that wide eyed stare she has in the first one

(Mino, Zico, Jay Park) Reaction to dating a tiny girl with a strong and powerful voice


Mino would be so confused as he heard his tiny girlfriend sing for the first time. Her strong and powerful voice would kick him out of concept, which would cause him so stare wide eyed and with an open mouth at her but after a few seconds his shocked face would turn into a smiley one. From then on his girlfriend would have to sing on a daily basis for him because he can’t get enough of this paradox situation.

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The second he heard his girlfriends voice he would turn in Producer-mode. At first he just stared at her with an open mouth until he realized what pontential she has. He would listen carefully and follow every movement of her till the end. The moment she stops singing he would jump up and bear hug her while attacking her with his aegyo voice trying to get her to approve to be part of one of his songs. From then on he has to listen to her voice on a daily basis because he can’t get enough of it.

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Jay Park

At first Jay would stare at his girlfriend with a raised eyebrow as she started singing but after a few seconds he would get so turned on by the fact that his girlfriend has such strong and powerful voice hiden in her tiny body. He would eye her closely while she showed him a new side of her and wouldn’t move even one inch till she was done with her performance. She would stare at him with a worried expression because he didn’t said or moved since she started singing but after a few seconds Jay jumped up and pulled her towards him and whispered something inappropiate into her ear.

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Circumstance (Part 4)

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Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5

When Ember wakes up the next day, there is almost no one on the street outside the window. The sun is only just raising above the mountainous skyline and from what Feyre told her last night, she’s sure that morning is probably the slowest time in the Night Court. Carefully, Ember folds the nice smelling blanket and sets it on the meticulous bed that she hasn’t even sat on yet.

Pulling some fresh clothes out of her suitcase, Ember puts her hair up and glances in the mirror once. It was nearing winter in Terrasen when she left so her collection of clothes are mostly long-sleeved and warm. In Velaris however, it seems incredibly warm outside, and Ember knows that she will probably have to find something else to wear.

Only Feyre, Rhysand, and the Morrigan are downstairs, all chatting around the island in the kitchen. “Good morning, Ember,” Rhys greets when he sees her hesitating in the doorway. His eyes meet hers and Ember has to take a step back in surprise. Having the dream so recently brought the violet color to the forefront of her mind and she is shocked to see such similar orbs in real life for the first time. Rhys’ eyes however, are just off, the ones in her dream just a bit more blue than his.

The adults don’t seem to notice her shock, however, and the Morrigan skitters over to her excitedly. “Time for a girls day out!” She exclaims, looping her arm through Ember’s elbow. The girl stares at her, wide-eyed.

“Don’t break her, Mor, her parents expect her home in one piece.” Rhys reminds his cousin with a small smirk.

The Morrigan winks. “No promises.” It does not help Ember’s nervousness.

“Have fun!” Feyre calls as the woman pulls Ember out of the room.

The Morrigan is practically skipping as they make their way onto the sparse street. “We’ll grab some food on the way to the tailor.” She tells Ember.

“The tailor, Morrigan?” The princess wonders, barely able to keep up with the woman’s fast pace.

The Morrigan groans. “Do not call me that. It’s just Mor.” Ember nods. “We gotta get you some Night Court attire or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone already knows that a princess is visiting, we don’t need them all staring at your clothes too.”

Ember’s face heats. She looks down at her clothes and compares it to the people around her, realizing that her tunic and thick pants really do contrast with the thin and baggy attire of others. “Well, um, okay…”

“Great! I know just the place.”

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Nothing But Trouble

Brief Summary; You cannot spell trouble without you James and Sirius and the whole school knows it. Will you get away with you newest prank or will you lose points for Gryffindor? 

Words; 1435

Warnings; Teasing and slight mentions of bullying(dont bully it’s not cool no matter who you are!)

Pairing; None, just a group of friends.

James Potter;

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Sirius Black;

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Remus Lupin;

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Peter Pettigrew;

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It was just supposed to be another ordinary Saturday. You were sitting in the common room trying to catch up on your DADA homework when Sirius and James run in roaring their heads off. You glance up and raise your eyebrow at your fellow Gryffindors. They don’t even explain as they sit on either side of you squishing you in the middle.

