that will be all i say on this matter

Being an artist, a writer, a musician, a comedian, etc. these things… aren’t luxuries lol, these things are just as impactful on society as most anything else. Humans have been creating music and art for hundreds of thousands of years, I’m not saying being an artist and creating art is a luxury. 

Doing what you love shouldn’t be a luxury, that’s the thing I’m trying to say. Communists wouldn’t consider you making music doing something luxurious and unnecessary, that’s literally a capitalist thing.

Capitalism views art as a luxury only for the rich, capitalism views music as a luxury only the rich can produce or have proper equipment and education to create it. 

Art should be for all, and all who wish to do art should be allowed resources for that, and education if they so need. No matter the sort of art.

I know that a lot of folks are thinking that Liam’s appearance at The Brits was a surprise and a power play, and maybe at the end of the day (a 1D pun!) it might have been, but me and my thinking boobs think given the fact that Cheryl’s Glamour Shots™ Sears Portrait Studio photos were timed to be released w/ Liam’s acceptance speech at the Brit Awards, Liam being spotted was part of the stunt. 

Fwiw, given how pregnant she is in those photos that were taken in January, I also think there’s a really good chance she had that baby already. 

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I just wanted to say, as a black woman who doesn't see much cosplay by POC in general, I'm really happy to see you show it doesn't matter your skin color, you can cosplay anyone. One day I hope to be as amazing as you and cosplay whoever even if my skin is too dark.

yeah it doesn’t at all, I’ve found some other black cosplayers who are literally amazing at what they do and give me hope that i can improve and that there will be this inclusive community that’s accepting 

Multiplayer might matter (and other forward-looking hints)

”We spent absolutely zero time playing multiplayer. BioWare barely mentioned it at all, but producer Mike Gamble told me the four-player co-op mode might actually help continue some of the game’s story.

While it’ll be distinct from the single-player game and weapons won’t transfer over directly like they did in Mass Effect 3, Gamble says there will be “narrative arcs that flow through multiplayer” and that BioWare wants to tell a story, possibly in weekly doses, through online play. It’s also the only way to play a non-human character, including both the old and new alien races.

Other things Gamble suggested in an interview:

  • Romances may be more complex than before: Your hero may “fall into love and out of love” again.
  • While our demo was focused on gunplay, diplomacy will also be an important tool: “When we talk about exploration… you’re not a colonialist, you’re not trying to take over. How you’re interacting with these species, when they’re not shooting at you first, it has to change.”
  • There may be hidden references to previous Mass Effect characters, for “players who dig really deep”.
  • BioWare is “not secretly making another Mass Effect game in the Shepard trilogy right now.” [source]
Fatigue & Frightening Thought...

I keep thinking about the timing of Sam’s IG about overcoming fear and choosing life. Along with that there was the Valbo gym video from Halloween with his arm around an unidentified blond, the BARFTA “date,” December airport pictures, and the most recent, the prom picture. Could his IG post have something to do with this latest outbreak of prom pic/LA trip, no matter how unsavory it is to many? That he made a decision to make his choice known, albeit in a total clusterfuck manner?

We also have Tony who has appeared consistently by Cait’s side for the past three years. While his role and status remain unanswered, I can confidently say that if Cait is with him, that I have no unsavory opinions whatsoever because he has not plastered himself all over SM with questionable conduct. He is just there, and almost always in the background. That I can respect. Shamzie sightings and endless innuendos by a certain someone on the other hand, elicits profound distaste for the pairing.

At any rate, neither C/T nor S/MM does anything for me because I ship S/C.

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At the same time, it lead me to question the integrity of Sam and Cait, as well as their self-respect and respect for their SOs and fans. So, do I want to continue questioning their conduct, forget all that I have seen between them for the past 3 years, their contradictory words and actions, their philanthropy, their warmth and kindness towards people, among others? If I don’t want to continue questioning and/or debating their morality and integrity, it seems that in some ways, my hands are tied. I should just stop shipping - because my definition of shipping is based on the possibility of them being together in RL - and move on. I guess that is where I am at (I do not subscribe to the theory of tptb but have no problem with those who do).

