that was the same color she wore when she started working in the shop

Sweetest Thing

Pairing: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader 

A/N; If Finn Balor told me he wanted to punch me in the face, I would ask if he wanted to hit my left cheek or right

Summary: Finn Balor thinks you are just the sweetest thing. So much so that all he wants to do is drag you through a crowded room with his arm around your waist and a shit eating grin that tells everyone that you are only his to stare at. 


“Ouch! Seriously Y/N, I’m not a damn voodoo doll”. 

“Piss off Lexi, you wiggle too much. Not my fault”, you grumble out with a mouth full of pins and a roll of your eyes. 

Alexa lowers her eyes and frowns as she watches you kneel in front of her, trying your best to hem the shit out of the gown that was obviously too long for her tiny stature. Between the two of you, it was no secret that Alexa Bliss was the hardest to dress for formal WWE events, but at the end of the day, as the stylist to the superstars, you had always found a way to make her shine. With that in mind, she should have been more appreciative about your grueling attempt to make the gown for this particular charity event fit. 

Everyone was going to be there tonight. It was a gala for one of the many charities the WWE sponsored which meant the most notable stars from both NXT and WWE needed to make an appearance. Now, as the head of the clothing and costume department, that meant that you and your team were in charge of making everyone dress like royalty. Particularly for you, that meant fitting and styling the best of the best. 

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That what friends are for - Peter Hale x Reader

Originally posted by nudev

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Prompt: Derek comes to you when he has concerns about Cora, Peter decides to tag along for his own amusement. Shopping, Seduction and Sexiness ensues!
Warnings: Explicit smut. BECAUSE I CAN! Muah! :* Love you guys!

You turned over in your bed, trying to get comfortable but having no luck. After being laid there for over an hour you gave up. You sat up with a huff opening your laptop you decided to scroll through Tumblr. You got bored after half an hour and decided to look at some NSFW posts. You tilted your head as you saw the first post, you stare at the girl who had stockings on, no panties and a lacy bra. Her hands were tied with black silk and he eyes were covered with the same material. The man was licking from her pussy to her ass. Gotta love Tumblr you thought, you bit your lip and continued scrolling, after about half an hour you decided to watch a film.


The next day as you were walking out of school you saw Peter and Derek stood by your car. You sighed and made my way over to them cautiously.

“What are you doing here?” I grunted as I threw my bag into my passenger seat. I took a look at Peter and he smiled softly making you blush slightly.

You’ve had a developed a crush on peter not long after the Darach. Well it was more than a crush because not only did you like him, your body craved him so badly it hurt but who wouldn’t have you seen that man you thought. Derek turn to you with a confused face.

“I have a personal question to ask?” Derek asked nervously making you brows furrow, you blush soon forgotten. You raised an eyebrow waiting for him to elaborate.

“What is NSFW? Cora got a notification through to her phone but there was one of them hashtag thing saying NSFW and when I tried to open it she freaked out and ran up to her room.” Derek genuinely looked concerned but Peter had a smug smirk on his face. Your jaw drop and your eyes blew wide as you tried to stutter out a lie but you knew he’d call me out on it.

“I-I think that something you should ask one of the boys. Like Stiles or Scott…” You swallowed and looked over at Peter and blushed, ducking your head before he could see.

“Can’t you just tell me?” Derek asked confused.

“Google it.” You huffed hiding your face behind your school books. You looked over the top of the books to see Derek with his phone out. OH MY GOD! You scream internally.

“YOUR GOOGLING IT NOW!?” You screeched your face turning a deeper shade of red, you dropped your books letting out a squeak.

“Why wouldn’t I? I need to kn-Is that porn?” Derek’s eyes went wide as he stared at his phone, Peter started laughing making Derek growl.

“You knew.” It wasn’t a question it was a fact.

“I may be old but I know what Tumblr is. Half of that site is pure filth.” Peter chuckled, his eyes drifting to you before smirking.

“If you knew why didn’t you tell me?” Derek snapped angrily.

“Because it was more fun this way.” Peter laughed as Derek stormed off to the Camaro, he turned to you then walked closer. He stopped directly in front of you when he bent down, his denim clad ass resting on the back of his heels. He looked up at you as he grabbed your books, he was right in front of your pussy probably able to smell the arousal rolling off you. You blushed and bit your lip as he slowly stood up so he was almost chest to chest with you. Your breath hitched as he leaned forward his lips brushing against your ear.

“See you later Y/N.” He whispered softly before handing your books to you and walking off.

You still hadn’t moved from your position, your legs felt weak. You could feel how he had affected you the evidence slowly soaking into your underwear. You let out a breath after five minute trying to calm myself down. He affected you in ways you’d never experienced, yet he hadn’t even done anything to you.


After getting home you decided to invited Lydia, Allison and Erica round for a sleep over. After turning 18 you left foster care and decided to buy a house with the money your deceased parents left you. It came in handy when the pack need a place to hang or plan for upcoming battles because there were no parents to deal with. Plus it made pack sleep overs easier. You ordered 2 large pizza’s and made sure you had popcorn and ice cream before hearing the door open and a bunch of chatter.

“So what was the reason for this ESR?” Lydia pursed her lips waiting for your response. ESR meant Emergency Sleepover Required. You guys had this code for whenever you needed each other.

“Peter Hale.” You huffed throwing myself on your king sized bed.

“You still haven’t made your move?” Erica laughed before flopping down next to you.

“He’s the sexy older bad boy! So no moves will ever be made.” You whined rolling over so you were on your back.

“What happened anyway?” Allison asked and she sat next to you.

