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When I'm not expecting to have to read french I always read your url as jesusjosie

one of my friends told me a while ago that they thought my url was jesusjosie for 6 months so i don’t blame you

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally

A FC Directory Masterlist

**Please note: I do not own any rights to any of the directories listed below. I’ve simply compiled this list for easier access to page/blog directories. All directories will be linked and credited properly by the blog posted. If you see your directory on this list and wish for its removal at any time (or if I’ve credited the wrong url), contact me and I’ll do so. If you do not see a directory on this list you feel should be added, contact me with the page link and I’ll add it. As always, like/reblog if you found this useful.

Forever And Almost Always - Part 1

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2 Series Playlist

Summary: Series: Bucky is the ex you keep going back to, but what happens when one of you is interested in more than just the rebound? Chapter: You run into your ex and the pull is instant and all too familiar.

Warnings: swearing, implied smut (nothing explicit included)

Word Count: 1313

Author’s Note: Ok! Here we go! I’m kind of excited about this series. It’s been in my head for months, but trapped there through all the craziness in my life right now, but I think I’m well enough ahead to start posting. Fingers crossed I don’t get behind. :)

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Leaning forward, arching over the sleek glass bar top and spinning the credit card in your fingers, you waited impatiently for your drinks. You were more than ready for another. Another 3, if you were honest. These kinds of parties were never your scene. At first they were exciting, sure, but pretty soon they all started to look the same and you started to feel the same restless boredom tugging at the corner of every conversation, every polished smile.

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uploaded: 15.7.2017




렉서스 LC X 태양 ‘SO GOOD’ (LEXUS LC X Taeyang 'SO GOOD’) *o*

G-DRAGON - '무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)’ M/V  ◎[▪‿▪]◎


  1. Big Bang reactions to their gf not celebrating Christmas 
  2. Big Bang reactions to their gf crying in her bedroom
  3. Big Bang reactions to you being vampire
  4. Big Bang reaction to people finding out you are a vampire
  5. Big Bang reaction to a sudden confess by rookie
  6. Big Bang reaction to you being someone famous from USA finding out you are a big fan of the group
  7. Big Bang reaction to kissing you at midnight on New Year’s Eve
  8. Big Bang reaction to their idol s/o getting angry because they did/said something super offensive
  9. Big Bang reaction to their idol gf fainting on stage while performing
  10. Big Bang reaction to their idol baby sister fainting while she performs
  11. Big Bang reactions to their s/o being 4D
  12. Big Bang reactions to doing collaboration with their gf
  13. Big Bang reactions to their idol gf catching him rading fanfics about her/fanboying over her
  14. Big Bang reacting to his little sister dating a BTS member
  15. Big Bang reactions when you flinch in fight because you are scared
  16. Big Bang reactions when they spend time with their baby alone for the first time
  17. Big Bang reactions to you making him a dinner after a long day
  18. Big Bang reactions to you being 'wife like’ 
  19. Big Bang reactions to finding out they are in love with you
  20. Big Bang reaction to finding out you had tough time at home
  21. Big Bang reactions to their s/o parents not supporting her idol career
  22. Big Bang reactions to their gf laughing at everything
  23. Big Bang reactions to you initiating the first kiss
  24. Big Bang reactions to being asked about their gf in interview
  25. Big Bang reactions to their gf saying “I hate you” in a fight
  26. Big Bang reactions to you cutting your hair one side longer
  27. Big Bang reactions to you shyly asking them to teach you how to kiss
  28. Big Bang reactions to you having Harry Potter marathon
  29. Big Bang reactions to you doing break up prank on them
  30. Big Bang reactions to you getting hurt on stage and ending up going to the hospital ASAP
  31. Big Bang reactions to seeing you in a wedding dress
  32. Big Bang reactions when all of a sudden their S/o collapses due to unexplained reasons
  33. Big Bang reactions when you catch them cheating
  34. Big Bang reactions when they flirt with you, but you don’t notice
  35. Big Bang reactions to you hit him when they tease you but it actually hurts them [boyfriend edition]
  36. Big Bang reactions to his gf winning Artist of the Year at MAMA
  37. Big Bang reactions to his gf getting yelled at because you shouldn’t be dating him and her ex-member told everyone about you
  38. Big Bang reactions to their best friend not getting along with their gf [who’s rude all the time]
  39. Big Bang reactions to his ex gf crying while performing a song he helped write
  40. Big Bang reactions to their idol gf group disbanding
  41. Big Bangs reactions to their little sister dating a member of Got7
  42. Big Bang reactions when you are on WGM together and he has a crush on you & fans starts to ship you
  43. Big Bang reactions when you embarrass him in front of other members
  44. Big Bang reactions to hitting you in an argument
  45. Big Bang reactions when you say you wouldn’t date an idol, but he has a crush on you
  46. Big Bang reactions when you’re his gf, but he’s in love with other member’s gf
  47. BigBang’s reaction when his idol gf talks about their love life during an interview when he would like it to be private
  48. Big Bang reactions when you announce them you are pregnant
  49. Big Bang reactions to their little sister dating Exo member
  50. Big Bang reactions when their gf has the same humor sense as Bianca del Rio
  51. Big Bang reactions when his foreign gf visits her family and they have Super bowl party and she fangirls over a player
  52. Big Bang reactions when their gf founds out her sibling died
  53. Big Bang reactions when their fiancee dies on the way to the accident[WARNING]
  54. Big Bang Reactions to their kid’s first day at school[warning-cute]
  55. Big Bang reactions when they found out Yang HyunSuk is their gf’s uncle
  56. Big Bang reactions when their idol gf who normally has cute concepts, but this comeback is sexy/badass concept
  57. Big Bang reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date
  58. Big Bang reactions to their gf getting severely hurt on an accident
  59. Big Bang Reactions to their sweet, shy S/O becomes agressive while playing a game
  60. Big Bang reactions when their toddler says the f word for the first time beacause he heard it from a member
  61. Big Bang’s reaction to his innocent gf not getting a dirty joke one of the members said
  62. Big Bang reactions to their gf having a youtube channel
  63. Big Bang reactions to being in relationship with really honest and sknship loving gf
  64. Big Bang reactions to his depressed S/O [WARNING][SENSITIVE]
  65. Big Bang reactions to their gf who is from Greece
  66. Big Bang reactions to their crush not knowing they are famous
  67. Big Bang reactions to finding out you have regular seizures every 3 months because of brain tumor
  68. Big Bang reactions to your new pet
  69. Big Bang Reactions to you not coming home after failing college entrance exam
  70. Big Bang reactions to their gf singing a cover of their song and killing his part
  71. Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he’s with her
  72. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf getting a kiss from a girl
  73. Big Bang’s reactions when they have to adopt a 14 y/o girl as a group
  74. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf from Germany
  75. Big Bang’s reactions to their sassy gf
  76. Big Bang’s reactions to their Italian gf
  77. Big Bang’s Reactions To His Indian gf
  78. Big Bang’s reactions to finding out their crush is a lot younger than them
  79. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf thinking she’s too heavy to sit in their lap
  80. Big Bang Reactions to their otaku gf



