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i just found out that the entire too weird to live album is basically about an affair and i feel kinda ashamed i didn't understand it earlier lmao. sorry just sharing!

Same tbh, I got it waaay later than the album debut! (Maybe the only two songs that don’t fit in the theme are This Is Gospel and The End Of All Things, which is kinda poetic.)

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Hello!! This may be a weird question but I too am heavily interested in birds but unlike you, I cannot draw them as well. :,^( If it's not too much work (if it is just ignore this, i don't mind), do you know of any good references or sources to learn more about birds from facts to anatomy? I know this is a pretty wide range so again, I totally understand if you can't! I just thought it was worth an ask. Thank you so much!!

i don’t really have any specific reference places but here’s some things i do. 

 drawing birds is arguably one of the hardest animals because of their feathers. unlike fat and fur that folds to the body in a way that’s usually readable to whats underneath, feathers sort of create a ‘bubble’ around the body which makes a lot of body parts indistinguishable to where one ends and another begins. so its important to always think in terms of skeletal anatomy:

birds are dinosaurs and therefore reptiles. looking at birds this way, it’s a lot easier to see their evolution.

with that in mind, say we wanna draw this dude. owls are pretty tough because their outward appearances are so deceiving.

we’ve got a neutral pose, feathers are generously surrounding most of the body so its no sweat, we don’t really know whats going on. but we can hide it. but now we want to make him move and look cool. without really knowing whats going on we might get stuck on something like this:

its always kind of stiff and frustratingly unrealistic. mostly this is because we just don’t have enough knowledge of the skeletal structure to work with. eyeballing anatomy on our first drawing might get something like the left, more than anything people aren’t generous enough with leginess of birds:

 owls do indeed have regular proportioned necks with the rest of their bodies. and their skulls are like that of any other stereotypical raptor under their mask of feathers (minus their freaky eye sockets and ears)) they can open their mouths wide just like a hawk or eagle can. it’s important to remember that birds with large wingspans do not magically lose their length when hidden. they are just conveniently folded in against their bodies.

knowing this we can try again. suddenly things seem to click in place more and have a believable-ness to them.

the rule of thumb for most birds is they have less body mass and more leg/neck than one thinks. they are lanky dinosaurs.

when we are looking at this:

we are seeing this:

with that rule, drawing birds becomes a lot less confusing. with practice you might just eyeball their feathered appearances but if not, going back to skeletal/muscle structure gives the base you need to draw convincing birds.

when it comes to specific body parts, the most challenging part for me personally have always been feet. birds with super twiggy feet are easier because one line per toe is easy to get away with. but when you get to birds with meatier feet, especially raptors, it gets difficult. my way of getting around this is to think of the actual ‘feet’ last. drawing each separate toe first gets confusing because you just find yourself trying to get them to each fit evenly together at the base of the foot. one always seems kind of skinnier or fatter than the others in my experiences, and by the time you correct it the gesture gets muddled and lost.

so i just skip that part until later, i draw talon first.

perhaps this is very unorthodox, but just like artists might square in the hands first on a human before working out the arms, i square in the talons to know where i want them before worrying how they go on exactly.

that way we have a clear gesture captured, and in my experience it is much more readable.

thats’ really all i can think of now in terms of my techniques, i hope this helps :V

I really find it quite sad how much hate some characters get in the YOI fandom just because they’re not nice lil’ cinnamon rolls.

Like JJ - people hate Jean Jacques because he’s arrogant, as though that’s not completely normal in competitive sports.

It’s actually realistic that not all characters are all nice and friendly and cheering for each other. It’s important to acknowledge that both sorts of people exist in the world of figure skating.

(And can I say that no one seems to hate on Seung Gil even though he’s cold and self-centered himself?)

Or take Chris - a weird guy, I understand that he can make people uncomfortable and I personally agee that his sexuality is somewhat overdone, but he’s not actually a bad guy and is a skilled skater, but the only thing that people focus on is the ‘climaxes’ (literal or otherwise) to his routines?

