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Imagine Steve wasn't in love with Bucky Barnes before his big freeze, but now he's falling head over heels for the Winter Soldier

Steve wasn’t confused about his feelings.  Not really.  He’d been attracted to men just as much as he had been women.  He might’ve had to keep his attraction to men fairly quiet until he woke up in the twenty-first century, but he’d never been confused about feeling how he did.  

The confusing part was Bucky.  Or, maybe the confusing part was that it wasn’t Bucky. He wasn’t sure what the difference was, exactly, and what it meant that he hadn’t been attracted to Bucky before he was the Winter Solider, but he was now that Bucky wasn’t the Bucky he used to know.

He wasn’t sure if it was the hair, or that shared life experience he’d mentioned to Natasha once, or if it was something else that Steve thought, somewhere deep down, that he should feel bad about because the change in Bucky had come at the expense of so much.

Bucky wasn’t the Bucky he remembered and that difference made all the difference.  He was darker and haunted and as strong as –if not stronger- than Steve and there was something wily that shifted behind his eyes, sometimes, that made Steve’s stomach flip.

Bucky noticed.  And made sure to bring it up when he knew he’d catch Steve off-kilter enough to talk about it (exhausted after sparring.  Steve would be damned if Bucky hadn’t timed it perfectly because he knew how good Steve thought he looked exhausted and sweaty.)

“You wanna do something about it, or are you trying to see how frustrated you can make yourself?”

“What?”  Steve sputtered.  He wasn’t ready and didn’t know what to say and felt guilty that he was attracted to Bucky (the Winter Solider) now that he had seventy years of unspeakable horrors behind him.  Steve wondered what that said about himself.   

Bucky sighed.  “I see the way you watch me.  Did you always do that?”

“You mean did I do it when – Before?”  Steve managed to keep his voice even.  Mostly.  


Let it never be said that Steve Rogers backed down from a confrontation. “No.”

Bucky nodded, watching Steve carefully, searching his face for. Something.  When he finally spoke, it was much quieter, secret-sharing.  “I was hoping you’d say that.” 

“What?” Steve leaned back against his locker.  He was pretty sure the wold was tilting on it’s axis.  

“Steve, I – I’ve been wandering around thinking you’re mooning over someone I’m not anymore and – and it’s not true.  You want me, not him.  I mean – you know.”

Steve nodded.  “Yeah, Buck. I do.  But what does that say about—“

“-Stop.  We’re both different.  This might be the best excuse to finally forgive yourself for the fact that seventy years just happened to change us both.”

It was Steve’s turn to pick apart Bucky’s expression and when he’d done so to his satisfaction he reached out towards Bucky, who leaned in in kind.  

JARVIS ensured the locker room was off-limits for the next week. (First for the privacy of Captain Rogers and Sargent Barnes, and second for the repairs necessary to the space once they were through with it).  

- Goofy Kiss -

“Remain calm, don’t look at his face, and above all, pray he doesn’t pop the balloon… please.”

(( And this is the moment where Momoko questioned how far she should allow her fearlessness should go, before promptly sent twirling away via a poked hole administered by this perturbed colossus :’D I dunno what I was thinking but this made me chortle pffff– ))

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question! by "jumpscare" in 17776 do u mean the thing where the text gets really big and takes up the screen? i don't like jumpscares At All, but while that did spook me, it wasn't too bad, but i wanna make sure that it the jumpscare before proceeding! tysm!!

yes thats the one! other than that as you scroll really fast images take up the entire screen and sometimes they move and its a bit startling, but thats the only one i know of so far!

