that was very much in character

brooklyn nine nine is really good to us when it comes to friendships, because every character has such unique friendships and bonding scenes with the others but i dont think we talk about rosas and charles friendship enough because damn:

- we start the show with charles being head over heels for rosa, who is clearly not interested

- rosa tells him, very clearly, that she thinks hes sweet and really likes him as a friend but shes not interested in dating him

- it takes charles some time to get over her, but he does!! apologizes for being weird and making her uncomfortable!! and they go on having an incredibly strong and close friendship!!

- at one point charles even takes a bullet for her, which could have led to the whole “just give him a chance” trope but nope b99 doesnt do that bs, they talk it out and they never end up together

- they are so close that charles even helps rosas bf to plan for her birthday because he knows her so well!! she loves it!!

- rosa asks charles to be her bridesmaid because they are so close and she knows charles would love that!! he does!!

- charles plans her the best bachelorette party and rosa absolutely loves it!! she gets so excited she literally lifts charles up from the floor??

- sometimes between working cases they go to have foot massages together?? that was so cute??

- charles helps rosa text her boyfriend?? because shes not that great at pickup lines?? how cute??

- the writers could have easily opted to go with the “less attractive man falls for his way hotter coworker whos not interested but ends up giving him a chance because he is nice (and wont stop pestering her)” trope but instead we got this beautiful beautiful brotp


thank you nine nine

Reasons Why I Actually Loved Beauty and the Beast:

  1. The back stories added a nice depth to the main characters, without taking too much screen time or taking away from the original story. 
  2. The plot holes from the original movie were filled in very nicely. 
  4. Seriously, whoever did the casting did an amazing job, I am very impressed. 
  5. I loved the greater emphasis on the servants. I fell in love with them. I mean I always loved them, but I loved them much more in this movie. 
  6. I liked the small homage to the broadway musical. (If anyone noticed, when Belle enters her room for the first time they play an instrumental of the song “Home” from the broadway musical). 
  7. Be My Guest had such beautiful CGI animation. That was easily my favorite scene in the film. 
  8. I loved that they made the Beast educated and well-read. And the scoff at Romeo and Juliet was perfect. 
  9. The romance between Belle and Beast felt much more natural and it was all very sweet:
    “They don’t like me either. The villagers all think I’m strange.”
    “Do you think that in time you could grow in affection?” “I don’t see why not.” 
  10. DAN STEVENS. I never thought I would actually feel sympathetic towards the Beast, nor did I thought I would actually like him. But man did Dan Stevens do him well.
  11. DAN STEVENS’ SINGING. (I can’t decide if I like his version more than Josh Groban’s. That’s how good it is). 
  12. “I AM NOT A BEAST.” 
  13. More diversity! I was glad to see more POCs, interracial relationships, and portrayal of a same-sex relationship. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start. 
  14. The Enchantress actually existed as a character throughout the movie and didn’t just disappear like in the original movie. It made the curse seem more like a lesson than a cruel punishment. It made it seem like she was always planning on sending a girl the Beast’s way, she just had to find the right one. And when she saw how kind and intelligent Belle was to her, she knew that she was the right girl for the Beast. 
  15. The inanimation scene before the transformations (I got really emotional and cried y'all) 
  16. THE GROWL. ❤️

little update i guess?

i haven’t really drawn anything recently OTL. in case it wasn’t obvious by now, i have a lot of mental issues :P and realizing that i’m going to be 24 in a couple months is hugely depressing. i’ve been a severely anxious awkward weirdo loner who lives in the middle of nowhere for most of my life so i haven’t really experienced much in these past nearly 24 years. i feel like if i disappeared completely, it wouldn’t really matter, and it’s not like i have a bright future ahead of me anyways. toot toot all aboard the crazy cat lady train.

i’m still here around tumblr daily but on a fandom blog. i’m sucked so deep into this fandom. but i don’t wanna say what it is because i love the porn in it lmao. i’ve been a slash fangirl who gets extremely obsessive over fictional characters for a very long time and i know that may be surprising since i’ve never posted anything nsfw or fandom here.. but yeah :P hopefully my desire to draw will return sometime, but for now.. idk.


“She’s [Stella Gibson] a strong, powerful character and yet she is very much in touch with her feminine side. There was something about playing her that actually kind of awakened me to the notion that the two can co-exist. That I can… I’m masculine, so to speak, in the way that I am in my life, but that I can embrace that co-existing other part of myself, and it doesn’t mean that I’m conforming to long-standing notions of how women should and shouldn’t be, or dress.”

