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The last man standing

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“Jaebum stop.” You exhaled out in frustration turning to look at your boyfriend over your shoulder and that seemed to halt his ramblings. He looked up from adjusting his belt as he stared at you, perking an eyebrow. “We’re going to go out with my friends, not my ex-boyfriend.”

“He’s your ex-boyfriend and he’s a fucking asshole.” He rolled his eyes tugging on the belt harder than he should. He looked at you one last time before grabbing his shirt laid neatly on the bed and moving out of the room. “I’ll wait in the car.” He explained, walking out before he could even fully button his shirt. You didn’t understand why he was so pissed off over one man. You’ve never seen Jay pissed off at a man more than your ex-boyfriend. He had find the idea of meeting your first love hilarious because as he said it; “It feels like I’m meeting the old you.”

He never had any problems with your ex-boyfriends before, just this one.

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Past the black where sirens sing

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Siren!Au / Angst / One-shot

Rated T for mentions of blood and mature themes (nothing too heavy tho)

Word count: 3.8k

Synopsis: Two in the morning, during this moonless night, as Yoongi is playing his demons away with slender fingers above the white and black of a piano keys.

And nothing would be different than usual, really, if it wasn’t for the strange girl sitting at his window, claiming to be a siren in love with his music.

Author’s note: for my loved @yoongihime, even tho it’s a couple of days late and she deserves so much more than this <3 

I love you, sweetie ❤

Yoongi doesn’t consider himself a believer. He never fell for the shining lure of myths and tales, nor for the solace of a higher being molding the universe – the hell, he didn’t even believe in the monsters under his bed when he was only a naïve tiny child.

These days some people would call him a cynical man, yet Yoongi knows that this is not really the case, for he simply holds his faith closer to the rational state of his mind rather than to the realm of pointless delirium. If the eyes can’t see it, then why should he presume it real, after all?

Just use the damn brain you had the luck to born with, for God’s sake.

So, Yoongi is well aware that all these people always ready to raise their finger at him and mark him as a crude, cold human being would now be left astonished, if they saw him in his room with a completely unamused expression as he stills his fingers above the piano keys and asks “so, what exactly are you?” to the beautiful, strange girl perched on his windowsill.

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Seventeen React To: Their child’s first day of school

Another hiatus, aish, I’m sorry guys. Motivation is low, stress is high. They don’t really go well together. Anyways, I’ve hit 500+ followers which is pretty damn amazing to me. I love you guys, here is your very late Seventeen Reaction. >.< Maybe I’ll get back into requests today?? 

He would keep trying to kiss his son’s face but his son kept pushing Seungkwan away and hiding his face.
“Daddy put me down, I wanna go before I’m old like you.”
Would then be offended and watch him run inside the classroom.
“Rude little child.”

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Would probably make his wife/girlfriend take her to school because he’d cry.
“I can’t, they will call security on the weird hairy man sobbing hysterically in the floor.”

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Would kiss her on the forehead and wipe her tears.
“Stop that, I’m supposed to be the one crying here, not you. You’ll be fine, I’ll be here in a few hours.”
Has to talk to her and make sure she knows she’ll be okay before leaving.

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Isn’t my bias just the cutest lil bean you’ve ever seen in your life? Awww look at himmm

“Does he, like, have to be here? Can’t we take him home and play? Why not? Hey, stop laughing, I’m emotional.”
Would be moody and keep asking his wife if they can just take him home then would cry because he doesn’t wanna leave his son with a stranger.

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“Eh! Give me a hug before you run off and forget about me. Manners, little boy.”
Would tease him about being nervous but give him hugs and a kiss on the nose.
“Go make friends.”

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Only complains about how early he has to have his daughter there.
“Yah, getting me up at the asscrack of dawn won’t help her learn anything besides swear words.”
MOODY and always shows up in his pajamas.

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“You better wear that shirt proudly and tell boys your daddy will beat them with a guitar if they go anywhere near you.”
Has her wear a Seventeen t-shirt on her first day and is proud to watch her go in and make friends

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“Y'know, I didn’t sign up for this. She is MY baby, not the school’s. She’s coming home, fuck school.”
Is lucky his wife was there otherwise would’ve walked right back out and took their daughter for ice cream instead of school.

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Would find it hilarious because much like him, his son was so uninterested and disgusted about the thought of school.
“Go, you monster. Your turn to suffer.”
“But dad.. Like, why though?”
Would laugh so hard he was turning purple as he pushed his son into the classroom.
“I’ll pick you up in a bit. Have fun dying.” 

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Sends his son off with a tight hug and kiss.
"Good luck little one~”

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“Where’s Jesus when you need him?”
Emotional, whiney mess as his mini twin ran off and started playing with other kids.

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“Ah, you look so pretty. Just like your mommy. Don’t cry please. If you cry, I’ll cry. You’ll have fun, don’t worry. ”
Is proud and excited for her.

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sorry not sorry :’D  I’ts been overdue that I drew smth for the parents of the group. n then that infamous gif set from chris evans in “Puncture” made it’s way on my dashboard yet again n suddenly it hit me n I HAD TO DO IT. the voices in my head left me no choice :’‘‘‘‘DDD

I’m aware that Glaido wouldn’t give a shit about shirts but I found the idea hilarious of this muscle mountain trying to fit into Iggys clothes n miserably failing to find a shirt. Dad worries to accidentally scare of the common folks n his baby sis lol 

ps. Give this man some boyhair for gods sake! They gave Nyx the goods, so why not Gladio? Too many people are irrationally afraid of nipples n bodyhair :/

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“I’ve heard about the shirts from Murasakibara, Kise and a very reluctant Midorima." Can we please see the actual conversation between these MIracle dorks? *MY CROPS NEED WATERING PLS* HAHA THANK YOUUUU!!! :DDD

“And! And you will never believe what I found in his dresser! He has a yellow shirt declaring he is a Miracle boyfriend! Can you believe how cute that is?? Senpai must love me so much to have a shirt like that!”

Akashi is not entirely sure why he took this video call. Apparently he and Murasakibara were the only ones stupid enough to answer when Kise was calling. (He had been laboring under the fallacy that Kise would not try to group call them unless he had something very important to report. Akashi makes a note to himself not to make this mistake again. He is not sure why Murasakibara took the call, and in all honesty, is very surprised he has not hung up yet).

“Oh yeah, Murochin has a shirt like that,” Mursakibara drawls. “A purple one. He wears it all the time.”

There is a very pronounced pause, long enough for Akashi to reflect on the fact that throughout Kise’s exuberant bragging he had never actually said that Kasamatsu Yukio wore the t-shirt.

“You know, Murasakibaracchi, sometimes I hate you,” Kise sulks.

Murasakibara does not actually respond, and it is very hard to read him. On any other person, Akashi would think Murasakibara had also been bragging, and making a deliberate dig at Kise, but…surely not. (Surely…)

“Sometimes only the shirt,” Murasakibara says, still in that lazy, hard-to-read way.

“I really hate you,” Kise says, and hangs up.


Akashi thinks this matter is worth pursuing. He debates calling Kuroko and instantly rejects the idea. Kuroko would not tell him if he asked. There is a chance Aomine would not qualify, so that just leaves Midorima.

With little preamble into this phone call, Akashi asks, “Does Takao possess a green shirt that says something about being a Miracle boyfriend?”

“That is none of your business!” Midorima sputters.

