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Adlockers on Sherlocked

Hey, if you ship adlock (or you ship Sherlolly or other ship but doesn’t hate adlock and doesn’t care about stupid ship wars) and you’re going to Sherlocked, please ask them something about Sherlock and Irene! Like the “have you had sex” scene or if the “You know where to find me” message is for her… I literally don’t remember any Sherlock Convention that Moffat didn’t say anything about adlock, so there’s always a good chance he says something new.

Since we’re a small part of the fandom and most people ship other ships, it’d be amazing!

Also, even if you don’t ship adlock (and that’s ok) and they say something about our ship, feel free to use our tag and inform us. :)

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I’d like to discuss this scene because I think it serves a very large service to the theory that Sherlock Holmes feels romantic love. When he found Irene Adler supposedly dead on a slab, he felt a sudden discomfort. He was ashamed of his feelings towards her, therefore feeling guilty when he saw her dead. And when Mycroft handed him the cigarette (no doubt knowing his brother and that he does feel things in that way) I think it was his way of grieving; to going to old habits. Mycroft knew that Sherlock had feelings for Irene, mostly because it was obvious and secondly because she is a smart woman. She is Sherlock Holmes’s exception. You can see that Sherlock is upset over her death and it’s obvious, in this scene. The writer’s purposely made this canon. This was no accident. Sherlock inhales the smoke and you can see him looking at the ceiling like he’s deep in thought of what he’d just witnessed; the only woman he’s ever loved, dead. No longer breathing. And I think that says a lot about Sherlock Holmes. Asexual or not, he does fall in love.

The Woman and the East Wind (or Play her p3)

Sherrinford was exactly as Irene had expected, a cold, isolated, imperial fortress. She wondered how a Holmes could survive such a loneliness, such a… boredom.  
And she smiled then, that’s why Sherlock visits her so often, she thought, makes perfect sense after all. She almost felt sorry for Sherlock’s psychopathic serial killer’s sisters. Almost.

As she was about to enter Eurus’s cell, Sherlock’s hand found hers and stopped her. She turned meeting his eyes. Even thought his face seemed as tough and serious as always, she could feel a slight tremor in his fingers “You don’t have to do this, we could still…” but she didn’t let him finish that sentence. She pulled a finger on his lips and silenced him pronouncing some simple words “It will be fine”, and he nodded in return before adding “Just be careful”.  

Irene smirked at him one last time before disappearing into the tube that led to Eurus’s cell.

Irene walked slowly, unsure of how to proceed.
Eurus was not exactly how she had expected her to be, her eyes were incredibly cold and yet at the same time, her fingers were dancing in the most elegant and delicate manner.

Her gesture was almost magnetic, she was a siren, and Irene felt the immediate urge to take a step closer, to examine her, to understand her. Her long hairs were falling on her back, and she was walking barefoot around. Irene stopped for a second; Sherlock was definitively right, his sister was not the usual psychopath. Sadly for Eurus, the woman was not the usual girl either, so Irene stopped, joined her hands kept staring at Sherlock’s evil sister.

Eurus, on her side, stopped her hypnotic movements and started staring at her.

The younger Holmes stayed silent for a bunch of seconds, and Irene almost feared she would not have said a word for the whole time of her visit, she feared or maybe hoped that she would have deduced everything of her without even asking a single thing.

Regardless of this, Eurus’s silence didn’t last much and some seconds after Eurus’s enthusiasm surprised her, as the woman heard her loud, secure and excited voice exclaiming

“The woman!”

And Irene smirked for a moment before managing to reply, with an unexpectedly intrigued  tone “The east wind.”

“Come closer” Eurus continued inviting her guest with a gesture of the hand “I want to see you better” she whispered looking her through the glass, but the woman had no intention to obey her. Or anyone else, she was a former Dominatrix, after all, only one person could command her her, sometimes, and that person was a different Holmes.

“I’m comfortable here” she hissed fiercely, with almost a challenging tone and Eurus understood, even if she continued with the same insolence that she had shown before, that insolence that Sherlock feared would have endangered Irene so much. Her next words were a concentrate of all that “You’re beautiful and much hotter in person, but honestly, I don’t think that that’s what attracts Sherlock the most, with none offence.”
“None taken, his body is not what I prefer to him either” Irene replied staring at the other woman, who laughed amused “Of course not, his brain is far more fascinating, isn’t it?”
“To me, it is” the woman replied in a firm and secure tone.
“And mine?” the east wind asked taking a step closer, almost reaching the glass that divided them.
Irene didn’t hesitate to speak the following words “You’re a Holmes and from what I’ve heard the most brilliant one so yes, I assume your brain must be something… remarkable”
Hearing those words made Eurus smile, in an awkward disquieting unsettling smile and the woman felt intrigued and scared in the same measure, then Eurus smirked whispering “I’ve heard so much about you too.”
Irene stared at her for a moment, then hissed “I haven’t heard enough about you”, and the younger Holmes laughed slightly before joining her hands “This doesn’t surprise me, Sherlock has the tendency to… hide me, but I would say that’s already a big improvement from erasing completely.”

