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But Elizabeth was not formed for ill-humour; and though every prospect of her own was destroyed for the evening, it could not dwell long on her spirits; and having told all her griefs to Charlotte Lucas, whom she had not seen for a week, she was soon able to make a voluntary transition to the oddities of her cousin, and to point him out to her particular notice. The two first dances, however, brought a return of distress; they were dances of mortification. Mr. Collins, awkward and solemn, apologising instead of attending, and often moving wrong without being aware of it, gave her all the shame and misery which a disagreeable partner for a couple of dances can give. The moment of her release from him was exstacy.

Hey. @all trans/nonbinary people who don’t experience body dysphoria

There’s something called “social dysphoria,” which basically means “being distressed by being seen/treated as/labeled as the gender you were assigned at birth.”

It’s literally a type of dysphoria doctors will accept if you want to medically transition, so nobody can say it isn’t valid.

Always, R.

Aaron cursed multiple times as soon as he received the letter. How could Robert be so stupid? Robert had never been the type of person to write letters, so why now? When Aaron was in prison the last thing he wanted was the whole god damn prison finding out he was gay. He had hid the letter as soon as it was handed to him and he had seen the neat scrawl of his name on the front. There was a hole in the mattress, which he can only guess a previous inmate had made in order to hide things, he wonders if it was similar to what he was currently hiding now. For the next two hours, the letter was all Aaron thought about. Should he read it? Did he even risk reading it? Thoughts swirled round his head, cursing Robert for even sending the letter in the first place being one of them. Ethan had been gone for a little over an hour. Aaron could only guess with the light slowly fading in the cell. He didn’t know what Ethan was doing, didn’t care really. He didn’t care about much really lately, except his weekly visits. They was only thing that was keeping him sane. It felt like his skin was itching every time he thought of the letter. He wanted to read it. God he did. But it was such a big risk doing so. Oh what the hell. He doubled checked the cell door to make sure no one was lingering outside and took out the letter and ripped it open.


God. I didn’t know it was going to be this hard. When I saw you and realised you didn’t want me touching you, I didn’t know where to put myself. That’s what our whole relationship is based upon. Those little touches, letting the other one know that we’re here and we’re going nowhere. And to have that taken away from me, from us, it’s killing me Aaron. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you. You’re the one banged up with horrible, horrible people and I’m at home with our family and I’m the one moaning? I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. If we had just talked that night. If we’d just listened to each other instead of lashing out, if I hadn’t of taken my ring off, none of this would be happening. We would be married or planning the wedding, planning our honeymoon. Barcelona still appeal to you? I’m looking at the best places to visit in Barcelona as I write this. Aaron, we’ve got to go. You’d love it. Liv is missing you, so is Chas. But I’ve took them out a few times to distract them and it seems to be working. I’m keeping strong for them and I feel like for once I’m doing something right. Can you believe your sister and mum now get on with me? Crazy right? Anyway. I think the nights are the hardest. That’s when we’d have our daily catch ups. That’s when I’d pull you in close and wrap my 6ft frame around you and protect you and make you feel safe. Instead there’s half an empty bed and with you gone it’s too big. I’ll stop rambling but just know that I’m doing everything in my power to get you out of there. Even if it means you have to have one of those chunky, god awful ankle bracelets or you have to attend therapy. I’m doing everything I possibly can to get you home. And I won’t stop until you are. Always, R. 

He’s thankful that Robert doesn’t leave his full name but it just makes him cry even more. The fact that they both have to hide who they really are, after all those years of hiding themselves, they’re both back at square one. Aaron wipes his eyes when he feels the paper being ripped out his grip. He thinks it’s Ethan and he doesn’t panic too much until he looks up and see’s it’s the bald guy from the other day. He’s noticed that the guy has been looking at him a lot lately but he just brushed it off. The last thing he wants is more time added on to his sentence. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” He know he doesn’t sound polite but that’s his letter and no one else needs to hear it or see it. Baldy has a different idea though because he strides out of the cell and calls all the other cell mates out of their cells. Aaron watches as they all race out, eager to find out what’s going on. Baldy stands at the railing, with the letter in his hand and coughs. 

