that way elsa did not need to suffer for very long

Queer Evan Hansen: A Meta

Oooookay. It’s almost 3 AM here and I’ve been working on this post for the last four hours. I’ve been writing a bunch of analyses lately, but this is my most ambitious one yet, so I’m a little nervous.

I’m about to make the radical argument that not only are Tree Bros or Sincerely Three valid readings of the musical…in a sense, we’re also actually SUPPOSED to ship these ships. Well, maybe not exactly supposed to, but I’m going to explain why I think Dear Evan Hansen was meant to be read as a queer narrative. 

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Just hear me out! By the end of this, you may not agree with me, but hopefully, you’ll at least agree that it’s one possible interpretation of the musical we all love.

Warning: long, long, LONG post. If you need to use the bathroom or grab a cup of tea, go now. At least there are pictures?

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Anna and Elsa Lyrics

Anna and Elsa:

Do you wanna build a snowman?
C’mon, let’s go and play

I could cover this whole place in snow
I’m not supposed to though

Yeah… just do it anyway!
Do it for your sister
Elsa please, oh please!
I can’t do the things you do

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

You really wanna build a snowman?

You know I do!

We’ll stay up late and build that snowman


Me and you

This is the story of a family
A long time ago
A king, a queen, two princesses
A summer night and snow

Girls, what have you been up to?

Elsa was a special child
That much is clear
Her magic filled her parents’ hearts
With so much love… and fear

Elsa, sweetheart, what did we say?

Magic must stay a secret.

Yes. There are just some things we don’t do in public.

Like run naked in the breeze!

Then there was Anna
The second child

Freeze my belly!

Flying and fearless
And running wild

Freeze my face!

How she loved her sister from the very start
Yes Elsa had her heart

One two three together
Clap together snap together
You and me together
Knees together freeze together
Up or down together
Princess crown together
Always be together
You and me

This is the story of a family
With secrets to keep
And through(?) their sacred land
Where respect for the crown runs deep

Freeze my butt!

And so the royal family is always on display
The people loved their princesses
And watched them as they aged

Anna and Elsa
Side by side
The light in the dark once
The kingdom sky
The promise of our future, sure and strong
Warms us all year long

Nuwa nu
Nuwa heya nu
Nuwa nu
Nuwa heya nu
Nuwa nu
Nuwa nu

Na na na heya na
Hahiyaha naha
Naheya heya na yanuwa
Hanahe yunuwana

Anna and Elsa
Right now you’re small
But one day you’ll grow up
And lead us all
Through days of cold and storms we suffer through
We will look to you

Come on, my loves, time for bed.

And that means ACTUALLY sleeping, Anna… ok?

I LOVE sleeping.

Does anyone need a bedtime story?

No, please, we’re way too tired. Bye, and goodnight! Love you! Thank you! See you tomorrow!

Loki and the Minion

TITLE: Loki and the Minion


AUTHOR: latent-thoughts

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki hiring you as his manager while he slowly takes over Midgard again. You are to manage his PR, his daily schedule, and you also are his guide to everything Midgardian. He doesn’t make it easy for you, though. He causes trouble, doesn’t listen to your advice very often, and in general, annoys and intimidates you. He is the God of Mischief after all, and you are the nearest target available to him. You suffer through his antics because he pays well and also, you don’t know what might befall you if you refuse him. He is kinda scary after all.

RATING: T for now, will change later.


A/N: Basically Loki being a diva, and a Disney Prince. Sort of… 


Victory… Conquest… Subjugation…

Merely words concluding the struggle between two parties in opposition. A simple enough concept, but a rather difficult accomplishment.

You win at it once, and everyone thinks you invincible. You fail at it once, and everyone takes you for granted.

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Siege of Arendelle- Chapter Four

  So first off, I’d like to say a huge thank you to @minnothebunny for proofreading the first chunk of this and making it make sense. You’re amazing!

Also a reminder that I’m doing a giveaway for my followers which you can find here

Hopefully no one wants to kill me after this update (you know who you are).