“What did you two do now?” You giggle closing your textbook and looking from James to Sirius. Neither of them spoke a word before Remus and Pete walked in all wide-eyed.

“Someone put a Cantis curse on a Slytherin. Professor Slughorn isn’t happy about it.” Remus murmured before glaring to James and Sirius.

“Just wait till you see what we have planned for dinner!” Sirius almost screeched as he hopped up pulling you from the couch laughing softly.

“Planning on a little musical, boys?” You kidded before James leaped up as well and smirked.

“Those Slytherin’s always look so mean. Might as well give them a song to sing and be happy!” James laughed before swinging his arm around your shoulder. You looked over to Remus and Peter who didn’t look too pleased.

“Oh, cmon boys. It will be fun. Might as well get Ravenclaw as well! They have been really stuck up recently!” You supported before James and Sirius did too. It was many times that the boys didn’t find trouble without you.

“Wings, I knew you’d see it our way.” Sirius laughed and patted your shoulder. He loved referring to you as your marauder’s nickname. Your Patronus was an eagle and it was like the best thing to Sirius who always wanted to play with his tiny bird friend.

“Whatever you say Padfoot.” You mocked back before throwing your textbook onto the couch. “Shall we attend dinner than boys?”

With that all 5 of you were off, Remus was just going along to enjoy the show no doubt. At least this time it didn’t hurt anyone. Peter was just eager to be able to attempt to do the spell. You all entered the Great Hall like any other day, now pulling this off without getting caught required a little distraction.

Sirius said he could handle that, little did you all know what he had in mind.

Dinner started the normal way, nothing really unique until Sirius flew in on his broom next to naked screaming at the top of his lungs.

“So much for not getting caught.” You smiled to James before the 3 of you, Remus stayed seated, started shooting out Cantis spells at every Slytherin and Ravenclaw in the great hall. McGonagall and Dumbledore were trying to get Sirius to stop before they heard the two tables break out in song. Disney songs at that. Being a muggle-born did have some fun.

All the pure blooded Hufflepuff and Gryffindor watched and laughed as their fellow houses sing silly songs which only muggle born and half-bloods knew.

It was fun none the less and with the teachers now distracted by the singing students, Sirius got away to redress. But it went terribly wrong when James shot the Cantis spell at McGonagall. Every Gryffindor froze as they watched the head of their house break out in song.

Laughter then erupted again and you looked at James before grabbing Peter and Remus running out of the dinner hall as students started dancing and singing on tables.

It was quite a show. Once back in your common rooms you all laughed and collapsed on the various couches and chairs.

“I cannot believe you hit McGonagall!” You almost shouted with laughter as you held your stomach. A poorly redressed Sirius went wide-eyed before roaring with laughter as well. Remus looked at his friend and couldn’t suppress a light chuckle. It had been pretty funny after all. Peter laughed whole heartedly and James pulled you close into a laughing hug so you two could die of laughter together.

This had to be the best prank of your lives, that was until McGonagall was standing in front of all of you scowling. James was the first to notice and elbowed you before you kicked Sirius who glared at you before looking to the head of Gryffindor. Remus and Peter followed and seemed to sink into their chairs trying to hide.

James put on a brave face while you tried to fix your appearance knowing this was going to end badly.

“10 points from all of you for turning the Great Hall into a  foolish flamboyance hodgepodge.” She nearly growled before starring at you, James and Sirius. “As far for you three. For no uncertainty influencing this mayhem. Detention for this following week. Every evening at 8.” And with that, she was leaving.

You and James let out a soft sigh you didn’t know you were holding in as she turned around in the doorway. “Oh. And by the way. 50 points to Gryffindor for the enormously entertaining evening.” She smiled proudly at her students before leaving.

Sirius sprung up and basically cheered as he pulled you up and started to dance around the room like an idiot. “I KNEW SHE COULDN’T STAY MAD AT US.”

You just giggled and pulled him into a hug. “You are by far the worst at distractions. We need to work on that.”

“It worked didn’t it Wings? Unless you were too distracted of course.” He wiggled his eyebrows before you shoved him so he fell on the couch.

“You wish Sirius.” You huffed crossing your arms with a grin as James stood up.