Irene nodded imperceptibly. She knew Eurus was right.

Sherlock had spent years closing himself up, preventing anyone to understand him, how he truly… thought, what he felt, who he really was. He had spent years building this… unbreakable wall around him, actually believing that showing… feeling, any kind of affection would have damaged him, his work, his life. For years he had pretended to be this… perfect functioning machine and yet at a point John had unlocked something in him, as Eurus had, as herself had too, probably.

Irene was not sure.

She was never sure when he was concerned. This is what she… appreciated most about him, what made her feel…overwhelmed. It was the fact that he was capable of challenging her in a way no one else had ever managed to, he was capable of dealing with her in a way no one else could. He was special, he was the definition of special to her, but what was he to her, or she to him, eventually? Neither of them was sentimental, neither of them liked to truly speak about… emotions, connections, sentiments.

And yet years had gone by, and he had changed. And she had changed. And their… bound had somehow developed, or at least it seemed so to her. It was so to her, it was true. Real. They were becoming… real, in their way, at their terms, but still real.

After that some words escaped her mouth, words that were intended tp provoke Eurus, she told herself. Or maybe she was looking for an excuse to bring the subject up, an excuse to ask for her opinion. Eurus’s. Sherlock’s sister, an era-defying genius whose opinion and feelings evidently mattered to… to him.

“He barely replied any of my texts at first, now he’s more… active. Is that improvement to you?”

Eurus eye-bows raised instantly “What do YOU think, Irene?”.

Her voice sounded like course, or blessing, the woman was not sure. Surely the younger Holmes intended to underline her superior mind, sadly for her; Irene never had any intention to be outsmarted, so her reply arrived more insolently than she had intended to “What do you expect me to think, Eurus?”

Eurus Holmes stared at Irene Adler for what it seemed an eternity and the woman saw the east wind’s eyes running through her. She knew what the other woman was trying to do. She had seen it already, she had seen that kind of look on her before but Eurus, like her brother before her, seemed incapable of deducing THE woman, of… unveiling her and this shocked Eurus at the point that Irene almost saw a sign of surprise in her eyes. Almost. Some seconds after Eurus smirked gently and took a couple of steps back before exclaiming in an excited and almost scaring tone some words that Irene would have gladly avoided.

“Let’s make it funny. What do you feel for him?”

Unexpectedly the answer to that was not hard to give.
On the contrary, Irene suddenly felt as if she had been preparing for this conversation for years and words simply left her mouth.
“I thought you were an era-defying genius beyond Newton, Eurus.”

What happened after was a dangerous, intriguing and unrepeatable… game of chess.

“That’s about emotions and Sherlock has always have been the emotional one and you…” Eurus stopped for some seconds, probably looking for the right phrase to use or possibly only to arouse the woman’s curiosity “You’re the living proof of that, but sentiments… Sentiments, affection, attraction, love, lust… are all chemical defects, just chemical defects. And yet these mean something to him. And to you too, probably, so what do you think you are to him?”
“Why do you care?” Irene replied ending that question with an insolent smile on her lips.
“Who says I care?” Eurus hissed rolling her eyes.
“Why do you want me to answer, then?” the woman insisted taking a step closer, almost chasing her adverssary “Tell me.”
“What is he to you?” the younger Holmes continued fiercely “Tell me.”

Neither of them spoke, and for a moment a strange silence fell between them.
Then Eurus spoke again, her tone irreverent as before “Is he the love of your life, darling? A piece of you?”

Those words hit the woman’s pride. What was Sherlock to her? That was a question she wasn’t sure she wanted to answer to. The love of her life…it just seemed not right.
He was… so much more. He was… and in that moment some words escaped her mouth.

