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Maladaptive Daydreaming is:

I’ve seen a few time of people saying how they go into daydreams so specific that it often affects their concentration etc

Maladaptive Daydreamers often:

-Can daydream for hours at a time. Some can daydream an entire class period or event period.

-Find concentration very difficult. Their attention get turned away from the subject even if they want to listen and sometimes don’t realize they do it right away.

-Lose amounts of sleep through daydreaming. When you say you’re going to bed it somehow turns into making a new novel in your head.

-Puts most of their day into daydreaming. Daydreaming is commonly used as a fun thing to do-to go into your own little world. But with MD, it becomes almost addicting as if you feel the need to daydream.

-Don’t seem to care if being ignored or being alone. MDers like to be alone most of the time and put that time to more daydreaming.

-Forget what they are doing or where they place things. You tend to doze off for a long enough time that you can’t remember what you’re doing or didn’t know what you were doing in the first place. You could place something down and forget as you weren’t fully aware of what you were doing.

-Stops things they are doing like watching a video or reading a book as they will fall into a daydream, usually triggered by something that was watched or read, such as an event you created in your fantasy or storyline that related to the thing you watched or read.

-Things such as something you read or watched may influence future day dreams. For example: “this scene would go great with my story”.

-Sometimes even research things to make the story more realistic. Someone might research something like historical events, names, designs of houses etc.

-Storylines that include characters, plot, setting, and more. These people often get attached to their characters and find more story inspiration to put with them. Some people may also draw their characters.

-Acting out while daydreaming. Los of people including myself will find themselves in situations where they would laugh at something they would have their character do or even talk or use movement like moving their hands or whispering.

-Sometimes experience “deja vu”. Where something will seem familiar even if it’s something new.

-Very good at visualizing things. A good thing that comes with MD is that you can easily get a visual of something, like if someone told you to imagine the ocean, MDers would be able to imagine a perfect scenery and may even hear things like the waves crashing.

-Even though daydreaming comes as a fun activity, people with MD have a greater risk of safety hazards. Such as walking into a busy street or getting into a car accident.

-Procrastination at its finest. MD usually can cause procrastination, like waiting last minute to do an assignment or a task at work. Sometimes somethings as little as not wanting to do the dishes or the laundry. And often may have a messy room or apartment/house from procrastinating cleaning.

-“What are you thinking about?” Dreading the question that’s suppose to come off as innocent becomes a problem. When most people would say “oh just my after school activity” or “a funny video I watched today” MDers have to find a way to easily explain “My 50 chapter long novel that some how created in my mind in the last 10 minutes”

-Never seem to be bored. With an imagination and a daydream that MD has never seems to keep you bored as the main activity is the daydream and find enjoyment through the daydream.

-May get irritated when their dream is interrupted. Like being in a good spot in a tv show, you don’t don’t want the scene to be interrupted and may ignore or get frustrated with someone/something that interrupted you.

-Can’t seem to turn it off. As some people find it easy to revert their attention back to what they were originally focused on, people with MD can’t seem to turn the daydream off and can’t control it.

There can be many more things that comes with Maladaptive Daydreaming, but hopefully this helped anyone who was curious about why they were doing these things and couldn’t understand why.

Also MD is usually caused for a reason and uncovering that reason can result on how to stop MD. Seeking help from a professional would be advised.

Also if you experience this and just want someone who can relate feel free to message me :).

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Creating Artifacts...

Artifacts, with their detailed histories and powerful effects, are personal things, so it makes sense that the DM should create artifacts unique to an individual campaign. 

In fact, that’s just what the DM should do. 

Every campaign should have artifacts that are truly unique to it, thereby ensuring that the DM’s world is different from every other campaign out there. 

Great idea, the DM may say, but how do I do it? 

Don’t worry. It’s really not that hard. 

By following a few simple guidelines, DMs discover that artifacts practically create themselves. 

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i’m adding to the trend of making a list of all the gr8 things about Liam:

  • the lil wave, even though he has no idea who you are ?? he’s just so excited and Ryder is one of the first people he sees after waking up
  • when you lose gravity, everyone else is staying really still, but he’s cartwheeling through the air
  • “Been waiting six hundred years for this.”
  • the fact that he can’t help, but he’s seen pacing while Lexi and Charlyle work on Ryder (and that means he’s there to help them carry Ryder to SAM node)
  • not only did he watch over Ryder, he checked on their twin
  • “I was fiercely bearded.”
  • his little “nope” when you find the back room full of dormant assembler bots
  • The way he stands ?? with his hip cocked and his hands on his hips
  • “When we’re old, and people ask us how we got together…”
  • the fact that in that scene, Ryder leans her head back with her eyes closed, but Liam looks at her, just at her.

  • i will probably feel like adding more later but these are all the ones i could think of right now

crazyrute  asked:

Hi Josie! I was just wondering what you think of Venus from mh. I never watched much of mh but im p sure she makes rare appearances but I always thought she looked super cool and I even used to own a doll of her so I was curious what your thoughts on her were.

venus never really grabbed me as a character (i don’t dislike her, she just doesn’t interest me as much as a bunch of other characters do), but as a concept she’s a lot of fun! i love the idea of an eco-punk plant monster dedicated to making her fellow students environmentally aware and promoting sustainability around the school! she hasn’t done much in the reboot yet, but having her hanging around in the first place (the only unannounced preboot backgrounder aside from toralei and twyla, i think) is a good sign.

it’s great to be able to work positive messages for a young audience into a franchise without being patronising or unsubtle, especially since that’s something MH has suffered by introducing thinly-veiled spokescharacters to talk about bullying and so on - which is harmless and still audience-appropriate, it’s nothing to complain about, but the message feels much less natural (more like a lecture) because it isn’t worked into a narrative setting.

venus embodies the concept of environmental friendliness as well as being a character who fits into the cast on a permanent basis. kids who like her will pay attention to her interests and (hopefully) pick them up for themselves thinking they’re cool! there’s no better way to help kids absorb positive values than weaving them into a story or character they like; it works wonders.