“She’s right Sirius why would she want you when she could have Lucius.” He teased before pretending to swoon. “Oh, Lucius tell me again how pretty I am. Tell me how pretty I make you feel. Tell me how we will rule the school. Put your snake tongue down my throat!” James practically moaned acting like a teenage hormonal girl.

Your cheeks went hot pink before shoving him. “Hey! Piss off! I’ve only even talked to him once!” You pouted slightly before glaring at your friends. You knew it was all fun and games until Peter stood up to join in.

“Her crush isn’t even Lucius! It’s Snivellus!” Peter shouted before you turned around and glowered at him as he sunk back down to hide behind the chair Remus was seated in.

“Y/n? Liking Snivellus! You’re out of your mind Peter!” Sirius shouted before laughing. “As much as we mess with him? I don’t think any girl would want that greasy haired monstrous nincompoop.”

You rolled your eyes at Sirius. At a lot of the time, you didn’t let the boys pick on one student. A lot of the teasing of Severus had stopped when you befriended the boys. But you couldn’t show weakness.

“Who says I even like a Slytherin? Maybe it’s a Gryffindor.” You taunted, caressing Remus’ scarred cheek before winking and leaving the common room.

Everyone went wide eyed, and a blush spread on Remus’s cheeks as everyone stared at him. “HOW THE HELL DOES SHE FANCY MOONY AND NOT ME?” You overheard Sirius scream before giggling before popping your head back in the room.

“Anyone up for some Quidditch practices? I feel like beating the shit out of all of you.” You harassed before winking.

“Oh. You’re not gonna be able too if I knock you off your broom first!” James laughed before rushing out of the room to go get his Quidditch gear first.

“Last one there has to bath Professor Slughorn!” You yelled before chasing down the hall after James. The three boys looked at each other before sprinting out of the common room to try and caught up with you and James.

You loved your boys and they loved you. However, you couldn’t help but glare at James and Sirius come Monday at 8 pm. When the three of you were scrubbing the floors in the dungeon for several hours.

“Hey. I got this idea. What if we made all the 7th years shrink.” James whispered to you as you both scrubbed the floors.

“Haven’t we got in enough trouble?” you teased before glancing towards where McGonagall was reading. “What if we did it to all the teachers too?” You grinned devilishly.

“I like the way you think Wings.” James smiled as you all scrubbed the floors with happy smiles. Oh, you were fine with detention for the rest of the year with these beautiful pranks.


As they drive, they stop at convenience stores and gas stations. Some of them have long since been emptied of anything useful — it’s been a month, after all — but others are untouched, windows and doors intact, dust settling on the cash register. He doesn’t understand this. Where are the owners, the neighbors? Those men back at the crossroads, guarding nothing — why weren’t there armed guards standing in front of all these places?

Each time, he and Scully get out: one of them fills gas cans if the pumps are still operating, the other goes inside to take canned food, cleaning supplies, tools. The first time he feels a weird urge to leave money behind. He even reaches for his wallet.

They pass a veterinary clinic and Scully breaks in through the back window, emerging a few minutes later with a bag overflowing with medicine and bandages. When he rifles through it he recognizes some of the chemical names, but not others. When he holds one vial up with a questioning glance, she just averts her eyes.

The first time Mulder siphons gas from the tank of an abandoned car at the side of the road, Will stares at him, wide-eyed.

“You’re stealing,” he says.

“Yeah,” he says.

“Dad, what if they’re coming back?”

Mulder has looked through the window of the car. He does not want Will to look. He just says, “They won’t.”

Operation: Red Herring

B99 AU/ Pretend NOT to be dating at the workplace AU.

He’s surprised, sometimes, that no one has caught on to them yet.


There is a tie wrapped around Pontmercy’s neck.

The color is so garishly bright, Enjolras almost hopes that Courfeyrac will accidentally spill his coffee on it later in the day.

“Come on, people.” Enjolras says, and frowns at the chattering crowd in front of him. No reaction. They’re good detectives, well, most of them are. They’re capable of acting professional when it really counts. They act like a bunch of sugar-hyped preschoolers during the morning briefings.

Enjolras doesn’t like to raise his voice unnecessarily, but, “Everyone, shut up!”