“Derek came to asked me what NSFW meant. Peter was there and he knew exactly what it meant but didn’t speak up! God it was so embarrassing then he picked up my books that I dropped like a klutz but while he was down there, I almost died because he was about 15cm away from my goddam vagina!! When he started getting up he did it so slowly, I had dirty images flashing all up in my head! Then he whispered in my ear and I practically came in my pants!” You exclaimed my face flushed slightly as you spoke.

“Intense.” Lydia nodded, as she brushed through her hair.

“Seduce him.” Out of everyone you did not expect Allison to come out with this sentence and by the shocked faces neither did Erica or Lydia. You sent her with a questioning glance waiting for her to continue.

“Give yourself a makeover and seduce him.” Allison grinned her dimples appearing slowly.

“That’s actually not a bad idea. We could go shopping tomorrow!” Lydia added excitedly, her face glowing at the thought of shopping. Erica nodded in agreement before you sighed.

“Fine! Now enough about sexy older men! Pizza will be here soon.” You giggled and made your way downstairs.

For the rest of the night we enjoyed movies and ate to our hearts content. We gossiped about the boys and went to bed at quite early. When we woke up in the morning we decided to go for coffee at Starbucks before we went shopping.

You linked arms with Allison and Lydia did the same with Erica as you all made your way over to the first store. Coffee and credit cards in hand. Before long you had your arms filled with clothes to try on. You giggled as you made your way to the dressing room.

Your first outfit consisted of a suede, nude pink miniskirt, an off the shoulder white bodysuit and plain white peep toe heels.

You walked out and Erica wolf whistled at you making you chuckle. You did a little spin and Lydia looked at you as if something wasn’t sitting right with her.

“You need jewels.” Lydia finally spoke as she stood up and went to look at the jewellery section.

“A choker. Peter seem like the type to get turned on by something like that.” Erica snorted sarcastically before picking up a golden choker that curved round your neck but didn’t fasten. It also had a few gems in the middle making it look more feminine

“Oh yeah perfect! Next!” Lydia snapped clicking her fingers at you. You laughed and tried on the rest of the outfits by the time the last one came around you was tired but happy. You looked down at the last outfit and grinned. This was the one you had been looking forward to trying on since you started shopping. It was a pair of denim high waist skinnies, a long sleeved low cut black body suit, a maroon handbag and black ankle boots.

You wandered out the stall with a grin on your face the girls complimented you and told me you should wear this outfit today, you nodded and paid for everything. You linked with Erica and walked to the hairdressers. You told Lydia your hair was fine but she insisted on get a few high lights since it was summer. She also paid to get your makeup done making you sigh. You just hoped this worked otherwise all this money will have been wasted. Not that you don’t have money to blow but still as an ex foster child you know how hard life can be.

You looked at your freshly cut, washed and blow dried hair which had also been straightened, it looked nice your Y/H/C now felt brighter. You looked at your makeup, on your lips you wore a matte lipstick that was a similar color to your bag, and your eyes were a metallic brown in a smoky effect. It was all very dark but it looked perfect with your outfit.

“I called the boys and told them to meet us for lunch.” Lydia stated as you left the salon.

“Who’s coming?” You asked as you played with the ends of your freshly cut hair.

“Scott, Stiles, Jackson, Boyd, Derek, Isaac and Liam. Cory and Mason are on a date so they politely declined.” Lydia grinned then continued gushing on how cute mason and Cory were. You smiled as you saw the large table that contained the boys.

You sat down across from Stiles who was gawking, when you looked at the other boys they were gawking to except Derek, who just had wide eyes. You looked at Lydia with a panicked look thinking you looked bad. Before Lydia could open her mouth Stiles spoke up.

“I think I just popped a boner.” Everyone started laughing and you blushed slightly but chuckled as well. Derek glared at Stiles who quickly sat up straight.

“I mean…I love you Derek.” He grinned cheekily, before kissing Derek’s cheek telling him he was joking.

“Aww you guys are so cute!” You gushed resting your head on your hands. Derek blushed and mumbled something about not being cute. As each person looked at the menus you heard a throat clear making you look up to see Peter stood behind Derek. You blushed and looked back at your menu. You felt Allison nudge your knee with hers making you look at her. She motioned for you to sit up straight. You did as you were told and crossed my legs as you did so.

“Would you like to sit here Peter?” Allison asked politely as she got up to move.

“Thank you Allison.” Peter smirked and strolled over to the seat to your right. He sat down, his arms brushing against mine making you shiver involuntarily.

“You look nice Y/N.” He smirked down at you, his head resting on his left hand as he looked you up and down hungrily. Your thighs clenched as his voice reached your ears, shifting in your seat you looked at Erica for any kind of help. She smirked and motioned to your lips. You were confused at first but she bit her lips for emphasis making you nod lightly. You softly tucked my hair behind your ear and looked up at Peter.

“Thank you Peter.” You responded, your tone mildly flirty. You let out a soft giggle biting your lip lightly. His eyes immediately went to your lips, you watched as his jaw clenched his eyes narrowing slightly. You looked back to your menu before glancing up at Stiles who was smirking at you knowingly, you flushed and stared at him as he motioned to his phone. To anyone else it looked like he was just tapping his nails against his phone. You picked up my phone and looked at the new text you had.

Stile : In about five minute move your hair to left.

Me : Why

Stiles : Peter has a neck fetish.

Me : Not sure I wanna know how you know that. But Thanks babe.

You waited about five minutes after you ordered and moved your hair over your left shoulder and continued to Derek about how school. You glanced at Stiles whose eyes were presumably on Peter. He nearly laughed but quickly covered it up with cough. He looked at me and nodded slightly you giggled making Isaac and Derek look up at you. You quickly covered your mouth lightly. Making sure you didn’t smudge your lipstick.