Gillian Anderson, Red Magazine (Feb. 2017)

auricoma  asked:

I have trouble sympathizing with most of the characters in ASOIAF, because none of them represent an ideology I can get behind. Starks are better than Boltons, Stannis is better than Cersei, but they are all unelected hereditary authoritarians. When choosing between 1. Hitler, 2. Stalin and 3. Mussolini, I'd reluctantly go with Mussolini, but I'd much rather choose 4. LEAVE THE PLANET. I don't care who wins the game of thrones. The only winning move is not to play.

I totally get that. GRRM had Tyrion muse on the inherent backwardness of democracy for a reason; we’re never supposed to forget how these characters conceive of power. However, I don’t think that’s an appropriate analogy. Hitler became chancellor as a result of parliamentary politics in the wake of his party doing very well in an election, and none of those three can be called “hereditary” rulers. I’m not remotely saying that this makes popular elections a bad thing, just that I don’t think it’s wise to assume that elections will prevent monsters from rising to power. I’d also argue that it was a very, very good thing for Westeros and in particular the smallfolk of the North that Mance, who didn’t rely on heredity in the least to win his crown, got his ass kicked by Stannis, the avatar of hereditary rule. 

I would also push back on the idea that there are no values in Westeros’ social/political model worth defending: “I charge you to be brave, I charge you to be just, I charge you to defend the young and innocent.” Now, of course, The System itself often fails to reflect those values, but we do see individuals live up to them, and that’s an ideology I can get behind. Take Edmure, for example: “My people. They were afraid.” Or Brienne: “No chance, and no choice.” Or Dunk: “a knight who remembered his vows.” Or, perhaps above all, Davos: “a king protects his people, or he is no king at all.” 

And speaking of the onion knight, allow me to make the case for the one true king. He raised a peasant-born smuggler to knighthood and then lordship, consistently included him in his councils specifically to get the perspective of someone outside the nobility, and is prepared to “make new lords” alongside him. He not only rode to the defense of the realm when no other king would, but after defeating the wildlings so as to eliminate the immediate threat to the North, his next move was to welcome them through the Wall, believing it his duty to defend them from the Others. So, yeah, I too am not fond of hereditary monarchy as a system of governance. However, I think people often miss that Stannis possesses some genuinely radical politics, especially for someone in his position and with his background. Davos, of course, had to convince Stannis to sail to the Wall…but Davos was only in the position to do that because Stannis raised him up, and Stannis specifically made Davos his Hand because Davos will tell Stannis what he does not want to hear, but needs to. And this “a king who still cared” side of him is rooted in his empathy for the downtrodden and defenseless: “When I was a lad I found an injured goshawk and nursed her back to health. Proudwing, I named her.” The difference between that on the one hand, and Cersei and Tywin on the other, is significantly more than the difference between Hitler and Mussolini.

Finally, I don’t think “not playing” is actually an option. Every action is political. 

anonymous asked:

Woah Mercedes looks a lot like Pint...or are moretos all very similar looking?

:)C the similarity is intentional. VERY intentional. 

Worth saying also that Mercedes was declared officially DEAD AS HELL after she took down the Jauria emperor’s dome by rigging a bunch of chalkurite-bred children to explode and she died in impact–50 years ago prior to ‘current’ timeline events, AKA Pint, Bri/Karel, etc existing.,

On left Mercedes, Paramo (her older sister), Pint and Marcel–chalkurites who…seem to take after these very old war heroes.

Rajenlo was there to see the whole thing unfold, and her pride’s seriously hurt after losing several times to a slave-caste, not to mention she feels responsible for Jauria being dethroned bc Mercedes pulled a war-hero act that pretty much was responsible for just…everything’s that’s happened up to date. 

Overall though Mercedes is an extremely important character and well-renowned figure, especially in Moretos rebellion circles known as The Hound Killer, ‘La Franco’ (because of her legendary sharpshooting skills) among many other titles. She’s forbidden from being mentioned amongst Jauria and has earned (posthumously) the most medals and awards a moretos soldier has ever received. She’s as admired as she’s controversial not only for her infamy amongst Jauria and as a savior to Frontera and ally to out-world Federation, but bc she challenged her own people as well.

