that whole thing though like

Prince AU! Seongwoo

so like, i love prince aus they always make me high key roll around in my bed so i’ve decided to try and write one myself HDJFLS


  • “Prince Seongwoo? What about him?”
  • you looked up from the pile of books you were sorting and met eyes with your best friend, Kang Daniel the other worker at the village library 
  • “He told me they were having a ball open to everyone, we should totally go! See if he remembers you!” 
  • he took some of the books in your hand and placed it into a random shelf 
  • “daniel why do you even work here, you put it in the wrong spot”
  • “obviously I’m working here to talk to you, and keep you updated about Seongwoo! Lets go to the party!”
  • sighing you just placed the book daniel had put into the wrong section, into the right one.
  • when you daniel and seongwoo were little you three always played 
  • truth is you guys only met seongwoo because he had spilled your favorite strawberry drink and when you were about to get upset at him, he instantly had one of his bodyguards bring you another one 
  • seongwoo liked to call his bodyguard a bodyguard but tbh it was just his babysitter named Jisung 
  • anyways 
  • you three (including jisung too but he was really only there to keep watch) started to hang out more often, you and Daniel hadn’t really been bothered by that fact that Seongwoo was a prince, even when he told you.

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So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

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Chuck and Penelope like to play a lot of fun bitey games with each other! This is a good time for them, but it can be startling to a silly human like myself. How does one tell between fun bitey game time and actual aggression between dogs?

I’m not an expert aaaaaat aaaall – but some big clues that it’s play vs. something more intense: 

  • loose, floppy body language (which is possible even when it’s rough and there’s bared teeth and growling, giving kind of a “HAHA AM MEAN DOG IS JOKE ONLY” feeling to the whole thing)
  • taking turns initiating
  • taking breaks, backing off in response to each other’s calming signals
  • taking turns in different roles (e.g. chaser vs. the one being chased, being pinned vs. doing the pinning)

Some good videos on the spectrum of appropriate dog play:

I think it’s easier to see the difference once you’ve seen examples of play going over the line. This channel has good examples to learn from:

The Facebook group Observation Skills for Training Dogs is a great place to learn too!

Snowbaz Memories - The Sun’s Birthday (0.4k)

It’s @eroticgropefest‘s birthday, ya’ll! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!

@bazwearsjeans organized this lovely fanfiction series, all in honor of Katie’s birthday! So here is my contribution to it (: Plus with Simon’s birthday coming up in a few days, I thought this would be perfect!



Snow doesn’t know when his birthday is.

None of us do.

I hadn’t realized it until last week, when Snow had told me that he was thinking about getting a sword. I had immediately told him that I would buy it for him (in hopes that it would help him towards moving on with the past), and then an argument ensued; something that always happens when I offer to buy him anything. So I compromised, telling him that I would gift it to him on his birthday. Snow’s eyebrows furrowed instantly.

“I don’t have a birthday,”  he said, and rather casually, I might add.

I frowned at him. “What do you mean you ‘don’t have a birthday’?”

“I mean, I don’t have a birthday, Baz. I’ve never had one. I don’t know.”

“That’s…” And then I thought about it. Back at Watford, Simon had never once mentioned his birthday. Nor had anyone else. There was never any evidence of it in our room, or during any of the times I was trying not to be consciously aware of him.

“You really don’t know?” I asked. “Did the Mage never tell you when your birthday was?”

He shook his head. “Never.”

So Snow doesn’t know when his birthday is. I even went so far as to ask Bunce, and she simply shrugged and told me that no one knows. Which has led to where I am now: sitting at the kitchen table with Bunce and a dreadfully confused Snow.

“What’s going on?” He asks, raising an eyebrow at me.

Bunce sits a large plate of cake in front of him.

“What is this for?”

“It’s for your birthday,” I say.

He frowns. “I already told you, Baz. I don’t have a birthday.”