“He’s… a stimulating challenge, a constant intriguing, extraordinary, life-changing challenge.”
Hearing that made Eurus smile, an almost gentle smile “You’re playing your relationship down, you know it, I know it.”
“Do I?” Irene asked with false innocence, which only managed to slightly irritate Eurus. “You tell me. How was it?” her voice ringed as her eyes kept staring at the woman.
“What?” Irene asked genuinely confused, and the other woman replied almost immediately  “Everything…To find him, to love him, to lose him, to find him again… your emotional context with him…”
“Why are you so interested, Eurus?” the woman asked almost annoyed “And let’s not pretend it’s just because you need some emotional context, he has already given you that…” Irene added before stopping.
She stopped, for some seconds she stopped, thinking about that, reflecting about Eurus’s interest in her and after that, she continued with a more secure tone “You want to understand the human defect that bonds me to your brother, you are curious and you need to understand how it works because as much as you claim to know about… everything and everyone, “love” is something you don’t quite get.”
“You think you’re smart, but…” Eurus started but this time too the woman stopped her without remorse and spoke disregarding her opinion, finally understanding that, that was the only possible way to beat Eurus on her own game. So she hissed “Do you envy him or are you jealous of me?” she said that taking a further step closer, moving her legs like a blade in the warm flesh. In that moment Eurus’s hand reached her abdomen and whispered with an indignant tone “You really think I could find Human Connection intriguing enough to awake my interest? Why?”
“Because I think Human Connection can be quite…remarkable” the woman stated.
“How so?”

Irene gave her a sweet smile that seemed almost a mockery and then asked: “For a long time I’ve kept asking myself questions about it, haven’t you?”
“Do you realise I’ve been living in Sherrinford, isolated from the World, since I was five, right?” Eurus replied almost exasperated from that singular sister-in-law, and the woman in front of her nodded and whispered smirking “Of course I do, that’s why I think you’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about it, am I wrong?”

Another moment of silence happened between the two of them, and for the first time that day Irene almost felt Eurus true uncertainty. She lowered her eyes, but it didn’t last much. Vulnerability was something that disgusted her, as disguested Irene too probably, and yet there was a question she wanted, she… needed to ask her.

“Do you think is needed? Do you think you need him?”

“Do you?” the woman asked and seeing that the other had no intention to react, continued “What I think is that connection, real connection, is the rarest thing in the world and sometimes… sometimes it doesn’t even seem even worth it. I mean… Is it even possible? To truly know another person, to find that human being that understands you… how you think, how you move, the one who fits you, the one that… redefines how you perceive the surroundings. Is it even a worthwhile pursuit? Especially in a world when people… hurt each other… betray each other and…leave, suddenly and unexpectedly.”

She finished that sentence realising that that tone had become almost… emotional, she could almost feel tears trapped inside her eyes, which surprised her more than she should have. And Eurus, obviously, noticed that and made sure that the woman knew she had.

“Did that hurt?” she asked with a slight cruel tone in her voice “Believing him dead? Knowing that he would have never kissed you again, touched him again? Knowing that his gorgeous and reassuring body had become useless and cold. Did it burn your heart? Was it an unbearable weight that almost destroyed you?” she hesitated for a while, appreciating the woman’s slight tremor “Did it hurt?” she asked again.
“Does it matter?” the woman whispered staring at her in return, facing her attack “Did it hurt?” Eurus repeated in an almost severe tone.
“Does it matter?” the woman repeated, determined not to let Eurus win.

She was Sherlock’s sister, but some memories, some… secrets were theirs and theirs only. How she had felt when she lost him, or how he had felt after her first death… those feelings were completely private, a pain like that… surely needed to be… contained. And Eurus felt that, all of that, and suddenly her fluid voice filled in the room again.

“You won’t answer unless I answer first, will you?”

Irene silent smirk was the only encouragement Eurus needed to continue. And she did.

“It matters. Sherlock and you.” her voice hissed “ You…were right, I want to understand.” In that moment the woman almost laughed “Good luck then, not even I understand what that is”

She was being honest, and yet things were changing between them, she could feel that. Their… connection had changed in a way she had never expected to, they were… growing up, maybe. Or maybe they were just adjusting to each other, they were experimenting something new.

Usual people would have probably called that stable-loving-relationship, and yet they weren’t usual people, they had never had been.
And yet they had been living together for a while by then, she had been sharing his bed and his house, and… from time to his job, his fears, his hopes and… for the first time in her life, she was considering the idea of settling down. With Sherlock. That thought… almost disgusted her. Almost, because deep down, she felt as if she had been waiting for that moment, for him, for all her life.