Moretos have a dimorphism that favors females, who are bigger, tougher and often occupy military and heavy duty works. As shown, Nita is about the same age as Pint yet towers over him and continues to do so as they age. 

Mercedes chose to follow her sister into the frontlines, much to Paramo’s chagrin and allowed to join the military corps after her mtf transition to better fit amongst the ranks of rebel moretos women whom at the time outlawed men participation. Still a head shorter than most other women Mercedes still proved her worth in battle and was soon assigned to spec ops along with Paramo to combat Jauria and Eater Typhoons (spawning points for chalkurites)

Needless to say and w/o rambling she led the allied forces of frontera’s freedom front and feds to the heart of jauria’s domain. Many jauria and chalkurite to date remember her fairly well, including Tejo, a chalkurite who dated mercedes during their war days.  

As for personality though, Mercedes is kind of an asshole when it comes to meeting new people, she’s very to the point and prefers focusing on the job rather than familiarizing herself with her teammates. Not the best party gal and definitely not the first person you’d go if you need a shoulder to cry on, but she gets the job done. 



So this is my second don’t starve character after Waldine.

His name is Wayland (I know, it’s a very good name). He has a really shitty job and is stressed 24/7. And I made this little comic showing his “power” if you can call it that.

Okay so this is his pros and cons:

-Can slow down or even stop time completely when he’s getting attacked. So if some wolf try to eat his arm he could just run away from it.

-He does not have a lot of sanity, only like 120 or so. And when he stops time he loses around 50.

-He don’t need to eat as much as other characters.

yeah idk i’m tired.I’m gonna draw more of him later.



The Matsus travel to America! They experience American cuisine such as Corn Dogs and individual cups of Jell-O. Jyushimatsu plays a lot of baseball, Karamatsu dresses as a very sexy man and gets a lot of ladies, Choromatsu gets a crush on lady liberty because he’s fuckin stupit. The Matsus are loved very much here and we get more merch released in Hot Topic and FYE stores.


The Matsu writing staff is so inconsistent with their story, I believe every staff member needs to sit down and watch/read every single Osomatsu-kun anime and manga in order to fully understand the characters! However, some of us viewers do not have time for this, so staff will compile all the important parts into a recap episode :)

#3) The Terrifying Lodger

A shoutout to a classic character that appeared in Osomatsu-kun! One of Fujio Akatsuka’s most interesting characters, who has his very own fandom sub-following! His fans have created countless fanart and fanfics, staff must have noticed by now!! Thats right, its….

Rerere ojisan!!!!

In this episode, he gets let out of prison for being a good noodle and stabs Osomatsu immediately for revenge. 

He then gets thrown back into prison.


Karamatsu won a cool battery-powered scooter because he sold a lot of stuff in a fundraiser! He took it our for a spin but Ichimatsu was very jealous!! Ichimatsu only sold 1000 candles in the fundraiser and got a rubber band. He was so mad he shot the rubber band at Karamatsu while he was scootering! It hit him right in the eye, which blinded that eye. He fell off his scooter and fell down a HUGE CLIFF!!!! he landed with his other eye open on a sharp blade of grass, which blinded his other eye. Oh yeah and the fall caused him to permanently break both of his legs.

His brother laughed at him, the monsters!!!! Karamatsu wished the fall would have killed him. He hated his bros so much! They keep picking on him and he was just a perfect boi who did nothing wrong ever????

He dragged himself to Chibita’s house (he is blind but he loved chibita so much his heart led him there) and now they live together!! Chibita is very sad this happened to kara and cries a lot (but karamatsu cant know)

Chibita has to act as Kara’s seeing eye person and also wears a leash because he is kinky


Ichi, Jyushi, and Totty find Choromatsu’s collection of body pillows and nendoroids. They make fun of him and Choromatsu cries for 1 hour and 42 minutes. He then causes a body pillow avalanche, getting buried alive and never seen again, getting rid of the eldest brothers once and for all.

Quick Asagao-based rant:

I hear people wondering why Hidden Block is so much more popular in the fandom as compared to Normal Boots, despite the latter being the focus of the game and honestly? It has everything to do with how the clubs are presented and both typical narrative structures and the kinds of people who play games like this.

Normal Boots is, from the outset, presented as the most popular, dreamy, successful kids in school. A power fantasy, almost, which makes it very clear why Hana as a character would prefer them to Hidden Block. They seem immune from bullying and loneliness, the two things she probably fears most. 