 "I’ve got a bitta entertainment for you guys this evening!“ All the prisoners start talking amongst themselves and laughing at what’s to come. They’ve clearly seen this happen before.

 "Please just- just give it back” He’s aware he sounds desperate but god, he hasn’t even served a month yet and when they found what’s in that letter. They’ll know. And he knows he won’t be able to survive another 11 months in this place. Even with a family waiting for him back home. Baldy starts to reads the letter and Aaron feels himself zone out. He can’t do this. He can’t survive prison. He doesn’t know when Baldy stops reading the letter, he doesn’t hear him tear it up either, doesn’t see him grab a lighter from another cell mate and burn it in front of him. He wouldn’t be able to tell you if that angered Baldy or not. He’s soon brought out of whatever state he was in when he feels hands grab his arms and pin him up against the wall. He hears his back slam into the wall and he groans out in pain. This is it. He feels the first punch hit his stomach and he doubles over. Liv. Robert. Mum. That’s all he can think of. What are they going to do if he dies? How will they cope? Punch after punch is directed at him, in various places they hit him, directing all their anger and hatred they’ve obviously been storing into Aaron’s body. Eventually he feels the hands on his arms disappear and he collapses to the floor. “That’s for being gay” it’s Baldy who’s leaning over him, spitting the last word out in disgust. Aaron has never been ashamed of who he is, not for a long time and not even now. He just wishes the pain would go away. This is it, he thinks again. This is how he dies.

This is taken from prompt that @sugdenspecial received and which she sent to me. I may be wrong with prison protocol so apologies. Enjoy! I may write a few follow up chapters, it depends if anyone wants it.


Hey guys! You might remember me talking about planning a zine with a compilation of my digimon art that I’ve drawn over the last year?
Well I’m working on that now and I decided to redraw parts of the art and add some of the things you haven’t seen yet. There will be some step to step views of the pieces and short comics-scenes which are gonna feature Daiken and Taiyama (of course) but all in all I want to give you some group-interactions of all the digidestined from th first two seasons.

I’ll update you guys with more information later on!! So if you think, something should definitly get into that zine you can definitly send me those thoughts. I can’t guarantee that I’ll put them in, but I’m up for ideas still.

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Can you do headcannons for Zen with an S/O that is actually as famous as him with musicals and they did a play together a couple of years ago. ((Do you understand what I mean? I think I explained it a bit confusing...))

this took sooo long I’m so sorry, but yeah, no problem it makes total sense 


  • He’s so excited when MC recognises his name in the messenger 
  • MC keeps hinting that they know him
  • Like, they’re always talking about how he’s “so much nicer than most would think” or how he’s “not nearly as arrogant in person” (which is a total lie) 
  • And he spends all this time wondering how hey know him and he finally decides they’re a  fan, but everytime they talk on the phone, he can’t deny that their voice is painfully familiar 
  • When they meet in person he’s shocked when they appear at his door because they haven’t seen each other in person in years so why did they come over and were they in trouble? Did the need help? 
  • They’re just kinda laughing like “Zen it’s me, it’s MC”
  • And he’s freaking out and literally hugging them so tight because it’s been ages and they obviously knew who he was so why didn’t they tell him? 
  • Over dinner they’re reminiscing about when they were in the play together
  • They definitely sing some duets really badly because they’re not on stage right now
  • He’s so excited and bragging to the rest of the RFA when he figures it out 
  • Lol everyone already knew 
  • Jaehee knew because she’d personally been to see the play, she knew MC’s voice from the calls
  • Seven obviously knew because he can’t respect personal information 
  • Zen was oblivious 
  • Jumin just kind of found out…probably had something to do with Jaehee researching for like 5 minutes at work and Jumin catching her (she nearly had a heart attack)
  • Yoosung didn’t know
  • Eventually Seven told him because it just wasn’t any fun when Yoosung wouldn’t stop pouting for 3 days straight 
Felicity Smoak (S5) in a song

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(Couldn’t find a gif that works better with the lyrics, but I think that’s okay.)