“You do now, Simon,” Bunce says, sitting next to him. I pull out a long box from beneath the table and place it next to him.

Simon narrows his eyes at both of us, then opens the box.

“You actually got me a sword,” he says, although it almost sounds like a question.

“I did,” I say. “I had it made to resemble the Sword of Mages.” Created by one of my cousins, but I don’t tell Simon that. Oh, the irony, I think.

He pulls the sword from the box and examines it thoroughly.

“I got you something too, Simon,” Bunce says, and then she gets up and walks off to her room.

Simon places the sword back into the box. He grabs my shirt collar and pulls me into him, kissing me intensely.   

“Thank you,” he whispers against my lips.

“Of course, Simon,”

He then pulls away and gives me a curious look. “But why did you choose today to be my birthday?”

“You’re the sun,” I say. “It only makes sense to have it on the summer solstice.”

honestly it’s baffling to me how the entire party can be So Bad at reading vex outside of percy and pike (if she’s there) like even vax is extremely hit or miss on saying what vex wants or needs to hear and as a whole vm just. likes to dismiss a lot of vex’s more serious feelings as jokes.

I Wanna Be Yours [Tate Langdon x Reader]

Requests: “I’m actually not into fluff (give me all the smut), but you write some about Tate drawing reader (or the other way around)? I think of him, even though he is popular for his music taste, more as a painter than musician. Love your writings xoxo” - Anon 

“Can you do a kinky Tate imagine ;)” - Anon

“Can you do a post-death Tate Langdon smut please? I love your imagines btw! 😊” - Anon

“girl reader smuts pls. idrc who with:)” - Anon

“Hey! Love your blog by the way! Do you think you can do another Tate Langdon smut fic? I would love that 💕💕” - @gabygarcia5

Warnings: SIN, NOT PROOFREAD (at all), SMUT, FEM!READER, not proofread, blowjob, swallowing cum, spanking, dirty talk, rough sex, slight daddy kink, begging kink, unprotected sex (again), sorta OOC Tate, Reader is aware Tate is dead, tbh probably more

Word Count: 1.2k 

A/N: I’m going to hell. It’s fine, though, because you’re all going to be there with me. 

(This gets weird towards the end, I know. I stayed up until like 5am last night to finish this so I could post it today. Don’t judge me. This whole thing is just a mess though tbh. & it’s not proofread like I barely read the damn thing when I wrote it, so let me know about any errors.)

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alright. took shower. overwhelmed no longer. but like. this whole thing seems like it’s so we hate mark, though? not dark…?

like. this whole thing is a manipulation, right? because mark was painted as the bad guy. it’s dark’s narrative. his perspective. of course it would be biased.

Siiiiiiince life has been a bitch and I have no new content to put on my blog I’m just posting this excerpt from my WIP fic Heart Issues of the Non-Medical Sort.

‘’I can’t just know things, you know,’’ Malfoy ground out while staring out the window unblinkingly, his chicken wrap forgotten in his hand.

‘’What things?’’ Harry inquired around a mouthful of his sandwich.

‘’Muggle things.’’ He turned his gaze on Harry, his eyes at once defiant and apologetic. ‘’I’ll never be used to them. This – everything - it will always feel strange.’’

Harry didn’t really know why they were having this conversation because he understood, really.

‘’That’s fine, honestly. A lot of things are strange to me too.’’  It was much the same for Ron, except that he was even worse at hiding his surprise than Malfoy.

His brow furrowed. ‘’Well yes, I see how it can be strange to you too, but I’m like…a flamingo pretending to be a rhinoceros while you’re more like a hippo pretending to be a rhino. You pass.’’

‘’Why do you get to be a beautiful majestic bird and I get to be a deadly water elephant?’’ Harry said half-jokingly, half-seriously.

Malfoy shrugged and leaned back in his chair. ‘’Hippos are cute.’’

A cheeky grin spread across Harry’s face, ‘’Aww, are you calling me cute?’’