But, those same things make them less appealing to the players. Most narratives paint that kind of group as the villains, or at very least less sympathetic. The Clique of Super Popular High Schoolers is a well-worn trope, and one that’s very often used as those in opposition to the protagonists rather than being the protagonists. 

Meanwhile, Hidden Block is the more common underdog narrative. They’re less put together, less liked, seen as a group of misfits who banded together over a common love of something. They, in most other stories, would be the protagonists, and Normal Boots the adversity they’d have to overcome. Plus, they’re more immediately identifiable to the majority of players, who’d probably have a more similar school experience to them than the almost too perfect Normal Boots.

Hidden Block is better liked because of how the narrative was constructed, and honestly, I kind of like that this story flipped the normal high school protagonists and antagonists. It’s interesting, to say the least, and really gives the story more of its own identity. 

my aunt actually pointed this out while i was making her watch opm and also explaining mp100 to her but i’m sharing this bc its interesting

saitama and mob both have similar, very plain faces. like, so much to the point where i’ve seen people call mob “saitama with a bowlcut”. now i explained the reasons as to why they’re both so expressionless to my aunt (i.e. saitama has depression, mob has to control his emotions) but she told me that she thought it was a very deliberate story telling device

my aunt explained that since they both have plain faces, it would make sense then to view them as the “everyman” – a character that’s so plain and ordinary that it’s easy to project on them

and that’s when i realized that’s the whole /point/ of saitama’s and mob’s characters

i think another meta post pointed this out, but in a typical manga mob and saitama would be the quirky side kicks. the ordinary ones that follow around more serious protags with tragic backstories like genos and ritsu. it’s easier for audiences to project on characters that are kinda quirky, kinda expressionless, and also kinda “funnier” (humor-wise, referring to both saitama’s and mob’s deadpan jokes) – making it easier for them to admire the hero because they feel as though they are already in a role that does.

but with opm and mp100, saitama and mob are the heroes – for a very specific reason. the moral of both stories is that /anyone/ can be special, depending upon what they do. they even say it in mp100’s OP: “if everyone’s not special / then maybe you can be what you want to be.” the point is that everyone is equal (and we’re talking fundamentally, not in terms of society or under the law okay), even if you have great powers. it’s what you do with those great powers that make you, well, great.

saitama and mob look like the “everyman” for this reason then. but also so we can project on them, for reasons stated above. we’re supposed to project on saitama and mob because, as the moral of both their stories say, we are all the same. we are all the everyman. and we all have great powers. and, god, this is gonna sound corny. but while our powers might not be defeating villains with one punch or literally exploding in an overload of a manifestation of our emotions, we still have the choice to do something great with them.

and i think that’s fucking brilliant of ONE to make that/emphasize that point just through something as simple as a /facial expression/

My thoughts on Ouma's character&lies&pranks

I was writing about how I felt about all the characters in NDRV3, but Ouma’s bit became really large so I separated his bit into a different article. This, of course contains complete spoilers to the whole game and you need to know what happened in chapter 4, 5 in order to understand this.

Put under readmore because it’s very long. Please proceed with caution.

Keep reading

The plan

   Okay, so this is kinda a long time coming, but the skinny of it all is that I want to take Koz out of GoC/RotG and turn him into an OC with a separate blog and a new name.

   I’ve put so much time and energy into molding him and changing so much from the source material that it’s gotten to the point where leaving him where he is has gone from working creatively with what I was given into feeling very restrictive as I don’t want to step much into the history and setting of other characters because it feels like I’m stepping and dictating how others should perceive that character and that’s not what I want to do. So I’ll take what I’ve made and with the help of Nixxie, really push the world building and creation of what I feel can be a large and complex place with a lot of chances for me to really show what I’ve got.

   So Koz’s isn’t really going to disappear nor am I fully going to stop RPing him, but he will have a new home, a new name and a fully realized story to himself. I will be putting a big ol’ promo here once I have everything set up and I’m ready to set sail on the new ship.

   That said I also plan to give a bit of a love letter to GoC/RotG for being such a huge inspiration in the way of doing a month of art for it as I reread the books and rewatch the movie when I’m in a better standing with the workload I have atm. 

   I never thought that I would have gotten as far as I did and made as much as I did when I started this blog. I will still keep this blog but it will be used more of an art blog/personal blog/commission hub from now on (truthfully it kinda has long since been that way so not much change there.)

