that which can be seen is not all there is

I’ve seen this post going around which was comparing Dean’s, Cas’ and Jack’s reaction to watching cartoons. I think that this is a direct parallel between all of them, especially connecting them with the childish awe while watching this stuff (Cas has never watched one of these cartoons before; Dean was losing his mind and becoming more and more child like, Jack is – well, a child).

But what’s on the TV also can tell us a lot of the themes connected with them, and I want to talk about the scene Jack watches for a bit. I have to admit I never watched Scooby Doo, but I managed to hunt the scene down. It’s from the episode “That’s Snow Ghost” and the scene is about Scooby saving Velma from a saw and then they escape, with the monster sending a trunk with dynamite on it after them. Scooby is seen to take Velma’s glasses to take a look at the dynamite before deciding that he has to do something about it, successfully averting the crisis in the end.

Now, this is just my personal interpretation of the scene, but as I said on twitter before, the relations I see here are the following: Jack’s Scooby, the dynamite are his powers and Dean’s Velma. We’ve seen Dean associated with being trapped before (blatant self promotion), just like Velma is in the clip and we know how Dean feels about Jack’s powers – that they’re, pretty much, exclusively bad. I think it’s significant here that Scooby takes Velma’s glasses before looking at the dynamite, because in this equation, Jack is starting to see the whole thing through Dean’s eyes and realizes it’s bad. He already did as much in the end scene where he basically agreed with Dean that he’s dangerous, but in the clip, he/Scooby manages to not defuse the bomb, but be smarter and faster than it and run away from it before it all goes boom. I like to think that this is somewhat foreshadowing the way Jack will handle/want to handle his powers and it also shows Jack’s powers as having even more a life of its own. Unsure how Scooby basically rescuing Velma could factor in, but hey, we’ll see.

All in all, I think it’s a very interesting clip to use. :)

Tom Hiddleston Falling in Love With You

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An: A huge thank you to @fangirl-who-dreams for giving me the idea to write this– I love you girl, you’re awesome <3

  • You’re a famous actress who’s been in  too many movies to count. 
  • Pretty much everybody knows your name and who you are– so Tom’s obviously heard of you and seen some of your movies.
  • Ok, he’s seen all of them and already has kind of a crush on you (which is a secret)

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I don't know if you saw Jamie's blog but people are being super negative about this era for no good reason and it just makes me upset. Like Taylor is doing all she can but it's never good enough for some of the fandom. I have a feeling no matter what people in this fandom will complain.

Yeah, I’ve seen that although when my dash is at question it’s usually one or not more than two people being negative… But I’m very picky with who I follow, which more people should do cause it’s self-love and it doesn’t mess up your day. 

Look, I have a lot of opinions on why this happens… personally I don’t really give a fuck cause this is all fun for me and I have no other end-game here than to use it for fun. I use Twitter and Instagram mostly for following news and I hate Facebook, so I’m here to have fun. I expect absolutely nothing more than that. Now, a lot of people are here for reasons other than fun and a lot of people take stuff here way too seriously and are very touchy and get offended so easily… which is their right obviously. My right however is to have fun and fuck around here and enjoy myself cause you know, I’m saving all my seriousness for real world where it’s actually needed.

People have different tastes, but I agree that it does become problematic when they start spreading negativity. Cause that’s a whole other thing from ‘oh this song isn’t my taste really but I’m glad others are enjoying it, so I’m not gonna ruin this moment for them’. But unfortunately, sometimes people don’t really care much about how they’re affecting others. And that can suck.

…but since I mentioned different tastes, I’m like really enjoying this era. I adore first two songs and as far as “Gorgeous” goes - it has so relatable lyrics and if you come and tell me they are childish then you obviously haven’t participated in dating scene for some time or you’re just being a hater. As you said, some people will never be satisfied and will always act entitled, so try to avoid those. Hit unfollow if their comments bother you. Make it a positive environment, cause otherwise… what’s the point?