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  2. If you requested and it wasn’t posted yet, someone requested before you and I’m working on that first ^^
  3. Message me anytime you want. I will respond and add URL to this masterlist and to the answer
  4. Requests are closed. Working on these in my inbox

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Studyblr Themed Asks!
  1. What type of learner are you (visual, kinesthetic, etc) 
  2. How do you remember things best? 
  3. Favourite subject in school?  
  4. Least favourite subject in school?
  5. Do you still remember a certain teacher/professor in past years? If so why?
  6. How do you feel about your current teacher/professor?
  7. University or College? Why?
  8. Do you listen to music when you study? If so what? 
  9. What is your favourite time of day to study? Why? 
  10. What’s your study routine?
  11. Do you prefer worksheets or essays? 
  12. What is your favourite book? 
  13. What is something interesting that you learned today? 
  14. What is one thing you have always wanted to learn about but never got to? 
  15. Where do you study?
  16. When did you create your studyblr?
  17. Why did you create your studyblr?
  18. How long have you had your studyblr?
  19. Have you ever pulled an all nighter?
  20. Do you know another language? If you do, why did you learn?
  21. What occupation would you like?
  22. If you could do something differently related to academics what would it be? (Different school choice, etc)
  23. Do you own a bullet journal/planner?
  24. How did you come up with your URL?
  25. Do you have any friends from your community? 

Credit to me and my friend @rumblecoot for coming up with the questions :) Tag @bookstudience if you use this, I’d love to see your answers!

BTS react to your graduation

Now after reacting to Jungkookie’s and Jin’s graduations (and since I’m about to graduate too^^), how about we imagine BTS reacting to our (future) graduations? :) I’m sorry that this turned out to be a bit shorter but a short reaction is nice from time to time too~ I really hope that I’ll be able to write a second one for this weekend but I’m not yet sure if I’ll have the time to~

All gifs belong to their rightful owners=creators (see urls right under the gifs as always :*)~ Please support each other and BTS well!

Al eonni loves all 1132 of you <333 I dedicate this to the dear @shouldntliu who always gives me such heart-warming feedback and who is about to finish school as well :***

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jin: *Seokjin will send flying kisses to you from his seat in the audience*

Originally posted by missbaptan

Sope: Hoseok will get super emotional during the graduation ceremony (”_______ has grown up so much!”) and Yoongi will have to calm him down (”There there, don’t cry~”)

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

Rap Monster: “Ahhh, close your eyes, don’t look! We haven’t wrapped your graduation present yet~”

Originally posted by yoongishappiness

Jimin: Jimin will be terribly sad that he can’t attend your graduation due to Bangtan’s busy schedule, so he’ll send you video messages througout the whole day going all “That’s my girl/boy!” and “Who rocks that outfit? You do!” 

Originally posted by cinnachim

V: Taehyung will attend and watch you graduate in awe, going all “I’m so proud of you~~”, giving you 10 times more aegyo than he’d do anyways~

Originally posted by taecupwithsuga

Jungkook: “But nuna/hyung, don’t forget … I graduated first”

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anonymous asked:

How did you meet your amazing girlfriend?

I’ve been sitting on this ask for some time trying to figure out the way to say this, so I suppose I will just tell the story as it happened.

