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Yes, Dee, you really should be working. Bet your horses and their owners miss you when you spend all day on here. Why don't you be a regular fan & stop spreading lies & conspiracy theories about Sam & Cait. Wonder what the uni would think of Professor McD's wife being such an obsessed out of touch with reality fanatic. And it would really be embarrassing for K to know that her mother is considered an Outlander tinhatter. Light shipping with no conspiracy theories spread is the way to go, Dee.

Awww, anon, am I spending too much time on Tumblr for your tastes? Debunking too many of your sacred, but not very well supported opinions? Sorry about that- but what I choose to do with the publicly available information that is available to me is my prerogative, as also is how I spend my free time. That’s the time when I am not working. My tag line is a bit of humour, anon, not to be taken seriously. All the work gets done and then some, anon, never worry about that!
And speaking of publicly available information, I see that you have also availed yourself of some and done some poking about as to me and my family. No problem as far as I am concerned, or my family either. It is, after all, publicly available information and you are quite welcome to it. But you leave me at something of a social disadvantage, anon, in that you presume to address me on a first name basis- but, as you have chosen to remain anonymous-I don’t yet have your name to reciprocate properly with our first name basis communications. Oh, well, I suppose there is nothing for it but to just go on addressing you as “anon” until you see fit to introduce yourself.
But I suppose I should now get down to answering your questions. Since you have troubled yourself to learn so much about me it’s the least I can do to reciprocate your interest!

First, my clients are all quite aware of my blog, and of its direction. In fact we often laugh about the absurdities of social media, and the proclivities of certain of its users to take it upon themselves to tell others how they should think. ( that’s a polite way to say “NSTer, anon)

And then there is my husband, who as you point out, anon, is indeed a professor. He was a little miffed to learn about your interest in him, anon, but only because your research seems to have failed to turn up, and refer to him by, his actual job title. He is actually a Distinguished Professor- which means he holds an endowed chair, anon, which means he is a very important part of his department, he teaches the advanced courses, sits on important committees, oh, and he also has tenure. Which means that it doesn’t really matter to him, or to his uni, what sort of things his wife might choose to do with her spare time. Even if that thing is to be an “obsessed out of touch with reality fanatic” lol! He is also well aware of my blog, and it’s content. In fact we both get a really good laugh together most mornings when he shares with me the latest political news a la Trump and friends, and I fill him in on the latest fandom happenings (that’s also a polite way to say “NSTer happenings, anon)

And then there is my lovely daughter, anon. I am so glad you didn’t leave her out of this as I am always happy to talk about her- that’s what parents love to do! She’s also well aware of my blog, and it’s content as well, anon. In fact she was the one who got me started in Tumblr. She ran a fandom blog in another fandom for several years and is also well aware of ships and shipping- and how the term "tinhatter” is applied to any ship that an individual disagrees with (which is a polite way of saying “NSTer”, anon)

So now that the pleasantries are sorted, anon, let’s get down to your real reason for writing. The conspiracy thing. You advocate “light shipping” for me, but there is no such thing. Not in the dictionary, not in the Urban Dictionary, and not even on Google. It doesn’t exist as a word, or a concept. It is only a “thing” in the minds of certain bloggers. The truth is, anon, you either ship it or you don’t. No heavy or light to it.
And as to any “conspiracies” that is also a thing that comes with the territory in this fandom. The position of both sides requires there to be a “conspiracy” for their position to exist. The Sam Cait ship requires the “official” narrative of Sam and other girls to be a put on. And the Samzie ship requires the whole of the matter between Sam and Cait, as displayed by them their own selves, to be a put on. Either way someone is doing a put on, anon, it’s just a difference of opinion as to who.

When I add it up I get sam and Cait, as do my family and friends. Others get a different answer. So be it. Live and let live, and it is all public information after all. It’s not illegal, or even immoral to form opinions about it. Or to print those opinions or discussions.

And that brings me to your last point, anon. The implication that I am putting my family at risk by looking at publicly available information, and printing my opinions about it. Or that I am doing something wrong that I, or they, would not want known about.
It’s obvious that is not the case. If I was doing wrong, and if you were actually someone with the power to do something about that, then we would be having this communication via letterhead, and not via an anonymous submission to my Tumblr blog.