All of the sudden, Akashi regrets not making a video call for this, because he suspects the other man must be blushing and he finds that hilarious. “Oh, really?

“I mean—it’s—I am not having this conversation with you, Akashi.

“I was only asking about a t-shirt, Midorima,” Akashi says. “Apparently Kasamatsu-san and Himuro-san both have one matching their respective boyfriends. I don’t see why that should be a source of embarrassment for you. Unless there is something embarrassing about the way Takao was wearing the shirt…”

There is a disgruntled silence and then, “…No. No reason at all. Yes, Takao has a green shirt. I believe he is responsible for making them for the others.”

“Is that so?” Akashi says, thinking about who else might own a shirt. He hangs up and decides this is something he needs to verify for himself as soon as possible.

A/N: Hahaha, thanks, anon-friend! I wasn’t planning on doing a follow-up to that short so I was a bit stalled on this one, but it was a lot of fun so I’m glad I did =) Hope you enjoyed! I’m also going to once again direct attention to @furihatacookie‘s art, @z-hard‘s comic and @mist-me‘s art who have all done wonderful and amazing depictions of the shirts, because I feel like all of these amazing works of art are glorious and should have attention directed to them as often as humanly possible =D

World of Grey (Crush x Reader)

Warnings: death, angst, 

Word Count: 737 words

Prompt: A soulmate AU, where you live in a world of grey and experience color when you meet your soulmate. The only problem? Sometimes, the person you’re meant to be soulmates with may have another soulmate.

Notes: R/N means random name. E/C/N means eye color name F/N means favorite color. 


Living in a world of grey isn’t fun.

You’ve spent years trying to escape the grey, but there is only one way. All your friends and family have worlds of color. Why? Because they’ve found their soul mates. So, to escape the grey, you just meet everyone in the world, and, soon enough, your world will be in color. Seems simple, right?

The thing is, there are 7 billion - and counting - people alive on earth right now. It’s scientifically impossible to meet everyone alive on earth before one dies. After searching for 20 years, you gave up. Besides, it’s so much easier helping those around you find their soul mates.

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Bottoms Up by lucyoverspilledvodka

At the Grand Prix banquet, Victor’s been asked to sign an autograph for a very enthusiastic fan. Unfortunately, there’s a distinct lack of paper around. Fortunately, Yuuri has a suggestion. (Teen, 4.3k)

Yuuri made the very bold decision that champagne was going to be his best friend that night.

In addition to being a Japanese national treasure and abysmal one-time Grand Prix failure, Yuuri was also a major Victor Nikiforov fanboy. And on top of all that, he was drunk. He was frustrated. He had his idol right in front of him.

He was going to get what he always wanted.


Yuuri stumbled over, his champagne-glazed eyes wide and glistening at the bored-looking Russian standing in a corner. Where he had been standing for most of the night. Yuuri knew because he had been sneaking peeks over at him before and after every glass of champagne, until that delightful buzz of alcohol made going over to him seem like the best possible idea in the world.

“Victor!! I-…” Yuuri swayed a little in his spot, attention wandering for a short moment—because fucking hell he was actually going to do this—before settling back on Victor, determination flaring through him. “I-… I love you! Soooooo much. You know, you’re-… you’re amazing. I mean, you’re great. Really great.” All the reasons why Victor was so great jumbled themselves up together in Yuuri’s mind, so he gave up on the inclination of trying to explain why Victor was so great, and jumped to the thing he really wanted to say. “AndIreallywannagetyourautograph.”

Now, Victor had a lot of experience dealing with fans. Of all types. Shy and respectful, the kind that approached simply to ask for a handshake and offer soft words of appreciation. Overly excited and jumping, the kind that tended to ask for selfies and hugs. Casual and knowledgeable, the kind that made remarks about his last short program and could carry a decent conversation. There was the occasional odd experience, like the man in France who asked to kiss his feet on a train or the woman in Korea who only talked about the hair commercials he had done for Shiseido back when he was seventeen.

Admittedly, sometimes there happened to be fans who were quite attractive, quite flirty, and quite obvious. And while Victor certainly did not mind that, he had never taken advantage.

However, he found himself at present in the very precarious position of wanting very much to take advantage, as the man who had just simpered up to him was unbearably hot. And to make matters worse, this bundle of sensual energy and bright brown eyes was also utterly wasted, if the way he nearly threw himself into Victor’s arms was any indication.

“I- uh,” Victor stammered, for once unsure how to handle the situation. Common sense instructed him to find a way to detach himself from the smaller man but that gorgeously crooked smile instructed him to listen to any and every request which came from it. “I don’t have any paper.”

The pout that answered him should have been illegal, and the dark-haired man seemed to think about that for a moment before something evidently dawned on him, his gorgeous round face lighting up.

“Sign me!” he exclaimed, sending Victor’s eyebrows somewhere up past his fringe with shock. The man giggled, a warm sound that filled Victor up like water. “Wherever you like!”

Some part of Yuuri’s brain that was not awash in alcohol and the fact that Victor fucking-hot-as-hell Nikiforov was actually in the same room as him reminded him of a joke Phichit had once made. If you ever got Victor’s signature you could get it tattooed on you! And truth be told, Phichit was a genius. Why that had seemed like such a hilarious joke back then was lost on Yuuri. It seemed like a brilliant idea. Fuck Japanese taboos, Yuuri lived in Detroit now!

“Sign my chest!” Yuuri scrambled to try to undo the buttons of his shirt, some of which were already undone—although he did not remember at what point that had happened—only to find them infuriatingly slippery under his fumbling fingers. “W-… I can t-totally do this… Wait just a sex, Victor—a sec!” Yuuri laughed at his own slip.

And just like that, Victor was screwed. Because drunk-and-gorgeous was stripping—stripping!—and fuck, everything underneath the already mussed up shirt made the situation so much worse and so much better. Victor could not think fast enough to try to stop him, and the next moment the white shirt flapped completely open, revealing to Victor a very well-toned body, with a striking curve just at the junction of the man’s hips.

Victor wasn’t screwed—he was royally fucked.

“Ta-dah!” the man cried, grinning triumphantly at his newfound nakedness. Victor audibly gulped, hands hovering between the two of them as he didn’t have the faintest idea where to put them. Well, he had one idea. But he was trying to grasp at a single remaining tendril of control, trying to figure out how exactly he should respond.

Yuuri blinked and waited, watching as the unfairly handsome Russian so clearly tried to search for something to say.

And waited.

And waited.

…Maybe Victor didn’t want to sign his chest. Although his blue eyes seemed to be raking in the sight of Yuuri’s skin. However, there were other options available, if Victor preferred something else. Yuuri was very open to any sort of option that involved Victor.

“Or!” Yuuri spun around, craning forward at the waist just slightly. “Or you could… you c-could sign my ass!”

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Batboys, older brothers (dick n jason) being ridiculous to the younger brothers (tim n dami)

(This is the first idea that came to me, idk why but I think this is hilarious so i’m writing it. A/N, upon edits I conclude that this is still hilarious)

“Hey Dick, I need your help with something.” Tim asked while he walked into the front parlor.

“It’s Jason you prat,” came the gruff response.

