that was their ship name right

I don’t think I’ll ever be over 4.03.
First, Clarke getting all upset about Bellamy not wanting to be inside the ship, safe and sound. Then, Bellamy admitting that Clarke is keeping him sane and centered. But it’s a half truth, we all know it’s mutual, they keep each other centered, even if Bellamy doesn’t see it right now. (Boy, you were there when he did the grabby hands before she went into the col. Actions speak volumes.)
And finally, the way they l o o k a t e a c h o t h e r when signing the other’s name on that piece of paper. How many ways can you say I LOVE YOU without actually saying the words??? Clearly a lot more than I could have imagined in 101, and many times over.

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Hey! I was wondering about the whole sheith thing. I don't watch Voltron and only know names of people and stuff so im assuming thats a ship name for keith and shiro. I wanted to know what was bad with the ship itself since ive got no idea about it and all.

Hi there anon.You came to the right person for this because of how much I hate with my whole being. Let me tell you what’s so bad about the ship:

  1. Let’s start off simple, the main reason I hate she//ith. Shiro is 25 years old and Keith is 16 or 17 years old. Their ages are constantly ignored by the shippers and if they aren’t ignoring the ages they’re trying to make up an excuse to ship pedophilia. Like that all the paladins are adults, Shiro is actually a kid or that it’s just fiction and doesn’t affect reality (it does actually that why so many of us crave representation).
  2. Shiro and Keith are both Asian and male. This means that all these yaoi fangirls that ship she//ith do it out of fetishization of Asian MLM and MLM period. Not to mention a lot she//ith fanart shows off the whole seme/uke thing with Shiro and Keith. Also, there’s lots of nsfw and sexualized art for them.
  3.  Their fans are so annoying and disgusting it makes me sick. They’re mainly adults who hate minors or minors and adults who don’t care about CSA survivors and other minors. I remember seeing she//iths ranting about how most antis were minors and were, therefore (insert ableist slur) because they don’t want to see a character their age in an abusive relationship. They also asked Shiro’s VA, Josh Keaton (ALSO KNOWN AS JOSH WEINER) if he was dating Keith’s VA. (Both are married with kids by the way) then got upset when he said he was not.
  4. Both Shiro and Keith are very sexualized characters on their own. They also get a lot of the spotlight along with Pidge. Having a ship like she//ith be super popular in the fandom outshines the existence of lance, allura, and hunk. (fun fact: these are the darker characters! hint! hint! colorism!).Also don’t you think it’s funny people would rather ship Shiro with a kid than with a black woman. Also, she//iths don’t treat lance very well either. they always put lance in situations with Keith where he ends being hurt or used by him. I think there’s a couple of fan works where Keith ignores or leaves lance for Shiro. Hunk gets ignored throughout the fandom already.

(I’d seriously like to see you try and say they can still be a thing after this)

Let’s Talk Headcanons: Sparklings, Part 1! How is babby formed?

Whelp! This is going to be a fun one! After having a blast explaining it to a few people, only to realize that my hands are cramping afterwards, I’ve decide to write out my personal sparkling headcanon for all to read. “Children” have existed, so to speak, in the Transformers franchise since about 1986, when The Movie introduced a few nameless robotic kids running around and laughing happily right before Unicron devoured their world (really, though, why did they show those kids…) and then, later in the film, an orphaned youth the Autobots found on Quintessa… Wheelie. While no explanation of Wheelie’s birth was offered, it’s fairly well-known that the official bio stated that his parents were killed when their ship crashed on the planet. Iiiinteresting…

Later on, the Beast Wars franchise made frequent references to “ancestors,” namely that Optimus Primal is actually a direct descendant of Optimus Prime. Bayverse introduced the idea that Transformers could potentially hatch from eggs… and then, in comic media, gave us breast-feeding Megatron… um? Let’s be honest here, the part of the fandom that is aware of that factoid… well, at least some of us aren’t sure if want. Transformers: Animated teased us with a glimpse of an infant-looking protoform that would become the techno-organic Sari… but never actually got to explain where she came from. And then IDW’s special Silent Light gave everyone a sudden flood of information compared to the brief touches of the previous continuities. We actually got an explanation of what Cybertronian babies could look like, how they could develop… but still no explanation of how they’re made. Well, we know me! That’s where my processors kick it into overdrive!