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have you seen the tweets about david yet? (i know you’ll get loads of messages about it and i really hope you’re careful with your answers)

I went through my inbox, which gave me a good view on what’s on Twitter now and I’ve been sent a few tweets, yes, but there’s no way I’m going to check Twitter today. What’s happening there is completely insane and makes me sick. Those people are crazy and I hope David sue them all. How can one allege such things, especially in times like this, based only on a blind item. This is serious shit and blind items are bullshit we all know that! It’s nice to read them when it’s about Gillovny and we spiral a bit and then we move on because there’s nothing to back up these stories. But it’s horrible when it puts a celeb in such a situation and because of his background, people buy it.
I truly hope that no one is the fandom, regardless their sides, will perpetuate those allegations here. Actually, maybe I’m gonna go on Twitter to tweet my love and admiration to David. Maybe we should all do that to counterpoint the bullshit!

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I don't think reddit likes aizawa because this is like the 3rd post I've seen that's basically summed down to 'aizawa sucks'

yeah aizawa and now eri get a lot of negative discussion over there because their quirks are deemed too ‘OP’. i have literally been seeing posts about how, excuse the terminology, aizawa needs another nerf for months now because apparently 15+ years of heavy martial arts training is too OP in relation to his erasure, which can be simplified down to ‘aizawa removes the one thing that makes someone special and takes them down to his level’.

i clearly disagree with all this not just because i’m an aizawa stan but also because he’s a fucking adult and pro hero of course he’s gonna be powerful as all fuck he’s not one of the kids and should not be at their power level.

also the dude’s been nerfed once already and, let’s face it, is in danger of losing his eyes and/or being experimented on

as for eri, who knows. all i know is that reddit sure is salty about her. her quirk literally just got introduced and she’s 4-5 years old and her quirk is some sort of super rare mutation. reddit is mad because she can apparently heal wounds and they consider that Bad Writing. the only thing i would consider bad writing with her is IF she can give mirio his quirk back because an arc without truly losing anything when it’s been this dramatic feels a little wrong. but i honestly doubt that’ll be the case since eri has no control over it.

Cassini Spacecraft: Top Discoveries

Our Cassini spacecraft has been exploring Saturn, its stunning rings and its strange and beautiful moons for more than a decade.

Having expended almost every bit of the rocket propellant it carried to Saturn, operators are deliberately plunging Cassini into the planet to ensure Saturn’s moons will remain pristine for future exploration – in particular, the ice-covered, ocean-bearing moon Enceladus, but also Titan, with its intriguing pre-biotic chemistry.

Let’s take a look back at some of Cassini’s top discoveries:  


Under its shroud of haze, Saturn’s planet-sized moon Titan hides dunes, mountains of water ice and rivers and seas of liquid methane. Of the hundreds of moons in our solar system, Titan is the only one with a dense atmosphere and large liquid reservoirs on its surface, making it in some ways more like a terrestrial planet.

Both Earth and Titan have nitrogen-dominated atmospheres – over 95% nitrogen in Titan’s case. However, unlike Earth, Titan has very little oxygen; the rest of the atmosphere is mostly methane and traced amounts of other gases, including ethane.

There are three large seas, all located close to the moon’s north pole, surrounded by numerous smaller lakes in the northern hemisphere. Just one large lake has been found in the southern hemisphere.


The moon Enceladus conceals a global ocean of salty liquid water beneath its icy surface. Some of that water even shoots out into space, creating an immense plume!

For decades, scientists didn’t know why Enceladus was the brightest world in the solar system, or how it related to Saturn’s E ring. Cassini found that both the fresh coating on its surface, and icy material in the E ring originate from vents connected to a global subsurface saltwater ocean that might host hydrothermal vents.

With its global ocean, unique chemistry and internal heat, Enceladus has become a promising lead in our search for worlds where life could exist.


Saturn’s two-toned moon Iapetus gets its odd coloring from reddish dust in its orbital path that is swept up and lands on the leading face of the moon.