Universe: Canon- Post Film
Rating: T (Teen and Up)- For now
Words: 5054

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Next Chapter

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Fic: Love is a Layered Cake (2/10)

Summary: Summer has come, and with it, the Great British Bake-Off. Sheep farmer and spinner Rum Gold is one of ten contestants competing for the crown in the latest show. In addition to navigating the perils of televised baking, ridiculous challenges and his fellow bakers, he also has to contend with his undeniable crush on one of the judges, the beautiful and talented Belle French…

Rated: G

[Week One: Cake]


Week Two: Biscuits

In which Gold overdoes the orange, almost panics over caramel, and has an actual conversation with Belle.

Also, Archie considers the merits of edible flatpack.

Walking into the break room for the second weekend of filming was nowhere near as daunting as the first. Now that none of them had suffered the indignity of being booted out during the first week, everyone seemed more relaxed with each other, and Gold found that there was a much greater sense of community among the contestants. That his train had been on time helped, of course, and he was not the last to arrive. Emma and Elsa were already there and they waved him over to their little conference in the corner where they were ensconced with cups of tea and biscuits. Emma picked up a shortbread finger and dunked it in her tea, taking a bite and grimacing.

“Ugh. Do you think that they give us cheap biscuits today in the hope that it’ll inspire us produce better ones in the actual show?”

Gold laughed. “I’m not sure, but I doubt that my biscotti are going to be any better than that. So far all my attempts have produced something as dry as a bone that I fear for my aunt’s false teeth on, or they’ve sort of set to a cement like consistency that I can’t get off the baking sheet.”

“Yeah.” Emma raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t sound promising. Still.” She put the half-eaten biscuit on her saucer. “Someone had better make shortbread tomorrow and it had better be better than this stuff. The food was really great last week.”

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In Your Light (A CS AU) Part 1/?

Killian Jones is a recently discharged British soldier trying to start over. His brother Liam has found happiness in a small town in Maine and while visiting, Killian meets Liam’s fiancé’s sister Emma Swan. Before he knows it, Killian finds himself completely and irrevocably in love. Now all that’s left is to convince Emma to let him stand in her light and by her side forever more.

Also on Fanfiction here

A/N: This is a story I’ve been toying with for a few months now, but I finally have room in my writing line up to start it. With this first chapter, I have tried to set the scene and to kind of give you all a lay of the land and so on. I’m ending with the first sort of interaction between Emma and Killian, but this story isn’t really a slow burn. We all know I don’t do terribly well with the whole patiently waiting for love thing in these fics, so expect more CS cuteness very soon. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy and thanks for reading!


Peace and quiet. If one wanted to advertise a morning in coastal Maine, those three words would be the selling point. Emma Swan had been all over the country, and nowhere else had she ever found these two gifts in such abundance. It was one of the reasons she’d decided to make this little corner of the earth her home, and she’d never regret it.

Rising with the sun, before the hustle and bustle of the rest of the day, a person could go for hours without the clutter of harsh sounds or stale small talk. But the phrase was deceiving, for even in the peacefulness there was sound. All around her, Emma heard the chirps of birds, a subtle breeze whistling through the wood of the nearby docks, and the lap of the waves on the shore. Sometimes, when people said they wanted quiet, what they meant was silence, but Emma would never be one of those people. She’d suffered through enough of it as an orphan and a kid kicked around through the foster system. Turned out the fastest way to silence was being alone in the world.

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Pairs Well With

Pairing: Onho
Rating: R, I guess? Language and brief mentions of The Sex? Maybe it’s PG-13? (Shh I don’t know how ratings work.) 
Word count: 2100+
Other notes: Really ridiculously fluffy. Featuring autistic toddler!Taem. ourlordandsaviorkimkibum was like “lol write onho in a grocery store” and this is what happened. I read this over like once so hopefully there aren’t any typos? (P.S. lol how the fuck do you say beaujolais omg minho pls) 

After years of childless bachelorhood, Jinki had perfected a shopping method he liked to call “Stop, Shop, and Roll”: a mad dash through two or three aisles for the absolute necessities at the cheapest prices, with no pauses to read ingredient labels, no acknowledgement of the organic food sections, and absolutely no loitering at the artisanal cheese display.