Eurus’s voice distracted her once again “You are important to him”, and Irene stared at her, finally understanding what all that dialogue was about “You are important to him, too” she responded, serious and Eurus insisted once again.“And he cares for you, deeply.”
After that Irene shook her head “Please don’t. This is not a competition for affection, Eurus. He’s capable of caring for us both.”
“Is he?” the east wind whispered unsurely, and the woman nodded simply, and strangely her movements were also… reassuring “He’s more capable of that than he seems. And so are you.”

Suddenly Eurus’s expression relaxed and her lips formed an almost satisfied grin. Then she said something the woman had never expected to hear.

“My brother really has good taste.”
“Did you doubt that?” she said in return biting her lips.
“I did" the other replied honestly “It took him a while to get rid of your husband.”
“Ages” the woman hissed, trying so hard not to laugh.

Sherlock had really gotten rid of her husband, outsmarting him mentally and beating him physically. That memory was so unexpectedly…. pleasant to her, she had never thought she would have enjoyed seeing him jealous THAT much, but it wasn’t the right time to lose herself in those kinds of thoughts; so she continued “But I probably should thank you for that.”
“Me?” Eurus said faking a surprise “You” Irene repeated keeping staring at the younger Holmes, who smiled kindly understanding what the woman wanted to say “Sherlock didn’t tell you that, Irene” she whispered and the other nodded confirming that “He didn’t. Neither did the Ice Man, nor your parents.”

Eurus Holmes nodded and after that whispered her final opinion about the woman, Sherlock’s woman. Irene Adler. “You are as witty as you are intelligent, Irene. You really are”, and as the woman wanted to reply to that compliment the east wind spoke again “But I got to choose the name, not negotiable.”

Those words made the woman’s heart lose a beat. The name, Eurus, the era-defying genius Eurus Holmes had said “the name”, and for obvious reason, the woman had understood what Eurus was trying to say.

“What?” she exclaimed, hoping to be wrong.
But she wasn’t and Eurus smile confirmed that “Nero if it’s boy, Mata if it’s a girl, but it will be a boy this time I’m quite sure.”
“What?” Irene repeated again, trying so hard to remember the last time she had her period, trying to give a reasonable explanation for her recent tendency to throw everything up in the morning, or to the fact that she had been overemotional and…
Eurus saw the woman’s doubts and gave a small move of the head “You have understood.”

And still, Irene was not convinced “This is absurd, I was a dominatrix, I know my body” she whispered leading her hands towards her belly.

“Yes,” Eurus said noticing that gesture “Yes and you slept with my brother more or less two months ago, haven’t you?” Irene’s silence confirmed once again Eurus’s theory, so she continued “And last night. And this morning” after that the younger Holmes took a big breath before adding “Deep down you know I’m right.”
“I…” the woman started, but a noise behind her stopped her voice. The elevator that led to Eurus’s cell opened, and Sherlock appeared behind them, then she heard his voice saying “Time’s up sis.”

Mirrors (An Adlock Fanfiction)

(Am I being cheeky? Idk. Just felt like this is an appropriate title. Haha.)

Having the sun kiss her skin as she looked out the window of her hotel room in Santorini, Irene Adler found herself lost in her own nostalgia. 

Her eyes were puffy from staring into the bright light of her mobile phone the night before, keeping the company of casual banter at her side as exchanged with another sleepless soul in London. 

Sherlock Holmes had declined her invitation to visit, but she was secretly satisfied at the agitated tone of his messages. He was awfully defensive this time, having to tell her he was in deep surveillance due to his recent erratic behaviour, not to mention the incident with his sister. 

Taking out her phone from the pocket of her dressing gown, she played a familiar tune, something he had tried and failed to keep from her. According to his confession, dear Doctor Watson fondly nicknamed the piece as her theme. 

As she listened to the sway of the music, she felt compelled to look back at their past and how long they have gone from there. She remembered how much she wanted to know how his mind worked when they first met, the intrigue and the mystery was fascinatingly addicting. 

And yet now, she knows much more about him. 

Her tongue could still taste the chocolate cake they had in Paris from a couple of years ago, his distaste in any other flavours leading to the discussion of his birthday. The thought that chocolate, something that majority of the commonwealth enjoys, is also something that he preferred, was curious to her. 

As the music glided in a soft arc, she was reminded of how he asked her to dance when he discovered it was her birthday, and she was sure he muttered an apology for having her spend the day investigating one of Moriarty’s connections. Her mind reeled at how soft and smooth his movements were, and she saw in his eyes that dancing is also one of his passions. 

She also knew he loved dogs and horses, prefers rivers and lakes than oceans, never care much about astronomy but has a strong affinity towards the the star Sirius in the Canis Major constellation (and she figured it still has something to do with his love for dogs), and that he has a scar on his left hip bone from one of his cases back in uni. 