Malfoy smirked right back. ‘’Well, you did call me beautiful and majestic,’’ he said slyly and even had the audacity to wink as Harry choked on a large bite of his sandwich.

‘’Anyway,’’ Malfoy continued, his slightly rosy cheeks indicating a not-so-unintentional change of topic, ‘’I just don’t want you to think that –‘’ His eyes flicked to the people on the pavement outside the window. ‘’ – Just because I complain about Muggles a lot, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like them.’’

‘’I know that, Malfoy. I understand, really. Besides,’’ Harry went on, ‘’you complain about me all the time and you positively love me.’’

The blond didn’t reply, but his mouth stretched into a soft smile as he held Harry’s gaze. He couldn’t chase away the thought that he saw a flicker of sadness pass behind the clear grey eyes as the lips curled almost - wistfully?

there are some respects (especially as regards worldbuilding) in which LOTR is a lot more nuanced and detailed than many later users of the genre conventions it helped popularize and so there’s some stuff that Tolkienesque fantasy gets criticised for that Tolkien himself doesn’t actually tend to do

there’s obviously plenty to criticise in LOTR itself, but it’s not always what seems obvious based on later examples of the genre, and it’s fascinating to see how those tropes have mutated


Cedric greatly ponders the opposing ideas between his inner heart and mind; and expresses them into a solemn ballad. Many thoughts of his past and present emotional experiences are conjured up transiently around him. The happier and gentle memories of Sofia interrupt his more sinister ones. He then seemingly slumps into his chair in defeat, as he thinks more of her.

Although Wormwood is absolutely persistent in making Cedric evil, and reminds him that even though Sofia is nice to him… the others never were. Harking back to how the others have only ridiculed Cedric. Which then spurns the sorcerer into an anxiety attack, where he realizes he truly must take over the kingdom… once and for all


“It’s one of these moments where you see Alex, one by one, having to cross this road and see how people react,” Leigh says. “She hasn’t seen him in over a decade and, ‘Guess what? I’m gay!’ It’s great. His reaction is so wonderful. It’s a great, sweet, endearing moment: ‘OK, I’m being accepted for where I am.‘”

Um… okay Chyler, but have you seen your own face in this scene…..?

What the Hell is a Stiles?

Sterek, T, 2K, Blind Date AU

Saw the prompt from this post that someone reblogged. (Take a look at the list, there are so many good ideas!)

Our mutual friend set us up on a blind date and I thought I’d hate it but you’re actually… kind of funny? But because I expected to hate it in no way am I going to let you change my mind just because you’re gorgeous and funny and intelligent oh no my friend is not winning this

“No,” Derek says easily, without even looking up from his book. Erica groans and flops into the chair opposite him, nearly upsetting his mug of hot chocolate.

“Seriously?” she says, bracing both elbows on the table and leaning toward him. “At least hear me out.”


“He’s cute, Der! I think you’d really like him.”

“Absolutely not. You have a terrible track record with set-ups.”

Erica has the decency to wince, at least, and drop her gaze from Derek’s. “But you’re a catch, Der, and you deserve someone who can make you happy. And since you don’t want to date me—”

“You don’t want to date me, either,” he reminds her, but she just rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, whatever. But seriously. You’re great.”

“I thought I was grumpy and terrible with people?” he asks, parroting her words from after the last failed date, and she huffs.

“Please?” she wheedles, poking her lower lips out a bit. “For me. If it goes badly, I’ll never try to set you up again.”

Derek sighs. Fuck.

His facial expressions must be more transparent than he thinks because Erica’s eyes light up. “Oh my god, you’re gonna say yes.”

Derek scowls at her. “Just coffee,” he says firmly. At least that way, he can get it in a to-go cup and make a neat escape after five minutes if he needs to. “No dinner, no movie, no activities.”

“Fine,” she says quickly, digging in her jeans pocket for her phone. “You got it.”

“This is not gonna end well,” he warns her, but she just waves her hand without looking up from her phone.