Which was exactly what his partner was doing now, weighing a wheel of cheese in each hand as he bent over the tiered display. “Jinki,” Minho said. “Do you want Brie or Camembert with our Beaujolais?”

Jinki was pretty sure he only recognized one of those names. “Either one is great, babe,” he said.

“But which do you think will pair better with the fig preserves?” Minho said, still not turning around.

This was why he never went shopping with Minho. This was why he should have stayed in the car with Taemin, even if the toddler wanted to do nothing but sing one offkey line from one nursery rhyme on repeat at the top of his lungs for an hour.

“Umm,” Jinki said, distracted by the toddler, who had bent over in his seat at the front of the cart, and begun to lick the handle. “Sweetie, no,” he said, trying to nudge the boy away from the handle. “It’s covered in germs.”

“Germs!” Taemin said happily. “Germs germs germs!” He kept licking at the handle.

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nihilproject  asked:

Ehi Anna :) I have a question about your beautiful Elsanna NSFW art (and I'm going to pose it in English, since maybe someone else is interested in the answer too!): why do you always (and gorgeously) draw Elsa on top? Is it an headcanon of yours? Complimenti per il tuo lavoro e grazie di volerlo condividere con noi!

I like to go deeper in the psychology of a character every time I do something, drawing, writing… etc.
The thing that makes me mad the most is to go on cliché.
Anna is hyperactive, super excited for everything, and Elsa in the movie seems shy (seems … she’s not), she’s introvert and with a lot of fears?
So Anna must be a topper, and Elsa a bottom. Yeah, and we live in a bad manga.
I don’t think, at all.
I usually like to see the act of making love more balanced. But then, obviously, there could be someone who likes to give more than take, and someone who likes take more than give.
I, personally, prefer to give.
So, Elsa is not shy in the movie, the way she says hi to Anna, her posture, and her perfect capacity to say no, and give order to the guards to close the doors, the way she fights Weselton’s soldiers.
She’s a queen, and she very well knows how to act in powerful situations.
Elsa’s not shy, she’s insecure. There’s difference.
Also, we should keep in mind what she feels for Anna, what they are for each other, and her relationship with her after all that happened.
Elsa wanted to give Anna her love for 13 years, Elsa wanted to hold her, and say to her that she love her like she never loved anyone else (incest or not, lol) and she never will. She wanted to keep her safe, and give her anything she wanted, anything she asked.
It’s the kind of thing in which if Anna would have asked the moon Elsa would have tried to give her the moon, and the sun, and all the stars.
Anna, of course, wants the same. She would do anything for Elsa, and we know she would, jfc she died for her sister.
But, people think that the one who suffered the most was Elsa.
That’s not true. Anna was left behind, she didn’t know what was happening, she thought her sister hated her, she thought she was so obnoxious Elsa didn’t want her anymore. She probably tought her parents decided to give Elsa the space she needed to grow up as the queen she was meant to be, because Anna was just a distraction.
Christ … that’s terrible.
Anna is strong, Anna knows what she wants, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel anything bad, or she isn’t hurt. I feel like Anna has very deep wounds left by all that happened.
And Elsa knew all of this. They know each other so well, but in all these 13 years, in the little time they had to share together Elsa was a master in hiding her feelings, but Anna is so clear, like water. Can you imagine what meant to Elsa read in her sister apparently cheerful expression all the wounds left by her distance? All the times Anna tried to ask her something, tried to talk to her, and essentially close this gap that was created between them? And she couldn’t do anything to make her feel better. She felt helpless, she saw her sisters marked by all the scars her absence left on her every day they spent apart, and she couldn’t do anything but close herself in her room, and try to not be the monster she tought she was.
So if you think about all of this, you can understand why in my mind Elsa is a “topper” more often than Anna. People think “sex” is just about physical appeal. That’s stupid. In a relationship sex is never just about that. It’s emotions, we are human, our body is our key to express our emotions through contact, words, kisses. Sex is not just about who come first and than stop there.This is a very naive things to think. Or maybe it’s just my demisexuality that talks. Probably.
With making love, sex, or whatever you want to call it, Elsa can give Anna all the attentions she denied her, she can tell her she’s beautiful, she’s amazing, how much she loves her and that she would do anything for her happiness. She want to pleasure her, hear her whisper her name and smile during those moments, to know it’s her that is giving her those beautiful things. She can feel Anna so close to her like she never did for so long. She can fix all these years, she can forgive herself, she can be happy to just see her sister happy.
Give her anything she asks, and touch her, make her feels her hands and body all over, like she couldn’t all these years. She can make Anna feel she’s there. She’s right there. More than any hug they missed, kiss or little caress in the cheek. And she’s not going anywhere, anymore.
And Anna loves it because she feels the same. She knows Elsa need to give her her love, she wants Elsa to get rid of all her boundaries and just feel.
And, of course she wants to give Elsa all those things, too.
I’m not saying Anna couldn’t be a topper, I’m saying the both are for me. But Elsa … I can feel for her means a lot of things deeper than the simple need of pleasure herself.
That’s it.

