request: Sequel to A Night In Beacon Hills.
Once more i’d love to thank my wonderful Partner in Fandom Crime, we’re slowly taking over the world one fan at a time! <3

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🍰Happy Birthday Sweet Marvelous Flawless Anisa (swanshope)🍰

mm headcanons - how they react to seeing that you own sphynx cats

//yoo so this is my first request and i’m also writing V & Saeran into this and I havent written them before so i apologize if they seem a bit OOC? hope you like it!! I’m still getting used to all of the mechanics while writing (I only found the bulleted list feature yesterday… i’ve been copying and pasting bullets) and i’m trying to grasp the personality of each character in my writing, but i’m hoping it becomes better in the future. Then, i might go back an add or delete some stuff//


  • okay so he’s basically going over to your apartment for the first time ever
  • yoosung is kind of nervous because he really likes you and doesn’t want to be too awkward
  • so you welcome him in and give him a sweet ol hug
  • he walks into your living room
  • and he actually SHRIEKS
  • “MC !! WHAT IS THAT!?”
  • he’s actually so alarmed to see this hairless cat just casually resting on the arm of your couch
  • “Don’t be freaked out, he’s actually really sweet.”
  • this boy’s got a natural way with animals so it doesn’t take long for him to become accustomed to your little pal
  • the nugget is snuggling up next to him and just head butting him like “i like you a lot! notice me!” and you just can’t stop smiling like aw aw aw my two favorite people. animals. living creatures? yeah.
  • Yoosung is actually so intrigued by the cat? because apparently they aren’t really hairless, they do have hair, but it’s just very thin.
  • he came here to hang out with you but he can’t stop playing with your damn cat ?? but it’s alright you aren’t jealous because you just love him too much and you’re happy that he’s happy 


  • so he’s at your door expecting the next few hours to be filled with cuddles and snacks and a movie
  • but you open the door and you’re like
  • “okay, i know you’re allergic to cats and all, but i’ve kinda got a cat? i’ve been cleaning for the past two hours so there isn’t cat residue (?) anywhere in the living room or the kitchen or the bathroom, and currently he’s in the spare room.”
  • he’s kinda taken aback and his nose just twitches
  • he really likes you though so he tries to stop himself from sneezing so much
  • you guys settle down for your movie (he’s showing you some play about a spicy jalapeno topping?)
  • but kitty made his way out
  • Zen spots him first and his eyes widen
  • “M-MC…” and he just nods to the little fella
  • you put your hand out and stop the lemon headed cat in his tracks, and try to make him shoo, but he only plops down on the other side of the room.
  • you go to get up and take him out with force but Zen stops you, “it’s okay, i just can’t get too close, im sorry.”
  • you’re like “oh i dont mind i just don’t want him to bother you”
  • halfway through the movie, Zen asks you, “didn’t they have those types of cats in Egypt?” and you just smile because you know he’s wondering and you lose focus of the film, just answering his cat questions, even though he is known for hating them so dearly


  • tbh jaehee’s pretty cool about it
  • like “oh that’s an interesting cat” and she cocks her head at it but it just paws at her leg cutely and she leans down to pet him
  • and then he starts to lick her and she looks up at you and she’s hesitant but she rubs gently behind its ears
  • “she’s much better than Elizabeth. I must say, I enjoy that there is no hair to be shed.”
  • She actually finds her oddly charming and they get along very well
  • you only feel replaced a little bitit’s so nice to see them bonding because you were nervous Jaehee wouldn’t be fond of your cat because of how she’s always getting dumped with Jumin’s but you are generally fascinated by relationships between humans and animals besides that fact.