Anyone out there feel the same way?

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I know that some shippers are going to keep believing S&C are an item no matter what, and some may step back. Hypothetically, if Sam ends up getting engaged/married to blondie/has a baby etc, will that be the point at which people might say ok, I finally believe they are with other people? Or is the construct of S&C scenarios indefinite, no matter what. At what point does not taking their word for it become over the top?

Question everything! Made famous by a bonafide fucking genius- Einstein. Or so I’ve been lead to believe.😏 Also the Science channel uses it for a motto.

So very many things in the world around you are not at all what they appear to be. Accepting “truth” without seeking to also understand the how and why is an apathetic approach to life and leads to close minded ignorance. Never be shamed into blind acceptance about anything in life. If you have questions and doubts, vocalize them until you understand. 

The problem in the world today is that everyone is busy taking everyone else’s inventory and not minding their own business which leaves one bankrupt in the character department. 

If someone out there wants to believe Sam is Elvis reincarnated and decides to ship him with the mother of Michael Jackson’s children….. Why does it matter? Just because someone believes it DOESN’T MAKE IT TRUE. 

Disbelief is not a crime or character flaw or mental illness. It’s actually the sign of intelligence. 

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Hey, would you mind explaining the whole Dale Pike thing to me? I know he wrote suspicious fanfiction and a lot of people suspect he might actually Mark Gatiss. But I don't know what the fic is actually called or what its significance is. Basically any details you could fill in for me would help lol

So someone asked me the same question last night so I’m just gonna 

Ok so there was a video that circulated on Jan 29th that was basically “A Final Fuck You To BBC: Gays Matter”, except that just now we are finding out that the ‘creator’ of that video also writes 'fanfiction’ on AO3, except except that a lot of people (like TJLC higherups) are noticing that these fics read a lot like some of the stuff Mark Gatiss has written.

I’ve made it through like one or two, and I gotta say it’s all very well-written, but it is not good fanfiction. Like it uses a lot of epithets and switches POVs weirdly and the style is certainly creative but not conducive to typical Johnlock fanfiction At All. So it feels like whoever wrote it is trying to hide who they really are but is kinda bad at it? Aaaand their pseud is “Dale Pike”, which is probably based on the ACD character Langdale Pike but I haven’t read a lot of the original stories so I can’t say much more than that about it but supposedly it has some significance?

It’s all a bit sketchy imo, but supposedly some of the fics were written as “predictions” and “inside spoilers” for season 4. I haven’t read those yet, but it’s obvious that a lot of it was based off of the meta we were coming up with (such as Mycroft dying, the baby being a plot device etc.) I’d start with Within the Narrative and One Word Test.

it seems that lately lesbophobia has been increasing alarmingly. it’s become fashionable to hate lesbians and lesbophobes are taking advantage of that to spew vile garbage about us.

i want all of you to know this: no matter what terrible things non-lesbians say about us, they’re wrong. lesbians are fucking incredible. our existence is a good thing; we are a valuable part of the world. and that means every single one of you is valuable. please don’t ever forget that.

*New idea alert!* *Calling all littles n age regressors!*

I know that one of the things many of us love to do is COLOR! Another thing: watching CARTOONS!

While it is super duper fun on to color on your own, showing off your masterpieces is something that can make us super proud n confident. My idea is that every so often I set up Cartoons ‘n Coloring, a time when everyone can color and submit their drawings while we watch cartoons! And if you can’t color right then, you could always submit a picture of something you colored recently. And I will give it all the praise n encouragement n all my followers can too. I would loooove to commit to once a week but I can’t promise that. I would post this image and say what I was watching (in case you wanted to watch too!) and everyone can color and show me their pictures.

You can be in any community, doesn’t matter to me, I just ask that if you’re n/s/f/w please don’t interact.