Echoes [Frozen ficlet]

It’s quiet. 

Anna frowns.

It’s not that quiet is unfamiliar. The fact that it’s too familiar is what unsettles her. Its almost sounds like…..before. Anna bites her lip. 

The castle has been alive with a flurry of activities for the past few weeks, returned to its full staff in order to accommodate all the new guests and events. But today there’s no shouting or clanging from the kitchens echoing up the corridors, no crowd outside in the courtyard, or lingering dignitaries in the halls. Even the light seems still and Anna’s skin itches as the silence grows heavier around her shoulders. 

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Here is your late birthday present, thetourguidebarbie.  I hope you enjoy it!

If Caroline said it hadn’t been her lifelong ambition to be a princess, she would be lying.  Ever since she was three years old and got her first tiara from her father, she knew it was meant to be her role in life.

               Of course, in her imaginings, the tiara was because she was supreme princess of the world and everyone bowed before her. But really, playing pretend as Cinderella was okay practice, at least until she finished her degree and got on with actually taking over the world.

               She did wish the corset wasn’t necessary, though.

               She adjusted it and winced when it bit into her ribs, and Enzo smirked and chuckled next to her, drawing a glare that had him laughing even more.

               “Laugh it up, Bucko, but I’ll remind you that I got you this job” – looking around to make sure they were alone for the moment, she turned her back to him and felt him loosen the strings and then retie them, sighing as they released their too tight hold on her body – “and I can get it taken away just as easy.”

               “But if I weren’t here to play the part of your prince, then whose arms would you be forced to fall into instead?  Probably Stefan’s.  Maybe you’d like that, though.”

               Caroline winced at the reminder of her poor life choices in the romance department, because she had sworn that Stefan was The One (just like Tyler had been the one… and Matt the one before him… and okay, maybe she made poor choices when it came to love), and so when he had left her behind to be with his One True Love, Elena (who was currently off with her other suitor, who just so happened to be Stefan’s brother), it had broken Caroline’s heart.

               “They were a God Damn soap opera.  You’re better off clear of him, Gorgeous,” Enzo told her, and Caroline spun around to drill her knuckles into his shoulder.

               “No shit, Sherlock.”

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Once Upon A Time 4x05 "Breaking Glass" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

If this episode has taught us anything it’s that those who learn from their mistakes receive the kind of happiness they’re deserving of.

Flashbacks (1998): While attempting to steal pop tarts after she ran away from her foster home, lost girl Emma befriends someone she feels she has a lot in common with. Lily defends Emma when the grocery store worker accuses her of stealing by saying that they’re doing a little shopping for their parents. They later run away from Lily’s father into a summer vacation home where they bond over video games, food, and hand drawn tattoos. When Lily’s father finds them, Emma realizes she’s been lying to her and chooses not to forgive her when she asks for an apology. She’s later sent to another foster home where it’s revealed in the end that her foster mother was in fact the Snow Queen.