The room falls silent. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Éponine giving him a thumbs-up. It’s  about two thirds mocking and one third sincere.

“Thank you.” Enjolras clears his throat. “First off, Éponine has an administrative announcement  to make – ”

“Boring!” Bahorel yells from the back of the room. “Tell us about the new Captain. He’s coming in today, right?”

“He’ll be here soon enough,” Enjolras grits out. “And I would like to finish this briefing before then. So, like I said, Éponine has an administrative announcement to make – ”

Éponine nudges him away from the speaker’s desk, their shoulders bumping. “Yeah, I got it from here, Sergeant.” She says, and then, loud enough to be heard in the whole precinct, “All right, listen up!”

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heart’s desire

“do i have to go, mother?”

“yes, doran.”

“but they’re babies.”  he knows as soon as the words are out of his mouth that he has said the wrong thing, and he flinches, waiting for his mother’s reprobation.

but loreza martell does not hiss at him, or shout.  she looks at him evenly.

“exactly,” she says.  “they are so very young, and so are you.  enjoy it if you can, doran.  one day, you’ll be old, and you’ll wonder that they could ever be so small.”

the mountain’s head is the size that oberyn had been when his mother had first presented his youngest brother to him, wide-eyed with a thick thatch of dark hair on the top of his head.  it is huge–larger than any man has a right to be, and doran cannot stop staring at it.

i’ll make tywin lannister squirm, you’ll see.  he’ll pay for what he did to elia.”

“careful, oberyn.  you must be careful. if everything we’ve planned–

i’m not a child.”

i didn’t mean to imply you were, just that mother always said–”

mother is long dead, as is elia.  that lion’s den is not the same as the one mother knew.  i’ll be careful, but i won’t let the chance for justice pass me by.”

he’d been just a baby, with eyes full of wonder.  oberyn always had eyes full of wonder, and he’d been smaller than mors and olyvar, just the size of a mountain’s head.

“will you come play with us, doran?”

“no.  i’m reading.  go away.”

“but the water’s so nice!”


“come on!” and he splashes water from the gardens at doran.

“you got it all wet!” doran shouts.  

“you shouldn’t bring things to the water gardens that shouldn’t get wet,” elia laughs, wrapping her arms around oberyn.  she always does that, always hugs people.  she hugs mother, and oberyn, and doran too sometimes.  her arms are thin, and her embrace isn’t strong, but it’s always there, quick and supportive, and her thin little smile that shone so genuinely on her face.  “come play with us.  please?”

“will you play, father? i’ve been practicing with myrcella.”

trystane has her lips, her thin smile that manages to light up his face.  arianne has her eyes, shining deep and clever in a face that looks more and more like mother every day.  quentyn her caution, and he hopes it serves him better on his journey than it served elia in king’s landing.  

trystane is holding a cyvasse set, and doran inclines his head and his youngest sits across from him and sets up the game on the table.  doran watches him.

oberyn was the youngest too, and clever like trystane…but he sees little of oberyn in his son.  perhaps it’s for the best.  trystane had been small when he’d been born too.

“you must come and visit.”

“i will, i swear.”

“as soon as you are able.”

“i couldn’t be far from you for long, elia.  besides–i would meet your husband.  i should have met him before mother agreed to this match.  i am her heir.”

“do you worry for me, brother?”

she’s thin–too thin, in his view.  she doesn’t eat enough, and is frequently ill, taking compresses with her into her room, drawing curtains against the sun.  perhaps the north will do her well.  the sun will be less hot there, and perhaps she’ll blossom like the red flowers she used to weave through her hair when she wasn’t splashing around in fountains as a girl.  “i always worry for you, elia,” he says dutifully, taking her hand in his.

“you mustn’t.  i have the sun’s fire in my veins.  nothing will bring me down.”

she beams at him, and how can he not believe her.

“i’ll be sorry to see you go.”

“but you’ll see me again soon, you promise?”

“promise me you’ll look after them–elia and oberyn.”

“they’re old enough to look after themselves, mother.”

“are you denying your dying mother her last wish?”

“no, of course not.”  doran presses a kiss to her forehead.  

“prince of dorne,” she sighs, cupping his cheek with a trembling hand.  “a fine one, you’ll make.  keep them safe.  they shine so brightly.”

