that why it took so long

Owen avoided his friends like the plague since he found about Fitz and Brooke. It’s not like Fitz actually tried contacting him, Bianca had, but Owen didn’t respond to her either. He was mad at all of them, most of all his best friend. It wasn’t so much Brooke or Bianca. He understand why Bianca didn’t say anything and with his girlfriend, he didn’t see this is as her fault. Mark should have known better. After everything they been through, that Owen did for him, Fitz repays him by having the one girl Owen loves fall for him. The male took a long sip of his beer. He was already more than tipsy, but the weed he was smoking mellowed him out a lot. To the point that when he saw Brooke enter the room that he didn’t get upset. A half smile raised on his lips quickly fading when he took a hit of the bong.

Pleasure Doin’ Business With Ya

It’s finally here babies. Sorry it took so long. And this one is reaaaaaaallly long lol. I hope thats a good thing. @ashleypurdygurl @cutiedaij @jinxfirebolt18902

Part 1 Part 2

Warnings: Swearing, Smutty smut (lol), violence, death 

“Make me your king…’’ J whispered to you quietly. “Be my Queen.” He reached out his hand and grabbed yours and pulled you from your chair. Music began to play and he pulled you close resting a hand on the small of your back and the other holding your hand still. You were awestruck. You didn’t know what to say. Why did he want you? So all of a sudden. You couldn’t wrap your head around it. What was he playing at?

“I thought you always take what you want, you don’t like being told no.” You chimed playfully, as though his request hadn’t fazed you.

“Mmm, that’s right. You catch on quick.” He grinned at you as he began leading you in a dance. “But, i cannot….control….your emotions, doll. I have to ask for them. I can take you as my little toy all I wish.” He said growling seductively and winking at you. “But to take you as my queen requires you to feel like my queen. Do you understand, princess?”

You nodded slowly as you looked up at him. He wanted you. You. Not to play with. To BE with. But why? You were an average girl. You never thought you were anyone special. Why does he have such a big interest in you.

“Why would you want me…?” You mumbled softly looking at the floor. J frowned suddenly and stopped the dance. He stared at you seriously as he lifted your chin to look back at him again.

“Do I need a reason?” He said and smiled once more studying your features.

Do I need a reason? What does that mean? You looked at him sternly.

“Yes. I would like a reason.” You hissed. He raised brow folds at you in surprise.

“Such an angry little kitten.” He started laughing maniacally and it  echoed through the club over the sound of the soft music. J stepped away from you and turned his back to you gracefully, almost as if he were still dancing.

“Something about you….” he started as he slowly spun back around to look at you. “…fascinates me…something in you…draws me in…No, I don’t know what it is…” He paced slowly around you. You looked at the floor concentrating on his words. “But it’s hiding inside you…” He was behind you, almost whispering. You strained to hear him, turning around to face him to hear him better. But he wasn’t there. You looked around confused for a second looking for him, beginning to become frightened again. Where is he? What is he going to do? You quickly felt a tight grip around your upper arms and hot breath against your neck.

“And I want to be the one to bring it out?” He whispered, you could hear his evil smile in his words. You were shaking again and he noticed.

“Oh doll…” He said turning you slowly to face him, releasing his tight grip in exchange for a much softer one. “Don’t be scared.” He cooed with a gentle smile.

“You’re not gonna…hurt me?” You asked shaking violently.

“Mmm…I am.” He admitted. “In the best way.” He bit his lip looking at yours.

“You drive me….crazy.” He mumbled still staring at your lips.

“You are crazy…” You glared at him through the tears that began to well up in your eyes.

“Mmm darlin’…” He chuckled pulling you in tight against him his hand wrapped around your throat. It sent shivers up your spine and tears beginning to stream down your face. “If you only knew.” His voice sounded menacing and terrifying. If you only knew what? Are you underestimating how crazy he really is? Did that make him angry?

He quickly backed away from you again and recomposed himself. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and dabbed your face with it. Who carried handkerchiefs? You saw something embroidered in the corner of it. A small purple J.

