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Reasons to love Katsuki Bakugou

Here are just a few reasons why everyone should be completely in love with Bakugou from My Hero Academia.

Reason #1:

He is angry all the time.

He has to be the angriest person I have seen and it is the greatest thing in the world like he is even angry when he is simply brushing his teeth. 

Reason #2:

He’s actually a fragile emotional angel.

Even tho Bakugou can put up a very tough and rigid appearance he’s really just an innocent emotional cinnamon roll that needs to be hugged, but more than likely if you tried he would blow you up lol

Reason #3:

He is a complete badass.

Be it taking on multiple enemies at once, coming up with strategies on the fly in the heat of battle, or just simply punching through solid air with only his bare fists Bakugou does it all like a BAMF.

Reason #4:

He is completely blunt about everything.

He doesn’t care if he is talking to All Might himself Bakugou will say what is on his mind and not think twice or give a f*** about it. 

Final Reason: 

His level of creativity.

Who couldn’t love this guy for the simple fact that he wanted his hero name to be Lord Explosion Murder lmao

To simply put everything: Bakugou is the greatest. End of story.

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Hey~ I know you don't really do ships (in the hard way) but what are your fave relationships between got7 members? (The ones you feel are SUPER special)

Hey! Gee, I like all of their interactions. This is hard! Making decisions is hard. Dammit. Ok. Let’s do this. I can do this. (literally giving myself some pep talk to be able to do this lmao you’re mean, anon!!)


- Bambam and Yugyeom because they found themselves in the chaotic world that the entertainment market is with their similar earth placements and water moons (if Yugyeom’s Moon isn’t in Cancer I’ll be pissed tho lol) - like, they’re both so tough but still have so many feelings and it’s just so cute ok

- Jinyoung and Jaebum because they were bound to hate each other since both are so stubborn and can hold grudges for decades but still found a way of realizing how one actually needs the other, they’re very similar in their strong headed ways and can relate so much and are so caring even though they like to pretend that they’re not omg I could write an essay about JJP

- Mark and Bambam because not many people notice this but Mark can act childish and rude (as in, his kind of humor can be harsh) but turns into such a softie (can act like a hardcore hyung™) when taking care of Bambam IT’S SO CUTE OK it’s like he allows himself to relax and be the caring person that he is around him and ugh the feels

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(also their predebut photos get me everytime)

- Jaebum and Youngjae because they’re very sensitive people and rely a lot on each other because of it (like, I can totally picture them getting drunk together and getting teary eyed for no reason lol cute proud little shits)

- Jackson and Jaebum because many reasons… I’ve talked about them many times here you guys know how soft their relationship makes me lol Jaebum is the rock Jackson needs and Jackson is the soft embrace Jaebum needs and geez. Feelings.


I pretty much said all of them lmao Was about to write more but stopped because you only asked for some and. This is torture. Lemme be, ok, it’s very hard for me to choose! (I’m in a love hate relationship with you right now, anon)

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Jelly eggs or shell eggs, 10 huge eggs or 100 small eggs, Fuzzy eggs or slimy eggs, 1 humongous egg or 1000 tiny eggs, Colourful eggs or bumpy eggs, A few heavy eggs or lots of light eggs, Sphere eggs or oval eggs, Spider eggs or snake eggs, Eggs that hatch inside or outside, I LOVE EGGS! plz ancer te qustins

‘ALLO  i too love eggs.

Here’s m’picks:

Jelly (this one was tough tho I like both), 100 small, slimy, 1 humongous (idk why I like 100 smol but not as much 1,000), bumpy, heavy, spheres, spiders, hatching insiddddde.


lesbians of the cosmos, in love……..

It looks like they’re watching a horror movie, but it’s actually food network

I /almost/ missed @milasaraweek!!! Here’s day 1: Domestic/Future


hello this is my desk at work ♥
the dog plush gets me through tough deadlines and crazy revisions

my cubicle is really big tho but there’s not much in it – i like keeping my stuff within reach ;; i probably have to redecorate soon because i took down some old photos from the walls hhhmmmm ;;;

((edit: bottom photos are from 2015 i think ♥ – i don’t really use the mac much [[it’s like trying to figure out how to pilot a spaceship HAHA rip]] so they let the temp assistant use it in the mean time mmm))


If Good and Evil can’t find a way to work together, neither side will survive.

So Jerome is probably one of my favorite Jokers out there just saying

i want something else… and something else… and something else… to get me through this (semi-barred) life

last post: “guys i really hope this is the last bag xans have taken everything from me im quitting etc etc etc”

very next post not even two days later includes five more bars jesus christ addiction is hard guys