“what is our heart’s desire?” she asks him with narrowed eyes, narrowed like elia’s.

he swallows.  she looks like them all–like mother, and elia, with oberyn’s determination shining through every pore of her skin.

i want none of them to have died, he thinks, but that is a foolish thought, a boy’s dream, and he is old now.  i failed you, mother.

“prince of dorne.  a fine one, you’ll make.”


i’ll be careful, but i won’t let the chance for justice pass me by.”


i have the sun’s fire in my veins.”

he presses the signet into his daughter’s palm.  “fire and blood.”

ficlet: Going Numb (I've Been Hijacked)

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Can we get the fem shephards doing trying to get fem morgan to say mama as well?

Your name: submit What is this?

Lissa: “Mama,” she says desperately, as you pretend not to notice from your desk. “Say ‘mama’. Two syllables, Morgan! Please?”


“Uh, very close, but not quite. Repeat after me, ma…”


The corners of your lips twitch as you look back at the two of them. “No dice?” Little Morgan is fiddling with her rattle.

“Don’t make fun of me, _____,” she grumbles. “I’ve been - !”

There’s a loud clatter as Morgan lets the rattle go soaring across the room - far enough to hit you square in the forehead. You wince.

“Ow! Naga!”

You hear Morgan’s light little feet padding across the floor to you, and she grabs hold of your trouser leg before opening her mouth and saying in a concerned tone of voice -

“Papa?” The sulky look on Lissa’s face brings a broad smile to yours.

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Don't be afraid

TITLE: Don’t be afraid


AUTHOR: @sigridlaufeyson

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you’re rollerskating in the park in the evening. You are very good at it, but suddenly you lose your balance and you fall on your butt. You hiss in pain, but then hear footsteps approach you.
“Are you hurt?” a deep British male voice asks.
“No no, I’m all right.”
“Let me help you up.” You look up at the stranger and see Loki, the God who destroyed Manhattan. As a local, you recognize him. He has a hand stretched out to help you up, but you just stare at him wide eyed, afraid of what he might do to you since there’s no one else to be seen…


NOTES/WARNINGS: English is not my first language so I apologise for the mistakes I have made.
Written in phone.

It was beginning to get darker outside, when she decided to go rollerskating in the park.

At this time there was no one else in the park but her. She enjoyed the solitude, rollerskating alone with no one watching.

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Fear the Walking Dead AU: Hurt Alicia Part 2


Ofelia is the next to notice.

She knows something isn’t right. She’s known for a while, started questioning things around the same time Strand did but she kept it to herself.

(Nobody listens to her, anyway.)

But she watches, and she sees. Watches as Alicia becomes quieter, becomes more withdrawn within herself. She waits for Maddie to notice something is wrong.

The supply run had been a bust. A few cans of beans, some potted meat that hadn’t been soiled from the heat, but no water. Strand had been keeping watch from the front seat while Alicia slept in the passenger’s side. She hadn’t woken for dinner, or when they headed out, OR when they set up camp for the night.

Ofelia had sat next to Maddie in the backseat, listening to her rage on loudly about how lazy her daughter is. Sleeping the day away without a care in the world while her brother is alone out there.  Moving on to how selfish Alicia is when Maddie sees a nearly empty water bottle sitting next to her in the cup holder. 

Lazy, selfish, inconsiderate Alicia.

Strand had tensed at the mention of the water bottle. Maddie had been too caught up in what she was saying, but Ofelia saw the way he clenched his jaw, how his grip on the steering wheel tightened so that the leather groaned in protest. It was strange to see a man normally so collected react so strongly to something that had nothing to do with him.

Or did it?

She watches him over the next few days and notices a shift in his behavior towards Alicia that hadn’t been there before. How he would hover around her, always on the edge of reaching out only to move away as soon as Maddie came into the area. Or how his eyes would linger, following Alicia as she moved around the camp in a poor attempt to be discreet.  

(Because he can’t count the exhales and check that she’s still breathing, can’t check the fever he knows she has because of a mother who chooses the wrong questions to ask and the wrong moments to care)

(Because Strand isn’t family)

Ofelia corners him one night after they’ve found a safe place to set up camp. Maddie is off for ‘firewood’ (for any sign of her boy), Alicia is asleep in the backseat of the truck and Strand is lingering.

‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’

He stares at her, wide-eyed and speechless for the first time she’s known him. She’s caught him off guard. He looks guilty, another first, and Ofelia has had enough. She drags him away from the truck, far enough to not wake Alicia but close enough to keep an eye out, and she demands to know what’s going on.

(Ofelia knows it’s not like that, that Strand doesn’t see ‘licia like that but she’s  angry and worried and by god if there is one thing this apocalypse has taught her it’s how to kill someone and make it look like an accident.)

Strand hesitates but he can’t do this alone. Not with Madison being oblivious, not when he needs to find the medicine that Alicia needs but is afraid to leave her alone. Not when this is their fault. Strand needs help, so he tells Ofelia everything.  Tells her exactly how close they had come to losing their youngest member. 

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Tourmaline: chapter 23 [FINAL CHAPTER]

(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8) (Chapter 9) (Chapter 10) (Chapter 11)(Chapter 12) (Chapter 13) (Chapter 14) (Chapter 15) (Chapter 16) (Chapter 17) (Chapter 18) (Chapter 19) (Chapter 20) (Chapter 21) (Chapter 22) (Epilogue) (FAQ)

Greg had drawn the plastic woven blinds over the windows of his van and fallen into a fitful, anxious, spinning half-sleep. He edged in and out of consciousness repeatedly, as every slip was met with images of gruesome, shattered fusions tearing out of Steven’s skin and the icy nostalgia of seeing Rose for the last time. He’d sweat clean through his tanktop and took now to staring blankly, exhausted, at the dark roof of his van. He’d made a bed out of winter clothes, and parked himself on the side of a gravelly back road about 15 miles out of Beach City. The air had grown stagnant, hot, but Greg found himself too paralyzed with fear to move.

There came a shrill noise, a default ringtone, that fractured the stuffy air. Greg felt his heart jump into his throat as it snapped him to attention. He fell off the musty pile of clothes he’d fashioned into a bed. His trembling hands pawed in desperate arcs for the cell phone.

“Hello? Hello hello hello I’m here,” Greg wheezed into it. He crushed it against his cheek. His chest fluttered with pitiful attempts to breathe.

Greg? It’s Pearl.

“Yes yes it’s me what—what’s happened? You’re alive! What—where—please—I-is Steven?”

Steven is okay, Greg. He’s healed, and he’s resting. I think he’d like to see you. Amethyst is calling up Mayor Dewey right now to bring everyone back into Beach City.”

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Indelible Ink

“Over my dead body,” Oliver says in a disturbingly accurate impression of his old voice modulator.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Felicity murmurs under her breath.

Although the glare her husband sends her way suggests that it wasn’t nearly as quiet as she thought. Or it could be his terrifying observational skills. Yeah, that’s it. She’s super stealthy, he’s just hyper observant.

Shooting him her best innocent look, and earning an extreme eye roll in return, she focuses on the matter at hand.

“Aliza, what your father means is that he,” cue the signature Oliver eyebrow, “WE think that 16 is a little young to get a tattoo. Sweetie, it’s going to be on your body for the rest of your life. Don’t you want to take some time to think about this? ”

“You are such hypocrites! Both of you have multiple tattoos. How can you sit here and tell me it’s a bad idea?”

While Felicity admires her daughter’s righteous teenage indignation, Oliver has a decidedly different reaction.

“Because our tattoos aren’t the silly whims of a teenager. Ours were hard fought and won, and sometimes not even our choice. They represent struggles and victories, and joy you haven’t experienced and pain I pray to God you never will. So no Aliza, you will not get our permission to mark up the body we created, that your mother worked for 43 hours to bring into this world, that I would give my last breath to protect. Because you haven’t earned the right to blemish what we made with a goddamm butterfly.”

There’s a heavy silence in the room as father and daughter stare unblinking at each other.

“Do you even want to know what I want to get,” Aliza finally says in as small a voice as she’s ever heard from her daughter, “what I want to put on my skin forever? ”

The eyebrow raises again, and Aliza slides a folded up piece of paper across the table. Oliver opens it reluctantly, and she hears his breath catch.