Yesterday I heard a song that reminded me a lot of Felicity Smoak, especially with all her suppressed feelings of guilt, sadness and devastation in Seaon 5, but it really just shows her way of dealing with things as we have seen it so often.

The song is German and the title is “Die immer lacht” which means as much as “Who always smiles”. It would probably rather be “Who always laughs”, but I felt smile worked a lot better. 

First I wanted to do a gifset for part of the lyrics or maybe all of them, but I am not that good with gifsets, so I decided to just share the lyrics with you.

You can find the German lyrics as well as my translation of them under the cut and in case anyone wants to gif this maybe, feel free to do so:

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Finnish Fans leaving the competition early

I loved this day, seriously, but sth which keeps me thinking is that the finnish fans left the competition right after they knew that their team wouldnt be in second round.
First of all, this is super disrespectful, yes. I think its absolutely unfair and not alright, I mean this was such a good competition and def worth watching.

But can’t you feel the anger in sth like this? The finnish Team once was so important for ski jumping, seeing them loose in that way hurts so much. I mean, have you seen Julia after her jump? The dissapointment hurted so much.
So no, finnish fans leaving early isnt okay and I would never do that. But before Just judging it with that, go deeper. They are so freaking dissappointed bc of what happend to this once glorious Team. And thats the sad thing about this world championship..

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Does Garnets future vision operates at will and with only specific details that she is looking for? or its working all the time?

She has been shown using it at specific times, and we know that she is limited to her own perspective from the times that Steven is seen using it. That means that she can only see things which she could conceivably become directly involved in.

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Not to make you uncomfortable or anything, but what is your sexuality? I love all your comic dubs and I've seen so much impressive improvement! The Baehee dubs are my favourite. Like, gayhee for Baehee!

Originally posted by weissrose

Uncomfortable? Nah , that isn’t the right word I would use to describe it.
I’m Pansexual, which means according to Urban Dictionary:  a pansexual person can love not only the traditional male and female genders, but also transgendered, androgynous, and gender fluid people..
You see I would be more open about it in my videos. If it wasn’t for the fact, many people don’t really recognize it as a real sexuality. And also the fact that my family is beyond Homophobic.

I’ve been open about it with my friends, my sister, and my partner. It wasn’t something easy. And I didn’t realize my sexuality, until after I left a very abusive relationship. 
I am still in fear if my family finds out. So a lot of times I have to bite my tongue, when someone says something very hurtful.

Until I am more brave. And in a better situation, then what I’m currently in. Lets make this our secret. 

  • Rosalie: Why are you so angered?
  • Subaru: Tch, how would you react if you were mocked as car by that red headed moron?
  • Rosalie: Well, despite there being a car brand called Subaru. Your name has a nice meaning as well and a deep one.
  • Subaru: That would be, Idiot?
  • Rosalie: First of all, your name stands for to unite. So for unity. Which is the reason the car brand uses the name. It formed itself by the fusion of six former companies. Other than that there is a star constellation called Subaru, at least in Japan, in the Taurus constellation. Actually a total of seven stars, however one can only be seen a little with the bare eye. Those stars are called Pleiades, who symbolize the seven daughters of Pleione and Atlas. Atlas was a titan and fought along side with Kronos against Zeus and Kronos' other sons, but got punished by Zeus for being loyal to his father after Kronos lost the battle. Where as Pleione was a water nymph, daughter of Orkeanos and Tethys.
  • Subaru: *raises his eyebrow* ...
  • Rosalie: Not everyone can say that ones name is so deeply intertwined with greek mythology and even has a star constellation called after one. But there is more. The Plejaden were often told to be the virgin companions of the goddess Artemis, they followed Orion over the meadows of Böotiens and they turned into doves at the end, forming the star constellations. They all, like their mother were nymphs.
  • According to tales one shines very weakly because the nymph was ashamed of her bond to Sisyphos, she took a great part in his return out of the Hades, the underworld. Sisyphos was king of Korinth and was one of very great intellegence and sly as well, he had tricked death more than once into letting him come back to life.
  • Subaru: Well, that's really more than a car brand.
  • Rosalie: It is. Your name is basically deeply intertwined in the greek mythology and astronomy. As I said before not everyones name has such a big meaning like yours. Those who mock you for having the same name as a car brand, certainly do lack knowledge. Also the Plejades are named in various books, just as the Bible itself.
  • Subaru: *smiles slightly* Seems like your dumb hobbies are good for something for once.
  • Rosalie: *chuckles a little* Seems so.