Waving Through A Window

Jughead x Reader

Request: Hey could I request a Jughead imagine where the reader gets upset because she doesn’t think she’s smart enough/good enough? Based on the song: Waving Through A Window from Dear Evan Hansen

Warnings: Reader Anxiety, negative self-image

Word Count: 3,449 (promise it’s worth it)

A/N: This wasn’t originally based on a song but I’m obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen so here’s a thing. ALSO I JUST FINISHED EPISODE 11 AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. I stand by my ship of Jughead x Happiness bc BOI (this is not based on the episode, so it is spoiler free my babes)


I walk through the hallway with my head down, and my backpack slamming against me with each step to propel me forward. I don’t talk to anyone except my best friend Betty. Well, okay, she’s not exactly my best friend. Her family is a friend of my family and so in all technicality, she’s the only one I’ve got, ergo my best friend. On particularly not-so-bad days when I mumble to her in the hallway, she’ll be standing next to my long-time crush Jughead, who I would probably never be able to speak to otherwise.

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Brand New (Reader x Danny Rand)

Word Count: 1530

Summary: Danny & the reader were close friends in their childhood years. But then Danny and his family tragically die and the reader is forced to move on. Everything is Brand New once Danny comes back.

Warnings: None, possible Iron Fist spoilers

A/N: Just trying to get back into the swing of things, yaknow? I did a dance to this particular song a few weeks ago and ever since I’ve been like DANNY RAND. So, without further ado, here is that danny rand. 

not my gif

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Touch-starved and touch-terrified:
you worry your skin wafts waves of desperation
detectable by contact,
and though the one thing you want
is to grab hold of something
and never let go, the very wanting
makes you unworthy.
If you touch them, they’ll know.
If your aching hands find a moment’s fullness,
then by God, you’ll leach the light from the sun.
—  It’s getting cold out, isn’t it? s.s.

(Requested by Anon)

You walked down the dark alleyway, humming a tune that had been stuck in your head for the past few days. Usually you’d stay away from alleys and dark places but you felt particularly safe today. Your mood was fantastic and you felt like nothing could change it.

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for your beautiful response. "As an INTJ, you likely have something inside that is conflicting with your parenting role, likely to do with your self-image or yourpersonal/hidden aspirations." is right on. I am an academic. I have lived all my life happily in my mind. I just want to be left alone. I cannot physically tolarate all the bickering, fighting, yelling, endless demands...l do have options where I can delegate their care and focus on what l want to do,not having any frustration

[con’t: My conflict lies right there, I can’t. I cannot give up the control. Among all these misery, I still think I am the one who can take the best care of them. I want the best of all for them, and see myself as responsible to do all I can for their health, happiness, growth…But l dont want to. I don’t like the work this requires. I prefer putting my time into things that l am more inclined to. Thinking, reading, being in my mind.. It’s a huge conflict l am neither fully present as a parent nor as as a devoted researcher. Constant worry and guilt for both areas of my life. You had great suggestions which I could right away give to someone else in my situation. My problem is I cant execute them. Mostly, l know what l should be doing; but why cant l go ahead and do; what paralyzes me; what’s hidden that makes me this stuck; how do l get unstuck… Do you see a specific way to apply CF theory to shed light on my inner conflicts, and may be see a way out?]

You seem to be Fi looping and manifesting inferior Se issues, living in a fantasy world of your own making. Function theory was already implied in my response but you waved the whole thing away as though the rules don’t apply to you because you are “special”. This makes me suspect that there is not much I can say to make a dent in your loop because you seem rather intent on sticking to your story. If you were living so happily in your mind, why did you bother to have kids? Why did you bother to do anything outside that? What prompted you to leave that supposed paradise? And if it truly makes you happy, as you believe it will, then leave your family and go live out your dream (some parents do leave their kids to someone more competent). Can’t do it? Why not? Because, deep down, you know that this idea of you living happily in your bubble with no responsibilities is just a fantasy, just a story you have concocted as an escape from your current emotional issues. What can I say to break this fantasy when you want so badly to believe that it is true? You are like Elsa who has locked herself away in her own ice castle because she doesn’t want to feel like a failure anymore. It sure is easy to feel good when you can control everything in a confined space you’ve built, when you have nothing from the world to remind you of how flawed you really are.

You have already cut yourself off from the world by refusing to utilize your extraverted functions. And what’s the result? You cannot be present in anything that you do because your attention is completely turned inwards and focused on how you are such a victim in this world and how everyone is an “enemy” dragging you down. You cannot see your own paranoia, you cannot see how you are imagining scenarios where you are always conveniently the victim of a malicious world that’s out to stymie you. Do you honestly think that life should always be exactly as you want it to be? Well, no wonder you get disappointed when the facts indicate that the world is under no obligation to conform to your expectations. Do you honestly think that people should always be exactly as you want them to be? Well, no wonder you get frustrated when people show you that they are individuals with their own unique needs and desires, unwilling to submit to your control. Indulging your escapist fantasies is not going to solve your problem because those fantasies are the root of the problem. You expect the world to be other than what it is, in your arrogance you think that you know how the world “should” work, then you get disappointed when the facts keep slapping you in the face. Instead of investing your mental energy in adapting better to the facts (because you are special and above that after all), you invest your energy in resistance, complaining, and self-pity, things that have no effect other than to make you feel progressively worse. Your escapist fantasizing is potentially a self-fulfilling prophecy because, the more you check out emotionally from your family, the more they resent you, then the more you try to control them, then the more they oppose you, then the more you can feel justified in your victimhood and perhaps one day feel bad enough to walk away. This is the logical result of your fantasizing, is it really the direction you want to go?

