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i was lost in dream daddy all day and i’m trying my hardest to not make a blog for any of those dads,,

Dragon Productions Takeova

By now you all know that @irishking-vu has stepped down from his role at Dragon Productions, transferring ownership to @tessamaree with myself as the CEO. Since his announcement, I’ve been seeing a whole lot of talk on Tumblr. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and many of you have wasted no time expressing them. This is to be expected and I respect everyone's right to free speech, so I’m not going to go around commenting on each and every post that I’ve read. Some of you I respect and wish to work with in the future. Some of you are simply lovers of drama, and I’m not here to try to change those kinds of minds about anything as I don’t plan to do business with you anyway. Most of you have valid points. I've read plenty of them and will address some of your concerns here. 

  • If you’re gonna not give a fuck about Joseii stepping down from Dragon Productions and you think me ignorant for wishing him well… Well, that’s how you feel. You’re entitled. However, allow me to tell you my personal feelings on the matter. I wish all of my enemies well.  I’ve never been one to allow my emotions or personal feelings get in the way of business. I have a pretty good handle on how to use my emotions to fuel myself in positive directions… kinda like how I’m now the CEO of the one enemy that I made in my time here’s company. You can point as many middle fingers to Joseii’s face as you wish, hell, point your middle toes too for all I care. It would be nice however if you could place your hatred for him where it belongs: with him, not with DP. 
  • Yes, Jos mentioned returning. This is true. If you read the entire thing, however, you’ll find this very clear tidbit of information: 

“Over the next few weeks I’ll still be posting my old scenes and get that out the way with. Once that is over and I do finally return, I’ll only be lightly posting the odd modelling/scene every now & then independently.” 

Read the very last word again, please. That is copied & pasted from his post. His words. Yes, he founded this company and he can always do work under the DP umbrella, but he is no longer in charge here. There are no hidden strings being pulled by him attached to myself nor Tessa. By now you should know that I’m hardly the type to be controlled. If you don’t know this about me, just stay tuned, and pay attention. I’m transparent asf so you'll find out soon enough. This is no longer HIS company. Point blank, period. Also, can we not pretend that everyone who works in imvu porn are well rounded, mentally stable individuals? There are no saints here, only sinners. Let’s not play the holier than thou role, it doesn’t suit any of us.

  • Moving forward, Dragon Productions will not be involved in any social media drama. This post will remain available for anyone who feels any kind of way to voice their opinions on the things I have said here. Lets fuckin hash it out in the comments. Any other posts on the matter will not be addressed by myself or Tessa. If you have a quarrel with Jos, take it up with Jos. If you have a quarrel with Dragon Productions, take it up with me or Tess. Don’t come to us about any drama that you may have with Jos. You will be directed to his inbox, so don’t waste a trip to ours. 

Any questions? Concerns? Leave em in the comments. 



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me: *sees @crushingonsans amazing wing art*
me: *wants to do it but then remembers why i never make art anymore*

WHOO BOY. who here is honestly surprised that i did only one, and that it was Razz? not me, that’s for sure. just take this shitty, half-assed, not even outlined bullshit bc im not wasting anymore time on it smh. so like….. i actually did a lot of fucking research on this wing bullshit (for the sanses, at least) but i Refuse to draw anymore or ever again, so imma just post the summary of it right here

Californian Condor
okay, so these birds are fucking gliders that ride on hot air updrifts, and they rarely ever flap their wings. does this kind of lazy flying remind you of anyone? they’re kinda ugly, but it was more of the behavior of the birds that caught my attention. they’re slow-moving and very broad in the sky, and they dont get buffeted by winds very easily.

also a lazy bird. they actually will follow trash boats and pick food off of those (*looks deliberately at the large pile of takeout boxes in a pile in Red’s room*), but mostly feed on squid, not really flying unless they have to. this was less about the behavior, and more about the wings for this one. they’re long and broad (albatrosses are have the largest wingspan of any flying bird) but also very sharp looking, and i feel like they suit the edgy dick.