“Oh sorry Jay,“ Tim hummed, about to walk out of the room and go find Dick when he paused. Hold on, rewind, look again. He turned around to find that he hadn’t made a mistake. That was Dick Grayson, former circus acrobat and biggest Bat brother, clad in Jason’s slightly-too-big leather jacket, a white t-shirt and black jeans. He even had an unlit cigarette in his mouth. He gave a very poor imitation of Jay’s usual rakish grin, mostly because it was obviously Dick was trying not to burst out laughing.

"Why are you wearing Jason’s clothes Dick?” Tim asks robotically, wondering why he didn’t run for the hills once he got a taste of how bizarre this family was when he was a young, naïve Robin. Dick pulled a pair of dark sunglasses out of the jacket pocket and put them on.

“I’m not Golden Boy, Bird Brain.” Dick responds in a gravely voice. “It’s me, Jason, the second Robin, who thinks he’s so hated despite that fact that he’s very much loved and missed. Have I mentioned that I died that one time? there’s a quota us undead boys must make. I also use guns too like a total tool, because I’m a bad boy.” He pulled out a small water pistol and sprayed a little at Tim. “Pew, pew, Replacement.” Tim squinted his eyes. there was something going on here, something insane and ridiculous and he wanted no part of it.

“Alright, Jason, let me know when you’re feeling more like yourself again. When you see Dick, tell him I want his advice on the Penguin case.”

“Okay Timmy, I’ll be down in a bit.” Dick chirped before coughing and slouching in the chair. "I mean uh leather and pain are the only friends I’ve ever known.”


“Grayson! Pennyworth is busy so I need you to drive me to Doctor Thompkins for my physical.” Damian shouted, stomping around looking for the eldest Robin. “My biology has been perfected by science and technology so it’s not like this is necessary but Father is insisting.” He walked into the kitchen where he caught a glimpse of his older brother riffling through the fridge. “Did you hear me? I’m more than willing to drive myself but I know Father would be displeased with you.” Damian grumbles as he taps his foot.

“Just hold on Dami-baby,” a slightly off sing song voice replies. “I need to eat my fifth bowl of cereal this morning because it’s the only thing I eat because it gives me an aura of a handsome but careless teenager.” Damian blinks as Grayson, no Todd, pulls himself out of the fridge. He’s wearing one of Grayson’s shirts that’s far too tight on him and a pair of WE sweatpants. He’s smiling too but it looks like it’s causing him great pain. “Don’t worry, I’ll drive you, you obnoxious little demon that I somehow like because you’re basically a smaller version of Bruce that I can control and give all the love I was denied as a child in this miserable house.”

Damian took a step backwards. Todd hadn’t seemed any different when they’d patrolled last night. In fact, Damin was fairly sure, Todd didn’t follow them back to the Manor. He and Grayson had had something of a tiff halfway through their route. And now he’s wearing Grayson’s clothes, Damian squints suspiciously.

“Did you kill Grayson in a fit of rage and think dressing up like him will prevent us from noticing?” Damian thinks he would be upset if Todd really had killed Grayson but it’s the only reasonable explanation he has for this trainwreck. “Where did you hide the body? Is Drake in on this too?” Todd clicks his tongue and flaps his hand in a poor attempt to mimic Nightwing.

“Silly Dami bear, you just don’t recognize me because I normally keep up this silly pretense of being perfect and wholesome all the time when really, I’m just as big a mess as everyone else but I don’t even have the decency to act like it.” He takes a step forward and Damian takes two back. Todd smiles wickedly, not one of Grayson’s but one of his own. “Now come give your big brother a big ol’ squishy hug.” Damian had fled the room before Todd could finish the sentence.


“Do you think it’s safe to come out?” Damian asks, angry at Grayson, at Todd, at his entire life that had led to this moment where he hiding under a pile of blankets with Drake of all people. He wishes sweet death would come for him already. Tim peeks quietly outside the blankets before hiding back beneath the pile.

“I can still hear them talking,” Tim whispers. “They’re still acting like each other and doing ridiculous pantomimes.” Damian groans, but softly, he doesn’t want to give away their position after all.

“Do you think we should attack? Make them end this foolishness?” Tim purses his lips before shaking his head.

“I wouldn’t risk it. Jason, or Dick uh Jason who is pretending to be Dick, is looking for you, wanting to give you super lovely big brother hugs of affection. And Dick who is Jason still has those water guns and is coming to ‘gun me down’. I think we’re better off where we are.” Damian lets his head hit the floor.

“I hate you people.”

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could you please do some HC for present mic, aizawa and toshinori seeing their s/o wearing the guy's hero merch? thank you ^.^

Present Mic: His ego goes through the roof at this but at the same time he thinks it’s hilarious. Like why you gotta wear that when you go the real thing right there. Teases forever about how much you must love him.

Aizawa: Tbh I don’t think he has a lot of merchandise. He wouldn’t allow it, he hates it even. He doesn’t want that attention. I think he wouldn’t like it at all and outright tell you so. He finds it awkward. Just steal his shirts instead.

All Might: It puts this warm feeling in his chest. He’s scared of being forgotten really, like he’s less of a hero now and everything he’s done wasn’t enough. He sees this as an act of adoration and that means a lot to him seen as you’re so important to him.

Britpop as an idea is no longer valid, it’s no longer challenging.

I am rich. I fucking am. There’s no point denying it.

When I was 13, I went to Carnaby Street in London and got my ear pierced and dyed my hair orange. That’s why we find bands like Green Day hilarious, because we were dyeing our hair years ago.

I’ve got people camping outside my place in Kensington. In sleeping bags. It’s not that irritating, except we haven’t got any curtains in the front room, so we can’t walk round in the nude.

My mum thinks I’m a ultra-conservative in the way I dress. Hippy parents just don’t understand why you want to wear a shirt and smart shoes.

I don’t care who I snog, girls or boys. It’s not a sexual thing at all, it’s almost of a header.

I’ve had a very violent temper and dangerous I’m violent in my affections.

We were young, good looking and in the best band in the world.

In the Sixties people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, people take Prozac to make it normal.

Everyone is taking drugs, apart from Graham and me. We are virtually the only exception in the entire scene.

We don’t drink before we go on stage, that’s the only rule.

Alex writes a song every two years and they’re all about planets.“

It’s extraordinary that 16-year olds thrust their breasts at me and ask me to sign them. But they do.

Graham has obsessions. At the moment it’s American hardcore. They last from six to eight months, and it’s very hard for him to see anything else.

Pop people are defects. Pop people are funny in the head and the more pop they get, the funnier their heads become. Pop begins in bedrooms and ends up in supermarkets.

I’m an 80’s kid and The Smiths were one of my bands, but the title’s not supposed to be a clever pun. I only met Morrissey once - I satnext to him at an awards ceremony last year and he sort of just limply shook my hand. The song is as much about Van Morrison as it is about Morrissey. (on ‘Charmless Man’)  

I’m a mixed up person. I’ve got this real Essex man vibe…I can’t help it.. I can’t stand the idea of being a sad lonely bed-sit poet… I’d rather be perceived as loud and arrogant.

I love herds…all these blokes and all these girls meeting at the watering hole and then just…copulating.

We only had three things to say in our first interviews: we’re great, we’re not an indie band and don’t judge us now - judge us in five years’ time. At least now we’ve done something that lives up to my big mouth.

I used to go to loads of parties and whever I got there, Graham would be lying on the ground like a human doormat.