The truth is that there have been skaters like him in history, very open and flamboyant and unashamed and, as you’d expect, people bashed them too (I mean, take Johnny Weir as an example and he never got anywhere near to what Chris does). People like them are verbally harassed just because they’re different and you’d figure that a fandom with so many LGBT+ individuals could be more understanding of them?

I’d say Yuri on Ice is an interesting exercise in broadening your horizons and being less judgemental and more accepting. I mean, JJ officially does charity work during off-seasons and actually crosses himself before his performances, not to mention the love for his home country (look at his tattoo). Meanwhile, Chris is motivated to skate by his admiration for Victor which isn’t all that different to Yuuri, and he loves cats (as seen in the ending IG pic).

I know that they’re not necessarily easily likeable characters and I understand that hate will always exist in fandoms, but can we at least try to see where they’re coming from and not prejudge them too much? (especially considering how little we actually get to see of them.)

A small continuation of Charlie Weasley’s life story. Picks up where I left off here

  • A few years after the war, while the Weasley clan and the Ministry of Magic itself is still reeling and trying to figure out the right ways to proceed, Charlie is working at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and trying to plan his next step. Ideally, he’d be working with his hands, absorbing himself in his work as completely as he did when he was working with dragons. It’s been nice, though, being so close to everyone, and to be on hand when George needs someone to cry to. 
  • The family is having Sunday dinner, everyone’s a little tipsy, and an idea begins to form in Charlie’s head while Ron is telling the dragon at Gringrotts story again.
  • The institutionalized fear, concealment, and killing of dragons…What if that never had to happen again? What if there were a place for dragons in England? What if we had a sanctuary so we could stop illegal trading?  What if I could protect them?
  • The problem isn’t so much the traders individually, because they buy and sell whatever they can get, it’s the fact that all of it is done underground and everyone - dragons, buyers, and sellers - ends up hurt. What if the laws meant to protect wizards and muggles alike from the dangers of unchecked dragon populations were shifted? What if no one had to be caught in that cycle anymore?
  • It takes a couple of frantic days and sleepless nights, but very soon, Charlie has drawn up a detailed plan for a ranch similar to the one he’d worked in Romania, but adjusted for England’s stricter rules. Thought it’s a little known, due to his quiet, relaxed aura, Charlie is just as nerdy as Percy, and just as thorough. The plan is complete with visual aids, and list after list after list of to-do’s, and S.M.A.R.T. goals. 
  • An important piece of the plan is, of course, his partner in crime. Who would he want by his side in this, but the only other dragon-crazy git in England? 
  • He stops by Hagrid’s hut late one evening, crazed with the sleeplessness of planning, and lays out everything he wants the ranch to be, how beautiful a place for dragons to breed, recover, and live in safety, away from Muggles and Ministry laws. How the two of them could work with dragons full time, always. Live and breathe their shared passion. 
  • Hagrid agrees, of course, and Charlie takes the plan to his favorite sister-in-law, who happens to be the Head of the new and improved Department of Magical Creatures. 
  • Hermione says that if they can get the funding together, the project really would make sense for everyone.  
  • It takes a year or two of intense planning, campaigning, budgeting, and eventually using the funds from the deserted Lestrange vault, where the dragon who had started the whole idea in the first place, had been contained for so many years, but the ranch dream becomes a reality. 
  • Hagrid and Charlie work together as a seamless team, buying dragons and dragon eggs off of illegal traders, living on the ranch in a cottage designed for the rural life the two of them were embarking upon. 
  • A few Shield Charmers come to the open field they’ve chosen for the project, set up a big enough space for the creatures to fly free, without bothering the people nearby, and it begins. 
  • Dragon-related crime stalls in its tracks, and dragon-related incidents affecting both wizards and muggles stop entirely. The ranch, this crazy dream, is working. 
  • Charlie works with dragons of all ages, sizes, temperaments, and breeds; grows orchids in the back garden; learns to cook simply but deliciously, and enjoys the rough, real work. 
  • He and Hagrid get close, of course, working and living so closely together, and Charlie is more comfortable with this arrangement than he’s ever been with anything ever. The work, and his partner in crime, fill him a purpose and inner peace he’s sure is what everyone must be looking for in romance. 
  • And he’s found it. 
Little schizophrenia/schizospec/psychosis things