Shall we not talk about the face grab though?

Let’s talk about the face grab.

Because on so many occasions in anime, the face grab is used in a sensual/sexual context.

But not in this scene.

Hell, we’ve even seen it used in a sensual context in this particular anime

See the difference though? The thing is that in the scene with Yuuri, it’s gentle and careful and romantic.

With Yurio, it’s not.

And most importantly: it’s not meant to be.

Because, believe it or not, Victor is angry.

He doesn’t show it the way Yuuri or Yurio would, but he’s pretty pissed.

We know this through a few things, first of all, the fact that he replies to Yurio’s taunt, something which he, the mature adult, wouldn’t usually do.

You can even see it in his stance. He’s literally and metaphorically stooping to Yurio’s level. He’s lowering his back, leaning close with those half-lidded eyes and that sarcastic smile. In a way, he is mocking, belittling Yurio. And it’s something we’ve never seen him purposefully do with the intention of hurting someone.

And, well, he doesn’t intend to hurt Yurio. It’s his defense mechanism. More than anything, it’s a sign of how upset he is.

The face grab is the culmination of this

I think we all know how rarely Victor touches other people without their permission.

Which means he must be absolutely livid here.

Yurio may be just a kid but he’s tired of his shit.

It’s a way to remind him of his standing.

It’s a way of saying “Know your place, brat.”

“You don’t know the first thing about me. Who gave you the right to speak?”

And I’m not sure whether this is a thing in Russian, but in my language (Polish, which has Slavic origins, just like Russian), we have a phrase 'Nie pyskuj’ which translates as ‘don’t talk back’, but literally means something like ‘don’t muzzle off’. Essentially, ‘don’t run your mouth’.

So, in a way, you could interpret this as Victor literally closing and holding his mouth so that he stops yapping.

And if you think about it, this is the most violent behavior we’ve seen from Victor. He’s literally never acted like that. He’s never been that affected by anything to act like that.

But now, he’s pissed, and he can hardly control himself. And you could interpret the source of his anger as multiple things, but I’ll personally stick with the idea that he hates how Yurio is insulting Yuuri. I doubt that Victor cares how Yurio bad-mouths him personally, he can deal with being insulted himself. But the kid doesn’t get to talk that way about his fiance.

And the next we see of him is this smile

And I’m sure some people would like to consider it ‘flirty’ (especially when taken out of context), but more than anything, it’s a challenging smile. It’s sarcastic. He’s still mocking Yurio, and doing so just with his expression. He’s sneering at him. He’s showing that in every single way he’s above him and his petty insults (even though it’s clear that he’s also falling for them).

It’s interesting to see how Victor handles his anger because we’ve never seen him like that before. He’s never truly been angry.

This is a glimpse into the Victor we don’t know and it’s a curious one.

What’s even more curious is how quickly he gets over it and thinks this:

He quickly finds something positive about the situation. Because not even Yurio and his stupid insults can keep him down for long, not when he’s reminiscing about Hasetsu, feeling the ring on his finger and thinking of Yuuri.

Because ultimately Victor doesn’t hold grudges the way Yurio does. He lets things go easily.

But Yuuri is the one thing he doesn’t want to let go of anytime soon.

It’s on his behalf that he gets angry in the first place, but it’s Victor’s own nature to shrug and forget the conflict in the end.

And I think that says a lot.



The differences between Darkiplier and Antisepticeye

Obviously we see Anti and Dark as two similar beings because they’re both the evil counterparts or the demons of two great guys who are best friends. Though I think that they’re also very different for many different reasons. Let’s break it down a little and spot the differences, shall we?