There was a time when any pop star who even admitted to enjoying books was dismissed as a middle-class twat. They’ve virtually given up on calling me a middle-class twat now because I’ve actually admitted ‘Yes, I am a middle-class twat’ about a million times, so they’ve given up now!

I have to wear a new t-shirt every night. I throw them into the audience. One day I’m going to go 'round the world and reclaim all my t-shirts.

We’ve said nothing in any of our interviews - we’re probably the only band in history to do that. Dave just says nothing. Alex says nothing in an Alex way. Graham says nothing in a very negative way. I say nothing in a roundabout way. We do it on purpose because there is very little to say; it’s all about feeling. Our generation doesn’t need a spokesman. [1991] 

We’re a very post-modern thing. There’s a line in “Repitition”, “Try try try, all things remain the same, so why try again?”, adapted from Beckett. I sensed that one Christmas morning when I was 18 being chased across my old school field by my old girlfriend’s irate father. I was drunk and had wanted to tell her I loved her. There’s an enormous emotional reason behind that song, but does the world give a fuck?

I’ve only ever been in love with one person and that’s Justine.

We love each other too much too get married. - about Justine Frischmann  

We lay on a very clean bed, did the business, then I walked home and had a nice cup of tea and a fancy bun. - on losing his virginity 

At the end of the day, not only do we write great songs, but we have a natural strangeness about us that makes us interesting.

My mum made it for me years ago and it’s part of me now. It was meant to protect me when she wasn’t there. I think it’s worked on the whole. - on his necklace 

Pulp are one of my favourites. We’ve done a lot of growing up together. What I love about them is that they’re bright.
—  Damon Albarn 

Get to Know Me Tag

I was tagged by @holycannolis. Thanks! :D

Zodiac sign: I never pay attention to those. But Google says it’s Libra?

Height: 5′11. Too tall. You know how hard it is to find decent shirts and long jeans? D:

Time right now: 11:41

Last thing googled: Puns. Ahah.

Favorite music artist(s): I’ve been listening to a lot of Apocalyptica, Flyleaf, and Sidewalk Prophets lately so those people I guess. 

Last tv show watched: Diesel Brothers. They’re hilarious.

What im wearing right now: I’m wearing clothes. Crazy, right? :P

When did i create this blog: Last Fall sometime. 

Do i have any other blogs: Nope

Do i get asks regularly: Nope

Why did i choose my url: It’s kind of a play on words and has a meaning to it but I won’t go into details because I doubt people care and ain’t nobody got time for that xD

Pokemon team: Considering the last time I ever watched Pokémon was when I was in grade school I don’t think I really have a team :P

Favorite colors: Turquoise, red and black.

Average hours of sleep: 7 or less usually.

Favorite characters: Anakin Skywalker. I like his character’s evolution of going from good to evil and then back to good. I tend to prefer tragic characters for some reason lol.

Then I like Jon Snow a lot - although I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones I do know his storyline. 

Dream job: Veterinary Technician.

So I was browsing the Bethesda merch site because I need more gym t-shirts, and WHAT DO I FIND but prints of the new Corvo and Emily concept art for Dishonored 2. 

And I won’t lie, I was tempted to buy the Emily print, but that is not why I am posting!  I am posting because of the hilarious descriptor for the Corvo print, which reads: 

“Corvo Attano, the supernatural assassin, the Outsider’s raven, and Royal Protector to his daughter, Empress Emily Kaldwin.”

The Outsider’s raven?

I’m sorry, but… what???

Is the Outsider so bored that he’s resorted to trolling Corvo with pet names? 

Is Corvo’s occult affiliation an open secret in Dunwall, leading him to become the dashing star of illegal penny dreadfuls and/or slash fan fiction??

Is this an official job in the Church of Whale Satan now? Has the Outsider spent the last fifteen years making Corvo run errands, collect shiny dead things, and build a nest in the royal palace???

So many questions, so few answers.

(The answer is almost certainly that the marketing guy hasn’t played the game but hush, leave me my dreams.) 

Random Vorish Thoughts
  • Imagine how much laundry Prey/Vore Tinies would have to do thanks to the 'devouring'. Or, at least, the ones that wear clothes while being eaten.
  • *At Laundromat*
  • Person: Oh, what happened to your clothes?
  • Prey: Saliva.
  • Person: .... What?
  • Prey: Y'know Saliva gets stuck in the fabric and it can kinda fade the color and... Nevermind.
  • Person: Why's that got a rip?
  • Prey: Oh! My shirt got snagged on a tooth a couple days ago... Like, it didn't actually cut me so it's cool.
  • Person: Yeah, cool....
  • I find this scenario hilarious and totally relevant~
Older Seiji Headcanon Masterpost

Hey guys! Here’s all the headcanons @aceofseido and I were chatting about earlier today, cleaned up and edited for an easy read! :) I also owe a few of these headcanons to @tsumibear! <3

I was super careful to not give any spoilers of the plot of Say You’ll Remember Me away, so read these without worry! And if you want to draw older Seiji (please please do) this should be all the references you need! ;)

*there is one headcanon which is about current Seiji in the plot, it’s the insight one.

• So as you all know from reading my fic, Seiji looks just like Oikawa physically, but he has Iwaizumi’s hair, skin, and eye color, along with the baby freckles. He has Iwaizumi’s eyebrows too, and Oikawa’s scrunchy nose.

• BUT you’ve probably also noticed from all the details I’ve been dropping, Seiji’s personality is a lot like Iwaizumi’s.

• Despite having Oikawa’s face, he mean mugs everyone. Seiji has Iwaizumi’s resting grump face. His grumpiness isn’t that apparent right now because Seiji is always happy when he’s with Oikawa (and Iwaizumi), and they’re always together, so Seiji is like constantly cheerful.

• But once he starts going to school and getting older and spending more time away from Oikawa, his natural grump face from Iwaizumi becomes way more obvious.

• Though when he gets older, he’s such a babe, everyone loves him, he has a fanclub that rivals Oikawa’s in high school. Seiji never notices them though. Because he’s as dense as Iwaizumi is.

• Like he’ll find random gifts and uplifting notes from his fanclub in his desk/shoes/locker and Seiji will just be like “Woah, what a weird but lucky coincidence!” All his friends shake their heads in the background.

• He becomes the ace and captain of his volleyball team.

• When he gets into weight training, his arms can give Iwaizumi’s a run for their money.

• Seiji also likes wearing skirts, but only occasionally, far less than Oikawa wears them. He’s actually really self-conscious about liking to wear skirts. The reason for this is because he feels more male in a way? Plus he’s significantly buffer than his mom, and he’s a total momma’s boy where he thinks his mom is the prettiest. This mentality of his sticks with him forever, it’s quite precious.

• I headcanon him as a demiboy rather than genderfluid like Oikawa.

• A little insight into Seiji’s current relationship with Iwaizumi: at this point in the story, he adores Iwaizumi, mostly because kids are perceptive as hell and he can see how much Iwaizumi makes Oikawa happy. He doesn’t know their history or understand their relationship, but he’s three years old. Obviously he doesn’t know what’s going on. What Seiji does understand is that Iwaizumi is a ton of fun to be around and everything is better when he’s there so he always wants Iwaizumi to be with them.

• Oikawa and Seiji’s relationship changes a little when Seiji gets older.

• Basically Seiji is a mini Oikawa in looks but a mini Iwaizumi in personality, right? So he’s pretty easily riled up, embarrassed, and flustered. Therefore Oikawa loves to tease and torment his son just like he does to Iwaizumi.