Reblog if interested!! If nobody’s interested we will just pretend I never posted this, ha.

i wanna be sarcastic abt this but i feel like that might be taken wrong so im just gonna say: its okay to ask for help. we live in a shitty world that tells us ‘you’re worthless if you can’t be self-sufficient’ and then makes it impossible to survive independently. it’s not shameful or greedy to ask for financial help and it’s okay to be unable to help someone bc you’re struggling yourself. it’s not cool to try and guilt trip people who are asking, though, no matter what ur own situation is, so like. stop doing that, y’all. 

i love that Felicity’s reaction to Thea’s news that Susan asked Oliver about being GA is to be worried.

I love that her first reaction to Thea’s news is “what are WE gonna do?”


Even though she could have easily gone the “well I’m not with Oliver, I’m not his keeper and if he says he handled it then he handled it” route.

I love how, because this is about Oliver and his safety, Felicity is automatically all in without Thea having to even ask.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Thea and Felicity (and Sara but she’s not here atm) love Oliver irrevocably and unconditionally. In Felicity’s case it doesn’t matter if it’s a platonic or romantic kind of love. They love him the same way he loves them - all in, no take backs.

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A mortal lock, indeed

All Glory to the Cobalt Crown.

Or Else We Bleed.

No matter what @jukeboxx-and-wrekkord says, don’t believe them. This is entirely their fault and I will not be held responsible for it.

In seriousness. There is one thing that I think a lot of us, if not most of us, can agree on: Seto Kaiba has a lot of healing to do. He has so many different wounds, from so many different battles, and I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that the man could use a good cry.

It’s cathartic. It’s part of the process. It’s healthy.

But that begs the question … what would drive Seto Kaiba to tears? And with whom would he feel secure enough to let them fall?

I believe that I have found the answer.

It was a ritual. There was no other label that suited the grim suspense with which Seto went about the process of … revealing the truth.

The ritual hadn’t started as anything serious. Yugi had, in a moment of oblivious appreciation, simply asked why Seto didn’t “show off” more often. He’d meant it as a half-jibe, half-compliment. After all, it wasn’t like he could be blamed for noticing his boyfriend’s “attributes.”

It seemed to Yugi that someone as spotlight-hungry as Seto so often was, or at least projected himself to be, would take satisfaction in having people appreciate his looks, as surely they would.

But here they were, half past midnight, and Seto looked like he’d just come home from a funeral.

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The other day somebody told me "oh you are a Larrie and you are not lesbian?" And I was like "uhm no, I'm not lesbian" and the person says "I think that you are not a true Larrie then" wtf!!!

oh dear, okay, this will probably be Controversial™ but you probably picked the wrong blog to rant to. i mean, yeah, it doesn’t matter how you identify, you’re a larrie when you think harry and louis are together but i will say that i think LGBT larries definitely have a deeper personal understanding here. we have a more nuanced way of comprehending the closet, relationship stuff, cultural/historical aspects (queer codes etc) and so on because we live it every day. a straight person - which i don’t know if you are but your message sounds like it - can know all these things on a theoretical level at most but never truly grasp it.

Emma Watson as Belle

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of posts recently that critique Emma Watson’s version of Belle, both from a singing and acting standpoint, so I thought I would put down my views on the matter. As a disclaimer this is not meant to be a post on why you should like her or not, it’s just my thoughts.

I have to say first off that from all the interviews I’ve watched with her, as well as the whole cast and director, there is a deep love for the original that drives her best performance possible. I will go on record in saying Belle holds the place as the first princess I personally saw myself in. She was book smart, wanted adventure, she was kind, beautiful and she was her own person. She was perfect. Now you may think what my issue is now after having listed all those attributes.

