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this idea hit me while driving to work. I blame weird logos for unrelated businesses and binging on Brooklyn 99. an Outlaw Queen surprise for @idoltina  

A chime sounded somewhere in the back of the store, breaking the otherwise silent gun range. Regina took a breath to calm her nerves, then squared her shoulders and marched to the counter. No one seemed to be manning the desk, but she figured – hoped – that the door alarm had signaled whichever slacker was working today to take her business.

“Sorry, sorry –” A British accent cut through her thoughts, somewhere in a back room. “Be right there!”

Regina allowed herself to drum her nails against the glass case once before distracting herself by inspecting the guns for rent. She didn’t bring her own – wasn’t allowed to have hers back until she passed the requalification – and it irked her to have to borrow one that would likely be too… unpolished. Battered. Uncared for.

Having a firearm was not a particular favorite of being a detective, but the one she did have was regularly cleaned, adjusted, and fit in her hand like an extension of herself.

She looked up as a man came out of the back room, apologizing all the while. She took him in as she might a suspect in a case – medium height for a man, sandy brown hair, blue eyes, scruffy beard, dressed for the outdoors – and waited for him to stop speaking. “I need to rent time on the range,” she said shortly. “Nine mil should be fine for now. And I need a spotter. I’m on limited time, so I don’t need someone chatty or who thinks they know how to fire a weapon better than me. Are we clear?”

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"Randy's a family name, undoubtedly."

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