that will always wonder where they went wrong

I’ve been thinking a lot about “us” lately and everything that we were and weren’t and the more I think the more I realize how we fell apart before we even got a chance to fall together. . 
and you know, I’ve spent so much time going through every single message, every phone call, every memory, just trying to figure out where it all went wrong, where we lost it all. But I never stopped to think, what if we never had it right? and now that I’m finally thinking that, I’m realizing how we never even had anything to lose in the first place.
because okay, sure, you were here, and trust me I know you were because I put more emphasis on that than it deserved. So, yes. yes. YES, YOU WERE HERE! but that didn’t change the fact that this was one sided from the beginning. Because, although you were here, you didn’t want to be, your heart was never with it.
It was always me, It was me carrying the weight of our conversations on my back, it was me who was turning your one worded replies into poetry and it was me who made this “relationship” enough for the both of us. and I never even noticed because I was so convinced that you loved me, but the thing with one sided relationships is, they always catch up to you and in our case, the only reason it caught up to us is because there was nothing else to distract me from it because you stopped being here. the only god damn thing you contributed was just physically being here and even that, became too much for you to do.
And I have so much love inside me that I COULD love for the both of us, I mean I have BEEN loving for the both of us and I would of continued carrying this relationship on my back because I saw so much in you that it was so hard for me to realize that there was nothing actually there cause I wanted something to be there so badly. But I can’t make you be here, I could turn one worded replies into something but I can’t make something out of nothing, and trust me I wish I could of. I wish I could of saved us, I used to stay up all night wondering how I could turn back time, How I could save our downfall but now I realize. Nothing could of saved us. you can’t make people love you and you can’t give people things without stopping to ask if they even want it, and in our case I gave you my heart without even hesitating to check if you wanted it. and thats where I went wrong. 
I still love you, but I’ve accepted the fact that we were never real and that we probably will always be just in my head.
—  Your heart was never with me
People ask me all the time why I’m so afraid of falling in love. I’m afraid because I don’t want to fall so insanely hard for a person only for them to leave me like I never meant a damn thing. I’m afraid that no matter how many sweet things I say or do, it just won’t be good enough. I’m afraid that after kissing me goodbye they are going to go off and kiss somebody else hello. I’m afraid of falling deeper in love with someone everyday while they are falling out of love everyday. I’m afraid of the pain that comes with heartbreak. I’m afraid to deal with the countless nights of crying and endless questions wondering where everything went wrong. I’m so terrified of the concept of love but no matter how great my fear is I always let myself fall, I fall every damn time.

Summary: In which losing someone shouldn’t be so effortless, but your friend does it without thinking twice. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,290

A/N: Title inspired by Over My Head by the Fray. This is for anyone who had a friend abandon them for no reason (that you’re aware of) and who felt the sting of that loss.

@avengerstories - you’re honestly the queen of editing and I’d be lost without you.

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Your silence is something Bucky is unfamiliar with. For as long as he’s known you, you’ve always had something to say. When he first arrived at the tower and refused to say a word, you were there to talk enough for the both of you. He didn’t tell you then, but it was the thing that comforted him most during those early days.

Your silence is something Bucky doesn’t know what to do with. It comes out of the blue and makes him question what’s wrong. Or more correctly, what he did wrong. You still let him hug you whenever he wants and kiss you until the both of you are gasping for air, yet he still can’t help but wonder.

Your silence makes Bucky nervous because what could have possibly happened to turn you into a shadow of the person you once were?

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I’m scared
If I go
I’ll find out

You were the best thing about me
So maybe
I’ll stay here
And wonder what my life could be

What if
We went back
And undid
All of the things we regret
The mistakes
The heartache
What if we never had met

Would i finally be
The me i want to see
Or is this how i’ll always be

I’m tired
And getting bored
It’s my life
And i want more
Is it time to let you go?
Or should we put on a show?

Think of
A world where
I’m not here
You can have all that you’ve wanted
A big break
That you crave
And would have never gotten

Did we pick the wrong path?
Is there no going back?
Is this ever going to change?
Will we always be the same?

Don’t You Remember (Part 2) – Harry Styles

Thank you to those who requested for a second part! I truly appreciate the responses that I got from the first part and I hope you guys enjoy this one as well!

Summary: Going through a rough patch with Harry actually resulted in something you didn’t expect.

Part 1

When was the last time you thought of me?

Or have you completely erased me from your memory?

I often think about where I went wrong

The more I do, the less I know

It’s been about two weeks since you came home to no Harry. You’ve been trying constantly ever since to try to get a hold of him.

“Harry where are you?”

“Harry can you text me back please? Or answer your phone for fuck’s sake”

“I don’t care about fighting anymore can you at least tell me if you’re okay?”

“I can’t believe you’re actually doing this right now and ignoring me.”

You left him endless texts and voicemails but all of them were unanswered. You hated not knowing anything.

The one thing you do know is that he has already left for tour. Tonight was actually his first show in the European leg of his tour. You thought back to the previous fight you had with him that happened around the time you noticed him being quiet and distant.

He was upset because you couldn’t come with him to this leg of his tour. Throughout your whole relationship you’ve always managed to travel with him to go to at least a couple of his shows, if not the entire tour. But as you got promoted to higher positions in your job it became more difficult to find more free time.

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Connected [Draco Malfoy x Reader, Modern AU]

A/N: this is the fluffiest shit i have ever written enJOY

Word Count: 5,008 (literally the longest imagine I’ve ever written)

Warnings: Cursing, unnamed time skips, MAJOR FLUFF, MODERN AU

Summary: Draco had ended it with (Name) years ago after being in a relationship for years. What happens when they reconnect in a hotel bar and live the scenarios they thought would never happen again after their separation?


Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

Draco Malfoy.

What a bittersweet name.