• And Seiji gets so embarrassed, but he can’t really retaliate because it’s his mom, and he still adores the heck out of his mom too, so he just blushes like crazy and yells “MOM STOP!”

• Bokuto and Kuroo tease him too, but Seiji has no problem sassing them back.

• Oikawa is a mega milf, all the friends Seiji brings home fall in love with Oikawa and it irritates Seiji to no end.

• Seiji gives his friends an ultimatum like so: “All you thirsties better lay off my Mom now or you’re never coming over again.”

• Nevertheless, his friends always ask, “How’s your Mom?” and then run because they won’t live if they get caught.

• Sometimes Seiji’s friends drop by not even to see him, but to visit Oikawa, and Seiji is just, “Why do I even associate with you guys.”

• Seiji is out and Oikawa calls him one day saying “your friends are over so I invited them in” and Seiji tells Oikawa to kick them out, but he’s already running home.

• Oikawa tells them that Seiji is on his way and all Seiji’s friends are determined to spend the last few minutes of their lives having a good time with Oikawa so they make him laugh and stuff while Seiji gets home panting and sweating and angry but they have accepted their fates.

• Oikawa shouldn’t find it so funny since it happens like every other week but it still is. Oikawa knows exactly how those boys feel about him too, but he humors them regardless because he thinks they’re cute, and they are genuine, good friends to Seiji when they aren’t trying to flirt with him.

• Oikawa acts extra nice to them when Seiji is home because it’s funny.

• In response, Seiji just pouts and sulks at him with an expression that says “really? can you not, please?”

• And Oikawa just laughs and kisses Seiji’s face, and Seiji is so embarrassed. Oikawa is laughing as he leaves the room.

• All Seiji’s friends are mega jealous because they want kisses but only Seiji gets them. One of his friends wonders out loud what it would take to get a kiss from Oikawa.

• Seiji punches him and sneers “Why don’t you ask him to kiss you better now?” in extreme Iwaizumi fashion.

• Alternatively: Seiji wrestles him to the floor. Also Iwaizumi style.

• Seiji becomes as brutal as Iwaizumi when he’s older and it’s hilarious given he has his Oikawa’s pretty face. Oikawa teases Seiji about being so brutish all the time.


• Oikawa finds it super endearing but a little annoying.

• For example, people come up to Oikawa to hit on him while they’re out shopping, and Seiji very loudly says, “Hey, MOM, I think I want this shirt,” and glares the poor guy/girl down.

• When the person leaves Seiji plainly says, “I can never leave you alone Mom.”

• Oikawa just rolls his eyes but humors Seiji, because his son is adorable at any age.

• Oikawa also doesn’t mention all the heads he sees turning after Seiji because ignorance is bliss and he wants his son to remain pure.

• Essentially, Seiji is an absolute sweetheart and a mama’s boy, and he’s also a heartbreaker but he isn’t aware of it. Please love him as much as I do.

Right, Honey?

Dean x Reader

The countless aisle of brightly colored labels with slogans you had heard many times before on TV were almost numbing as you looked for the few items you needed. To be honest, you really didn’t need anything, but after being in the car for more than 12 hours with two men, you were willing to pretend to need some super personal “lady items” for a few minutes. Your eye caught sight of your favorite snack and you contemplated getting it.  Well Dean had asked for pie, so if he was getting his favorite food why shouldn’t you. You picked up the food, and tossed in your little hand basket before strolling around towards the bakery.

As you looked about for a pecan pie a dreadful, yet familiar voice broke through the numb peace reigning in your head.

“Y/N, is that you?!” the voice called out. You didn’t turn around, hoping she would just assume that it wasn’t you and keep walking. However, you had never been that lucky.

“Y/N,” she called again, standing directly in front of you. There was no hiding. You looked up at the mac eyeshadow enhanced eyes, on the perfectly contoured face of your cousin, Michelle.

“Hi, Michelle. It’s been a while,” you sighed, realizing this was going to be exceedingly unpleasant quickly.

“It has! Everyone thought you were dead! From the looks of it, I wouldn’t be too quick to put off that rumor.”

“Oh, Michelle, you’re so funny,” you spoke dryly, with a faked smile.

“You know, last week, I was out on my yacht, and my mother said she heard that you let all of your money go down the drain.”

“Oh you were on a yacht, I thought the point was to keep the sea harpies out of the boat. But what would I know about boating.”

“What indeed,” she sneered, “you should see my home. Some of us know how to invest wisely.”

“Still trying to find happiness in Benjamin Franklin’s eyes I see. I’m sure he’ll be around when you’re old and alone.”

“I don’t need any of that. I managed to make something of my life.”

The gloves were off, and things were about to get personal. Michelle’s carefully filled in eyebrows pushed together to form as much of a frown as Botox would allow. However before she could say anything, her gaze shifted to a point just past you. Before you could look back to see what she was staring at, a hand touched your lower back.

“Everything alright,” a heavenly familiar voice asked.  You looked up at Dean and felt a light bulb go off in your head.

“Yeah, babe, everything’s great. I just ran into my cousin, Michelle. We were having a chat,” you explained, making careful eye contact with Dean that read ‘Please just play along.’ He gave you a confused glance but played along never the less. He looked to Michelle and smiled, offering her a short nod.

“Well who is this?” Michelle asked, looking Dean over with an almost predatory glare. Dean shifted uncomfortably on his feet under her gaze.

“My husband, Dean, Dean Winchester.” You lied. The words just spilled out of your mouth. Michelle was just so smug about everything all the time. While she might have been rich, she had never found someone who would love her. You couldn’t even blame her suitors for deciding the money wasn’t worth it. She was just a terrible person, and it was because life had always been served to her on a silver platter.

“Husband?!” Michelle exclaimed. Dean and gave you a slow confused glare.

“Yeah, we’ve been married for a year now.”

“Oh please! You could barely charm a toothless fool. There is no way he is your husband,” she laughed.

At that blatant bit of disrespect, Dean through an arm around you and pulled you close, “I am her husband, and trust me, my baby is plenty charming.”

Michelle gave you both a surprised look, and under her concealer and foundation you were sure you could see her face turn red, “Well, Nana’s holding dinner at her house tonight. You should come and let the family meet your husband.”

“Oh I-”

“Oh yes you have to come Nana will be so pleased to see you.”

“O-okay,” you stuttered.

“Good. I’ll tell everyone you’re coming.” she resolved before continuing through the store without so much as a good bye.

“God, she’s a bitch,” Dean complained.

“I’m sorry, I dragged you into a lie, she just makes me so angry!” you growled.

“It’s all good. We’re going to that dinner, and we’re gonna give her hell.”

“You’re just in it for the food,” you grumbled, smiling up at him a little bit.  He gave you a big grin in return and winked before turning the both of you around to head to check out. Dean made sure to tell Sam what happened the moment the two of you got back to the motel. Sam found the entire thing hilarious, but you were already in war mode. If you were going to survive an entire evening with your haughty family, you needed to get Dean ready. That meant shopping, and going over house rules and manners.

“Dean I need your shirt and pants size,” you called as you went into the boys’ room.
Dean gave you a funny look, “Why?”

“I need to find you something to wear for dinner tonight.”