Whether or not you regret your decision to have kids is completely irrelevant. The FACT is that you have kids because you made the choice, probably for good reasons that you are now disconnected from. You can’t have everything you want because what you demand is unreasonable and unrealistic. Either make your fantasy happen or face up to reality because emotional limbo is untenable. Either leave them or love them because, as you know, being half-assed is a disservice to everyone including yourself. You’ve already mentally stepped out the door, so you can keep walking and shut the door behind you, or you can step back through the door and resolve the issue properly. The basic problem is that you’re having trouble juggling all of your responsibilities, unable to maintain a balanced lifestyle. The childish thing to do is to say “fuck it” and run away; the adult thing to do would be to improve your juggling skills. In other words, you should be utilizing Te to systematically solve your problems rather than getting lost in your negative feelings (Fi loop); you should be utilizing Se to become more adaptable and accepting of reality rather than being so rigid in your expectations. A lot of parenting problems are practical problems that can be resolved with practical solutions, such as: schedule or organize better, get help when needed, pick up better educating/caregiving strategies, learn better group management and communication skills, practice better emotional intelligence, relate with the children on a human and not only a disciplinary level, allow your children to be who they are instead of forcing them into your image of perfection, make a point to enjoy parenting successes rather than only seeing the failures, treat parenting as a chance to humbly learn and grow alongside your children rather than seeing it as a hard labor sentence, etc. 

There’s nothing wrong with being human and feeling overwhelmed with stress at times but mature people don’t just throw out the baby with the bathwater at the first sign of trouble, rather, they try to improve their juggling skills because they understand that facing up to challenges makes them a better person, it is how they will progress in life and fulfill their potential. Immature people run away from problems because they don’t understand that challenges are opportunities, they can only see the immediate pain of hard work and want to avoid it, so they try to convince themselves that hard work is “selling out” oneself (which is “bad”) and they want to abdicate responsibility with a clear conscience (but it doesn’t work). Your Ni is looking in the wrong direction and extremely superficial in what it can see. You seek safe haven from discomfort and even cower from imagined future pain, which basically amounts to living in fear for the rest of your life (Fi-Se), but you should instead be discovering that there is deep meaning and purpose in facing up to your life’s challenges and responsibilities (Ni-Te). “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

PS: Certain sections of this blog aggregate information, so it seems you have not noticed the disclaimers/citations on the few posts that were not written by me.


you head to your 10 year high school reunion aka nathan never took you to prom

word count: 3,999

Looking at yourself one final time in the mirror, you decided that was probably the best you were going to do at this point. In fact, you thought, it shouldn’t matter to you anyways. All this was a 10-year high school reunion; most people don’t even show up to the 10-year anymore, do they? You hadn’t really been the best when it came to keeping up with and staying connected with high school friends. You weren’t really sure what most people were doing with their lives now. Well, all of them besides one.

It was hard not to know what Nathan Adrian was up to. He was Bremerton’s golden boy and whenever you mentioned to someone from outside of town where you were from they asked about him. Did you know him? Was he nice? Is he just as good looking in person? It honestly began to tire you after the one-thousandth time. You didn’t like to answer the questions because you tended to be bias when it came to Nathan.

You had known Nathan Adrian since kindergarten, and up until high school he had always stayed very low under everyone’s radar, most people knowing not to invite him anywhere because he likely had swimming things going on. He had gained popularity in high school when he led the swim team to victory for the first time in years. It wasn’t until senior year that you had an actual encounter with Nathan, before it had just been friendly smiles in the hallway or the lending of single sheets of paper in American Lit. No more then “hey can I borrow a piece of paper?” had ever been said until your final year.

In fact you were more than surprised when you walked into your sixth period class in early March and found Nathan standing at the front of the room, hands clenched around a bouquet of roses. It was clear he was nervous and about to ask someone to prom, but it wasn’t until you heard him say your name that you realized it was you he intended to ask. Blushing you took the flowers in your hands while in a semi state of shock and agreed to be his date.

You didn’t particularly know too much about Nathan besides the friendly exchanges and the fact that he was possibly half merman. Having a prom date was something exciting to you, but the barely knowing him made you nervous. What were you supposed to talk about? Would you even have fun? Agree on where to go for dinner? Who would be in your group? However the weeks after the initial ask you began to hold actual conversations with Nathan and even had lunch with him and his swim team friends sometimes. Then the typical prom plans began to fall in place, your dress, his matching tux, dinner reservations, etc. At least that was until the week leading up to prom when Nathan pulled you aside in the hallway to share some news.

He began babbling, talking very fast and you were barely able to keep up with his words until you caught the key message, that he would unable to take you to the dance that Saturday. He had some sort of opportunity to join the U.S. National Team, which he certainly couldn’t pass up even if it meant skipping out on taking you to prom. Of course you were happy for him, but it didn’t make you displace the feeling that prom was suddenly ruined.  You ended up not going, telling your friends that you were fine and never wanted to go to prom in the first place. The next few months until graduation you made sure to avoid Nathan at all costs holding him responsible for missing prom altogether.

Ever since then whenever you’d hear about his success in swimming, as an athlete, or just him in general you would roll your eyes and attempt to change the subject. However tonight you felt as though it was going to be difficult to runaway from him. You had no clue if he was actually going to show up and in the back of your mind you were hoping he was too busy since he had just arrived back to the states.

Shaking your head in thought, you realized how foolish you were being. What happened between you and Nathan was 10 years ago, and odds are he doesn’t even remember. His life had been so fast paced he probably never gave a second thought about his forgotten almost prom date.

Grabbing your bag you head out the door feeling completely scatterbrained and unprepared for what you would be walking into.

Taking a sip of what had to be your fourth cup of punch you look around the gym full of people once again. Full of people probably wasn’t correct, because the gym definitely wasn’t full. You never realized how small the group of people you had graduated with truly was. Not only that but also most of them you had known your entire life, no variety and no changes. You were thankful your college experience wasn’t the same, you didn’t know what you would do if you were stuck once again with the same exact people from Bremerton forever.

You had already been at the high school for around two hours and had chatted with people here and there, but nothing really too interesting. Most people still lived in the Seattle suburb area and had some sort of job that they tried to convey as “really great” and “a dream come true,” but you could easily tell they were stuck and hated it. You could tell because you were in the same spot.