The most unique, and perhaps most remarkable feature discovered on Iapetus in Cassini images is a topographic ridge that coincides almost exactly with the geographic equator. The physical origin of the ridge has yet to be explained…

It is not yet year whether the ridge is a mountain belt that has folded upward, or an extensional crack in the surface through which material from inside Iapetus erupted onto the surface and accumulated locally.

Saturn’s Rings

Saturn’s rings are made of countless particles of ice and dust, which Saturn’s moons push and tug, creating gaps and waves.

Scientists have never before studied the size, temperature, composition and distribution of Saturn’s rings from Saturn obit. Cassini has captured extraordinary ring-moon interactions, observed the lowest ring-temperature ever recorded at Saturn, discovered that the moon Enceladus is the source for Saturn’s E ring, and viewed the rings at equinox when sunlight strikes the rings edge-on, revealing never-before-seen ring features and details.

Cassini also studied features in Saturn’s rings called “spokes,” which can be longer than the diameter of Earth. Scientists think they’re made of thin icy particles that are lifted by an electrostatic charge and only last a few hours.  


The powerful magnetic field that permeates Saturn is strange because it lines up with the planet’s poles. But just like Earth’s field, it all creates shimmering auroras.

Auroras on Saturn occur in a process similar to Earth’s northern and southern lights. Particles from the solar wind are channeled by Saturn’s magnetic field toward the planet’s poles, where they interact with electrically charged gas (plasma) in the upper atmosphere and emit light.  

Turbulent Atmosphere

Saturn’s turbulent atmosphere churns with immense storms and a striking, six-sided jet stream near its north pole.

Saturn’s north and south poles are also each beautifully (and violently) decorated by a colossal swirling storm. Cassini got an up-close look at the north polar storm and scientists found that the storm’s eye was about 50 times wider than an Earth hurricane’s eye.

Unlike the Earth hurricanes that are driven by warm ocean waters, Saturn’s polar vortexes aren’t actually hurricanes. They’re hurricane-like though, and even contain lightning. Cassini’s instruments have ‘heard’ lightning ever since entering Saturn orbit in 2004, in the form of radio waves. But it wasn’t until 2009 that Cassini’s cameras captured images of Saturnian lighting for the first time.

Cassini scientists assembled a short video of it, the first video of lightning discharging on a planet other than Earth.

Cassini’s adventure will end soon because it’s almost out of fuel. So to avoid possibly ever contaminating moons like Enceladus or Titan, on Sept. 15 it will intentionally dive into Saturn’s atmosphere.

The spacecraft is expected to lose radio contact with Earth within about one to two minutes after beginning its decent into Saturn’s upper atmosphere. But on the way down, before contact is lost, eight of Cassini’s 12 science instruments will be operating! More details on the spacecraft’s final decent can be found HERE.

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All About Auras

An aura could best be described as the energy given off by someone or something. Supposedly, everything has an aura, even an apple. Many people are able to either see or ‘sense’ auras, which may appear as a haze of light or colour surrounding something.

The colour an aura appears can have many correspondences, which can relate to someone’s mood or spirituality, or can be because of external factors such as light intensity. It’s even said to be possible to tell if someone is pregnant from the way their aura appears.

Common misconceptions about auras:

  • It is always the same colour.  - This is untrue, as auras tend to change colour when affected by many different factors. However one colour may be dominant.
  • It is always the same shape and texture.  - Nope, they could appear hazy, smooth, or spiky. Some could have auras spanning an inch from their bodies, but others could have auras reaching out to a metre.
  • There is scientific evidence for auras.  - Again, untrue. Despite many people being able to see auras, there is no way to measure them or comprehend why it is even there.
  • Your aura is a shield.  - Whilst it’s possible to utilise your energy to shield yourself from things through visualisation, your aura alone is by no means a barrier against spirits and vampire-like entities looking to ‘feed off’ your energy. Learn how to ward yourself.
  • There is only one colour at a time.  - Your visible aura can actually be a mix of colours. However, there are also seven different extents of your aura, ranging from physical to spiritual, which could all be a different colour at one time.
  • It is especially important to note that auras are constantly changing. This could be seen as Anicca, or impermanence, in which the Buddha taught that nothing is permanent and everything is constantly changing. The aura reflects this truth in ourselves and those around us.

