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Lusamine hot take: I follow her tag and people constantly complain about her getting the chance at redemption, and I get it - a lot of people complaining are abuse survivors. I am, too, if we’re being candid. Lusamine should absolutely be held accountable for what she put her children through.

What gets me is that people don’t want her to do better. Despite the emotional abuse that Lusamine put Gladion and Lillie through, they both canonically seem to still love her. The game specifically establishes that the Lusamine we know - the Lusamine we see in the game - is a recent occurrence. The Lusamine we know in the game would never play in the rain with her daughter. The Lusamine we know would never deserve an apology letter from her son. At some point, Something Went Wrong with Lusamine, and I feel that the game is pretty clear on this aspect of her character. She frantically gets worse every time someone she loves leaves her. She becomes cripplingly obsessed with the Ultra Beasts. She shapes her identity, and those of her children, around the Ultra Beasts. Her anger is intense and inappropriate. She’s selfish and narcissistic. These are not things a person of sound mind does.

What I’m saying is: I’m pretty sure Lusamine had undiagnosed mental illness of some sort? It’s not Lillie’s responsibility to help her mother, but at the same time, I want to believe that Lusamine’s treatment will extend past the neurotoxin. I want to believe that Lusamine is willing to try and do better for the sake of her children, now that the spell is broken. I want to see her work to regain their trust. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to give everyone a chance to heal, and most importantly, give back the mother than Lillie and Gladion remember.


C: So you’re saying Button should go back there and try to figure out where things went wrong?

S: Maybe we should come with her? I mean, we’re all in this together now from the looks of it.

A: No, no, that’d be too risky. It’s best if she goes alone, she’s been there before. Who knows how much more will change if more people go.
Points on a Circle - Chapter 16 | Archive of Our Own
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If there was one thing Jesse was used to, it was endings. His life had been nothing but endings, from him losing his Mom to being torn away from Deadlock and the only other family he ever knew. And as much as he loved Blackwatch he knew it would end one day, too. Everything did. It was just a part of life. That didn’t mean it hurt any less when it happened. But this time, this time was different. Losing his mother had been a shock. Getting dragged from Deadlock Gorge sure as hell wasn’t part of his plans. But leaving Blackwatch? He had been planning his departure for months.

Jesse wasn’t sure when exactly the urge to leave Blackwatch sprung up inside him. There was no one mission that went wrong, no argument with Gabe that pushed him over the edge. It was a quiet discontent that grew with every passing day. A rock in his shoe that he couldn’t shake. But Jesse knew he couldn’t just get up and leave without Gabe dragging his ass back. So he bid his time acting the part of the perfect agent until the exact moment he could act.

That moment arrived in the form of a phone call from Fareeha at four in the morning. Jesse, who had only just fallen asleep, managed to wrangle his phone from under the bed (how had it gotten there, anyway) and raised it to his face. Half-convinced he was just dreaming Jesse answered the call.

“Sis, I love ya, but timezones-”

“Mother has been shot.”

In which Jesse McCree meets Hanzo Shimada.

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Imagine Kcalb having crow wings but never uses them due to his shyness of people watching his wings and he doesn't want to be lazy. So when there was a flying race he was watching Yosafire flying until something went wrong as he was running he decided to just fly as he flied expertly he managed to make Yosafire land somewhere safe and she of course was in awe seeing big crow wings in the old man. She is the only one who knows about his wings and has bragging rights to give hints about his wings.

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any idea why Jackie said she didnt feel anything in Jackie Bags Hyde when she kissed Steven? She was chasing him for a while and then once she kissed him she was like "oh i felt nothing"

The real answer is that the writers thought ending that story line like that wasn’t going to left as many questions as it did. Who knows why they decided to break it that way. One of the many things went wrong.

The in universe answer may be something I think most of us agree, that she just couldn’t identify was what she was feeling in that moment, because it was too diferent from what she once felt while with Kelso.

It’s not familiar and we tend to get scared at unfamiliar stuff, especially when is too intense. My headcanon is that she felt numb after the explosion inside her belly, because honestly this kiss looks like the bomb:

The other option is that she just decided to lie because of the intensity of it. Again, she has been hurt many times before and she knows Hyde’s story with girls. He doesn’t date, he has a record of having the same girl for the long of a week. What tells her it could work out?

He rejected her a million times, and would had he said the truth? We know that there’s a big chance that he would, but she doesn’t. She needed the Kelso experience all over again to finally understand that she doesn’t need that shit, and that she needs to start trusting him and her instincts.