“You know what I don’t wanna know.” Derek grunted before looking to the waiter who was slowly bringing out everyones food. You were halfway through your pasta salad when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You took it out and looked at the new text.

Derek : ‘Accidentally’ bump your foot against his leg.

Derek : And if you ever tell anyone I gave you help on how to seduce my uncle I’ll rip your throat out…with my teeth.

You grinned at the texts and shot a moody looking Derek a thankful smile. He nodded and went back to eating as he listened to Stiles. You continued eating, when you all ordered coffee and cake you glanced at Peter who was talking to Jackson about something. You tuned in to the conversation and waited for the perfect opportunity.

“Yes but basketball is a man’s sport. Lacrosse…not so much.” Peter said as he drank his coffee.

“Yeah whatever older man.” Jackson snorted before kissing Lydia’s temple.

“I’m not th-” He didn’t finish his sentence because you brushed your foot against his calf. You continued to talk to Isaac about the new movie he wanted to see.

“You’re not what?” Jackson chuckled as he drank if iced coffee.

“He was going to say he’s not that old.” You smirked as you turned to the boys.

“Yes. I was.” He responded stiffly as your foot ran up his calf.

After dinner you all made our way to the parking lot, the girls and you got to Lydia’s car but you were stopped by a strained voice.

“I’ll drive Y/N home girls.”

Peter’s eyes narrowed at you not waiting for the girls to respond he walked over to his car. You followed after looking back at the smirking girls. You stopped at the car as Peter open the door for you. You smiled at him, thank him before getting into the car. The ride was silent and it crossed your mind that maybe your plan hadn’t worked. You looked out the window contemplating what went wrong by the time you arrived at yours, you had lost all your confidence. You plucked up the last bit of courage and turn to Peter who had dutifully walked you to your door.

“Would you like to come in for coffee?” You asked softly trying to appear confident. Peter nodded and followed you in but as soon as the door closed behind him you were thrown against it.

“Did you really think you’d get away with teasing me?” Peter growled, his nose touching yours. His lips less than 2 inches away, you stared at him wide eyed before realising your plan did work. You bit your lip letting out a little giggle.

“Oh this is funny is it?” He whispered against your lips, you shivered slightly but maintained your smile. You nodded and looked up at him through your lashes seductively.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” His body pressed against yours as his left hand made its way around your waist. You gasped as he spun you round. You reached out your hands automatically slamming against the door. He gripped your hips tightly pulling you against his apparently rock hard dick. You whimpered and pushed back into him. He groaned softly before moving his right hand up your torso agonizingly slow.

“P-Peter please…” You pleaded grinding you ass against his member.

“Please what baby? What does my little seductive Kitten want?” He whispered in your ear making you shiver. You leaned your head against his chest and spoke.

“Bed..” You moaned as his hands ghosted across your breasts before quickly continuing to your neck.

He turned you round and picked you up wrapping your legs around him. You looked into his eyes before smashing your lips against his. Your body melted against his as he licked and bit at your lips slowly working his tongue past your teeth. He explored every crease of your mouth, you were enjoying the kiss that much you barely registered you were on my bed. He pinned your hands above your head, working his way down your neck kissing and biting his way down to your breasts. He moved the material out the way and kissed your uncovered nipple before circling his tongue round it. You let out a soft moan as he moved his attention to the other, you dug your nails into his shoulders making him growl.

“Peter please…T-Too many clothes…” You whimpered clawing at his top.

“Okay Kitten let’s get rid of these clothes.” Peter responded softly trying to sooth you. After he removed both your clothes he stood and stared down at you, prompting you to quickly cover your pussy, embarrassed by the staring. Peter crawled onto the bed and eased your hands away.

“You’re beautiful Kitten you don’t need to hide anything from me.” He reassured and began to kiss down your stomach. You watched as he slowly made his way to my bare pussy. He spread your legs further making you blush. His hot breath fanned across me causing you to whimper in anticipation. Your hands gripped the sheets beneath as he finally pulled your lips gently apart and took an experimental lick.

“God you taste amazing..” He purred as he finally began attack your pussy with soft nibbles and licks. You bit lip painfully trying to hold back my moans. His tongue pushed into you slightly and you lost it you couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

“Oh god…P-Peter Mmm..Fuck!” You screamed, your hand making their way to his hair tugging at it slightly. He pulled away and grinned at you like you were his prey.

“Do you wanna cum now or do you want me to fuck your orgasm out of you Kitten?” He whispered against your pussy making your back arch slightly.

“W-Want you to fuck it out of me…P-Please?” I knew I sound desperate begging like a child who wanted more candy but I had waited too long for this to happen.

“Okay baby don’t worry…I’ll take care of you.” He got off the bed after giving you a kiss on the forehead, he made his way to his jeans and took out his wallet. He rummaged through it and quickly pulled out a condom. He knelt back on the bed about to open it when you whined grabbing his attention. You shook your head and he look at you uncertain for a second.

“I’m on the pill…I-I wanna feel a-all of you…” You bit my lip hoping he’d agree, you’d waited too long for this and you didn’t want that barrier.

“Okay Kitten…I want you to tell me it I get to rough okay. I don’t wanna hurt you.” However the idea of Peter getting rough only served to turn you on more but you nodded anyway and spread your legs in invitation making him groan as he fisted his cock. Dear god he was big at least 9 inches, it made you wonder if he would fit.