Seeing Your Aura

Some people are able to see auras with ease without a whole lot of practice, whereas others might never be able to comprehend the aura. It is common for many witches to practice with seeing their aura.

Here is a simple exercise which will help you to begin seeing your aura. This is what I tend to get people to do often when starting with auras. If inexperienced, it is important to practice often in order to get better!

  1. You may want to begin by meditating or casting a circle in order to have a better focus on your aura. Make sure you are calm and in the mindset to concentrate.
  2. Find a blank area, such as a white wall or a sheet of paper, and hold your hand out to it. It is important that you don’t get distracted by the colour of the wall or anything on it.
  3. Rather than focusing directly onto your hand, shift your gaze to look just past it. For instance just past your fingers, but not the space directly between your fingers.
  4. Focus on this space. To avoid distracting yourself, practice steady breathing as you would in meditation.
  5. Eventually, you should begin to see a haze of light surrounding your hand. At first it may appear small and even colourless, but keep practicing and you will start to see it even better.

Colour Correspondences

The colour of an aura can have many connotations, and can be dictated by thr shape and texture too. But here is a guide to help you with the typical deciption of simple aura colours.


Centred/grounded, passion, anger, energetic.


Power, confidence, outgoing, good health.


Spiritual awakening/awareness, playful, happiness.


Healing, good communication, jealousy.


Intuition, calm, clairvoyance, honesty, fear of the future.


Daydreaming, spirituality, artistic, psychic abilities.


Newness, purity, reaching enlightenment, angelic.


Negative feelings, blocked energy, potential illness.


Grounded, tied to the outdoors, afraid to let go.


Loving, sensual, psychic gifts, dishonesty.


Physical and spiritual wealth, awakening of higher thought.


Enlightenment, protection from divine entities, guidance.


A rainbow aura can indicate a healer, a new soul, or reaching enlightenment.

The Japanese version of the ending cutscene of Western Land in Mario Party 2 plays out differently from the international version. While in all other versions, the player character and Bowser shoot each other with corks that can be seen flying through the air, the projectiles in the Japanese version are too small to be visible, which implies that the characters are using conventional bullets instead. (Source)

Black Hole Sculpts an Hourglass Galaxy

When it comes to galaxies, our home, the Milky Way, is rather neat and orderly. Other galaxies can be much more chaotic. For example, the Markarian 573 galaxy has a black hole at its center which is spewing beams of light in opposite directions, giving its inner regions more of an hourglass shape. 

Our scientists have long been fascinated by this unusual structure, seen above in optical light from the Hubble Space Telescope. Now their search has taken them deeper than ever — all the way into the super-sized black hole at the center of one galaxy.

So, what do we think is going on? When the black hole gobbles up matter, it releases a form of high-energy light called radiation (particularly in the form of X-rays), causing abnormal patterns in the flow of gas. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Meet Markarian 573, the galaxy at the center of this image from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, located about 240 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation Cetus. It’s the galaxy’s odd structure and the unusual motions of its components that inspire our scientists to study it.

As is the case with other so-called active galaxies, the ginormous black hole at the center of Markarian 573 likes to eat stuff. A thick ring of dust and gas accumulates around it, forming a doughnut. This ring only permits light to escape the black hole in two cone-shaped regions within the flat plane of the galaxy — and that’s what creates the hourglass, as shown in the illustration above.

Zooming out, we can see the two cones of emission (shown in gold in the animation above) spill into the galaxy’s spiral arms (blue). As the galaxy rotates, gas clouds in the arms sweep through this radiation, which makes them light up so our scientists can track their movements from Earth.

