that why it took so long

lily evans was 100% the worst liar in the world and she was an even worse liar on the spot like

“lily where were you last night” “oh nowhere mum i was….. showering…… i wasn’t in my room because i took a 2 hour long bath”

“lily do i look good in this dress?” “i mean……. like, the frills are really cool. very vintage. they make your boobs look big? that’s good right?” “okay but do i look good?” “you look frilly”

“miss evans why are you out of bed after hours?” “i…. my owl…. i had a feeling it was dying, you see, because i thought i could hear its sad hoots through my window so i decided to go check on it because i’m very attached to my owl and if it died i would want it to die in my arms and -” “go to bed, miss evans”

“lily did you just admit that you have feelings for james” “no that was the alcohol talking i’m drunk” “lily you haven’t had any alcohol to drink in days” “i’m drunk off the scent of peter’s shoe polish” “peter polishes his shoes by magic and you can’t get drunk off shoe polish anyway” “i’m drunk i swear” “lily……” “it’s in the air. there’s alcohol in the air and i’m inhaling it and it’s made me drunk and caused me to start saying crazy things”

Duty before pleasure

“I’ve been inside you. I know what a weak, duty-bound, pleasureless dullard you are.”

Like many of you, this line has been lingering in my mind since the episode. ‘Dullard’ didn’t really bug me, though - that’s just Lucifer being Lucifer. I kept specifically focusing on “duty-bound” and “pleasureless,” because it just sounded familiar… specifically in that order.

I don’t know why it took so long to hit me. (It finally did hit me while enjoying some wine in a bath earlier tonight, after several days of some pretty hard days at work. This is only tangentially relevant. It’s also funny to me because I only started doing the whole “wine and bath” thing about a month ago. Late bloomer.)

“Duty before pleasure” is an old idiom that has a ton of different forms in dozens of languages. The one we probably hear the most in the English language is “business before pleasure” or “work before pleasure,” but they all come down to the same thing:

Finish your work before you have fun.

This got me to thinking that Lucifer, while often an ass, is often right. He’s got this messed up, awful version of the truth that’s only from his twisted point of view, but that’s what he does – he rips band-aids off and pours salt in the wounds (although on a much grander scale because he is literally THE DEVIL). And when it comes to Cas, yeah - he’s kind of right.

Cas has been bound by duty for as long as we’ve known him, and we’ve never seen him go out and do something that would actually bring him joy. (The closest we probably got was “crazy Cas” and his bee-ventures in S7, but I’m not even sure if that was truly bringing him joy or if that was just one long mushroom trip for him.) We might have occasionally seen him smile, or happy, but it’s never really been something he’s sought out. He always has a job to do first.

  • In S4, he had a duty to heaven.
  • In S5, he had a duty to stop the apocalypse which he helped bring about due to his duty to heaven.
  • In S6, he had a duty to stop the civil war in heaven, which was brought about by the apocalypse-that-wasn’t, which he helped stop.
  • In S7, he had a duty to help stop the Leviathans, which he helped bring about in his efforts to stop the civil war in heaven.
  • In S8, he had a  duty to repair the damage he had caused on heaven and earth in his efforts to stop the civil war in heaven.  
  • In S9, he had a duty to help get his brothers and sisters back home after they fell as a result of his efforts to repair the damage he had caused to heaven.
  • In S10, it… gets a little widespread, but nonetheless: he had a duty to hunt his ‘rogue’ brothers and sisters down. In the process of hunting the rogue angels, one of his sisters opened his eyes to the damage they cause by taking human vessels, and he then had a duty to his vessel’s family, making sure they were okay and cared for. While he was trying to ensure they were okay, Dean, influenced by the Mark of Cain, made the situation worse, and Cas’s focus shifted 100% to saving Dean from himself.
  • In S11, he had a duty to help stop the Darkness, which he helped bring about in his efforts to save Dean.
  • In S12, his duty is now to stop Lucifer, whom he helped bring about in his effort to stop the Darkness.  

With Cas, there is always something. He always feels responsible for something. But at the same time, he is taking that responsibility as a “duty” because he feels personally responsible for nearly everything he’s attempted to fix.