He crawled over to you pressing a passionate yet sweet kiss to your lips before nudging your entrance. You let out a little sob thrusting upwards making his tip push in, he growled before slamming in the rest of the way with a firm thrust. You screamed out in pain and pleasure, burying your head into his shoulder, clinging to him like he was your life line. After a minute I felt the pain subside, you wiggled your hips experimentally. You whimpered and thrust up once again this time with more force.

“S-Shit Y/N don’t do that.” He groaned.

“Jesus Kitten you feel so good.” Peter added his jaw clench it restraint. After calming down a little he decidedly took control of the situation, pulling out almost completely before thrusting back into you roughly. Your nails dug into his bare back making his thrust before faster.

“Oh s-shit! Faster..” You screamed as he sucked a bruise into your neck, his growls getting slightly more feral which only served to bring you closer to your end. You felt the pit in your stomach making you pull back and look into Peter’s eyes.

“P-Peter…so close…” You whimpered your eyes tearing up from the amount of pleasure you were feeling.

“M-Me too Kitten.” He panted softly his right hand intertwining with yours, he leant down and kissed you with so much emotion, you felt your stomach coil tighter and you moaned against his lips. He pulled back and whispered in your ear.

“Cum for me Kitten.” Everything unravelled, his name leaving your lips as you fell over the edge.

“Fuck…Y/N!” Peter growled into your ear as he followed moments after.

After a few minutes of panting and gathering ourselves Peter pulled out and got off the bed and grabbed his boxers. You looked over at him realising he was about to leave, your eyes starting watering, a tiny barely audible whine escaped your lips which made him turn round faster than you’d ever seen him move. He looked at you with worry in his eyes.

“Hey, baby what the matter?” He questioned urgently his voice softer than you’d ever heard. He got back onto the bed and took your face in his hands, wiping away the tears.

“Y-You’re leaving…” I sniffled.

“Woah Y/N I’m not leaving honey. I’m going to get a cloth to clean you up then get you a drink.” He said softly making you look him into his eyes.

“R-Really?” You asked hopefully trying to blink the tears away.

“I promise now wait here and I’ll be back okay.” He kissed your lips softly before moving and going to get what he needed.

After he’d wiped to down and given you a drink of water he rummaged through your drawers and found you a pair of comfortable undies then passed them too you along with the V neck he was wearing before. You smiled softly as he got into bed and pulled your body against his. You stared out the window at the stars.

“Goodnight Kitten.” You heard Peter whispered behind your ear.

“Night Peter.” You responded before letting your eyes drift closed happier than you’d been in forever,

That’s what Friends are for.

“I Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love”

Request: Hey love :) I hope I can give you an idea for an imagine. You and buck live together in his Apartment in Bucharest and you’re really happy but he feels bad one day cause he can’t give you a better live. Then later that day you prepare something romantic and you cuddle together while you reassure him how much you love him and that you wouldn’t want another life. Sooo he feels better and you even share a Little make-out session but it’s mostly cuddling that night and just fluff? :)

Warnings: angst, then fluff, drunk driving situation

Word Count: 1877

A/N: one of four requests! hopefully this is what you wanted! i might have veered a little. i will work on the other ones this week! if you wanna be on my taglist shoot me an ask! please leave feedback. dont drive when youve been drinking. the title comes from “I Cant Help Falling In Love With You” originally by Elvis but my favorite version is by Haley Reinhart

Originally posted by v-writings

She moved to Bucharest after she lost everything. She needed a fresh start. Y/N never knew that fresh start would involve falling in love with a kind-hearted ex assassin. James Buchanan Barnes, that beautiful bastard. He was everything Y/N had ever dreamed in a man. He was the man a father would love for his daughter to have. Too bad Bucky didn’t see that.

Her parents were killed in a car accident along with her little brother, he was only ten years old. A drunk driver ran a red light and crashed directly into their car. That night she lost everything that ever mattered to her. She sold everything she owned, her bakery included. She backed the few things she had and bought a plane ticket out of the only state and country she had ever known.

Bucharest, Romania, the place she picked to start her new life. She didn’t speak Romanian and she had no idea around the city, but it’s exactly what she needed. She wanted the refreshing feeling of learning new things and meeting new people. No one here would look at her with pity or sympathy. She was just an all-American girl looking for her own happy ending.

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Stumbling Across Velaris

For @arabella719 Thank you for the kind words, I loved writing this!

Based on prompt request “Hi, i was hoping you could do some Elriel stuff (possibly fic if u feel like it), maybe a modern au ( or canon Velaris)  where they go on a date in the city, and nothing goes according to plan, but they have tons of fun none the less, and like the spontaneity. then one comforts the other saying they had a great time despite all the twists and turns, and it sure was memorable.

- - - - - - -

To say that Azriel was nervous was a gross understatement. In his five centuries of existence he had never taken a girl on a date. Rhys laughed himself hoarse when Azriel had confessed he had no idea what to plan or even expect. Oh and plan he did. He was fairly certain implementing strategies of battle was far easier than planning a day full of orchestrated events around Velaris.

Their day was to start with brunch at a favorite bistro of Rhys’s. Followed by a private tour of the botanical gardens. He had no idea that such gardens existed. He then booked dinner at a known high scale restaurant followed with tickets to one of Cassian’s favorite musicals.  

When he told Nuala what the plans of the day were, it was the first time he feared for his life. She mumbled many obscenities under her breath, he was sure he caught clueless male and this is worse than Rhys requesting that Feyre looking like a regal whore.

After his encounter with Nuala he almost cancelled, but this was Elain. He barely slept the entire night thinking this was his one chance and after years of maintaining spy networks he was not going to fail pulling off a single date.  