- those weird shapes that come in different colours and you HAVE to watch them float through one side of the room to the other then disappear

- weird squiggly black lines that dance around in front of you and usually make everything around you blurry except for that black thing

- people’s voices echoing but the echo is very deep and demonic sounding so you can barely understand what people are saying

- not showering for so long because you thought you showered an hour ago but in reality you haven’t showered at all

- not eating for days on end because the food is obviously poisoned or you have ugly gustatory hallucinations from eating so food is not good

- your vision going completely blurry and black for a while and you literally cannot see properly enough to function so you’re like woah

– watching a horror movie or a movie with a monster so obviously that movie was a secret message that the person/monster is out to get you

- there’s ALWAYS someone or something going after you

- wanting to please the thing that’s after you so you don’t get hurt so you listen to the voices and do whatever they tell you because they know what will please your persecutor

- making yourself bleed because that proves you’re a real person

- making yourself bleed but this time you don’t know how, when, or why

- all of a sudden feeling like your body is floating in soft clouds or like you’re in a very warm bath and you can feel yourself losing any and all control of yourself

- saying things out loud that were meant to be in your head

- you’re a psychic because you’re right about things in the future 38% of the time

- pretending to be speaking on the phone with someone when in reality you’re just talking to yourself/the voices

- not caring enough to distinguish what’s a hallucination or not because it’s too much work

- people thinking you’re acting drunk after an anxiety or panic attack/very bad seizure-like psychotic episode but in reality it’s just really bad psychosis

- saying something and people laughing but you have no idea what you said that was funny

- hallucinating pain in your body and then having hypochondriac type delusions that you’re going to die so you prepare for death

- believing anything anyone says even if it’s completely absurd or meant as sarcasm

- doing something and then forgetting you did the thing and doing it again and again until you realize you did it several times

- sleeping but not really sleeping because it’s like you get a good ten minutes of sleep before you wake up and take at least half an hour to sleep since auditory hallucinations continue on even throughout sleep

- hallucinating being cold so you’re wearing four layers or jackets, two layers or socks, very warm pj pants, mittens, and sitting right beside the heater turned to max

- that one hallucination that’s positive and encouraging but you can’t tell if it’s mocking you or being genuine

- all inanimate objects are alive so you have to be polite always

- telling people you’re not psychotic when they say you seem extremely ill but your insight is 0

- literally having to be taken care of like a small child: being reminded to eat, shower etc. basically people making sure you’re doing mundane basic human things

- having to be reminded you’re a human that needs to do basic human functions when in reality you feel as if you had the needs of inanimate objects which is nothing really

- having so much trouble walking and keeping your balance so people literally have to hold you while walking so you don’t fall over

I absolutely love all the space australia/ humans are weird/space orcs things going around, so I haven’t been able to stop thinking about stuff like metaphors and idioms and figurative speech. Like, what if those had been purely human concepts?

Human: “He really broke Omar’s heart”

Alien: “What?? Is Omar still alive? Can he be healed? Is it culturally appropriate to seek out revenge?”

Human: “No, no, like… He hurt him badly.”

Alien: “Yes I understand that your cardiovascular system is important.”

- - -

Human: “She’s a real wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Alien: “What is a wolf?”

Human: “It’s a predator - you know, the one dogs descent from?”

Alien: “… She looks human. How do you know the value of her clothes?”

- - -

Human: “That dickhead stabbed me in the back”

Alien: “MEDIC!!!!”

- - -

Human 1: “Wish me luck!”

Human 2: “Break a leg!”