It wasn’t clear to you where exactly you had taken the wrong turn in adult life, but you definitely knew that this wasn’t what you had in mind 10 years ago. At 28 you had a Political Science degree you’d done absolutely nothing with, instead settling for the exciting occupation as receptionist for a dentist office. When the people who you had talked to already at the reunion asked you what you were up to now you felt as though you had to lie. So your life didn’t seem as boring or horrible as there’s also probably was, but you decided to just tell them the truth. After all the next time you would see most of these people again would be in another 10 years, they’d probably forget by then. You just hoped you wouldn’t be doing the same thing in 10 years.

Without a doubt Nathan was clearly the most successful out of your graduating class, actually probably the most successful person to come out of Bremerton period. In the back of your mind you knew that was most likely another reason you had came to resent Nathan after all these years. If only you had stuck with tennis when you were 9, maybe then you’d be some sort of prodigy and hometown hero too.

At this point you were pretty sure that Nathan wasn’t going to be making an appearance, most everyone was here and you couldn’t see him coming in late. This thought calmed you but you couldn’t ignore a feeling of disappointment wave over you. Even though the whole prom thing didn’t work out and you were definitely still upset about it, Nathan was the closest thing you had in high school to a boy actually paying attention to you. Which you couldn’t deny was nice, part of you wanted to see him and show him how much he missed out. Who knows, maybe if you had gone to prom together you’d be Ms. Olympic gold medalist.

You feel a tap on your shoulder, “Hey there.” Turning around your met with a face you have to admit that you don’t recall.

“Oh um hi.” You say hoping the man in front of you won’t figure out you have no idea who he is. There’s no trace of disappoint on his face so you guess that you’re in the clear. He smiles at you brightly, “How are you?”

“I’m good. And uh you?”

He gives you the same smile, “You have no idea who I am, do you?” At that you blush, he didn’t seem offended luckily enough, but nonetheless you felt embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry. I’m kind of terrible with names and remembering things in general.” Once again you feel your cheeks heat up not only from embarrassment but also from how unquestionably attractive he was. You were kicking yourself for not remembering him.

“Ryan Adamson.”

As soon as his name leaves his lips your eyes widen, “Oh my god wow Ryan, right.”

Memories of Ryan from high school immediately coming shooting back to you and you find it hard to believe that Ryan Adamson, the Ryan Adamson from high school was suddenly gorgeous.

He grins, “Glad you remember me now. That would have been embarrassing if you just completely didn’t. Especially since Nathan-” he cuts himself off.

You knew Ryan in high school from those few times you had joined him, Nathan and the rest of the swim team for lunch. Although you hadn’t hung with them a ton, you felt the times you did you got along with them all quite well, especially Ryan.

Curious about what he was about to Nathan you attempt him to continue his thought, “What was that? Especially since Nathan what?”

He shakes his head looking down at the ground a bit, “Nothing. Forget I said anything.” He gives you another smile clearly hoping you’ll drop the subject of what he was about to say about Nathan.

There was silence between the two of you for a moment until you cleared your throat and spoke the major question on your mind, “So where is Nathan? Too big for a small town high school reunion?” You smile a bit to signal to Ryan you’re joking but for the most part you aren’t.

“No actually he should be here soon. I know he had to watch his nephews earlier today so I think he was just waiting for his sister to get back so he could take off. Can’t leave them alone you know.”

You’re so busy at the thought of Nathan with children that you almost miss Ryan mentioning how Nathan was in fact coming to the reunion tonight. You suddenly wanted to take back your slight want of him to show up. You didn’t want to see him and you didn’t want him to see you. You figured that he probably forgot about you, but you really didn’t want to have an interaction with him that indeed verified that theory. You knew that it would hurt you.

“Oh wow, yeah.” Is all you say in response to Ryan and you turn to look at all of your former fellow classmates, some mingling and some dancing in the middle of the gym where a horrible DJ was set up playing “the hits of 2006.”

There’s more silence lingering between the two of you and you begin to feel a sort of tension as though he wants to tell you something, but you decide to shrug it off. “So when was Nathan going to come?” You hear yourself ask.

Ryan gives you a smile, “Soon I think. Why?” You turn away from him, “Just wondering.” Perhaps it would be best if you just left before you risked running into him, or was that a cowardly move?

You hear a commotion coming from the other end of the gym, a large amount of chatter and even some yells coming from those attending the reunion. Ryan gives you a look, “And that would be Nathan.”

Although you’re on the other side of the gym and there’s a good amount of people between the two of you, it’s not hard to miss Nathan since he towers over everyone in the space. You feel a flutter in your stomach and you know right away he’s got you in the palm of his hands.

How pathetic can I be? You wonder to yourself. You’re supposed to be resentful towards him. Not whatever this is…

“Come on.” Ryan says to you stepping forward. Your body tightens up, “No that’s okay. I think I’ll just stay here.” He immediately frowns at you but nods and continues down the gym to where a crowd has begun to form around Nathan. In fact you become one of the only ones not apart of the large mob made up of adults in their late twenties ready to hover the Olympian for the rest of the night till they get their “see I told you I went to school with him” picture for their friends.

You take this as a chance to get another cup of punch. Just as you were going back and forth in your mind for what had to be the hundredth time about whether being at this reunion was a good idea you felt a tap on your shoulder for the second time of the night.

This time you weren’t met with Ryan and his jet-black hair, instead you found yourself staring upwards towards someone who was at least a foot taller than you. Yes, that someone.  

Nathan smiles at you, his eyes crinkling a bit, “Hi.”

You can feel yourself wanting to say something, but for some reason your vocal chords aren’t cooperating and catching up with your brain. It isn’t until a few moments later until you can manage to squeak out your award winning line of “Hey.”

He looks down at his feet as if he’s shy and continues to smile.

Oh god, he’s so cute.

That moment’s all it takes and you yourself break out into a smile unable to contain your emotions.

