that winky smiley face

  • Akmazian:
  • - is an (alleged) intergalactic terrorist
  • - head of the black market on a giant space station
  • - managed to avoid getting caught even though he is priority #1 criminal
  • - travels into very dangerous areas of the universe to see murderous people on the off-chance they have information on why he was framed
  • - blows said people up (and was pretty clever about it, too)
  • - generally unimpressed with everything and everyone
  • - lives in an abandoned cargo bay with rats (or something) the size of dogs
  • Also Akmazian:
  • - decides a cloak that makes him look like Robin Hood is the perfect disguise and suuuuper inconspicuous
  • - sends people cheeky winky face smileys via text
  • - uses angry shadow puppets to get his point across
  • - is as subtle as a brick about his crush on Ryan
  • - calls his space ship 'Silent Storm'
  • - takes mission photos for his scrapbook (or pretends to to get a picture with Ryan)
  • - uses his position in the black market to get his crush a kitten

why the FUCK do i have to hit shift to get :? like seriously, between : and ;, which one did good ol christopher latham sholes think was going to be used more? tf man, i thought we had a deal. every time i accidentally send someone a winky face instead of a regular smiley, im gonna shake my fist at the sky and haunt YOU. bitch

FNAF 4 Theory UPDATE(?)

About a week ago, I put out a theory concerning the trailer Scott released on Youtube. To summarize it, I thought:

-FNAF 4 takes place a little while after the Bite of ‘87

-We play as some new kid character we’ve never met

-The Nightmare animatronics are signs of emotional trauma the kid sustained from witnessing the Bite occur

-Plushtrap is what’s left from a business venture back in the Diner days

But just today I found a tumblr account that may or may not be Scott’s (probably not, cause you gotta watch out for those fake ones). So for the heck of it, I’ll just pretend that it’s a legit account because there are some interesting things I found on it…including these gems:

Look at all this! Knowledge that completely disproves my theory, knowledge that taunts me with its winky-smiley faces…

SO I’m starting a new theory right here, right now concerning these posts. Or I’ll just ramble about the info we have until I’m able to put two and two together.

Info #1 says that FNAF 4 takes place after FNAF 3, which means that the murders and the bite already happened, Phone Guy is dead, Fazbear Fright burned to the ground, and Purple Guy should still be “dead-but-alive-through-Springtrap”(whom I call Purpletrap).

Info #2 says new company and our favorite old buddies are coming back. A duo? What animatronics have been mentioned or featured in a pair? No animatronics…but suits are a different matter. He must be talking about Golden Bonnie and Golden Freddy. Not only are they both gold springlock suits, but they were introduced together in the same location (shown below).

Info #3 says that after the Fazbear Fire (which may or may not have been on purpose) someone bought some items from the auction; namely a hat, Purpletrap, some Exoskeletons (no doubt exoskeletons of the 4 main animatronics), and a toy of Freddy (No, not Toy Freddy, a toy of Freddy, the one seen in the article at the end of FNAF 3). Once he bought the goods, he refurbished the endos to look as the original animatronics did, but with a more modern twist—-giving them Artificial Intelligence. But these animatronics cannot be the ones featured in the trailer; I bring up my “common sense clause” (if you will) to point out again:

1) they couldn’t be working at the current game Pizzeria (whichever that is), because they’re too sharp and horrible for a KID’S RESTAURANT

2) we see Foxy appear in the kid’s closet, which is an area with only one entrance and exit. No physical being can appear in a closed space with that speed.

And you can’t contradict point 1 with saying “the restaurant owner sacrificed safety liabilities for revenue” or whatever, because in Info #4, “”Scott”” mentions the addition of a “fanimatronic” whose design he had to edit because it wasn’t “kid friendly”; this shows that safety concerning the animatronics is a high priority.

Like I said, “”Scott”” is adding a fanimatronic we’ve never met before. We don’t know what he looks like…right?


Think. This is the only teaser character who we can’t put a name to. We thought Balloon Boy because of the buttons; we thought Fredbear because of the bowtie and hat…but “”Scott”” said in this post “This WAS suppose to be Fredbear but [it’s] somebody else.” We had no idea who this animatronic was. What’s not to say it’s someone we’ve never met? Perhaps a fanimatronic that “”Scott”” modified and kept?

In the post I just mentioned, “”Scott”” outright says that the game is about a guy’s nightmares, and that the guy is Purple Guy. He also says that this game isn’t going on the timeline because it never existed. I’m gonna assume that means everything we see in the game disconnected from actual real time events. From this, we can assume that the room we play in is Purple Guy’s room from when he was a child.

Even though Purple Guy isn’t actually purple, that is the color we associate with the murderer, which is how we can link him to this room (””Scott””, I SWEAR if that purple phone toy is alluding to Phone Guy being Purple Guy….).

The animatronics we see are the newer A.I ones, I am sure of that much. They aren’t the same designs as the FNAF 2 old models (which were also used in the later Diner years) or the FNAF 1 models. Which means that as Purpletrap is being used in this new FNAF 4 establishment, he can see the new animatronics, but his Purgatory-like nightmares warp the “A.I-nimatronics” into sharp Nightmares to curse him for his foul murdering. (This also explains the problem I had with the character we play putting a face to Bonnie even though FNAF 2 Bonnie didn’t have one…the A.I Bonnie has a face.)

And this is what I have so far. I’m surprised I came up with all this in the time I had. Man, I hope the Scott tumblr account is real…but if not, I can consider this a mental exercise! :3 

Remember, take this all with a grain of salt as the account probably isn’t real.

A lot of people told me that this probably isn’t Scott’s tumblr. Thank you for the reminders! And I am just doing this for an exercise, remember! :>

If you want the theory I made that I DO believe, check it out here

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