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Painting meatballs

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Most days, being a superhero did not pay off. He’d been chased through probably twenty miles of tunnel, managed to drop his last nine arrows down an open manhole (who just leaves manholes open?), and it was only by the grace of his fingertips that he hadn’t gone down after them. He’d forgotten to go grocery shopping, he had a headache from somewhere south of hell, and he was almost hungry enough to share a bowl of Kibbles ‘N’ Bits with Lucky and call it a night.

“Happy freaking birthday to me,” he grumbled as he trudged up the stairs to his apartment. By the time he realized that his keys had apparently gone the way of the arrows, he didn’t even have enough frustration left in him to swear. He dropped his head forward, hitting the door about ten million times harder than he’d meant to, and jerked away with both hands over his forehead.

He definitely didn’t think anyone could blame him for being a tiny bit slow to react when his apartment door opened by itself, but he did manage to have a knife up by the time the interloper leaned around the doorway.

Natasha quirked an eyebrow at him. “Is that a sharpened butter knife?”

Clint glowered at her and slid the blade back into his boot – one of only three, but his count, that hadn’t ended up buried in some guy’s thigh, or washed away in Shit River. “I had to improvise,” he defended. “Why are you in my apartment?”

The other eyebrow quirked up to join the first. “Why are you not in your apartment? Also, you smell like sewage.”

“Long story.”

She tipped her head to the left to examine him, and maybe he was projecting or something else that the group home counselor would have said was unhealthy, but he was positive she could see right through the smarting mark on his head and read his mind. Without a word, she stepped back to hold the door open and gestured inside with one hand.

“I’ll get you a beer.”

“Don’t have any,” Clint muttered. He had about half a bottle of Nat’s shitty vodka somewhere, though he’d used the whiskey for antiseptic the week before.

“Good thing Jan knows how to throw a party,” she said. Her smile softened slightly and she gestured in again. “Though Tony thought jumping out and yelling ‘surprise’ was a smart idea for all of twenty-two seconds.”

Clint shuddered just imagining the heart attack he would have had if he’d opened the door and yelling had been the result. He was suddenly grateful that he’d lost his keys – he’d forgotten all about Stark’s threatened birthday party, and he was more than a little surprised that everyone else had apparently remembered. Now that he was paying attention like an ex-assassin and current masked superhero with poor apartment security and lots of enemies should be, he could hear the faint chatter of about half a dozen people and the subtle clinking of forks on plates.

He glanced at the door and then over to the elevator. “Maybe I should just go get some chips or something.”

Natasha shrugged. “If you want. But your meatballs will probably be cold by the time you get back.”

Clint’s stomach emitted a loud snarl, and his mouth instantly flooded with saliva. Nat might have been kinder than most people gave her credit for, but she still laughed at him as he stood rooted to the spot, doing a good impression of a meatball-zombie. 

“Please tell me they’re not those bullshit fancy meatless-meatballs or whatever Pepper had A Thing about,” he begged.

“Nope, they’re the cheap frozen meatballs you get out of a bag and dump in the oven.”

He could have kissed her. He definitely did moan, “My favorite.”

His apartment had been cleaned, and it smelled like Pinesol and sweet sweet processed meatballs fresh from the oven. Every lamp he owned had been moved into the living room, which had apparently not been enough, because there was an Iron Man suit standing in the corner and glowing like a six-and-a-half-foot art deco lamp.

“Surprise?” Tony offered, from the kitchen, and Holy Patron Saint of I’m never letting you live this down, was wearing a bright yellow apron liberally splashed with hearts and smiling sunflowers, a matching pair of oven mitts, and a lime green party hat.

“Why are you like this?” Clint blurted out with a laugh.

“Laugh all you want,” Tony said, setting down a tray of freshly cooked previously frozen guaranteed delicious meatballs so he could point at Clint with one bemittened hand. His eyes transferred over Clint’s shoulder and he nodded faintly. “But I’m leaving this here when I go. You can thank Jan.”