Even after all of these years, his name still came up in her mind from time to time.

Everyone has that one ex who is always kind of just… There. They don’t leave your thoughts, but at the same time, there are no feelings that remain.

The two had the perfect relationship. (Name), being young and vulnerable, thought it was true love. And honestly…? Even now at the age of twenty-one, she didn’t doubt that it was anything but love she felt back then. The wonderful age of fifteen—my was it a time. Draco was the perfect boyfriend in her eyes—handsome, caring, protective but not overly… What had gone wrong..? He had showered her with love and she did the same to him, so she couldn’t really recall where everything went downhill.

Sure, he had girls falling for him left and right, but he would always shrug them off. He let (Name) have her space and she let him have his, but only when needed.

She remembered her parents were devastated when she announced their separation. They absolutely adored Draco. They always told her to marry someone like him—well off, strong, and kind. Draco had loved (Name’s) parents almost as much as she did.

Often she wondered how he was doing now. Was he engaged? Married? Single? Who knew. He went off to Harvard in Massachusetts (His father was quite proud of that) while (Name) went to Cornell University to pursue her dreams of becoming a research botanist. Right now she sat on a leather stool in New York City. Her college friends had decided to go four hours from Ithaca to enjoy everything the city had to offer while Spring Break was still going on. Even though (Name) opposed their offer to drink until they couldn’t see the floor and instead suggested ordering pizza in the hotel room, she was dragged to the hotel’s bar. Stupid college students and their drinking.

A black cocktail dress that clung to her figure and stopped mid-thigh made her look like she cared more than she actually did. Her makeup consisted of black winged eyeliner and deep red lipstick, along with light mascara and eyeshadow. The highlight her friend suggested made her cheekbones look perky and bright.

Her friends were with their boyfriends or boys they were in ‘flirtationships’ with (whatever that was), leaving her to herself.

She sipped on a glass of wine while scrolling absentmindedly through her phone contacts.

Her thumb stopped on a familiar contact name. 'Draco’.

Countless times she thought about calling or texting him, but she never did. All she wanted to do was catch up and talk about what happened.

….What exactly did happen?“

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The Girl on Set – Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by Anon: May you do a Cody imagine where you are a fan of tw and you win the contest to visit the set in the final season and you’re so happy because you’re gonna met the cast but mostly exited because you’re gonna meet Cody cause Theo is your favorite character, And when you meet him gets an interest on you and take advantage of every break or every moment to go to talk to you and sprayberry can see you caught him so deep and tell him to ask you out or something?? 

Word Count: 2,430

Warnings: None

Pairing: Cody Chrisitan x Reader

Other Characters in this imagine: Holland Roden, Tyler Posey, and Dylan Sprayberry

Author’s Note: I’m not sure if this is the ending you wanted, but I still gave you the same concept you asked for. I hope you like it and feedback is greatly appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by bysamoylova

“Who is that?” Cody asked as he approached Holland and Dylan Sprayberry sitting on their chairs.

Holland looked up and noticed Cody nodded towards the girl by the craft table with Tyler Posey, who were talking and laughing as they put food on their plates. Holland looked back at Cody with a smile, “that’s Y/N. She’s the one who won the contest to visit the set.”

“We met her earlier in the make-up trailer. She’s really nice,” Sprayberry said after looking up from his phone.

Cody looked back and couldn’t help but admire the girl. Her hair was down with long waves that reached just above her butt. She had dark skinny jeans, which showed off her hips and great butt. She wore a black tank top underneath a red plaid shirt, with a pair of matching red Converse. She was too far to notice the small details on her face like her make-up or if she had freckles. However, he knew one thing for sure, she was beautiful. 

“Do you need a bucket?” Sprayberry’s question snapped Cody out of his trance. He gave him a puzzled look, wondering why he would ask such a thing. As if reading his mind, Sprayberry answered, “for all the drooling.”

Holland giggled. “Someone has a crush.”

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Looking at You (Part Five)

Hey lovelies! I loved the responses to the last chapter, so glad you all are enjoying watching our Tony take a stand!!
The scene with Vision in this chapter ranks as a top scene for me (well top non sexy lol) so I hope you love it.
Also (spoiler alert) I know the song is always linked to SPN but I really felt like it described Tony too.

Catch up on Parts 1-4 HERE!

I love hearing from you guys, thanks for all the messages!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And I am trying SO HARD to get everyone tagged so if I miss you LET ME KNOW, or if you want to be taken off the list just let me know that too :)


Every time Bucky went to the lab, it was locked, lights off, computers silent.
But he went every night to check anyway.

Tony was absent from the compound completely for close to two weeks, and when Bucky brought it up on day three, Sam and Clint looked at each other in surprise.

“Did you know Tony was gone?”
“No man, did you?”
“I wonder why?”
“Eh, he’ll come back. He always does.”

Bucky even asked Vision, who got an inexplicably sad look on his face.

“I cannot say exactly why I know this, but I would believe he has gone to California, since I can find no indications that he is in New York.

“California– why there?” Bucky demanded and Vision looked even sadder.

“Because that was the last place he was happy, before everything started going so badly in his life. He had a house and a life and friends, and I know he can pinpoint where his life went wrong to an exact date and place in California. Perhaps he is grieving for what might have been.”

“How do you know all that?” Bucky folded his arms and Vision smiled a little.

“You were not around, Sergeant Barnes, when I came into existence, so it is not simple to explain, but in a way, I have known Tony for years upon years, far longer than my physical body has existed. I have memories of moments with him that no one else is privy to, and these memories have led me to this conclusion.”

“That’s…weird.” Bucky replied uneasily. “Does Tony know you apparently know all these things about him?”

“I am aware that it is an odd answer, but no, it has never come up in conversation between Tony and I.” The man (being?) answered smoothly, and phased through the wall and out of the room.