So here’s my question: can Cas fix the Lucifer problem with a consequence-free solution?  Or is there going to continue to be a next thing, and another next thing, and another?

Or when Cas has succeeded in putting Lucifer away (however that winds up happening), will he finally get to have some fun?

Duty before pleasure.

Or - my greatest wish - could this actually just be a wonderful line of foreshadowing?

“I thought,” Percy said, dragging his eyes ever so slowly back up to hers, “I requested something short and sweet?”

Annabeth let him drink in his fill, her smile razor sharp. “Sweet is not something I’m known for. You shouldn’t have invited me if that’s what you really wanted.”

He held out his arm and she took it, sliding her arm into crook of his elbow. Tugging her closer to him, he bent his head, so his next words were for her ears and her ears only. 

“You’re here, with me,” he murmured. His satisfied tone sent shivers down her spine. “And that’s what I really wanted.”

localization things i will always be peeved about: the change from touma to valla

what gets me more is the wiki’s failure to acknowledge the trivia behind the original jpn names for the place like loulan, rongtao… bc obviously IS was very specific in their choice of names.

see the point of touma/valla is the fact that its situated right between the east and the west..sure okay so is greece but there is already so much european influences in nohr…. why make another kingdom be european fantasy??

what makes loulan so significant was that it was an oasis city situated along the silk road and their king was assassinated before the han chinese took over. today, loulan is nothing but ruins surrounded by desert.

as for rongtao (anthony in eng)……HIS NAME IS A BIG HINT AT HIS BETRAYAL AND HIS LOYALTY TO HYDRA LMAO….. bc im sure the “rong” is “long” ( 龙 ) which is chinese for DRAGON…..

namfomott  asked:

I noticed that your theory on the red soul contradicts a previous theory on how humans could save/reload, if frisk didn't particularly a lot of determination then why didn't the other humans manage to get past asgore?

(undertale spoilers) 

Correct! It does contradict part of an old theory. However, NoChoco didn’t agree with the idea that determination was the red soul’s trait, so she combed over the game to see what it truly was. When we published the red soul theory, we also took the opportunity to update the old theory on the fallen humans. Now we have a much stronger reason than the red soul/determination idea.

This is actually one of several times that we return to an old theory after better analysis/discoveries and update the theory to reflect our new findings. We reblogged the updated theory on Friday, but don’t worry if you missed it. You can check out the theory here and see our latest updates to it!

littleriiver  asked:

I can def see Leo being in Ravenclaw considering he's one of the most intelligent characters in the series tbh or maybe Slytherin because he's really clever?

(I don’t know why it took me so long to respond but it did and I’m sorry??)

I suppose I can see the argument for Slytherin but I don’t think just being clever is what makes you a Slytherin. I think it’s using that cleverness to propel yourself toward your ambition. And I don’t really see Leo as that kind of person? He’s more of an I-Love-Creating-Things-And-Working-My-Brain clever rather than an I-Need-To-Cleverly-Figure-Out-How-To-Advance-Myself clever, ya feel???

Missing Credence

f Requested by anon: Could you please write a reader x Newt were the reader is Credence positive sister even after his death but one day she just breaks and an obsecurs surrounds her (reviling she’s always had one) and Newt, her boyfriend freaks and comforts her? Thanks!!

A/N: This is going tho be so much fun to write and I m in love with both Credence and Newt so this is perfect. Sorry this took so long if you wanna know why check out my post: Sorry.

Trigger warnings:  mentions of death, angst???


Missing Credence was hard and his death felt like a hard punch right in your neck. It was like someone ripped your little heart out and tore it in to shreds. Your happy and exited nature didn’t seem to change as you put up the highest walls yet. He was your little brother and he was worth so much more, he did in fact deserve a life without that horrible woman who had the guts to call herself your mother. You and Credence were biological siblings and you wouldn’t change it for the world. The laughs you two shared before Mary-lou stepped in were the most priceless memories you had.

When you first met Newt you were directly attracted to each other. The kind, loving man adored you with all that was him. When you were without your makeup and taking care of his beasts is when he found you the most beautiful. Those days when you just went around the house with a pair of pajamas and a bad excuse for a messy bun. Or maybe when you focused so much that you bit your bottom lips with eyebrows knitted together.  Wait wasn’t it those days that you dressed up and had that beautiful maroon gala dress that Queenie had sown for you. The list went on and on  an on with no end.

