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TW: Blood, Violence, Children Dying

Some of these photos from Marawi are just so gruesome which I can’t bring myself to post here as part of the updates. There is one that just triggers my heart, of three young kids, the older girl, crying, carrying what seems to be her younger sister who is passed out, injured, covered in blood. In front of her laying on the ground is a little boy, blood all over the dirt underneath him, his foot twisted and cut off.

It is the most horrific photo I have currently seen from the terrorist attacks in Marawi City. And it infuriates me that no one seems to care. Media isn’t covering what is happening. That just because Marawi is a Muslim city in Mindanao, that it doesn’t matter, some saying it'seems not important. Tell that to these kids, to the parents of that dead boy. To the hostages still being held. To the people who are currently fleeing to safety. If you don’t give a shit but are going #prayforManchester, I see where your priorities lie. I see your bias.

The Shark Assault Boat (top) is the Imperial Navy’s standard Assault Boat. Typically 55 metres in length the Shark consists primarily of a large engine and an armoured troop compartment that is studded with magnetic clamps and Melta Charges. When the Shark reaches an enemy ship, the clamps latch on to the enemy hull as the charges, in concert with las-breachers, blast a hole through which assault troops can storm the vessel. Consequently, nearly all patterns of the Shark carry only defensive weapons with most of the space within the hull dedicated to armour, engines, or carrying capacity. Tactically, Sharks are often accompanied by fighters to help the assault craft breach an enemy vessel’s defences. To enable this tactic, the assault boats typically have engines capable of matching a starfighter’s acceleration, although they are harder to maneuver. Sharks are never seen on anything smaller than a Battleship-sized carrier, and even then only at significant cost.

Starhawk bombers (bottom) are larger, slower craft, designed to carry a heavy payload of plasma bombs and armour-piercing missiles, for use against enemy capital ships. Crewed by a pilot, co-pilot, tech-priest (plus acolytes), various turret gunners and a logistics officer, a standard Starhawk features limited sleeping quarters, chemical toilets and even an automated medical unit inside its hull. Armed with a multitude of short-range turret-mounted defence weapons, used to fend off enemy starfighters, a lone Starhawk can wreak havoc among enemy fighter squadrons before swooping in to deliver a crippling missile strike on an enemy capital ship. On rare occasions, Starhawks can be modified to carry and launch a very small number of anti-starship torpedoes.

Kocham Cię

Ok so idk if you’ve noticed but Charlie is the only character to say Matteusz as Mattay-oosh (the way it’s pronounced in Polish) and I have so many feelings about this?? I was thinking either it’s something left over from when the TARDIS taught him English (which is unlikely because why would it do that? Surely if it taught him Polish too he’d get a load of other languages which we’ve never seen?) OR my preferred option: he actually cares about his boyfriend enough to make sure he says it right Every. Single. Time. and maybe, maybe he corrects the others, especially Quill when she says ‘matty-us’ because it’s just noT right and all I can think of now is Matteusz and Charlie sitting together and talking about their old lives in their old countries and perhaps Matteusz misses the Polish accent, especially now that he’s not living at home anymore, and he teaches Charlie just a little bit. How to introduce himself, to say his name. Charlie is enthralled by the intricate beauty of other Earth languages so later he goes onto the Internet and looks up phrases on google translate, hesitantly sounding them out, copying the automated 'speak it to me’ voice. The first words he learns?
“Kocham Cię”

the world is full of magic things (1 /2)

i’ve seen lots of “natsume grows up and finds a child who can also see yokai and adopts them” and i love it and i’ve decided to toss my hat in the same ring, sorry 

continuation of this series, which started with “never mind the bus fare” and might never end apparently ;;

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
― W.B. Yeats


Satoru all but throws the doors wide open, ready to steamroll past anyone standing in his way, toddler or not—but that turns out not to be necessary, because the colorful little classroom is cleared but for a woman and a messy-haired little boy sitting on opposite sides of a small table.

The phone call Satoru received at work was an innocuous “Your son is having a difficult day, we think it might be best if you came,” but somehow just that was enough to light little fires of panic up and down Satoru’s brain. He barely remembered to tell his supervisor he was taking an early lunch before he was running out the door.