Let’s start with Anti.

Antisepticeye, otherwise known as Jack’s evil counterpart or demon, has made many appearances already - even recently. His look can be interpreted however you want, but he has been portrayed a certain way on the channel for some time now. He seems to look exactly how Jack does whenever he appears. But during one longer appearance, he was seen with all black clothing (a black shirt and ripped jeans) and some ear gauges (you can see this in Jack’s ‘Say Goodbye’ video). You could assume that this is Anti’s regular style. We’ve also seen him with black eyes (also in the ‘Say Goodbye’ video) which could possibly mean that he’s a demon.

Anti’s appearances have been brief for the most part. He appears in the form of glitches in Jack’s face cam (you can see a lot of this in Jack’s ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s - Sister Location’ videos) and only stays for a few seconds, though his appearances grew gradually more frequent as the end of October got closer. The only video in which he’s made a longer and much stronger appearance is in Jack’s ‘Say Goodbye’ video.

A quick example.

Anti’s voice is also far from normal, as far as we know. It’s very distorted and sounds like there are multiple people speaking at the same time, all in different pitches. This kind of matches his glitchy appearances.

Another thing about him is that he’s very violent. In multiple appearances, Anti has been seen using his fingers as guns and holding them to his head, strangling himself, pulling at his hair or face or mouth, or with blood somewhere on his face. In the ‘Say Goodbye’ video, he even goes as far as making Jack slit his own throat. He’s displayed as a crazy character, even borderline psychotic.

Picture it this way: if Anti was given the opportunity to torture someone, he wouldn’t hesitate. He would use all the pretty little toys he had and make it as enjoyable as possible - for him. He is merciless, violent and crazy and this could be due to Jack’s excessive amount of energy being manifested into something evil. His idea of fun is extremely dangerous, bloody and painful.

So, Anti is practically a psychopath.

Now, onto Dark.

Darkiplier, otherwise known as Mark’s evil counterpart or demon, hasn’t made nearly as many appearances as Anti. There were theories about him in Mark’s earlier videos ‘Don’t Blink’ and ‘Dont Move’, but he’s been nothing more than a theory since then. People came up with their own ideas and conclusions while Anti was around. But he has finally made an appearance in one of the paths you take when you go to Mark’s video, ‘A Date With Markiplier’ (to get to him you have to click ‘Pay’ and then click ‘Horror’. If you want to follow through then you have to click on ‘Freedom’ and finally, kill the guy on ‘Left’.)

So far, his attire is different from Anti’s. Of course, he was wearing the suit that Mark was wearing during the date, but it oddly seemed to suit him (pun intended). Already off the bat, this leads us to think that Dark may prefer cleaner or more professional attire as opposed to black t-shirts and ripped jeans. Another thing is that he seems to like wearing black eyeliner, unless that’s some sort of natural dark circle around his eyes. Either way, creep factor.

Dark’s appearances haven’t been as glitchy as Anti’s. There are a few moments where he’s seemed to glitch out slightly, but for the most part he’s more ‘stable’. Although, there does seem to be some sort of layering effect in his appearances or some sort of 3D filter - like there are duplicates of him. His stance is also very proper, with his hands gingerly held behind his back as he talks. That, and his appearances have been longer than Anti’s. He sticks around to even converse with the viewer, whereas Anti will only stick around for a few seconds in the face cam, just long enough for someone to notice him.

An example for Darky.

Dark’s voice is a lot deeper than Anti’s, kind of like Mark’s is deeper than Jack’s. Though, it’s almost abnormally deep for someone with Mark’s face. It’s also very echoey, as though he was appearing in a vision or a dream.

Now this is where the major difference comes out.

Unlike Anti, Dark looks very calm and reserved. He speaks slowly, carefully and clearly - as though he’s having a conversation with a colleague at work. He doesn’t seem violent in any sort of way and doesn’t imply that he wants to cause harm to anyone. It’s just that his entire demeanor and way of speaking is very … Dark. I guess he lives up to his name. Rather than being crazy and excitable like Anti, he’s just cold and intimidating.