The things you loved about Newt couldn’t possibly be written down, the way he smiled that awkward squishy smile of his. The way his eyes lit up when he got asked about his creatures, the way he lifted you by your waist and spun you around. His hugs and cuddles was the warmest thing you’ve experienced in your whole life. He would kiss you so gently and try to not seem to eager at first. But now he was more comfortable around you and had some courage around you and he joked and was the silliest person. The way he would say “Mommy’s here” around his beasts made your knees go weak.

Yet your amazing boyfriend couldn’t fix everything. The hole in your heart grew bigger and bigger by each day. For all Newt knew you were just as happy and ecstatic as usual but oh boy was he wrong. The way you missed Credence had you more down than ever. The skies seemed darker than usual and the sun looked like it didn’t shine, it seemed to just sitting on the sky until it eventually felt like fading. When it sooner or later faded you hoped it would never show again. You couldn’t count the night where you would silently cry yourself to sleep in Newts arms. You couldn’t suppress it all the time but you prayed that newt would never be round when you had those emotional and mental breakdowns. But that did eventually change sooner than you’ve hoped. 

One day you were feeding the moon calves and minding my own business when I see newt rocking the niffler to sleep. You throw the last pellets over to the wide eyed animals before going over to Newt and proceeded to hug him from behind.  Your hands soon found his curly hair in all of its messy glory and started to mess around with it. Then he said something he would soon regret:

“You know this was Credence favourite, love”

He meant well but what he didn’t know was that the way he expressed those simple yet so hurtful words set a trigger of somewhere within you. You slowly back away and started to cry and those cries turned into sobs that left you sitting hunched over on the ground. Emotions overflowing and the sobs that turned into a hitching breath made Newt almost drop the niffler. He carefully put it back in its nest and ran over to you. As he did this you looked at him and started screaming out of pain. This was no ordinary howl out of pure utter physical pain, this was the kind of yell that could only come out of sever mental and emotional pain, sorrow and just the worst loss that could even exist.

As this scream left your mouth Newt just stopped and before he knew it you was just a black big mass storming wildly. You were and ubscural, you knew how to use your magic but that woman called “your mom”  made you suppress it and eventually it all broke and that moment was right now. Newt had no idea that this was a side of the one and only Y/N, the girl he kissed good night and good morning. The same woman that he loved unconditionally, the woman he had fallen for 1926 on his trip to New York. The gal that had a smile that could out shine the whole night sky. This girl had lived with this for years and some how survived.

“Y/N, listen to me!” Newt called out desperately trying  to get your attention. The storm that was you suddenly stopped and Newt recognized it as a sign that you were listening.

“ Y/N I never meant to upset you. Please calm down so I can talk to you” he said with some serious concern in his voice.

The black mass slowly stopped completely and before you hit the cold hard  ground  Newt managed to catch you and you looked at him with tears in your eyes. He gazed lovingly into your Y/E/C eyes and there were suddenly tears welling in them. Just as the salt water drops started rolling down your cheeks you buried your head in his chest as he stood there with you in his arms bridal style. He slowly started twisting the tips of your hair and you calmed down.

“Let’s get you to bed shall we?” he asked you brushing away a strand of hair from your face.

You quietly nodded and he carried you up the ladder and carefully put you in your bed and tucked you in before laying down beside you. With your head placed in the crook of his neck and the warmth of his arm around your waits he realized, this was real love and no one could change that.


A/N: So this was short and shit as I had a really tough week with two emotional break downs. And it’s just been hard. but it wasn’t so much Credence in this but I write for all the characters so request the stuff you guys want  me to write about and I will get on it right away. BYEEEEE

My observations watching... 🎯 ⚡ Legends of Superflarrow crossover 💪🌠- Invasion! 👽👾

I usually don’t do this with The Flash and Legends, but it’s the crossover so, it deserves it. And sorry it took so long to post it, but I had most of this on my phone, and on Friday it broke down and it was until today that I got it fixed.