Present Day Storybrooke: Charming tries to convince Snow to let Belle babysit little Neal in order for them to have an adventure like old times. Emma, Elsa, and Regina go after the Snow Queen and unknowingly take part in delivering to her the last piece of an object she needs. 

If you’ve followed our reviews in the past then you know of our very strict rule not to comment too much on things we disliked. Therefore, we are going to try our very best to discuss this week’s episode as objectively as possible because for the first time in a very long time, we found ourselves awfully disappointed with a character we’re normally fond of. Just as last week’s episode was meant to show us how much Killian has changed despite Rumple’s claims about him being the same, “Breaking Glass” was meant to show us that Emma Swan’s heart is bigger than the numerous, outrageous claims Regina makes about her being a ‘life ruiner’. 

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No, I'm not a Frozen fan.

Frozen is now out on DVD, and as I told my Twitter audience, I chose to grab it from a nearby Redbox and see what all the fuss was about.  I’m certain that anything I have to say has already been said, though I’ve tried my best to avoid most spoilers or reviews.  My complaints really have little to do with the “feminism” arguments that I know I’ve seen floating around, or whether or not it was the first movie to accomplish this or that, about romantic love or familial love, or whatever.  Whether it was the first or the last to accomplish any of these things are not my concern.  My question going into it was whether or not any of it had been done before, but rather whether or not its execution is any good.  And in my opinion, it was unfortunately the latter of the two.  Some may wonder if, since I’m still associated with Channel Awesome, whether or not I’ve seen other producers’ comments on the movie, including those that Doug Walker have made.  I have not, specifically because I thought that Frozen was important enough that I give it the clean slate opportunity without outside influence as best as I possibly could.  All I knew about the movie going into it were a whole bunch of animated GIFs that Tumblr wouldn’t stop posting, and I’d heard Let It Go a few times, no thanks to the radio at work playing it (and I was mad because I was really trying to avoid it so that I could hear it in the context of the movie first).  Perhaps one day I could turn this blog into a video or something.  For now, this is where it is.

So, alright, here we go.

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Fic: Begin Again

Summary: When a Star Force follow-up film is greenlit seven years after the series finale, Belle persuades Rum to take part, and the cast is reunited once more. A Friendships and Fandoms fic for Rumbelle Revolution.

Rated: T

Read Friendships and Fandoms here.


Ok, so I got a lot of different prompts for my F&F future fic, but most people thought that a cast reunion for Star Force was in order, so I hope you all like the idea I came up with to mingle all the prompts together!

I’ll be posting some F&F smut separately, as I know how much we all love our smut in this fandom.


Begin Again

Belle knew better than to listen in on anyone’s private conversations, least of all her husband’s, but she was beginning to wonder if something out of a horror movie had happened and he was being held hostage via the phone. He’d left the living room to take a call almost two hours ago, and she was starting to worry that she might never see him again. The old movie they’d been watching on the TV had long since finished, and Belle had an early start the next morning and would have to go to bed soon.

She switched off the television and crept out of the room, tiptoeing gently down the hallway to her study. They shared the room, but Belle used it for her designing work when she wasn’t on set so it had basically become hers. She pressed an ear to the wood, but she couldn’t hear any sounds. Brow furrowing, she tapped on the door.

“Come in.”

Poking her head around, she found that Rum was neither being held hostage nor, in fact, on the phone at all. He was sitting in the spinning chair, rolling it slowly from side to side, his elbows planted firmly on the cushioned arms and his chin resting on his fists, which were curled around his phone.

“Are you all right?” Belle asked, inserting herself into the room fully and coming over to him, perching on the desk next to her paints.

Rum nodded, but he was frowning, and Belle raised an eyebrow. He certainly didn’t seem to be all right.

“Are you sure?” she pressed. Rum nodded, so she decided not to push the point. “Who was on the phone?”