“Don’t cry now, doll.” He began to coo at you again hold your chin up as he wiped your tears. “We are suppose to be having fun.” He smiled at you genuinely now. He held out his hand to you, offering it. Should you take it? You looked at the exit signs everywhere. All the doors were guarded with henchmen. You looked back at the Joker and took his hand reluctantly. He began leading a dance again, as if nothing had happened. He had relaxed and was staring at you as you danced. His hand on your back slowly moved up and began running through your hair. He pushed you head gently to his chest and started whispering in your ear.

“I’m not going to hurt you unless you want me to.” He was trying to be comforting and reassuring. And strangely it was. He was terrifying and unpredictable, but he didn’t seem like someone who’d go against their word. He seemed….trustworthy…in his own way. His words actually brought you comfort. Your shaking ceased and you closed your eyes as you rested your head on his chest. His sweet scent filling your nose once more.

“Do you understand, (Y/N)?” He stopped and looked at you lifting your face to his forcing you to look him in the eye. You nodded quickly focusing on his pale blue eyes. He smiled at you baring his silver teeth. “Good girl.”

You blushed bright red hearing him call you that. You felt your face get hot and your heart pound for a second. The Joker’s smile just grew wider noticing how flushed you had gotten.

“Do you like that princess? Are you Daddy’s good little girl?” He teased playfully. Your face got even more red as you nodded slowly. He laughed, a whole hearted, genuine laugh. You liked it. It made you happy almost, to hear his laugh.

“You know, princess, you never answered my question.” He spoke.

“What question?” You asked confused.

“Make me your king.”

“That’s not a question though, that seems more like a demand.”

“Maybe it is, but you still have to approve.”

You stood for a moment looking at the ground staring down at his shoes. So shiny and well taken care of. He dressed so nicely. He was…handsome. You’re thoughts raced through your head. He’s trustworthy. He’s terrifying. He’s handsome. He’s dangerous. He wants you. Do you want him? You did on your birthday. You wanted him badly then. You remembered how bad you longed for him as you straddled his lap and kissed him. The longer you thought about it the warmer it became between your legs.

“Doll face?” J brought you back to your senses after a minute. “Do you wish to be my queen?” He asked looking into your eyes making you almost melt. You nodded your head again.

“I need to hear it, sweets.”

“Yes, Mr. J.”

“Yes…daddy.” He commanded gently.

“Yes, Daddy.” You repeated obediently

“You’re so good.” He chimed.

You smiled a bit staring up at him. You hugged him happily. He wrapped one arm around you and chuckled. One henchman came strolling up to us quietly and spoke to J.

“It’s opening time, sir.”

“That late already?” J said looking at his watch. He nodded at the men by the front door and they moved to open them. People started pouring in, unlike other clubs, this place was packed from opening to close. One of the henchman took off his jacket revealing a plain white t-shirt as he stepped up to the dj and began blasting music. People cheered at the start of the music and slowly the crowd began to move in a pattern. People crowded the bar as two other henchmen took their places there also taking their jackets off. The way they changed their attitude you would never have guessed they were henchmen. It made you realize what a fortress the club really was.

J grabbed your hand and led you to his  private booth where you first kissed. He sat down and pulled you into his lap. You watched as the dancing crowd writhed, wiggled and jumped to the beat. Beautiful girls in short dresses. J didn’t want them? What did he see in you that he wanted to bring out so bad? You looked at him as he observed the crowd. He looked as though he were looking for someone. Then he smirked. You looked back to the crowd. It took you a minute but you saw a man in a suit making his way through the crowd rather roughly and sat across from you and J in the booth. He had tattoos covering his neck and knuckles.

“Kitten, why don’t you go dance for me?” He asked, though it was more of a command. You looked at the man with the tattoos then back at J and nodded. You got off his lap and walked into the crowd turning your head to look at him once more. The man with the tattoos stared at you as you were walking and J had started glaring at him. His face stone cold. J stood up quickly and shut the curtain blocking the club’s view from their meeting. You turned back and rushed to the curtain and peeped through a small opening between them. J was standing in front of you with his back to the curtain.

“She’s quite breathtaking, isn’t she?” Joker asked with an aggravated growl.