“Happy birthday!” Jan said as soon as Clint turned to face her, looking like she was ready to burst. “I really want to hug you, but you have been out doing things that got you a little too close to a sewer. Air hug!” She announced and crossed her arms over her own chest, squeezing hard and twisting side-to-side.

It looked like a really nice hug, and Clint was even sorrier about the damned sewer. He looked between his bathroom door and the piles of warm meatballs, and made a noise that he normally would have blamed on Lucky, but Lucky was on his back in the middle of the living room, shamelessly soaking up the belly rubs from Thor and getting his muzzle petted by Steve.

Natasha pushed past him to the kitchen, piled a dozen meatballs on a purple plate with the Hawkeye symbol stamped in the middle, and nudged him away with one finger. “They should be cooled down by the time you wash your hands. Go!”

Clint eagerly took the plate, leaned over, and lipped one of the meatballs right off the top. He tried to smirk at her, but was too busy sucking air in around the molten mouthful as she pushed him toward his bedroom.


Despite orders to the contrary, Clint had devoured the plate of meatballs before his shower, and he felt less likely to gnaw someone’s arm off by the time he made it back to the living room. A long folding table had been wedged between the couch and the bar, and it looked like Jan had dumped the entire Hawkeye section of Party City on top of it. It was cheesy, and stupid, and perfect. He stood in the doorway for a second to just look it over – they were all pretending that he wasn’t staring at them, and that was what good friends were for when you just got off of a Hell Week leading into Nightmare Night. Lucky was up on his back legs so he could have his front paw on Tony’s lap and was doing his damndest to get at the mountain of meatballs in the center of the table.

“I’m not feeding you,” Tony told the dog seriously, but his hand was wrapped around Lucky’s ribs to rub at his belly. “Seriously, have I ever fed a single thing in your entire life? Why don’t you go to climb in Steve’s lap? He’s a dog person, and I know for sure that he’s fed you at least once tonight.”

“That was just a treat, Tony,” Steve protested.

“He said the word treat,” Tony told Lucky, which just got him a messy kiss across the cheek and Tony leaning comically sideways in the chair to in a vain attempt to avoid it.

“Just push him away,” Clint suggested, stepping into the living room and climbing over the couch to get the open chair.

Tony gave him a frankly scandalized look, but turned back to Lucky to say, “You’re not getting anywhere with this. I am immune to canine flattery.”

“Not all canine flattery,” Natasha muttered, and for some unfathomable reason, Steve blushed and kicked her under the table. Natasha neatly dodged, and held an open beer out for Clint, so cold that it had mist curling out of the neck and droplets running down the sides.

“I love you,” Clint told her very seriously.

“I know,” she answered.

He swallowed about half of it before pressing the cold bottle gently to his forehead and rolling it back and forth. This was the life – why did he not have a million roommates again? He set the bottle aside and looked down to realize that what he’d mistaken for plates were actually large plastic painter’s pallets with little cups of “paint” set around the edges. There was a bright purple cup of paintbrushes sitting opposite his beer, and a stack of napkins with the Avengers Assemble cartoon Hawkeye at his elbow.

Jan leaned forward to explain, but Clint just shoved his finger in the yellow paint and licked it off – spicy mustard, the kind he got at Chinese restaurants and poured over everything.

“Or you could just do that,” Jan finished, laughing. “It was Steve’s idea.”

“This,” Clint said, snagging a meatball off the pile and a paintbrush, “Is the best birthday idea ever.”

Jan nudged Tony, who was still not-really fending off Lucky’s affectionate begging. “And you wanted to bring wine,” she scoffed.

Clint had three painted meatballs stuffed in his mouth when Jan climbed out of her chair and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She leaned over to press their cheeks together and squeezed hard, rocking him gently side-to-side.

“Happy birthday.”

“’appy meathba’ ‘ay,” Clint corrected, but he reached up to squeeze her wrist and leaned back against her.

Maybe he was just imagining it or something, but it seemed like his headache was gone.