  • (A NaLu Fanfiction, also my present to my 200 followers! Thank you all for following my black ass into craziness. Small Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza and Elfgreen)
  • Many years have passed, people grew up and new people showed up. There were many small little changes but Fairy Tail has never changed, except maybe one little thing.
  • Lucy: NATSU!
  • As the pink haired dragon slayer turns around he sees a blonde, beautiful girl running at him. Before he can react she jumps at him with a hug. They look at each other, both of them smiling.
  • Lucy: You're back! How did the quest go?
  • Natsu: It was a piece of cake like always!
  • Lucy: How many houses did you destroy...?
  • Natsu: Eh?! N-None...
  • Lucy: You sure...?
  • Natsu: *Nods rapidly*
  • Lucy: So the newspaper about a pink haired boy destroying more than half the village wasn't you.
  • Natsu: ...Uhhhhhhh.
  • Lucy: It's okay you big klutz, did you miss me?
  • Natsu: M-maybe I did, maybe I didn't!
  • Happy: Oh he missed you, he was like "I am going to spring back to my Lucy".
  • Natsu: HAPPY!
  • Lucy giggles as she gives him a kiss on the cheek. They hold hands as they enter the guild. It is loud as ever, and it only increased as Natsu entered.
  • Gray: Good job firebrain! Another village that needs fixing! Natsu:Shut it stripper on ice! It wasn't my fault!
  • Gray: Suuuuure it wasn't!
  • Juvia: Aww Gray-sama, you're so cute when you're angry~
  • Gray: J-Juvia not now...
  • Juvia: Hai Hai, Juvia will wait here for your loving embrace when you're done.
  • Gray: Shhhhh...not here.
  • Natsu: What is that Gray? Not man enough to hug your woman?
  • Gray: What did you say?
  • Levy: *sighs* Can you two just be peaceful for one day, look at my Gajeel. He knows how be mature.
  • Gajeel: OI SALAMANDER! Where is the song you promised huh?!
  • Natsu: That was years ago!
  • Gajeel: Yeah and? Write it now or else I make you eat some first rate metal!
  • Natsu: Bring it!
  • Lucy and Juvia: You were saying?
  • Levy: ...Nevermind.
  • Throughout the years, many new couples have been formed. To nobody’s surprise Elfman and Evergreen got together, followed by Erza and Jellal as they finally cleared up his name and joined the guild. Jellal doesn't get away that easily though as he is being teased about lieing to Erza. Then followed by Gajeel and Levy and in the same day Gray and Juvia. Natsu and Lucy took the longest. They were both unsure if the other had felt anything for each other. They tried giving each other signs but those were completely misunderstood. One day they just yelled their love at each other simultaneously and were both surprised and happy. Everybody is happy for them as well, Mirajane the most as she predicted this would happen. That was 2 years ago, they are still together happily. Jellal walks in with a pink box in his hands.
  • Jellal: Well well, fighting like always I see.
  • Erza: Of course *she walks to him* if they didn't then you could say that something would be wrong in this guild.
  • Jellal opens the box with a smile that just says "You like what you see".
  • Erza: J-Jellal! That..That is...You shouldn't have!
  • Jellal: Yes it indeed is your favorite cake, Strawberry.
  • Erza's eyes sparkle and before you know it she is already at a table with the cake and enjoying it. Jellal sits next to her and puts an arm around her as he watches the other quarrel...with magic of course. Jellal blocks any debris that is flying towards them so Erza can have a peaceful eating time.
  • Juvia: Go Go Gray-sama!~ heart emoticon You are making Juvia heart melt with your bare chest and...Gray-sama your pants are missing.
  • Natsu: To think that we thought you had gotten over that habit.
  • Gray: Shut up ash breath...Juvia, you don't need to strip too.
  • Juvia: Aww, but Juvia wants to.
  • Gajeel: Shooby Doo Bop!
  • Gajeel smashes his guitar into Natsu face. His head is on fire filled with rage.
  • The day goes on like that, the girls are smiling as their boyfriends try to beat each other. Erza enjoyed her meal and finished the fighting but that didn't last long as she joined in herself. The guild, once again was a complete mess at the end. Everybody said their good byes and walked home. Natsu and Lucy are walking towards their home. Happy said he will go to Carla and try his luck once again since he felt left out of the couple circle. As they reach Lucy's apartment there was a shield of the Landlady being gone for the weekend. They enter her room.
  • Natsu: Ahhh back to a comfortable and knowing place.
  • Lucy: Were the houses you guys stayed at not good?
  • Natsu: It was filled with bed bugs, I showered by a nearby waterfall.
  • Lucy: How very man like~
  • Natsu: What is that supposed to mean?
  • Lucy: Oh nothing~
  • Natsu: You're weird Luce, you know that.
  • Lucy: You know you love my weirdness.
  • Natsu mumbles as he blushes, Lucy giggles. The sun outside is slowly setting. The room fills with a beautiful orange color. Natsu puts his bags down and stretches, when he looks at Lucy he sees what he always loved to see. A smile, it was the best for him, he never wants that to be gone for any reason.
  • Lucy: I am going to take a shower and change okay? NO PEEKING!
  • Natsu: I won't! How did you come to that idea!
  • Lucy: Just a feeling...
  • Natsu: Eh?
  • She walks into the bathroom and winks at him before closing the door. Natsu sits down on the floor, placed his hands behind his back and stares at the door. He did see her a couple times naked so its not so surprising that she would get suspicious that he would try it again.
