that we can count how many times sam smiles


Pairing: SamxReader, Crowleyxdaughter!reader, Dean.
Word count: 5,017
Warnings:  swearing, violence, injury
Co-Authored with : @reigningqueenofwords
Original Post Date : April 9th, 2016

Chapter 4 of ‘She’s Leaving, Dean’.

“Crowley.” Sam whispered as loud as he dared. He wasn’t stupid. If he could barely put on a shirt, what good was he to Dean?

Yes, Moose?” Crowley asked,quirking an eyebrow.

Sam motioned to Dean. “I’m worthless like this. We need you to come see that witch.”

He eyed Sam, saw how he winced when he moved. He nodded in agreement. He heard your words in his head, ‘he’ll do anything to keep me smiling’, and knew Sam would object to being sent back to the car. “Watch the rear alright? I’ll take care of it, just don’t let anything sneak up on us.”

“Gotcha.” Sam agreed.

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Request: Can you do a fic where you are Castiels daughter and he takes you to meet the Winchesters and you are really nervous. When you finally see them you are a little intimidated because you are are in your early teens and short for your age like 5"1', but you hide it with sarcastic comments. So team free will takes you on your first hunt and you surprisingly kick ass. So they decided to make you apart of team free will and the boys treat you like a little sister ad it is just cute and funny.

You couldn’t ignore the twist in your gut and the clamminess of your hands. You were just too nervous. Your father, Castiel, was finally allowing you to meet his best friends, and even go on a hunt with them. Ever since you were a young angel you were interested in your father’s adventures, and now you were going to be apart of one. You were giddy with excitement. 

“Are you ready?” You dad asked, walking into your room.

“I think so.” You answered, turning to him. He offered you a reassuring smile, then grabbed your hand. You felt the familiar sensation of flying, and soon you were in a different room. 

“Hey Cas.” A man with green eyes greeted you dad, then his eyes drifted to you. “And…”

“This is my daughter, Y/N.” Castiel introduced you. “Y/N, this is Sam and Dean.”

“You have a daughter?” Sam asked in disbelief.

“Was I not clear?” You dad asked, tilting his head. He was so embarrassing some times. 

“How do you even have a daughter?” Dean asked.

“Let’s not go into details about that. Please.” You said; the last thing you wanted to know about was your father’s sex life. 

You felt both brothers stare at you. They were sizing you up, trying to see if you would be helpful, and you couldn’t help but twitch a little under their stare. God, they were intimidating! If their size wasn’t scary enough, you knew the things they’d done. The two men before you stopped the apocalypse, sure, they started it, but they also stopped it, which was just badass. And now they were staring at you.

“Um, is there something on my face?” You asked, hoping they’d talk, or do something. “Besides beauty, of course.” You added with a smile. 

Dean chuckled lightly and looked to your dad. “So, is it bring your daughter to work day? Or what?”

“I thought she’d be of assistance.” Your dad stated.

“You thought she could help? Cas, she’s a kid!” Sam exclaimed.

“I may be a kid, but I’m more powerful than both of you combined.” You interrupted. It annoyed you that they thought you were weak, but it annoyed you even more that they were talking like you weren’t in the room. 

“Listen, kid-” Dean started.

“I have a name.” You said, crossing your arms. 

“Y/N.” Your dad warned. 

You rolled your eyes and sighed. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude. But I am an angel, and I’m a good fighter. I can help!”

“Sam, Dean, we are hunting demons. We don’t know how many we’ll find. We could use all the help we can get.” Your dad added, hoping to persuade them.

Both Winchester’s were silent for a moment, considering what your dad had said. Then Sam sighed, and Dean said, “Alright. But if you get hurt, or if you don’t think you can handle it, you need to leave.”

You couldn’t stop the smile that spread over your face. “Sure thing!” You exclaimed. 

“Y/N, follow me. I’ll take Sam, you take Dean.” Your father commanded, and you nodded. You walked up to Dean, and grabbed his arm. You watched where your dad flew, and followed him. Soon you were all standing outside a warehouse. 

The Winchesters pulled out their weapons and held them at the ready. You bounced lightly on your feet, too excited to stand still. “You’re not supposed to smile before a hunt.” Your dad whispered to you. You instantly made your face neutral, even though inside you were dancing and singing in excitement. 