G o d I was about to make a post about how stressed and frustrated I am with my schoolwork and health but looking at all of the kind suggestions you guys have for our artist alley booth really cheered me up!!! I love you guys I truly have the best friends and followers in the world holy heck. Who wants to meet up and hug

Dating Eunwoo/ Dongmin

Eunwoo as your boyfriend:

  • waking up in the morning and just admiring his features/ watching him sleep until he wakes up, and him saying “good morning beautiful” in his deep morning voice as he opens his eyes
  • he’d drag you to the couch or bed and make you cuddle even if you have things to do, like “dongmin, I have to finish this before work tomorrow morning—“ and he’d pull you into him saying “just five minutes~” 
  • five minute cuddles turn into hours, and hours turn into you falling asleep on his chest
  • cute nicknames like babe, honey, angel, princess
  • late night video chatting when he’s away
  • watching you with a super bright smile when you’re eating, putting more food on your plate and holding the cup for you while you drink like the doting boyfriend (mom) that he is
  • he’d turn on music and dance to girl group songs in front of you to cheer you up when you’re mad or in a bad mood, which would make you smile and laugh immediately
  • he loves doing things for you no matter how trivial, i.e. carrying bags for you, cleaning up the house, doing dishes, making you snacks
  • he’d get super embarrassed whenever you watch videos of him in performances/interviews and he’d chase you around the house when you refuse to stop watching videos of him acting
  • intertwining hands and resting your head on his shoulder during movies
  • wearing his clothes all the time and “forgetting” to give them back 
  • he seems like he wouldn’t be clingy at all but he can’t keep his hands off of you
  • like while the two of you are eating in public or together with the members he’d hold your hand, link ankles with you, run his hand up your thigh under the table
  • going shopping together and trying on clothes
  • making out with one of his hands against the wall behind you and the other holding the back of your neck and sometimes around your waist
  • forehead kisses
  • bedroom eyes
  • him being protective in the most adorable way i.e. blocking you with his body when the other members tease you (even if it’s absolutely harmless) and covering your eyes when PG-13 scenes come on tv
  • he’d never yell or shout at you during fights, but the one time he does and he sees how much it scared you he’d immediately hug you, stroke your head softly, and keep apologizing for raising his voice
  • “I didn’t mean to scare you like that, please don’t cry. I love you so much.”

dating astro master list

NCT Dream reaction to you crying because you couldn’t kiss them. (Quando você chora porque queria beijar eles mas outro membro atrapalha.)

Jeno: Jeno would be a little mad at the member because it made you cry. // Jeno ficaria um pouco zangado com o membro porque isso te fez chorar.

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Jaemin: Jaemin wouldn’t even let you leave, he would kiss you not caring about who sees. // Jaemin não te deixaria ir, ele te beijaria, não se importando com quem vê.

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Jisung: Jisung would be super confused and wouldn’t know what to do. // Jisung ficaria super confuso e não saberia o que fazer.

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♡Chenle: Chenle would cheer you up by making jokes and displaying that beautiful smile. // Chenle te animaria fazendo piadas e mostrando aquele belo sorriso.

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Renjun: Renjun would go after you and give you a tight hug. // Renjun iria atrás de você e lhe daria um abraço apertado.

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Mark: Mark wouldn’t understand why you were crying so he would be all
worried about you. // Mark não entenderia por que você estava chorando então ele ficaria todo preocupado com você.

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Haechan: “I know that I’m a incredible human being, but I only accept
tears of joy.” // “Eu sei que sou um ser humano incrível, mas eu só aceito
lágrimas de alegria”

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- Adm Boonon -

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If you receive this you make someone really happy. Go on anon and send this to 10 of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up. If you get some back even better ❤

i make u happy ? when skies r gay ?

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Haaaiiiii!!! Your writing is so incredible! I get so excited whenever something new pops up! ^3^ May I request some fluffy goodness? I was wondering how the guys would react to their s/o telling them she was pregnant?? I've been battling some serious winter blues and could use something to cheer me up! (╹◡╹)thank you so much in advance! Your stories make me so happy! ❤️💜❤️

Eeeep, thank you endlessly for the kind words, anon! Knowing our little drabbles can make you smile is priceless.