And maybe you should ask yourself what it is that you are really saying when you resort to threats to try to silence the words what you claim to be nothing more than an “obsessed, out of touch with reality fanatic”. If I was truly just a “tinhatter” shouldn’t it be easy to simply ignore me the same way that everyone ignores the homeless guy who stands on the busy intersection preaching loudly, every day, about the end of he world which according to him is directly upon us?
Instead you take the time out of your life to research my family and compose implicit threats- and no one likes to waste time. That tells me that my words are not meaningless. That tells me that my words are believable- and that they are believable enough to cause a threat to your worldview. And that you had no facts at hand, or even a good argument to make to refute them. No reason to need me silenced otherwise that I can see. There really isn’t a higher compliment

So thanks, anon, for taking the time out of your day so send me such a gracious compliment. My family and I send you our regards. Sorry we can’t thank you personally at this time since you are still anonymous, but perhaps in time you will feel comfortable introducing yourself. Or maybe not, since your choice to remain anonymous rather confirms the view that revealing your true identity would also be a reveal that you are in fact nobody whose opinion actually matters- or you would be using your real name and revealing that your opinion DOES matter after all. But this all is making even my eyes roll, anon, so take care of yourself, anon, whoever you are!
Until then- Cheers!

I get so emotional when I think about the mayhem twins because they’re such an important m/f relationship that stayed platonic from beginning to end and that’s just so big???? And it shouldn’t be but it is. That’s just how rare m/f platonic relationships are on tv, it’s to the point where majority of the time a male and female will start off as friends and you’re thinking ‘good I hope the writers keep them this way’ but of course the writers pull a 'I don’t think so’ and end up having them eventually fall for each other. I’ve seen it happen too many times at this point so the poi writers keeping Shaw and Reese as just friends the entire series is admirable to me. Reese was literally a big brother to Shaw and was always there for her even when she didn’t think he would be. That’s just how much he loved her in a supporting way; Any other show’s writers would’ve definitely made them romantic, meanwhile we got blessed with the amazingness that is Root and Shaw and their entire dynamic and it wasn’t even supposed to happen. That’s another thing I’ll never get over…

Shoot weren’t planned!!1 Every little thing we got involving their relationship was just the writers going with the flow after their first scene together. How crazy is that? The writers had no idea they’d eventually give us this amazingly iconic slowburn with these two heavily complex characters. And because Root and Shaw weren’t planned, we got to see so much of them outside of their dynamic first which was what the writers originally planned for them and then along the way they just kept adding to their relationship making them develop feelings for each other, etc. For something that was never intended, it sure as hell felt natural and organic. Part of that is credited to the writers but the other is in part to Amy and Sarah’s incredible chemistry. I mean they really DID that relationship jesus.

Add to the fact that the whole team (3 older white men and a dog lol) knew about them and never cared that they were two women that fell in love, they always respected their relationship. And when Root was without Shaw and vice versa, the guys always supported them through the situation and helped them grieve like I cry???? So good.

I’ll shut up now but kudos to Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman for this. They might not have gotten everything right but the mayhem twins and Shoot’s dynamic? They truly created magic with both of those.

Behind Blue Eyes

Castiel x Reader 

Word Count: 1398

Warnings: pure smut, once again. Because… why not?

**The title doesn’t really have anything to do with the song, just a weird coincidence. And an overused title, but it fits. Enjoy.

(Not my GIF)

You gripped the teal fleece blanket that gently rested on your legs and tossed it onto the floor. The searing heat that had slowly built up under your skin was finally becoming too much. Every time you closed your eyes, deep blue eyes stared back at you with an ominous spark behind them that drove you wild.

But he hadn’t acted on it yet, which drove you wild in a very different way.

Sure, sex with Castiel was delicious. The feel of his flushed him under your fingertips as he rode you… wow. But every encounter over the last several months had been in the same place, same time. Planned. You hated to admit it, but it was starting to feel so vanilla.

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More on Trans JJ

•he chose his name after one of his grandfathers who had a huge impact on his life
•he doesn’t have a middle name, he figured jean jaques was enough of a mouthful and was too indecisive to pick another name as well
•his parents are extremely supportive and if anyone dared make a comment when he was younger they were definitely getting dragged away and lectured
•JJ Style became a way for him to remind himself that he controlled who he was not anybody else
•all of his self confidence was hard won, he was very insecure as a child and pretty much went with a fake it til you make it mindset
•faking it didn’t really work though and it took a long time and a lot of effort on his behalf and support from family and friends for him to love himself
•he calls himself King JJ as a subtle way of saying “this is my name, I am a man” and the more people use it the better
•when he gets especially dysphoric he really just wants to be cuddled and it’s not unusual to find him with a blanket wrapped around himself at competitions
•though the other skaters might not like him that much, there’s an unspoken agreement that if he gets misgendered whoever is in earshot will defend him to the moon and back and stick around to make sure he’s okay

anonymous asked:

I have a very important question. Someone said that Levi already ruffled erens hair in the manga and I'm not sure if they're telling the truth or not cuz I don't keep up with the manga that much. So is this true? Did levi truffle erens hair in the manga already? I'm sorry for the questions. 😝

Hello anon! Don’t be sorry about asking questions, you can ask almost anything you want (*^∀゚).