I won’t be posting her URL here because I don’t want to send thousands of eyes to scour her blog, but we’ve been mutuals for something like a year, and always had crushes on each other, flirted a ton online, etc. But she lives very far away from me and this, of course, is a major obstacle, so we never made plans to act on that at all. She messaged me one day to say she’d be in town for a day or two on a family trip, and I brought up hooking up if she was interested, although I was such a nervous baby about it that I think I ACTUALLY said, “Hey we should make out or something if you want.” We agreed to meet, go to my place together, have a lot of sex, and make some sourdough because why not?  So in the days before meeting 1) I tried a new recipe and tested it out to ensure it would be good enough and 2) we sexted a ton (she’s good at this and also? world’s best Snapchat snapper) and just got to know each other really well, too, and I found out that we have all sorts of weird little things in common- we want the same number of kids, we want the same color Le Creuset oven, we like and dislike the same kinds of fruits, she has been making jam for several years and I have been making bread for several years, etc- and each of us made several obviously-not-regular-hookup comments about the other being :) the woman :) of our :) dreams :) and how ohhhh gosh if only she didn’t live so far away we’d totally be dating!

She made it to the coffeeshop where I work, and I saw her coming in the door, thought, “WOW she is prettier than I expected” and immediately pretended not to see her/to be very QUICKLY taking some trash to the back of house to go get myself settled. I put on what was apparently a very good -I am totally chill and not going to die- face, sat beside her, made some conversation about her trip up, blah blah, sexted for several hours while I was closing up shop, and decided we would catch a ride from a bar across the street from my job because I MAY have skipped out on a meeting to go fuck this really hot woman and didn’t want it to be super obvious. So I closed up like normal, went to go meet her at the bar, and she kissed me several times while waiting for the car because she was too excited to wait. Then we got home, made bread, and had really incredible sex during which she came 13 (THIRTEEN) times before I stopped counting :) :) :) And when she left I did my best to pretend not to be sad, but it didn’t work because she asked, “Are you sad?” and when I said “Oh! I didn’t think you could tell!” she proceeded to mimic my posture, which was hands-in-my-pockets, slumped over, and forlornly gazing at the ground because I’d had a really genuinely magical time with her.

The main thing is really that the second we met I just felt an instant sort of “WOW I’d like to keep this one around” feeling that I know from a lot of dating is extremely rare and really special, and I think there were lots of moments during our first date that were very much not regular hookup/hangout moments, like we each called the other sweetie more than once, spent…an absurd amount of time staring into each others’ gay eyes, held hands a lot more than would be normal for a hookup, etc. I think it took her a few hours after she left to really realize she was feeling the same thing, but every now and again you meet someone and it just feels right and natural and comfortable instantly, and you just MESH well, and that’s really what happened. So in the next few days we sort of talked things over and decided to give this thing a shot. And I’m glad we did! Sometimes you have to do the very stupid, very silly, very wild 20something thing to do and just go for it because you think you could find something really special and worth it. I think I just sort of thought, “No this isn’t the most logical thing in the world but I know how rare this feeling is and if I can, I don’t plan to let it go because of something like distance.” So now we’re girlfriends and I couldn’t be happier about it- she’s really wonderful and sweet and makes me incredibly happy and I’m so proud to be, as my blog is titled, Her Butch. She’s the best coincidence I’ve ever encountered, and I’m so glad that she came through the city at just the right time and on just the right day and we talked just often enough beforehand for her to tell me she’d be in town, because I honestly didn’t think I was capable of feeling this way again and she’s been a wonderful addition to my life. She’s a pretty excellent girlfriend and I’m more excited than I can say to kiss her again.


Truly, Truly Outrageous Emergency Commissions - Again!

My car had to be taken in for maintenance and long story short, I am pretty broke right now. I will need a little help making it through the rest of the month due to the unexpected expense to make sure I have cash for gas and food the next two weeks.  

So I’m opening these colorful portraits again! I’ve included some previews of a handful of the ones I completed last time I opened these for anyone interested in how they would end up looking. 


  • Paypal only, payment up front. 
  • I will try to turn them around quickly, but just be aware I am also working on two larger, complex commissions (and have my day job on top of everything). 
  • Due to the lower price I will not be going back to make major changes to the piece, unless I have supremely screwed up a skintone/critical detail. Please be aware before commissioning, and communicate with me if there is anything very specific you have in mind :3
  • One figure per portrait only
  • Not limited to any particular fandom, but DA is a plus, and screenshots/references preferred. Can be OCs or canon characters, I don’t mind. 
  • If you are interested, send me an email at with the title emergency commissions, and be sure to include your tumblr url and any references/details you would like me to have. At this time I am not limiting slots but I may close them depending on the response. 

as always, a big thanks to my beeb @vir-ghilani for the amazing banners <3

BTS when you beg them to show you the new choreography beforehand but they can’t

Kids, thank you for celebrating Hobi’s birthday so well, I’m very proud of everyone <3 Are you hyped for the mv tomorrow? And I’ll try to reblog some pictures/videos of the concert as well tomorrow night :*

All gifs belong to their rightful creators = owners (see urls right under the gifs as always :*). Please support each other and BTS well! 

Al eonni loves all 1115 of you <3 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Jin: [insert gif: shows you a “tiny preview”]

You: “I’m sure you just made that up. That’s not part of it, am I right?”

Jin: “Kekeke sorry~ It really isn’t~ Be patient for a bit longer, okay?~”

Originally posted by missbaptan


You: “Oppa, for real, can’t you just show me what the new choreography will look like once? I won’t tell anyone, promised~”

Yoongi: “[insert gif: starts explaining quietly, not looking into your eyes and pouting a bit so you’ll go easy on him] Ahh I know, baby, but Bighit made us promise not to show anyone so … if I make one exception now …”

Originally posted by yoongishappiness


Hoseok: [It tortures him a lot that he can’t show it to you just yet~]

You: “Oppa, what about the new choreography? You went practicing it again today, didn’t you? I know you did~”

Hoseok: “[insert gif] Ah … baby … I can show you everything, everything else~ Just not that one~ What do you want to see instead, huh? I’ll dance for you the whole night to make up for not being able to show you the new one yet~ Just tell oppa~ What do you want me to dance for you instead?”