What happens next depends on how close the gas is to the black hole. Gas that’s about 2,500 light-years from the black hole picks up speed and streams outward (shown as darker red and blue arrows). Gas that’s farther from the black hole also becomes ionized, but is not driven away and continues its motion around the galaxy as before.

Here is an actual snapshot of the inner region of Markarian 573, combining X-ray data (blue) from our Chandra X-ray Observatory and radio observations (purple) from the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in New Mexico with a visible light image (gold) from our Hubble Space Telescope. Given its strange appearance, we’re left to wonder: what other funky shapes might far-off galaxies take?

For more information about the bizarre structure of Markarian 573, visit  

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People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


y’all i’ve seen some people speculate that the galra at the center of this shot is keith - now i’m gonna tell y’all why that most likely isn’t the case

we know keith makes a decision that’ll “split up the team”, and when you then see this shot that focuses on a galra surrounded by blade of marmora members who are looking at the blade in their hands … well, it’s kinda easy to assume that it could be keith

however, i think this is most likely a flashback scene, and the galra at the center of the shot is keith’s mother

there are a few reasons why this galra can’t be keith, the most obvious of which is height; we’ve only ever seen one galra who was shorter than keith (the tiny one from season 2, i don’t remember his name rip), and acxa is the only galra who seems to be around the same height as him, all of the others are taller

when you look at the perspective of this shot for more than a second, it becomes obvious that the galra here are all around the same height

hopefully y’all can see what i mean despite the shitty lines i drew, how the structure of the shot might make it seem like the central figure is shorter at first glance, but that’s just because of the perspective the shot was “filmed” from ya feel?? it was shot this way to fully center that galra and their blade

not only is that galra most likely taller than keith, they also seem to have a more classically feminine body-shape

to me, that chest looks a little too curvy to just be big pectorals, and it becomes even more noticeable when you compare the chest curve to that of the galra on either side of our central character

why would it be keith’s mother and not just some random female galra? because the blade itself is at the center of the shot, and the blade is the only physical item that links keith to his heritage

and that’s why i’m 99% sure that’s keith’s alien mother, thanks for coming to my ted talk

When Supernatural introduced the apocalypse world in season 12 — an alternate universe where Sam and Dean were never born — it opened a door of possibility in terms of bringing back old characters that fans haven’t seen in years. And it all started when the season 12 finale saw Sam, Dean, and Cas come face-to-face with a new version of Bobby Singer. So now the question is: Who’s next? 
The Supernatural showrunners have said that some long-dead characters will return this year, and EW can reveal that Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) is among them. Kevin first appeared in the show’s seventh season and remained a key figure until his death in season 9 (after which he still made a couple appearances).
—  Supernatural: Osric Chau returning as Kevin in season 13

not to be dramatic but I’m like 99.9% sure that everyone i know regrets being a part of my life and wishes they could leave me 

Beginner Clown owners PLEASE read this!!

I’ve seen a lot of Clown Husbandry posts recently, which is really wonderful for the clown-owner community. However! These posts will bring in a huge influx of new clown owners, and I thought I should go through some of the worst beginner clown breeds. Do not buy or adopt these clown breeds unless you’re an experienced clown owner.

1.  Hampshire Heavy Stripe

Hampshire Heavy Stripes put on weight incredibly quickly for any type of clown breed. They grow to be quite large, which may be good for meat clowns, but not for pet clowns. 

These clowns need an incredible amount of space (at minimum 50 square ft sized tents). I’ve seen reports of Hampshire Heavy Stripe Owners who can only fit around 3 other domestic clowns in a clown car with their Heavy Stripe. And on top of all those spacial needs, Hampshire Heavy Stripes end up needing over 100$ of freshly whipped cotton candy and peanuts a week.

Most breeds of Hampshire Heavy Stripes have an umbrella attached to them, almost as an extra appendage of sorts. While this umbrella is good for show, it is incredibly dangerous and can spray toxic material. These creatures are anything but docile, and will attack when provoked, usually using their umbrella  as a weapon.