Bucky raised his eyebrows at Wanda, waiting for an answer from her but the girl just shrugged her shoulders.

“Not my problem. I don’t care where Tony is.”

Bucky briefly considered tossing her out the window.

Instead he just clenched his fist and laid a fierce scowl in her direction and stomped out the door.

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it wasn't my fault || stiles stilinski

word count: 3201

warnings: lots of angst. dealing with death.

prompt: “they said it wasn’t my fault.”

author’s note: posted before, but my blog was deleted, so here it is again! Y/D/N means Your Daughter’s Name.

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anonymous asked:

Yaay requests are open! Can you write hc for Zen and Jumin reacting to mc justifying everything simple thing she does for them with a straightforward "it's because I love you! :3" she's just unashamed of her feelings period!

This request is so adorable anonny! Since you only requested Zen and Jumin, I made these a lot longer then usually mainly because I had so much fun writing this one! I hope that you enjoy!!~


  • Zen has always been an affectionate man himself but when he sees how much you do for him, it makes him curious
  • You’d always make dinner for him no matter how late he’d come home from rehearsals, make sure that the laundry was complete so he’d always have a fresh, clean shirt to wear, and you’d give him so much encouragement that it’d be impossible for him to doubt himself
  • It even got to the point where you’d perform little tasks for Zen such as making sure there were always enough of his favorite brand of beers in the fridge for him or even making sure that you’d always leave him enough hot water for when he took his shower
  • All of this made Zen wonder, was he really that great of a person to deserve all of this love and praise?
  • So one day after he said about how tired he was from rehearsals and you went to give him a neck and should massage, Zen asked you something he’d been wondering for so long
  • “Don’t take this the wrong way or anything MC but why do you always do such cute and nice things for me all of the time?”
  • You smiled at Zen and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek as you answered him
  • “Well it’s because I love you so much Zen! You deserve all of the happiness and love in the world because you’re so amazing!”
  • At that moment, Zen thought that his heart would burst from joy
  • He quickly got up and went to give you a giant hug in his long, lean arms, closely holding your head to his chest as he stroked your hair lovingly
  • “You’re the most caring and considerate person that I’ve ever met MC, to say that I love you is an understatement. You’ve made me the happiest man alive!”
  • From that day on, Zen made sure to show his appreciation for you more with lots of kisses, hugs, and cuddles because to Zen, you really are the most perfect person in the world


  • Jumin was never quite sure why you acted the way that you did
  • It wasn’t like he disliked your personality, that was far from the truth, he just didn’t understand why you were always so kind and caring to him
  • You would always greet him whenever he came home from work, no matter how late it was, you’d wake up earlier then him to make his favorite breakfast with a smile, and you’d always make sure that Elizabeth the third was properly taken care of
  • But most importantly, your listen to Jumin whenever he needed someone to talk to
  • Whether he was annoyed by a new employee slacking off or worried when his father became sick, you’d always be there, nodding and giving Jumin words of encouragement
  • This perplexed Jumin to no end, how could someone be so caring and about him?
  • So one day when the two of you were getting ready for bed, Jumin stared at you as he buttoned up his sleep top
  • You were saying goodnight to Elizabeth the third as you carefully removed the sheets from the bed and fluffed up Jumin’s pillow
  • “I don’t understand you MC, why do you always do such nice things for me?“
  • Jumin stood there shocked that the question left his mouth but you smiled and went over to hug him
  • “That’s an easy answer, it’s because I love you so much Jumin! I like doing little acts of kindness for you because I genuinely love you with all of my heart!”
  • He couldn’t believe that you actually felt that way about him 
  • Jumin swiftly lifted you up and laid both himself and you onto the bed as he gently put you on top of his chest
  • You hummed in contentment as Jumin rubbed your back and softly kissed the top of your head
  • “I simply adore you MC, truly with all of my heart. You’re kindness is so immense, I don’t know how to thank you. You let me be me and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.”
  • Jumin decided from that day on to spend more time with you, going out on extravagant dates or even just relaxing together at home, because the amount of love that you show him truly makes him feel happiness
This Is How They’ll Completely Break Your Heart, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

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Aries:​ ​They​ ​Just​ ​Don’t​ ​Care

When an Aries completely breaks your heart, it will probably happen more than once (if it hasn’t already). Aries are passionate people, feeling all emotions very strongly, but especially those that stem from anger.

Even if the reason for their frustration has nothing to do with you, it is in Aries’ nature to act out of emotion before considering the consequences. They will say things they don’t really mean and do questionable things because their impulsive nature forces them to project their anger onto whatever outlet is available at the moment — more often than not that outlet is the people they care about most.

They will break your heart every single time they lose their patience or their temper, whether it’s by pointing out your flaws, telling your deepest secret, or sleeping with someone else. They will feel justified in it too since they really just don’t care as long as their selfish needs are met.

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Taurus:​ ​They’ll​ ​Feed​ ​Off​ ​Of​ ​Your​ ​Insecurity

Taurus is a sign known for having an immutable set of standards, hardly attainable by anybody except the made-up image of “the perfect human” they have inside their minds. Their unwillingness to compromise and vain tendencies often lead to narcissistic behaviors.

A Taurus will hardly ever fail to point out your flaws. They will compare your weaknesses to everybody else’s strengths, especially their own, and leave you feeling completely uneasy about yourself and who you are as a human.

A Taurus is extremely manipulative and convincing. You will end up believing that they are some kind of god-like figure, that you should strive to be more like them, and you will likely find yourself submitting yourself completely to them — even depending on them. Before you know it, you will be completely unsure of yourself, and doubtful of who you could be without them.

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Gemini:​ ​They’ll​ ​Ghost​ ​You

Despite being social butterflies, Gemini, of all the signs, is the most detached from those around them. They don’t like being alone so they’ll spend time with many different lovers, but their indecisive nature causes them to rarely establish any serious attachment with another person.