“How are you?” He asks and you can tell he means it. You had heard that simple phrase many times tonight, but somehow when it comes from his lips you feel as though you want to tell him everything from over these past 10 years. The good, the bad, and the parts you don’t want to tell anyone else.

You hold back, not wanting to scare him away, “Good. And you?”

He leans his head to one side and it’s almost as if he’s nervous about something, but why would someone who swims in front of millions of people get nervous? “Great.”

“So what have you been up to?”

You feel your eyes roll in the back of your head and you want to kick yourself for being so horrible. Of course you know what he had been up to, everyone on the planet knew what he had been up to and if they didn’t, they could very easily Google it.

Nathan chuckles a bit and you can’t help but join him, “Oh this and that. Not much.”

There’s another pause, you’re unsure of what to say because all you can hear and feel is your heart thumping at a thousand miles a minute in your chest.

“You look really great.” He says and all the blood rushes to your cheeks. How could you have ever been mad at him? The time you had spent together in high school was small but you always laughed and had a great time just being with him. Sure, he didn’t end up taking you to prom but so what? He had an opportunity of a lifetime, if you were truly his friend you should have supported him and stuck by his side, not avoid him for the rest of your high school career. At least you hoped you had become friends in that short time, now it was unclear.

“You do too.”

He rubs his hand on the back of his neck, “Do you uh maybe want to dance? I know it’s kind of lame but-”

Cutting him off, you shrug your shoulders playfully and say, “As long as your fan club doesn’t mind,” motioning to the large amount of people who are still watching him from all parts of the gym. Nathan looks back at them and turns to look at you again, “I think they’ll be okay.”

Smiling you nod giving him your final answer in agreement to the dance. He takes your hand in his and you can’t help but wonder if this was how it was supposed to be the whole time. If this was what was supposed to happen in high school but you just didn’t let it.

He leads you to the dance floor where more and more people are starting to crowd and fill in, mostly because they want to be close to their now famous classmate.

The previous song ends and some sort of slow Ne-Yo song takes it place; you can’t help but laugh at how cheesy it was. You were kind of getting the prom moment you never had with Nathan.

He places his hands around your waist and you try your best to get your hands as much on his shoulders as you can, but it’s mostly a lost cause due to his height.

“Sorry for being so freakishly tall.” He says.

“No, no. Don’t worry about it, I like it.” You reply.

He lets out a breath of relief, “Good. You know some people actually used to tease me in high school because of my height?”

You widen your eyes, “What? Really? Point them out to me right now. Are they in this room? I can talk to them if you want, I can be really convincin-“ He cuts you off.

Laughing, he smiles down at you, “It’s okay. It was 10 years ago and I think I’m over it.”

“You think.”

He smiles, but soon his mouth twists into a straight line, “I never really got to say this but I’m sorry about the whole prom thing.”

A couple of hours ago you would have loved to hear these words from his mouth but now they just made you sick. You appreciated it, but you realized that he didn’t really have anything to apologize for.

“No, it’s okay. I was kind of psychotic back then and thought everything revolved around me. Which is why I kind of distanced myself from you after that, I was mad and didn’t understand how important your swimming was.”

Nathan shuts his eyes tightly and opens them, “Yeah… I have to admit that the last month or so before graduation when you stopped talking to me was really hard. I felt like we had become-“

“Such great friends, I know…” You say cutting him off.

“Friends… Right.”

There’s more silence, just the two of you swaying back and forth, his grip getting a little tighter on your waist and you feel him pulling you in closer. He doesn’t say anything about it, but you let yourself be that close to him and place your head on his lower chest. Over the loud music you can barely make out his heart beating in his chest.

Nathan clears his throat and you lift your head looking up once again at him ready to hear whatever it is he’s about to say. Looking into his brown eyes you can tell he’s conflicted if he should hold back what he’s about to say, but he sighs and you hear him mumble something. It’s hard to make out so you apologize and ask him to repeat himself.

He clears his throat once again, “I should have told you this a long time ago. Before I asked you to prom. Probably at the beginning of the year, hell probably in kindergarten…”

You get a bit nervous at his words for what he’s about to reveal, “What is it?”

He takes in a breath, “I’ve liked you forever but I was always to afraid to tell you. I spent practically my whole childhood thinking about what it would be like if you had known. I finally got the courage and just asked you to prom, because I thought it was senior year it was my last chance and I might as well. I should have told you that I had feelings for you because maybe then when I wasn’t able to take you it wouldn’t have been as bad… I don’t know.” He shakes his head, mostly to himself.

You blink a couple of times, “You liked me?”

“You honestly couldn’t tell? I’d have a heart attack every time you walked in the room. Tonight when I saw you I had a heart attack.”

At his words you stop moving along with him to the music and break away from him, taking a step back. He looks at you, wondering what’s wrong expecting you to yell at him for having feelings for you, but you smile.

“Come on.” You say grabbing onto his hand and leading him out of the center of the gym. “Where are we going?” You hear him ask behind you.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

You begin to think you underestimated just how cold it was out, but you find yourself moving closer to Nathan trying to engulf as much of his warmth as you can.

Sharing your secret spot at the docks wasn’t something you had done very often, in fact you couldn’t think of ever doing it with anyone else besides with Nathan now. You were very protective over your space, but for some reason you felt as though you had to show him and share. He had been a little hesitant at first about ditching the reunion, especially since he had just arrived, but he came anyway clearly curious about where you were taking him.

As soon as you got to your spot you could tell he was pleased with his decision, both of you managing to find an extra blanket in the back of your car and laid it out on the dock so you could lay on your backs and look at the night sky.

“I never thought that I would be here with you.” You mumble to him, “I thought you would have forgotten me.”

He moves so he’s on his side facing you, “No. Even if I wanted to, I know I couldn’t.”

You smile at his words and move on your side so your back is pressed up against him, his body keeping you warm from the usual Washington chill. “I couldn’t either.”