With that said, GURL, of course you can request some fluffy goodness. It’s a good thing your resident fluff queen takes care of her people so well.😉

I hope this headcannon can warm you up and make these blues evaporate away into the cold where they belong.☀️💙

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem

Song: “Love” by John Lennon

Prompto would undoubtably end up in a fit of uncontrollable tears that rake through his entire body, rendering him unable to speak or make sense of how he was feeling. Pulling his s/o into his arms, he would burry his face in their neck, a weepy mess of a man, inhaling their comforting scent to call himself down. You can’t blame him. As a parentless child, Prompto never felt a loving touch, never heard words of reassurance, never was told he had a shoulder to cry on, and never had a guardian to watch over him and ensure that regardless of what happened, he would have people to go back home to.

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late night confessions | Fred Weasley x reader


Everywhere people laughed and danced. But not you. You were sitting in a corner of the room looking at all the happy faces. You had waited so long for Fred to ask you to the yule ball and now you had nobody.

“Cheer up y/n, I’m sure he had a good reason for not asking you.” George said as he plopped down into one of the empty seats and put a drink in front of you.

“Well I know one reason, he just doesn’t like me that way.” You had told yourself that a million times, but saying it out loud hurt more than you thought it would. George gave you a sympathetic look as he moved closer to wrap his arms around you.

“You know, I’m pretty tired. I think I’m just gonna go to bed.” Sighing you stood up and quickly left the great hall before George could protest.

You walked through the empty hallways, the clicking of your black heels against the cold floor being the only sound that’s heard.

Sliding down against the wall you wrapped your arms around your knees and finally let the tears fall. This was supposed to be a magical evening but instead you were walking alone in the dark. The silence got interrupted by rapid footsteps coming towards you. Your heart started beating faster, anxious to know who it was, until finally someone rounded the corner.

“Y/n? I’ve been looking everywhere for you, why’d you leave so – are you crying??” Fred asked as he walked closer.

“Fred just leave me alone.” More tears rolled down your cheeks as you turned away from him.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me.” He said, sitting down next to you. You sighed in defeat, you knew Fred wouldn’t give up.

“Why didn’t you ask me to the dance?” The worry on Fred’s face turned to shock.

“What?” He asked bewildered.

“I waited for you to ask me, but you never did.” You could feel your heartbeat in your throat, you couldn’t believe you were telling him this.

“Y/n,” he whispered as he cupped your cheek. “I thought you were going with George.” Now it was your turn to look puzzled.

“But why? Why would you think that.” You felt a hint of hope. Could it be? Could he really feel the same?

“You two are so close, and lately you’ve been spending so much time together. I just assumed something was going on.” Slowly you started leaning in until your face was only millimetres from his.

“You’re the only one I want, Fred.” You told him before you connected your lips. After all the years you waited, you were finally kissing the boy you had been in love with for so long. Tingles shot through your body, your stomach was making backflips.

His hands slowly slid down your body, staying to rest on your exposed thigh, before sliding under your dress.

“Fred,” you stopped him. “not here, what if someone walks by?” He laughed before picking you up bridal style and running to an unknown location.

“I think I know just the place.” He smirked.

By now you were on the seventh floor, he took a left before stopping in front of a large wall.

“Fred? What are we doing here?” You asked as he put you down.

“Just wait and see.” The words hadn’t even left his mouth when suddenly the wall began to change and a door became visible. Too perplexed to speak you just let him lead you inside.

You entered a large, but almost empty room. The only piece of furniture was a king sized bed, and from the ceiling hung a beautiful gold chandelier. After a few seconds of taking in your surroundings you found your voice again.

“Where are we? What is this place?” You asked, turning around to face the red haired boy.

“This, love, is the room of requirement. It’s also known as the come and go room or the place where everything is hidden,” he explained. “but now that we’ve cleared that up, how about we finish what we started?”