Sherlock Holmes was more different than he had expected, and the sleuth, the genius, just Sherlock, and his many other faces proved to be an endless mystery.

A smile was brought to her lips when she remembered how he will always clench his fists before surrendering to his impulses, as if he was trying to channel every control in his body, and how he always manages to surprise her with his… movements. She could still feel how his fingers run over her skin like he was playing the strings of his violin, and how he has that soft haze in his blue eyes when he looks at her in the midst of their contact. 

Irene had to shake her head and bite her lip to wake her up from her reverie, grinning at how she knows so much about him, and yet could never really figure out what he knows about her.

With a delicate touch to his violin, Sherlock looked out from his window to the drizzling street, people busy with umbrellas and running to catch cabs. 

He started to play a note or two, then sighed, mind still playing the vivid bright light coming from his mobile phone from the night before, anticipating every message from another sleepless soul in Santorini. 

Irene Adler had invited him to visit, but to his dismay, he had to offer her a much later time. Still, his mind and fingers surrendered to his whims to talk to her about what is happening in his life so far. They never seem to run out of things to talk about, but if it were up to him, he would much rather see her face and tell her beyond the screen. 

Realising his solitude, he took his bow and started playing her, the piece John labeled teasingly as Irene’s Theme, and let the music fill him in.

At every curve of his finger, he felt himself sinking into the nostalgia of when he first laid the notes to the sheet, and how different he played it then and now. He could still remember the anguish and curiosity that directed him to the tune, how he wanted to figure out how her mind works and why he was so confused when around her.  

And yet now, he knows much more about her.

He liked the delight in her eyes when she tasted that lemon lime cake in Paris, and how considerate she was to get him another slice of chocolate cake to take back to the hotel when she found out it was his birthday. 

As he reached a soft arc in the piece he was playing, he remembered how she hummed along the tune they danced to when he found out it was her birthday. The way she let him guide her as they moved to the music was a delicate moment, and he liked how she told him that it was the best birthday she had in years, despite it being one of the most dangerous investigations they have ever done together. 

A smile spread across his face when he recalled how beautiful her singing voice sounded, and he could tell how obsessed she is with musicals and opera. Her flustered expression upon realising that she was heard was priceless to him, considering the she tried to pretend nothing happened, but her cheeks got rosier than usual.

He finds it fascinating that she shared the same love for dogs and horses as he does, that she prefers seasides and rivers but find lakes incredibly haunting (due to a childhood incident she had shared), that she would always stop to look for Orion’s belt when the stars shine brightly in the sky at night, and that she finds it frustrating that she can’t curl her tongue. 

Irene Adler was more dynamic than he had expected, and The Woman, the dominatrix, just Irene, and her many faces proved to be an endless exploration. 

His fingers tightened at the bow when he remembered how her lips would slightly tremble when he draws near, always taking him by surprise that she always let him go at his own pace. Every stroke of his finger against the strings feel like her soft and warm skin under his touch, and there’s just something about the way she breathes and moves that makes him feel at ease. She was always very careful with him, and her eyes always search his for uncertainty, to which he tries to dismiss with the fervent touch of their lips. 

Sherlock had to shake his head and put the song to a close to wake him up from his reverie, grinning at how much he knows about her, and yet never figure out what she knows about him.


That moment when you realize Watson was not describing Lady Carmichael, and Holmes had walked right into an interrogation about Irene Adler.

Quote from The Abominable Bride

Watson: Well, you liked her. “A woman of rare perception.”

Holmes: And admirably high arches. I noticed them as soon as she stepped into the room.

Then came the moment you realize everything was in Sherlock’s drugged mind and he was actually questioning and arguing with himself

*Adlock shippy feels*

sea-and-thestars  asked:

Let's do this one: Nero and his grandparents.

Okay, I took the theme of Nero and his grandparents and ran with it… but it went a little long, so I’ll write another follow up scene to this. I hope you like it!


3 Months Ago

I want to meet my son. SH

He wants to meet you. We’ll come when it’s safe. IA

You know where to find me. SH


Sherlock sat quietly in his chair - his fingers steepled under his bottom lip, his eyes resting intently on the small form curled up on John’s chair in front of him.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Irene Adler had asked hours earlier.


Sherlock had used the word to describe few things in his life. The night sky. The Woman. His sister’s violin playing… It seemed that something could not be beautiful, in his opinion, unless it was unfathomably painful to behold as well - unless it made him feel outside himself, in a way… and humble. And human.

