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Be my autumnal muse  ||  Steve Rogers x Reader one shot

Words: 1388

Warnings: none at all, just pure fluff :)

SUMMARY: Reader and Steve Rogers are on a walk, observing the color palette of nature. At the end, Steve confesses, that he’s into Reader and asks her to be his muse.

Author: Rouge

A/N: This story has been written for the writing challenge created by @fanlove-fandomlife

You stared at the leaves falling from the trees. It was quite breathtaking, at the most. Utterly beautiful. First a green leaf, then shortly afterwards a yellow leaf stained with bits of orange and green. They hit the ground lightly, making no sound effects. You could stay there all day, observing the utmost gorgeous pattern of the leaves dying off of the trees.

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I processed a single transaction for thirty minutes today. 

It was actually a two-parter. The first transaction was done by someone else and it took just about as long. Which is why they wanted me to handle it- because the first person who did it was leaving for Job #2 and she didn’t want to shove a complicated transaction on the newbies. 

So the story is that she called the store before we opened to ask if we could do a price adjustment because she used the 25% off coupon on it, but apparently it didn’t take the amount off. And we were like yeah that’s a legit concern, we can do an adjustment for you. 

“Do I need to bring the items with me?”

“I’d hate to tell you to bring it all back,” the person answering the phone said. “But it would make it go faster.”

Around 11 she shows up. She did not bring it all back. Because apparently she only heard the part where my co-worker said ‘I’d hate to tell you to bring it all back’ and decided that the answer was ‘no.’ 

So when someone is returning something and they have the receipt but not the items, it means we have to punch in the 12 digit numerical code. For every. Single. Item. 

So half an hour later, she gets through that and is about to start the price adjustment when the lady says she’s going to shop around some more. 

This takes two hours for some reason. 

She gets to me and I have to not only punch in the 12 digit code but also override the price AND discount it. 

The receipt is like… forty items. So this takes awhile. 

And at the end she says:

“Do I still get my 10% off?”

“Your… what now?”

“My 10% off. She gave me 10% off.”

“…are you a teacher… or a senior? Military?” She shakes her head to all of them. 

“She just offered me 10% off.”

“She’s… not supposed to do that.”

“She was a manager.”

“Can you describe her?”

She describes an older woman with short blonde hair. The person she is describing has only worked here for two months and only works on weekends. Today was her 16th day of work. 

“That’s none of our managers. I think this is why your 25% off didn’t work- it can only process one total purchase coupon at a time and it must have taken the 10% off instead.”

“So I don’t get my 10%?”

For me to give her the additional 10% off that she seems to think she’s owed, even though the coupons don’t stack that way, I would have to take off everything that I’ve already processed, re-ring the entire receipt again, price each item at 25% off (with a calculator) and THEN take an additional 10% off of each of those. Individually. 

“She wasn’t supposed to give that to you.”

“But she offered it!”

“The 25% off is supposed to overpower the 10% off. Even if the coupon had worked, it would have only taken the 25% off.”

She’s mad. Of course. Because this is inconveniencing her. Meanwhile, I was supposed to clock out an hour ago. But sure lady- you’re the one getting the raw end of the deal. 


So I start ringing her new stuff up.

“Oh no wait I’ve got a coupon!”

I’m trying so hard not to rage. 

anonymous asked:

Can you name all reasons for Ereri?

I’ll assume you mean reasons why I ship it.

Sorry it took so long to answer but i really couldn’t think of anything. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this before and my reasons to ship ereri are probably almost the same.

Firstly, I love the way Eren’s and Levi’s personalities match. Eren worshipping Levi even after he found out that his captain is just a small grumpy man who likes cleaning a little too much is just so cute. Same goes for Levi starting to care about Eren more and more. Even if their relationship isn’t cannonicly romantic, I think it’s very interesting how it develops throughout the manga and I can’t wait to see how much it changed after the time skip. 

It’s quite funny but I actually watched snk because of ereri. I saw this ship everywhere on the Internet and got curious, then I read about it on some sort of wiki or something and was like ‘wow why do ppl even like this lol??’. After that I watched the anime and realised that I kind of started shipping it and yeah… it stayed like that. 

Also, I love all the fanarts, fanfics, doujins and other fanworks that the fandom made. They made me fall in love with ereri even more (also Eren and Levi just look so esthetic together like they are made for each other xd).

Lastly, I just ship them for fun. It’s not really necessary to have any important reasons to ship anything. That goes for any pairing. If you like it, it’s cool and nobody else should decide about that.

So… I think that’s it. :^)

also smut is great

Let’s just say.. Melted Kitty’s mind is more unstable than is expected..
(I had an art block right in the middle of this, so that is why it took so long)
- ImJustAPerson

Oh my God…this is insane.  Poor Kitty… ;-;

Thank you so much for making this.  I’m honored that you took the time to draw my fan character.  Hope to see more from you again soon.  :)

Flowers 4/4

Pairing: Taehyung x You x Yoongi

Genre: Yandere au

Warning: Yandere au, confinement

Status: Finished  1 2 3 4

A/N: this took me TOO LONG to finish T_T this going to be the last part (cliff hanger hahahahaha). One reason why i took so long to finish this is because i was freaking out about the mandel effect….i still cant believe froot loops isnt fruit loops omg?? And this story has references to Confine :3

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Hey, (Y/N)-ie. how long more are you going to sleep?

You could not speak. Literally. Your brother had tied you up, only your legs as your arms were too bruised to even touch, tying a cloth around your lips, preventing any words from you. Taehyung let out a sigh, kneeling down, stroking your cheeks gently.

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