Originally posted by kuromel

Rap Monster

You: “But you even showed me the song beforehand! Why not the choreography? It really doesn’t make sense [insert pouty you]”

Namjoon: “[insert gif: some smart ass explanation why it doesn’t make sense to only show you his part because it’s a complicated choreography that only makes sense when all seven members are involved]

Originally posted by diaprimaveral

Jimin: feat. you as Hobi

I kind of couldn’t decide at first whether Jimin would suffer from it like Hobi or whether he’d tease you, but I went with the first option~ 

You: “[pouty like Hobi] You treat me like just any other fan, you know, it’s so mean. I can start stanning another group any time and stop caring about my boyfriend’s activities and-”

Jimin: “[insert gif: backhugs you~] Don’t be stupid, _______~ If Bighit would’ve let me, you’d have been the first person I’d have shown it too, okay?”

You: “[still not satisfied]”

Jimin: “[holds you more tightly~] Don’t be sad~ You are most important to me~”

Originally posted by bangtan-so-far


You: [try aegyo just to get him to show you a bit of the new dance~]

Taehyung: “Omo! I almost got weak just now~ You’re too cute~~”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


You: “[pouty and whiny] Kookie, please~ Please, please, please~ Show me something from the new choreography :(”

Jungkook: [insert gif: teases you by imitating your pouty face, almost cracks up though] 

You: “Jeon Jungkook, you little brat! Don’t make fun of me :/”

Jungkook: “Ah~ Just wait one more day, okay? Only one more day~~~”

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Quick January Fic Favourites

I don’t even remotely about have time to do a full length and in-depth list right now, but I figured I would give a super quick shout out to 10 fics I’ve read and loved in the last month!

Friends with Renefits by @moonwalkingcrab 

Friends with benefits modern au, great smut, quality banter. overall top notch snarky assholes with bonus feelings. 

Pointe Shoes and Prana-Bindu by GenerallyHuxurious (I always forget what they changed their blog url to so pls remind me if you know) 

Kylo was a belly dancer. Hux was a ballet dancer. Can I make it any more obvious (shameless Avril Lavigne reference is shameless.) Seriously, read this. I yelled when I saw that this had updated. 

All The Way To Your Door by @kyluxtrashcompactor 

Fake relationship AU in which Kylo accompanies Hux home following the death of his father. Lots of hurt/comfort. Seriously great. 

Lacuna by @solohux 

By now you all know how I feel about solohux and how much I love everything they write. Established relationship future fic in which Kylo loses his memory and forgets his marriage to Hux. This is only just getting started and it’s already made me cry twice. 

Political Warfare by @reserve

The triumphant return of reserve to kylux fic. And it’s benarmie!!! Political shenanigans and awkward blowjobs! What more do we really need in these dark times?

Flyboys by @gefionne 

Oh man. This fic. I get giddy when this updates. World War 2 pilots AU. The slow burn is gonna slowly kill me, but it’s worth it. 

Fragile: Handle With Care by @rosierivendell

Oh man this is perfect. It’s techienician with a perfect blend of heart-wrenching emotion and soft loving moments. Matt’s characterisation is one of the most interesting interpretations that I’ve read. 

Bohemian Rhapsody by for_autumn_i_am

This fic is beautiful. Kylo is a street musician in Prague and Hux is touring with an orchestra. I adore the characterisation of this, and it makes me want to hop on a plane to Prague right now. (I googled it, it would only cost me about £50. Does anyone wanna come to Prague?)

bodies against by @brawlite 

Have you ever wanted to read gratuitous porn about Hux wearing fancy lingerie and getting gangbanged by the Knights of Ren? I have some fantastic news for you! 

The Pleasure Tester by @jinxedambitions 

Hux has a cam show where he tests sex toys. Kylo gets off on it. I love this fandom. 

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its about that tiiiiiiiiime ! i just reached my follower goal ! sorry for the gif but my gorls served looks 

previous urls were minzys, yerins, nayeons, jihos, and smth else i dont remember 

this wont be in alphabetical order cause im too lazy 

im always looking for new mutuals so if youre reading this and im not following you hmu !

👅 = we’re friends and ily 

👀 = why dont you talk to me buddo

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Wow! So I can’t believe I’ve hit this milestone, but I hit 1000 followers this week! When I first started this blog I thought I would be lucky to get even 200. I am so excited and happy to share fandom with all of you beautiful and wonderful people!

I have gone from being mostly Mass Effect to mostly Star Wars to mostly GoT content so I feel pretty lucky to still have so many awesome mutuals from across fandom! To celebrate my milestone and all of you, I decided to list and say something nice about EVERY SINGLE ONE of my gorgeous mutuals!

I put a couple of my ultra-faves up top first to give my best fandom friends their time to shine. After that it is alphabetical, but just know that I love and adore all of you so, so much.

I just want to thank everyone, mutuals, followers, and blogs I follow, for making this blog what it is and allowing me to share my thoughts and emotions with all of you. I am so happy to be here :’)

P.S. I will probably do some sort of small gif or drabble giveaway as well sometime in the next couple of days so keep a lookout for that!