They struggle with any kind of repetition or routine, so they strive to find a lasting emotional connection. When the flame does die out, as it almost always does for the Gemini, they’ll ghost you. You won’t see it coming, probably because they didn’t see it coming themselves, but one day they will just be gone, and there will be no closure — just a whole lot of lingering thoughts like, “Where did I go wrong?”

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Cancer:​ ​They’ll​ ​Guilt-Trip​ ​You​ ​Into​ ​Breaking​ ​Your​ ​Own​ ​Heart

Those born under Cancer are sensitive souls. In an attempt to mask their softness, they will manipulate you by projecting their own insecurities onto you. Since Cancers have a hard time trusting anyone, they will make you feel like you are always doing something wrong to hurt them when really, it is just their pessimistic nature.

Guilt-tripping is a Cancer’s way of holding you down. If you give into their pity party and feel bad for them, they can feel confident that you won’t leave because you’re afraid of proving them right and being the one to hurt them.

Little do you know that you are breaking your own heart by beating yourself up over something that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with a Cancer’s dismal outlook on life and relationships. Chances are, you aren’t the monster Cancer makes you out to be.

Originally posted by let-it-be-infinite

Leo:​ ​The​ ​Unrequited​ ​Love

Leos are magnetic; they exude confidence, it’s no wonder people are drawn to them. They are natural born leaders and have no trouble achieving whatever it is they set their mind to. Because of such impressive, attractive qualities, a Leo will probably feel way out of your league even if you’re in a relationship with them.

Leos tend to be self-centered and quite arrogant. They will never let you forget that they can do better than you. You will find yourself heartbroken over the fact that they will never love you as much as you love them.

Originally posted by clankrnernes

Virgo:​ ​It’s​ ​Not​ You,​ ​It’s​ ​Me

Ah, the cliché line that nobody ever believes — but if it’s coming from a Virgo, they’re probably not lying. Those born under the Virgo sign tend to be overly critical of themselves while still seeking out the good in everybody else. Because of this, the slightest turn of events will have them over analyzing everything, and they will begin to assume that they are not worthy of love.

Because Virgos don’t like to be a burden or ask for help, they will get stuck in their own heads, caught up in the details, and you won’t hear a word about it. They won’t ask you if you’re ok or if they did something wrong, they will just assume they did, and they will leave.

Originally posted by harleyqquinn

Libra:​ ​They’re​ ​Still​ ​Not​ ​Over​ ​Their​ ​Ex

Libra is a sign of tradition. Usually, Libras are known for being in search of meaningful, long-term relationships. Ironically, they are also incredibly indecisive.

As a result, a Libra will venture out from their comfort zone slightly, but always feel a pull, back to their comfort zone and what they are used to. They will tell you they are over their ex because they want to be, but it is in your best interest that you err on the side of caution because before you know it you will be wondering where it all went wrong only to find them at their ex’s doorstep.

Originally posted by sidewindervx

Scorpio:​ ​They’re​ ​Just​ ​Not​ ​That​ ​Into​ ​You

There is absolutely no doubt about it, Scorpios are the most mysterious of the zodiac signs. They take time to get to know, and that’s if you get to know them. Seldom does a Scorpio open up to people due to their distrusting nature.

Often times, you’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere, like they might finally be opening up to you, and then they will make it clear to you in the most subtle way that you have barely scratched the surface. They are especially wary of who they give their hearts to. They will make you want them so bad, and then they won’t even give you a chance — it’ll break your heart.

Originally posted by indieteen

Sagittarius:​ ​They​ ​Need​ ​To​ ​Experience​ ​Something​ ​New

The thing about those born under Sagittarius is that they don’t ever intend to break hearts, but they do. Being such a free-spirited sign, it is completely inevitable.

A Sagittarius tends to promise more than they can deliver. They value freedom and change so much, Sags should refrain from promising anything, even if they feel like they can follow through in the moment.

Chances are, something new and inviting will catch their eye and they will be off on a new adventure. They won’t consider your feelings, and they won’t feel bad about hurting you either. In their eyes, it is justified because whatever it is, it’s an “experience.”

Originally posted by mrslanadelgay

Capricorn:​ ​Curveball That ​You​ ​Never​ ​See​ Coming

Capricorns come across as indifferent towards anything and everything, but in reality, they are calculating your every move. Capricorns are fearful, always expecting the worst, so even if it seems like they trust you, often times they are are just waiting for you to do something wrong so they can say “I knew it.”

They will completely crush the person responsible for any wrong-doing towards them — and when I say crush, I mean obliterate. A Capricorn will rip you apart piece by piece and hit all the right nerves to make you question every action and reaction you’ve ever had up to that point.

The crazy thing about it is that all along, they never seemed like they were paying much attention, but do them wrong in the slightest way and they will make it known just how far in advance they saw it coming. It’s all a defense mechanism, breaking your heart before you can break theirs.

Originally posted by boricuamagic

Aquarius:​ ​There’s​ ​Someone​ ​Else

Aquarius born are committed and loyal when in relationships, but they do relationships on their own terms. In other words, and Aquarius will decide when the relationship is over in their own heads and have no problems acting single before communicating to you that it’s over.

The Aquarius is not at all possessive. They tend to give their partners freedom and independence from them, and they expect the same in return. Aquarius strive to surround themselves with a lot of people, so it is common for an Aquarius to simply fall for someone else. They are known as the progressives of the zodiac, often being drawn to the “next best thing.” The second something new and shiny comes along, they will drop you faster than you can say “ouch.”

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Pisces:​ ​They’ll​ ​Give​ ​Up

Pisces are kind-hearted individuals, and will hardly have it in them to break somebody’s heart, but if they do, it’s probably because they didn’t want to put in all the work that goes into a relationship.