Like any breed of clown, if treated right, they can be wonderful pets - but since these clowns are bred to be so aggressive, I would NEVER recommenced them to a beginner pet owner. 

2. Red Polka Boxer

These clowns look like they make for incredibly fun pets, and are great appearance wise. However, there is a large amount of problems many beginner (and even intermediate) clown owners do NOT take into account.

Red Polka Boxers are known for their ability to fit in to incredibly small boxes and jump out at any time. But, they will often cram themselves into small spaces under stress - spaces so small that they are impossible to be retrieved from.

These clowns will become extremely stressed when not given a MINIMUM of 130 different boxes to fit inside and play with. For many clown owners, this can end up costing in the thousands. Red Polka Boxers also need a variety of different clown cars to play in.

Usually somewhat antisocial, these clowns prefer to be alone - in small, confined spaces. However, this is no excuse for an inadequate circus tent. These clowns still need 30 square feet of circus tent to play around in when they see fit.

While these clowns are usually an incredibly healthy and kind breed, the risks in taking care of them are often too high. Red Polka Boxers are only for experienced clown owners.

I will add on to this post, for the right clown for you is very important. 

For the record:

How do you know you can trust a creature/machine who’s main attributed ability is to get into your head and relay information directly?  And not just their specific paladins: Blue sends that image of Voltron’s complete form to all of them.

Equally worrying, they can do so without it being an obvious hallucination.  After all, Shiro didn’t know that they’d never left the hangar in Space Mall.  The information felt completely natural and from his own perceptions.  Experiences are the way in which humans, at least, develop their opinions and reactions, and those are highly tied to emotions.

Kinda puts a new spin on the fact that not one paladin or member of the team has ever found the lion’s abilities more than passingly odd, huh?  Even though it came from the same place that corrupted Zarkon and Honerva.  Even though they’ve seen monsters form out of that energy.  Even though it made Honerva deathly ill.

Not one person has ever gone ‘maybe this stuff isn’t safe to be around’.

Or, if they have, they don’t remember.

Neil + Casual Honesty
  • Neil trusts the team and doesn’t want to hide things from them, so slowly more and more of his past comes out in casual conversation
  • The whole team is beyond concerned and horrified
  • Except for Andrew who just likes the honesty, although he doesn’t particularly care what Neil tells the rest of the team as long as he keeps telling him truths
  • One of the twins trying to claim Neil doesn’t know what Kevin terrified actually looks like because he wasn’t there to see Kevin broken on the bus after Riko broke his hand and wasn’t around when Kevin first joined the Foxes
  • Neil doesn’t skip a beat before responding “I think he looked pretty terrified after we watched my father torture a man to death.”
  • And the team is like what the fuck Neil?
  • They’re watching a movie and Matt’s like “There’s no way he’s just walking around after being shot like that. They have to get him to a hospital.”
  • And Neil says “I didn’t go to the hospital when I got shot.”
  • Matt is concerned
  • Neil zoning a movie out while thinking about how this movie is making him wait way too long before he and Andrew can sneak off to the roof
  • Nicky’s like “There is no way he’s lost this much blood and is still conscious.”
  • Neil knows exactly how much blood loss it takes before someone can’t stay conscious anymore
  • So he’s like "I’ve seen someone conscious after losing more.”
  • And Nicky’s head whips around to look at Neil like he is concerned for Neil’s immediate well-being which Neil thinks is ridiculous
  • It was a long time ago and it wasn’t even his blood

Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3


your relationship being exposed during an interview


Xiumin would have made a minor slip up while talking on the phone during an interview to a lucky fan by accidentally calling your name instead of the fans which would leave him a mumbling mess, trying to fix the mess he had made.

“…Yes up course I can y/n. Wait no im sorry, its just- I was- it uhmm,  your name, sounded really similar to someone I know, I apologize.”