His arms find their way around your waist until they’re resting on your lower stomach and you suddenly find it hard to imagine a world where this had never happened before. The silence between the two of you feels comfortable and it feels as though the 10 years between you never happened, as though it ceases to exist, but you know that you can’t completely ignore it. You’re not sure where this is going to go, but you know that you want to know everything about him, about who he is now and what’s going on in his head.

“What’s a conspiracy theory you strongly believe in?” You ask him out of the blue.

You feel him lower his head into the crook of your neck and laugh into it, confused by your question.

“What are you talking about?”

You laugh, “I want to know every little thing about you that I missed or I never knew, and I’d have to say that this is probably the best place to start. You know, might as well get this one out of the way.” You can feel him shake his head, but you know that it’s in a playful way.


“Yes good, keep going.”

You close your eyes and move your hands down to his on your stomach and rub them gently listening to him. You both spend the rest of the night like that, talking about the most ridiculous things and the most serious things. Everything and nothing, making sure that distance of 10 years never happened.


Stop butting in on everyone’s answers, Roy.

(Falman’s “bear” is a reference to the Briggs Bears)

The Babysitter - Part 2

Part 1

A/N: STILL MORE SMUT. I keep accidentally writing smores instead of smut and it’s SUPER embarrassing. Anyways, due to VERY POPULAR DEMAND, there will be more than JUST TWO PARTS. :). SO HOLD ON TO YO BUTTS.

Ben came back a few minutes later. He looked absolutely furious. Okay, so he probably wasn’t upset about Anakin.

“You,” he hissed.

You stood up and grabbed his face. You took control and kissed him harshly. You wanted him so badly. You were so wet. He took your lower lip into his mouth and bit down on it sharply. You whimpered in appreciation.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he spat as he ground his erection against your hips. He wanted you as badly as you wanted him. Was it even a question that you wanted what he was offering?

“Yes,” you groaned against his lips.

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You have been reading Byron. You have been marking the passages that seem to approve of your own character. I find marks against all those sentences which seem to express a sardonic yet passionate nature; a moth-like impetuosity dashing itself against hard glass. You thought, as you drew your pencil there, “I too throw off my cloak like that. I too snap my fingers in the face of destiny.” Yet Byron never made tea as you do, who fill the pot so that when you put the lid on the tea spills over. There is a brown pool on the table - it is running among your books and papers. Now you mop it up, clumsily, with your pocket-handkerchief. You then stuff your handkerchief back into your pocket - that is not Byron; that is you; that is so essentially you that if I think of you in twenty years’ time, when we are both famous, gouty and intolerable, it will be by that scene: and if you are dead, I shall weep.
—  Virginia Woolf, The Waves
TLC Ship Weeks: Ever After

I’m sorry. What have I done lol

“Where is he?!” Cinder burst through the doors of the medical wing of the Eastern Commonwealth’s Palace. “Where is the emperor being held?” Panic littered her thoughts and she couldn’t bother paying attention to the volume of her voice.

The woman at the desk pointed down the hall, the corridor where Emperor Rikan once laid on his death bed. The hall that was meant for the royal family if anyone were to ever fall ill. Of course. But she was in no condition to think rationally.

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Wow, what a dork, signed his sister. She was behind him, not that he seemed to realize it with the way he was moaning, and only made her presence known by making sure the camera was capturing her, too, as he angled the screen to take his selfies. Once he noticed her, she came around to the front and grinned. So your fancy writer thing got cancelled, she said, waving a hand dismissively, though a flicker in her expression betrayed her sympathy: She knew this was important to him, but dwelling on it wouldn’t help matters. Doesn’t mean you got dressed up for nothing. Hey, when was the last time we went out, just us two, to a fancy restaurant? Or- Or went to a museum. Or something. For being a chaebol, she really was clueless about what sorts of activities one could do while being “fancy”. But the point is, let’s make it so you did not get dressed up for nothing! If the fancy writer thing isn’t happening, we’ll just have to find something else that’s cool enough to match your level right now.

He took a couple of selfies, having been dressed to the nines in a nicely pressed flannel suit as well as polished platform shoes when Seonhwa popped up behind him to join in. “It wasn’t that bad. It was just– look at my pants, it’s such an achievement that I wiggled into them and they still look nice, you know?” whined Daeyoung jokingly, masking his disappointment of the situation. It was an important day for him, having been invited for a panel about upcoming horror writers at a huge TV station, but strikes and protests meant that it had been cancelled, since they hadn’t had enough staff on hand to facilitate the process. At Seonhwa’s suggestions, though, he gave a nod and a smile, seeming to contemplate this deeply. “You know, speaking of food, I heard there’s this new Indian restaurant that’s just opened its doors downtown. I’ve never tried that before. What do you think?” he proposed, eager to put this behind him as he watched Seonhwa, waiting for a response, “And I’m sure you’re not going dressed in that, right? How unbecoming!” 

blancfortune submitted:

Marinette wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the moment Chat’s visits to her balcony had started. One day, everything was normal. And on the other, everything was still normal, only normal included regular visits from a certain cat.

He had slipped through the cracks of her routine and fitted himself in nicely. Like the stray Marinette secretly thought he no longer was Chat had come begging for food and company, again and again. To be honest, if he ever stopped knocking on her window or missed a day, she’d be worried and most likely transform to scour the city for him.

Actually Marinette was about to do exactly that. He usually swung around two hours after the bakery closed its doors but now it had been four hours since it did – and still, no Chat Noir. Her fingers twitched and her eyes flickered to her open – she had opened it just for him after two hours and ten minutes – window. She was hoping against hope that he would miraculously appear after she had thought of him.

Then again, if it were that easy, Chat would have been hour shortly before closing time – or even earlier.

Drumming her fingers against her desk Marinette couldn’t even find it in herself to design anything or do homework. And if she was that distracted by her cat’s absence then it would be better to go look for him.

She had just turned to the purse Tikki was sleeping in when something crashed into her – from her window’s direction! ( There was only one person who would do that and the body against her felt familiar enough.) They fell down, rolling a few times before coming to a halt, Marinette on top.