Portal amnesia au info...

So far I know what elements that have to be in here. But here is some sound facts about the au.

  • This will take after about 6 years, which will has resulted in Wheatley to be extremely damaged and forced to shut down…permanently
  • Wheatley (and certain other cores) have this sort of blackbox feature like Glados. (I will explain more if I get asked about it)
  • Chell heard that people were “disappearing” in an certain area which leads her to return to her beloved Aperture.
  • There are “contract” Test subjects locked up deep inside Aperture which Glados does not get to nor knows about. 
  • There is a contract for certain test subjects that Cave made so the lawyers would stop suing. And people can stop whining about loosing loved ones.
  • Wheatley remembers squat about anything. Something went wrong with the blackbox and he doesn’t know who he is, nor where he is or how he is gonna get out. 
  • Yes he can recover those memories but it might be for the best

Well that is what I have so far on the Au. If you guys wanna contribute to it, hit me up with some suggestions! 

Addickted Chapter 1

Hi Guys!!!!!!!!! Addickted is FINALLY here! My sister had some extreme technical difficulties with life and doing her part for the series but what matters now is that Addickted is here! We have been working real hard to get these chapters to you guys and we are excited to see everyone’s reactions for the first chapter. On behalf of my sister and I, we hope you enjoy the series as it will began right now! @wicked-gamesofdersha 

Ahsha’s POV

Never in my thirty-six years of life would I ever think I’d be here. I had a plan, I had it all together. Perfect career, great husband, beautiful family, everything was the way it was supposed to be. I thought I had left my past behind, buried it beneath me, I was wrong. It’s crazy how fast your life can change in just an instant. One specific turn of events, that I will never forget. & one where it all went…wrong.


Ahsha-Hayes Roman sits in her car glancing out the window as her thoughts scattered her brain as she has just pulled up to her destination. She lifts up her car mirror applying a touch of red lipstick to her lips, putting her sunglasses on. It was fall in ATL and the weather was hitting the mid-80’s everyday so she tried every attempt to stay cool. She takes two deep breaths then gets out of the car and walks up to the building. Her red-bottom Louboutin’s heels click hard against the pavement as she strides her way into the elevator. Walking out, she takes notice to the mark on her arm then covers it back up quickly. Approaching the door now, she knocks lightly.

“Yes come in.”

The woman sitting behind her desk speaks coming out to greet Ahsha.

“Hi I’m Dr. Saldana, but you can just call me Raquel.”

Holding her hand out to shake with Ahsha’s.

“Thanks, uhm, the person who recommended you said you’re very, discreet?” Ahsha says, clasping her hand quickly.

“Yes, that’s completely right. Please, make yourself comfortable. Take off your coat and feel free to sit anywhere you’d like.”

“Thanks.” Ahsha responds removing her coat putting it on the back of her chair sitting down. Raquel collects her clipboard from her desk then sits down in the seat directly across from Ahsha.

“Before we begin I will just go through normal protocol about the process and your rights as my client.”


“So first of all, you have full confidentiality with me. All that means is that everything we talk about here will never leave this room.  Nobody sees these notes besides me and the only time I will disclose information to others in the department is if there are signs of self-harm, you hurting others around you or abuse going on in your living environment. If this becomes the case, I can disclose that information without your permission. So, do you understand this the way it’s been read to you?”

“Yes, I do.” Ahsha nods.

Raquel goes on.

“Good. You completed your form of consent document beforehand agreeing to everything these sessions include, do you still give that consent?”



Raquel writes down some more notes before putting her pen down. Ahsha stares ahead crossing her legs fidgeting with her fingers on her lap.

“Do you have any questions before we begin?”

“Just one. How do you know where to start?” Ahsha wonders.

“Nobody really knows exactly where to start, it’s a very tough process. The best thing to do is think about what led you here to begin with.”

“That’s the thing I… I don’t know the answer to that.”

“How ‘bout we just start from the beginning.” Raquel intercepts. Ahsha sighs under her breath.

“Alright. Well, I guess it was at that point in time where, I realized that, all the good things in my life could never fill this void that’s always been there.”

“Go on.”

“Everything was fine and then it all just, fell apart. I had it all, and then I lost control.”