When she looks at him, he’s staring wide eyed at their eldest daughter, the paper hanging loosely in his hand.

She takes it and can’t help but gasp herself.

It’s a beautiful drawing of an arrow, inscribed with various numbers. Numbers she quickly recognizes as the dates they lost many loved ones.

For the first time ever, Oliver finds the words first.

“How did you -”

“Figure it out? If it’s on the Internet, I can find it.”

That’s it, she’s getting a pony for her birthday.

Oliver half successfully smothers a smile.

“Okay, but I have some conditions.”

Three months later, Aliza has straight A’s, perfect attendance, zero tardies and a pony she never asked for. And Felicity watches father and daughter walk out of the most reputable tattoo parlor in the city with matching tattoos.

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Can you talk about Astrid in the battle with the Red Death? Her reactions to Hiccup, and the rest of the gang, arent neccisarily front line and centre, but i think their interesting...

Alright, now that I am back in a house that has the movie on hand, let’s talk about Astrid during the Battle of the Red Death! I’m sure you could have talked a lot about these awesome observations, but here I go!

The first time Astrid is seen is when she is riding on the Deadly Nadder behind Hiccup. Her facial expressions match HIccup: focused, determined, serious. This is not the girl who screamed on the back of a Night Fury just a day ago; Astrid is not demonstrating any fear for being in the skies, but just holds onto Hiccup for support as they go about their serious quest. After Hiccup gives instructions, she waves off to the others, and then she and Hiccup are off to find Toothless.

Note that Astrid makes no moves to take control of this situation. Astrid knows that Hiccup is the expert in charge here. While Astrid appears fairly confident within this situation, and later gives a leadership direction, she also knows who is best at leading the assault against the Red Death. And that’s Hiccup. So Astrid does not speak at all during their first sweep in to the Red Death; it’s all the boy riding the dragon in front of her who is giving the commands. She simply trusts him and follows his lead.

When Hiccup finds Toothless, Astrid’s face does something really interesting. This is the point when Hiccup repositions himself on the Deadly Nadder so that she can take control of the dragon. At this point, her eyes widen a little, and a little bit of worry enters her face. While Astrid has no doubt suspected she would have to steer the Deadly Nadder sometime, she is a little nervous doing so. This is one of the only times throughout the DreamWorks franchise that Astrid’s clearly shows worry about her capabilities.

And it only gets better when Hiccup jumps off. Now she is even more worried. Not only is she driving a dragon solo for the first time - and in the middle of a battle! - but this boy she might like is throwing himself onto a burning ship.

Astrid’s face is back in control when Hiccup and Toothless return to the skies. She shouts out to the others that Hiccup is back, which is probably a great relief being that the other teens have struggled handling the Red Death. She is quite a quick learner, and already seems to be comfortable handling the Deadly Nadder herself.

But Astrid’s eyes are widened yet again in complete fear when the Red Death threatens to suck her into its mouth.

Yeah, that worry about not being able to control her Nadder earlier? 

And you know, the whole fear about being eaten alive here?

It’s playing into Astrid’s face more than a little a lot. I wish screencaps were better here, but it’s really quite obvious in the video that Astrid is very frightened. As anyone would be.

Astrid is handling this situation very well. She even helps *lead* the teenagers in attacking the Red Death while Hiccup is gone, trying to encourage Snotlout to keep hammering the Red Death’s eye and shortly later telling the twins to get Snotlout off that dragon. She didn’t tell Snotlout, “You’re the Viking!” because she actually believed it, after all. It was team morale right there, an attempt to keep the youths fighting at the Red Death.

However, while Astrid takes charge for a moment, she is, at the same time, not as in control as she typically is. While she excelled in Dragon Training (second in class behind Hiccup, anyway), she is in new territory here. She adjusts very quickly, and that can be seen in her leadership and determination. But at the same time, like the moment when the Red Death almost sucks her and her dragon into its mouth, it is clear Astrid is not yet equipped for this challenge.

Not like any of the teens are, to be frank.

Thankfully for Astrid this does not end her life. Hiccup flies in with Toothless for a last-second save. And here comes the next big moment for Astrid:

Her smile of relief.