This little boy that now lay fast asleep on John’s chair met all the criteria.

The Woman leaned against the kitchen archway, her hair falling in soft curls around her shoulders, her arms crossed.

“Why are we here, Sherlock?” She asked finally, as he had been staring at his son silently for the better part of an hour now.

He looked to Irene with just his eyes for a moment, and then brought his arms down to the armrests of his chair, giving her his full attention.

“Why now?” She finished.

Sherlock took a deep breath.

“My parents are on their way here.”

Irene stood abruptly straight.

“Are you insane?” she asked, taking a step in to the room. “No one can know we’re here! You know that better than–”

“I want them to know my son.” He interrupted her calmly, enunciating the last consonant of the sentence a little longer than necessary. He ticked his head a bit to the left. “And I want my son to know them.”

Irene’s face hardened.

“After all these years, after hardly showing more than a passing interest, suddenly he’s ‘your son’? You think your parents have a right to him now?”

Sherlock clenched his eyes closed for a moment at the unverbalized accusation - that he’d never cared about the boy - and then leveled his gaze at Irene before standing and going to the window.

“I’ve loved him his whole life.” He said, reaching out and gently touching the violin to his left as he thought of the bits of music he’d written for him over the last few years. “But I’ve only recently been given the necessary context to understand just what exactly that means.”

He turned to face The Woman who looked, for her part, very surprised to have heard those words come from the man before her.

“Yes, Irene, as it turns out, all it took was being tortured by my long lost homicidal sister for a day to make me realize the importance of family.”

The Woman shook her head slowly.

“We can’t stay here, Sherlock.”

Sherlock closed the distance between the two of them suddenly. Taking Irene by the arm, he pulled her in to him and pressed his lips to hers - his free hand digging in to the hair at the base of her neck. Her arms were around him immediately, and she returned the kiss as though no time had passed between this moment and the last time she was in his arms. Sherlock’s chest burned and his body tingled, and he knew, he knewthat he couldn’t let her go again. No, not after everything.

This woman and this little boy… they were his family. And family stayed.

He pulled away from the kiss, resting his forehead on hers and his hand against her neck and cheek.

“They’re here.”

There was a knock on the door. Irene looked over to it as though startled, and then back at Sherlock as a slow smile spread across his face.

He took a step away from her, stood straight, and buttoned his jacket button.

“Sherlock…” came his mother’s voice from behind the green slab of wood.

“In to battle.” he said, then walked to the door.

Sherlock took a deep breath and without turning from the door, he held his hand out for Irene.

“Are you with me?” he asked.

“No,” she responded, but a moment later her hand was in his anyway. “You’re with us.

Sherlock smiled… and then he opened the door.

The Woman (Sherlock x Reader)

Character: Sherlock Holmes

Fandom: Sherlock

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Jealous!Reader

Title: The Woman

Requested by @notommystahp asked:

Hiii!!!! If you don’t mind, can i request a sherlock imagine where sherlock and reader are dating and she’s protective of him when irene adler is around? and sherlock assured her that he has no feelings for irene and stuff? 😁 Thank you so much I love all of your works!!

As I bit my fingernails, I grew very aware of how I was nervously bouncing my leg. If Sherlock were there he would have already told me to quit it. But he wasn’t.

Neither was John, none of them were home. And it was anguishing me.

I loved those lads –especially Sherlock, since we were kind of dating –but they kept getting in trouble. Solving crimes and being involved with such dangerous people all the time.

And of course, they would never let me go with them. The two were definitely agreeing on that, and so I had to stay home while they were out.

“I have to go now, dear” Mrs. Hudson told me, putting a friendly hand on my knee. “Try not to worry too much, they’ll be alright”

“Thank you, Mrs. Hudson” I forced a smile because I honestly felt grateful for her company, even though I was quite concerned about them still.

Trying to analyze the possibilities, I thought of what I knew about that particular case. Not much, really, just that it had something to do with the woman: Irene Adler.

As I nibbled on my bottom lip, trying not to imagine the many possible outcomes of that case, I heard the door being slammed shut.

I heaved a big sigh of relief and jolted up in nervousness.

“John? Sherlock?” I called out, walking over to the door.

“Yes, here” Came out John’s voice, despite the fact that it sounded strange.

Forced, mildly scared, tired, nervous.

I hurried to meet them and the image I was welcomed with took my breath away.

John stood there, struggling to carry an unconscious Sherlock.

“He’ll be alright, don’t worry” He told me, looking up at me and talking in a soft and sweet voice. Dr. Watson must have realized how deeply terrified I was to see him like that.