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Have you explained what the fandom did? It was something with the gross ship right?


the fandom did the following:

- said my abuse was fake

-said that I was being too dramatic about being sexually abused as a child

-defended pedophillia

-used me to get art (certain people)

-used my art without permission

-talked shit about me behind my back

-pretended to be my friend the left me as soon as I showed the slightest interest in something else (certain people)

just to name a few things


Today I found out that as a fanartist I was probably given too much power

(14/2 is Yamagata’s birthday and 15/2 is Kinoshita’s and I was drawing them for it and then I wondered)

Important things that happened at Got7 in Houston
  • BamBam’s voice cracked and Youngjae made fun of him
  • a few minutes later his voice cracked and BamBam made fun of him
  • They were asked which member they would want to be for a day
  • Jackson chose BamBam because he wanted to know what it was like to have long legs
  • Everyone else chose Jackson for his thighs
  • After Jinyoung said he wanted to feel Jackson’s thighs, Jackson straddled him and tried to get him to feel
  • Jackson said us international fans were in a long distance relationship with them
  • Every time the host asked Jackson a question he would say “Why don’t we ask Yugyeom” and Yugyeom got flustered every time the little baby
  • Jackson referring to the fan he chose and his team name for the game: I know bananas are healthy but I have Nana (the fan’s name)
  • Yugyeom created a ship name with him and his fan (Macgyeom) (her name was Mackenzie, I don’t know if I spelled it right)
  • BamBam called his fan his baby, his queen, hugged her, and dabbed with her
  • Jaebum’s fan was wearing a skirt, and since they were playing hackey sack, he took her hoodie and tied it so it would be covering her front so she wouldn’t flash anyone
  • Jinyoung and his fan won, and he basically proposed to her, getting down on one knee and everything when giving her her prize
  • Yugyeom’s shirt came halfway unbuttoned during Fly
  • For Random Play Dance, it was the maknae line and Jackson vs. Mark, Jaebum, and Jinyoung.
  • As a penalty for losing, BamBam had to perform Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but didn’t know it so sang a little bit of TTS’ Twinkle then did a rap version of Twinkle Twinkle
  • BamBam danced to Bad Girl Good Girl
  • Yugyeom did his sexy floor grinding dance after Jackson asked
  • They talked about their ideal types
    • Yugyeom: cute/sexy
    • BamBam: funny girl
    • Youngjae: “You guys” *gesturing to crowd*
    • Jaebum: he doesn’t have an ideal type, he just goes for who he likes
    • Mark: Houston IGOT7
    • Jinyoung: IGOT7
    • Jackson: girls who can take care of themselves, eat right, stay healthy, and respects parents, her parents, his parents, random fan in the audience’s parents, everyone’s parents
  • Jinyoung prepared his ending speech in English
  • Jaebum got really flustered because everyone cheered really loud when it got to his turn and everyone started chanting his name

That’s all I can think of right now

News from the Feb 11 YOI event!

Kubo didn’t reveal his name, but she said she gave him the nickname “Masumi-san” because he looked like the character from Glass Mask named Masumi :))) [x]

Now everyone calls him Masumi and the ship ますクリ (MasuKuri/MasuChri). But I call them クリスます (ChrisMasu) or Christmas bECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS WE ARE ONE STEP CLOSER TO KNOWING HIS REAL NAME I’M STILL SHAKING I THOUGHT I WAS BEING DELIRIOUS HAHAHA I’m talking with JP Chris twitter about karepi right now :))) Most likely we’ll know his name when season 2 does come out! There are theories that if he does become more popular, we might know more about him :D