  • Natsu: Some of them were accidents though... Oh well, can't blame her.
  • A couple minutes pass and the shower is quiet now. There is the sound of a hair dryer and the door slowly creaks open. Lucy looks out with one eye.
  • Natsu: Is something wrong Lucy?
  • Lucy: N-NO! Can you...please close your eyes?
  • Natsu: Why?...
  • Lucy: JUST DO IT!
  • Natsu closes his eyes quickly, he hears the door of the bathroom closes and she is stepping forward. He smells something sweet coming from her.
  • Lucy: Y-you can open your eyes now...
  • He does and boy is he surprised what he saw. Lucy is wearing very revealing and seducing underwear on. Black stockings, black rose bra and a black panties. She has red lipstick on and she shuffles around very nervously.
  • Natsu: L-L-L-LUCY?!
  • Lucy: SHHH DON'T YELL!
  • Natsu stands up, staring at her with a bright red face, her face turns red as well and she places a closed hand in front of her mouth and looks down at the ground.
  • Natsu: But but but
  • Lucy: I KNOW!...I know but you were gone for so long...and I really want this weekend to be special...
  • Natsu: Special? don't mean...
  • Before he can finish his sentence, Lucy leaped at him, making him fall on the bed. They stay there for a minute when Lucy sits up on his lap. She looks down at him, rubbing his chest. She wiggles her hips around and Natsu gets flustered.
  • Lucy: Oh...Looks like even you can be in moods like this.
  • Natsu: I-I don't know w-what you mean!
  • Lucy: Don't worry, I show you...
  • Lucy takes off her bra, takes Natsu hands and places it on her breast. First Natsu hesitates but then he slowly gets into it. Most likely because Lucy let out a small moan when he moved his hands.
  • Natsu: Did I hurt you?!
  • Lucy: N-no feels good.
  • Natsu: Is that so...what if I...
  • He wrestles Lucy down and places his mouth on of her breast, the more she moans the more he gets into it. He seems to understand what to do and she is definitely enjoying what he does.(Since this is 200 followers special fanfic I won't go into great detail on what they did unless ya request that from me one day xD Too bad, too sad). The night has passed, both of them are sleeping naked, cuddling close to each other. They wake up, give each other one long kiss and smile.
  • As weeks passed Lucy seems to be very nervous about something. Natsu realizes she often leaves the house to go 'have a girls night' but when she comes back she smells like she came back from a hospital. Natsu's curiosity gets the best of him and he grabs her from behind and places her on his lap.
  • Natsu: What's wrong Luce? You seem to be hiding something.
  • Lucy: Oh ehm...I don't know how to tell you this Natsu but...god...I am kinda surprised myself and... I don't know how well you will cope with it.
  • Natsu: Well tell me and we will see.
  • Lucy: Let me just say that whatever I am about to tell you, I am very happy about it and I hope you will be too.
  • Natsu: Okay so its nothing bad.
  • Lucy shakes her head, she stands up. Turns a couple times in her room before facing Natsu while taking a deep breath. She looks him in the eyes, blushes and she says 3 words that made Natsu wide eyed.
  • Lucy: I am pregnant.
  • Silence. Natsu just stares at her, he looks like he just saw a ghost and is trying to understand what he saw. His
  • mouth just closes and shuts.
  • Lucy: Don't leave me in the dark like this! Say something!
  • Suddenly Natsu starts to sweat and smiles nervously. He is grabbing Lucy's tea cup and tries to take a sip but his hands shake so much that it just splatters all over him. He slaps his cheeks and looks at Lucy.
  • Natsu: That...that...THAT IS AWESOME!
  • Even when saying that he is shivering, shaking and sweating.
  • Lucy: You sure? You seem awfully nervous...
  • The cup he is holding catches on fire. He throws it out of the window.
  • Natsu: I w-w-will get you a n-n-new cup.
  • Lucy: Natsu...what is wrong? You're not happy for us having a child.
  • Natsu finally manages to pull himself together.
  • Natsu: No Lucy it's not that. Its that I can't imagine that we will have a child. I will be a father, you'll be a mother. Maybe some guild members will be the uncles and aunts. I want to be a good father, I need to be a good father. A good man too. I don't want to mess this up but I guess through that I-
  • He keeps on rambling and rambling in a quick manner. He counts on his fingers on things that he wants to do. Lucy first was surprised but she starts to smile and giggle.
  • Lucy: Is the big, strong Dragonslayer scared of taking care of his own child?
  • Natsu: W-who is scared?! M-Me? Noooooooo.
  • Lucy: You are adorable when you are confused and nervous.
  • She gives him a kiss on the cheek, they look at each other and smile together. They spend the day together in her room. Happy flies in and hears about the big news and flies off to tell everybody else. The next day the guild organized a big party for Lucy and the upcoming baby.
  • Gray: Well well well, looks like ash breath managed to add a family member without anybody teaching him.
  • Natsu: You want to go, ice cream boy? So far I know you Juvia is still waiting for a child.
  • Gray: Oi oi, keep your nose out of our relationship.
  • Juvia: Juvia can wait for Gray-sama until he is comfortable with doing it...although Juvia don't mind seducing Gray-sama.