Now he lets go of a relieved sigh, and crosses the room at a more sedate pace than he burst into the school with. He greets the teacher and receives a polite greeting in turn, and then claims a seat on the cushion at Susumu’s side.

“You okay, Suchan?”

Normally the nickname is enough to earn Satoru an annoyed scowl or Takashi a sunny smile—both are adorable, honestly, which might be why Satoru teases him so much—but this time Susumu doesn’t even lift his head. His fringe hangs into his eyes and his shoulders tremble, and the tearful noise he makes when Satoru puts an arm around him makes Satoru want to cry, too.

“Susumu, you gotta talk to me. I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong, right?”

It’s reminiscent of when they first met, when Satoru was a stranger trying to convince this smart, disenchanted little person to trust him, despite where trusting adults had gotten him so far.

But almost an entire year sits between then and now, and after barely a minute, Susumu’s fingers sneak out and find the hem of Satoru’s jacket and make a fist around it, holding tight.

He peeks at Satoru from under his unruly hair, brown eyes pleading. He whispers, “There’s a monster in the corner.”

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Hey guys! Do you know any Sterek, Dexter AU fics??? I started binge watching Dexter and now it's all I can think about! I couldn't find anything on AO3 :(

Yuuuss! Literally watching it right now. I’ve seen the whole thing more than once. - Anastasia

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I’m in Love with a NutJob. by whyamIalwaysLoislane (Whyamialwaysloislane)

(2/? I 2,095 I Mature)

In which Stiles is the Nutjob and Derek’s the crazy dude in love with the Beacon Hills Butcher.

What is his life even?

Moon Over Miami by milkyway

(4/? I 7,284 I Mature)

When Stiles and Derek take a trip down to Florida, Derek decides to reconnect with his long-lost cousins Debra and Dexter Morgan in Miami. Dexter is back from an eight year absence, just as a serial killer known as “The Storyteller” starts committing a string of horrific murders across the city. As Derek and Debra catch up, she faces the difficult decision whether to let Derek in on her brother’s secret, as it becomes increasingly clear that this is no mortal murderer…

Requiem for the Living by Curlee_Cue

(2/7 I 12,611 I Explicit)

Stiles knows his predilections aren’t what most would call normal. He realizes it the first time he dismembers a daddy long legs – meticulously plucking each of its legs just to see how frantically the remaining limbs writhe – and looks up to find Claudia staring at him, slack jawed and beautiful.

But he loves the gasps and terrified glances she shoots him every time she catches him – burning a trapped squirrel or squeezing a frog till his fat little thumbs pierce clear through its bloated belly. He loves the beautiful pallor and flared nostrils that decorate her face, so easy, so instantaneous. He loves it so much, Stiles wonders what pleasure she might bring him for killing something human.

All The Better by van_helsa124

(8/8 I 14,142 I Mature)

Stiles has a problem that he hasn’t really told anyone else about. Well, he would if he could have, but there really is no correct way to out yourself as a serial killer without getting locked up…

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What do you think will be the effect of this arc to ciel and lizzy's relationship ,in case 2ct became canon and lizzy still chose the earl. Will ourciel build higher walls between them to keep her safe or just became closer?

Difficult to say at this point. I guess it also depends on how this arc will conclude. Like, will the twin survive (if it’s really the twin), on which side is he really and what’s Lizzy’s role in all of this?

But regardless of that, this arc is definitely a challenge for Ciel’s and Lizzy’s relationship but I think because of it their relationship can develop and grow. Both have hidden some of their feelings from each other before. Lizzy already showed a formerly unknown side of her to Ciel in the Campania arc but she never really addressed her fears and worries for Ciel (as seen in the Easter chapter, for example). And Ciel always tries to guard his own feelings. But this arc is a good opportunity to address and discuss these emotions. They’ll have to talk at some point and there’s much to talk about (especially if the 2CT turns out to be true). But if they are both honest and open with each other I think that could strengthen their bond. That would be a great development for Ciel’s character, as well.

So I think there is the potential for them to become closer after this arc. But it requires both to open up and talk honestly with each other. I hope we’ll get to see that.

M13, The great globular cluster in Hercules.

