that white guitar is absolutely beautiful

the universe of us.

“I love you.” — “I know.”

pairing: jeon jungkook x reader | kim taehyung x reader
genre: slight comedy, angst, fluff
type: dream / fantasy / slice of life au
word count: 21,112 words
warnings: none
author’s note: thank you to the true mvps @zephyoongist​, @gukstudio, and @syubits for all their aggressive motivation through means of screaming at me to continue dragging myself through this wild ride until the completion of this nightmare monstrosity. the italicized quote mentioned in this was said by dr. suess. i wrote this while listening to this song, so i hope you listen to it as well while reading for the full experience.

nefelibata : (noun) lit. “cloud-walker”; the one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams

The story of Icarus tells of a naive being who loved the sun and flew too close, leading to his untimely descent into the ocean. But what the tale didn’t speak of was how the sun and the moon fell in love with him, too. And with the pull of the tides due to the attraction of the sun and the moon, he tosses and turns, torn between two entities.

So if Kim Taehyung embodies the sun, then Jeon Jungkook is the moon.

And you are Icarus.

In a realm of pointless illusions and shadows of reality, dreams are not something you tend to dwell over. Some say it is within dreams where your selfish desires, wants, hopes, and subconscious manifest into a tentative form. As a lucid dreamer, you absolutely enjoy delving into illusions of roaming the boisterous halls of Hogwarts or taking flight into the air as you stretch your fingers out and almost touch the second star to the right.

You never actively try to find the hidden meanings behind the imagined moments that play beneath your eyelids and find purchase within the secret crevices within your mind. There simply is no point in doing so when they are not seen as an escape from reality because you are more than satisfied, daresay happy even, with the way your life is.

You found happiness within a circle of trustworthy and wonderful friends, a stable and amazing job that you actually do not dread going to in the morning, a beautiful and spacious apartment, and to top it off, a very cute and lovable dog named Soonshim whom you are a proud parent of with your boyfriend. More so, after all, you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. And you are completely head over heels for a certain Kim Taehyung.

But then you find yourself slipping between the stratums of real and make-believe, existence and reverie, day and night under the guise of slumber and fantasies, thrown headfirst into an entirely new life that leaves you confused and chasing after something—or rather, someone—who is more than just silly daydreams and butterflies.

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i was tagged by sav @niallspringsteen and tara @nialljustgotwet….this literally took me 2 hours bc i COULDN’T DECIDE!!! if i had the time i’d have made a photoset that allowed me to put 200 pics but oh well…10 pics are just….not enough :(

well so here u have 1. niall looking like a an absolute angel, in a white henley, his guitar, and the sky so blue behind him ♥ 2. lil baby niall, wearing a cute scarf…and i just love this pic bc in this angle you can see his tiny pretty eyelashes and that’s beautiful. 3. NIALL AND LIGHTS!!!! just. niall and lights. it’s a wonderful concept. 4. i love this one bc you can see his old clover necklace he never wore again :( and the braces!!! and his hair was so blonde!! ahh :’) 5. this pic is just, pure, so pure. 6. i just have one word: smile ♥ 7. this hair!!!!! THIS HAIR!! i need this hair back as much as i need to breath tbh. 8. colombia niall!!!!!! NIALL IN COLOMBIA!!!! the day i saw him!!! ;——-; 9. this one is so pure too, it’s just, it makes me happy, he just looks fluffy in a too long sweater with his hair messy, giggling with liam….i am at peace. 10. NIALL AND DOGS!!!!! ♥_♥

this was soooo hard but also so fun to do so im gonna tag @broders @saynahin @groundopenwide @fuzzyslippers8 @niallhoranisasecretfurby and @lewisandneil to join in the fun ♥ 

My LOFT 89 Experience! #1989TOURFOXBOROUGH Night 1 :)

Well hello all you beautiful amazing SWIFTIES! I have been asked a bunch to share my story about how we were invited to LOFT 89 loft89experience and I have finally found some free time aka ME TIME LOL here it goes….

It all started when I met bdes582 in-screaming-colorr aka Brittney and Sarah (Spelled the non Canadian way.. Sarah and Brittney spelled the right way ;)..more about that later)

So Brittney, Sarah, and I met each other at Good Morning America in October 2014. We were all invited by Taylor Nation! It was the best morning ever. When we got to the secret location we, my cousin and I instantly clicked with Britt and Sarah. It was then that we decided we would all go to gillettestadium together to see the amazing fabulous and our best friend taylorswift :) :) :) :) 

Little did we know, we’d be hanging out after the show….;):);)

Sarah came up with the idea during a  Skype session that we would dress up as #SWANGOALS because we thought it was a perfect costume and Taylor would get a kick out of it! Sarah and Brittney created the “SWAN SIGNS,” and wrote on individually: SWAN, SQUAD, #SWANGOALS…. Since I live in NJ I wasn’t able to help with the signs so I bought all the boas and made sparkly masks with jewels and feathers to look like swans. I took silver glitter and glued it with spray glue to the ends of the feathers and when I arrived in Rhode Island on Friday morning we took the white lights I brought and twisted them around the boas to light them up. The girls bought the white tutus, and the angel wings and then we took the bright white lights and wrapped them around our skirts. Our costumes were finished and it was time to head out to the show!