In a flash his lips were on yours again, and his shirt was already lost somewhere in the room. Your hands roamed his bare chest as he began sliding of your dress, leaving you in nothing but your panties. Your nipples instantly hardened when the cold air hit them. He picked you up as if you were a feather and lightly threw you on the bed.

When he climbed over you, the both of you just in your underwear, his demeanour changed. He softly caressed your cheek and tucked a lock of your h/c hair behind your ear. You gazed up in his beautiful brown eyes as he studied your face.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/n,” he said, his thumb moving over your lower lip. “so perfect. Are you sure you want to do this?” Your heart was beating loudly, so loud you were sure he could hear it and feel it thumping against his toned chest. Your palms were sweaty. Your knees weak and your arms heavy, you were sure you would have fallen down if you were still standing. Too nervous to talk you just nodded. You weren’t nervous because you weren’t sure you wanted this. You were nervous because you had wanted this for so long. But what if it’s not what you always dreamed of?

One of his hands slowly travelled down your body, before he hooked his fingers in the hem of your panties and pulled them down. You felt the soft material of your underwear softly slide down your legs as he began rubbing you.

“Please, Fred.” You begged, pulling at his belt. In an instant he ripped his trousers and boxers off. He slowly spread your legs as he crawled on top of you.

You gasped in pain when he entered you. Noticing your discomfort he stopped and waited for you to get used to his size while whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

“It’s okay, love. It’ll get better. I can stop if you want me to.” After a while the burning pain turned into pleasure.

“You can move now.” You assured him. The moment you said that he began thrusting into you, hitting different spots with every thrust. The room was filled with your moaning and panting.

His thumb rubbed circles on your clit as he sucked on your neck, leaving love bites everywhere he could.

“Fred, I’m close.” He pulled out and slammed into you from another angle, pulling your leg up so he had better access. Not able to handle this much pleasure your body began shaking and your eyes rolled back.

“Let go for me, baby, I’m right behind you.” He whispered against your neck. Soon you hit your climax as you felt Fred release his warm seed into you.

He rolled off of you, you were both panting as if you’d just ran a marathon.

“I love you, Y/n” He said, looking you in the eye while pulling you closer.

“I love you too, Fred.” You were right, it wasn’t what you always dreamed of. It was better.

I’m so sorry it took so long, I’ve been so busy lately but I’m back! I hope you like it, again sorry for making you wait.

I had so much fun writing the love letters, I’ve decided I am going to do them all of the time!

They don’t have to be specifically “love” letters, it could be a friendly note, Negan could be like a dad, maybe birthday wishes or just a note to cheer you up.

So send in a request!

And yes, I am currently writing the next installment of Number 6!

I love you guys. I love you guys so much.

You guys are the best, you know that? All you do is offer support and cheer me up and your encouragements and comments are what keeps me going through the day. I don’t think I can thank you guys enough for being so welcoming and accepting. Thank you. Thank you so, so much. I love you guys, more than the entire universe and beyond.

good sides of the sun signs

from our personal experience

aries: passionate, interesting, talkative, they know what they like and its never boring with them, they are fiercly protective of their loved ones and will defend them at all costs, funny

taurus: very determined, they are loyal and crave stability, you can always depend on them

gemini: very fun to be around with, they always have something to talk about and they make you forget the world for once, overflowing with creative thoughts and ideas, surprisingly get attached to a person easily and never want to let them go

cancer: very tolerant, friendly and emotional, they will take care of you and be one of the best friends you can imagine, genuinely care about your well being, they will love you with all of their heart

leo: if you are a close friend they will always be there for you, they will make you laugh, help you with everything, try to cheer you up and just be the best friends ever, with them you can never feel bad, they will either cheer you up or say something funny so you cant be sad, they are incredibly loyal and giving, they spread warmness wherever they go

virgo: they are smart and opinionated, they are very thoughtful and love to help, they are very good at picking up on details, theyre usually confident and try to make you feel confident as well, they will always have your back