“Figured I’d just take out the FBI suit-”

“Dean, my family is on the fucking Forbes’ list. They will know a cheap suit when they see one,” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose, “Why am I even asking you, come on. We’ll get you measured.”

Going to high end shops with Dean was no field day. He complained about being confined in a “monkey suit” to no end. However, you knew he was pleased, he liked being pampered. It was one of his guilty pleasures that he thought no one knew about. You picked out the suit and you were simply taken aback by how absolutely stunning he looked in a suit. This was going to be good.

Aftter hours of making yourself look like the perfect women you are, you emerged from the bathroom of the hotel room you’d rented just for the night to greet Dean. His mouth fell open a bit at the sight of you. While on the road he only ever saw you in jeans and an old tee. This was entirely different and the dress you wore did wonders.

“Okay, um I think we are ready to go,” you quipped. Sam came walking through the double suite, and gave you the same bemused expression Dean was giving you. Immediately, you felt self conscious.

“Is there something wrong with me?” you asked frantically hurrying back to the bathroom mirror.

“No! No,” Sam exclaimed, “You… you look gorgeous.”

Slowly you stepped out of the bathroom with a sheepish smile, “Thanks, Sammy. Well, while you’re here feel free to order room service and watch all of the pay per view you’d like.”

“Thanks. So why did we have to move hotels.”

“The other one was too cheap. If Michelle found out I was there she’d tell the entire family, and I don’t want to deal with that. Enjoy the fancy soaps, and the comfy beds,” you encouraged before checking your phone for the time. If you didn’t leave right at that moment, you were going to be late. You hurried over to Dean and took his hand, towing him out of the door. As you drove in the freshly cleaned and polished Impala you gave Dean his story.

“We have been married for one year, dated for three, accounts for all the time I’ve been away from the family. You are a mechanical engineer, with a modest salary. I am a nurse, and we live in a little suburb upstate.”

“Why do you care so much about what these people think?” He questioned

“I dunno,” you sighed, “It’s really just Michelle, she’s been a smug asshole since the day she was born. Mom enjoyed the modest simple things in life, so we didn’t get extravagant unnecessary things, and Michelle always made fun of me for having less. Listen, Dean, you’re a pretty good guy, and if anything you’ll get some good food from all of this. Leave my family to me.”

“Whatever you say, honey,” he smiled.

Dean let you out of the car at the door while he parked. The door opened the moment you stepped on the big porch. Michelle was there with a big smile, ushering you in quickly.

“Y/N’s here every one!” she called, “Y/N where’s your husband? We’re all dying to meet him!”

“If only you all would just die,” you grumbled under your breath. You were quickly swallowed up in the chaos of questions and hugs from family members, all of them saying the same thing to as the last. “You look stunning” “You could lose some weight?” “We thought you were dead!” it all went around until you met your grandmother’s kindly face. She pulled you into an honestly pleased hug and kissed your forehead.

“There’s my favorite,” she murmured in your ear, making you smile.

“What about Michelle?” you grinned.

“Don’t get me started on that brainless wench,” she scowled.

“Nana,” you laughed. The two of you caught up with each other in a secluded part of the living room next to the fire place. As far as your family went the only one you ever missed was your Nana. She was honestly a good woman, her living children were just questionable people. 

“Michelle told me you were married.”

You felt a little bad about lying to your grandmother, but you nodded. Holding out your hand to show off the diamond ring you bought at the mall.

“Where is he?”

You craned your neck around and looked for Dean among your family. At first you began to fear that he had changed his mind, decided all of this wasn’t worth it. Before your fears could get the better of you, you saw him and your heart skipped a beat.

He was just walking out of the kitchen with a bottle of expensive whiskey and glass. His eyes caught yours, and he set the bottle on the table and continued over with his glass. As your nana saw him she let out a low whistle.

“Damn, he’s one fine piece of man. Does he have a brother?” she asked wagging her eyebrows. You laughed at her question and nodded.

“He has a younger brother.”

Dean came over and met your grandmother, getting a taste of her quick wit, and sly humor. The woman was really just an older version of you. That realization made Dean smile, especially as he saw the happiness the woman gave you. He couldn’t imagine why you’d traded all of this for a life on the road with a target on your back. Dinner was soon served, and Dean learned that when you said he’ get good food out of the deal, you hadn’t been joking.

“So, Y/N, when can we expect kids from the two of you,” Michelle asked with a vindictive smile.

“Uh…” you drawled.

“We want to be sure this world is safe for a child, before we bring one end. So whenever the time is right.” Dean answered smoothly, taking your hand that rested on top of the table. You recognized that he was rather good at this charade.

“So how did you two meet?” Michelle further drilled, looking for a weak spot in your lie. In truth, she had found it. You had not discussed your meeting.

“Well,” Dean began, and he looked at you with soft tender eyes, “I was passing through Montana on business and I found her with her nose buried deep in a text book about local native american tribes,” this was no tribe, this was truly how you had met, “There was this supposed sacred ground in the forest near by and well we were both looking for it. I worked up the courage to talk to her, and we went out for coffee. We wound up going to the sacred ground together, and we haven’t lef each other’s side since.”

“How romantic,” your grandmother sighed.

“Let’s get a kiss from the lovely new couple!” Michelle cheered.

You shook your head “no” but the rest of the family simply joined in with cheering. Dean put a finger under your chin to make you look at him, before her pressed his lips down on yours. You felt butterflies batter at the walls of your stomach… What the hell did that mean?!

Dinner passed with minimal upset. Your family seemed widely accepting of Dean.I was a relief that no one put that much scrutiny on him or you. Michelle threw silent glares at you every now and again, but over all that dinner was fine. There was even pie for dessert. 

As you drove back to the hotel you and Dean laughed about the events of the night.

“Why did you ever leave?” Dean asked.

“Well after mom died… well I just didn’t fit in. My mom lived a more modest life, and the family really disowned her for dating someone they thought was below her… so yeah… I just didn’t feel like I could go to them. You know?”

“Yeah… well I had being your husband. For pie like that, I’ll actually marry you,” he chuckled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for being my husband for the night.”

“No problem, honey,” he grinned.

Favorite Scene From Each Episode of Veronica Mars, Day 25: Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang, or, Logan’s Jerkass Woobieness in Full Bloom

[Previous Installment: Favorite Scene From Each Episode of Veronica Mars, Day 24: Driver Ed, or, How Wallace Pized Away Perfection]

Between a couple of long trips and that darn FanFic Author Appreciation Week, it has been a while since I did one of these Favorite Scenes posts. I have not been missed, as a quick perusal shows that people like bibliophileiz, dieselpunkd, and others are producing far better written and more interesting stuff for susanmichelin’s game. But inferiority has never stopped me before, and since this tumblr (and I am sure this really sets it apart) is all about self-indulgence, away we go (once more).

If I were actually going to pick my favorite scene from “Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang” at the moment, it might actually be the hilariously lame and awkward double date movie night  with Veronica, Duncan, Wallace, and Jackie. This episode has it all: Donut being a dork, Wallace andbeing way too concerned with what Veronica thinks about Jackie, and, maybe best of all, Veronica (in a hilarious shirt/sweater vest combo thing) getting annoyed at Jackie, and doing her possessive thing about Wallace, foreshadowing her going through the roof when she finds out about Logan and Kendall later in the episode. Honestly, how was Jackie so gracious through all this? Have we ever solved the mystery of why Jackie suddenly decided to go out with Wallace (see the previous post in this series)?