Ahsha’s POV

Back in college, I didn’t really have a plan for my life. Sure, I had aspirations but nothing was really set in motion, no set plans. Plus, life is so unpredictable, you really don’t know what cards you’re being dealt. My main goal back then was making my own happiness a priority. And I found that, with the man of my dreams and father of my two children, Jasmine and Cameron. Two of the smartest kids I know with hearts of gold, spitting images of their father, my soulmate, and the love of my life Derek Ray Roman.


Ahsha Hayes Roman pulled up in the driveway of her home after a long day at work. Even though the day was over, she still had a lot to do over the next few weeks. All she wanted to do right now was open the door and see her children’s faces and be in the comfort of her husband’s arms. She grabbed her keys and purse, locking up the car and walking up the steps. Before she could get her hand on the knob, the door flew open with her son and daughter jumping for joy.

“Mommy’s home!”

Both children screamed running into her arms.

“My babies have missed me I see!”

Ahsha says to them wrapping her arms around them both as they greeted her at the door with kisses on her cheeks like they’re known to do. The trio hug each other one second more before parting.

“We’re not babies, mom!”

“To me you are, and you always will be so you might as well accept it mister”

“I’m not the baby Jasmine is, but on another note, we did miss you! Where have you been all day anyway?”

“Work son.” Ahsha responds, laughing, amused by her son’s question.

“Why so long though?”

“Wellll Gotta get these bills paid somehow don’t you think?”

“I guess mama.”

“Besides, long hours mean lots and lots of cash for you and your sister.” The mother informs them.

“To spend!”

“Oh, no buddy, it’s to feed you, keep those clothes you have on your back, and shoes on your feet. I keep telling you, money don’t grow on trees and I’m pretty sure you had this conversation with nana, right?”

The boy stood still with his head down.

“Hmm, that’s what I thought.” Ahsha teases.

“Mommy’s right you know” Jasmine chimes in.

“You would say that goody toe shoes.”

“I’m not a goody toe shoes because I’m spitting facts, it’s called being smart, you should try it sometime.” The little sister snorts.

“Yeah and you should try shutting up sometime!” Cameron snaps back.

“That all you got for me bro? You can come a little better than that, no wait, wait, you can’t because you’re a punk!”

“Better than being a kiss-up!”

The siblings went back and forth as their mother tried to diffuse the situation before it escalated.

“Alright, alright, that’s enough you two. Cameron stop being mean to your sister. Jasmine don’t tease your brother.”

“But mom, she…” Ahsha cuts her son off before he continues telling on his sister.

“No buts, now apologize.” The mother says with authority.

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry too.” She apologized.

“Good, now be nice to each other and help mommy with her bags, and go get ready before Nana gets here.”


The two kids say together as they walk upstairs to put their mom’s bags in the room while she makes her way into the kitchen to find what she was looking for the minute she walked in the house.

“Is daddy home too?”

“I could be, why don’t you come a lil closer so you can find out.”

Ahsha’s husband states as he turns from the stove to face her. She remains on the side not moving while she continues eyeing him from across the room. She licks her lips at the view.

“Ohhhh, I would love to do that I just, have a lot of really bad habits. But maybe, you can help me with that.”

“I can do more than help you.”

He said walking over to her slowly. Inches away now, he grabs her by the waist as she wraps her arms around his neck.

“Well, let’s see if it works.”

And the couple attack engaging in a wet kiss. Ahsha dives into Derek’s mouth as his head is slightly tilted to the side, proceeding to deepen the kiss. Ahsha moans in his mouth as he bites her bottom lip before massaging his tongue with hers. Her hands are caressing his cheek as his trickle down to her round bottom lightly squeezing her cheeks. She giggles as his hands stay firmly on top of her ass, easily enjoying her reaction. They part to exchange a few pecks then look up at each other.


“Hi.” Derek responds, kissing his wife once more.

“How’s my favorite girl doing?”

“Mmmm, so so, work was great as always, the girls are coming quite well with the steps for their next performance, but I missed my husband’s touch.”

“And he’s missed yours.

Diving into the nape of her neck. She tilts her head back a bit moaning quietly.

“Mmm you did?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Soo tell me chef D, what’s on the menu tonight?” She sang playing with his tie.

“Your favorite.”

“Shrimp alfredo.”

“Garlic bread.”

“Mmm. Broccoli with cheese.”

Wrapping her arms around his waist as they continue to finish each other’s sentences.


“Apple pie la mode with a side of D.” He smirks giving a devilishly grin.