M13 is a dense cluster of around 300,000 stars that can be seen through a small pair of binoculars or a telescope.
It is about 145 light years in diameter, and over 25,100 light years away.

Imagine the potential for life around 1 star, now imagine it for 300,000.
All of which are within such a small astronomical distance from one another that it wouldn’t take long to hop from one solar system to the next.

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Do you not like park seo joon?

I don’t dislike him personally. He’s cute. I don’t have strong feelings about his acting ability one way or the other, and honestly I’ve only watched 3 of his dramas, not even in their entirety. I’ve seen KMHM, which I actually liked him in but I didn’t like the drama as a whole. I saw the first 5 episodes Hwarang and I just didn’t find him interesting. I don’t think any of this is strictly his fault as an actor.

But of course everyone knows about my feelings on SWP. And frankly whenever I see him all I can see is this:

Originally posted by acelululala

And it makes me so salty.

Again…Not fair to hold that against him personally. But a bad role can just flavor your opinion of an actor. I’m hoping Fight for My Way is great and his role in that supersedes everything he’s done before in my mind. Fingers crossed. 


I’ve wanted to talk for So Long about the portrayal of anxiety in YOI but I’ve been having so much trouble putting together what I want to say in the most effective manner. I kept trying to come at this in a more analytical fashion, but considering that this is such a personally important topic to me, I’m going to try a more emotional approach. Something I don’t normally do.

So really, to start off, I wanna say that I’m so damn thankful for the way Yuuri is written. Really, seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever had the ability to relate more to character; Yuuri is close to a mirror of my own experiences with anxiety and it’s so fantastic to have a model of development and growth for me and people like me. I found the portrayal to be frighteningly accurate, from types of thoughts, behaviors, mannerisms… I think the episode that stood out to me the most in terms of Yuuri’s anxiety was ep7, aka Yuuri’s on-screen panic attack episode. 

The first thing I noticed was this: 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in that exact position. I bounce my legs when I panic, just like Yuuri is doing here. Head in his hands, breathing heavily, bouncing and jostling limbs. This isn’t the Mary-Sue cutesy portrayal of anxiety–this is a real anxiety disorder. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy. It can’t be fixed with a single word or a touch or a person. Quite frankly, it’s ugly and you lose control of your body. 

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How Humans Change Space Itself

It’s no surprise that humans influence the surface of our planet, but our reach can go farther than that. Humans affect space, too.

We know storms from the sun can naturally change the space environment around Earth, which can have an impact on satellites and power grids.

Scientists now know that Cold War era nuclear tests in the 1950s caused similar effects.

Particles around Earth are organized into layers known as radiation belts. These 1950s tests created a temporary extra layer of radiation closer to Earth. 

The effects of this could be seen all around the world. Aurora appeared at the equator instead of the poles, utility grids in Hawaii were strained, and in some cases, satellites above test sites were affected. 

Some types of communications signals can also affect Earth’s radiation belts

Very low-frequency waves, or VLFs, are used for radio communications. They are often used to communicate with submarines, because these waves can penetrate deep into the ocean. 

The waves can also travel far into the space environment around Earth. When these waves are in space, they affect how high-energy particles move, creating a barrier against natural radiation.

The outer edge of this radio-wave barrier corresponds almost exactly the inner edge of Earth’s natural radiation belts – meaning it could be human activity that at least partly shapes this natural radiation around Earth.  

For more NASA sun and space research, visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 



Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3

[Othard: a lore note]

There seems to be a lot of misinformation about Othard, geographically, among RPers right now, so a little PSA:  Othard has a lot of different areas, and most pointedly, Kugane and Doma are different places!

A wonderful lore person (Sounsyy) put together a translated map at some point on the RPC, and I think more people need to see it.   The full version can be seen here, but I’m going to ENHANCE and zoom in on the Othard part:

You’ll notice a few things here, or if you didn’t, let me colorfy to illustrate!

There in the right-hand box in red is a big ol’ island.  It’s labeled Koshu, which might be the region name (and therefore technically not Othard at all!), but we also know that at least part of this same area is called Hingashi, which is the name we’ve seen used in promotional material.  Think of it as the same way that Aldenard is also called Eorzea.