Pisces are passionate lovers, but their relationships are often short-lived because at the first sign of conflict they will run the other direction. Relationships require effort, they take time to build, and above all, patience.

A Pisces loves the idea of love, but isn’t really willing to fight for it like you might be. The bottom line is that they give up easy. They will leave because of the slightest doubt in their mind, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,084

Summary: Dean and the Reader have a rocky past, but one that’s riddled with more good memories than bad. Will they be able to bridge the gap and have that again?

Warnings: Smut. Angst. Heartbreak. One curse word. Really, I’m sorry. 

A/N: This is the first of SIXTEEN song fics that I will be doing for Halsey’s new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, out this Friday, one fic for each song. All one shots. Honestly, this album is going to be the death of me, I love it so much and she’s only released three songs! This one just resonated with me and gave me the idea for this project and I’m excited for you all to read what I have planned! Enjoy! 

Tags: Open for Followers. If you want to be added send an ask! 

Listen to Strangers HERE

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Masterlist (Coming Soon!)

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He sits in the war room and tries to concentrate on the research in front of him, but his eyes drift over the same sentence four times over as he listens to the rustling in the kitchen down the hall. It’s the only thing he’s got and it’s reassuring. Reassuring to know that she’s still there, still alive, still functioning enough to move around the bunker on her own.

It wasn’t always the case. There used to be a time when she’d be sitting right next to him, doing research for the same case, her legs tangled up in his as they shared a drink, looks passing between the two of them, a smile dancing across her face, his green eyes twinkling. Not lovers, just close friends. Close enough that it seemed insane to him to live life without her.

But that was another lifetime ago.

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ayfe  asked:

13 or 50 you can choose ;)

50. “People are staring.”

(This is a companion fic for the fic I wrote for @dimshums​ for prompt  39. “We need to talk about what happened last night.” If you haven’t read that one yet, might be a good idea to read that one first, so the “surprise” isn’t spoiled. But you don’t need to read that one to enjoy this one :D)

Alec seemed distracted, Magnus decided only minutes into their date night. The half smiles and limited contributions to what Magnus knew was a captivating conversation tipped him off immediately.

“Are you alright, Alexander?”

“Huh? Of course. Just got lost in thought for a moment.” Another half smile, but at least that one looked sheepish.  

Magnus sighed to himself before downing his glass of champagne. They’d both been so busy and he just wanted them to have a nice evening. 

“I’m sorry.” He reached over, taking Magnus’s hand. “I’m focused now. Continue your story.”

Dinner went well enough after that. The conversation got easier, the smiles from Alec warmed and became genuine. Whatever his mind had been focused on before seemed to be quieted for the moment. 

“Let’s walk around.” Alec suggested after they finished up dinner, while Magnus had been more than ready to open up a portal and take them home.

He smiled warmly, slipping his hand into Alec’s, “And here I thought you’d want to return back to New York.” 

“The night is young. And I’m officially off-duty, why risk it and return home?” Alec turned his head and leaned in, pressing a kiss to the side of Magnus’s head. Magnus smiled blissfully, thinking back on how much Alec changed since they first started dating. That Alec would run back to the Institute at every little sign of trouble. That Alec would shy away from any and all public displays of affection. 

“I love you.” Magnus murmured gently, his head resting against Alec’s shoulder as they strolled along the sidewalks in their own bubble. They laughed and shared stories and memories of the times they’d visited Paris previously. How much they had done and seen in their time together and how much they’ve yet to experience. Alec halted their steps outside of the cafe they had their first Parisian date at and Magnus grinned. 

“It’s been some time since we’ve been here. A lot has happened since then.” Alec said, the antsy energy from earlier seemingly had returned. 

Magnus tilted his head, “Yes, a lot has happened.”

“A lot of good and bad things, but mostly good.” Alec licked his lips and a flicker of determination passed over his face. “No matter what happens, as long as I have you, it makes it all worth it.”

“You’re turning into quite the romantic, Alexander.”

Alec smiled and moved from beside him, to in front of him, holding his hands. “I’m not good with words or emotions, I never have been. But I know that I love you, that I can’t live without you. That when I think about my future, you’re always beside me. My future has become our future in my mind.”

Magnus blinked, his heart thudding a bit in his chest. Was he… no, he wasn’t proposing. He couldn’t be. 

Of course, Alexander proved him wrong when he went down on one knee.

“What’re you doing?” Magnus whispered, his heart racing to the point where he could barely hear over it.

Alec reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. And not just any ring. It was a Lightwood heirloom. A centuries old warlock would know with a simple glance. What was this wonderful man doing to him?

“A future without you isn’t one I can even imagine anymore, Magnus. It doesn’t exist. I, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, am asking you, Magnus Bane, to marry me, to make sure I never have to live my life without you.”

Magnus had a hand over his mouth, absolutely stunned into silence. Alexander looked up at him with soft eyes, an expectant smile. Magnus grabbed hold of his hand and dragged him to his feet, kissing him deeply. His words were failing him, his brain felt broken. But maybe this kiss would be answer enough. He dug his fingers into Alec’s hair, pulling him closer, trying to convey everything he felt.

Alec laughed huskily, whispering against Magnus’s lips, “People are staring.”

“Let them stare, darling. You just proposed to me.” Magnus panted in return, a smile breaking out on his lips. 

“I think they’re just waiting for an answer, like I am.”

Magnus laughed warmly, glee saturating every bit of his heart. He whispered as he cupped Alec’s face tenderly, “You silly nephilim, was my kiss not answer enough? Yes, a thousand times yes.”

Alec beamed brightly, leaning back in for another kiss. He broke the kiss suddenly with a soft ‘oh.’

“This is for you.” Alec grinned as he took hold of Magnus’s hand. He lifted his brow; Magnus’s left hand was suddenly bare. 