“Hey Princess, missed meow?” Chat said looking up to her his claws twitching at his side. Although he was smiling up at her his eye brows were furrowed and his eyes dull. Which meant her dear cat was in serious need for comfort – and therefore honesty.

So she did answer him honestly. “Yeah, Chat. I, actually, did miss you. It was lonely sitting in my room and waiting for you.”

Her statement threw him for a loop, Marinette could see that from the widening of his eyes and the blush rising on his cheeks. And then Chat smiled, a little, tiny thing full of pleasure and joy. It robbed Marinette of her breath with its pureness and simplicity and sweetness.

When Chat leaned up and started nuzzling her Marinette let him. She even sighed and arched against him. Without really registering what she was doing Marinette scratched him behind his ears and carded her fingers through his hair.

They stayed in that position for a while, her on top of him and in his lap and her hand in his hair while his hands wandered to wrap around her waist and his nose on her collarbone. That’s when she noticed the sound that was coming from Chat.

If she had to label, she’d call it … a purr. Marinette almost squealed her hands faltering in its rhythm. This had to be the cutest noise she had ever heard from him, be it as Marinette or as Ladybug.

A clawed hand batted at her own still tangled in his hair. “Princessss, you have to keep doing the thing!” He waved his other hand around as though illustrating a point Marinette wasn’t sure she understood.

“Doing what thing?”

“Dense, little princess. Doing me.”

Stock silence dominated her room for a few moments before time sped on and Chat’s face flashed red. In a fit of courage, Marinette lifted one eyebrow in question.

“I didn’t mean d-doing me! I meant, my hair . Thinging my hair, wait no-”

To shock him out of his babbling Marinette reached down and hugged him to her entire body. “It’s okay, “ she said. Everything’s okay.


anonymous asked:

klaine, we met years ago when you helped me find my mom when i got lost in the mall and i never forgot your soft smile even after all these years au. (awwww i think my heart just melted)

Oh my god my heart

Blaine had promised Mama that he would stay by her side.

And he didn’t mean to wander, honest! There was just this window with puppies rolling around and Mama looked busy with the books she was looking at and Blaine thought that he had the time to just run to see the puppies and return to her side before she noticed.

But now, Mama is nowhere in sight and Blaine doesn’t know what makes him tear up, the fact that he’s lost or the fact that he knows that she’s going to be so angry at him.

So now he just stays next to the puppy store, because Mama always says that if he gets lots he must stay where he is, and he tries to keep his tears in because he’s a big, six-year old, and big boys don’t cry, or so Cooper says.

Even though Blaine saw him crying after the pretty waitress at the restaurant in Lima told him to “keep his hands to himself”, which sounds super weird if Blaine can give his opinion.

Not the point.

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140903 Bangtan Ilsan fansign

The first fansign for bangtan’s new album was this wednesday allll the way out at the very end of line 3 in ilsan at kintex. The seats were first come first serve and since I wanted to take pics I went early in the morning to get on the fanmade list so i’d be early on in the order and therefore close to the front. i ended up being #28 in the second row right in front of suga, jimin, and taehyung which was great for me since they’re my top 3 hehe if i /have to pick/ sob…

we came back at 6pm for the name check and then went and had dinner at lotteria where i prepared my questions and got made fun of for not being able to pick a favorite member by my friends ㅎㅎㅎ but all and all it was a good time. i had brought a stuffed penguin to give taehyung along with a picture i took of him once where i really thought he looked like a little penguin, but i wasnt sure what the atmosphere would be like what with the tragic news of Ladies’ Codes’ accident. I was a bit worried,honestly, that it would be kind of a subdued first fansign and wasn’t really sure that kind of present was appropriate, but when the boys came in they were as bright as ever. they seemed super happy and excited to finally be meeting their fans again and were quite playful and smiley dispite the circumstances. I think being an idol means being skilled at compartamentalizing things, so even though they were probably affected by that they could also enjoy seeing their fans, happily.

The order of the fansign was Jeongguk-Jin-Hoseok-Namjoon-Taehyung-Jimin-Yoongi, which was a nice for me, but weird having Jeongguk be first. The members im usually the most awkward with are Jeongguk and Jimin actually ;; for some reason i can never think of things to say to them, but this time at least i had a built-in lead in for jeongguk since i could wish him happy birthday.

I knelt down across from him and gave him my album and he smiled and asked my name, which he wrote with a heart next to it. I asked him how his birthday was and he very emphatically told me it was really good, and then i mentioned that i was actually at simply kpop that day so i saw him haha. Then he read my question for him which was “Which hyung gives the best presents? What kind of present did you get from him?” and he wrote seaweed soup, so i said “oh so Jin hyung?” and he was like yeah~ and that was pretty much the whole conversation with him. Oh, and he told me I spoke Korean well. i told him i’ll see him on friday too and then moved on to Jin.

Jin greeted me with a “Hi~ What’s your name” and when I told him “Kat” he was like “oh like your headband?” because I had a cat ear headband on, but i think he might have just pointed, not actually said headband bc he was speaking english and i dont think he knows the word haha, his english pronunciation is so nice though wow. Then he went to read my post it, but i got really embarrassed so i covered it up and told him “dont read it, im shy now!” hahaha;; and he was like haha it’s okay, so i uncovered it and he started to read it again but i kept getting shy (basically i wasn’t sure if i’d be able to speak korean properly so i wrote a note just kind of rambling that he’s super attractive and lately every time i see him he gets more attractive to me, but I just.. got soo… embarrassed! aha…). And then he was like “Do you know my part in danger?” and I was like “yeah??” and he started singing it and like… made me sing a long lmao. and then he asked me if i knew jeongguk’s part, like he wanted me to do it? but i was confused so i asked which part he meant and was like 귀요미 지못미? haha. i told him I was coming again on friday so he should try to remember my name and he told me he would and gave me a high-five.