  • he says that they aren’t exactly cute, but he enjoys it’s existence
  • he believes that all humans have a cat counter part, and as there are strange humans, there have to be strange cats to complete them
  • it makes him wonder what type of person you really are
  • he does wish she was softer, however, but can’t stop looking at the odd skin
  • stops petting eventually because he doesn’t want Elizabeth to think he’s cheating on her
  • but still keeps taking glances at it from across the room
  • “i’m beginning to feel that you love my cat more than me?”
  • “No, i just… am quite intrigued. It’s a different cat breed. A very different one. But that doesn’t mean I love it more than you. I love you with everything in me. Your cat is simply making me wonder.”
  • “for once, i almost want you to give more love to Elizabeth”


  • HE SHRIEKS TOO but in a good way
  • they get together really well and Saeyoung can’t stop blushing because of how extroverted the cat is being towards him
  • “It’s giving it’s attention to me!! Can you believe it, MC?”
  • “She wants your attention, too. She likes you, Saeyoung!”
  • He gasps when you tell them they started being selectively breeded in Canada in the 1960s.
  • saeyoung what
  • why
  • w?? what?? im? why? 
  • he shrugs it off and just goes back to playing with your cat and you just do the same because there is never any reasoning behind Saeyoungs’s antics.


  • doesn’t really mind
  • he appreciates all living creatures
  • maybe except mosquitoes but that’s for another time
  • he loves learning about new things, and these cats are one of them
  • he can’t stop asking about their breed and their personalities and their places in history
  • he’s actually very amazed that he is petting one because in his twenty seven years, he’s heard of these cats and seen pictures of them, but it’s very weird having one nestling into his side
  • thinks is also very amazing that they’re such social creatures? like that’s why you have two of them because when you aren’t home, they just goof around with each other


  • so he walks in kinda quietly as usual bc he isn’t really comfortable yet
  • he sees your cat in the corner and just
  • “why is he looking at me like that?”
  • then another comes out
  • “do they not like me? why are they staring with blood shed in their eyes?”
  • “they don’t not like you, Saeran. they’re usually very friendly with strangers, they just want to see who you are.”
  • “go away, you wrinkly lemons!”
  • “Saeran, be nice!”
  • like when two really similar people meet through a mutual friend but are just both kinda awkward and nothing gets started so one has to take the lead and no surprise it’s actually the cat
  • he sighs and leans down to pet one of them
  • and?? “THEY’RE SO WARM??“
  • he learns to love how they seem to want his attention
  • Saeran playing with kitties the cutest thing just imagine it : : : : : :
  • you have now been blessed

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Did you watch WW yet? Did you like it?

I watched Wonder Woman and I loved it!! I watched more than once now because I loved it and my mum wanted to watch it too.

Imagine Loki finally returning home after many weeks/months on a war expedition with Thor.
He’s battered and bruised, a few more scars since before he left, and incredibly exhausted, but so happy to see you at your reunion.
You run into his arms, embracing him tightly and planting kisses anywhere and everywhere. Loki wraps his arms around you, burying his face against you and simply smiles, enjoying your touch once more; even if it’s mixed with displeasure at seeing him so battleworn.
The two of you spend the night love making, enjoying being together again.
In the morning, you and Loki wake at roughly the same time. You peek your eye open as he sits up, stretching out, long limbs and lovely bare skin.
It’s wonderful being able to admire his form once more in the early sun, even if his pale skin is smattered with blotchy bruises and cuts.
Finally you sit up, sliding over to him and begin gently kissing the injuries and massaging his sore muscles.
Loki sighs in content, sinking back into you and hums softly. “I’ve truly missed you.”

a beautiful problem

i realize my problem—
a hum in the background
my attention becomes lost as i try to clear the frost
the cause, i’m just so full of exhaust

once upon a time i asked god
but soon realized he was a fraud
i bawled, crawled and asked for more
i certainly could love a whore

but i stand at the door
wonder once more
look in the mirror
and realize my mind escaped through pours

my soul becomes vapor
beauty comes in many forms
dapper is norm, but i lust for eyes that storm
bodies that feel warm

and i realize that my problem is that i love the fallen
but more importantly, i love others more than i love myself
and farewell as much as i love the down and mellow