Anyway!  Hingashi is an island chain is to the east of Othard’s mainland to the left, separated by the Ruby Sea.  Hingashi is an isolationist area, and its only port open to outsiders is Kugane.   Kugane is NOT in Doma.  The new housing area is actually there in Hingashi, presumably tied to Kugane the way the other housing areas are adjacent to their city-states.

There’s apparently another major city on the other side of Hingashi called Bukyo.  I don’t know anything about it, sorry!  But it’s on the map.

Now, moving on to the blue area in the middle, which is…

This here, this is the Othard mainland, and where you’ll find the city-state of Doma, or whatever’s left of it since the Garleans put down the most recent uprising.  It’s in a region called Yanxia. 

And, if you were wondering where the Xaela are at…

That’s them, in the green region.  Interestingly, there’s two areas, one called the Azim Steppe and the other the Nhaama.   We don’t yet know what the significance is of having the regions named for the two gods of the Auri, and why they’re separated by a river, or if SE just thought it’d be cute or whatever.


There’s more of Othard, or even just the eastern half of this gigantic landmass, than is revealed on this map.   We know that the city-states of Rabinastre and Dalmasca, also Garlean-controlled, are SOMEWHERE out here in the unrevealed cloudy areas, though it doesn’t appear we’re going there this expansion. 

It’s also worth noting this map does reveal a lot of other places that we just don’t have lore on yet, but we will soon. 

I hope this post helped you if you are trying to work on backstories of characters that hail from this area of the world, and didn’t just confuse you instead.    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Disclaimer:  I am not a lore expert or nothin, and I don’t know anything that hasn’t been pretty widely distributed.  Sounsyy did the good work on making this map or else I wouldn’t have known where to begin on this post.

This Weapon is Your Life

“This weapon is your life,” is a statement that, I believe, gets a lot of unwarranted criticism and is frequently misunderstood, particularly amongst the Western, Star Wars fandom. The general opinion that I have found on the subject is that it indicates that the Jedi are teaching people to think of themselves as weapons, and/or that it shows hypocrisy as Jedi are supposed to discourage “possession,” and/or that saying a weapon is your life, encourages or advocates violence. I am here as an apologist for that phrase, because for the reasons indicated below, I think that that phrase is awesome.

What one must first understand is that George Lucas took a lot of inspiration for Star Wars from eastern sources, Japan in particular. Darth Vader’s mask was based upon the Samurai mask, C-3P0 and R2-D2 were inspired by a Japanese movie told from the perspective of two slaves who are caught up in the conflict going around them, and the Sith and the Jedi were inspired by the notion of rival Samurai clans. As such, I feel the lightsabre, its value, its treatment, and its symbolism come from Bushido, the Samurai code, and the katana.

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I love Harry’s album. I love the music and I can enjoy the lyrics if I can manage to forget how they’re promoting them to the public (cough cough Carolina cough))

What I have a problem with is how they thought it would be a good idea to bring back Harry’s 2012/13 womanizer image and somehow make it 2000 times worse. STOP TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE HIM BY MAKING HIM LOOK LIKE SOMEONE HE’S NOT

I’m talking about the fact that this Harry Styles™ has no respect for his exes, writes songs about 17yo girls, all the other bullshit that came with this promo which, to be quite fucking honest, is completely unnecessary. You’re trying to sell him as someone who would make fun of his ex’ private life when all I can see when I think of Harry is this: 

Originally posted by bunskirk

People like him because THIS is the Harry Styles they got to know and THIS is the only Harry Styles that you should be promoting, not this 23yo fuckboy bullshit, you’re a decade too late for that, pal.

I know that the real Harry Styles can charm a room just by being himself. I’ve been in this fandom for 4 years and I’ve seen it, he can charm a whole fucking stadium just by doing his own thing. If you want creepy 30yo white men to like him (if that’s even your target audience, I don’t even know anymore) I’m sure there’s a way to achieve that without ostracizing his current fandom and insulting us over and over again. 

I’m angry and also disappointed. Call this a callout post to the very capable Jeffrey Azoff. We don’t deserve this. Harry doesn’t deserve this. Do better.  