“Sounds, tasty.” Winking to his face.

“Oh you have no idea.”

“Oh but I think I do.”

“Maybe you do then, but first we have to wait until mama gets here to pick up the kids.”

“Because?” She steps back a little.

“They’re her headache for the weekend remember.” He grins. Catching his drift now, she smirks back.

“Aaanw alone for the night.”

“Damn right we are.”

“Well in that case, maybe I should go upstairs and change into something more comfortable.” She replies, releasing herself from his grasp trying to escape.

“No, no, no, no.”

Pulling her back in as she tried to leave the kitchen.

“I like what you got on now baby.”

“Oh? Then I guess I’ll keep it on a lil longer then.She suggests, pressing her lips on his cheek.

They embrace, wrapping their arms around each other as the children walk back in now, with grandma Sloane.

“Ugh you’ve got to be kidding me.” Cameron expresses with great annoyance in his voice.

“If you two don’t get a room!” Sloane stresses, trying to cover up the kids’ eyes.

“We’re in it!” Ahsha groans, causing Derek to laugh. He presses a kiss to her forehead and looks at Sloane, slightly embarrassed.

“I meant your room.”

“Mommy I think nana means you and daddy’s bedroom.” Jasmine comments, laughing.

“Mommy thinks so too, just like mommy also thinks you need to stay in a child’s place.” She raises her eyebrow. Jasmine immediately stops laughing and her eyes widen.

“Okay you two, go kiss mommy and daddy goodbye so we can get going.”

Sloane ordered her grandkids and lets them go. Cameron punches fists with Derek since he didn’t believe a son should kiss his dad, that was a girly thing. He then kisses his mom on the cheek. He may not be so affectionate with his dad but he adored Ahsha.

Jasmine jumps into her daddy’s arms for a long tight hug then kisses her mom’s forehead.

“Love you momma.”

“I love you too sweetie. Be good for nana tonight okay, you two mister.” Pinching Cameron’s nose.

“Yes, I know momma I will.” Cameron replied to his mother.

“Good, okay mom make sure they don’t stay up too late tonight and I’ll be there to pick them up after Derek and I run errands for the house.”

“Girl don’t try to school me on parenting, I’ve been doing it longer than you. It’s the weekend, you’re not getting them back until Sunday night! I got this.” Sloane boasts.

“We have no doubt, mom.”

“Thank you, son.” Sloane tells Derek kissing his face as Ahsha playfully rolls her eyes. They always tease her together when she played the over-bearing mother from time to time.

“You both make me sick.”

“Oh baby, you just jealous cuz momma loves me more.” Derek teases his wife, rubbing her back.

“I came out of her Derek, I’m pretty sure that’s a myth.”

“I love you both the same.” Sloane intervenes at the couple’s playful but cute banter. She blows her daughter kisses as Derek wraps his arm securely around her waist as she leaves with the kids. Ahsha walks to lock the doors then gets back into her husband’s presence.

“Soo my lady what shall we do first?”

“Hmm, I can go for some food right now, and a back massage with oil by my lovable husband.”

“That can definitely be arranged.” Derek says, kissing her on the lips and picking her feet up off the ground, carrying her to the kitchen. Ahsha’s laughter filled the house as the couple enjoyed their quality time away from the children.

“Your husband seems really sweet and so do your children. You mentioned that you work. What is your profession?” Raquel asks.

“I’m a dance teacher, running my own business that I built from the ground up, for people ages two to ninety-nine, from all walks of life. I love my job.” Ahsha says as Raquel jots down Ahsha’s statement.



This was the day before the dance competition and all Ahsha wanted to do was go home and cuddle up by her man’s side, she glances at the clock on the wall, noticing that it is only six in the evening. She felt the day could not move any slower.

“Great job guys!” She congratulates her dance class of six to nine year olds in beginner’s ballet and dismisses them. She leaves her class and heads to her office, ready to call it a night but to her dismay she has to teach hip hop in thirty minutes.

She swaps out her ballet slippers for her sneakers and walks back out of her office to stretch before her next batch of students come in for class.

“See you later Mrs. Roman!” One of her students, Emily says and rushes to hug her.

“I’ll see you later, Emily. Amazing job on your turns today!” She says and hugs the little dancer back.

“Thank you.” The little girl with the high pitched voice says and runs back to her mother who waves at Ahsha.

“See you next week!” She says before leaving the dance studio.