@sweetorganza MY BEST FRIEND ON TUMBLR! The love of my life. I am so grateful for our friendship. I sometimes sit back and think that if I hadn’t had the courage to share my embarrassing boatsex fic, we never would have met. Talking to you every day keeps me sane and I thank the old gods and the new for helping me find another sassy Scorpio Jonerys lover who supports my writing, makes me laugh, and reminds me of what’s important. You’re seriously one of my favorite people in the world Jenn and one day when we’re rich retired ladies we’ll travel the world together sipping wine and reflecting on the war for Jonerys in 2017 hahaha <3

@oadara The queen of Jonerys and Dany defense. One of the first Dany-positive and Jonerys-positive blogs I found. I am so lucky to know you, Yara. You’re smart, you are kind and respectful, and you tirelessly defend our faves and our ship in an ocean of negativity. I’m so glad I met you here on tumblr and am so grateful to share in this ship with you. Being mutuals with you is an honor :D

@angels-are-robots One of my best friends from tumblr. I love you Jeannie! Thank you for beta-ing my atrocious writing and being a good and supportive listener and friend. I hope you are having fun at Comic Con because I am literally dying of jealousy haha. Long live Spider-Man and Jonerys friends XD

@ellimomo One of the kindest and most positive people on tumblr. The queen of reaction gifs and Jonerys AUs. Always supporting me and cheering me on. You’re beautiful inside and out EJ and I love you so much. Thanks for being a good friend.

@annabelleebythesea You make the most amazing gifs and I am so grateful for them. You showed me so many Jonerys parallels that I hadn’t even thought of during Jonerys week last year! I am so glad to share this fandom with you, Tiffany, and every time you say something nice on my gifs it makes me so happy because I aspire to your skills! So glad we are mutuals <3

@luvd80s2 One of my best Jonerys friends! I love chatting with you about our faves and our love for 90s hunks and alternative music haha. Keep being wonderful!

@batfleckwaynes I love your content! You make the coolest gifs and edits and your blog shows the best stuff in the DCEU. Cool url too!

@bellarkes100 We share two controversial OTPs haha. I love Bellarke and I’m so glad to have you in the Jonerys fandom with us XD

@blackfyre-queen We have only been mutuals for a short time, but I am always happy to see notes from you! I love your beautiful icon and that URL—SO COOL!

@blackleias One of my favorite blogs. Epic mix of discourse and humor, and we both love Star Wars, GoT, and a lot of the same ships. You’re amazing.

@blue-roses-in-a-wall-of-ice You are the actual sweetest! And such a good writer. I will never stop being amazed that you’re a young whipper snapper, because you are wise beyond your years. You have a great future in writing ahead of you. I just know it. Your fics are a gift to our fandom!

@cataclismnoir A great blog! Thanks for supporting my content and loving Jonerys with me!

@clairelessly One of my favorite humans. We just became friends this year but already I feel so close to you and trust you so much. You make me smile all the time and I am so grateful that Alex worked with you so that we could meet. You’re a beautiful person in every single way. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

@daenerystubborn You make some of the most beautiful edits I’ve ever seen! I am such a big fan. And your blog is so beautiful omg.

@daisysy You make my blog feel so loved! I always love getting notes from you on my answers! And I love your blog too and your awesome icon. Long live Emilia love <3

@danykinkfic The official Jonerys stand-up comic. Makes me actually lol at least once a day. You writes great fanfic and are a good friend :)

@doublehex The king of snark. I can never tell how you really feel about anything but I know that most of the time it’s good haha. You’re a good writer, a fierce defender of Jonerys, and some I’m happy to share this fandom with. It turns out we don’t disagree on everything.

@dreamofspring My favorite GoT gif maker. I love your trademark style, your colorings, your fonts. You are the actual best. I am so honored that one of my favorite blogs ever follows me haha. And it always makes me happy when you share my content on one of the fandom blogs you’re a member of!

@elephantirrelephant One of the hottest women in the world. The queen of Hannibal discourse. A cinnamon roll of perfection.

@eliamartvll Okay I mean this when I say it—you are the nicest person I have met on this website haha. I have never seen a negative thing from you, only kindness and love for every person and ship in this fandom. You are a gift and ilysm.

@emison-evak New follower but I love love love your blog! You have the funniest and most excited reactions to Jonerys, just like me. I love reading your asks and answers :D

@fbdarkangel I never get to hear from you but I always love seeing you on my dash! We share a lot of the same fandoms and I am so happy we are mutuals!

@gendryatrash One of the nicest people I know. You leave nice comments on my embarrassing selfies and I am so blessed to know you haha. I love Gendrya and all of your Gendrya content. You’re amazing.

@gendryxaryatrash A great blog. I love your Gendrya content!

@gera-3-blog Weirdly enough the first time I saw the boatsex leak wasn’t even reddit. It was your blog with the flailing Kermit gif hahaha. I instantly followed you and then wrote my first Jonerys fanfic. I’m so glad we love BioWare and Jonerys together <3

@guileandgall Another one of my oldest and fave mutuals! Even though my content has changed so much I’m honored you still follow me. I love your writing and your BioWare stuff. You’re a great writer and a good friend and you’re always positive and nice to everyone!

@heylowday You make the cutests sort of fanfic/gifset hybrids for Jon and Dany and I love them! The one of Jon introducing Dany and Sansa was SO SWEET. I love them :D

@hileywwe Always able to make me laugh. A hardcore Jonerys defender and hilarious women I adore.