“wait who’s y/n????”

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Suho would have been seen the day before with you getting out of a restaurant whilst holding hands, and in the interview they were quick to call him out asking who the mysterious girl truly was, making him throw out a quick reply followed by a grin.

“she’s my girlfriend actually”

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One of the questions asked in the interview was which one of the members stayed up latest at night, and all the members quickly pointed to lay, making the interviewer ask him what he did so late in the middle of the night.

“I sometimes video chat my girlfriend abroad actually”

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There had been a post swarming around of an image of at a party, which demonstrated in the background a couple kissing, you and Baekhyun to be exact. Despite trying to push the questions away, the interviewer kept insisting. 

“She’s actually my girlfriend, however I’d appreciate if no one asked about her, or tried figuring out who she is, since we don’t want her or our relationship in the limelight.”

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There had been rumors going around saying Chen was dating, when suddenly in an interview, all the members where playing an image guessing game, using pictures sent in by fans, when a picture of you asleep came up and everyone turned to look at Chen who began giggling. 

“Ahh my jagi, she’s a keeper isn’t she?”

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Chanyeol had been doing an interview, when the young female interviewer started throwing advances at him, and openly flirting. He was quick to shut her down, and at the same time let everyone know he was off the market.

“Actually, I don’t think my girlfriend would like this very much.”

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In a recent interview, the members had been asked if any of them were seeing someone, when everyone immediately turned to look at Kyungsoo, making him flush bright red.

“Wait no, this isn’t fair. Whys everyone looking at me? Y/N wont appreciate this.”

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When asked the question everyone always looked forward to in any interview, kai quickly admitted to dating someone as he didn’t want it to be kept a secret anymore 

“Yeah I am seeing someone actually. She’s just great.”

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In a backstage interview, when asked who bullied the members the most, Junmyeon admitted to being ganged up on by you and Sehun, saying you two were a deadly duo, and letting the part where you were Sehuns girlfriend slip, making the maknae burst out laughing.

“Actually, Sehun and his girlfriend Y/N always bully us. They’re really evil together its almost like an otherworldly force.”


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A Few Thoughts on Who Killed Markiplier

It is safe to say the WKM project has taken the fanbase by storm, and can be written in the books as a grand success. The hard work, and dedication, of the Teamiplier crew shines brilliantly from start to finish. Indeed, I found myself bouncing theories off of closest friends (who had not even heard of Markiplier until this point), and even dreamed up possible solutions to the amazingly written whodunit. Never in my wildest dreams, however, could I have come up with a conclusion so heart wrenching and astounding as the one gifted to us in Chapter Four.

Yet I have witnessed an amazing transformation within the community. A love has been born that transcends the normal infatuation of a celebrity, and it is beautiful. What is it about this project that seems to have tipped the Markiplier community onto its emotional side?

Two two-dimensional characters that began as a joke, as an interesting concept, as meaningless characters, suddenly became very three-dimensional. They became very real, very relatable, more plausible… and terrifyingly enough, more human. The community has been forced to reexamine the world around them.

Wilford Warstache, a sociopathic killer with no regard for consequences, or for human life. He takes an almost flippant response to death, and feels no remorse for the people he kills. He claims it is not his fault when people die, that he was only doing what people ask him to do. Yet through WKM, we see a new perspective.

Though not entirely sane, we see a man who loves life and adventure. He is compassionate, though it is hard to tell at times. He’s made many mistakes, including an affair, but only begins to hate Mark after he felt he’d been betrayed. Even then, Damien describes his disregard for Mark’s death as a form of “shock”, indication he is familiar with the Colonel shutting down like this in response to tragedy. Speaking of which, if he is a Colonel, we can assume he is military. Chances are he has also been to war. This would explain his tendency to shut down in the face of death, as there is no telling how many brothers and sisters in arms he’s seen lay dying. War is hell, after all. He is a soldier, so he understands loyalty and trust better than anyone. His moves are calculated and filled with cunning. It would also explain his tendency to slip in and out of a room without anyone noticing. Military training. It’s also one of the reasons he is such a successful hunter. Clearly, however, he loves Damien, and he loves Celine, and he’s very loyal to them. Upon their death, and realizing that he’s also killed us, he loses the military stance. He loses his tightly wound composure, and we are left with…