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 again today and noticed a bunch more things on the rewatch.

  • First of all I was expecting to be bored at least some of the time (I mean, I just saw it a little over a week ago), but I never, ever was, not even once. This movie uses every minute so well. (Unlike the first one, where most of the Ronon and Thanos scenes dragged horribly even the first time, and were completely skippable on a rewatch.)
  • I love how the end of the movie recontextualizes some of the earlier scenes. For example, Mantis’s misery and fear is so obvious when she first meets the gang, and in most of her scenes afterwards. The first time you watch it, her anxiety is easily read as nervousness around strangers. The second time, though, it’s such a gut-punch to see her standing behind Ego, wringing her hands, and knowing why.
  • Drax mistaking Yondu for Peter’s actual father is another of those fantastically recontextualized scenes. The first time, it’s funny, just a tossed-off joke. The second time, though … right in the feels. Because Drax, for the most part, doesn’t get the whole concept of people pretending to be something other than what they are. He watches Yondu and Peter interact with each other and he totally gets the actual relationship in a way even they don’t.
  • Speaking of which, there is some really brilliant editing in this movie. This time around, I noticed how it cut from Ego’s “I’m your dad, Peter” right to the first installment of Yondu’s storyline (which also involved interacting with his parental stand-in, Stakar). And none of the significance of this is clear if you don’t know the characters’ emotional context! You basically can only pick it up after having seen the movie once.  
  • The pacing on all the emotional arcs is so, so good. I didn’t even really notice, the first time around, how strong the Peter-Rocket arc is, from their fighting in the beginning, through Rocket not wanting to leave him on the planet, to their little moment of connection at the end.
  • I still can’t get over how this movie has eight major characters (not counting Ego; let’s not count Ego) and every single one of them has a) an emotional arc of their own, b) at least one strong platonic relationship arc with a beginning, middle, and end, and c) at least one scene in which they get to be awesome and do something important. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Even the noncombatants. Even the baby!
  • The first time around, I didn’t really notice how brutal Gamora and Nebula’s fight is. @sheronm pointed out how incredibly OTT Gamora picking up the ship cannon is (in a way female characters rarely get to be) but the whole fight is like that: brutal, dirty, vicious, and not sexualized in the slightest. Speaking of which …
  • The only shirtless scenes in the whole movie are guys (Peter on the ship, and Yondu at the brothel). The closest the movie comes to a romance arc is Peter and Gamora flirting and dancing. I still adore how Mantis and Drax make it explicitly clear that they aren’t into each other in a sexual/romantic way, and yet the most important relationship either of them has in the movie is with each other, and he’s willing to die to save her in the end. The movie doesn’t completely ignore romantic love (the Peter/Gamora relationship is still important), and it is true that there are a few sexist jokes (like Peter hitting on the Sovereign queen – though he apologizes for it, which is a rare thing). But overwhelmingly, this is a movie that never dismisses its female characters to “love interest” or sexualizes them any more than the male characters are.
  • When I saw this movie the first time, I thought the soundtrack and use of music was better in the first movie, but now that I’ve seen them both back to back, I was so, so wrong. They both have great music, they both have some great musical scenes, but I think it’s mostly that the first movie has a faster, more actiony soundtrack, while the second movie has a slower, gentler, more emotional soundtrack that I didn’t fully appreciate at first. But in the first movie, the music is mostly a (well-done!) melodic accompaniment to the action, while in the second movie, the songs are very carefully fit to the scenes in which they occur – whether the important thing is the peppy/awful contrast (“Come a Little Bit Closer” over the murder montage), or the whole point is that the song is so terribly, cheesily on point (“Brandy”), or sometimes because the song fits the emotional tone of the scene in the best fanvid kind of way (“Father & Son”, or the repeated use of “The Chain” for the characters being separated and then coming all back together in Peter’s love-epiphany/Power of Friendship™ moment at the end).