“It was Jafar,” Rum said.

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the lightbearers :::: chapter 26

summary: Steampunk AU. When bounty hunter Emma Swan is commissioned by Robert Gold, powerful and mysterious president of the Royal Society of English Magicians, to take down notorious airship pirate Captain Killian Jones, it lands them in a web of political and magical intrigue, dark secrets, and the dangerous London underworld - as well as their unwanted attraction to each other. Multi-chapter, slow burn.
rating: M
status: WIP
available: and AO3
previous: chapter 25

The towering ice wall blockading Christiana harbor stretched from horizon to horizon, massive columns of blue-white glass that ate away the weak winter twilight and the stars alike, occasionally calving off equally immense bergs that crashed into the freezing water like the hammer of Thor and set the marooned ships rocking and thrashing at their anchor chains, wild animals desperate to flee the trap. It appeared to have grown even larger since being left to its own devices after Jafar and his minions kidnapped Elsa, and was starting to creep over the top of the fjords, strange sentinels of ice forming of their own accord on the cliffs, hanging sheaves of frozen daggers over the steep streets. Even the castle was starting to be overshadowed by it, a potent, silent warning. If Elsa did not melt it – thus reopening the way for the aether steamers to sail south and resume the trade with Britain, which had been the cause of her erecting it in the first place as a protest against the Royal Society’s insatiably unfair customs dues and economic racketeering – it would keep on growing, soon burying the entire city in ice and killing them all. Jafar, after they had stepped out of the portal he had created from the Night Market and into the frigid wind of the Norwegian capital city, surveyed it with a critical eye and announced, “I’d take care of that now if I were you, my dear. Leave the protection of the aether to me. I assure you, Robert Gold will not get his hands on it.”

Elsa gave him an appropriately wintry look. “Yes, I’m sure you would safeguard the finest quality of our Norwegian mines for no other reason than altruism against our common enemy. I’m not sure quite how simple you think me, but you are wrong. In fact.” She held out her hand. “I’ll take that cufflink with your current supply in it. You’ve brought us here, there is no reason for you to require magic for the time being.”

“Really?” Jafar raised an eyebrow. “That is rather ill-advised, Your Majesty. After he has lived with the aether for a long time, even a symbiont becomes organically bound to it – hence the very name symbiont, describing magician and magic forming a deep attachment, so that the very existence of the one is knitted into the other. Taking it away from me now would be akin to withholding medicine from a sick man – or indeed, ripping out his heart. You are not so cruel.”

“No, perhaps not,” Elsa said. “But you are. When you poisoned me so that my own magic was meant to kill me without your antidote, and what you meant to do to all of us in that altered reality. This is not negotiable. Give it to me, now.”

“Yeah,” Will put in. “Give it to her now, or – ” He cracked his knuckles, in what was apparently meant to be in a menacing fashion.

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Fic: We Own Tonight (32/35) (M)

Author’s note: I wanted to get this posted before I left for the weekend. Almost the end, everyone. Enjoy!

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter Thirty Two

Stony silence reigned in the Great Hall. Emma sat to her mother’s left, Killian’s hand in hers. As her fiancé and future royal, he now had his own seat beside her, which he accepted with stunned surprise. He didn’t love Emma for her title, but he would be her consort one day. It was important that the people seem him in his rightful place. Especially today.

Liam’s gaze flitted between Killian and the prisoner as he waited for the judgment like everyone else. He’d given his testimony, even taken responsibility for Ian’s attempted escape, but the Queen absolved him since no harm was really done. His was not the only testimony, as both Killian and Emma had to relive the attempt on the princess’s life. Beside him, Elsa shed a few tears as she listened; she still felt like all of this trouble was her fault. Liam squeezed her hand and tucked her into his side with one arm. She was no more at fault than he, her terror that fateful night understandable, given her upbringing. She showed so much strength, not only in overcoming it and letting love into her heart, but facing yet another fear in coming all this way to support her friend. He loved her more than ever.

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