As we began walking into gillettestadium we immediately began to get tons of positive feedback on our outfits and I kept hearing “You girls look great I hope you get LOFT 89!” It was so sweet and amazing to see Swifties supporting each other and being so nice to us! It truly was a magical moment truly something Taylor taught all of us too, “to build each other up, and to not tear each other down..” I was so excited to get inside the stadium because I had never been to Gillette and I knew that this stadium was extra special to Taylor and I was so pumped to experience a 1989 World Tour show there for the first time! This was my 5th and final show of the 1989 World Tour and I wanted nothing more to meet Taylor but I wasn’t going to get lost in the possibility and thinking what if it happens what if it doesn’t so I just continued on staying positive and focusing on having a great time! Before we were able to get inside we had to wait outside and till the gates were open and it was then people started asking to take pictures with us like radio stations, Swifties, parents it was fun, but I didn’t think anything of it so we took the pictures chatted with others including the two sweetest twins that Taylor invited to meet her from Siwiftmas! I was so happy for them that they were going to meet Taylor and be able to spend some time with her and their wish was going to come true! So happy for you girls, redd-lip-classic the-newromantics love your picture with Taylor! The gates finally opened and so began, “The Hunger Games,” of the Swifties we sprinted into the stadium making our way to the Taylor Nation booth. Everyone was so excited and of course it had rained because it’s Gillette and that’s a thing there when Taylor is in town haha she even tweeted about it while we were waiting in line. So because of the rain we had to be careful to not get hurt or slip. When we got to the TN booth we waited inline for a good 25 minutes I would say since we were inline pretty quick. Everyone’s costumes looked amazing I recognized a lot of Tumblr users that I reblogged, I hope you all had fun if you see this! Anyways after we were done taking our picture we looked for Ally because I wanted to say hi since I hadn’t seen her since the Philly shows and the girls never met her before either. After looking around we found her! She was upgrading a Canada Swiftie who had seats in the 300′s to the front row I was so happy for them! We took pictures with them and then made our way over to Ally, she loved our costumes, we caught up and had a nice chat then headed to our seats. Once we got on the floor people kept asking us about our costumes, what was the inspiration behind them? how long did they take? What’s LOFT 89? and so on and so on…

While we were waiting for the show to start we ran into a bunch of familiar faces they all wished us well about meeting taylorswift they were talldrinkofhappy lyyssaaaa13 cattiehallway which i think they all are fabulous good witches with magical powers because dreams really do come true when they’re around! Love you girls thanks for your awesome support! I also ran into swifty448 so that was fun to finally meet each other we took a selfie and then headed back to our seats because the show was about to finally start! The whole stadium went black and Taylor appeared looking gorgeous as ever and I was in my own world dancing, singing and having the time of my life, we all were just in a Swiftie Trance mesmerized by the amazingness that is Taylor Swift! 

As the show went on we finally came to the song, “CLEAN,” my life forever changed in that moment! Mama Swift began walking towards us as the Taylor began to give her speech to the crowd and there show stood in front of us smiling and asking the best four words I have heard in my life and that i have dreamt about hearing for over 10 years! “HAVE YOU MET TAYLOR?!” We all were already crying because we knew it was coming and I just lost it as soon as Mama Swift was close enough I started screaming ANDREA! ANDREA! Then she smiled at me and I asked, “if it was real and if I could hug her and she said yes it’s real!” and I told her about the secret sessions how i couldn’t go because of my sister’s wedding and I told her thank you and I love you and she said you’re welcome and I love you too we will see you guys after the show! We all immediately hugged each other and caught our breaths and the people behind us and in front of us asked us just what happened and when we told them that was Taylor’s mom and that we were meeting her after the show they were all excited and wish us congratulations and good luck, have fun! We couldn’t wait for the show to end. We kept counting down the set list and dancing, singing, and crying on and off and getting it all out before meeting Taylor! My phone was blowing up with notifications that it died and thank God Sarah’s phone still had power and we were going to be able to get that picture we all wanted so very much!

When Shake It Off finished we sprinted over to the section in which to meet in and there we met other Swifties who also got picked to go to Loft 89. It was such a surreal moment because this is what I always wanted since the beginning and it finally was happening! I was in shock! On our way over to the meeting section we ran into the TWINS and I told them we got Loft 89 and they were so happy for us and they wished us the best time and they told us all about their experience meeting Taylor! I was just so happy we all got the chance to finally meet the woman we all looked up too and continue to each day!