Southern White-Faced Owl
honestly, these birds are just really fucking cute. go on. look them up. the wings are fluffy looking and, as with most owls, made for silent flight. they’re smooth and rounded, and are used less for flying and more for gliding from tree branches to swoop down and grab prey. which i honestly think matches with my headcanon of blue’s fighting style (staying back and then swooping in to strike when necessary bc he likes to play hero like a fucking nerd)

Peregrine Falcon
these birds do a lot of their hunting in air by chasing their prey down. they use the fall and swoop method to get them most of the time, but ones that live in cities often go after pigeons, so they are more of a hunter bird than anything. also, i feel like these birds are kinda cool, but also more silly than anything just because they’re far too overdone.

anyways that was rly fucking stupid, kinda regret it now that ive read over it, but fuck it

andregidesuggestions  asked:

So this is where Ivan's master stays, hm? It is a place fitting for the king of the rats. I heard a lot about you, Mr. Dostoyevsky, both from your devoted tool and Yumeno. It seems like I finally found the time to meet you in person.

Are you one of the people Ivan’s been wasting his time with? If so, then I’m more than happy to finally meet you in the flesh, and don’t think I haven’t heard about you. A man who can see the future is impressive, a man who forsook King and Country for a war crime is interesting and a man who sought his own, destined destruction is one I’d love to get to know. Why don’t we chat over some drinks, yes? 

& you thought choosing what you want in an earth supermarket is hard…

this was just a doodle that i just kept going on and i feel like i wasted my time a little but oh well.

don’t worry about robin, fost is a lot lighter than his size would imply. like, a lot lighter.


guys, if you’re going to take or use something from my page to post in groups on facebook or to make images of, please at least give the source. I REALLY WORK HARD FINDING MY STUFF AND EDITING THEM AND EVERYTHING. i am so disappointed i just want to delete some of my stuff so people can just stop taking them. i added them here to make it as a good reference for artists. and when i see it somewhere without anyone saying where they got it, i feel really bad like my effort and time was wasted. guys i’m a med student and i study all the time and i barely have enough time to sleep but i also spend time on my content here so it means a lot to me. so pleaseeeeee stop taking things and posting them elsewhere. i have a right because i made the post and i made the effort so at least cite the source. don’t just save images and post them elsewhere without saying anything. it’s like you took all my time and effort away by doing that.

who else has those transparency sprites? the ost images i can still let go off but sighhh. i’m really sad and disappointed. i suddenly don’t feel like sharing things here anymore.

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If this is how the manga ends I can't help but feel disappointment. Theres a lack of resolution to jellal's character arc. His personal feelings and thoughts are left unknown due to a lack of perspective given to the audience through his character. Also he never got to meet sho or wally and never had a conversation with millianna and Kagura. No one ever said I forgive you or explained why they can forgive him. It all just feels so empty I really hope this isn't the end.

Mashima had the chance to sort things out clean and cut between Jellal and Kagura/Millianan but he wasted it. It’s okay to me that he didn’t see Sho or Wally but I get why you think he should. 

I’ve read FT for 5 years. Along the way, I’ve had hoped a lot of times that Mashima would develop Jellal more. I was disappointed time and time again. And I’ve learnt to accept that Mashima wouldn’t. Mashima created Jellal, but he couldn’t see his potentials and wasted him.

Yes it feels empty.

How to Manage your Time Better

1. Have a realistic plan for your day. Don’t just work on impulse, and don’t do try to do more than you can handle.

2. Prioritize your work, and do the most important things first

3. Know what your distractions are, and take steps to control them (for example, switch off your phone)

4. Start early, and keep on going, even when you feel discouraged or fed up

5. Know what’s irrelevant, and don’t waste your time on unproductive, or pointless things

6. Switch between focused work and lots of short breaks

7. Be flexible if you meet with obstacles, or things don’t turn out the way you’d planned.

The Pilgrim (Part 1)

This is the first half of a Zimbits soulmate AU, where you can feel the pull of your soulmate like a compass. This is a first draft, so no corrections have been made so far. I just wanted to throw it out there. There will be a second and final part to this- and I’ll do my best to write it soon. 

Dear Mama and Coach,

I’m sorry to leave with only a note, but this is something I have to do. I left for my pilgrimage. I know I’m way too young, but I couldn’t wait. … I think my soulmate is dying. I felt the pull stop for a full minute. It never happened before. I can’t wait another four years before seeking them! I hope you understand.

Also, I didn’t tell y’all because… I think my soulmate may be a man.

I hope you’re not too mad at me. I’ll call.