@i-likecalibrations We’ve been mutual so for long now! I hardly ever post Mass Effect anymore so I am so honored and grateful that you still follow me. I still love your blog!

@insomniarama Honestly one of my favorite people on my dash. You are the khaleesi of funny and interesting tags and like your descriptions says, you have some quality shitposts haha. Excited to watch your live blog of the episode tomorrow night XD

@jon-snuuu A fellow Jonerys lover and defender. I love sharing this fandom with you and you’re blog is wonderful!

@jonvalyrian Badass url and wonderful blog. I am a proud follower haha and love seeing notes from you on my content!

@junsnuh One of my fav mutuals. Thanks for always giving interesting input on my posts and also for giving me a laugh with that icon haha.

@jxlight Your art is so good and I miss it so much. Please make more Nat I miss you!

​ Such a nice person and great blog. Your blog title is very fitting for you because you seem to be a multi-shipper who treats EVERYONE with respect and kindness. It’s rare and I’m so glad we have kind souls like you in the fandom. Also it always makes my day when your reblog my mediocre gifs and tag it “beautiful edit.” You’re kind of the best <3

@khaleesiwhitewolf I love seeing the funny stuff you add in reblogs haha. Glad you love Jonerys with us <3

@ktwrites One of my first Jonerys mutuals! I love having you in the JonerysChat! You’re so friendly and kind and I love talking fandom with you!

@lightning—farron You’re awesome! I’ve seen your edits in the tag for months so I was thrilled to get a follower from you. Cool url, too! Love Final Fantasy.

@lindsattt My friend in real life. Spent too long in China so now I am sad. I miss you and hope I can see you for the wedding. Love you forever.

@lizstargaryen Such a sweetie! I love seeing your commentary on Jonerys and your side blog is great! So glad we have you in our ship.

@maitsiak Another one of my real-life friends who is trusted enough to see my trash side. I know nothing about K-Pop or K-Dramas but everything on your blog is adorable, as are you. I love you so very much. You’re an angel.

@misshoneywheeler The person I can go to when the wank is too much to bear haha. Thanks for tolerating me and providing pep talks sometimes. You write freaking amazing fics, too. Oh and I love your blog and all the beautiful people on it.

@mpaty1475 A Jonerys veteran! One of the first Jonerys blogs I followed. I love seeing your comments and kudos on my fanfic because I have a lot of respect for you. Thanks for following me :D

@mrsharington You’re so kind! I love seeing you on my dash and in my notes, and I love your delicious Kit content haha.

@msariayoureakiller The queen of my inbox hehe. I love getting asks from you. They are always so interesting and you give me such great ideas and valuable insights. And you do all of this as yourself instead of anon so I know who to thank for the awesome discussions. So grateful to have you as a follower!

@mudinyourlungs Idk how you got left off the first time! I am so sorry! But you know I love your blog and your analysis of Dany and Jon! You’re smart and you take no shit haha. I love it <3

@naerysv Thanks for doing so much for our fandom! I love our JonerysFics and JonerysOnline blogs so thanks for all you do! You’re the best! Your blog is so beautiful! I’ve been following for a long time and I am

@princessdany One of my fave blogs! Your edits are great and your blog is so cute. You’re the best <3

@repeat-script Love talking with you about Jonerys and sharing your love of Jon. You’re the best!

@sansastarkthequeen I really enjoy your blog :) I’ve read some really interesting metas/discussion AND you make cool edits. What’s not to love?

@seleya A quiet mutual but someone I still love to see on my dash and in my notes. Your blog is beautiful :)

@she-3p0 This is my real-life best friend guys. She never uses tumblr but I’m including her because she’s one of the most important people in my world, my maid of honor, my closest friend, and one of the only people from my real life who has access to my embarrassing fangirl side hahaha.

@sleeplessme Another Jonerys veteran! I can always count on you for the latest content and to defend and love Jonerys with me. You’re amazing Irina!

@soulisthirsty One of my fave mutuals. So funny and awesome, and you love The 100 and Vampire Knight with me! I love chatting with you and freaking out over fandom wank with you haha. Your blog is amazing. Stay wonderful!

@starsandskies Another one of my oldest mutuals! You have the best Dragon Age and Mass Effect content! Thanks for always tagging me in stuff and being so sweet and awesome. You’re so wonderful and I absolutely love your blog and you forever.

@stray-arrows I’m new to your blog but I really like it, especially your defense of Jon.

@tayl0crow I am so glad you still follow me after all this time haha. I know you’re mainly a J/S shipper so thank you for tolerating my constant Jonerys hype. Your blog is beautifiul!

@thatgirlnevershutsup I love your blog! You provide some much-needed humor to my dash and you always throw a like at my personal posts and other crap I think no one will care about haha. I love being mutuals with you :)

@thatryderasshole Your blog and icon are so funny. I’m glad you follow me even though my Mass Effect content is few and far between lately!

@thefairfleming My actual fave. Your blog is so lighthearted and fun. I can always count on you to bring some positivity when the fandom drama is too much. You also wrote one of my favorite Jonerys fics EVER. The best :’)

@thepathtovalhalla I love your blog! Great GoT content. Thank you for following me and supporting my content!

@thereddoorhouse Your blog is so beautiful! I love following you and I love your URL!

@tiramisu-with-dorianp We’ve been mutual for a long time and I’m so glad you still follow me even though I don’t post much gaming content lately. You’re so kind and your blog is amazing!