“She’s beautiful, J. Where you catch her?” The tattooed man asked smiling up at J from his seat. “She good in bed? I bet she give good head with those nice lips.” He winked at J.

J stood silent for a moment and then you heard a soft chuckle rumble through his throat. “She is…my queen.” J purred almost with pleasure and twisted his head as his neck twitched.

“Mhm, yeah, I figured that’s yo girl, J. Good for you. She got a nice ass too.” He said excitedly with another wink towards J.

J bent down reaching under the small coffee table. The was a soft click and as he came back up there was a gun in his hand. Your eyes went wide as did the man’s.

“That girl, woman, angel….is mine.”

“I-I know that J. Don’t take it the wrong way. Those were compliments. I’m not trying to get with your girl.”

“Oh don’t worry, you won’t.”

“J, com’on man, I’m just playing, don’t do this.”

J screwed on a silencer to the to the end of the barrel, chuckling as he did.

“I don’t appreciate your….comments…about her.”

“J, seriously. I didn’t mea-”

“Pleasure doin’ business with ya.” J smiled at him, aiming the gun at his head and pulling the trigger. You heard a couple of mechanical noises immediately followed a thumping sound as the tattooed man’s head hit the wall of the booth hard. His eyes wide open and his jaw hung slack as his limp body laid across the booth.

Tears welled up in your eyes and you did your best not to scream. You covered your mouth shaking. Your tears began to make you blurry eyed. You began to back away from the curtain until a pale hand reached through it and dragged you inside. You let out a small yelp as you were thrown on the booth next to the corpse. You stared at it in horror your tears streamed down your face. J waved a hand and two men came from the exit behind the booth and picked up the body and brought it outside.

“Doll, do you know why I hurt him?” Joker asked cooing at you gently trying to calm you down.

“You didn’t hurt him…you killed him…” You stuttered through your fearful sobs.

“Isn’t that better? He’s not in pain or anythin’.” J tried to reason with you until his face suddenly molded into rage. “He disrespected you, he talked about you like you were just my toy, just another girl, a whore!”

“Mr. J, I’m sure many people have talked poorly of me behind my back and disrespected me when I’m not looking…” You composed yourself enough to speak but instead you yelled at him. “That doesn’t mean you kill them!” You screamed through your sobs. You put your hands on your head pulling on your own hair as your breathing started becoming rapid and shallow. You stood off the booth and began pacing the floor. When you turned, the blood stain on the booth caught your eye. You broke down into loud sobs.

“Oh, Doll face…” J whispered softly, wrapping his arms around you. “You’re just in shock, this will all go away soon.”

“You….are a murderer.” You wept into your hands. J spun you around to face him and pulled your hands away from your face then forced you to look at him.

“Princess, are you scared of me?” He asked sincerely. You looked him in his beautiful blue eyes. Your sobs slowly subsided as he waited patiently for your reply. Maybe you were just in shock. If you had only heard about him dying on the news, would you cry then? Probably not. You didn’t know the man personally. Maybe J was right. Maybe you were only crying because you in shock. It all happened really fast, J’s anger had just gotten the better of him. J was protecting you. Maybe that’s the only way he knew how.

“No…no I’m not scared….I’m just weak.” You admitted feeling defeated.

“You’re not weak, doll. You were just…” He paused for a moment looking at the ceiling and the walls as though they held his next words. He smiled a bit. “Unprepared.”

You shrugged disappointedly. “I guess.”

“Let’s just go home, kitten.” J took your hand lightly and led you out the back door and to his Lamborghini. He sped through the streets of Gotham. You stared out the passenger window at all the lights and tall buildings as they passed, not paying attention to where you were going. The lights slowly faded as you headed out toward the the suburbs of the city. You saw your apartment in sight and right as you thought the Joker would slow down he sped right past your house.

“J you passed my apartment.” You sat up and looked at him. He said nothing. After another 15 minutes of sitting in the car you pulled up to a beautiful mansion. Gated, beautiful stone work, even a fountain in the driveway. It was stunning.

