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Just another breakfast bowl of all things good😌✨ the creamiest vanilla oats topped with a splash of coconut rice milk, apple, raspberries, pomegranate + buckinis👅👌🏼👌🏼 I’m so grateful to have beat my fear of eating cooked foods for breakfast and discovered this delicious & warming meal, as opposed to forcing myself to keep having frozen smoothies, because although I think fruit is a wonderful option, it’s just not normal to have to sit in front of a heater to eat breakfast and still end up shivering for hours afterwards🙈 That’s why it’s so important to find what works for YOU, not just follow the ‘rules’ of others💫💛
What did you have for breakfast today?

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Look what I found, guys.

& this was just a quick & easy & light vegan dinner on a budget i made today… as i am taking a course, my whole daytime is busy & at the end i am quite tired… so i had already~made butternut squash soup + bread & organic hummus + lettuce & pear tomatoes & beet (with nutritional yeast + himalayan salt + dried parsley + malt vinegar)

the reason why i have been sharing these very simple meals is because i really believe you can be vegan without having much money, even in the uk where food can be quite expensive… so only a raise of awareness on if you are not vegan because you have this idea that it is very expensive, it truly isn’t. it’s all about learning & being conscious. & about making your health & how you feel a priority! give it a try ~ it is so very simple & i have been vegetarian for 8 years now & i am still learning everyday! just felt like sharing! infinite love to all you! ~


& in the middle of my chaos ✨there was you.
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newbie vegans!

you have a whole community online to support you, please never forget that! i know it can sometimes be challenging to change old ways (especially if you have been eating animals since you were little). years and years of the meat and cheesy meals are hard to erase overnight, i totally understand that it can be hard to learn vegan alternatives to your fav foods. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to shoot me an ask any time babes and I’ll be more than happy to help you to the best of my ability. This probably goes for most veggies on tumblr since we are all pretty rad folks who love helping newbies into our little community :)

good luck out there. remember you are SAVING THE PLANET AND THE ANIMALS and they thank you for living a kind and compassionate life