I would assume that person was talking about Chapter 85.

It did happen somewhat, although maybe not in the way you expect it. Levi “ruffled” Eren’s and Mikasa’s hair at the same time, but it was more like grasping and shaking their heads a bit, haha. It was for a very specific reason though, so I’ll try to explain it without spoiling you too much!

“Don’t let anyone regret this. Not me, not them, not anyone. Not even yourself. No regrets from anyone. That’s your mission.”

This scene is one of my favorites, and it means a lot in context, because it happened just after the events of Chapter 84. I was a bit nervous thinking about how Eren and Levi’s relationship would be from then on. There was so much speculation in the fandom about how Levi would treat Eren and Mikasa (some were saying Levi would beat them, or even execute them, crazy stuff!). I never expected something so harsh from him, but still, I was concerned.

So seeing Levi’s words and actions on Chapter 85 was really satisfying!

Yes, he has been violent in the past, and I might not agree with how he has dealt with some situations. But this was not the time to be violent, and Levi showed once again that he is a very mature and caring person, and sensitive to other people’s emotions.

Not only he reassured them and told them it had been his decision, but he also used his “no regrets” speech once again, to make them stop blaming themselves, and help them move forward.

He was speaking to Armin, but his words were directed not only to him, but also to Eren, Mikasa, and the rest of them. Yes, they made a mistake, but what is done is done, and what was needed now was to be united and move on.

I’ve said this in the past, but I think Levi understands Eren’s and Mikasa’s actions even if he doesn’t like them. He was also young once, he went through hell, but found a precious family, and he would have done anything to protect them, too. And he knows the pain of losing that family very well.

His words alone would probably have been enough to show us his stance on this matter, but the addition of the head ruffle/shaking made the scene even more special. It was Levi’s particular way to show his affection, and to let clear that even if he didn’t approve of their actions, they weren’t on bad terms and he wasn’t going to hold a grudge over it.

It reminded me once again why I love Levi’s character so much, and calmed my worries about the future of Levi’s relationship with the ones who opposed him that day, especially with Eren. Their bond wasn’t broken, their trust in each other isn’t lost, and they still care about each other, even after such a terrible confrontation.

It might not have been the kind of head ruffle you were looking for, but I personally love it, because of the strong meaning behind it.

Commission status

and a bit of a PSA

I’m taking a bit of time with commissions this time around for reasons:

-I want to share some more free art out there for my good followers so I’ve been juggling both commissions and personal doodles

-I tend to take time with commissions because I like to finish all the sketches first and send them

-I’ve been getting sick an awful lot recently I’m trying to take it easy on my body rn

-For those who are curious my order of commission work goes: Sketch, Render, Illustration, Icons, Comics

And just as another message, thank you all for following me and supporting me, it’s been a long long time since I started my blog and I’ve gotten a huge amount of support from you guys, thank you so much.

All I can ask is that you continue being awesome, and if possible, there are tons of other artists who deserve way more love than I do, don’t be afraid to share and support them too!

Bye y’all, keeping things updated soon

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I can't wait until Hiveswap comes out! It's taking a bit longer than we expected but at least this way we get the game with less bugs. Bug testing for games can take a while- you need to go through a single part multiple times trying your hardest to fuck it up. Since the game is so long, it's only to be expected that this will take a decent period of time too.

yeah!!!! and the trailer looks so wonderful, i really can’t bring myself to be upset about it. there clearly has been so much time and effort put into it that i think we are far beyond the point where “never coming out” is even an option

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May I get a reaction of Infinite as overprotective sunbae's?

Hi hi there~You sure can, I hope you like it!



He’ll make sure the whole world knows that you’re under his watchful eye then he’ll send you a cute, reassuring video message letting you know he’s always there for you.

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Quietly observes you with other idols making sure they are treating you well, he wants you to be able to handle situations yourself but will glare down anybody who bothers you.

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Usually childish and happy, he immediately gets serious any time someone so much as glances at you the wrong way. He’ll keep a close eye on anybody who gets too close and step in if needed.

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He’ll video call you all the time to check up on you. “Are you eating well?” “Are people being nice to you?” “What happened with that trainee? Do I need to come over there?” And so on.

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Usually spends his time making you laugh so when someone says something rude about you and he sees your expression turn for the worst he goes into protective mode and questions what’s so good about the other person that they get to make you feel bad about yourself. 

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Encourages you to power through any hate comments and messages you may get, but will not stand around and let you be bullied. He’ll make his presence known whether he is right beside you or even in a different country, if someone wants to mess with you they have to get through him first. 