The next morning he was dressed in his typical black. He was almost ready to pick up Elain, at least he thought he was before Nuala turned his ass around instructing him to wear any color other than black. He almost panicked, that was the only color he owned, and for the same reason as Rhys he wore black to conceal the shadows. His jaw dropped as Nuala dressed him in a charcoal tunic, perfectly cut to his frame.

Azriel knew that had not been in his closet this morning. He was more surprised when he noticed that the charcoal brought out not only the cobalt in his siphons but his hazel eyes became his defining facial feature. Whoever was Nuala’s designer, they were good (years later Feyre would let it slip that Rhys was Nuala’s secret designer).

Finally he was ready to pick up Elain. His palms were sweating as he knocked on the door of the town house. He knew Elain was beautiful but today she was stunning. The jewel-toned cobalt dress brought out the warmth of her brown eyes. Nuala had done her job well, they looked like a perfectly matched pair.

After the normal pleasantries their date had started.  He led them through the city only to learn that the bistro was closed for remodeling. Actually the whole row of restaurants and shops in this row were closed for remodeling. Azriel cursed under his breath as Elain giggled at the situation. “It’s fine, let’s walk until we find someplace else to eat.”

They walked and chatted until they found a little bistro. In his nervousness he missed all the signs that the bistro was not for them. Their blends were not of the coffee sort, more of the blood sort. Luckily the barista already knew that high fae and Illyrians typically did not drink blood and pointed them across the street. Two simple lattes and blueberry muffins later they were on their way to the private tour of the gardens.

Azriel should have known that the next part of the date was also going to be a failure when the curator was waiting outside for them. Something about a sudden infestation of spider mites that they needed to quarantine, the gardens were closed until further notice. He had no idea what a spider mite was, but he knew what a mite was and he like all Illyrians hated spiders. Elain laughed herself hoarse when she learned that it was not just Rhys that feared the eight legged horrors the cauldron created. As they walked towards the city palaces, Azriel was surprised by the mischievous grin on Elain’s face.

Before he could stop himself, “what are you planning?”

“Oh, just how exactly I am going to blackmail Cassian.”

“What exactly are you going to blackmail him with?”

“Could you imagine what havoc that will be wreaked when Nesta learns of Cassian’s fear of spiders?”

They laughed and talked as they strolled through the palaces waiting for the dinner reservation. Oh yes the dinner reservation he had gotten wrong. He thought their reservation was at 5:30, no it was a 7:30, the same time as the musical.

Elain laughed it off and said that they could go to Eliza’s their typical restaurant, Eliza would always make room for them and she did. Fully stuffed full of wine and food, they ventured to the theater.

Azriel loosened a breath as they took their seats. Finally, finally the cauldron blessed him with something that went right. So he thought, Mother’s tits he was going to kill Cassian. He was sure he told him it was a date, a date with Elain. Human born and conservative Elain. He quickly sent a shadow to Rhys, he signed in relief as his brother responded opening that bridge between them Cassian suggested Cabaret, can you fake a work emergency? His brother merely laughed and wished him the best of luck.

After the play they quietly walked back to the town house. As they reached the door, Elain turned to him “Thank you for a lovely day.”

Azriel knew she was being polite, this date had been a disaster. 

- - - - - - -

Years later cuddling in front of their fireplace they would laugh at the memories of that very first date. Even though nothing went the way Azriel had planned, it still held a special place in her heart because it was the first day that she knew she would heal. That night as they walked home he missed that she had taken off the iron ring she had worn and opened her heart to him.

anonymous asked:

Ah, ok! I'd love to read your version of Frank buying lingerie for his s/o. It's the first time he's done anything like this since buying it for Maria and I can hear his heart breaking but also wanting to move forward. Angsty smutty and soft Frank is my favorite. If you're up to it, I appreciate it! Thank you so much for feeding into the Frank thirst trap ❤️❤️

Anon, here it is!  I didn’t follow it exactly, but I still kept it close so I apologize if it wasn’t what you were looking for :/    This is my first time writing a fic based on a request and my first time posting my writing on tumblr so gahhhh, let’s do this! 


Jesus Christ, his hands felt clammy. He can face a gang of gun-toting drug suppliers with a bloody smile, but the idea of walking into a lingerie store makes him feel like a goddamn teenager about to ask his crush to prom.

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27 Dresses (Epilogue)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – Fluff!!

Word Count – 1,516

Notes –   So, the ladies at @stories-from-stark-tower extended the deadline for the Movie Challenge indefinitely, so I decided I needed some more closure with this fic.  Also, I feel really guilty for the way I wrote Nat.  I kinda wish I’d left Tess as her sister and worked Nat in somewhere else!  So, with that being said, this part is for Nat, please forgive me, my beautiful Russian Doll!!!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!”

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

Series Masterlist


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You waited for Bucky to stop talking before you grabbed his shirt and pulled him toward you.  His shock wore off quickly as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him.  You poured all of your emotions into that kiss, but you knew it wouldn’t be enough.

You reluctantly pushed yourself away from him, moving away just enough to look into his eyes.  “I love you, Bucky.”

“I kinda like it when you call me James,” he teased as you halfheartedly smacked his arm.  “I’m kidding!  I’m kidding! Seriously, though, I love you too, (Y/N).”

Bucky swept you into his arms, his lips finding yours again as he carried you toward his bedroom.


1 Year Later

You sat on the slightly uncomfortable settee in Vandall’s as you waited for Nat to come out of the dressing room.

“What’s taking her so long?” Sharon whined from her seat beside you, boredom causing her to fidget in her seat. “Wasn’t she able to change clothes in like 10 seconds when she was a model?”