Picture it this way: if Dark also had the opportunity to torture someone, he wouldn’t go about it the same way. He would most likely use his words to slowly drive the person mad, to frighten them out of their skin. His definition of fun wouldn’t be to hear the person’s screams or see a gory scene - no, his fun is all in the scares. Sure, eventually he gets around to the torture, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who likes to make a mess, you know?

So, Dark is a cold, merciless killer.

Anti and Dark are very similar but also very different, which makes them that much more interesting to observe and analyze. The two of them working together would be the perfect recipe for a vengeful murder. Of course, they’re super fun to watch from afar.

Just don’t piss them off.

let’s talk about maryse in this scene: 

look at how she looks between magnus and max. she’s obviously using this interaction to judge magnus, but i think it’s in a different way. maryse has only ever seen magnus in a professional kind of context, never in a personal one. i think she understands that magnus is here to stay - which was alec’s goal - and now she wants to assess magnus in this new light. of course her shadowhunter prejudices are all there, but this is primarily a mother trying to get to know who is this person entering their lives. 

and then there’s this look: 

she sees the smile on alec’s face and i can see something changing in her. there’s toughness and also softness in her eyes. she can see that her son is actually happy, and that the man he is falling in love/is in love/loves is sweet and kind. and there is a ghost of a smile on her face as well. it obviously doesn’t solve all the problems, but maybe it’s a start? 

honestly i praise nicola for her acting, it’s so subtle and yet so deep. i hope there’s a chance for a redeeming arc for maryse. 

friendly reminders that
  • frank is lactose intolerant
  • hazel doesn’t know what a chicken nugget is
  • nico literally had a nightmare about popcorn. popcorn
  • carter kane essentially did the same thing for zia rashid that leo did for calypso. keep that in mind.
  • bianca willingly left nico twice in both life and death, once to join the hunters and then to be reborn
  • percy can’t control the mist. thalia and hazel can.
  • jason hadn’t seen his mother since he was two years old
  • paul is an example of a good stepparent. annabeth’s stepmother is an example of a bad stepparent
  • magnus’s mom had a pixie cut, like alex
  • hazel likes to draw
  • nico likes card games which is a 100% guarantee he is a total nerd for magic the gathering, dungeons and dragons, etc. as well as probably video games and star wars and star trek
  • sadie is dating both anubis and walt
  • dead moms club: nico, bianca, hazel, leo, frank, jason, hedge
  • yes, coach hedge’s mother is dead.
  • piper is a vegetarian
  • pretty much all of frank’s family (except ares, obviously) is dead or presumed dead.
  • jason is near-sighted
  • alex does pottery
  • the titan and giant wars are just two of the wars chiron has been around to see. and he has been around since the original ancient greece.
  • percy is going to be an older brother
  • piper’s dad is famous. so she probably kind of is too, at least to some degree.
  • the three roman emperors that have come back to life are part of the group that has been terrorizing percy and the gang since the beginning
  • grover exists. he’s a member of the council of cloven elders. he and juniper are dating. in case you forgot. (i know rick did…)
  • tyson and ella are dating (also, tyson!!!)
  • rick riordan himself is a character within the series (royal scribe at camp half-blood, receiver of carter and sadie’s recordings, percy’s editor)
  • also, he wrote each book each year (sometimes two in a year). this guy deserves waaaay more credit than he gets
  • anubis likes to chill in graveyards
  • and, finally, may castellan is probably still making sandwiches and baking cookies for a son who will never come

My favorite part about this kiss is how intense Dylan/Stiles’ face is. He’s kissing her like she’s his lifeline, the air he breathes. He’s so consumed in this moment, in this kiss, in Lydia. You can feel how much he loves her and how much this moment means to him. This is everything Stiles has spent the past 10 years building up to, and the intensity with which he kisses Lydia is like none I’ve ever seen. Lydia holds onto to Stiles, kissing him back just as forcefully, and we get this incredible moment that seems to stop time. I just can’t get over how much you can tell that this is quite possibly the most important day of Stiles’ life just by the expression he makes when kissing Lydia. It’s gentle and intense and heartbreaking all at the same time. You can feel the gentleness he possesses for Lydia, but it’s also this intense fire that burns hot enough to consume them both. It’s so amazing that these two completely opposite things can exist simultaneously in just one expression. Dylan never ceases to amaze me with how much he understands Stiles as a character and his unconditional love for Lydia.


okay everyone settle in and listen to how QUEENIE JUST FUCKING REKT NEWT.