“Can’t have my other rings competing with this one.” Magnus said softly, leaning in to press another kiss to Alexander’s lips.

Alec slid the ring onto his finger. Magnus held his hand up, admiring the ring before his eyes fell back onto Alec, “Home?”

“Yes, let’s go home. We have some celebrating to do.”

“Indeed we do.” Magnus said with a grin before pulling Alec down an alleyway and opening a portal to their loft.

Title: Marry Me
Author: Athenaevm
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki/Uraraka Ochako
Rating: T 
Theme: Day 6; Arranged Marriage // Modern AU
Count: 3,154

She felt like she was living in a wretched nightmare, an endless dream of twists and turns. 

Ochako felt her fingers tremble as she clung to the white sheets of her bed—no, their bed—and she couldn’t help but screw her eyes shut, eyelashes damp from tears and her throat sore from the constant hours of crying herself to sleep. She felt like she was living in a wretched nightmare, an endless dream of twists and turns, making her wonder why she even agreed to such a thing.

Pulling her flushed face from her pillow, she rested her cheek against the satin, caramel orbs half-lidded and her pink lips, damaged from all the anxious biting she did to herself, split apart as she tried to quiet herself and even her breathing. She felt so small and frail in this large room, her figure curled up in a fetal position, the covers casted aside as she made sure she was laying on her side of the bed.

Her hair was the color of a deep auburn, pulled up in a messy bun and locks, that didn’t quite fit in her updo, framed her face as the ends curled slightly. Her skin was pale, and she had a slender form with curved hips as she wore a large shirt, meeting the middle of her thighs and it fell loose around her tiny frame. 

Read here at AO3. 

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Simon D - All Or Nothing

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You stared into his warm eyes silently. A lot of things were going through your mind right now and there were a lot things you wanted to tell him, but you didn’t know where and how to start. Not any existing word or expression could come even close to the gratitude and appreciation you felt for the things he did for you time and time again.

“Why?” You said in a whisper and the moment the question left your lips, you knew you would regret asking. Simon would drop everything for you and rush right over whenever you were having a hard time. He would be there, even before you knew something was wrong. It didn’t matter where or when you could always count on him. But it also made you feel guilty for being a burden to him. He always put you first. The consequences of his actions didn’t matter. Sometimes you did wonder, why he always went out of his way for you. 

“You know why.” He responded shortly. But you shook your head at him.

“You know I love you.”

And just like that he crossed the line. It was just one simple sentence. But with those little words your entire world changed and you knew you could never go back to how things were. 
The moment those words left his mouth, you felt your entire body tensing up from head to toe. Your heart stopped beating for a moment and it felt as though time had stopped for you. You didn’t know what to feel or how to react. Should you laugh or cry? Should you be happy or angry?

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Acting like strangers// Harry Styles imagine

Titel: Acting like strangers// Harry Styles imagine

Summary: The reader and Harry are in a difficult phase of their relationship, so the reader decides to talk about it with Harry. 

Warnings: Yelling.

Masterlist ( Only laptop)

You sat on the opposite couch, arms crossed in the front of your chest. You were staring at your boyfriend Harry, who sat on the other couch. The TV was on, but neither of you was watching it. Instead, you both stared at each other without saying anything. It had been like this for the whole week, hell, even for one month. Instead of acting like a lovely couple, you two were acting like strangers. 

‘ Are we gonna to do this for the whole day? Staring at each other?’ Harry said, he was clearly mad. ‘ No’ You respond. Every conversation was like this, a question with a short response. ‘ I’m done with this’ You said. Harry did not react, he just looked at the TV. You wanted to yell at him, but instead, you just signed. When you walked out the door, you heard Harry calling someone. You didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but what if he was cheating on you? It was possible since Harry had been very distant from you for the past month. You wanted to ask him about it, but you didn’t know where to start. It also could be someone of the management or just one of the boys. It should be either of them, otherwise, Harry was much trouble. While walking, you thought about the problems you and Harry had. There were many but ignoring each other was probably the biggest one. At the evenings, that you mostly spend together, the both of you were silent: A short conversation maybe, but you would always end up lying in bed, wondering what went wrong. And you still didn’t know it: Maybe it was Harry’s job, your job, the fame, there were so many possibilities. When you opened the door of the apartment, you heard the TV. It was loud, too loud for you likely, but you didn’t mind at all. Maybe you could turn the volume lower when you were in the living room. When you entered the living room, Harry didn’t even look away from the screen. This pisses you off. Even in this difficult phase, Harry would look up to you. Instead of going mad, you decided to begin a normal conversation. 

’ Did you already went to the supermarket?’ You asked, sounding so sweet and nice as possible. ’ No’ Harry said, his green eyes were still on the screen of the TV. His reaction was cold and harsh, but you weren’t giving up. ’ You told me to do it’ You said. Harry sighed loudly and for the first time, he looked at you. ’ Why don’t you do it by yourself?’ He said rudely, his tone was ruder than before. ’ Well maybe because you told me yesterday you would do it! That’s the only thing we said to each other yesterday!’ You said, slightly raising your voice. ’ Why I’m even trying?’ You muttered, your voice was low and almost not hearable but Harry heard the words very clear. You sat down on the couch, head in your hands. Harry looked at you but didn’t say anything. ’ What do you mean?’ He asked. ’ WHAT DO I MEAN? WELL, TO BEGIN WITH, THE FACT THAT WE HAD IGNORED EACH OTHER FOR A MONTH!’ You yelled at him. You didn’t surprise only him, but also yourself. It was so unlike you to start a fight, it was mostly Harry who began with the fights. Harry was still silent, it was like he waited for you to continue. ’ THE ONLY THING WE ARE SAYING TO EACH OTHER IS ‘HELLO’ OR JUST PRACTICAL QUESTIONS! AND IM SICK OF IT. WE ARE NOT ACTING LIKE A COUPLE, WE ARE ACTING LIKE STRANGERS WHO ARE LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSE!’ You continued with yelling at him. Your face was red of the anger, you were breathing heavily and you stared at Harry with dark eyes. Harry didn’t know where to start, he knows it was pointless to argue back. You were right. You two were indeed acting like strangers, not like a couple. Even not as friends. Just strangers. ’ You are right, Y/N. You really are. But do you know how we can fix this?’ Harry asked. His tone wasn’t rude anymore, which makes Y/N relax a little. ’ Well maybe we need space from each other or something..’ You did not know it. ’ No. I don’t want that. What if we just can start again? Forget about this phase, Y/N. We don’t have to start again, just going on a holiday. Without our jobs, family or friends. Just us. Maybe that would help’ Harry said. You liked Harry’s idea, maybe that was a good one. Just you and Harry. ’ What do you think?’ He said.  ’ I like the idea’ You said as you stepped one step closer to them. Harry wrapped his arms around your waist and smiled. ’ I love you’ Harry whispered. The words made your smile widely. ’ I love you too’ You whispered. 

