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Why you love Eren so much???

This is hard to answer because I honestly don’t know where to start! Sorry it took me a while to answer, I wanted to write this down so :) Sorry if it’s messy and repetitive. Eren is so so important to me in so many different ways and he makes everything so much better. I genuinely care a lot about him and he has changed me in positive ways. It’s hard to explain but to me he’s just wonderful and amazing and he’s always there for me.

Eren is a truly fantastic and genuine character and he brings out the best in people (including me) and is able to inspire everyone around him. He is a genuine kid who stays true to himself no matter what, who speaks up for what he thinks is right. He has a ridiculously huge heart even though people ignore that and his core is brave and determined, he moves people just by being himself. Eren is passionate, ardent, desirous, strong willed and those are things I deeply admire about him. He is unique and so so so amazing, he makes me value stuff around me a lot more and he makes me feel passionate and loving, he inspires me and gives me something to look forward to, he gives me a reason, something to be happy about and I will never regret loving such a delightful character. I’m unconditionally proud of him and I feel like every day I find a new reason to admire him. I could just sit all day and stare at him and I would never get bored.

Eren is a great friend, the best friend anyone could possibly have and he is always there for his friends no matter what, even when it means protecting them with his own life. He cares a lot about his dear ones and would never hesitate when it comes to them. Although his childhood was taken away from him, Eren remains loving and caring and would do anything to get that happiness and freedom back. Eren works harder than everyone else to achieve his goals and never gives up, he trains so ridiculously much because he believes he can achieve greater things, he overworks himself to prove his worth and to feel like he is needed and that he can help everyone. Eren is the type of person who overworks himself to the point of being physically exhausted and getting nosebleeds just so that he can be useful and because he wants to use his abilities to use others. He wants people to approve him, he wants to feel needed, he wants to know he can be more than just a burden, he wants to help and he wants people to understand how much he values his cause and how much he would sacrifice for it. Eren bluffs because he himself wants to believe he’s strong and a “good weapon” for humanity. He wants to believe in himself, he needs reassurance just like a normal kid would and that’s because he treasures people’s lives and is tired of seeing everyone around him suffering because of him.

Eren has begged to die, he has been tortured, he has seen his friends die, he has seen his mom being eaten, he was forced to grow up way too fast, he has to live with the fact he has his goddamn father, he knows when he’s going to die, he has been hurt countless times, people have tried to kill him, he has lost all his hope, he has seen awful stuff, he struggles a lot with all the mixed memories he gets, he feels betrayed by his own dad and by people he looked up to, he has self harmed himself so so so many times, he is exhausted, he is feared and not trusted by most people, he has lost limbs, he even has been eaten by a titan, he has been treated like a monster with no feelings, he blames himself for the deaths of so many people, he blames himself for his dad’s acts, his dreams have been crushed… but this kid remains strong and true to himself, Eren keeps his head up for the sake of what is right. Eren wants to help people without expecting anything in return from them, and that’s something very important he has taught me. He keeps fighting no matter what and dedicates his heart and soul to what he thinks is the right thing to do. He spreads strength and hope, he makes people understand their true value and gives them a reason to always keep fighting.

Eren has been through so much development and that proves how amazing his character really is. He is aware of his surrounding and learns with his mistakes. He has doubted himself so many times and he has learnt that he can’t do everything alone, he has learnt how to value team work. He’s way more than his “anger issues”, he’s honest, emotional, courageous, compassionate, and there’s this huge mix of emotions inside him. He’s reckless and stubborn but he always takes action and has learnt to control his emotions. He has a great morality and wants the world to be fair and real. He has a striving spirit and a kind and generous heart. His sheer determination and his hard work were enough to take him to the place he is now, and he should be proud of himself. He has learnt so much and he has a huge huge huge potential. He can do anything he sets his mind to. Eren admires and respects his comrades with his entire heart, he looks up to people and follows their examples because he wants to be a great soldier.

Eren made it to the top 5 in his trainee squad even after being told he wouldn’t be able to make it, he didn’t hesitate to fight the colossal titan when it appeared in Trost despite being a new soldier with no fighting experience, he sacrificed his life for Armin and saved him with only one leg, he saved Mikasa form her kidnappers giving her a new family, he punched a titan with his bare hands and saved everyone, he was ready to sacrifice his life just so that Historia could eat him. Eren is badass and wonderful even without relying on his titan powers and fights even though he knows he has low chances of actually winning. He closed both holes in wall Rose and wall Maria and provided humanity their first victory against titans, he fought the female, armoured and colossal titans alone, he mastered his hardening ability and used it to save everyone once again, he gives people a reason to remain hopeful. He carries the burden of “not being a hindrance to humanity” and deals with a lot of stress, uncertainty and pressure, yet he’s still ready to go no matter what. This kid never gets time to properly rest and just be a kid, and was forced to embrace powers he never asked for.