Once Taylor Nation was done checking in everyone it was time to make our way to LOFT 89! We had to go through a backdoor that lead to the outside that then lead to elevators and it was such a crazy one in a lifetime moment that i kept pinching myself because I thought I was still dreaming but intact I was awake and alive and about to meet the woman who I admired more and gained great inspiration and mentorship from!

When we arrived to Loft 89 it was just like the pictures and what i’d imagined it would be Tay’s music playing on a TV screen and her friend’s music blaring through the speakers, pizza, cookies, cold drinks and of course in true Taylor tradition a photo booth! Once we ate pizza and mingled a little took pictures of everything because you were only allowed to take pictures no videos we met Taylor’s Dad, Scott. He was so nice and gave us guitar picks and then since the photo booth didn’t work for us he had Stephanie-TN fixed it for us and we were able to take our picture.  Then Scott left and thanked us for coming to the show and then the moment i had been waiting for over 10 years was finally about to happen!!

Taylor walked in looking stunning, tall, and amazing then ever! She was wearing a black and white long sleep dress with 6 inch black stilettos. She was wearing her signature red lips and her hair parted in her usual way she looked absolutely more beautiful then in her pictures. She came in and said Hey guys! Then introduced Alana from Haim and the Band Walk the Moon and her brother Austin. Taylor said don’t worry everyone will get to mingle with everyone and that they did. She started with the first group and I just watched her mesmerized because A. i couldn’t believe i was this close to her without security and B. because she just truly was so genuine and acted as a real everyday person. She hugged everyone first thanked them for coming to the show, made eye contact with them and she looked so so happy! It was amazing to see her work the room and see her in action with her fans without any commotion paparazzi etc. As Taylor continued through seeing the groups our turn was so coming up and Stephanie asked for our camera, Sarah gave her, her phone. Then *drum roll,* Taylor Alison Swift was standing in front of me eye to eye face to face. She hugged me and the girls and said thanks for coming to the show and one by one we all talked to her and told her everything we wanted to tell her for so long! I told her about the SS and how I couldn’t go because it was my sister’s wedding and she goes,” well I think that’s a valid reason to miss it, and I said yea but we were fighting at the time it was bad,” She laughed and said well you’re here now!” I was like def I am so happy I have been to 5 shows with a mission to meet you this tour and she thanked me for being incredibly loyal and she freaked out when I told her that! Then i told her about Music Therapy and how I learned guitar for my career through her music and continuously practicing and she goes “well my songs are pretty easy there only 2-3 chords.” This was when i got a little emotional and she pulled me in and hugged me. It was great she was so down to earth and sweet and it was truly like talking to an old friend. Lastly I told her about Tumblr and mikaylahollywood1989 and how we are friends because of you and that she lives in Ireland and she thought that was amazing! i also told her that she followed me on Tumblr and she asked my URL so i told her and it was just so crazy that here was the Taylor Swift asking me casually what’s my Tumblr URL?! CRAZY!!! Then she asked if we wanted anything signed after we were all done telling her our stories and she goes I know why my mom picked you guys. I am going to have to tell my “significant other,” about these signs. We all laughed and she hugged us then she was like should we take a picture and i told and showed her our masks and she goes,”I don’t think you want them in the picture?” We all def said no lol before she said we had so much glitter on it and we were all we know how much you love glitter we had too! She loved it! Once we took our picture i asked her for one last hug and she said of course I told her I loved her and she said I love you too then told us to get home safe and went on to the next group. Next we talked to Alana from Haim and she loved our signs and said she saw us from the stage and was laughing too! She was so sweet and also down to earth! I told her I loved “The Wire,” and it was a great song and that mikaylahollywood1989 loves HAIM if she could make a video message so she did and that was awesome. Then she took selfies with us and went to the next group! Then came Walk the Moon I told them they have the best car dancing music and we chatted  bit took selfies and then they went to the next group. They were awesome too and great group! Then we chatted with Austin a bit and he showed us some polaroids he took in  the elevator of taylorswift and everyone on their way up to the LOFT 89. That was such a cool moment and he was so nice too thanked us for coming took a selfie then went on to the next group. The last person we chatted with was MAMA SWIFT. We thanked her for picking us and she goes, “THIS IS HARD TO IGNORE,” with her hands gesturing to us it was hilarious! She asked us if we were all friends and we told her yea we met in NYC at GMA and she goes,” That’s so awesome and warms my heart so much to hear that!” I told her i went to 5 shows and that I came from NJ and she thanked me for loving her daughter so much enough to support her! We all hugged and took a picture then Taylor waived good-bye with Mama Swift! 

Thank you taylorswift and your amazing team! I had the best night of my life and I will never forget it! It was definitely worth the wait and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!! I love you so much and I’ll never let you go. I’ll always be here for you and will always support you no matter what! Have fun on the rest of your tour and until we meet again! I love you!


PS Swifties:

Do not give up! You will meet Taylor I know it! Just keep being you and never lose sight of your dreams! Love you all :)