…A man who is so lost, so confused, so scared that he clutches tightly to the cane of his friend. Until we return, he is completely alone. Everyone else has abandoned him, or has died. His guilt is crippling him, his sanity is cracking right before our eyes as he slowly descends into madness. This is a man who has been surrounded by tragedy his entire life.  When we wake up, he is relieved. Somehow we managed to come back from death, which means the others must have as well. This is all a joke, a prank, because the idea of his friends playing such a cruel joke on him is easier to comprehend than their death. His mind, after repeated trauma, is reduced to that of a broken child who is screaming and crying for answers he’ll never get. His sanity is shattered, and he’s driven mad. No doubt he is reliving all the terrible deaths he’s witnessed, and trapped in this hell, Wilford Warfstache is born. He is the broken soldier.

And then there’s this man:

This character was, initially, a joke within the community. When he first manifested, the community wrote him off as being an evil, power hungry, and manipulative man who only wanted to take control. He was jealous of mark’s fame, and wanted to use the love of his fans against him. Yet…

We learn in WKM that Damien is actually the most kind hearted person in the entire group. He feels Mark’s death deeply, but even in the face of his own sorrow, he delivers the news of Mark’s death to William himself. When William does not respond in a way Damien believes he should, he becomes angry. This is not anger borne of hatred, but borne of disappointment in his friend, and his own sadness and pain. He cares. He cares almost too much, as the events seem to constantly be tearing him apart. He carries the cane with him, and is seen constantly wringing it in his hands when he gets nervous, uncomfortable, or emotional. Not wanting to appear weak, he isolates himself, yet returns when something new occurs to make sure everyone is safe. As angry as he is at William, he checks up on him and keeps tabs on him to make sure he’s okay. He tries to protect Celine, even at the cost of his own life.

And what a loss of life that was. Betrayed by a man he’s known since childhood, cast aside into a broken shell and forgotten…

No…. This is not a man fueled by jealousy. This is not a man keen on stealing the attention away from Mark for his own selfish needs. This is a man who loved too much, cared too deeply, and now sports a shattered heart. We see him shift from kind, compassionate Damien to the man we now know as Darkiplier, and we see the raw emotions in his eyes.

He. Still. Cares.

He is still the protector. He is still the leader. He still loves, and cares, but he does not trust.

Perhaps this is why he acts the way he does, to keep people away from Mark to make sure no one meets a similar fate as those who loved Mark in the past.

The very last scene we are left staring into a broken mirror. It is shattered, the image distorted, the world still discolored. Even with Damien, now Dark, gone, the world has not shifted back to normal. We are left to reflect on our fate. Our world.

                                               Our new hell.

Our own humanity.

We relate to these characters so much because we understand them. We have experienced loss. We’ve experienced betrayal. We understand their pain. We feel for them so deeply because we understand their loss, and their feelings of being lost. Perhaps we even understand the feeling of sanity slipping through our fingertips, or the dark and enticing pull of revenge.

We watched them descend into madness, and realized how possible it is for us all to do the same. Anyone can. It forces us to question…. Those people that society has labeled “evil”, what did they experience to get them to that point? Did they love too much, and had their hearts broken? Were they cast aside, their shell’s broken, and forgotten? Those that society has marked insane who go on to commit terrible crimes, what traumas pushed them to that point? Were they sane before, and simply snapped?

We see the world differently now, our perspectives forever altered. Truthfully, I found the entire experience exciting, and humbling. I believe this is why the Who Killed Markiplier project struck a chord so deeply in all of us.

@markiplier thank you for bringing this into our lives.