“Bloody hell!” My hands flew to my mouth as I gasped. “What happened, John?!”

“The woman” The doctor just replied as I hurried to get to his side and help him carry Sherlock.

“I don’t like her” I said, already in a bad mood.

Maybe it was because Sherlock had shown a great interest in her. He was fascinated by such an intelligent woman, and it was driving me crazy.

On top of all, look what he had done to him! He was completely out!

With great effort, we managed to get Sherlock to his room and lie him on the bed.

I glanced at him and then at John, wondering what he would be thinking. Even though I knew, sort of.

He had a date that evening, but he definitely wanted to stay to take care of our friend. But I didn’t want to bring up the subject, knowing John.

Even though he knew I wouldn’t go anywhere, John would stay. There was no point in trying to talk him into it.

“I have to make a phone call” He cleared his throat and made a stubborn face as he stirred around a little.

“I’ll stay with him” Was all I replied as I carefully sat down next to Sherlock.

John just nodded and closed the door behind him as he left.


Sherlock slept for a few more hours.

I had taken a break of staying there because I needed something to eat. I barely ate anything all day, feeling so restless and queasy.

After I finished having my meal, I took a few more minutes to just sit down on the sofa and try to relax. The events of the day still had me a little shaken up, even if nothing too grave happened.

“John?!” Sherlock’s voice came from the room, alarmed. “Y/N?!”

I quickly stood up and jogged until I arrived there, but John beat me to it. He was already there with Sherlock, so I just stood there next to him.

“Where is she?” Sherlock was saying as he clumsily and groggily stumbled around the room.

I smiled and took a step forward, figuring he meant me. But John and I exchanged confused glares when Sherlock looked right at me and yet stared at us waiting for a response.

“She’s right here” John waved his hand towards me, but I remained silent.

“No, not Y/N!”

“Then who?”

“The woman”

“What woman?”

The woman”

Feeling too hurt to stay there, I just huffed and left the room. I knew Sherlock felt something about her, he had completely ignored me. His girlfriend!

The first name he called out when he woke up wasn’t mine. It was hers.

“Oh, Irene Adler” I could hear John say before I got into my room.

Grumpy yet mad, I slammed the door closed and locked myself in.

That was the first time I knew about Irene Adler. But it wouldn’t be the last.


She was in our flat. Irene Adler was in our actual flat! And flirting with Sherlock too! John noticed too, because he made an amusing comment that I would have laughed at if it weren’t for the fact that I was so jealous that I stared at her almost with hatred.

I knew that woman had something going on with Sherlock. So I resigned to send her unfriendly glares and wait until they finished talking.

I kept telling myself that Sherlock felt nothing for her even if it was obvious he did. I tried to pretend like the reason why they were so intimate was not love. That even though she was getting so close to him and Sherlock was letting her, he really didn’t have any interest in her. That it was all a part of a case or getting information from her or something along those lines.

Because it just felt too painful to think that Sherlock was actually getting so affectionate to Irene Adler despite the fact that I remained to be his girlfriend.

When she finally left, curiously looking at me, I stared at Sherlock in an accusatory way.

“Is something the matter, Y/N?” He calmly asked me.

I pursed my lips tightly together in an annoyed response to his question.

I felt the need to call John and ask him to be there just to have him support me. Because, unlike Sherlock, he knew human emotions. He realized how I felt about Irene and he would help me show it to my so called ‘boyfriend’. But it was something between Sherlock and me.

“You like her, don’t you?” I finally said after a few seconds of an intense glare directed angrily to him.

“What are you on about?” With as much tranquility, Sherlock sat down in his chair.

“Sometimes I question if you’re that intelligent at all, Sherlock” I was so mad, I wouldn’t normally have said something like that.

My comment, of course, hurt his pride. I could see the shift in his eyes, from completely calm to hurt and defensive.

“Will you tell me what’s the matter then?”

“That woman!” I exclaimed, knowing I was overreacting at that point but with no intention whatsoever to avoid doing so. “Do any of you realize I’m your girlfriend?”

“I understand” He nodded and motioned for me to get closer with his hands. “You’re jealous because of the way we interacted”

“Is that it?” I replied sarcastically. “Really? You think so?”

Sherlock grinned a little and stared at me. His expression changed into a more serious one.