*Horrified aliens in the background*


based off of a a thing one of my irl friend does ahaa

also, headcanon, i bet tendou is the only one who does weird friendly gestures to ushijima and even if he doesnt rly understand it he appreciates it

30 Day Know Yourself Challenge

This challenge is one that will help you think creatively about yourself. It’s important to understand yourself as a person and as a being in this world. Really think about your answers and how you want to answer these questions.

Here’s my set up. I kept it pretty simple for this challenge.

1. Write your highs and lows of the past year. 

2. Three things you are terrified of. 

3. Write one sentence describing yourself.

4. Your favorite quote. 

5. Three ways to win your heart. 

6. Write what you want to say to someone who hurt you.

7. Describe your perfect spouse in five words.

8. List two weird things you do when you’re alone.

9. Write about something you miss. 

10. List six things that make you smile. 

11. Five pet peeves. 

12. Name a fictional character that is most like you and why.

13. Write one sentence describing your favorite place. 

14. List your top five favorite songs. 

15. Write about the importance of education. 

16. Describe your favorite color without saying it within two sentences.

17. Write about your best friend. 

18. Write your views on religion.

19. List your favorite places to eat. 

20. Write about what makes you nervous. 

21. List your top five favorite fictional characters.

22. Describe your dream job. 

23. Write your views on a topic that you are passionate about. 

24. Write about your earliest memory. 

25. List six interesting facts about yourself. 

26. Describe your favorite vacation memory. 

27. Name your favorite movie and describe it in one sentence. 

28. List your top five favorite non-fictional characters. 

29. Doodle a flower to relax. 

30. Describe a place you’d love to live. 

I want a remake of the L word that isn’t filled with cheating lesbians, unfaithful bisexuals, and this weird ass handling of those who are transitioning. I understand that within the LGBT community that all these things exist and I’m not denying it. But fuck is it frustrating when you realize that the show doesn’t have one single fucking healthy relationship.

I think something a lot of people dont realize is that you can be intelligent and stupid at the same time. You can understand complex quantum physics and conduct wickedly difficult experiments and understand them but like. You can also say things like “what if the sky was the ground? thatd be fuckin weird, right?”
An issue it seems like the RT/AH community has had for ages is that people compare Slo Mo Guys Gavin to Achievement Hunter Gavin and they think one is a facade. But like. Just because you ask silly questions or you confuse yourself doesnt automatically mean youre a complete idiot. The smartest of people can have dumb moments. You cant expect someone to be a perfect genius 24/7, you really cant.
So instead of saying like “is Gavin secretly a moron?”, just realize that he’s a fucking human being, he’s more complex than a one dimensional personality. He can easily be crazy smart and also ask some of the most ridiculous questions and still be 1000% valid, jesus Christ

i wanna talk about this panel i really dont think we acknowledge this panel enough  What the fuck was going on in ones head when he wrote this dialog

i can not conceive of a way that this quote could be interpreted as straight i really can not. mob is established repeatedly as a really plain lookin dude and here we got fuckin Teru over here,,, i just dont understand. this is so blatantly gay. 

also i wanna point out this one panel from when they were fighting in the broccoli:

what the fuck does “one additional thing i cherish” mean like this could be a weird translation thing but also