libra: they are outgoing and funny. they dont dwell on things and its fun to be around them, they love to give you compliments and give you affection, they usually have a lot of friends and are very well liked

scorpio: their feelings are always honest, they love to talk about deeper things and they are very loyal, they will love you with all they got, theyre really emotional inside and if you can handle them they will reward you with undying passion and loyalty

sagittarius: they always have ideas, they are spontaneous and they love to hang out, they love to make jokes and they are the masters of puns, they know how to make people laugh, theyre usually full of ideas and plans, very philosophical

capricorn: they are hardworking and ambitious and get shit done, they are a rock you can depend on and they would never stab you in the back, theyre very mature and wise even if theyre young, theyre generally really good friends

aquarius: they are very insightful, theyre open minded and accept everyone. They are independent and love to debate

pisces: they have so many creative talents and love to create art, they always want to make you feel happy and are very friendly and accepting of everyone, they would never judge you, theyll always be there for you and their thoughts run really deep

bad sides of the signs

Yo Dood can i get an Nct reaction(Johnny,Taeyong,Jaehyun,Winwin,Mark,Ten)to you having bad period cramps??(meik et floofy) Thank (/*-*)/


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He would tell you to stay in bed for the day and go out for a while. When he came back, he had pads, tampons and your favorite chocolates. He would turn on your favorite TV show and give you massages whenever you asked. You would both fall asleep eventually, cuddling into one another. 


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He would try cheering you up straight away, acting cute and singing songs. Once he saw how much pain you were in he held you in his arms and played with your hair, trying to distract you by talking about how his day went. He would stay like this until you felt better or fell asleep. 


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He would be sooo fluffy. He would cuddle you all day, making sure you kept warm and ate lots. He would give you massages whenever you wanted and put on Disney movies, singing all the songs for you. 


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He would start apologizing, even though it wasn’t his fault. It made him upset to see you in pain. He would ask you do you need anything every two minutes, just in case. He would make sure you had enough pillows and blankets and stay with you all day in case you needed him. 


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He would start making jokes and messing around, trying to make you laugh. After a while of that not working he would bring you snacks and sweets. He would stay with you, asking how you felt and watching Kdrama with you, even though he hates it. 


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He would do a lot of aegyo to make you happy. He would mention how strong you are, putting up with this every month. He would also feel bad, so he buys you chocolates and a teddy bear. “Name it Ten.” He says, “So you can cuddle him when I’m not here.” 

Bad Day?

Title: Bad Day?

Imagine: Sam and Dean cheering you up after a bad day.

Request: Hi girly can you please do an imagine where the reader is having a really bad day and her brothers cheer her up? Sorry I’m just having an awful day and I need something to cheer me up.

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader. Sam x sister!reader.

Warnings: A really, really bad day.

Note: Hope this is what you wanted! Tumblr’s being aggravating right now.

Tagging: @caroldanversinatardis @tom-is-in-my-tardis @jessicarossouw @evyiione @brooklynnewsie1899 @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish@saveprettydays @lilygolds11

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged!

Hope you enjoy it!

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“Wake up!” A voice yelled in your ear.

You groaned and opened your tired eyes. Your brothers stood on both sides of your bed, both of them fully clothed.

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Just wanted to say thank you for reblogging that Jack compilation, I've felt really shitty all day and that helped cheer me up 💙

you’re welcome! jack’s laugh can cure anything, i swear. i’m sorry you’re having a rough day, sweetheart! hang in there, tomorrow will be better! 💚

Valentine’s Day

Hello ! I saw that your request box is open so I’m taking my chance ! Can you do an OS with this : “It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single and you want to cheer me up but you can’t cook nor bake to save your life so you make me hot chocolate instead and it is delicious and I think I love you???” AU ? With Warren please ? Have a good day !! 

Word Count: 583
Warnings: Fluff, awkward Warren, Warren Worthington III being an adorable floof, just Warren Worthington III in general.