It’s just sooo goooood. I really didn’t expect a bombastic, ridiculous musical comedy in space to genuinely be one of the best movies I’ve seen in ages.

ok so me and @bakkoush-naesheim discussed this for like three hours today, and we have a theory on the mikael and even situation. it might be reaching, but, well, this is skam, so let us reach haha.

it was mikael who kissed even. 

so, mikael liked even. maybe even actually liked mikael back a little too, but he was with sonja. so, when mikael kissed him, even pulled away. and that’s when mikael starts to freak out. even tells him it’s okay, and he promises not to tell anyone, and that there’s nothing wrong with liking boys. but that panics mikael more. and so mikael says something along the lines of, “of course you’re not telling anyone, there’s nothing to tell.” and the more even tries to calm mikael down, the more mikael gets freaked out. and he tells even something about islam and homosexuality, and how the quran says it’s a sin, and generally, just…mikael is freaked out. which gives even the idea to start reading the quran, to help his friend out, to help mikael come to terms with his sexuality. and when he tells mikael what he’s doing, maybe mikael freaks out more, and says something along the lines of “you said you’d drop it, nothing happened, just leave it.” 

so mikael begins distancing himself from even because he’s scared because even isn’t dropping the subject. mikael, freaked out about people finding out and even telling everyone, becomes paranoid and decides to get in there first. and he tells the balloon squad that even tried to kiss him. even, at this point,  was probably getting closer to a manic episode, so his behaviour would have been a little…off. so the balloon squad believe mikael, and maybe mikael even exaggerated a little bit and said things like, “he’s obsessed with me, he kissed me and won’t leave me alone” etc. and thus the entire squad begin to distance themselves from even. even maybe comes up to mikael a couple of times and asks to talk, and again, this just comes off as even being “obsessed” with mikael. and it’s all one big understanding.

with all this going on, even is still researching the quran; he’s manic, so his impulse control, reasoning and judgement are all a little impaired right now. he begins to post any passage that is to do with homosexuality from the quran. not necessarily negative, just anything that mentions it. yousef, at this point, is maybe already questioning his faith, and so he only picks up on the more “negative” passages that even’s posting; the stuff that says homosexuals will go to hell, etc. this “obsession”, of course, given what the balloon squad have been told (even tried to kiss mikael), can easily be interpreted as even trying to “cure” himself with the quran/islam.

amongst all this, obviously, mikael feels awful. but he’s in too deep now. he can’t tell the boys the truth, because he’s still scared, and now there’s the added guilt of how all this is effecting even. so he stays quiet, and gradually, the balloon squad all lose contact with even completely. 

even trying to kill himself wasn’t a result of him thinking homosexuality is a sin. it’s very likely he crashed after his manic episode (depressive episodes aren’t always triggered by life events in bipolar disorder (although they can be); it is sometimes simply the neural chemistry trying to overcompensate for an increase in 5ht that’s seen in a manic episode, so the body decreases 5ht to compensate, but this results in abnormally low levels which=depression). even was very lonely at this point, he was depressed, and that led to his suicide attempt. but for yousef, and for the other boys, i mean, the story writes itself:  even tried to kiss mikael which must mean he’s gay, mikael freaked out bc he’s religious, now even is reading the quran so he must be trying to cure himself. even never corrected anyone on this, because correcting them would mean breaking the promise he made to mikael; the promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone what really happened.

the thing is, this theory explains a lot. it explains:

  • why mikael would still have even’s number (because if he truly was freaked out that even had kissed him, he probably would’ve deleted his number to get rid of all contact with him)
  • why mikael laughed nervously at the mention of even in the sms roulette video, and why he was so quick to shut mutasim down about it - he probably feels incredibly guilty now, hence why he said, “it’s not important”; he doesn’t want to lie anymore, but also isn’t ready to talk about it
  • why even is so terrified. on the one hand, this could be bc yousef’s version of what happened is the truth. obviously that version would still scare even. but on the other hand, it’s one thing being afraid of someone finding out the truth, but it’s so much more terrifying for someone to hear a lie, or a rumour, and for them to believe it. you can’t control what someone lies about. and even can’t necessarily deny what happened, because again, this would lead to mikael getting exposed.
  • why even told sonja about isak immediately. on the one hand, even is a Good Bean™ and probably wanted to let sonja know out of respect to her. but also, he didn’t wait for rumours to spread about him and isak. he wanted to tell her himself this time.
      • on a related note, it could’ve also explained the distance in their relationship. maybe he didn’t tell sonja the truth, out of respect to mikael, and sonja knew she wasn’t getting the whole truth, even if she heard even had kissed mikael. this drove a wedge between their relationship, leading to her not trusting him completely, because she knew she wasn’t getting the whole truth. this is another reason why even told her about isak right away.
  • why even is avoiding talking about the topic. again, he could be scared. that could be the answer. but it also could be because he doesn’t want to lie, but he also doesn’t want to break his promise to mikael.
  • it fits with the theme of the show!!! misunderstandings. mikael isn’t homophobic. he did a shitty thing, regardless of whether our theory is true, or if yousef’s version of events turn out to be true. but imagine this version: he lied, then…all this happened. of course the right thing to do would be to come clean, but imagine how terrifying that would be. it would not only mean he had to come out before he was ready, but it also would mean admitting he ostracised a friend, lied about him, etc. he probably feels incredibly ashamed and guilty, even though he’s in a better place in his life right now, he just wants to forget the whole thing happened.