Hoseok greeted me with the opening of Hormone War, “Hello hello, hello hello~” which was cute haha he asked me my name and I was like it’s kat and he wrote it but he was talking to me without actually looking at me but I was like yeah I saw you last promotions too you don’t remember? and he looked at me really confused haha i don’t think he remembers meeting me at all despite me also seeing him all summer at airports and such. i told him i cut my hair so maybe he doesn’t recognize me but i think he was still confused. he kept drawing hearts next to my name to make up for it though haha. my question for him was “What’s a song you really want to make choreo for?” and he immediately wrote “We On” I asked him what about a non-Bangtan song and he he thought for a second and wrote “Wiz Khalifa~♥︎” so i told him I really wanted to see more of his choreography and said bye and moved on.

Namjoon greeted me with a big smile and said “LTNS”… to which i replied…“sorry?” and he got all flustered and was like “oh like long time no see haha…” and I was like “ohhh! yeah… wow namjoon you know more english slang than me, I know!” and he got all bashful like “naww man hahhahaa” it was cute. Then he asked me where I was from and even though in my head I was like… namjoon we’ve been over this, I just said California and of course it spurred him into an excited tumble of words about how great California was and i told him it looked like they had a really good time. i asked him to write a poem with each line starting with one letter from my name (like you can do in korean with characters in people’s names, but you can do it in english with letters). So he hid the post-it as he wrote it and kind of giggled to himself. he quickly turned the page so i couldn’t see it and he wouldn’t let me turn back to it either. he started laughing a lot and was like, “don’t look at it now, and it’s just a joke okay?”. I was like, “wh..y…?? what did you write omg” but he just kept smiling and laughing.

This is his beautiful poem. such lyrical genius and this is the poem i get haha:

V was next and he greeted me brightly with his cute “hello~!” and i said hi, and he asked me my name and I said Kat. He started to write cat with a c, but corrected himself and crossed it out and was like, “oh no, K! K! right??” and I was like yeah! that’s right, and he goes, “yes!! i remember! you came to gwangju right!!” and I was like yes! omg and he goes in English, “I missed you!!” and I just was like “I missed you more taehyung!” and i gave him the penguin and he kind of played with it and put it under his arm while he signed (i really want to see a pic of it T^T if anyone sees it let me know please!!) and i tried to explain that it reminded me of him in the picture i gave him with the thing but im not sure if he understood what i was saying to him lol. anyway, he was really cute and he didnt look at my post-it but i dont even careeee because TAEHYUNG T^T.

Jimin greeted me and asked me name and just.. jimin is so handsome his skin is such a nice tone and i just get really overwhelmed by looking at him because i think he’s so handsome T^T. he signed my album and answered my question, which was “you did really well at sukira by yourself! if you could go on a show with one member who would you choose?” and he picked Jhope. i said i think that would be entertaining, and then we just stared at each other. i should have asked him why he picked hoseok… or something… but i just… stared at him haha. eventually i was like “you become really really handsome;;” but then i had to move on. idk… park jimin does something to my brain T^T

Yoongi greeted me in korean with a “long time no see” and asked me name. he asked me if i went back to the states between promotions and i told him no, i’ve just been here^^ and he was like really?? you didn’t go home? and I was like, “no… you didn’t see me at the airport and stuff? cos i saw you guys a lot haha” and he was like ah.. yes… but im pretty sure they just dont look around when they’re doing stuff. like the only time they actually look at their fans are when they’re right in front of them at fansigns.. sigh. anyway, then he answered my post-it which hairstyle do you like the best on you? and he went down all the options and checked them all saying, i like them all! and i was like ok… well pick a favorite? he thought about it a bit and chose haruman. i told him it was my favorite on him too. he told me my korean has improved since last time he saw me and i told him thanks and i’ll see him friday ^^

and that was my fansign. nothing too exciting to be honest, but it was nice to see them again in such good moods. and V remembered me T^T I cant… the rest of the fansign i just took pics and waved at them every so often. some other cute things that happened though:

-at one point V accidentally drew a dot on his face and everyone shouted at him about it. he made a lot of funny faces but didn’t actually try to get it off. finally someone gave him a hand mirror and he made a super exaggerated tragic face haha. he tried to get it off with a tissue but couldn’t so a staff had to give him some kind of cream lol.

-jimin got some kind of packaged toy and playfully tried to hit taehyung with it but accidentally hit him in the face with the sharper part of it and taehyung made a pained/surprised face so jimin apologized a lot and reached his arm around him like ‘are you okay??’

-and then like 15 mins later he got a soft toy and hit taehyung in the face with it to which taehyung just made an “unamused” resigned face haha.

-someone gave jimin a big rainbow slinky which he played with but accidentally threw it over the table to the audience side and someone had to retrieve it for him. everyone was teasing him about it lol

-a few minutes later suga was playing with a stuffed whale plushie and threw it in the air, but it also fell to the otherside of the table. all the fans were like “its okay!” and jimin made a really affronted face and was like, “no its not!” (like why do you guys tell him it’s okay but make fun of me T_T)

-a fan gave each member little red flowers, jeongguk, jin, suga and jhope all put them behind their ears while namjoon and taehyung only kept them briefly, but jimin really liked it. he held it through the entire fansign in his left hand, and even during their picture time and carried it out with him.

-at the end their mics weren’t working very well, they kept cutting out. hoseok’s wasn’t working at all so namjoon took it and it worked fine. hoseok took it back and it stopped… so namjoon took it again and it worked.. and hoseok made such a cute annoyed face haha like whyyyy??

-jeongguk sang part of Rain for us

-they asked us to be extra careful going home tonight because the roads were dangerous.

(feel free to take out anything from my fanaccounts, but please credit back to me thank you!)

I could feel it
with my fingertips
how your body danced like flames under my touch.
It was precious to us,
I thought,
how our hands always ended up joigning, 
heathing up my cold skin,
like I was self-providing,
creating the fire that I needed within you. 
It seems though,
that the things that come go,
that waves burned through, 
and that I am meant to drown.
Fire ain’t no hell or I’d wear the crown.
—  Request about someone who ignited a fire with a soul, until someone better came along and threw water at it - Anon