anonymous asked:

How would the Autobots react to their s/o switching sides and becoming a Decepticon? Vice-versa, how would the Decepticons react if their s/o became an Autobot?


This would be a large blow to Optimus, yet another one close to him corrupted. He will wonder where he went wrong or if you were just like Megatron and always secretly dark. He will never give up on trying to convince you to come back to the Autobots, but he will be so hurt that never be the same again.


The darling will be so hurt and lost. Why? Why would you do this? Did he do something wrong? He will always have difficulty fighting you seriously on the field, and while he may be able to take you down, he will never be able to bring himself to terminate you.


At first, he will have an unwavering belief that you haven’t really turned Decepticon and that this is all part of some plan of yours. When he is finally forced to see the reality, he will feel betrayed. If you see him on the field expect to have a lot of hurt and anger sent to you in the form of a fist.


Your betrayal will make him 3x more irritable and 10x more reserved. If you’re ever mentioned around him something that he was holding will coincidentally break. He will straight up deny your existence to anyone who asks about you or your relationship to him.


He will just be so confused. He will never be able to come to terms with this. He may for a while even consider changing sides with you, but will ultimately choose to stick with the Autobots. If he ever sees you on the field he will desperately ask you why you did this and will beg you to come back to him. Everyone else is really worried about him.


He will be hurt, but he will hide so well no one will notice. He will still flirt with you on the field, but he will hunt you down with the intention of terminating you. Whether he’ll be able to go through with it is a difficult question, depending on you and how hard you make it. One thing is for certain though, he can’t bear to see you as a Decepticon, it hurts too much.

Ultra Magnus

Not while he has anything to do with it! What, did you think that he would let you change sides? No. He will make a scene and challenge you to a fight in an attempt to stop this madness, he will do anything and everything he can to stop you from changing sides and consequently leaving him. He will see failure to do so as his greatest failure.


He will be furious and will hate you on the same level he does Optimus… well, at least that is what he is trying to convince himself. He certainly won’t talk to you after this and nor would he be showing any lingering signs of affection, save tiny pieces of mercy every now and then.


Would probably follow you into the Autobot ranks like a puppy. The whole ‘becoming the leader of the Decepticons’ thing isn’t exactly succeeding, nor can he see himself leading your opposing team. You and he will probably become be seen as a package deal to the Autobots.


Never before has his loyalty has been torn like this. He loves you so deeply, but Megatron is his oldest and truest friend. He will just have to accept sticking out of this conflict. He won’t help you help the Autobots, but he won’t let you die on him and he certainly won’t hurt you. (Megatron actually accepts Sounwave’s response as Soundwave is just too valuable to punish for this, which Soundwave is grateful)

Knock Out

He will be torn, really torn. The Decepticon cause isn’t even the reason holding him back from instantly following you to the Autobot’s side, but rather his closest friend Breakdown. After a long time being conflicted, he will eventually attempt to join the Autobots after you, but he will also make an attempt to convince Breakdown to join with him.


He’ll be angry at you, for a really long time, and you can expect to see this anger come out on the field, but he will always falter whenever you get hurt and find reasons not to terminate you. After a long long time though, he will slowly come around to the idea of joining the Autobots.


He will feel a great sorrow in his spark. He has already lost his twin, and he does not want to lose you, but the Autobots were the ones to kill Skyquake and he is loyal to the Decepticon cause so he will stay a ‘con. However, both Megatron and he have agreed that he should not be sent on missions known to involve you beforehand to avoid him being emotionally compromised. If you have to die he won’t be the one to do it.


Predaking will be unbelievably torn on what to do. He sees you as his only kin, but the Autobots slaughtered the rest of his kin. He will eventually leave the Decepticons but he won’t join the Autobots, but all things considered, he may as well have. He stubbornly refuses to leave your side, which eventually forces the rest of the Autobots to let him in the base and terminates anyone who attacks you, including Decepticons, so he may as well be fighting for the Autobots. No matter, he refuses the title/label.

Eyes Closed

Pairing: Dave x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1618

Author’s Note: So, I would’ve posted this last night but my computer started acting up so I had to wait. I wrote this in an hour and I’m pretty proud of it. It’s cute.Thanks to my lovely babe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me. She’s amazing y’all.