@truegodofthearena Awesome content creator with beautiful gifs! I love talking Jonerys with you! I feel like I’ve really made some awesome friends in this fandom and you’re one of them.

@trueloveforeverbeautyandthebeast One of my oldest mutuals! I love your beautiful blog! We share some of the same fandoms in addition to Jonerys and I love all of your content! You’re just wonderful and so kind to everyone. I love following you <3

@tudorstuart A real-life friend haha. I am so lucky you still follow this trash blog. Also embarrassed that you have access to my absolutely filthy fanfic. Oh well! Hahaha. Still the best professor I’ve ever had. I try to be like you as a teacher and I don’t think I could have had a better role model :’)

@unapologeticreylotrash I am so honored that you still follow me even though I am a primaril GOT blog which has nothing to do with ours haha. I love your Reylo content and your sense of humor. I hope we get some Reylo love in The Last Jed!

@valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl One of my top favorite GoT blogs. Your tags are always hilarious and your content is such high quality. And your writing! That Jonerys fic you wrote for the contest gave me LIFE. I love following you so much :D

@vorchagirl The first person I followed on this blog haha. I LOVE your Mass Effect content. Your love of Shenko made me love it even more and your fanfic is some of my favorite of all time. Your blog is amazing and your content is wonderful. I am so honored to be someone you follow after all this time and even though I have basically become a place for GoT discourse haha. You’re so cool Lena and such an awesome writer and person in general. I admire you so much.


The day has finally come that I change my main blog’s URL!

Thanks a ton to everyone who has followed me through the Jake years! If this is where we part ways, it’s been a pleasure being on your dashboard and I’ll always be around if you want to say hi in the future. If you’re still here for memes, gaming, and good vibes, I invite you to stick around for what good good content I can provide, like a podcast, for instance!

Don’t miss my Jake days too much, because @thepagejakeenglish will be the site for all the good Homestuck and Jake content I see as it comes by my dash! Though it’s not huge anymore, I’m not leaving my fond history behind. I mean, how can I? Jake and all of Homestuck remains a very important part of my life that I’ll continue to enjoy whenever it passes me by.

This main URL maybe temporary and a whole bunch of changes will be happening to my blog on the whole, so bear with me!

Again, thank you to everyone reading who’s been following me and I hope to still see you around!

Sunny Days-chapter 12

Sunny Days- Masterlist

Summary- Sunny’s first few days at The Sanctuary

Word Count- 3K

Warnings- Smut and Language

Author’s Note- Please like, comment, and reblog if you like this story and want others to see it. It really motivates me when I feel like people are actually invested in the story. Also, feel free to send me asks about the story and I will answer anything that’s not a spoiler. I love it when people ask me things about the characters that I haven’t even thought of yet. Helps me flesh them out more. 

Tag List- @aalexandra2712 @adreamemporium @ali-pennell @alyisdead @andrealind24 @artemisxeros @ashzombie13 @blondesouthsquad @breemacen24 @negans-opheliac @coolgh0st @daintyunicorn @ericuhlohrain @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @flissworld @ladylorelitany @loliftingg @melodicdolls @memphisgirl1977 @miiraal @narcoleptic-moose-winchester @natjm13 @negans-dirty-girl @negansbby @negansxlucille @negans-network @ninjacuddlepile @peachtickler69 @rune-skyjumper @sassyfiedscribbles @shinydixon @starshinesupergirl @superanonymousreader @suzumebailey @thatwriterizzy @thealphaofmultifandoms @vendekk @vivalafuckingpluto @xomissi @withsilverleaves @xdaddy-neganx @ask-kakashihatake @mcnegan @hotfornegan @myheart4ever47 @fiftypercentmoreintoyou @yellatthetopofyourlungs @negansmainwife @jeffreydeanneganstrash @jml509 @collette04 @sweetsweetpeach @azanoni @multireality @charoly

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Negan established a routine for the two of them over the next few days. Setting a few boundaries and expectations for her would help her transition into her new life. He’d waked up early and quietly pick out an outfit for her, laying it on the foot of their bed. He’d gather dishes from the day before and leave them outside the office door in the hallway for someone else to deal with…they always disappeared before he returned. He’d dress and get ready in the office then leave and check in with the Saviors for the overnight reports. He’d make the rounds then end up in the cafeteria getting yet another tray set for two. By the time he’d make it back to their suite, she’d be dressed and ready for the day. He always looked forward to seeing how she looked wearing the outfits he chose.

Her second day, he set out a black garter belt, thigh highs, and some platform stripper heels he scavenged from a sex store. No panties. No bra. As he set the tray down, she walked out of the bathroom. She walked slowly with a little wobble every now and then, her hips swaying, naked breasts bouncing. Her dark hair pulled into a pony tail. Her pussy outlined by black lace. His dick went instantly hard. His mouth dry, wanting to quench his thirst between her legs.

Sunny walked towards him and gently pushed him down into the chair. “How do you like my outfit?”

“Fuck, princess. You look good enough to fucking eat. Turn around let me see that sweet fucking ass.” His fingers ran through his scruff. He shifted in his seat, his cock straining against his pants.