so to conclude, the situation is misunderstanding after misunderstanding. which fits with the theme of this season. and with the theory that not everything is as it seems (sana assumed yousef is muslim; magnus and vilde appear to be in love but aren’t really).

whose to say yousef isn’t wrong when he says it was even who kissed mikael?

Writing an immersive third person limited point of view.

What is third person? In third person pov the narrator refers to all character by third-person pronouns, such as he, she, or they. In contrast, first person pov uses the first person pronouns, I and me, for the narrator.

What is third person limited? Third person limited is the alternate to third person omniscient. In third person limited, you have one single pov character narrating the story at any given moment (though you can have as many of these limited pov characters as you want throughout the course of the story), whereas in third person omniscient, there is an omniscient (all knowing) narrator.

Why choose a limited third person pov? 

- The reader forms a stronger, more personal connection to your pov character(s).
- You can easily build suspense because the reader never knows for certain what the non-pov characters are thinking, feeling, or planning.
- You can more easily write an unreliable narrator because your narrator tells things only as they see them, and not as they truly are.

At the end of the day, there is nothing you can’t do with limited if you’re creative and willing to think outside the box. 

So you want to write a good limited third person pov then?

Keep in mind that most of these tips also translate to first person pov. In many ways, third person limited is very similar to first person, because you have a single narrator at any given time, and the reader is confined to that narrator’s interpretation of the world.

Here are some key things you need to remember while writing limited third person: 

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Dear Harry,

How’re things? Hope Ron and Hermione are well. I hear Gryffindor won the last Quidditch match against Slytherin. And that someone nearly knocked Lucius Malfoy’s prancing son off his broom while catching the snitch. Great work, kid. James would be so proud.

My godfatherly duties compel me to make sure you’re finishing your homework and all that rubbish but honestly, just try not to get yourself killed or piss off McGonagall, and we’ll call it a day, yeah?

Glad you like the photos I sent you. In case you were wondering, the third one in the pile was from your dad’s bachelor party; pole dancing isn’t normally my thing but it was a dare and I pocketed about fifteen galleons that night and impressed one of the muggle waitresses, so it was worth it.

Can’t tell you exactly where I am at the moment for obvious reasons but it’s a hell of a lot better than that cave; I haven’t resorted to eating rats for at least two weeks. And glory, glory, hallelujah, this place has indoor plumbing.

I’ve been keeping quiet, mostly as Snuffles, but I did nick an iPhone off a bus stop bench a few weeks back and it’s full of mildly interesting useless shit that wastes your time, which is something. And it’s got a camera, which is also something. You’re probably familiar with muggle video cameras, but I’d never seen one myself–dementors aren’t the best cinematographers.

Accidentally got too ahead of myself and used up all the “memory” after I left the thing running. I’ve heard you can delete “files” but I’ve tried every spell in the book and the closest I got was making a photo I’d taken of some floorboards quack and momentarily disappear. Did manage to shoot this, though.