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Safe Place ~ Park Jimin (Angst)

Group: BTS
Member: Park Jimin
Type: Angst
Warnings! sentimental, soft chimchim, heart break, kinda trigger warning?!?
Word Count: 1386

‘I hope you never have someone enter your life who is both the best and worst     at once: so good you can never forget them, so bad you wish you could’

Dear diary,
a lot of people ask me what my biggest fear is and I know that they expect answers like heights, closed spaces or spiders because that’s what your anxiety wants you to tell them,
because the truth is,
how do you tell them that you’re scared of love?
Most people fall out of love for the same reason they fell in it.
That their lover’s once endearing stubbornness has now become a refusal to their compromise and their one track mind is not immaturity
and their bad habits that you once adored are now money down the drain.
Their spontaneity becomes reckless and irresponsible.
And their feet up on your dash is no longer sexy, just another distraction in your busy life.
Nothing saddens and terrifies me more than the thought that I can become ugly to someone
who once saw the entire galaxy in my eyes.

Think black clouds and thunder rolled in from the east and rain began to fall. Rain and tears mingled your face, salty tracks blending into the fresh sky-fallen trickles. Only the pinkness of your eyes gave any clue to your sadness. You shivered as the wind wrapped around your body, locks blowing in the spring breeze.
           “It was probably my fault for getting attached to you,” you said, “both of us knew you would leave eventually.”
He looked at you with concern, as if he never meant to hurt you the way he did. The sadness flowed through your veins and deadened your mind.
Your bottom lip quivered as you cried, feeling your heart break the more you look at the pleading look on his face.
           “I mean, really. We were bound to end and you were bound to be the one to end it. I guess I just kind of hoped that maybe you had loved me enough to fight against it, y’know?” you chuckled and your voice cracked, “Every day I wake up and wonder why. Why it went wrong, why it happened, why I had to be the one to get so attached. It doesn’t seem fair because I’m still hurting while you’re off in some new romance happy as can be. You don’t have to wake up or go to sleep thinking of how much you miss it, but I do. And it always hurts a little bit more each time, even if I say it doesn’t.”
Your gaze met his, tears streaming down your reddened cheeks like an unsteady river and his face now a full shade paler. His wet bangs covered his eyes and you could have sworn you saw a lonely tear running down his cheek. He bit down on his lower lip to conceal the emotion he claimed he doesn’t have as he tried to sort out his words.
Something softened in you by his desperate need to find the right words to explain his situation but the truth was, that no words in the world could’ve explained what he’s done to ruin the unconditional love you once felt for him.
           “I can’t give you what you want!” he said passionately, frustrated by the lack of words to express what he’s attempting to say. “You deserve so much more what I can give to you!”
You tilted your head upwards to stop the tears flowing down your pale face laughed quietly, sadly.

“Don’t you understand? I don’t want anything more than you- I’ve never wanted anything else. I wish you’d listen to me.”

He looked up then, the muscles in his jaw working to conceal his emotions and he reached out to wipe a stray fear of your cold cheek, making you wonder how it managed to escape when you swore you wouldn’t cry.

“All I want is you.”

Your voice has dropped to a whisper and you caught your lower lip between your teeth to contain your feelings from bursting out all at once. Thunder cried out from the blackened sky, the clouds invisible above. You shuddered, teeth grinding in anxiety. You wanted to believe every word he said, wanted to understand his decision for leaving you but you couldn’t. No matter how hard you tried to push the feeling back, it always creeped back into your mind, making you drown in your misery. That it was all your fault. That the life you gave him wasn’t good enough, that your love for him would go to waste eventually.  It was your fault for worrying too much about the things you could do wrong that you forgot the things you did to make him fall for you. And it hurts to see him smile, knowing that you’re no longer the reason behind it. You wondered where it all went wrong, why you had to notice that it’s no longer you he’s looking at with so much adoration and tenderness like his entire world revolves around you.
Deep down you wished you could play pretend and trick your minds into thinking that his unconditional love for you hasn’t died.
You felt a sudden outburst of anger, wanted to punch and push him to make him feel the pain you’re feeling every morning. Like your life is nothing more but a time loop of pain and grief.
But then you remembered that no matter how much you hated him for leaving you, a part of you will always love him and that you would’ve never wanted him to live the nightmare you’re living.

           His cold hand gently caressing your cheek ripped you out of your thoughts and you gently take his hand into yours, appreciating the intimacy as long as it lasted before placing it down by his side, smiling at him.
Breathing became a lot harder and your vision became slightly foggy as tears started to well up in your eyes. You ended up smiling through the pain that’s killing you inside because you know that as long as that smile is still on his lips, he’ll be happy and that’s all you ever wanted him to be, even if it meant to say goodbye.

You held his hand a little longer, smiling down at it by the memory of how it felt to hold it tight during your worst nightmares before looking up at him through tears and rain.
“We can talk this out, Y/N. It doesn’t have to end like this.” he whispered and looked at you through pleading eyes, squeezing your hand, a smile tugging on the edge of his lips.

Brick by brick your walls came tumbling down and you tried so hard not to give into him again, after knowing that you’ll only end up broken. You shook your head before slowly pulling your hand from his grip and wiping the remaining wetness of your smooth skin, sorting out your words.

           “I’m done,” you said as you stared blankly at the dark sky, “I am tired of trying to get your attention. I can’t continue forcing this relationship anymore. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Forced. Forced on my part because you don’t love me anymore and you feel too bad to tell me so instead you write it all over your face until I finally, finally get the message. But the sad thing is I tried so hard to get you to love me because you are everything I ever wanted. But I am done. You win, I officially have nothing else to offer you.”

You watched his face drop by your words but what you didn’t see was his heart shattering into million tiny pieces. He opened his mouth to say his last words to you but you didn’t give him the chance, didn’t want to fall for his tricks any longer. You were sick and tired of fighting a fight you’ve been fighting too long.

           You placed a gentle kiss on his soaked hazelnut hair and caressed his cheek gently as you said, “I hope you never have someone enter your life who is both the best and worst at once: so good you can never forget them, so bad you wish you could.”

Let me know if you want me to continue this or rather want it to be a one shot! 
Love, Youngmi! xx