J opened the passenger door for you and led you up the steps to the front doors. They immediately opened and he waltzed inside pulling you close behind him. A butler took J’s jacket off for him and hung it in a nearby closet.

“Anything I could do for you, Mr. J?” The butler asked bowing slightly out of respect.

“No. I’m fine.” J said undoing the cuffs of his shirt.

“Miss?” He said looking at you.

“Oh no, I’m fine. Thank you.” The butler smiled at you and strolled off into another part of the house. J then began walking up the steps. You weren’t sure if he wanted you to follow but you did. He had no objections. He looked over his shoulder and smirked at you. You followed him to a large room with the biggest bed you had ever seen resting in the center. Around it were trinkets and busts. Guns, mannequins with suits on them, and a large chest with a lock on it. There was a set of doors that opened into a large bathroom. Long curtains hung from the tall cathedral windows leaving the room dimly lit.

The Joker kicked off his shoes by the door and began unbuttoning his shirt. You felt your face get hotter and hotter with each button he undid. He let his shirt drop to the floor as he walked toward the bathroom. He stretched out his arms as though they were finally free. You stood awkwardly by the door waiting to see if he even remembered you were there.

“Kitten?” You heard him call from the bathroom.

“Uh…yes?” You replied hesitantly.

“What are you doing over there?”

“Well…um….I don’t know.”

“Come here, doll.”

You widened your eyes. He’s in the bathroom though. What if he’s naked? Your face got hot just thinking about it. You walked slowly to the bathroom. He was standing at one of the sinks looking at his hair in the mirror. He looked at you through the mirror and smirked. You stared at his finely toned chest and chiseled abdomen muscles. His rounded shoulders and muscular forearms. Your breath hitched silently as you admired him.

He stared at your face as you looked at his body in awe. J began laughing, happily.

“Do you want to touch me?” He said smiling at you. You looked at him in disbelief and nodded your head quickly without thinking. He chuckled again stepping towards you standing inches from you.

“I wish you would.” He whispered seductively. You blushed as you felt your panties get warm between your legs. J leaned in and began kissing your neck putting his hands around your waist. You put your hands on his chest, his skin was so pale and smooth, like ivory. It felt wonderful under your fingertips. You felt his hot lips kiss down your neck and began trailing your collar bone. It gave you chills. His hand slid past your hips to behind your legs and quickly picked you up. You wrapped your arms around his neck instinctively for support. He looked at you smiling evilly. You ran both your hands through his green hair and pulled on it as you kissed him roughly.

He pulled away with a wild look in his eye. He sat you on the marble sink and tore your dress at the zipper then pulled it off you forcefully. You covered yourself quickly. J admired your timid, nearly naked body. You had on black lace panties and your heels. You hair and makeup were a complete mess. J gently undid the straps of your heels and took them off you. He leaned over you on the counter and kissed you lips slowly then pulled away and smiled.

“How bout a bath, kitten? Calm your nerves.” He asked quietly, as though not to frighten you.

“Um…o-ok. Mr.-” You were cut off by J raising his hairless eyebrows at you looking down at you.

“I-I mean, ok daddy.” You stuttered.

“Much better.” He purred then turned the bath on. The he reached into the cabinet under the sink and pulled out a large bottle.

“Bubbles?” He asked looking at you modeling with the bottle. You stared at him for a second and then let out a small fit of laughter and nodded.

“Yes, I’ll have some bubbles.” You sniffled. He smiled wide quietly giggling to himself as he poured the bubble bath into the tub. You watched the bubbles start foaming. J sat on the edge of the large tub as it filled leaning in and spreading the bubbles around the water. He stood up and flicked his hand to dry it a bit and wiggled his finger at you, beckoning you to him. You stood off the counter and waddled awkwardly toward him, still covering your chest, wearing nothing but your lace underwear. J sat you down in his lap and kissed your shoulder up to your neck. He chuckled in your ear rather ominously. Your face went white. Before you could turn to look at him you both were diving into the large tub. You closed your eye and held your breath then sprung out of the water. You moved the hair from your face and rubbed the water out of your eyes carefully so they wouldn’t sting.