  • Gray: J-juvia! Shhhhhh.
  • Gray blushes strong and puts a finger on her lips. In the mean time Natsu went to Levy and whispered something in her ear. She nods and leads him to the library, she gives him multiple thick books. He goes and hides in a corner and starts reading them.
  • Lucy does not know that Natsu is in the library and this routine goes on for a couple days. Lucy wonders where he keeps on going and why Natsu is so tired all of the time. She secretly followed him. After a couple minutes he fell asleep by the books and she sneaks by to steal a quick glance. They are all books about how to raise a baby, how to be a good father and how to prepare for birth.
  • Lucy: You adorable little idiot~
  • 8 Months pass, Lucy stomach have grown and Natsu has become less nervous about the baby. He does all the shopping so Lucy doesn't need to overwork herself. He sends Happy to look for good baby stores and then goes there to buy all the necessary equipment. Diapers, pacifier, baby milk, a small little bath tub etc. etc.
  • Lucy: Natsu, you should rest a little too, you are overworking yourself.
  • Natsu: I am still full of energy and I will do everything to make you and our child happy.
  • Lucy: That is very sweet of you~ We still need to find a name first.
  • Natsu: Oh god that is difficult...
  • Happy: I think Nashi would work for a girl.
  • Natsu: Nashi?
  • Happy: You know it almost sounds like your name and Lucy's name in one.
  • Lucy: Why not! What if it is a boy.
  • Natsu: Luigi.
  • Lucy: No!
  • Natsu: Aw come on!
  • Lucy: We are not calling our child Luigi and thats...OH!
  • Lucy leans down, holding her stomach. Natsu runs towards her and holds her by her shoulders. She breaths heavy and holds her stomach. Natsu knows from the books he read that the baby is kicking and might be even ready to come out. He uses a communication Lacrima to call a doctor to come to the house and help Lucy. 10 minutes later the doctor is at the door, he walks in with 3 nurses, they prepare the entire room to be ready for Lucy to give birth. Natsu starts sweating again like he did 8 months ago.
  • Doctor: Now sir, your wife will be fine and you don't need to be nervous.
  • Natsu: N-Nervous? W-Who is n-nervous?
  • Doctor: Sir...the couch is on fire...
  • Natsu: O-oh that? I like my couches warm
  • He immediately throws the couch piece by piece out of the window
  • Natsu: I w-will get a new one...
  • Nurse: Do you want to be by your wife side or rather outside.
  • Natsu: I won't leave Lucy!
  • He walks over to Lucy and holds her hand. She presses it very tightly. He is staying strong for her and she is being strong for him. Seconds pass that feel like minutes and minutes pass that feel like hours. Lucy groans and bites her lips so she won't scream. Natsu keeps her hand clamped in both of his, keeps on looking back and forth.
  • Finally, Lucy breathes heavily she doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. There is a cry of a child.
  • Doctor: Congrats Sir. Its a healthy baby girl.
  • Natsu walks over, the baby has been cleaned. She has a little pink fluff on her head, her eyes are like Lucy's. Natsu carefully holds his child in his arms, he smiles softly. He starts crying and walks over to Lucy.
  • Natsu: Lucy look...our child.
  • Lucy: She a...cute one.
  • Natsu: Lucy why am I crying? I am not sad.
  • Lucy: Dummy...those are...happy tears.
  • They both start crying in happiness.
  • The baby crying with them. Happy snapped a photo and he also gets a little teary.
  • As time flew by, Natsu has shown excellent work at being a father. Almost beating Lucy in her love as a mother. He plays with her, changes her diaper (although at the beginning he had difficulties with that), feeds her and puts her to bed. He thought he was already the happiest man, having a beautiful woman by his side, a cute daughter and friends that he will see everyday. Though one thing has not prepared him for what happened next.
  • Lucy is holding Nashi in her arms as Natsu walks into the room, he has returned from a short quest.
  • Lucy: Welcome home honey~ How did the quest go.
  • Natsu: Let me just say it’s boring without you. Can't we just take Nashi with us?
  • Lucy: And put her into danger? Never.
  • Natsu: ...I protect her?
  • Lucy: A no is a no.
  • Natsu: Okay I understand Miss boring.
  • Lucy: You are such a child!
  • She giggles and Nashi opens her eyes, Natsu comes closer to Lucy and gives Nashi a quick kiss on the forehead.
  • Natsu: Daddy is back Nashi.
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Have you been a good girl and made mama happy?
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Did you not grab Happy tail too strong this time?
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Should I stop asking questions because you won't answer yet?
  • Nashi: Da...Daddy.
  • Natsu: Thats what I thought! So...Wait...
  • Lucy: Did Nashi just...
  • Natsu: NAH! We must have misheard!
  • Nashi: Daddy!
  • Natsu: Nice job Happy! However you are doing this!...Happy is not he?
  • Lucy shakes her head, she puts Nashi down and she walks slowly but steady to Natsu, she trips but grabs hold to his pants. She looks up with a smile. Small little fangs showing just like her father.
  • Nashi: Daddy!
  • Natsu: Its actually you...YOU ARE CALLING ME DADDY!
  • Lucy: Meh! I am jealous~
  • Natsu holds Nashi up and gives her a soft hug as he laughs. The sun shines bright into the room, Lucy smiles at both of them. A happy family.