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I Like You a Latte

Commission for @strawberrysweetlove35! I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for commissioning me!

pairing: jerza, with little bits of gajevy

prompt: coffee shop au with pickup lines

rating: k

word count: 1366

characters: jellal, erza, gajeel, levy

Every morning was the same. Jellal would hand the caffeinated to the groggy, grouchy customer and go back to making the coffee for the next one. It was mundane and dull, but Jellal somewhat liked it that way. He enjoyed busy work and keeping to himself. He never liked being out in the open or the center of attention.

This morning, however, was different. And that was because she came in.

Ignoring everything other than the strawberry cake in the display, she intently stared at the decadent dessert that was made early that morning. Jellal was instantly struck by Cupid’s arrow as her mouth upturned into a beautiful smile. Her red hair flowed in long layers down her back, and it was the color of those strawberries she was drooling over.

Despite being quiet, he knew he had to approach her. This may be his only chance to talk to the woman he had just fallen in like with.

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anonymous asked:

Last ep Iris said that she used to think she was the only one who didn't get the Flash, so maybe a fic of Barry showing her just how much of the Flash she gets? :P

omg nonnie, this was probably the most fun I’ve had writing a prompt. Thank you for this AWESOME idea. i reallllly hope you like it. (note – it’s smutty as hell soooo …. YEAH, ENJOY :)

you can also read/save this on AO3.

The thing about words are that they can’t be unsaid; they burrow into the hollow of one’s soul, finding purchase in uncertainty. They twist at and pull and gnarl the strings of it, leaving behind a patchwork web of hurts that just don’t heal right.

Sometimes it feels like the Flash is this guy my boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people. Like I’m the only one who doesn’t get the Flash. He felt separate from you.

She’d finished her declaration with the truth — that she loved him, all of him. But there was something … off about Barry, now. Something she couldn’t quite place.

Sure, they were happy enough. Cooking dinners together was still a delight, with him sneaking up behind her to add bits of seasoning or pepper her neck with warm, distracting kisses; their Tuesday movie night was a blast, full of sugar highs from dollar store candy and debates over whether Sam needed to carry Frodo up Mount Doom or not; Wednesday night was full of throaty moans and warm flesh pressed against various surfaces — the kitchen table, couch cushions, cool glass of the patio doors — as Iris’ third orgasm rocked through her, spiraling around Barry’s needy thrusting and harsh breathing.

She’d never known this kind of blissful happiness. But her earlier words lingered between them somehow; they folded themselves into the way he eyed her, green gaze molten with worry.

So on the night of the annual Central City Charity Gala, Iris thought she might ease the tension by inviting him to paint the town with her.

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That Place in the Fields(A Richonne AU short story)

  That Place in the Fields
He could see her in the distance across the expansive field that separated their houses. Michonne’s smile was visible even with her so far away. A heat wave had hit Georgia, and the devil himself was torching the air around them. Rick wiped beads of sweat off of his forehead. The blades of grass on the ground did not move a bit; there was no breeze to cool anything down. He put his hands up like a sun visor to cover his eyes, the sunlight was blaring out.

“Hey there, Rick,” she said with a bright smile. He loved that smile. Dreaming about that smile got him through some difficult nights. Michonne had went away for two years to live in South Africa. She had just returned home for the summer, and decided to move back in with her parents. Rick had a similar situation, but for different reasons.

“Hey, ‘Chonnie, what’s going on?” Rick said leaning against the banister. He didn’t have his shirt on, just some blue jean shorts. Could you blame him? It was just so depressingly hot  outside. He was a bit bronzed by the rays of sunlight that dispersed all over his bare chest, arms, and back. The sweat made him glisten like a Grecian statue. Michonne shaded her eyes as well, looking up at Rick.

“Not much. Bored as hell. My parents went to the big mall in Atlanta, but I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to sit in the car while they argued over directions.” Rick laughed. Whenever her parents took them to the mall when they were in high school, they always argued on the way there, and made heart eyes on the way back. He always thought they were the coolest people ever. “What are you getting into today?” Michonne added.

“I’m feeling the same way you are. Bored. I’m a bit restless, so I had to come outside and get some fresh air, even in the devil’s heat.” Rick said walking towards the steps. “You wanna come inside? I got some tea and lemonade. I’m pretty sure we can find ourselves some great show to binge watch.”

He raised his hand waving her up the stairs. “Come on, ‘Chonnie.” She still looked the same he thought as she ascended the few steps to his wrap around porch. Her locs were a little longer, he noticed, as she walked up the stairs. They were mid way down her back now.

She apparently was hot as well.  Droplets of sweat appeared over her brows and she used the back of her hand to wipe it away. Some droplets formed in the area above her cleavage, rolling down tantalizingly between her breasts where they disappeared into her purple tank top. Her shorts were frayed at the bottom and sat just below her round ass.

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@miraculoussparrow​ requested more information about an Animorphs and Wicked fic I speculated about a while ago.  My idle thoughts turned into a whole mini-fusion, so here’s part one of two—I divided it in half for the sake of sanity.  [You do not have to be familiar with Wicked to follow, although I do recommend the soundtrack strongly.] 

No One Mourns the Wicked
Some small part of Cassie is perversely grateful when she steps up to the podium at Rachel’s funeral and never gets the chance to utter a single word.  She’s already choking on fear, desperate to get this right and devastated by the knowledge she won’t be able to—and then she’s drowned out by the sudden and devastating poppoppoppopBANG of fireworks that rattles the graveyard with a horror of sound.  

Someone, somewhere across town is having a parade.  Because of course.  Because the war’s over, and this is a happy occasion.  She can hear them singing, in the silence left between explosions.  The graveyard itself is silent, the mourners shellshocked into stillness.  

