that was way too much time

“Because I need you by my side!”

Let’s talk about the significance of what’s going on here because I seriously think that it’s a beautiful thing! Mateo has spent who knows how many years choosing to defy the law by illegally teaching himself magic in secret. He is a magically gifted teenager who has had to hide his talents and his passion for magic in a dark basement beneath his house. He had no one to confide in, to lament with when he was frustrated by his slow progress, or to celebrate with when he succeeded in mastering a new spell.

Self-introspection can difficult for even the most confident of individuals, but Mateo is quiet and humble–– still lacking much in the area of self esteem. I imagine him as somewhat introverted and charmingly awkward. I don’t know about you, but I have found it so much easier to note my own mistakes and weaknesses than it is to acknowledge my strengths and successes. So, the young wizard has come out of hiding and is terrified that HE is not going to be enough, that HE is not worthy of this appointment, that HE will fail the crown princess.

Elena, on the other hand, sees his potential, his talent, who he really is. She sees HIM much more clearly than he does and she likes what she sees. She sees past the awkwardness and into his heart— his bravery in the face of darkness; his gentle spirit; his courage of heart. She takes him gently by the hand and lets him know that it’s ok to be himself, that he can come out of hiding and share his talents and passions–– who he is–– with the world. She tells him that HE is enough, that HE is worthy, and that HE will not fail her.

Let’s not forget that Mateo played a key role in rescuing Elena from the amulet! He helped to rescue her and all of Avalor from forty one years of darkness, and now she is coming full circle–– reaching into the darkness of that old basement workshop and pulling this amazing young man out to stand proudly and courageously by her side in the light of day.