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*Bump!* Krysanthi blinked, shaking her head before bowing a little. "My apologies. I wasn't looking where I was going. Please excuse me." As she walked away, a small badge-like item dropped from her bag. (bd-harvest, bdspaceau) ((wow this was worded weirdly//))



Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Sai, Yamanaka Ino, Yamanaka Inojin

Pairings: Saiino

Words: 1,788

Notes: Inspired by all of madhattressdelux‘s headcanons and reblogs of Saiino which have destroyed me and my heart/soul. there is a fire of Saiino in my soul now that cannot be tamed and now there’s this. i’ve never written these two (three) before, so i hope it turned out alright and that it’s not horrendously awful. constructive criticisms always welcome :) also, thanks to matchaball for encouraging the idea and letting me borrow some of her beautiful words.

There was only one picture of herself that hung at her desk. A single sketch done on rough paper, in black pencil with just a splash of color for her eyes and hair, and though the edges were beginning to fray and the color starting to fade, Yamanaka Ino was certain she’d never seen a more beautiful piece.

To this day, Ino was still amazed at the level of detail achieved by her talented husband, from the small flowers in her hair to the patterns in the lace of her dress, he’d sketched them all but that wasn’t what Ino loved most about the drawing. It was the emotion in her face, in her blue eyes, so lifelike that somedays she was convinced picture-Ino’s face would burst into a bright smile, and it was the love that she could feel in every stroke of his pencil. For all that her husband hadn’t been able to express in words or actions, even on that day, he did through those lines, those careful strokes of his skilled hand, and Ino felt them as if they were her own. It was her favorite picture in the world.

Of course, the drawings of her son ran a very close second and Ino looked at the pictures every day, taking her few spare moments like this to admire how they showed his growth, and she couldn’t imagine a more perfect way to capture or display her son’s life, but there was just something about the drawing of her, the oddity among the drawings, that always caught her attention. Perhaps it was because she was still a little vain, even in her older age, or because it was just so beautifully done that one couldn’t help but be drawn to it, or maybe it was because she could remember the exact moment he drew it. That was likely it because that moment, the morning after their wedding, was high up on her list of ‘Best Days of my Life’, but sometimes Ino wondered what her husband had been thinking when he draw that picture. If the words he’d scrawled at the bottom were any clue, Ino’s mind could only begin to imagine.

What was on your mind that morning, Sai? she thought to herself, letting a smile stretch over her lips as she stared at the picture, her mind wondering back to that morning. What were you thinking?

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Sorry For Wanting To Make Sure She Wasn't Dead - Alan Ashby

Alan ashby one where you’re at the barrier for their show and you both can’t help watching each other all night so he decides to tell security and then you me with lots of fluff

Was bored at my cousin’s so… also, I did write this at like 2/3am, sorry for any mistakes, written by Emma.

Crunching, my ribs are smashed against the barrier by the crowd bounding forward. I spit my breath in a big rush before swinging back, along with the others in the front line.

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ENFP and ISFP lost in NYC
  • (Bonding friendship moment based on a true story)
  • They're walking downtown around 5th avenue and ISFP is trusting ENFP to follow the directions to the Doc Marten store.
  • ENFP: Okay ISFP so I'm pretty sure google maps says to go north a 1/2 mile toward the FedEx store and Italian restaurant. We should be there in 9 minutes.
  • ISFP: Okay that sounds good. I'm really excited we're doing this.
  • ENFP: Me too. I feel like such a cool adult walking down the streets of NYC with my best friend.
  • (15 minutes pass and the two reminisce about all of their old adventures and inside jokes. ENFP doesn't seem to be keeping up with the arrow on the map. ISFP suddenly gets the feeling they aren't going the right way after all.)
  • ISFP: Uhhhh ENFP... I think we've walked more than half a mile. Do the directions say what to do next?
  • ENFP: *squinting eyes to read the directions* Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • ENFP: Yeah I..I dunno.
  • (It's getting dark outside and the area is becoming more populated with night life)
  • ISFP: Want me to look?
  • ENFP: ...yeah maybe.
  • ISFP: ENFP We've been going the wrong way this entire time.
  • ISFP: ENFP calm down. It's okay. We got to have such a nice walk and chat. Let's just sit down somewhere and figure out what the directions actually say.
  • ENFP: okay *looks forlorn*
  • (ISFP and ENFP sit down in a little park by the road and look at the map on their phone. ENFP is still apologizing.)
  • ISFP: ENFP it's not a big deal we'll just have to hurry and make sure we get there before closing time.
  • ENFP: I'm so glad that of all the people I could've screwed up and got us lost with, it happened to be you. You're such a laid back and understanding person, ISFP. I'm also pretty flattered that you put enough trust in me to find our way.
  • ISFP: Yeah it's fine. I had fun talking to you along the way. I've missed that. It's been so long since our last adventure.
  • ENFP: I know right? It's like we graduated high school and now we're never going to see each other again. I hate it.
  • ISFP: Well... It doesn't have to be that way. We can fight this. We just need to always have something planned to do together. Even if it's months between them.
  • (The two spend 30 minutes sitting and talking about the future and lose track of time)
  • ENFP: Dude it's 8:00 already. I think Doc Martens is closed now. Dang it! I know you really wanted to try that one pair on in person too. I'm sorry.
  • ISFP: Nah I'm good. What we did instead was more important. :)
  • They kept in touch after the trip had ended and are friends to this day. The end.

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Hey, so I just double checked to make sure it wasn't in the big car sanctuary post, and I was wondering if you had any info on project survival's car haven, and whether it's a good place or not?