Later she’ll stumble away into the city, tear-blind, inadequate eulogy a crumpled wad of paper in her pocket, and a total stranger will pull her into a hug so suddenly she starts morphing in surprise.  After she registers what the woman is saying—it’s a babbled string of gratitude and joy, nearly incoherent—she pulls away more gently.  Later that night someone will thrust a bottle of wine into her hands; someone else will gently place a pileus on her head.  Five more total strangers will shake her hand; sixteen will recognize her long enough to shout thanks or praise.  It’s the single largest celebration their small city has ever seen.  

Surrounded on all sides by singing and clapping, wearing a crown of yellow flowers she doesn’t remember receiving, Cassie thinks back to the last sight she saw before leaving the graveyard.  Jake was silhouetted against the last light of dusk, shoulders hunched and shaking as he stood over the far headstone two rows down from Rachel’s, smaller and unadorned but part of the Berenson family plot all the same.  They both deserve better than this gaudy horrorshow.  All of them do.  

One Short Day
The first time Cassie suspected that girl Rachel she knew from camp was going to be her best friend, they were on the playground in third grade.  Rachel had marched over to where a fifth-grade boy was making fun of Cassie’s shoes to shove her face up against the older boy’s.  “Yeah, Cassie’s got old sneakers,” she said brazenly. “So what?”  

Amazing the power of those words, so what, to shut down anyone who criticized their clothes or their voices or anything about them.  Cassie never learned to say them with the confidence that Rachel used, but she learned to hold her head up high all the same.  

Rachel was the one who taught Cassie about the sheer power that came with not caring—or at least appearing not to care—what other people thought.  They were both weird, both not quite perfectly aligned with what the other girls in their class thought they should be.  Rachel kicked all the boys’ butts at soccer in gym class and shouted out correct answers without bothering to raise her hand, even though girls were supposed to scorn sports and wait their turn before speaking.  Cassie wore jeans with bird poop and cared more about equestrian health standards than My Little Pony dolls, even though she was supposed to wear pink dresses and fantasize about horses without actually owning any.  The thing was, Rachel could get away with being the wrong kind of girl, because she was joyous and unapologetic in her rebellion, able to laugh in the face of anyone who had a problem with the way she acted.  Cassie could get away with it too, because when you were friends with Rachel there was pride rather than shame in standing out from the crowd.

What is This Feeling?
Dearest Daddy and Mom, Rachel wrote in her best penmanship.  (Given that she was seven years old, the best that can be said is that it was legible.)  Sleepaway camp has a lot of fun things.  Today I made a friendship bracelet and learned how to tie a knot.  The only thing is my bunkmate.  Here, Rachel chewed on her pen in thought, trying to come up with a way to describe the weird girl with the overalls and the boyishly short hair without being mean.  It wasn’t like there was anything wrong with Cassie, after all.  She just didn’t know anything about Limited Too or Boys 2 Men or Nintendo.  And she had the weirdest stories.  She’s weird, and her clothes are awful, but she’s the best in camp at woodcrafts which is dumb, Rachel wrote at last.  I miss you guys.  Please write back.

Hi Dad, Cassie scribbled on camp stationary.  I hope you and Cinnamon and Misty and Star and Blaze and all the other horses and the sick crow and the baby foxes and also Mom are all good.  I am not good.  Camp is stupid.  Our cabin leader is super old, like 15 or 16, but she STILL doesn’t know the difference between ash leaves and elm leaves.  My bunkmate is the stupidest part.  She thinks ponies are a type of horse and paints her nails before we go pick up bugs in the woods and wears dresses on the jungle gym.  She brought 5 pairs of sandals to camp and wears more hair clips than anyone I ever saw.  Just because she’s the best in camp at gymnastics doesn’t mean I like her.  Please please please please please please please come pick me up.

Walter didn’t come to pick Cassie up, and good thing too: later that week she and Rachel beat every single other pair of bunkmates at the Nature Fun Time Obstacle Course, working together to rush through the activities (and across the rope bridge, and underneath the zip line, and all over the Fun Facts Path) in record time.  They won tickets to free ice cream at a shop downtown for the entire summer.  But it meant far more to Cassie when Rachel ran up on their last day, friendship bracelet in hand, and tied it around Cassie’s wrist.  

For Good
Cassie always knew that Crayak would find a way to get revenge against Rachel and Jake for the way they’d hurt him.  She just never imagined it would come like this: the sharp whistle of a rock in the air followed by a hideous wet crunch of gristle and bone.  She never knew the fallout could be this bad, Rachel’s skin so pale it has gone a dull grey color except for the places on her hands where David’s blood seeped between her fingers.  Rachel came out of the warehouse silent and shaking, and Cassie couldn’t find it in herself to say anything.  

Not until, a hundred yards down the sidewalk, Rachel drew a sharp breath and started crying in near-silence.

“You’re right about me,” Cassie blurted, for something to say.  “I’m not strong enough.  I can’t do it.  I can’t be like you.  I’m sorry.”

Rachel whirled around, grabbing Cassie by the arm.  “That’s a good thing.  Don’t be sorry.  People like me would be nothing without people like you.”  She shook herself off.  “No.  Worse.  Without you…”  She made a sharp gesture back to the warehouse.  “I’d be him.”  

“That’s not…”

“I know myself.”  She barked a laugh.  “You’re the only reason I’m still a halfway decent person.”  

Cassie did her best not to notice the splotch of David’s blood that had transferred to her arm.  “You realize it goes both ways, right?  Without you, I’d have quit years ago and left the rest of you to die.”  