Ahsha’s next batch of kids roll in and put their stuff into random cubby holes.

Kyle, Ahsha’s best friend and business partner uses this time to talk to her about something important.

“So Carebear, I had a meeting with Quinton Canosa’s agent and he told me that Quinton should be at the dance competition next week and that he is very excited to come dance with us.” Kyle says, earning a confused look from Ahsha.

“Wait, who is Quinton Canosa again?” Ahsha quizzes, partially joking.

“The choreographer who had worked with Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko, Demi Lovato, Jojo and probably Obama. He is the king of choreography! You don’t remember me telling you about him wanting to work with our dancers for a few months?”

“Yes, I remember, Kyle. I was just messing with you. Please tell his agent that we’ll be happy to work with him for the next few months and that we look forward to seeing him next weekend.”

“I will. I’ll see you after you finish classes.”

“See you later, Kyle.” The blonde makes her way back into hers and Ahsha’s shared office and starts to make her phone call to Quinton Canosa’s agent.

“Mrs. Roman! Look at what I can do.” One of Ahsha’s students, Tiara says and does an aerial, blowing the dance teacher away.

“You got it! Just remember to pointe your feet a bit and land in a plie so that you don’t mess up your knees.” Ahsha suggests.

“Can you show me?” Tiara challenges. Ahsha laughs at the girl in front of her and mentally prepares herself for the task. She takes a deep breath and follows the instructions that she gave Tiara, landing in a perfect plie.

“What other flips can you do?” Tiara asks in amazement as she claps for her dance teacher.

“How about this? I can show you in gymnastics on Thursday night. For right now, let’s start practicing for competition!” She eagerly says as more of her students pile into the middle of the dance floor.

“Are we ready?” She excitedly asks her team.



It’s been a week since Ahsha had received news of Quinton Canosa’s visit to the dance competition. Today is the day of competition and Ahsha knew that she could not let her nervousness get in the way of an amazing business opportunity.

“Are you guys ready?” Ahsha asks her hip hop team. The ballet dancers just left the stage two numbers ago. She is confident that they are going to win the competition.

“Yes!” The team cheers as they excitedly head out of their dressing rooms with Ahsha in tow as they get ready to take center stage.

At Leap of Faith Dance Center, competition means business. The dance teacher heads out to the audience and watches her dancers get ready to perform.

Ciara’s “Give Me love” plays through the auditorium and Ahsha’s dancers step on to the stage and start their routine.

The crowd excitedly cheers louder as the group of six do their aerials in sync, making Ahsha very proud.

Another dance teacher enters the auditorium and sits right next to Ahsha. “This group is amazing.” He compliments as he watches them move across the stage.

“Thank you. Those are my dancers.” Ahsha proudly boasts as the group finishes their routine.

“I’m impressed.” The man suggests and joins the audience as they clap for the team as they leave the stage.

“That was Leap of Faith Dance Center performing Give Me Love. Next up is Turning Pointe Dance Company performing To The Hilt.” The announcer says.

The ballet dancers take the stage before the music starts and begin dancing. As they are dancing, the Banks’ To The Hilt starts to play, blowing Ahsha away with the amazing choreography. She is blown away by the dancers’ fluidity and admires their neat, quick footwork.

“They’re amazing.” She tells the man next to her, she quickly looks down at her program and sees that Quinton Canosa choreographed this dance.

“This choreographer, Quinton Canosa seems amazing. This gives me faith that he is going to do amazing with my dancers.” She spills.

The man chuckles and looks at the woman next to him, mesmerized by the dancers who are still dancing. Their dance ends and everyone offers a loud applause, in complete awe of the dance that they have seen.

“I’m Quinton Canosa, and you are Ahsha Hayes?” He guesses. Ahsha offers her hand for Quinton to shake. He accepts the handshake, noticing the rock on her finger.

“Wow.” He says and lets her go. He stares at her lips and then back into her eyes.

“Now that I have a face with your name, I notice that you are just as beautiful as your name.”

Ahsha feels her cheeks getting hot all thanks to the compliment and she looks back up at him. “Thank you.”

“I normally don’t do this, but I have a piece that I have been working on for about a year or so, and I would love if you could dance with me. I’ve seen your work, you are incredible.” Ahsha’s eyes widen in shock.

“What?” She asks, once again taken aback.

“You would be perfect as my love interest in the dance.”