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Not afraid to tell anybody off that isn’t treating you in a way that he approves of and this will include your managers, staff, other idols, MCs, anti-fans, or anyone else under the sun. He’ll monitor your stages and performances and concerts, making sure you’re being treated well so you can do well in your activities.

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im celebrating my birthday in less than two weeks!! im turning 18 can u believe it!!! hahaha so my parents allotted so much for my special day and it’s making me anxious and guilty at the same time. basically we have invited some of my friends to go to our place (which is a far away island) and then we’re going to have an island hopping and eat local food and stuff!! im pretty sure it’s going to be super fun considering that we’re going to have a heck load of road trips!!! however, the problem is im actually really feeling anxious with the finance bc i think it’s going to cost way too much..? but i dont know maybe it’s all inside my head hehe.

wish me luck! im so excited!!! 💛

ps: my birthday is this 10th of april

luv u all!

A Bug’s Life

@dustyirish and I had way too much writing this!

I am Morpheus, watching spring’s metamorphosis.
It’s torture to see from the peephole of my chrysalis.
No time has passed in my sandless hourglass.
What else can I do but mock the bugs in the grass?

The grasshopper pounces, frisks and flounces
With a sassy wiggle in all his bounces.
He’s a spitter, when he takes on a crass role.
In truth, he’s really a bit of an asshole.

The Bumblebee, loud in his bumbling way,
Beatboxes about, disturbing my day.
It’s “black and yellow” this, and “black and yellow” that.
I wish it was him the grasshopper spat at!

The ant, he must have quite the six-pack!
By bustling, building, breaking his back,
power-lifting, and moving boulders,
carrying the world’s weight on his shoulders.

The ladybug, she isn’t ladylike at all,
Flashing her bright red polka-dot shawl,
Leaving clusters of eggs where she roams.
Ladybug​, ladybug, just fly away home.

I wish the bugs would just bug off,
But the pretty in me has just turned on.
I can feel myself changing from inside.
My moment, finally, has arrived.
Watch me as my wings unfurl,
As I burst into the world.
My hourglass has split into two.

Look out, Spring, I’m coming for you!

janethebtstrash  asked:

hi! i just read your answer abt new bangtan bomb, and i wanted to talk about it lol so in one translation to this bomb it was written that jimin asked tae "what have you talked about with this person?", and tae was like "we were talking about performance...". so did jimin refer to jungkook as "this person"? why would he do that? this was one of my main reasons to see that something is going on between them in the video. nothing too dramatic, but interesting. maybe jimin is a tease again? ahaha

I can’t confirm because I don’t speak much Korean, but that was the translation I saw as well. I feel like Jimin does that a lot though. Like he refers to people that way instead of by their name, in a teasing way. I think he does it to Jungkook quite a few times too.

Honestly, I wouldn’t doubt it if they had had a small fight, but it was nothing serious since they were close together later in the video. I feel like, as fans, we will never know the full story and we shouldn’t worry about it too much. Not only that, but the bomb was from an show from a while ago (don’t know the exact date). So if they were fighting, I’m sure they’re over it now 😊

The submit box is open and you said one could submit multiply times… that basically calls for another oc of mine. And don’t worry this will be the last one for some time because I don’t wanna spam this blog too much with my ocs. 
Lil bit of info on this dude right here: His name is Jackson and he’s one of the usual cool kids at school. At least he acts that way (and it works pretty well actually). When he’s with his friends he becomes a real cinnamon roll though.
Aaaand just like last time: My blog about them. I’m also starting to work on a webcomic of them so uuuh… there’s that

(submitted by @lazerpuppys)

sergle replied to your post “i know you said you were saving taz requests for a later time, so im…”

i like your skinny taako and your chubby taako tbh, i don’t think you should feel a pressure to alter your hc either which way, but. he soft

Ahh thank you friend! I don’t intend to change how I’ve interpreted Taako any time soon when I do my official fun stuff (like animatics and stuff ). But I do enjoy branching off from my designs and just playing around with them for fun! Especially if it’ll make some folk pretty happy as a result. 

anonymous asked:

Ok I've got a question regarding spirit guides. So I just did a meditation to meet mine, and while I never saw a face my left side felt like someone was sitting beside me. Then my ear went all ringy, like it was trying to hear something, but I didn't. How can I tell if I'm actually sensing a spirit/ then get them to fully make contact? Sorry if that's long, thanks so much know advance, this is all still new to me!

The ear ringing is a good sign that it was a spirit trying to communicate, you just couldn’t hear them clearly. That happens to me sometimes too, more when I am working with a new spirit and I haven’t tuned into their energy yet to communicate with them. Next time you do the meditation, notice the things around you as well too. See if theres anything symbolic. They may try to communicate that way knowing you cant quite ‘hear’ them yet. <3 Pay attention to the images they may paint for you, as spirit communication isn’t always about words.