that was very punny

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Starting to think you need another tag or two, based on the submissions you keep getting, to cover the puns. Something like "not very punny" for the bad puns and "excellent punmanship" for the good. XD

See, Nonny, this suggestion assumes two patently false things: first, that “good puns” is not an oxymoron; and second, that the mods (or at least, this mod) would acknowledge such a thing even if it were to exist. ;)

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okay wait.. so Harry Styles comes out May 12, the album. but.. what if Harry self named it .. so.. he can also..,,,

VERY PUNNY i think harry would like this

The Lady of Shallots, John William Waterhouse, 1888, oil on canvas (with slight modern additions).

I just made an art history/produce pun, which means the potential audience is like, one person. and that person is me.