“Thank you, Mr. Canosa, but this is strictly business and I don’t dance with my business partners, no matter how talented they are.” She replies. Quinton looks upset but quickly snaps out of it.

“Would your husband mind us dancing together?” Quinton asks, getting closer to her, unknowingly causing Ahsha to become intrigued with his offer.

“I haven’t given it any thought.” She replies and starts to grab her belongings.

“It was nice meeting you Mr. Canosa.” Quinton reaches for Ahsha’s hand once again, this time softly caressing it.

“You too, Ahsha Roman.” He says. Little did he know, he had Mrs. Roman swooning on the inside. She quickly pulls her hand away and exits the auditorium, going on her way to find her dancers.

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idk what was on bighit mind when they uploaded it on vapp first -.- its has more than 800k there which could have been added to the youtube channel instead..

maybe it was supposed to be uploaded on youtube first but something went wrong. It was uploaded on vape 15 minutes after 12kst. So it is very possible that the youtube one was supposed to be uploaded at 12kst exact, but something or someone went wrong.

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Hey! First of all, I love your blog! :) I want to make a remark about a quite old post you made about the Snicket Family Tree (yes, I did scroll down all the way to that post. I dont think that M and O are Miranda & Olivia Caliban. Their parents are either mr & mrs Snicket if F is male or mr & mrs Montgomery if Monty’s sibling is male. [1/2]

So they can’t be named Caliban, unless uncle Monty changed his last name to Montgomery on purpose, which doesn’t make sense given that he is embarassed about it. And even if Caliban is Thursday’s name and Miranda is mrs Caliban, how can Olivia also be named Caliban? [2/2]

Oops! Good catch. I should probably update the article. Even accounting for the fact husbands can take their wives’ surname, there’s something wrong there.

I guess what went wrong is my assumption that Monty is closely related to Lemony, Miranda and co. Making Monty the son of one of Chas’ siblings would solve the problem.

Thanks @pierced-butterfly!

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it was something along the lines of: my problem isnt as big as the other anon but i want some advice too... my friend just started cursing at me and calling me stuff that really hurt my feelings like pointing out my insecurities and all of that ... "youre no good you are too obsessive and annoying you dont know when to quit or what boundries are you arent anything but a short piece of shit who wants nothing but attention because they're self conscious"and i dont know where i went wrong..

Yo, constructive criticism is one thing. They may think they are helping you but tbh as long as they are putting you in the spot and refusing to talk to you properly they are making a dick move. Is it possible to stay away from them?

idk why but i feel super overwhelmed lately….it felt like i’ve gone off the rails and everything just went wrong, like, i kept taking the wrong turn and i feel so exhausted right now :’(( i just wanna move to like a secluded mountain area with a monastery and become a monk or some shit. not everyone can survive under so much pressure okay? this is a load of bullshit. i’m so fucking tired of seeing angry faces every fucking day. i’m so fucking disgusted living among angry people. you can all go fuck yourself. i didn’t sign up for this shit.

also i had very weird dreams in the last part of them i was being driven home by my friend and she was Responsible and a trustworthy driver but she accidentally went down the wrong road and i was like “oh thats fine this is super close to my house!!!” but then all of a sudden i like? got out of the car and she was gone ? and then i saw this one girl in history who always used to cheat off of me ans SHE had her truck w her so i was like hey could you help me out and she was like sure! and she was driving me home but like. the roads to my house were SUPER windy across a mountain into a ravine and she wasnt looking ar the road and didnt have her hands on the wheel it was TERRIFYING all while trying to text my friend her insta handle so that my friend wasnt worried about where i went and. then whwn i did get home there was a st bernard in my yard and a bunch of pther dogs Apparently someone was visiting my house? my mom handed me candies and was like “haha i flirted with the security guard and i got 22 thousand dollar chocolate for free have one!” it wasbWild

Robbie led Mabel through her goth phase. At first he was unsure because Mabel was way to cheerful to be goth, but after weeks of begging and a flood of texts, he finally gave in. Mabel’s like a little sister to him so he had to make sure she did it right. He’s the one who took her to shop at Edgy On Purpose. He’s the one who taught her how to get her eye makeup juuuust right. He was the one she called in a panic when her attempt to die her hair went horribly wrong and then later he was the one who helped her fix it. He took her to her first goth band concert, let her sit on his shoulders so she could see, and then bought her their album on the way back home. Robbie Valentino was and is Mabel Pines’s biggest goth ally and nobody can convince me otherwise.