“Have some faith, Der,” she says, patting him on the hand absently while she pushes her chair back and stands up. “I can’t wait to tell Stiles.”

Derek blinks, watching Erica walk away. 

“Wait, what the hell is a Stiles?” he calls after her.

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        “I’m not being rude…I’m simply not giving a shit…”

Yo! Today’s aesthetics is based on @juuria‘s amazing OC, Alice. Tbh I just love her since the first time I saw her face! I hope I got this right!

anonymous asked:

When do you think Bakugou fully realizes that he somehow acquired a group of trolls who love to mess with him as friends? Lol gdi I love the Bakusquad so much

You know this is actually a pretty interesting question! Cause when you really think about it Bakugou is… a social animal? Well, maybe not exactly, but something really close. It’s true that he doesn’t like to party or go out in groups, and it’s also true that he values his time alone - every time he’s had the chance to opt out of a whole-class group activity he did just that, after all, so you can’t say he enjoys huge groups for the sake of being with people, and cooperation just isn’t between his skills either

But his personality calls for people to show off for. He thrives on attention, yeah? Feels best when he knows there’s people looking up to him or admirig him, and even if he grumbles and swears a lot he likes to explain things to others too. When you really really think about it, Bakugou has never been a loner sort of kid - as a child he had a huge group of kids he played with, in middle school he had two good friends that followed him around too, so the way I see it Bakugou didn’t enter high school thinking he didn’t want to associate with people? He probably expected the class to gather around him just like his peers had always done before that, cause he’s the best after all. 

Of course that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t change that Bakugou isn’t made to be alone - he’s never had to actually look for friends before, but when people gathered around him he’s always let them be since that actually probably made him feel good and, well, the squad kids did gather around him in the end, it was probably a conscious decision on Bakugou’s part the one to not push them away cause that was how he had always formed his own groups of friends before that: people reached out to him and he let them be

The main difference from his friends before UA and the squad is that, while kids used to reach out to him because they admired him/felt stronger standing next to him/maybe needed something out of him, the squad gathered around him cause they genuinely enjoy spending time with him as equals. Actually, more than gathering around him the squad pulled him in an already existing group - he’s not the center, just a part of it

Bakugou isn’t stupid so he probably realized the difference from the beginning, after all every squad member’s first interaction with Bakugou was of them calling him out/making fun of him… well, I think Bakugou knew what he was getting into from the start, but since he likes the attention he let it happen anyway. Can’t be the center of attention if no one’s looking, right? And the squad kids are strong and reliable too, so he probably didn’t mind them since the beginning… he sure started his relationship with Kirishima on equal ground, and you see him in the background with Kaminari and Sero since very early in the manga

Anyway I think he knew what was happening since the start and he consciously let it happen, so there probably wasn’t a specific moment in which he realized he had a group of people he tended to gravitate to/that tended to gravitate towards him, he maybe just slowly realized, as his friendship with the others became steadier, that the dynamics of the squad were different from the ones of the groups he’d been the center of up until that moment. And while the being treated just as any other friend might have come as a surprise to him at first, I think he noticed and accepted it since the beginning 

(actually, my favorite thing is how the first interaction he has with Kaminari is Kami making fun of his personality and Bakugou threatening to kill him, and then the next time you see them together they’re just chilling next to each other? And even after that their relationship is still mostly them talking shit about one another, but they still spend a lot of time together?? Like, as far as we know that first interaction was when they decided they were gonna be friends, as if they looked at each other and thought “ah yes, this asshole, exactly the type of person I want as a close friend” and that’s kind of really hilarious to me lmao evidently Bakugou likes that type of relationships, which explains why he yells but doesn’t really mind Sero and Kirishima making fun of him either)

…this is sort of really long. Ahhhhh, I did say this was an interesting question, after all haha

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Which one of the boys wpuld be the best boyfriend/husband? Because they are quite abusive so i thought maybe you could do a headcanon of what they woulf be like :) thank you

*:・゚✧  Best to Worst as a S/O  *:・゚✧













*:・゚✧  Headcanons  *:・゚✧


Shuu: He is affectionate about 75% of the time, and loves to cuddle whenever really. But there are times when he has mood swings where he would rather be alone and listen to music, which results in him apologizing and more cuddles.