Thank you all for sticking with me here and being just the best followers anyone can ask for and I look forward to another 5 years of growth!


Hi hello! I finally set up that commission sheet!


I won’t do:

  • NSFW (gore, porn etc)
  • Hate speech/slander
  • Complicated Mechas
  • Animals? (I can see what I can do)
  • Backgrounds

I will do:

  • Humans
  • Pretty much anything that isn’t mentioned in the won’t do’s

Multiple characters are a dollar for each extra character.

If it’s an OC, please include a visual reference!

Email me at or IM me.

Transactions are all done through Paypal. 

Thank you very much! 

zerosinraid  asked:

Hello there. Just want to say how much I enjoy your art and the stories you put together. Now on to my question. Besides Summer/Qrow, what other characters do you ship together?

Hallo! Thank you very much! I appreciate your enjoyment~

(Second time posting this but IDGAF) I don’t ship anyone with Ruby (NO, NOT EVEN OSCAR) or Weiss, nor do I ship them together. I don’t care WHO they up with, and I never shipped Arkos (sorry everyone), so I don’t care who Jaune ends up with.

Ultimate alternate ship is Qrow x Booze

anonymous asked:

the ainu people sometimes refer to themselves as “ウタリ” (Utari), which means “comrade”, “human”, or "one's fellow man" according to different sources… minus the リ, it uses the same spelling as uta’s name too,, i dont think it's a coincidence??

That seems a lot more likely. We have a lot of Ainu mythology references in TG already and we know Ishida would be familiar with that term.

Though I don’t know if we can use the spelling as a clue so much. The term is in katakana because it isn’t a Japanese word, its from the Ainu’s indigenous language. Uta’s name is in katakana as well, but so are a lot of other characters’ names. It’s done for all sorts of reasons.

Still, I think you might really have something with that connection. I can’t be entirely sure what it means, though because while Ainu mythology is very present in Tokyo Ghoul, especially with the symbolic importance of Owls and with Shachi’s name, and of course the poem Kaneki recites in V14, I can’t quite get a handle on what it is we are supposed to take from those connections, other than an invocation of another mistreated and marginalized group. 

Certainly there is terrible discrimination against Ainu, and in a way, ghouls are meant to parallel a lot of real world disenfranchisement and oppressed people, even if the parallel is far from 1:1. 

With all the warnings against equating any real world group with ghouls, who are discriminated against because they are obligate human eaters, (what I call the X-Men fallacy), there are parallels in the forced assimilation of the Ainu people, the forced “passing” as Wajin, and their effective cultural erasure from Japans history, as well as continued poverty and discrimination. 

I guess earrings and tattooing is part of the Ainu’s traditional cultural practice, though earrings are a male tradition and tattooing a female tradition. Well, Uta has always had a gender play thing going on. Though Uta is more easily read as just counterculture than any kind of traditional. That said, I also wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ainu patterns and art were inspiration for Uta’s tattoo design.

But other than being another nod to that tradition, I’m not sure what we can learn about Uta from it.

I would love to get from Uta or Shachi or Eto any other character tied to the Ainu, any kind of sense of a ghoul culture that has been eroded and erased by forced passing and assimilation, but so far, we really haven’t seen much, if any, of that sort of thing. Right now “ghoul culture” is the unhealthy obsession with strength as a necessity for survival, and exercises in brutality and quashed empathy, like the restaurant or the auction. Even masks are framed as a matter of necessity rather than anything cultural. But it’s something I’d love to see.

Thanks for this insight, anon, and if anyone knows more about any possible connections please feel free to add. My knowledge of the Ainu and their culture and history is mostly gleaned from a dozen or so articles online, so I welcome the input of anyone more informed than I.

anonymous asked:

Did you see what happened on Twitter? Cuz @/ContactSH Just confirmed that Redbeard is his DOG while he just met VICTOR at University!!! (You should read the tweets if you haven't) So what about TFP?! What do you think this means??! I mean we do consider these Accs real in a way right?

Hey Nonny!

Yeah, I don’t follow the twitters aside from whatever people post up on twitter, LOL. I remain cautiously optimistic that the Twitter Accounts are associated with the BBC in some way, since I find they’re very much in character. I’m just boggled because they sort of follow the narrative but at the same time they don’t? So I’m not sure. We’ll see soon, I hope.

Also, I don’t believe TFP is anything other than John’s Nightmare and not supposed to be taken at face value :P.