“Mmm. What a view.” You heard J chuckle from behind you. You turned around, standing up with the water to your mid thigh, and glared at the Joker. His makeup ran down his face, his hair was wet and shiny. He sat comfortably at the edge of the tub taking all of you in. You kept glaring until you suddenly became aware once again that you were almost completely nude. You covered up you chest again and lowered yourself back into the water sitting on the opposite side of J staring at the bubbles in front of you. J swam over to you and grabbed you pulling you against him. You blushed as you felt his chest again. You let your hands slide down to his waist thinking you’d find the edge of his pants. They weren’t there. No boxers either. You felt your face burn and your heart pounded in your chest. The Joker was holding your almost naked body to his own naked body in his bathtub. You felt your ears and face burn as the blood rushed through you.

J knew what you were thinking. Who wouldn’t know with how red your face was? He smirked at you and grabbed your hips roughly, painfully almost. He yanked you into his lap and took hold of your panties. You felt him pull at them slowly. He stared up into your eyes, his lips parted slightly. He was glaring at you almost, a predator look in his eye. And you were his pray. His helpless little kitten. And you couldn’t do anything about it.

SNAP! Your panties broke in his hands startling you, breaking your trans in J’s eyes. He pulled them out from under you and out of the water.

“Oops.” He shrugged as he tossed them away to wear he had stealthy placed his pants over the side of the tub.

“I really likes those ones though.” You pouted looking at them.

“I’ll buy you new ones, princess.” J whispered and kissed your lips roughly. He pulled you down on himself as he kissed you. You felt his hard length rub against the skin of your core. J’s hands wandered all over you slowly. Down your back, up your stomach. He massaged your breasts gently at first, until you let out a small moan, then he went harder. You moaned more. The Joker stared at you intensely, his lips parted more and his breathing was getting heavier each time you moaned. He craved you. He needed you.

One of his arms wrapped around your back tightly keeping you in place while his other hand made its way down to your center. He began tickling it lighting then pressed his fingers between the lips rubbing your clit slowly. You inhaled sharply and let out a rather loud moan. It felt so good. He knew just where to touch you. He began to rub faster and faster. You could feel all of your muscles get more tense each second.

“Daddy…I’m gonna….you’re gonna make me….” You moaned loudly. He loved it! You could hear his raspy chuckling through your moans. You felt the tension build up in your core. You were so close.

“Daddy! I’m gonna cum!” You screamed. And just as you shouted that the Joker grabbed your hips and quickly aligned the tip of his length with your entrance and rammed it into you. You tossed your head back with a scream of pure pleasure. He grabbed a fist full of your hair and began pounding you hard. He stifled moans with growls. J grabbed released your hair and grabbed your throat instead bringing your face close to his.

“Why does your pussy feel so fucking good, doll face?” He growled and moaned. With that he picked you up and spun you around, bending you over. You grabbed the side of the tub for support as J rammed his shaft back into your inviting bud. He rammed you even harder as he gripped your hips roughly, his nails nearly digging into your skin. You let out screams, not even caring who heard. It felt so damn good.

J grabbed your hair and pulled you up to lean against his chest then moved to put the same hand around your neck. His other hand moved to your clit again rubbing viciously. You screamed as loud as your vocal cords could let you with his hand on your throat.

“Daddy! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna-!” You moaned into J’s ear. An evil smile grew wide across his face.

“Good.” He growled loudly as he stared at your shivering body. He rubbed your clit faster until you released. You covered your own mouth with both of your hands, trying to stop your screams. You rode out your orgasm as J kept pounding you from behind.

“Fuck!” He shouted as his movements became  slow and sloppy. He gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on your throat as he came inside you, growling as he did. You finally relaxed and dropped back into the warm water. Both of you breathing heavily. The Joker started chuckling with excitement.

“Damn, kitten!” He said smiling with heavy eyelids. He pulled you onto his lap again. You laid against his chest, progressively getting sleepier. You saw J look down at you and gelt his arms wrap around you. He carried you bridal style out of the bath and put you down for a moment to wrap a towel around you. You saw yourself in the mirror. Your makeup was a horrible mess. But so was his. You had smudged red lipstick all over your neck and lips. You didn’t even care. You felt so relaxed. Your legs almost gave out on you. All your muscles were tension free. It was like nothing could bother you. You were just so tired.