“Y/N, you don’t have to be worried about that” He assured. “There’s nothing between us. Especially as long as you’re my girlfriend, because-”

“The problem is you don’t realize my feelings” I interrupted him, trying to acknowledge the fact that the situation happened more often than he realized. “It’s not just jealousy, Sherlock. I’m hurt to see you act like that in front of me, I feel insecure knowing there’s a woman like her trying to win you, I feel sad and scared when I think that you might replace me for her or someone and…”

I made a pause when I realized my anger was turning into sorrow and I was getting emotional.

Sherlock stared at me, slightly confused, when he noticed my watery eyes and my shaky voice. His glare looked sad and regretful and it felt like he was finally understanding my point of view and feeling terrible about it.

“Y/N…” He whispered, his voice low and sweet.

His hands were suddenly in my hips and he gently pulled me into his lap, so I sat there averting my eyes from him in embarrassment.

“She might be the woman, but for me, you are the woman” Slightly dazed, Sherlock blinked a few times.

It was endearing to see him getting flustered, because it definitely didn’t happen often. It barely even happened at all.

“Do you mean that?” I let my glance fall on his.

“Of course I mean that, love” It was the first time he ever called me that, so it made me chuckle.

I felt silly for ever doubting him. I knew I still had reasons to dislike Irene and to feel suspicious about their relationship, but he looked so genuine and so honest, he appeared to feel so guilty. So I believed him.

The corners of his lips lifted when he saw me smile and his eyes shone with a spark of happiness too.

I just hugged him, resting my head on his shoulder, and closed my eyes in content when his arms wrapped my frame. It made all my restlessness to go away.


“So, she’s alive, then.How are we feeling about that?”

that lil ‘got you’ smirk though

The Fire In Which We Burn

Once upon a time I started a collaborative fic with a friend, written in the months before Sherlock’s third season aired. Alas, it appears that fic will never see the light of day due to circumstances beyond my control. I am therefore posting some of the bits and bobs of scenes that I’d already finished, if anyone is interested.

The premise was that Molly Hooper got sent through time to Victorian London, due to the machinations of the ghostly Jame Moriarty. He intended her to die but the Victorian ancestor of a certain consulting detective rescued her and pulled her into his time, where she was permanently stuck, unable to ever return to her own time. There are similarities and differences between the Victorian versions of people she knows - John Watson, for example, is named James Watson, but Sherlock Holmes still resides at 221B Baker Street and acts as a consulting detective. He thinks she’s in love with the modern version of himself, when she has come to realize that the Victorian version is actually the man she’s dreamt of and seen visions of for so long.

That’s the rough back story. Maybe one day the full story will be told, but enjoy this little bit of naughtiness and teensy slice of angst. I’ll probably post one more bit after this one that will be NSFW. But no matter what era, it’s still Sherlolly!

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Was just talking to someone about what Ben said to Elle regarding “Who would you rather shag.”  This is pretty much what I had to say.  Sharing it here because I’m interested in other thoughts too. ^^

What Ben said was a little disappointing. You always want to feel like the actors are in on things with you.

In the end, I have to remember, myself, that this is a show that is basically fanfiction, written by men. They’re taking a canon story and bending it to how their fantasies work. Most guys are going to write something flashy, and they’re going to put the flashy hero with the flashiest woman they can. I feel it’s a little over done, but it’s their story, their hero, etc. To them, there’s nothing fun about the reliable girl when your world and characters revolve around cartoonishly extraordinary circumstances. :\ I hate to be one of these people, but it’s pretty typical male storytelling. Girl next door = boring, good friend.  Femme fatal in leather who is supposedly ‘ungettable’ = omg the hero man must have her. Girl next door getting the hero is a more feminine fantasy.  We want to believe there’s more for women like us out there.  That the world doesn’t only reward the femme fatals.  Alas, if we want that reward, we have to be the ones to write it.  Men are not going to write that for us, lmao, not when there’s ungettable babes in leather & lace to be had.

As for what Ben said, don’t take too harshly to it. I feel like the whole Elle interview was him being very playful. It’s much more titillating to talk about Irene Adler in that way than it is to talk about Molly that way. One other thing to remember, Irene Adler is nearly a stranger to Sherlock’s character, whereas Molly is much closer to him. Benedict also seems to know Louise and have a reasonably close tie to her. He may be uncomfortable talking about a character/woman who he knows personally? It’s like how your boyfriend or girlfriend will talk all sorts of lascivious drivel about someone they don’t know. But when it comes to you, they’re much more respectful. Just a thought.

That whole interview was played up for yucks though, I wouldn’t take it too badly.  We all have a tendency to take what the cast says WAY too seriously.  Nothing is set in stone until it’s said by the writers, and appears on the show itself.  And even then, screw it…think what you want ^_~.