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Arashi no Rhapsody
  • Arashi no Rhapsody
  • Toyonaga Toshiyuki & Uchiyama Kouki
  • Zetsuen no tempest bonus CD


Ok so Toyonaga Toshiyuki ( Voice of Yuuri Katsuki ) and Uchikayama Kouki ( voice of Yuri Plisetsky ) also voiced the two male leads of Zetsuen no Tempest and had a few character songs together for the series. 



On guitar, he’s 7 foot 12, he’s the ex-World Wrestling Champion. He used to be a male model but he gave it all up to be in our band. He’s Jonny Buckland. - Chris Martin.

I want to wish a happy birthday to Coldplay’s own guitar hero and Chris’ best friend, Mr. Jonathan Mark Buckland. Jon, you make me fall in love with Coldplay every time you grab that guitar of yours and I couldn’t be more thankful. You light up my world with your smile; don’t ever lose that spark. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and don’t give up on jazz!


I’m not saying I’m 100% sure that they are together, but I can’t deny the tension ‘tween the two. ^^ To me, they are soulmates, lovers, a couple, … Taeny is everything. 

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together since trainee days

intense stares are killing me, please 

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kinky Fany and Taeyeon doesn’t even mind, duh

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they can’t even hide their love for each other on TV poor Seohyun ^^

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can we please talk about Fany’s sweet backhug and the lipstick

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casually ignoring Tiffany’s hearts

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Byun Taeyeon being caring and loving towards her love

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