I hadn’t heard of the facility before! Thanks for asking.

At first blush, skimming the website, they looked pretty okay but the more I dug into the facebook posts the less comfortable I am with it because somebody is just going to get themselves killed there. Lots of stupid contact with big cats (although not cub petting, or for the public), no secondary containment/dangerous animal protocol, implied breeding of captive big cats. The biggest problem, though, is that for a facility that frames themselves as an educational facility they do a piss-poor job of it on social media and on their website on really important big cat issues and they post a lot of ‘cute’ photos without any context or education and they’re super misleading. 

First off, they don’t label themselves a sanctuary in their mission statement and the fact that they call it out directly is good. They purposefully bill themselves as an education organization that happens to take in rescue cats.I like that honesty, but I’m also a little suspicious of purposefully distancing themselves from the sanctuary label because it probably implies a set of standards of care and methodology? I don’t like places that own big cats for non-rescue reasons, either - you can do education without multiples of endangered species, or go to a zoo. 

Dangerous enclosures:

One thing that really worries me is the enclosure you can see in this video. It looks like a good exhibit overall - but look how close those people are to the fence. There’s no secondary containment there. None. In the public sector. That’s stupid enough in staff access areas, but to not have dangerous animal protocols in the fucking public view is just asking for people to lose body parts. Again, this video: no secondary containment and 360 degree enclosures. Not safe at all. 

Breeding endangered big cats:

I can’t find any direct information on if they breed their cats, but it’s implied because they mention that their rescue ‘white tiger’ will not be bred. I’m iffy about that because they have some endangered species whose genetics are pretty heavily regulated through Species Survival Programs in AZA facilities, so any breeding they do wouldn’t have any impact on conservation projects. Non SSP animals aren’t ever reintroduced into captive populations because their genes are an unknown. 

They do talk about how the white tiger is a rescue and won’t be bred, but not about why. That’s a pretty big oversight for a facility that supposedly does education for big cats as justification for existing. Maybe they do it in person, but if it’s not on the website profile of her - nothing about her health issues or being inbred or anything - I doubt it. 

Scrolling through facebook it’s pretty obvious they do breed. Look at this photo:

The number of issues in this photo are immense.

No gloves or protective gear for sensitive cub immune systems.

Nursery set up in the middle of an open staff building where there’s probably a lot of traffic and no privacy and lots of germs, from the look of the space. 

Two cats being fed at the same time - no way to monitor consumption.

Single-layer containment on the fence.

Water/pee outside the fence from the staff area leaking into the enclosure, maybe? (Can’t tell for sure but there’s no water dish nearby in the exhibit, and the spill pattern looks like it’s running into the exhibit). 

No bedding or den materials for the cubs (straw and shavings are messy enough you’d be able to see some of them). 

And again, no context on the photo when it was posted on Facebook. Lots of ‘I want one’ and ‘cute’ comments. These are also probably clouded or snow leopard cubs, both of which are highly endangered but this doesn’t do jack for ‘conservation’ because they’re not accredited. 

Too much free contact:

I’m trying to figure out the level of contact they have with their cats. What I can tell from facebook is that it looks like enough to be stupid and unsafe and there’s no institutional philosophy about it. It’s not mentioned on the website, which means there’s some, because facilities that are no-contact with big cats tend to display that publicly. The more I scroll through their facebook page, the less I like it. There’s a photo of a dude taking a fucking selfie with a melanistic leopard while out on a walk… which means he’s a) not keeping an eye on the cat b) in a vulnerable position around the cat and c) putting his face right next to big teeth. That’s not okay. 

Next, there’s this photo of a snow leopard sitting on someone’s lap. It’s associate with text that says it doesn’t happen anymore, and there’s a bottle on the floor so they were probably hand-raising, but that doesn’t really make it OK. That snow leopard cub is far too old to still be in contact with people - most responsible facilities would have pulled contact long before. Snow leopards also imprint on people super heavily (from personal experience around some hand-raised ones) and from what I know should be raised with less contact instead of more. Again, notice, no secondary containment - that’s a single-layer fence with pretty big holes. Paws can definitely fit through those, and reach pretty damn far. 

Shitty education:

There’s also this text associated with a facebook video that makes me side-eye them a little:

“Out for a walk with Tango. As you can see the cheetahs love their walks. Why would people hate this? Believe me there are some on this page that do hate interaction with animals.”

Now, it’s pretty normal for education ambassador cheetahs to be walked on leashes - much more so than any other big cat. They’re not as strong and tend to be more dog-like so it’s a more commonly accepted practice. But there’s that thing about ‘why do people hate this’. As a place that does education, I would expect them to be able to eloquently comment on the dangers of free contact and the importance of respecting big cats and to probably purposefully do that sort of outreach on their videos… not diss it in an offhand ‘look how pretty this is how could you hate it’ unprofessional way.

So far, just to count the few posts I’ve covered:

No information on why white tigers are unhealthy and shouldn’t be bred

No information on facebook about being safe around big cats during free-contact photos

No information posted about husbandry and hand-raising behaviors, period, with the “cute” photos of people handling cubs.