(Side note: as much as we talk about all over Veronica’s behavior being guided by her experience of exclusion and stuff, I think we have to give a fair bit of the “credit” for her jealously to being an only child. She is clearly not used to other people playing with her toys.)

If I was going to be more fun and stuff, that is the scene I would discuss. However, for some reason I feel compelled to do beat this Woobie Logan horse once more.

Logan is a jerk. “Jerk” may seem mild, but hopefully it gets the job done via understatement. Yet we also feel sorry for Logan, even at or close to his expressions of jerkassery. As is widely acknowledged, Logan Echolls is pretty much the paradigmatic (and arguably premiere) jerkass woobie in recent television.

Two scenes of his woobieness are quite jerkass-adjacent. These scenes are quite well-known and frequently discussed. I think they are linked, though, by just how badly Logan gets hurt in each scene, who does the hurting, and what it says about where he is at this point in the season.

First, we have the scene where Duncan and Logan are getting patched up by the school nurse (that is some school nurses office!) in the wake of their fight, spurred on by Logan’s asinine, but guilty-pleasure inducing comment: “Didn’t plug her right the first time, huh?”

For once, it’s hard to blame the Dick-meister.

Back to the nurse’s office: the first time I watched this scene, when Logan said “Oh, hell with Veronica. She’s in the rear-view mirror,” I was taken aback. What? Logan doesn’t care about Duncan basically waiting around for Logan to screw it up with Veronica then slip back in via cheesy fortune cookie? Logan is lying, right? Surely all the stuff about Duncan not having his back is a smokescreen!

On further reflection, although the Veronica issue probably added to Logan’s bitterness, on Logan’s end, I really do think it is almost completely about Duncan abandoning him. It is Duncan who viciously shoves Logan’s failings with Veronica into his face: “You lost her; I didn’t steal her.”

It now seems to me that Logan is being honest here: he wants to know why Duncan abandoned him during the worst summer of Logan’s already-less-than-awesome life. It is important to remember how Logan treats Duncan in the first season. Logan does his best to look out for Duncan and take care of him, even if Logan does not always do so in the best way (and sometimes makes things worse). The way Logan looks as Duncan walks away from him in both “Meet John Smith” and “A Trip to the Dentist” says it all.

I enjoy excessive mocking of and piling onto Duncan as much as all good-hearted people, but there is no need for that here. The situation speaks for itself. Logan is not asking why Duncan did not help him burn down the pool or anything like that. He is simply wanting to know why Duncan never contacted him in the aftermath of the horrific revelations about Aaron and Lilly, Logan being nearly beaten to death, and then arrested for the death of one of his assailants and becoming the “eye of the storm.” (Let’s leave aside Duncan’s indication to Veronica in “Leave It to Beaver” that he knew Logan was being abused.) Even at this moment, all Logan is looking for is some acknowledgment by Duncan that he actually cares about Logan. I really do think (and his behavior toward Veronica and Duncan after this episode, though hardly pristine, backs this up) he was willing to give Veronica up if that is what she and Duncan wanted. He really was willing to try and put Veronica “in the rear view mirror.”

Duncan has known Logan long enough to know what Logan is really asking. And while Duncan has clearly been through a lot as well, his response makes one wonder if Duncan is simply being narcissistic (by assuming that only he, and not Logan, suffered in the wake of Lilly’s death), or if he is being deliberately cruel, too (by throwing Aaron in Logan’s face, as if it were somehow Logan’s fault). “Your dad murdered my sister” (followed by walking out)  isn’t as brutal as Duncan’s eye rolling “you were there, too” response to Veronica confronting him about Shelly Pomeroy’s party, but it is a heck of a runner-up. Well done, Duncan.

The icing on the cake is Duncan’s nonchalant attitude after the whole confrontation. “Veronica, it’s no big deal, just what guys do sometimes.” Duncan really just does not get it, or worse, he does get it, and Logan’s situation is just a blip on Duncan’s radar.

The second scene I want to discuss is the memorable “poor little rich boy” scene (as I call it) or, as others call it, the “towel scene.” This scene has multiple dimensions. The one towards which I would normally be drawn – psycho-stalker jealous ex-girlfriend Veronica who gets angry with Logan for having sex with someone else even though she is sleeping with his former best friend (GOTZMINE) – is tremendous, but this time around I want to focus on something a bit more specific.

(Dig that the blue outfit of repression, cheshirecatstrut!)

First of all, keep in mind that this scene, coming about midway through the third episode of the season, is the first time Veronica has spoken to Logan in real time (that is, outside of flashbacks) the whole season. If this post was not already too long, I would go into that in more depth. For now, I will just note (and again, this issue itself could be a whole post, so this is not all there is to it) that this method of protecting herself also serves (unintentionally on her part, at least at first) to hurt Logan – it is as if she is wishing he (and the memories of their time together) would just go away from her “perfectly normal” world with Duncan and their fantastic double dates with Wallace and Jackie. Suffice it to say that there is plenty of pent-up emotion in this scene.

Despite her anger and denial, Veronica is right about one thing: Logan is being deliberately self-destructive. Leaving aside the moral aspects of adultery (and statutory rape on Kendall’s side): as Logan himself noted in the previous episode, the gun-toting Mr. Casablancas has a very similar life philosophy to Logan’s own murdering father.

L(The symbolic aspects of Logan’s affair with Kendall are manifold and too much to get into here. Off the top of my head: the symbolic revenge of cuckolding someone like his father just as Aaron did to him; the “revenge” on Lilly by showing he could do it, too; and most of all, his desire for self-destruction after his perceived abandonment by Veronica in order to follow Lilly, “the love of his life,” down the same path in order to join her in oblivion).

Logan does seem to finally be getting some sense of satisfaction by Veronica simply being there and acknowledging his existence. But it is not enough. Her jealousy, at least in the manner she cannot help but express it, seems to be purely sexual. From his perspective, Veronica did not come to find him until she knew he was having sex with someone else. Without getting into the details, the series makes it pretty clear that Logan can have great sex with pretty much anyone. He is used to being the object of lust. Whatever joy that brings to his life is hardly unique, though. He wants something else from Veronica. He wants her to trust him, care for him, and love him.

While Logan may put a smarmy, self-satisfied look on his face, Logan is clearly feeling something else on the inside as Veronica rants. Yes, Logan is being ridiculously reckless and obnoxious. He has not been trustworthy. But Veronica still manages to find a way to go above and beyond in her cruelty. Logan can accept being a  cliché, a “poor little rich boy with a death-wish.” Veronica goes one step further: “I used to think that it was bad luck that landed you in danger… The knife fight on the bridge and the drive-by in your car. But no, now I see you actually enjoy it, don’t you, Logan?”

Contrast this with Veronica’s (at least in her memories) reaction the night Logan came to her door. Logan said he woke up and Felix was dead, and that he did not kill Felix. Veronica believed him. Veronica’s rant in this scene implies that it was a “knife fight,” that she no longer believes him about that. Perhaps even worse, the drive-by in which not just Logan, but Veronica was also killed (which is implied to have spurred Logan on to the despicable act of burning down the public pool) is glossed by Veronica as something else Logan “enjoyed.” What Logan is hearing is that he is scum who does not even really care about her (when, in fact, she was one of the only things he still cared about; not the only thing, though, as we saw from the scene with Duncan, even if Logan was willing to give up Duncan for her; just as he now seems to be willing to give up Veronica for Duncan), and basically got what he had coming the night of the knife fight.