I love you both,

– Dicky

North. The pull had always pointed North. Sometimes, when Eric changed cities, he tried to triangulate the feel, but there was never enough difference in what he felt to pinpoint a precise location on a map. His soulmate could be in any of the states above Georgia, or- well, they could live further North. He wondered what would be worse for his parents, that his soulmate was a man, or that he was a Yankee.

He’d stressed about it for years but, now that he was stuck on a bus for who knew how long, he couldn’t stop worrying. He fidgeted with the cheap pilgrimage kit he’d bought at Atlanta. A map of the United States, a plastic ruler, a tiny pencil and a miserable looking compass that didn’t seem to point in the same direction if he shook it a bit. It was all he could afford, since the bus ticket from Madison to Atlanta, then Atlanta to… wherever, took most of his “borrowed” money.

That was another thing. His parents would be so mad when they noticed he took from his savings account. That money was supposed to go to his skating class- or more recently, his hockey equipment.

Maybe he could have asked. Maybe they’d understood, and offered more, and Coach would have lent him his own brass compass, the one inherited from his own father, the one he used to follow the pull until he found his own soulmate. Maybe his mother would have kissed him on the forehead and maybe she’d have offered to ride with him wherever the pull led him- North, North, always North…

But maybe not.

It wasn’t something Eric wanted to risk. The steadiness of the pull had stopped, for just a minute, maybe more, but that was enough to change Eric’s own life. He had someone, somewhere, whose soul was compatible with his- who was maybe a lover, a friend- and that someone’s life had blinked.

He held back his nervous tears, fidgeted with the compass once more.

(more under the cut)

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Aries Mars always fights in the now and can be “easily triggered”.

Taurus Mars is really hard to provoke but can hold a grudge. Their conflicts tend to exist over territory, possession, a physical need/urge, or jealousy.

Gemini Mars lives in the vocal and mental realm. Conflicts tend to be caused by differences in opinions or insults. They can win an argument!

Cancer Mars conflicts tend to come from the past. There is a theme with past pain in their lives. Paranoia can be associated with them too.

Leo Mars is centered on pride and ego. This is the root to any anger and conflict. Bruised ego causes rage for Leo Mars but a strong and secure ego + learning humility makes them more patient and understanding.

Virgo Mars has many themes revolving around nervous energy and tension. Their own restlessness causes a lot of frustration and turmoil.

Libra Mars has conflict with conflict itself. Avoiding heated issues comes naturally for them. They have diplomacy but also a great disadvantage in fearing conflict. They can fall apart when conflicts are not solved.

Scorpio Mars conflicts live in the emotional realm with betrayal, revenge, hurt, grudges, pity, and vulnerability. They can have an active imagination in conflict and subconsciously depends on manipulation.

Sagittarius Mars can have a temper but see’s conflicts as a waste of energy and time. They avoid it or run from it in many ways. They want to shed and be “free” of undesirable emotions, this carries over into the Mars position.

Capricorn Mars conflict is very self-centered with criticism, self-doubt, restriction, and control.

Aquarius Mars conflicts tend to live in the realm of the mind. They are defensive over their opinions and ideas. They can be unyielding yet unpredictable in their “triggers”. But know it will usually be about lifestyle, identity, and beliefs.

Pisces Mars is famous for playing the victim and giving into self-pity. Conflicts exist in the emotional realm but is also lost on “why me?” They can lose themselves or get others lost with their association in illusions. They can unintentionally mislead and manipulate.


Happy Sunday! 💓

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I make my notes and how I keep everything clear and organized, so I’ve compiled a quick list of some of my habits and tricks that keep my notes in order:

