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I’m Tired

I’m going to be abandoning this blog as an archive. My other main blog is on a mutual-only basis but consists of absolutely no fandom content. If we are mutuals and you are interested, IM me. 

Please be kind to that post about my mom that’s still going around (yes, the Naruto one). Makes me uncomfortable as hell that it exploded like it did and I don’t like info about my family being spread so far and wide and outside my control. Don’t screencap it or post it to other sites, thanks.

twenty one pilots' songs for different moods
  • Lonely: lovely, johnny boy, screen , forest, ruby, holding on to you, hometown, fake you out.
  • Sad: oh ms believer, friend, please, anathema, goner, time to say goodbye, truce.
  • Struggling to find purpose: march to the sea, implicit demand for proof, addict with a pen, kitchen sink, isle of flightless birds, fall away.
  • Thinking too much: clear, semi-automatic, car radio, migraine, ride.
  • When you can't sleep: ode to sleep, before you start your day, message man, glowing eyes, taxi cab.
  • Nostalgic: slowtown, stressed out, the pantaloon.

Vanoss: Delirious, Delirious, she has you.

Delirious: Don’t worry, don’t worry, as long as she’s got me, you’re safe.


Ohmwrecker / Masked Game | Dead by Daylight #32 Most Intense Nurse Killer Ever! ft Delirious, Vanoss.


Happy New Year! <3

Castiel couldn’t remember being this warm and comfortable since… well, ever. If anything, being human had been very uncomfortable, for the most part.

He slowly opened his eyes, trying to make sense of the warm weight that was plastered against his back. Upon realizing that this bed wasn’t his own, Castiel froze, holding in his breath for several heartbeats.

Castiel had his own room at the bunker now, but this definitely wasn’t it. Not his bed, not his room. The decorations on those walls made it perfectly clear that this was Dean’s room. Letting out a shallow breath, Castiel tried to recall what had happened last night.

New Year’s Eve. They’d been drinking. Castiel had ended up being only mildly intoxicated, unlike Dean, who had been downright drunk.

They’d kissed at midnight, Castiel remembered it clearly now that his brain was gradually waking up. Dean had kissed him. They had even cuddled on the couch after Sam had gone to bed, and at some point, Dean had declared that he was going to bed as well, then asked Castiel to join him.

A shiver ran up Castiel’s spine when he felt Dean’s warm breath against the back of his neck. This was bad. This was positively problematic. Dean was going to be furious, no doubt about it. Drunk Dean might have wanted this, but Castiel was fairly sure that sober Dean would never agree to sharing a bed and cuddling with anyone who wasn’t female. Let alone kissing.

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