Don’t worry; no one knew I’d broken into the house. They won’t miss their pound of frozen chicken; they had three more and now I’m set for a few days. And I doubt they’ll notice one pair of missing socks. Couldn’t help myself; they’re some sort of fluffy cotton. An obnoxious shade of orange, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Talk soon. Stay cool, kid,



ok guys so this info is from Facebook but here ya go

So, I’m not sure if anyone has been keeping up-to-date with the Yuri!!! On Stage announcements, but here’s a very quick recap of some /interesting/ canon things that went down!

- Yuuri & Viktor played a stripping game and Yuuri lost and woke up with Viktor’s underwear on his head
- at some point Yuuri vomits and I’m not sure if it’s the morning after or during some “fun” with Viktor lol
- Yurio yelling a lot and Seung-Gil tells Yuuri to put some clothes on
- “OVERCOME CHIHOKO” is written in Russian on Yuuri’s back
- *flashback to the night before drunk as heck* Viktor and Chris flirting hard
- Viktor called Yurio ‘kitten’
- Chris flirting with Yuuri saying “do you want to…drink my…sake?” and Yuuri replies with “it’s our sake” lol
- Leo and Guang-Hong say “adults are gross”
- Chris is SAVAGE and tells them “drink from your mother’s breast and go to beddy bye” LOL
- Yuuri getting jealous that Viktor isn’t paying attention to him:
Yuuri: Viktorrrrrr, stop looking at Chris and look at meeee
Viktor: I am looking at you!
Yuuri: You’re not looking enough!!
- Queue to what seems to be a questionable conversation but turns out to not be what they are insinuating lol:
Yuuri: Viktor…do it with me
Viktor: Do what?
Yuuri: That thing we do, when we drink…do that…with me.
- At some point Yurio calls Yuuri ‘Katsuki shit Yuuri!’
- Yurio got mad at Yuuri for 'hiding Viktor’ because Viktor disappeared to god knows where and everyone was blaming it on Yurio lol
- Otabek and Yurio arguing over possible show names for Yurio, where Otabek came up with the majority of them:
俺vs時代(me vs generation)
- At some point Viktor and Yuuri get into the topic of flexibility and Yuuri claims 'Chihoko is more flexible than you’ to which Viktor thinks Yuuri is on about an ex and gets HELLA JEALOUS
- Queue this conversation after Viktor hearing Chinhoko:
Yuuri (hella drunk): are youuuu madddd
Viktor: No
Yuuri: Yes you areeeeee
Viktor’s internal monologue: Oh…I was so mad
- Viktor then having a crisis thinking he knew everything about Yuuri…BUT WHO IS THIS CHIHOKO?
- Viktor is now BUTT NAKED on top of the ninja castle: IS THIS BETTER THAN CHIHOKO?
Yuuri: WHO THE HELL IS THAT? I could search the whole world, nobody is better than you!
- Turns out that 'Chihoko’ is a mispronunciation from Yuuri in his drunken state and what he meant to say was 'Sachihoko’ which is a fish statue which sits on top of the ninja castle
- Viktor, while butt naked atop the ninja castle, tries to stretch to look like the sachihoko fish statue lol
- Viktor then invitied Yuuri to strip and join him on the roof because “the view is better when we’re naked” LOL
- Viktor also shouted from atop the ninja castle “they were Yuuri’s past, but I am his NOW!”
- Seung-gil is apparently an affectionate drunk and kissed Nishigori lol

A couple of minor other tid-bits:
- Yurio brought the piroshki to Yuuri to cheer him up as Viktor wasn’t there/worried about Makkachin
- When Yurio was in Hasetsu and said they were going to find Viktor for ramen, it just ended up being Yuuri and Yurio going for ramen together

Also probably the biggest announcement (which I have already seen posted) is WE’RE GETTING A MOVIE! The movie isn’t going to be a recap of anything and is going to be completely new material! I’ve heard that it could possibly be about the time in between in Hasetsu and everywhere else that we didn’t see and showing how Yuuri and Viktor got to be as close as they are!

SO all-in-all we have learnt that Viktor and Yuuri can never keep their clothes on while drunk and both get extremely jealous, and BASICALLY EVERYONE IS EXTRA AS HECK.

(Info taken from fb)

(All of these updates for the story Were gathered from twitter user @/denkimouse so if you want to look for yourself in case I missed anything else, there ya go! lol)