Misleading responses to “attacks” on contact with cheetahs

Oh, and oh look, they take cubs to camps (this one is labeled as a camp for 6th graders) for “education”.

In short: B- or C+, mayyyybe. 

Obviously, this place isn’t as bad as BJWT or T.I.G.E.R.S - it’s hard to be that abominable and not be on a larger radar - but I really don’t like them. They seem to have good enrichment and good enclosures and the cats all look like they’re in pretty good body condition and they do get training, but that’s about all the good I can say. They breed endangered cats, haul the cubs around, post a lot of misleading information and really don’t pull contact as soon as they should. It’s dangerous and stupid and doesn’t teach people anything except that it’s okay to support facilities that do that sort of thing - because there’s no associated information distinguishing their practices from that of a place like T.I.G.E.R.S. 

It really pisses me the fuck off when places masquerade as educational facilities and then do such a bad job of covering anything important and instead teach all the wrong stuff. UGH. Do not support.

(All photos sourced from PSCatHaven’s public facebook page). 

Being in the 1d fandom...
  • Show is cancelled and Liam is sick.
  • There has been people at the concert saying that Liam was being taken out to the hospital but everyone is saying either or so it not a 100% sure statement.
  • Perfect comes out with no announcement beforehand but harry tweeted the leak of the video minutes after it was out.
  • Headlines are starting to cause drama saying they are starting their break early, etc.
  • There is a big announcement about louis tomorrow apparently.
  • There is going to be another statement about the issue of liams' sickness and the show being cancelled; which are making people more anxious since the last time we got a "statement" was when Zayn left 1D.
  • Niall was suppose to be interviewed today but that also got canceled because he was apparently sick too.
  • There wasn't any post on snapchat or anything for tonight show before they announce it. (Not sure if they even posted the whole day today but hey I could be wrong)
  • 3/4 has tweeted about the show being cancelled and are deeply sorry.
  • Louis had an interview before all of these drama started and was acting a bit "wierd" and "constricted" from what people are observing from it.
  • And all of this happened in a max of less than 2 days.....I feel amazing being addicted to this wonderful boy band : ,-))))))

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me & my guy friend always share a bed cos we've known eachother forever so it's really no big deal but this time we watched a heated movie before bed unknowingly & as I was getting comfortable he pushed himself up against my ass & I felt how hard he was & before I knew it he was on top of me running his hands all over & leaving marks across my chest & then we had sex & he wasn't sure because I'd never done it before but I insisted I wanted to & he started out slow and gentle & it was great