Reiji: This one is complicated. If Reiji ever started dating, it would start as somewhat of a reward system for him. Of course his partner wouldn’t intend for this, it would just happen. Everything he would do for his s/o would be for praise and genuine love. For example if you left your room messy before work, he’d clean it for you and expect/hope for you to be proud of him and praise him when you got home. He needs approval. As the relationship furthers, he wouldn’t be as needy for praise because he would have the confidence that you are in love with him and genuinely care for him.

Ayato: Similar to Reiji, he would want you to be proud of him and everything. He wouldn’t exactly go out of his way to do things for you to make him proud, but rather things that he did himself. He’d be loving in a sense, but not a lot for the first few months of dating.

Kanato: Heck all of these boys just crave praise and approval. ( thanks cordelia :)) ) But he wouldn’t do anything to make you proud of him because he expects you to already approve of him. But you just gotta say stuff like “hey you’re doing a good job” or “that looks perfect!” you know? He’d be very possessive and wouldn’t let you go outside very much. Good luck <3

Laito: This one is also pretty complicated. He thinks of sexual gestures such as forcing himself upon you or slapping your butt, he’s thinks of that as showing affection. Saying “I love you” to him is the same as saying “Good Morning” in his eyes. You’d have to teach him that words mean more than touching and tell him that there is a line between sex and sexual harassment. Being with him would be tough until you taught him what love is. He’d be very grateful about this and he would cherish and love you in the right way. He’d actually be a very very good husband.

Subaru: Okay y’all already know he’s the best candidate for a husband on this list (if you’re looking for one who won’t torture you). He’d be very loving, he wouldn’t hurt you for his own pleasure like is other brothers. ?


Ruki: Oh boy look finally a nice one. Yes, I do have a very big headcanon that Ruki would make a lovely s/o. Taking care of them when their sick, buying them random gifts frequently, or even keeping them home from school every so often (not all the time that’s bad) to give them a break. He’d just be a good one! Good luck ! <3

Yuuma: Hmmm , ? I mean, yes I could see him as being the “strong cuddly” s/o type. But he would have his moments of being way too abrasive in how he shows it. He’d be nice and all, a little short tempered but everyone on this list sort of is anyways.

Azusa: Oh my gosh it is no wonder why this boy is number 2 on our list. There is really on one reason why he is’t number one, it’s the whole “Pain” thing. It’s somewhat like Laito (though Azusa knows that “I love you” means more than “Good Morning”), they both show their love in wrong ways because of their childhood. You need to show him that stabbing someone in the neck is not equivalent to the meaning “I love you”. Other than that, he’d be a very sweet, and kind s/o.

Kou: Eh ? He’d be an alright s/o. It really depends on what kind of person you are and who you can get along with. For instance, if you easily get annoyed by clingy people, Kou is’t the one for you. But, if you like that kinda thing go ahead. Not only is he clingy, he has severe mood swings. He can go from “I love you!” to “Oh my gosh I hate you” in under a minute. That’s the major reason he’s so low on this list.


Carla: Sure ! He’s a good s/o, if you tilt your head a little. A relationship with him would be complicated for many many reasons. He is a pretty serious character who rarely lets his guard down. It’d be hard to get any emotion out of him without doing anything that would threaten his or your life.

Shin: Here’s the thing with Shin, he’s like Ayato but a little bit more mannered. No he doesn’t need the constant praise and whatnot, but he has the same demeanor. Honestly just behave and do as he says and he’ll be nice and kind! I don’t think I need to explain what will happen if you do otherwise.