⚡ The Flash 3x08 (At the time I’m writing this, it’s like the third or fourth time I watch the episode)

- why didn’t they use Legends of Superflarrow? It’d have been better than all the logos together. Just saying.
- oh Iris I know you’re trying to protect your brother, but you should know that more you tell Wally no, the more he’ll want to do it.
- Besides Joe is right. It’s not like you can stop him.
- 😔 Poor Cisco. All he does lately is breaking my heart. It hurts seeing him in so much pain and disappointment
- hehe HR calling Barry BA and him like… Nooooo thank you
- yep, Barr. Aliens 👽👾
- yay! 🙌 Lyla!
- Oh c'mon, Lyla! You should know by now that you can’t ask heroes to sit that one out. Please! They won’t listen.
- See! I told you!
- aww there here is 😍 (this week is so much better just because I’m seeing so much of Oliver Queen)
- and what Felicity doing there? Shouldn’t she be at the bunker?
- oh vigilante, stop trying killing GA and Spartan, will you?
- hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 I’ve seen this like 4 times and I can’t stop laughing at the poor Diggle. He and superspeed don’t get along
- A gross thought… I hope nobody was walking down on the sidewalk at that exact moment John tossed his cookies over the balcony
- oh Barry! How could you say that? 😂😂😂😂 Oliver is gonna kick your butt if you don’t shut up
- oh poor Diggle. When the guy swears that there’s nothing else that can top the craziness, life proves him wrong
- okay here’s a missing scene here. I wanna know what Lyla told Digg when he asked her about the aliens (I know, I know… Not really important to the plot and not enough time, but it kinda leave you wandering, doesn’t it?)
- nice Easter egg there with the Hall of Justice
- I don’t know how much more Diggle can take. Poor thing 😂😂
- oh Cisco 😥
- Best. TEAM UP. EVER!! 😄😂
- I love this scene with Kara recognizing everyone.
- 😂😂 Oliver is still in Iris’ 3 list. At the top of it, I’m guessing. Not that I blame her
- 😉😏😏 and unknowingly, he’s still making Barry pay for certain feelings of jealousy he stirred up 3 years ago 😝😜
- aww can we take a minute and talk about how great teacher Oliver is. His methods sometimes are a little… aggressive, but others like now, he’s helping Barry to be a better team leader.
- oh but Barry. Poor child!
- hahaha oh Sara 😂😂😂
- Kara, Kara, Kara if you only knew 😂 By Oliver’s standards that was nice
- oh my heart! 😢😭😭😢😭😭 Barry asking for Snart 😭😭😭😭
- 😭😭 don’t make that face Oliver! You’re killing me! Eyes closed and everything, you can tell how much he can relate with Barry. Thinking about his own. Damn 😭😭
- the thing is not that Barry made a simple mistake, like if he didn’t know the consequences for everyone of what he was doing. He did know and made it anyway
- yeah, nope. That’s not happening. Ever. Lyla is pragmatic and with a really gray morality, but never at Amanda Waller’s level
- hahaha Oliver is so beat up that he even asking for 5 minutes
- yep, that’s exactly what he did, Diggle
- awww Oliver don’t want to leave Barr behind. Bromance at its finest
- 😂😂 Mick has been in fire on this episode. Pardon the pun. He and Diggle are the ones who have made me laugh the most
- of course it’s a trap Digg!
- Mick didn’t keep his promise. He called her Supergirl😂😂
- can we talk about the beauty of Oliver Queen talking so openly with Barry. My baby! I’m so proud of him. A year ago he wouldn’t have done that
- don’t stand there Wally! Because….. See what happens (this is why he needs training… I’m looking at you Iris West)
- and another cool trick arrow engrosses the list this season
- oops! No more arrows
- I love this fight scene between Oliver and Sara. The choreography, the photography, the music, everything.
- Nooooooo!! Damn! I hate “To be continued’s”

🎯 Arrow 💯th 5x08 (First viewing)