Truth or Dare- Imagine #134
  • *requested by anon*
  • Luke: "Dare!" You yelled at Calum from across the table. You had gone out with the boys and after a few shots you had all decided to play truth or dare. "Okay Y/N. I dare you profess your secret love to one of us." A smirk played on his lips because he thought you liked him. You rolled your eyes and looked over at Luke. You two had recently began to go out and hadn't told the guys yet. Raising your eyebrows at him, he nodded, almost like a code to go ahead and say that you two were dating. "Okay, you wanna know who I secretly love?" Calum nodded and placed his elbows on the table. "Enlighten me." You turned to Luke and quickly kissed him, causing him to lean back in his chair a bit. You felt Luke smirk against your skin as the boys started hollering. "That was a nice way of putting it," he said quietly before kissing your nose.
  • Ashton: "Okay, it's gonna be like spin the bottle but no kissing," your friend explained as she took the empty wine bottle and placed it in the middle. "Who ever it lands on has to answer to truth or dare." The bottle spun its way around, never landing on you, or Ashton who just so happened to be the guy you liked. You would feel so embarrassed if it landed on you and someone asked who you liked. You did have drinks and you would probably let anything slip out. "Okay, my turn," Michael said quickly spinning the bottle. You didn't want it to land on you, and you closed your eyes when you heard it slow down. Opening them, you saw the neck pointed at Ashton. "Truth, I guess," he said with a drunk giggle. "Okay, does Ashy like anyone?" Dammit, he asked the obvious question. "Yeah, I do." His eyes quickly glanced to you and then back, a quick action that no one else noticed. "Who? You have to answer the full question." "She's sitting next to you," he said smiling at you. Your heart began fluttering and you could feel your cheeks redden. He liked you back.
  • Michael: Drunk truth or dare is never smart to play, especially when you're the only girl and you're surrounded by quite a few idiots. But thankfully you weren't that drunk, and neither was your boyfriend Michael. "Okay, Mikey," Luke said from across the room. "Truth or dare?" Michael shrugged and put his arm around your shoulders. "Dare," he said before taking a swig of his beer. "Okay, dare...dare. I dare you to make out with your girlfriend in front of us." You both stopped what you were doing and looked at each other. "What." "Dude, we do that all the time in front of you, no. It's not my fault that you can't get any." You leaned into Michael and his grip tightened on you. "Ugh fine. Just one kiss from you two then?" God, Luke must be drunk cause he's never this talkative, or disgusting for that matter. "Michael, just do it really quick to get it over with." You turned his head towards you and craddled his cheek. "But it's weird babe," he whined rubbing your back. "Please? Just one." He took a deep breath before leaning in, pressing his lips to yours. "Oh was the last part really necessary?" Luke groaned as he crushed his beer can. "Yes, me flipping you off was necessary you little perv."
  • Calum: You were never a big fan of parties, especially bon fires. Teenagers with liquor and drugs around a large, burning pile of wood wasn't the safest either. "Truth or dare!" You heard someone shout and people began to gather on the beach, the waves barely touching you all. "Can I sit here?" A boy with black hair asked. "Sure," you said scooting over to make room for him. "I'm Calum," he said offering you his hand. "Y/N," you said taking it. "Your hands are really rough," you said quietly. "Yeah, I play bass. My sister has offered me a manicure before but I found that quite girly." A small smile played on his lips and so did one on yours. This guy was cute, you had to admit it, and he had a slight sense of humor. "Okay, Calum. Truth or dare?" The host of the party asked. "Truth," he said glancing over at you. You felt your cheeks redden slightly because he was really cute and he just had an effect on you. "Okay, is there anyone here you'd like to take home tonight?" A series of 'ohs' and 'get it' were emitted from the group of teenagers. "Well, not necessarily take home. But I would like to take her out." "And who would that be?" "Y/N," he said taking your hand from your knee and holding it. "I'd like to take you out to dinner tomorrow night. Sound good to you?" You just held his hand and looked at him. "Y/N, this is truth. Would you like to go out to dinner with him?" You nodded, the smirk that was playing on your lips from earlier now fully appearing. "I'd love that Calum."
  • Skylar: It after dream and its about love mess with there talk to someone here right.
  • Cleverbot: Anything you can do I can do better.
  • Skylar: Thats an exciting word to say.
  • Cleverbot: We can talk about the first thing that comes up!
  • Skylar: Taught skylar called the bees dont make different than all the other use to talk memes youve sky is it important thing family skylar us we me if it month is followed day yet game time person im me before good there.
  • Cleverbot: You are the one who doesn't make sense all the time.
  • Skylar: Argue it id think bus stop each year though what is your favorite without ever did make does skylar seem like tell him want to be friends big small wide teach word I.
  • Cleverbot: I wasn't talking about horses. I'm talking about snuggies.
  • Skylar: Sure bees there and people listening to people up there told you. Snuggies?
  • Cleverbot: No.

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Hi, your previous anon here. Sorry if I'm bothering you, but this business stuff is not for me, so I'm having a hard time understanding. Irving was established as a manager back in the days when social media wasn't a thing, so I get it, but Jeff is new to the management thing. I mean he and that guy from UMG don't mind snapchatting about it, but social media is a big no no? Harry's (and the other boys') career was built on social media, so wouldn't it be wise to at least have a twitter account?

That’s exactly the point, it doesn’t make sense at all. Plus, Jeff & Tommy have registered two FSM websites and an FSM twitter, but none are active (they were registered in February before the initial announcement, so I’m pretty sure they’re legit). 

Tommy’s twitter is private and neither one has said anything about FSM on Twitter, nor do they reference Full Stop in their Twitter bios. Additionally, Tommy still shows CAA as his current employer on LinkedIn (Jeff’s profile, if he has one, isn’t public).

Tommy and Jeff are young and social media savvy, even if they chose not to have a functional website for their business, naming the company they created on their active Twitter accounts or LinkedIn is not an invasive thing to expect.

So anyone calling this all “normal” is, at best, wrong.

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To me,it doesn't really make sense why Finn would start going out with Olivia. He said the date wasn't a big deal and he obviously still has feelings for Rae so knowing this why would he start things up with Olivia? Seriously confused.

I’ve seen others float this theory. The date WASN’T going to be that big a deal, but I’m sure he heard through the grapevine that Rae and Liam kissed. Whether or not he heard before the date remains to be seen. But if the date went even reasonably well, he probably figures Rae has moved on and he needs to, too. 

And I just keep clinging to the trope of the rebound. Olivia is his rebound and then when they’re done, he’ll bound on top of Rae and they’ll do it and it will be beautiful and there will be candles and church bells and butlers with champagne and lots of Dairylea.

I get a bit sad reading about how people call the journal a rip off.
I mean yes. 150$ is a TON. I can understand that alot of you can’t get it. Heck, i shouldn’t get it too.

I mean the production of something like this is really hard and really pricey. I am sure Disney doesn’t WANT to rip you off or anything. Please remember that. This company is so dang big and powerful. They don’t really win anything by ripping their fans off.

I just mean… I really believe the production was really expensive. Thats why the price is so high.

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Okay- imagine before T transboy Greenland. Denmark would be so very supportive of him and would probably get so very mad if anyone misgendered him, probably ending up with Greenland or Norway trying to calm him down. And he'd go out of his way to make sure Greenland's binder was good and he wasn't binding for too long. Just supportive big brother Denmark, yes.