  • Use different coloured pens.
    • Personally, I use black for regular notes; blue or purple for what I consider “side notes” (i.e. extra information, examples, etc.); and red for key terms or concepts that I will need to remember the most. Keeping an organized colour theme helps when you go back to study for the exam, because it is a visual reminder of the least and most important bits of information!
  • Give each highlighter a specific purpose.
    • Depending on the notebook and course, I often switch up my highlighter plans ~ for no particular reason other than to keep myself entertained 😋 But I like to set one colour for, say, Chapter/Sub-unit headers, names, historical dates, etc. That way when your eyes are going quickly through your notes, you can easily locate the beginning or end of a particular topic. And as a very visual person, having a lot of different colours in my notes keeps me focused and less overwhelmed.
  • Make important headers stand out.
    • For me, this usually means a particular colour (like a blue highlighter) or some sort of border around the title. My easy go-to is the bubbly-border shown above. Make it easy on yourself when trying to locate a topic!
  • Print out and tape/glue key tables and diagrams.
    • Obviously this is more work than some people might be interested in, and often depends on the course. These are my pharmacology notes, so I didn’t need to print out so often that it drove me crazy. One way to alleviate this is by planning ahead and leaving space in your notebook for where you want a particular table/diagram to go, and then printing them all at the same time. It’s not for everyone, but I like the option when I know I will have to remember certain diagrams or tables!
  • Don’t try to fill up space.
    • If you end up with a short paragraph or lots of room on the sides, leave it be. The best way to study later on is by going through your notes and adding little extra pieces of information to solidify your understanding. For me, this often means writing definitions in the top margin of my pages… not ideal for neat-ness, but who cares! Your notes are meant to be filled up.
  • Don’t stress about imperfections.
    • If you find yourself hating how big and sloppy your writing has become, move on. The worst thing you can do for yourself is waste time rewriting information you already know. If you need to use white-out, use the white-out; if you need to cross out a word, scribble away! Your notes are your own domain and they do not need to be flawless.

I’m sure I’ll think of more tips and tricks, but that’s all for now. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! We’re all in this together 🤓🤓🤓

Much love xx

I need an episode where a planet is hosting a ball for eveyone and the paladins have to go:

- lance and allura design and sew the paladins outfits bc they can’t find their sizes in space and coran helps a little with the difficult parts, especially buying the materials

- coran gets into a huge fight over space silk and almost dies

- lance, hunk and keith match tuxes but they’re all different colours as they match their lions

- hunk doesn’t wear the bandana and lance almost cries at how beautiful hunk looks like holy shit his shoulders look so good in that tux

- lance is all legs legs legs

- keith gets fustrated at how the his hair kept falling into the collar so he ties it into a pony tail and lance and hunk just gape at him the whole time

- pidge has a very pretty lime green dress with lots of little diamonds at the bottom that hunk had asked shay for. they both spent hours working on her dress because they love seeing pidge happy

- shiro wears a very fancy suit that’s black and gold. it’s a bit tight and lance was freaking out when shiro first tried it on because all his hard work would go to waste if shiro flexed and it ripped

- allura has a magnificent dress that’s all pastel pinks and purples. its full of crystals and it’s off shoulder so she put little gold fake freckles on them. honestly when shay saw her her knees were weak

- coran wears the most obnoxious tux ever and he looks like a wizard. lance takes notes for his next design

part 2

(no sh@lad/n or p!lad!n like/rb this)

Do you Suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is a psychological condition where people are unable to believe in their successes. Thus, despite the evidence that points to the fact that they are skilled, capable and competent they write this off as temporary – or timing and good luck. Thus, they constantly struggle with feeling like a fraud.

So what are some ways that you can counteract this syndrome?

1. Admit this is something that you suffer from. When we know we’re not alone, and our symptoms have a name (because they are part of an identified disorder) it can help disperse the feelings of anxiety and shame.

2. Distinguish between facts and feelings. Everyone feels stupid and inept at times. That doesn’t mean we’re stupid. Our feelings aren’t facts. So try to be objective - and seek out the real truth.

3. Don’t demand perfection. It is good to set goals and have high standards for yourself. However, it’s unhealthy to obsess over every little thing. You’ll simply waste a lot of time and never feel quite satisfied. And all of us are human and make lots of mistakes.

4. Take a look at the rules you have imposed upon yourself. Are you saying to yourself: “I have to always get it right”;”I should never ask for help”; or “It is bad to make mistakes”? These are misguided rules that undermine your self-esteem. They set you up for failure as they close the door to help.

5. Change the tapes in your head. Instead of constantly repeating faulty self-destructive thoughts (such as “Wait till they discover just how useless I am”) replace it with a thought that builds esteem and confidence. (Such as, “I’m better at this now as I know what I am doing … It’s so much easier when you’ve been here for a while.”)

6. Don’t look to others to affirm your success. Don’t look to other people to rate and judge your work. Set your own personal goals, and mark your progress and success.

7. Fake it till you make it. Almost every individual who succeed in life has a period when they’re acting, as they don’t feel confident. It doesn’t mean that they’re a failure, a fake or a fraud. It means that they’re still learning, and are not afraid to try.