J picked you up once more and carried you to his bed laying you down. The sheets were so silky and the bed was like a cloud. You’re eyelids quickly got heavier and heavier as you watched J get dressed. On his way out he sat by the side of you on the bed and smiled at you.

“Sleep tight, princess.” You heard him say as he pressed his lips to your forehead. That exactly what you did.

Part 1 Part 2

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I’m so excited Candice is getting so much praise for this episode. Obviously she deserves it. I’m just sad it took this long to get here, especially when the writers clearly had it in them this whole time to give her the material she deserves. Plus it makes no sense why they don’t do it consistently when episodes that have her front and center always get rave reviews. That's not a coincidence.

She’s gotten good reviews before and is often cited as one of the best actors on the show. But yeah, the best episodes are usually the ones where she has lots to do. 

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Why are people saying Takizawa is running out of stamina? I thought Ukakus only really run out of energy quickly when they over use their long range attacks?

It was just a thought before the chapter actually came out I believe. However, it is true that Seidou took on Tatara, Houji and his squad, and Amon (and he even kagune’d himself for it) so a burnout isn’t all that surprising.

But after seeing the chapter, Seidou still had the upper hand but got cheeky, got Mutsuki too close and suffered critical damage.

@420guk made me drag out my slow ass old as the dawn of hell computer by tagging me like a week ago so here we go thanks for making me wait 3 months for my computer to load thats why it took me so long to do this thanks

shuffle your music and put the first 10 songs that play
i tag @kayeko @squinz @ksooluv @faky @2soyu and @redvalvet and everyone else if you wanna tbh i love seeing peoples music libraries

1. boyz with fun - bts
2. etude no3 tristessee - chopin
3. luna - smashing pumpkins
4. suga suga - baby bash
5. nothing like us - junkookie
6. cant help falling in love - elvis
7. who you - gd
8. what a feeling - 1d
9. every morning - sugar ray
10. pillow talk remix - tyler the creator

s o since I’m a talkative person, what happened happened: I finally talked a little about MM to my parents - or at least, yesterday we were supposed to eat dinner and I was waiting to finish my chat to come, which pissed off my step dad, so I justified I played “a visual novel where I have to be on on specific hours”

No more no less, but this lunch I fell dead asleep in my bed by pure d/epression (y’know, d/epression nap not tired nap) and I woke up only because there was a chat, and it motivated me to make all the appointments I needed to do.

I kinda told it to my mom when she asked why I fell asleep (she’s aware of my d/epression naps and was more than happy that I took the appointments) and I mentioned “I only woke up because of the chat” and she smiled like “at least it brings you something great”

so long story short even my mom is recognizing what MM is doing to my health, who would have thought


An extensive commission from a while back, featuring a Nixlet custom designed for the client to meet their prompt, complete with rising phoenix elements. 

I’ve kept putting off uploading this piece, but I dunno why; because I worked hard on it and still like it a lot. I don’t think I’ve attempted a piece so complex before or since. Painting isn’t my forte, but this was enjoyable despite how long it took!

Phan: Rollercoaster Ride

Summary: Dan doesn’t realize he’s on the wrong ride until it’s too late. Thankfully, the stranger sitting next to him offers him a hand to hold.
Wordcount: 1.1k
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: swearing, mentions of throwing up
A/N: Based on this prompt. I’m sorry it took me so long to write, anon. Hope you enjoy. :) x

Dan realizes his mistake a minute too late. He’s been wondering about why the queue for the ride has been so long, since usually the rides that are less wild are easier to get on and the queue is usually mostly made up of parents waiting with their kids.

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You’re right, I wasn’t a good man to you
To you, I was never enough
If you feel pressured from this song, then I’m sorry

Junhyung staggered up the cement steps while humming a silly tune to himself. His body felt light and he couldn’t see very straight which could explain why it took him so long to get here. He knew the way to your house like the back of his hand, in which he was seeing two left ones.