Things Fandom Has Taught Me
  •  To be more open-minded
    • That people have sexual orientations and gender identities different from mine that I will never fully understand, but are real nonetheless
    • That there is no ‘one’ way to write a fic and that diversity is what makes fandom beautiful
    • All ships are valid because even if they’re not valid to you, they’re valid to someone. Never attack someone over what they ship– that just makes you an asshole.
  • Patience
    • With update times– understanding that both authors and artists have lives outside of fandom
    • With that 12 year old kid who’s just starting out and may not realize how offensive they’re being
  • There is nothing wrong with writing a strong female character (or ‘Mary Sue’, as some would say)
    • To say that a woman can’t be popular, confident, intelligent, and beautiful in fiction is to say that a woman can’t be popular, confident, intelligent, and beautiful in real life either. And that? That is some bullshit.
  • Sex
    • Thank you, fandom, for giving me the sex talk my parents were too chicken to give me. Your education was a bit more…comprehensive than strictly needed (and not wholly accurate in parts, especially in regards to what should, and should not be used as lube) but I have to admit, I now know an impressive amount of euphemisms for male and female genitalia
  • How to deal with anon hate
    • People will be jerks. Just look in the comments section of any YouTube video. And chances are, if you’re actively involved in a fandom, people will send you hate at some time or another. Ignore them; if they’re on anon, it means that deep down, they know that they’re being a dick. 
    • To put it simply, they’re cowards and cowards don’t deserve attention.
  • A whole new vocabulary 
    • Seriously, if you told my 10-year old self that years later, they would know exactly what words like ‘mpreg’, ‘ABO-verse’, and ‘PWP’ meant…well you’d probably cause them to have an early-life crisis, but that’s not the point here.
  • Fandom content is meant to be shared
    • Art and fics are shared with you, not drawn/written for you. Appreciate it and understand that you’re not entitled to more.
    • That being said, everyone likes an audience. No one wants to feel like they’re shouting into the void. Which means that if you liked something and want to see more of it, give the creator some encouragement!

Feel free to add to this list :) 

y’all want some jealousy trope i’ll give you my funny idea.

how about…the paladins encounter some alien who’s very competitive and almost immediately challenges keith into doing the weirdest things, claiming that he wants to be his rival. lance feels some kind of…familiarity in what is happening and gets this really weird jealous feelin in his gut. it takes him a while to realize that the reason is because he likes what he and keith have going on, so he just….decides to tell that to keith.

“that’s our thing you know? and i don’t want it to be ruined… i don’t wanna lose… what we have”

keith’s pining ass: how about we improve it instead? bc i don’t give a shit about what’s their face you are my number one

and lance understands where he’s going w/ this so they start dating :)

and when they meet the alien again lance is like “you know what u can keep him as your rival i’ll have him as my boyfriend ;)” and walks away

- yoongi scenario | puppy bites don’t hurt much -

♡  when you and Yoongi fall out, Min Holly’s on a mission to make things right again 

genre: mild angst, mostly fluff
word count: 1.6k
♡ requested by @inkjeonn >> based on this

[Min Holly’s POV]

I don’t understand humans. They don’t make a whiff of sense. Not the funny plastic bricks they talk into, not the moving picture boxes they watch, and certainly not their table manners. (Why do they use funny sticks to eat, when it’s so much easier to lick straight from the bowl?) But the one thing that confuses me most is you and Yoongi. Just when I think I’m getting the hang of you two, you’ll go and do something weird, and I’ll get confused all over again. Your emotions are as jumpy as spring hares. Why, just this morning, you were getting on so well. You were sitting together, chatting over breakfast, and Yoongi had pushed his chair closer to yours, so he could hold your hand over coffee and scrambled eggs. His other hand was empty and readily available to supply me with bacon rinds under the table, which I was very thankful for. My master is so good. I love him so much. Wait… Where was I going with this? Oh, yes! You and Yoongi, I was talking about you and Yoongi, and how you had fallen out.

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Okay so we should probably do this whole intro thing
  • Kate: I run this because everyone else is clueless. 19, highschool dropout, archer, acrobat, feminist.
  • America: I'm here to keep Kate in line. I don't understand why boys are so weird. 18, physics defying, fight now, talk later.
  • Teddy: What am I supposed to say here. 21, alien, shape shifting. I've never actually met the hulk, tommy named me.
  • Billy: I'm the one that tells people im an only child. Hogwarts lost my application. 19, the actual normal one.
  • Tommy: Speed is my thing, what's yours. The hot one, wiccans cool brother, 17.