In spite of everything, this is just a little boy who probably misses his mom probably a lot and who doesn’t want anyone to go through the same as him. Eren is my happiness, he is always full of life and lights up my world just by being his unique and amazing self. He really does inspire me a lot and really do care a lot about him, so I hope one day he gets the opportunity to be happy and surrounded by his loved ones. I am very grateful that I found something so worth of love as Eren and I’m always here for him :)

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Okay so 112: why are you bleeding? with James and Thomas back in London

aaaaaaaaa i love them. i’m sorry this took so long. pre-relationship london flinthamilton fliclet. can you believe they’re in love already !!! 

It’s a quiet night. Miranda has gone out for the evening and so Thomas has sequestered himself in his study, pouring over a proposal. It is mind numbing work but he refuses to be defeated by it, even though he is at this point painfully aware of the fact that the words on the page have long ceased to register in his head. The clock in the hallway chimes midnight and Thomas presses the heels of his hands into his eyes, pushing on undeterred by trifling necessities such as sleep. 

It’s a quiet night, until James stumbles in through the door. 

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I was tagged in “favorite bias, favorite photo" by @squishy-do @ninis-chicken-soo and @dyodyo-kyungsoo (i would just like to say that I can’t choose a fav pic because they’re all so good) also i’m sorry i don’t know how to make these pics smaller 

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ps. these are my biases from the 3 groups that i stan cause lets face it i only really have time for 3 right now

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This sl is SO hurtful because Rob (last year especially, but in 2015 too) walked away from everything Rebecca represents, to build a future with Aaron. He ended his marriage to Chrissie, left HF, the money, the glamour, the shallow family connections, the greedy scramble for money - for something real. Now Iain is forcing us to watch Rob's future (what more is your child than your future AND legacy?) being built in the very heart of all that rubbish, when it should be w/ Aaron. It's regressive!

AND, in addition to that. He took so long to walk away from that lifestyle. To choose Aaron. It’s like Rebecca said, if he went back to her he could have it all on a plate again. And now, he kind of does. Vicariously, through his child. So I understand why Aaron is so afraid. Why would you take a character backwards though? I don’t understand the value in that? I’d like to see Rob move forward and deal with problems. Maybe explore his reaction to the public perception of him and Aaron? Anything!

I like this ask so I’m not gonna ruin it with my stupidity.

*comes up with self insert/cross over idea*… LETS DRAW IT (i might have another self-insert drawing later… Sooo look forward to that)
Anyway I haven’t drawn a full piece in so long… And this took…6 hours… Everything hurts…

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I think Maci absolutely had a right to talk about Ryan's addiction. They share a child. She could of went to court and took Bentley away from Ryan/his parents, but she never. She was trying to help him so their son doesn't grow up without his father. Clearly nothing else was getting through to Ryan, and having it public made him deal with it. I don't think less than 30 days is enough. He got out and immediately started bashing Maci. If he was in there long enough, he would of seen why Maci (p1)

(P2) did what she did. I really hope he is following through with after rehab care. He is so lucky that Maci was more concerned with helping him than taking Bentley away. He’s very lucky

He is lucky that someone cares enough to shine a light on the issue!

Some Thoughts on the Structure of Discourse  (and Why It's Faulty)

Hi guys! I’m sure a lot of you have noticed, but the discourse has turned to shit. I wanted to provide some thoughts on the topic, but it’s some stuff I’ve been meaning to stay for awhile. If you’re worried about the current state of the discourse, I encourage you to read this.

Also this took me three hours to write and I’m mentally ill as hell so please validate my questionable decision to write all this out lol

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While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)


A while ago @consuelodoodles became a year older, a year wiser, and a gift for her birthday was this poem from… someone?. And of course I died and came back to life only to make this. Enjoy.

Good practice, cute poem, I don’t have time for this so it was like 10-30 minutes everytime I did anything. Thank you for the inspiration, I’m ready to let this go.


An afternoon date~

and a bonus