Belle in the animated version doesn’t have any flaws, she’s made to be perfect. I touched on this in an earlier post but Belle herself doesn’t really have anything that makes her odd other than a passion for reading, wearing blue and wanting to see more of the world. As the village oddity it doesn’t affect her at all, which you’d think it would. There’s one scene where she asks her father if he thinks she’s odd and makes the comment that there isn’t anyone for her to really talk to, that’s it. Belle never mentions or even reflects on being an outcast again.

I give the new version and Emma a lot of credit for keeping in tact Belle’s spirit while also making her a real girl with concerns, insecurities, and creating a town where inventing new things and being intelligent really does make her an oddity in such a small minded town. Her singing is a farther extension of this, inflected with so much warmth and, in the case of “Belle” insecurity that makes it so real. Belle’s no longer the perfect image, she’s a real girl who is conscious of her place in the town, the fact that she has no one but her father, all while keeping her independence. I realize that Emma still isn’t gonna be everyone’s idea of Belle, but I think she is the perfect choice for making Belle as real as possible, and to fit the story so these two characters can meet as equals and fall in love through their friendship and shared experience. I can’t wait to see this movie in its entirety, it’s going to be so enchanting.

i know this look says “i smoke cheap cigarettes all day somewhere in the mile end and won’t stop quoting kierkegaard,” but as a matter of fact, my apartment isn’t quite in the mile end


OKAY GUYS HEAR ME OUT. I KNOW YOU’RE THINKING “ugh not one of her stupid kirby theories again” BUT PLEASE YOU GOTTA HEAR ME OUT ON THIS.

You know how people believe Dark Matter is REALLY GIANT and towers over freaking everything? While I believe it’s okay to headcanon that, I would like to disprove that this is true in canon.

Okay so look here:

You see that Dedede and Dark Matter’s sprites in Kirby’s Dream Land 2 compared together makes Dark Matter appear to be the taller one. But if you notice, all that extra height on Dark Matter is actually because of 1) The cape, and 2) The hair. Seriously, who counts someone’s hair and outfit as part of the person’s height? Say like someone wears high heeled shoes, measuring them with the shoes on will give a very inaccurate result. So what happens when we subtract the height of Dark Matter’s hair and cape in the sprite?

BOOM. Dark Matter is indeed shorter than Dedede. In conclusion, Dark Matter is very small. Thank you and goodnight. 

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So sorry you have to deal with all these horrid antis:/ I'm a supercorp/karolsen shipper and it pains to see hate coming from here, not all of us are like that. In fact I'm happy for you that your ship is canon:)

THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF YOU ANON!!!! In fact I absolutely love that you have a differing opinion of mine because it’s not me who should decide who you like (or really even the writers for that matter). It’s your opinion and if karolsen or supercorp was canon I would say good on em (maybe not agree but still accept this as what it is). This just really proves that NOT ALL these other shippers hate and bash on karamel. It’s great to hear this and maybe others will see this and accept it. Thank you so much for this, it makes my day that you are happy with other peoples enjoyment (which seems to be so rare)  :) <3

Hellooo, it’s me. The Ancestor.

Howdy folks.

So, since I replied to an ask earlier, the topic of Kaname being the ancestor of the Kurans surfaced. In light of this, I thought I’d make a “masterpost” of sorts containing my views on the matter, since this is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about. Read under the cut for the rest!

As we all know, Kaname has proclaimed himself progenitor of Kurans many times. He slumbered for thousands of years in their mausolem, and was awakened when his alleged great-great-great-great-great-???-grandson Rido Kuran decided to sacrifice his nephew, Kaname Kuran, because his name was derived from the original Kaname Kuran.

Ah… Hino. Always complicating things.

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📝 + marvel!

actually already have a gamora !! if i didn’t play her, the one other character i’d want to play i think would be bucky barnes, but i’m literally too in love with him to play him, because i feel like no matter what i did, i wouldn’t think i was doing him justice at all.  on that note, though, three people i do LOVE who play bucky absolutely beautifully are; @russiaswinters, @domincmask, and @markofwinter so if u love bucky barnes, you should 100% be following them that’s all i’m saying