“I was in 6th grade when I first started to wear a hijab.
I didn’t think anything would go wrong. I was so small. My mind was vulnerable and not so vast to understand society’s circumstances.
Things felt a little weird because everyone was used to seeing me without a hijab. And I felt weird and new vibes. As if I did something wrong by wearing one. And it wasn’t until 7th grade where the earth came down on me and broke my daydreams into a post 9/11 reality.
Kids started to call me a terrorist. They would say I was Osama Bin Laden’s  daughter. They were so mentally cruel to me. I didn’t know who to speak to. Who to tell. No one stood up for me. I couldn’t even stand up for myself.
At some point in my 7th grade year. I broke completely. When I was walking home one day, three girls ran up behind me and pulled off my hijab. Then they ran and I felt myself break. That is when my life turned.”- Noor Khan

Another fun family pizza place story

Also not really fuck customers, more like I’ve lost all faith in humanity

Behind my register above me are three pizza tin things that show the sizes of pies we offer; gluten free 12 in, medium 14 in, and large 18 in (it’s weird don’t ask me). Except when someone painted the sizes on them I guess they switched up the sizes of the 12" and 14", correct number, switched size tins. So the 12" tin looks MINISCULELY bigger than the 14", but whatever, most people understand.

So this one woman comes in looking to order a whole pizza but not sure what size she wants. No big deal, I tell her the sizes, she asks for an actual look at the sizes, and I smile and point to the visual representation behind me.

After a second the woman then looks at me and asks, “So the 12” is bigger than the 14", right?“
I was kind of stunned into silence for a sec before regaining my balance. I laugh-smiled (you know this one) and said that no, a 14” is bigger than the 12", kind of suggesting like maybe you got them mixed up in your brain for a sec, whatevs it’s cool.

But no she was dead serious, she said, “But up there the 12” is bigger, so a 12" is bigger than the 14", yeah?“
I was stunned once again. Then tried to explain that 12 is most certainly not bigger than 14, being very polite and not demeaning, although concerned. The woman just shrugged and was like, "Okay, if you say so, I guess I’ll get the 14” if it’s bigger"

Like what. I still think about this from time to time. This will forever be the most unbelievable customer experience I’ve ever had.

TLDR(what does this even stand for): I was literally stunned into silence when a customer insisted 12 was bigger than 14.

So I’m not exactly the most sexually awakened person around but I can recognise when something is sexual. Audios from @yuurivoice definitely fall under this category. (yuurivoice does voice RP for Katsuki Yuuri; there’s also SFW stuff if you’re still a minor or at work, although I really wouldn’t recommend listening to them at work because you wouldn’t want to stop.) I was catching up on his stuff–the way you do when you’re trying to procrastinate and end up doing something actually interesting–and all of it is really good and although I’m not turned on by them I can see why people are, but one thing I didn’t understand at all was the daddy kink. I’ve said this before, but like why??? Why on earth would anybody have a daddy kink? What exactly is the appeal? Why on earth would you want to call your partner something you call your father? Isn’t that really weird??? I mean, it’s not the weirdest kink I’ve heard of, but this one just baffles me.

In the end I feel like Mob Psycho 100’s biggest narrative pitfall is the same one that a lot of others have- it’s all centered around MOB. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but like…we end up not really getting much background information on other characters unless they decide to say it out loud, and the POV doesn’t really ever stray to other characters except for a few instances. One of the only times this has really happened was Ritsu’s arc, and it was absolutely AMAZING- we got a deeper look into his psyche than almost any other character, learned to feel his pain, and understand his struggle. Same with Reigen’s arc- we learned his motivations and methods and his LIFE, done in a well-paced, emotional environment. It’s not like this would be some weird creative gamble- ONE has done it before, and every time, he’s executed it BRILLIANTLY. The series is creative, beautiful, and absolutely GENIUS, but if the main story took an arc or two to focus on the other esper kids (especially the more recently neglected ones, coughshouandterucough), it could REALLY help to round out the universe as something that doesn’t just revolve around Mob and his adventures.