People ALOT OF PEOPLE like to label Queenie as the “dumb blonde sister” when in actuality she’s brilliant and not just because she can read minds. She is seen sewing her dress, but also has fashion/ sewing magazines all over the house and on her desk at work. Shown by her gorgeous dress she’s FUCKING GOOD AT IT. She’s also great at pastries which Jacob I’m-opening-a-bakery-I-love-pastries notes. She has sewing supplies on her desk too. She was based a little bit on Marilyn Monroe who people labelled as a dumb blonde but who was FUCKING EDUCATED CLEVER AS HELL (good job JK you slay queen slay).

So back to this scene. Newt is trying to sneak out and has just put his hand on the door. Queenie can read minds and she obviously knows he’s about to sneak out but she knows her sister is going to help him find his beasts and he NEEDS that help. JK Rowling wrote in the script that when Tina sees that Newt is trying to sneak out she’s disappointed in him. BACK TO QUEENIE: so rather than just yell “everyone this plant dork is trying to leave” she subtly reads that he’s going to and asks this seemingly innocent question that draws everyone attention to him. She’s so considerate in this aspect even though she’s ratting him out to Tina. She doesn’t want him to look bad because he’s trying to leave. She knows that he’s not a bad person he wants to leave for noble reasons, but he should take into consideration that he doesn’t need to do everything alone. Also it’s a nice question to begin with because she’s actually taking into consideration what pastry he likes. When I first saw this in the trailer I thought “oh she’s being really nice and asking him” WHEN REALLY, GUESS WHAT, SHE’S BEING CLEVER AS FUCK. Queenie demonstrates this quality all the time in the film, like when she says “ladies things” to get out of revealing Newt’s briefcase or uses her feminine charm to distract her boss. She’s super intelligent to be able to do wandless magic, complicated wandless magic and is powerful enough to feel it rooms/levels away from her sister when Tina gets sentenced to death. 

In short she’s savage as hell. 

the more i think critically about the ideas that asexuality advocates have developped, the more i think that it’s……a big waste of time to focus all this ideology on people who identify as asexual (which doesn’t even really have a concrete definition) rather than just focusing on the idea that every living person has different feelings about sex and that nobody should be judged for their personal feelings about sex

why encourage the usage of 15 different labels stating how often someone experiences sexual attraction when you can just accept that there is no normal way to experience attraction/feel about sex?

the examples i’ve seen for why asexuals are oppressed/marginalized are not even close to exclusive to asexuals, nor do they apply to all ace people (since there are multiple definitions for asexual and there’s an Ace Spectrum, there are apparently asexuals who still have sex and/or sexual attraction.) for this reason, it seems unproductive to make a little movement only for people who see themselves as abnormal and identify with this word when you can focus on the bigger picture

people who don’t like sex face social stigma but so do tons of marginalized people who do like sex and we can advocate for all these people without making it about what’s normal and what’s not and, instead, just prioritize getting people to let go of unnecessary judgements about other’s sex lives

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 



Spotted at co-worker Kim Bryant’s house: a super classy reference bookcase, complete with dictionary podium. It’s just the kind of thing I imagine putting in my library room, if I could ever afford to have a library room. (Kim and her husband, Chris Willey, keep it in the hallway.)

This thing isn’t just for show: Chris says, “Every few days to look up a word I’ve seen somewhere (in a book or article) or one I’m thinking of but of which I’ve forgotten the meaning. … I highlight anything I look up.”

Is it better than using the Internet? “Yes! If for no other reason than it doesn’t have annoying ads all over it.” I can’t argue with that.


P.S. In case you’re wondering, the highlighted word in this photo is “demiurgic.”