I proposed a theory at one point that Victor was actually a friend of John’s in his childhood, and used him as an avatar for his dream.

Bite Me (Part 5)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings yet)

Warnings: Not much for this chapter, just mention of injuries

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,569

A/N: This is the fifth installment in my first ever fanfic. I love how much love you guys keep giving me :) You make my typing fingers very happy! This is more of a connecting chapter, so bear with me. It just mean’s I’ll post part 6 sooner rather than later! These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

“And this here’s Bobby,” Uncle Jay said, pointing at the worn picture with his calloused finger, “One of the best hunting buddies a guy could have.” We were sifting through a box filled with old photographs and odd mementos that I had found tucked behind some books while searching for a particular title on Greek Mythology. Uncle Jay had smiled when I brought it out, eager to take a walk down memory lane. My eyes roamed the photograph containing a large group of hunters, pausing on a set of boys. They were the youngest in the photo by a good number of years. 

I pointed, “Who are they?”

Uncle Jay let out a brief chuckle, “Them’s the Winchester boys.” His pointer finger traced the photo again, “Man behind them is their daddy, John. This one,” He tapped the slightly shorter figure, “that’s Dean. Real spitfire, that one. And the other, Sammy, he has a good head on his shoulders. One of the most mature fifteen year olds I’ve ever met. Gosh,” he scratched his bristled chin, “Kid must be… at least twenty by now. Close to your age, Small Fry. That’d put Dean around twenty-four, give or take.” He sighed deeply and placed the crumpled image back in the box before closing the lid. “Now,” he picked up the book on mythology, “what have we found out about our siren?” And just like that we were back on the case at hand.

The Winchester boys’ faces stayed with me. I went back to the box later than night and removed the photograph of hunters, folding it in half on an existent crease and slipping it into my wallet. I took the photo with me wherever I went, a reminder through the blood, pain, and hurt that there were others out there like me. Two boys, now young men, living and breathing the hunter life. I wondered if they were given a choice. I wondered if they’d tried to get out of it all. I wondered if they had bigger hopes and dreams for a life not involving salt lines, shotguns, and solitary. I wondered if they had nightmares that would wake them in a state of panic in the dead of night. I wondered what they feared while living an existence alongside monsters. I wondered how much they were like me. And just having that photograph gave me a glimmer of hope, a hope to connect with someone outside of mine and Uncle Jay’s small world.

“Hey, come on, you can’t sleep,” someone was gently shaking my arm, “You need to wake up.”

“Bite me,” I growled low in my throat, and the hand quickly disappeared.

“What did she say?” That would be Dean.

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I think -people are freaking out way too much.  

I’m pretty sure…anyone can audition for anything….  even if the rumor is true… it doesn’t mean she’ll get a part in the movie….  at the very least all the MAIN and important characters will be Chinese….. because then it wouldn’t be Mulan….. and I’m certain everyone would be outraged…  

sabpauhec34  asked:

How did you start your art, what was your inspiration

Ohh that’s a bit long to explain :0 

So I’ll put some pics to make it more dynamic :D

I started drawing around 11 years old, things like Sakura Card Captors, Pokemon or Sailor Moon (Yeah I still have all my drawings, I like to save everything I draw), and of course, I sucked at it.

At that time I really enjoyed drawing, but I didn’t drew very often, maybe around 10 times per month until I turned 14. When I was 14 I met a friend who liked animes, mangas and drew like me. The both of us agreed that making our original story would be fun so that was the moment where I started drawing more oftenly: OC’s, characters from my own story (well, a lot of stories tbh), practicing manga panels, a bit of buildings (lol now that i see those things i’m embarrased how much i sucked at it)

My artstyle changed a lot of times, since my style depended a lot of the current series I was watching at that time (That was my inspiration). In the middle of that year (Still 14, almost 15) my friend recommended me Fairy Tail.

I really felt comfortable with Hiro Mashima’s style but even if I wasn’t very good imitating his style I was pretty satisfied with my draws. The problem was my non-existent knowledges of anatomy and perspective. I never tried to drew with base lines (like circles for the head, and lines of proportion) until I was 17-18, I was such a dumb head TuT

And well, the end is pretty predictable: I stopped drawing OC’s and my own manga for doing fanarts for FT around 2 years ago (But I’m trying to return with that tbh!). And with a lot of practice (Sometimes I can draw for almost one day, literally) I reached my actual level .