This is the happiest Astrid has ever, EVER been to see Toothless’ face. This isn’t even the kind appreciation she had for Toothless during “Romantic Flight.” This is full out friendly thankfulness. While before she screamed when the Night Fury carried her, or later said, “I admit it, this is pretty cool,” now she is in the situation of battle where her life is on stake. And here, this dragon has outright saved her life.

Hiccup has Toothless drop her gently to the ground. At this point, everyone has left the Red Death, letting Hiccup to it by himself. Astrid, dragonless and standing on the ground, knows that she is out of the fight now. She can only stand and watch. And she says one word, one very important word: “Go.”

And from the look in her eye, she fully believes Hiccup can do it. Sure, she is very worried about it, and she knows that nobody has much of a choice in this dangerous event, but there is a great sense of belief within her nonetheless. If anyone can do it, the dragon boy can.

This is no longer her battle and she knows it, and so the remainder of Astrid’s reactions are those of a girl watching from the sidelines, rooting the hero on.

Oh, and how intently she watches.

It’s only the biggest battle in forever.

With a mountain-sized dragon.

Against the boy she may or may not be crushing on.

So her stare is very intense indeed when she sees the Red Death unfurl its wings and go after Hiccup.

And when Hiccup seems to be doing a great job leading the Red Death away from the other Vikings, look at the way her face tweaks into a little bit of a smile. 

The other youths behind her are grinning broadly and cheering loudly. But Astrid - her reaction is a little mild in comparison. It’s like she can hardly believe it, or she’s so intent on the unfolding battle she can only smile a little. Her heart has to be pounding, and her smile so little since she knows the fight is not over yet.

And indeed it’s back to great worry when Hiccup and Toothless disappears into the clouds. All she and the audience members can see is the outline of the Red Death within deep, blackened clouds. She can watch, but she has no idea how well Hiccup is doing up there.

And that worry only gets worse when she can see the flashing blue of Night Fury blasts burst periodically through the clouds.

Oh man Astrid never has a more wide-eyed stare in the entire film.

And then the Red Death is defeated.

It plunges to the earth.

And… Hiccup disappears.

Astrid’s reaction at this point is probably one of the most remembered reactions by the HTTYD fandom for this scene. Stoick locates Toothless… the crowd of Vikings gather… and Astrid bursts through the crowd. She has shoved her way past hoards of thick-armed Hooligans in order to see up front what has happened to Hiccup.

Her face quickly shifts from worried determination of getting through people…

…to terrified pain as soon as she gets her first glimpse of the wreckage.  

Oh the pain.

Friendly reminder this is Astrid’s facial expression for when she thinks Hiccup is dead.

She, along with the other Vikings, bows her head in mourning.

Until Stoick shouts “He’s alive!”

And if we didn’t think Astrid had been worried about Hiccup before, now it’s really obvious. She of all the Hooligan Vikings probably has the most emotionally extreme reaction upon hearing this news. Her Uncle Spitelout is stoked, and so are the other youths. Yet Astrid, whose face once showed such anger and rage toward Hiccup, now absolutely brightens up upon hearing he his alive.

This is the only time Astrid’s face is ever remotely this enlivened. And throughout the entire film franchise, it is never so ecstatic as this. This is the biggest positive emotional reaction Astrid ever has anywhere.

She goes from the worst emotional reaction she ever has in the film franchise - thinking Hiccup’s dead - to the best emotional reaction she ever has - hearing he’s alive.

The Battle of the Red Death may have Astrid in the background. It focuses upon Hiccup’s fight with the dragon as well as his interactions with Stoick and Toothless. However, Astrid does indeed have many interesting background moments during this segment of the movie. She is seen being worried about her own abilities. She is seen standing as a cheerleader on the side wordlessly rooting Hiccup on. She is seen ecstatic and mournful and fearful and determined and courageous. The Battle of the Red Death is a collage of Astrid’s emotions, and within them shows her emotionally at her worst and best.

Second City (5)

Of course he has a girlfriend.

In a leather jacket similar to the one she first saw him in, long luxurious hair that has probably never been victim to a split end, and a perfect smile that reveals pearly white teeth worthy of toothpaste commercials. They’re laughing about something, insecurity stabbing away internally, that it’s about her.

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