- aw, the typical running intro 😊
- 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Oliver shirtless!!! No scars!!!
- it’s a dream, just a dream
- nice from the dominators to put the guys in PJs. Which brings the question of what they did with the suits. The PJs could be considered as thoughtful, but shoes? Like… Why?!
- oooohhhh interesting. On the flash they put a mash-up of all 4 shows logos, but here they went by the intros of all 5 seasons. Nice touch.
- well… He sounds like an ass but Rene have a good point.
- awww the old bow! I thought it would be on the trash by now, but anyway… I’m glad it’s not!
- aww the hozen
- awww Robert and Moira. Here it comes the waterfall. I’m not crying, you’re crying!😭
- combining catching the vase and the ‘sweet reflexes’ comment, Nice!
- oh Robert is the mayor
- aww Walter. Won’t back him? Grrr! as always the members of the board are such idiots
- OH!! Smoak Tech!!
- wait! Who’s that? Digg?
- yeah, nope, laurel. He’s not okay
- okay Curtis is getting really annoying.
- aww Lance as captain again… Well never stopped being one here
- Damn, they really want to make me cry, don’t they? Quentin telling Oliver how much he’s grown aww 😢 *happy emotional tears*
- there it’s caity’s dad! hehe!
- Ray there you are! Oh he’s remembering too
- oh Oliver in the bunker.. oh Felicity is there! And I knew it! I knew it was Diggle!!
- another parallel (of a thousand already) Oliver on the med table when ota “meets” for first time
- ohhh Diggle’s the Hood voice is scary.
- I’m guessing that who got into funny business in Afghanistan it was John and not Andy. Yep, like I said.
- YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!! He’s remembering her!!! That’s it! That’s all it takes for him to know who’s the love of his life 💕💕💖💖💜💜💝💝
- he might have all he could want but not all he needs, Diggle. There’s a big difference.
- don’t be that way Rene!
- awww mother and daughter #allthefeels
- actually Sara, you ARE a trained assassin.
- Oh John mentioning Raisa! She appeared on the pilot only but how much we remember her
- oh yeah aliens will push back. like that!? Like that, yep.
- Curtis’ jokes get worse and worse.
- Oh I knew it I knew it!!! I knew they would make Tommy a doctor, and in Chicago. I miss my baby!!!😭😭😭
- haha 😂 Felicity all awkward in the background while Ray and Sara are talking
- Aww damn Oliver stop it. If you cry I cry harder. And yes, I’m crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭 this scene is so heartbreaking
- Thea what are you doing? I get you girl, but that isn’t real.
- c'mon Thea, don’t leave your brother alone. He needs you. And you need him. He’s your family.
- ah there you are! Good. Good girl
- this fight scene is good. Nice that all could metaphorically kill their nemesis. Oliver beat Slade, Sara darhk, Ray mirakuru soldiers, and John the ghosts.
- oh everyone important to Oliver is there.
- Tommy!!! My baby 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
- oh shit! They’re in space
- Yay! The waverider; just in time.
- nerd army hehehe
- and of course, it ends there.*sighs* did I mentioned that I hate ‘to be continued’s?

Legends of Tomorrow 🚀 2x07 (First viewing)

- oh, so no Thea here then
- no no no no no, Barry, you can’t leave Felicity and Cisco behind. Don’t you dare! See! Oliver don’t even think about suggesting it.
- After all he just went through… I honestly can’t blame Oliver for wanting a little space from aliens, even Kara. it’s what he needs and he asked nicely
- oh I like this intro much better than the one on the flash. Really nice. But no better than Arrow’s 😉
- 😂😂😂😂 Felicity and Cisco are having so much fun
- hehehe I’m loving Mick on this crossover. First, skirt and now, ponytail 😂😂
- Cisco and Felicity’s friendship is everything!
- is it me or this conversation with Cisco is affecting Felicity more than it appears to be?
- oh damn it! This is the same guy that was with the president and Lyla, only in the past!
- ha! Felicity and Cisco are going to save Nate, Amaya and Mick.
- see!! It’s the same guy. I knew it!!
- 😆 nice of Ray throwing that guy over the car
- YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS! Badass Felicity and Cisco to the rescue! Yep, Mick, saved by geeks (actually they saved everyone through the entire crossover)
- alien pen pal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
- wait, what?! Hold on for one second. Okay, Barry screwed up in epic proportions but that doesn’t mean I want him gone. Barry don’t do something stupid… Grrr! Like that 😒
- sorry Cisco, hate to break it to you but that’s what usually happens
- yay!! Barry and Cisco bromance is back on. Good, because angry Cisco was getting on my nerves to tell the truth
- gasp!!! 😮😲😲😲 Nooooo!
- oh thank you Supergirl! Phew!
- 😂😂😂 Felicity realizing she and Kara look somewhat alike.
- nice speech there Supergirl
- 😂😂😂😂😂 oh yeah Oliver you won’t escape the group hug. C'mon! It wasn’t that bad, was it?
- 😂😂😂 Mick hitting on Kara
- oh Kara you gained soooooo many points with me just because of that. Great to send the old man to the Antarctica 😂
- oh this is so precious. Barry and Oliver having drinks. The perfect ending.