He cheered lowly when he reached the top step, smiling like an idiot to himself as he stumbled forward, unable to catch himself as he went head first into the door. He was sure he woke someone up, and he didn’t much care as he slowly brought his hands up to clutch his aching head and screamed in pain. He hissed and rubbed at the sore spot as he dropped to the ground and lean against the front door to get himself together.

He swallowed and opened his eyes, staring at the peaceful neighborhood surrounding him. A huge contrast to where he stayed but absolutely perfect for you. He hiccupped and giggled to himself thinking back to how he would sneak over here during the late hours of the night just to come see you. Much like now, but he knew the difference this time.


He didn’t even feel the door open against his back, or the light that was streaming through. He tilted his head back and a huge smile graced his face when he caught sight of the beauty standing behind him. Your confused look as you clutched on to your satin robe to cover you from the chilly air. Even upside down you managed to have him smiling like a fool in love.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” you hissed angrily through your teeth, watching as Junhyung sat up on his knees and turned about so he was facing you.  

This moment right now is probably the hardest for me.

“I wanted see my baby girl again!” he answered sweetly, his body leaning to the side before he quickly leaned forward and caught himself before he fell. Your long sigh had his heart stuttering with a twinge of pain, but he still watched you with a smile.

“This has to stop.”

Don’t worry, I still don’t resent you.

“I wanna, I wanted to tell you about the dream I had.” Junhyung said, reaching out to you as he tried standing up on his feet.

“Are you fucking serious right now?”

“Shh, listen,” he hushed, unable to keep a straight face with his finger to his lips as he snickered. “I had a dream that you and I were taking a walk down that flower path you love so much. I finally got to take ya there, and you had such a great time ___.”

“I hate it when you get drunk.” You snarled as you went to move back and slam the door closed.


You froze at how quickly he got to the door, his arm holding it back from closing and his desperate expression asking for your attention. He let out a stuttering breath and the corner of his lips twitched up in a hopeful smile as he spoke softly to you.  

“Please, I just-”

“Why the hell do you keep coming back!?”

It was his turn to be taken in surprise as he stopped anything else from coming out of his mouth. That smile faded off his face and was replaced with hurt as you saw the tears well up in his blood-shot eyes. “How many times must I have to see you keep reappearing at my doorstep with your sorry expression?”

You could see it all, in the way his shoulders slumped and he staggered back away from your door but still managed to reach out for you. It used to pain your own heart seeing him like this but you were done feeling sorry for him.

“You are no saint Junhyung, you made the decisions you wanted to go with. You need to get it through your head that we’re-”

“Not together anymore.”

You watched him chuckle sarcastically as he dropped his head back and cursed.

“We’ve broken up, there’s no more us, I’m done with you that’s all you ever say!”

You clutched onto the door with a scowl, hating the way your heart jumped when he screamed at you. He was angry now, heavy breathing as he couldn’t keep still walking back and forth on the hard cement porch. You hated the way he would look at you like you were the bad person, like he was the one who was hurt.

Junhyung could feel his heart shatter all over again, his voice cracking as he cried out. “But how am I supposed to accept that when I love you so much!”

You couldn’t say anything to him, making him even more fired up and anxious.

“Even if I lose everything, I can’t turn things back!” He screamed at you again before coming right up to the door and leaned his head against it as he shut his eyes closed once the tears began to fall. “I can’t even keep what’s precious to me.”  

Still, there was nothing but silence on your end. This is what he wanted, to argue and tell you how he was feeling and to hopefully see that you felt the same way. But it was like you didn’t care anymore, that you honestly believed you hated him. That wasn’t the way things used to be, not when he had you to protect. Now he had become everything you resented.

“Please, I’m asking you.”

He turned his head and looked at you still with those hopeful eyes that begged for mercy. But yours were cold and empty, holding nothing.

“Leave, and never come back.”

The door slammed shut with a resounding bang that would stay in his mind forever. He had lost you, and there was nothing more he could do but hold his heart that was in pieces, and hope this shredded ribbon could tie it back together.  


I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.