What Logan hears in all this, then, despite his cocky countenance, is that Veronica, like Duncan (and like everyone else Logan  has ever loved, at least as he perceives it), simply does not care about him.

Bleach characters stage an intervention for Grimmjow

As requested by anon. :)

[If you decide you love intervention lists, why not check out the interventions that have been held for Matsumoto, Halibel, and Ichigo?]

Ulquiorra: Hello, Grimmjow.

Ulquiorra: We are here because we have something important to discuss with you. 

Ichigo: Sit down, man. We’re here as friends.

Orihime: We have a place for you, right here!

Grimmjow: …

Grimmjow: I’m fine standing.

Grimmjow: What the hell is going on?

Rukia (muttering): Yeah of course he’s fine standing.

Grimmjow: What was that?!

Ichigo: Dude, calm down!

Ichigo: This is not one of those aggressive meetings.

Nnoitra: Despite what SOME of us recommended.

Ulquiorra: We simply wish to discuss with you your….propensity to leave you shirt open. All the time.

Grimmjow: What

Shinji: You show your chest off too much, dude.

Shinji: We looked in your closet.

Shinji: No shirts.

Shinji: Just a dozen identical vests.

Shinji: It’s a little weird.

Orihime: N-not that we’re here to make value judgments, Grimmjow!

Orihime: We just think maybe you don’t quite, um, realize just how much you, um, enjoy having your shirt open.

Nnoitra: We also found waxing materials.

Nnoitra: Dude…….really?

Orihime: G-guys! Judgment-free zone! Judgment-free zone!

Ulquiorra: The woman is correct. We are not here as a judicial body. We are here as….

Orihime (whispering): Friends!

Ulquiorra: Oh right. We are here as friends who fear that you may be unhealthily addicted to having a bare chest.

Grimmjow: This is bullshit! My fashion choices are none of your business! And anyway, what the HELL is wrong with not wearing a shirt?!

Halibel: Christmas ‘08.

Grimmjow: …what about it?

Haliblel: Human world mission. Zub-zero temperatures. By the time you returned to Hueco Mundo, you had icicles on your nipples.

Rukia: Thanks so much for putting that image in our brains!

Halibel: It was freezing outside, Grimmjow. Why didn’t you wear a shirt?

Grimmjow: Because I’m STRONG maybe? I didn’t even notice the cold!

Halibel: Nipple icicles though.

Rukia: Stop saying that please!!

Halibel: "Nipple" or “icicle”?


Nnoitra: Grimmjow, lemme put this in a way you can understand! Fights are all about having the upper hand, right?

Nnoitra: That’s exactly why I wear an eye patch over my hollow hole! So that people will be tricked into stabbing me in the eye, only to realize that they just stabbed empty air! Both hilarious and effective!

Nnoitra: But you? You fucking advertise your hollow hole! If you wore a shirt, then you might trick someone into stabbing you in the gut, only to realize that they can’t! Eh? Eh?

Grimmjow: Or maybe I’ll just dominate my fights so hard that I won’t get stabbed.

Ichigo: But Grimmjow, when we fought -


Ulquiorra: What I find bothersome about your so-called fashion choices is that you wear a vest.

Ulquiorra: A vest with no shirt.

Ulquiorra: If you wish to show off your torso, then wear nothing. If you don’t wish to show off your torso, then wear a uniform.

Ulquiorra: A shirtless vest look is as senselessly confusing as the human heart.

Orihime: …

Ichigo: Not to mention that not wearing a shirt robs you of the fun of getting your clothes totally shredded in a fight! I mean, how are you supposed to know how you’re doing if you don’t have your clothes as a gauge?

Ichigo: You can’t go by injuries, Grimmjow! Injuries mean as much or as little as they plot needs! Level of clothing sheddery is the only way!

Rukia: Basically, you look like a giant dork. Maybe you should stop that.

Orihime: K-Kuchiki! Why are you so grumpy today?

Rukia: Remember when Grimmjow tried to remove my stomach?

Orihime: Oh yeah…

Shinji: Look man. I for one understand fashion. But you just gotta remember - everyone in Bleach has killer abs! Even Yamamoto who is over a thousand years old has killer abs!

Shinji: So for you show off your abs like they’re your best feature, well…….it’s just a little sad.

Grimmjow: …

Grimmjow: …

Grimmjow: Fuck you all.

Ichigo: I feel like this is going well. 

Imagine for Alyssa:

“Wake up!!” you groaned as you felt the duvet being ripped off of you. You buried your face into your pillows in attempt to block everyone out. “You can’t sleep the day away” you eventually gave in and sat up facing Connor who had ruined your amazing rest. “Smile” he said giving you a bug, cheesy grin. 

When you washed and changed you made your way downstairs to see Jc, Kian, Connor and Ricky sitting on the counters. “Morning, just” you smiled sarcastically at Kian as you pushed pass him to get a bottle of water. “Could’ve asked me to move”

“Well, I didn’t want to” you replied after taking a sip from your bottle and sitting next to Jc on the counter. 

“Connor, why did you ask her to move in with us? She’s grumpy” Kian said, you two were normally like this. It was just like how siblings fight so it didn’t really mean anything. It was just a laugh. Connor shook his head not bothering to answer. 

Later on you were all sat watching what felt like the hundredth film of the day. You were stay between Connor and Ricky whilst Kian and Jc were sat in front of you on the floor with their backs against the edge of the sofa. “Let’s do something else” Jc suggested, slightly sounding like he was whining. 

“How about truth or dare?” Connor asked, everyone nodded. Jc and Kian turned around so that they were facing the three of you after the TV was turned off. 

“Me first, I choose Connor and he has to do both” Ricky rushed. 

“But I didn’t say anything” Connor complained looking at Ricky. Ricky smirked and shook his head.

“Doesn’t matter” Ricky said “Your dare is to kiss Alyssa on the lips” he added another smirk whilst Connor was mentally panicking. He bit his lip showing that he was beginning to feel rather awkward. You pretended as though you didn’t hear Ricky so you were playing with your hands, looking at your nails. Then as quick as a flash you felt a pair of lips meet yours. It was only a quick peck but you still felt something, you didn’t know what it was but you knew it was something amazing. 

“It’s getting hot in here” Jc exclaimed whilst pulling on the neck of his shirt dramatically. Then laughing finding himself hilarious. You sighed at his stupidity. 

“Now your truth is. How much do you like Alyssa?” You began to wonder why he was always mentioning you. Why you? Why not anyone else? They know plenty of other people. 

“Well” he scratched the back of his neck and began to think of the words to say. “A lot” that’s the moment when you looked up into Connor’s eyes.

“I like you a lot too” you say with a slight giggle and pushing some hair out of your face.

“Now I know why Connor asked her to move in” Kian blurted out, ruining the moment. Both you and Connor glared at him. “Oh, bad timing, sorry” he put his hands up and moved back a little. 

“So…” Connor said. He was more awkward than you had ever seen him before and you admit it was extremely strange.

“Don’t worry, me and the boys will set up a date for you guys” Jc said to which Connor sighed a sigh of relief. 


The members of the ATP Player Council recognise and thank Roger Federer for serving as their President from 2008-2014 at Wimbledon on June 20, 2014.