You followed the Winchesters as they stalked into the building, and the action started immediately. A demon attacked Sam, while two took on Dean. You ran to help Dean, but he’d already stabbed both of them. You glanced at Sam and saw him pull his knife out of the dead demon. Wow.

You continued through the warehouse, a little annoyed that you didn’t get to fight anything. But those thoughts quickly disappeared as you entered a wide room with ten demons waiting for you. They attacked instantly.

Sam and Dean stabbed as fast as they could, and your father smited a few demons as well. You jumped in, dodging knives and punches. You caught a demon’s arm as he brought a knife to your stomach, and using your powers, you smited him. 

A new found confidence surged through you, and you fought with extra vigor and strength. You were soon left alone, nobody attacking you, and you looked to Dean, who was occupied with three demons at once. He didn’t see another demon sneak up behind him, and you quickly went to his rescue. 

You appeared at his side, caught the demon’s arm, twisted it back and then placed a hand on it’s face, killing it with a flash of light. You felt a presence behind you, and spun around, punching a demon that was attacking your back. The demon stumbled next to Dean, who stabbed it in the stomach. 

More and more demons flooded the warehouse, but it wasn’t a problem. With two angels and two amazing hunters, they didn’t stand a chance. You counted how many demons you’d killed; a whopping fifteen! You couldn’t wait to tell all your friends. 

“That was awesome!” You exclaimed to your dad once the last demon was killed. “Can we do it again?”

You heard both Winchesters laugh, and a huge smile spread over your face. “Next time we go on a hunt, you’re definitely coming with us.” Sam said, placing a hand on your shoulder, only making you smile wider. 

“Yeah, you were great! Cas, where’ve you been hiding her?” Dean added. 

“I was just keeping her safe until she was ready.” He answered.

“Yeah, well I think she’s ready.” Sam stated. 

“Y/N, let’s take them back to the bunker.” Your dad said, smiling at you proudly. 

“Race you!” You exclaimed, grabbing Dean’s arm. You made it back to the bunker a millisecond before your dad and Sam. 

“Cheater.” Your dad muttered. 

“Slow poke.” You shot back. 

“Alright, alright, you two.” Dean laughed. “Y/N, you ever have ice cream?" 

"I’ve heard about it! Does it really melt in your mouth?” You answered. Being in Heaven, you never really got to try all that Earth had to offer, unless your uncle Gabriel visited, but that was rare. 

“Why don’t we find out?” Sam suggested, walking to the kitchen. He returned with a tub of ice cream and four spoons. You all sat around a table, and they let you take the first spoonful. The container said chocolate, and you carefully placed the ice cream in your mouth. It was cold, chocolaty, and simply amazing. 

“This. Is. Amazing.” You stated with wide eyes. Sam and Dean laughed at you as they shoved ice cream in their mouth. You watched your father try some, and he had the same reaction. “Can we do this after every hunt?” You practically begged.

“Sure thing, kiddo.” Dean answered, ruffling your hair. You smiled and ate more ice cream, surrounded by your father, and two new brothers. 

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The Storm

Just a little one shot, Dean/Reader 

Lightning strobes through the room, making even the cheap, rubber-coated drapes at the drafty windows seem almost transparent, and the thunder that follows immediately after shakes the building, fading very gradually to a distant rumbling.  You crawl out of bed, now fully awake, and trudge barefoot to the window, pulling a corner of the curtain back to peer out into the darkness.  The lights outside the rooms and in the parking lot are dark, victims of the electrical storm, and the only illumination comes from the flickering, haphazard streaks of pure energy slashing through the absolute black of the night.  

The storm is violent, the wind picking up steadily as you hear the loud spattering of the first huge raindrops hitting the roof, the windows, the walls.  You hug your arms tight around your middle, wondering just how bad this thing will get, and whether you’re safe, and if there’s even a shelter nearby.

You find your way back to the bed, sitting on the edge of the mattress, picking up your phone to check for weather alerts, wondering if the guys are sleeping through this.  A second later, a tap at the door connecting the two rooms startles you into dropping the phone, and you shake your head at yourself.  You pick it up, using its light to guide you to the door, and you open it to find Dean standing there, his phone lighting his way.  "You okay?“ he asks softly, and you back up as he comes into the room, his black sleep pants sagging low on his hips, and you remember that you’re wearing only a tank top and panties.  Good thing it’s dark.  And good thing he can’t see that you’re blushing from the sight of him like that, even in the dim light of your cell phones.

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