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Unexpected. Chapter 23: Choices that matter. Excerpt.

Sweet. Sweat. Strawberry with a hint of vanilla. He tastes it on his tongue while placing slow kisses along her shoulder up to her neck. She shivers and his arm tightens around her midriff in response. Hmmm, he needs to do it more often.

Her back against his chest and he indulges in the warmth of it. Not as if the warmth embracing them was not enough. They’re on a beach, hidden from the scorching sun, under a big parasol, her form held by his legs and arms in a loose embrace. She’s reading a folder, deciding on their next excursion. He’s holding back a laughter peeking out at where her finger stops. Watching dolphins and orcas. Well, this should be relaxing.

Not like the other activities she decided for them to do. Riding a banana, where she pushed him off it to the water just to jump in after him; or gliding a parachute only to give him a near heart attack by pretending she was drowning after landing in the water. He thinks that watching the creatures of the oceans is safe enough.

Her finger follows the description and his eyes admire the maintained nail. The women of his time were groomed but only the higher placed ones could afford this level of care.

Another thing he will take away from her. The ease with which she can achieve those things here. In her world.

A much as the Elvhen were advanced they have not thought about this kind of novelties. If he was to go back then he would make sure it was accessible to all who desired it. He got far away from his present goal and he shakes his head. Then he nuzzles his head against the hollow of her neck and chuckles lightly. Such indulgences should be left for another time. When he knows he can go back.

Unexpected Part 3 (Young!Remus Lupin x Female!Reader)

A/N: Nobody asked for this but I wanted to keep going. Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. Enjoy. 

Warnings: No

Requested: Yep

Word Count: 282

Blurb: When they finally get a chance to share their secrets will everything go smoothly? (no)

You slowly lifted your head up and looked up. All you saw were his beautiful, emerald green orbs.

“I’m sorry Remus. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m a mess right now and I just really need my best friend.” you confessed. 

“I’m the one that should be apologizing (Y/N). I didn’t mean to ignore you it’s just that…” he trailed off.

You sat up properly and hooked your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a hug. 

After a moment he gently pushed himself away and looked into your (Y/E/C) eyes. 

 "I think I’m ready to tell you now.“ he said. 

 "Me too." 


 You nodded. 

This was going well. Maybe he did feel the same way about you. It was a possibility.

 You smiled and started counting down. 




 In that split second you gathered up all your courage.

You closed your eyes and…

“I’m in love with you Remus!”

“I’m a werewolf!”

“Wait! What?”

You looked up at him. His green eyes glossed over and tears threatened to spill any second. He gently pulled his arms away from around you.

“You’re a…” you swallowed and licked your lips. “You’re a werewolf?”

He didn’t say anything. Just nodded.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything earlier…” Remus apologized with a shaky voice.

You stood up quickly.

“Remus. I… I have to go.” you mumbled quickly before running out of the astronomy tower. Hoping he wouldn’t follow you.

He didn’t. Instead, he stood up and with a loud yell, punched a wall.

After a few minutes, he walked slowly over to Madame Pomfrey. It was all his fault. He shouldn’t have said anything. Should’ve just kept his mouth shut.

so i know everyones screaming over ep10. like. we got canon gay engagement. we got yurio making friends. we got yuuri poledancing.

but i wanna talk a second about the writing of yoi - and why that poledancing is the best plot twist ive ever seen executed in anime history

plot twists are fun. the yoi fandom so far has called p much every single major plot event (makkachin, the engagement, etc), and its still fun! foreshadowing is amazing!! but what gets me about yuuris drunken fiasco is that no one saw it coming, but it still fits perfectly into the narrative, and that, my friends, is how you do a plot twist

no one saw it coming, but it doesnt make the rest of the narrative confusing. if anything, it explains a ton - why viktor offered to coach yuuri, why chris was so friendly w yuuri, why no one seemed shocked yuuri was doing an eros routine. and im just so stunned bc yuri on ice actually did a plot twist that wasnt easy to see coming, one that no one couldve called, and one that doesnt make us question any other prior part of the narrative. this isnt a last minute addition - this is something planned, something hilarious, and something i ADORE in a literary sense

take note, writers. this is how its fuckin done