Sunny turned and peeked at Negan over her shoulder, watching his eyes darken as he drank in her body. She stepped back between his legs and lowered herself onto his lap, leaning back against his chest. She draped her legs over his, spreading herself on top of him. His hands immediately traveled over her body. One stopping at her breast squeezing the soft curve, pinching and pulling her nipple into a hard taut peak. The other skimmed down the flat plane of her torso, touching the intricate pattern of the lingerie before his fingers slid through the hair on her mound reaching her smooth wet slit. She moaned when he spread the wetness he found over her folds covering her delicate pink flesh up to her throbbing clit. He pinched the bundles of nerves causing her to arch and push herself into him. His fingers thrust into her wetness stretching her to accommodate the thick digits. Her hips rolled grinding her ass on his dick as his curved his fingers inside of her.

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This is long overdue, oops. I want to make a huge shoutout to my favorite blogs! Those bolded are people I consider friends, whether or not we talk or not. You’re all wonderful and special, thank you so much for all the content you put out!

In no particular order;

@tainoodles@sunnyfriendell@partihaus@tofusaucee@fatpandasims@annaisntcreative@108sims@sandy-sims@simprising@bericlain@maryannasims ♡ @spellburst ♡ @starryllamas ♡ @loraxsims ♡ @mummasim ♡ @shachum-cha@simseternity ♡ @ciruelabob ♡ @simlydarling ♡ @bridgeportgirl@literallywhothe@sparkiemonkey@thenooboocrew ♡ @thosefuckingsims ♡ @skarlet-sims@unicorninthemosh@sp00kyfruit ♡ @zimbyplays@barleycoffee ♡ @brntwaffles@neverloore ♡ @malcolmlandgraab ♡ @rosieshideout ♡ @marsies ♡ @ali3npixls@hhoneybadgers ♡ @berrypi @boossims@spiffyplumbobs@dustflwr @churrosims@sugarellasims ♡ @calexasims ♡ @vodkasimmer@bratsims@trashssims@nixieplum ♡ @thelonesomegnome@paragon-polygon@mysteriousdane@mayberries@moushie@berrysweetboutique ♡ @sunflower-sim ♡ @slobsims@raeganishere ♡ @seafoamflamingo ♡ @seabubblee ♡ @cactuscreeks ♡ @early-grape@cherrysimblrlove ♡ @our-dazed-sims@frannybobanny ♡ @john-sims@loniden 

Some super exclusive shout-outs:

@loraxsims : Chelsea has been nothing but a friend and supportive since I started up my simblr. If you want a friend who will spout Disney lyrics at you all night and day, she’s a must-follow! Please give her some love, she’s fantastic.

@dustflwr : Ashley, thank you very much for being so patient with me when I complain about my Windows-phobic dad on your streams! You’re so kind and funny and I look up to you a lot!

- More will be added!

I know I’ve forgotten people (I always do) so I’ll be adding more people throughout the next couple days! I’m also fairly bad at remembering urls so I may not have bolded yours when I meant to, I apologize!

I love you all very much, I hope you have a wonderful night!

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So I recently hit 500 followers and this is crazy, I started this blog a few months ago and the support I have received has been amazing, I love you all. I have met some pretty incredible people in this short time who I love with all my heart.

Before I get into the follow forever I’d like to just express my love for a few people (everyone should go follow them cause they are all wonderful and lovely and I honestly have no idea why they follow me):

@catharinaloss ♥ JO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE! Even though you can be problematic I still love you (yes even I am calling you problematic now, you crossed a line by putting milk in before the cereal). You always manage to cheer me up and put up with me in my varying moods and for that, I am so grateful. You are amazing, you bring people together and make so many people happy (even if we don’t always show it ;) ). You manage to put a smile on my face each and every day, you’re a lil ball of sunshine and ilysm. You are just so wonderful and lovely and thoughtful and kind and funny and talented and I am so glad I met married you.

@alexanderglghtwood   ♥ Eli, where do I even start? You know I love you so much honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Have I told you how much I love watching you narrate your life to me over Snapchat? It’s my favourite thing, and I still love your voice okay. I just opened a Snapchat from you and I just need to remind you of how much I love your hair cause omg it’s amazing and I’m still not over it. I love reading your fics so much, even though you always manage to kill me with them. I always love our conversations, it feels weird if I haven’t talked to you in a few hours I can’t even find the words I want cause you are just so incredible and lovely and funny and I just can’t do you justice.

@magnificentbane  ♥ Meg, our friendship began when I decided to scream at you about my malec headcanons, isn’t that beautiful. We were talking for hours I didn’t even realise how long it had been, then you introduced me to Jo and for that, I will forever be grateful. Can you believe that our first conversation led to so many group chats lmao. I love reading your writing, you’re so talented and more people need to read your work. You’re such a fun person to talk to, you and your blog are perfect and ilysm <3

@thirstyalec  ♥ Dani, the love of my life, the most beautiful goddess to ever live I love you to pieces. I don’t even remember how we became friends… I think it was me just coming into your inbox and calling you out on your icon addiction lmao. Have I mentioned how proud I am that you have managed to keep your icon for this long, cause I am. Your posts are always amazing, you brighten my life and I’m so glad I met you. You are honestly one of my all time favourite people, seeing you on my dash makes me so happy you are amazing ilysm.

@softshumjr  ♥ Marta, killing you with Harry is my favourite pastime, you are my go to for quality Harry content. You are one of my favourite people, I still can’t believe you follow my ass. (The fact you have an ‘abi tag’ still has me dying okay ilysm.) Your tags always give me life, I like how I even know they are your tags before I see your url. Your posts are always amazing, seeing you on my dash makes me smile, you are an actual ray of sunshine and I feel so blessed to have you as a mutual. <3<3

Now onto the follow forever:  faves in italics, mutuals bolded

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