I got to say that when they announced over the summer that there was going to be a 4-show crossover, I was NOT happy. I thought there was soooooo many things that they could screw up… I thought it was going to be a huge fiasco. I’m soooooooooooo glad I was mistaken. The writers, producers, all the executives restored my faith in them. Thank you all for a wonderful job. But most of all, to Stephen, Emily, Gustin, Carlos, Caity, Brandon, and the rest of the cast of all the shows for giving us such a wonderful week. It was a total delight.

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Huge GOOD Life update!!! (I’ve been meaning to say it for ages but you know how it goes...)

Soooooo, I’ve been planning on announcing this great thing that happened/is going to happen for me, but I’ve been waiting on a good time to say it (idk why it took so long but whatevs ‘:) )


~~~I’m going to Japan Spring 2017!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ <3<3<3

You guys have NO IDEA how psyched I am/have been, I bought the ticket to go a few months ago and I have been fighting my penniless state since lol, but I am so glad that I’m making an actual step to doing something/going somewhere that I’ve been dying to go my entire life. I’ve been so stressed out and busy with school and life, and recovering from my depression and anxiety, that I realized one day, what really is stopping me from happiness? 

100% Myself. 

If I have the money and the ability to go out and do something that will bring a smile (and more, definitely) to my face, why the heck not?! So, I indulged myself and bought my ticket, and I will be going to Japan (home base in Osaka) from March 9 to April 2nd, 2017!!! Wataru (<333) will be coming as well, and we’ll be travelling together which is absolutely insane to even think about! He’s from Osaka and has a house there so we’re going there primarily, and then we’ll travel around the island :3 I’m still in a state of shock that I’m doing this and that I literally grabbed life by the balls buying this ticket, but what the hey lmao xD What’s also crazy awesome is that his family owns/is affiliated with an amusement park in Osaka and he lives literally across the street from the entrance and I know he’s so psyched to show me around his hometown :3

I’ll be there for my birthday as well, it normally falls on Spring Equinox so the cherry blossoms will be in full effect, and my edges will have been permanently snatched during and after this trip T_T All of the limited edition items, man.. And the clothes… And the food… It’s going to be everything I ever hoped for.. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see snow too! My first time *_* We’re going to try to go to Sapporo, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to spot some nihonzaru along with the snow, and hopefully there’ll be flowers and ugh I’m dying right now with excitement just writing this! 

Because of this trip, I have stopped buying clothes and miscellaneous stuff for the year pretty much, I want to save as much money as I can in order to be a complete consumer tourist lol, bae said we’re only going to travel there with essential items and empty luggage bags because when we get there, our buying will be intense D: I believe him lmao. I feel sad every now and again when I realize that I can’t shop or look around as much as I normally do, but when I look at the bigger picture, it consoles me a bit :)

Anyway, that’s my announcement! :3 I’m so happy and excited for this to happen for me, it’s been a while since I did something for myself, and that something so positive is going to happen to me :)

mittensmcgee  asked:

Wait so you gotta make a bunch of new drawings for a resume? Why not use the amazing work you already have? :0

Well a lot of my recent stuff thats been actually finished are commissions, lol. or drawcember unfinished things. I’d really like to just sit down and reimagine my old characters and such, since I took a long break from drawing for a couple of months


Ref from Kill Your Darlings (2013)


I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.