It’s cloudy, possibly with a chance of rain.  Not the best weather for Valentine’s Day, but you’ll take it.  After all, it’s not what it looks like outside, but what you feel inside that makes the day good, and this day will be a good one, even if it kills you.

Though you were single, the holiday meant a lot to you.  You got to show the people you loved how much you cared for them, despite the fact that December holidays seemed to convey that message to other people.  But how were you going to do that?  Last year, you tried to give Jean and Jubilee pizza, (more like pizza shaped ashes), and the year before that, you tried your best to make cake (a cylinder of cement covered with way too much chocolate frosting was a better description for that).  You didn’t even want to get started on the homemade cards from three years before, (you still find glitter on your body).

This year, you wanted to try to give Jean, Jubilee, and the many other friends you had gained in the last year something they would actually enjoy.  And an idea came to mind when you saw a box of hot chocolate in one of the cabinets.

A Few Minutes Later

The Squad would’ve been outside, but it was too cold.  Instead, they sat near one of the many fireplaces in the Mansion.  Even Warren was there, with his arms crossed, and a grumpy look on his face.  All of them were lounging, waiting for you to come down.  Soon enough, they heard footsteps, and saw your bright smile as you went to your friends.  You were carrying seven mugs, each one with hot chocolate, and what seemed to be a lot of whipped cream on top.

“Jean, can I have a little help here?” you asked.  Jean jokingly sighed, before using her telekinesis to set some of the mugs down.  You quickly started passing different mugs to them, before leaving to go to your own room.  You didn’t want to see their horrified reactions.

And Now It’s Night

Once again, you were sitting in your room, flipping through a magazine, when you heard a knock on your door.  You opened it to see Warren looking down at you, with his hands behind his back.  There was an awkward silence for what felt like hours.

“I didn’t get to thank you for the hot chocolate.” he finally stammered.

“Oh.  Thanks.  It wasn’t bad?” you asked.

“Yeah, it was great.  Probably the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.”  Your heart was close to melting from that.  Not only did someone like the gift you’d given them, but they wanted to make sure that you knew before the next day after avoiding everyone.  How sweet.  

Just as you were about to close the door, Warren took his hands from behind his back to show you something.  A card.

“I-I made this for you.”, he seemed to be stammering.

“Aw, Warren.  You didn’t have to do this for me.” you said.

“I know, but,” he sighed. “I’ve had these weird…”


“Yeah, feelings around you lately, and when you gave us the hot chocolate, it kind of came to me what they were.  So I figured that even though it’s already Valentine’s Day, why not make something special for you?”

“Are you asking me to be your valentine?”


GOT7 reaction - Seeing you cry about your plus size figure


He would feel upset that you think this way. He doesn’t want you to cry ever, let alone because of your size. He’d pull you into a sweet embrace and kiss your head.

“You are perfect to me.”

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He is known as the ‘chic and sexy’ member, but if he sees his s/o crying, he’d turn into the fluffy/squishy Jaebum we all know and love. He would lift your head to look at him and shower you with small kisses. He’d embrace you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

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Being Jackson he’d most likely ‘prove’ that he loves you size by picking you up bridal-style and kissing you. He’d be a complete puppy and say random ‘complements’ to cheer you up.

“Skinny girls don’t do it for me ;)”


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He’d be the caring affectionate one. He would have you let out all of your worries and concerns. However, the second you even think of taking on unhealthy dieting habits, he’d go straight up mama Jinyoung

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Youngjae has said that he has struggled with his weight as well (not sure why) He would be able to relate to that emotion, but he would want you to know more than anything that you are more than good enough for him.

“You’re everything to me”


So Bambam is obviously a little thing, but he would definitely want you to smile rather than cry. He would be sweet and cuddle you for a while and watch funny movies with you. Every now and again he’d give you a kiss or hold you closer.


He’d be a cute boyfriend and immediately pick you up and give you piggy back rides around the house.

“No Yugy! I’m too heavy!”

“Too late to fight it!~” *spins around like a 5 year old*