Thank Goodness
People cry during weddings, Cassie reminds herself.  It’s perfectly normal to be crying on her wedding day.  So what if she happens to be crying for entirely the wrong reason?  

It’s the dress.  It’s the long cakelike frills of the dress and it’s the fact that when she looked in the mirror after the stylist was done with her veil, all she could think of was what Rachel would say to see her so swankified.  It’s the way that Ronnie is so patient and kind and loving, so willing to wake Cassie from nightmares and hold her close every year on Christmas, on Victory-Earth Day, on the anniversary of the date Marco and the others were officially declared Missing Presumed Dead.  It’s the fact that he is so good to her, in a way no one else ever has been… and she still can’t bring herself to love him.

Ronnie has never lost patience, has never stopped being devoted and sweet.  He’s also never killed someone to save her life.  He’s never stood shoulder-to-shoulder and flank-to-flank with her as they marched into battle.  He’s never committed a terrible crime so that Cassie herself wouldn’t have to, and he’ll never know the terrible crimes Cassie herself has had to commit anyway.  

He never tore a piece of her heart out, either.  He never went and died on her because she couldn’t find the words to keep him here.  

Cassie lowers her veil to hide her tears, and she picks up her bouquet.  She’s as ready as she’ll ever be.

Not That Girl
“And then,” Rachel said, “he showed me this spot downtown where they’re putting new tar down on a parking lot, and my god.”  She whistled between her teeth.  “You can just coast up and up until you’re miles off the ground, and then you dive… And he just figured this out, all on his own.  He’s, like, some kind of genius at this.”

Cassie shifted to a more comfortable position on the end of her bed, trying to look like she was enjoying this conversation.  She got it, really she did.  Tobias had those big soft eyes—well, sometimes—and that sharp sense of humor and that knack for picking up new skills on the fly… He was sweet but also practical, melancholy but willing to be sarcastic too.

It didn’t stop her from wanting to cry sometimes when Rachel talked about him.

“Anyway, how are you and Jake?” Rachel asked, flopping over in her sleeping bag to look Cassie in the eye.

Cassie laughed, looking down.  She and Jake were experimenting.  Feeling each other out.  Hoping for a spark that would probably never come.  They were friends, and she loved him as a friend, but… But she wanted what she couldn’t have.

Because if she had it her way, Jake wouldn’t be the one who held her hand and tried to work up the nerve to kiss her goodnight.  Tobias wouldn’t be the one that put that starry-eyed smile on Rachel’s face.  Rachel wouldn’t be on the floor during their sleepovers, she’d be right next to Cassie in the bed—

“Enough about boys,” Cassie said quickly, shocked by the direction of her own thoughts.  “You want to go get some of my dad’s hot chocolate with chili powder?”  

The Wizard and I
During the war, sometimes, Cassie would think back to the call she got late one night in eighth grade.  Rachel had been almost laughing as she spoke, enthusiasm bubbling through in every word.  It took Cassie a while to parse what Rachel was talking about, but finally she figured it out: Melissa’s dad had given them the number of this new organization in town, and the new organization was willing to sponsor any young athletes who joined it.  

Sponsor, in this case, meant just about anything.  Mr. Chapman had assured them that student athletes who joined the Sharing could access its full resources for buying uniforms, connecting to coaches, and even meeting the big names in the field.  (“Dominique Dawes!  Amy Chow! Kerri Strug!” Rachel said, and Cassie made noises of agreement like these names meant anything at all.)  She might not have understood some of what Rachel was gushing about with competition levels and professional trainers, but she found herself grinning anyway.  It was always so cool to hear how amped Rachel got about everything from sales at Express to WNBA results, because Rachel was the kind of person who could make anything brighter or more special with the way she saw it.

They’d taken a shortcut home through the construction site the very next night.  Cassie thought of that phone call, sometimes, as the last time their future had been clear and bright and easily understood.  

You're My Home~Namjoon {Rap Monster}

Requested: No

Type: Fluff

Word Count: 3828

What did I do!?!

Originally posted by bangthebae

It was a simple morning, sitting at the window of the coffee shop you went to every day. It was a nice, and quiet, most of the time. Today multiple groups of people came in with their friends. Leading to it being louder then it’s ever been. Your music full blast couldn’t even block out the noise around you. You felt nervous as you tug at you sweater sleves feeling more and more nervous as more people sat around you.

Suddenly someone sat in front of you. Your eyes glance up to see a boy with bleached blonde hair, he was in a sweatshirt and from what you could assume jeans. He held a cup of coffee in his hands as he smiles at you. He look to you phone to see a book opened up on it. “What are you reading?” He asked ince he saw you took in of your earbuds out. His voice was a bit raspy as he spoke.

“Uhh, something my mom requested…why are you here?”

“It’s a coffee shop.” He replied with a smile on his face. Letting you lip roll between your teeth you couldn’t help but roll your eyes, shake your head and let out a small giggle.

“Really? I had no idea.” You said going along with his lame conversation starter.

“Yeah, and they make a mean hot chocolate. They also have this really pretty girl who sits in the best spot, at the back next to a bay window. You’ve probably seen her.” He smiles aa he looks up at you, seeing the blush rising on your cheeks he couldn’t help the smile that pops up as he looks at you.

“I don’t think I have.”

“Really, because she gets hot chocolate everyday, other then mondays. I think she gets some type of iced coffee, and she’s always reading somthing.” He pauses again and looks up at you, he runs his hand through his hair, “I just want to put a name to the face.”

“You sound like a creepy stalker.” You giggle making the boy in front of you groan as he held his hand over his face.

“I realized it a little to late….Namjoon.” he mumbled moving his hand to look at you.


~8 months after meeting eachother~

A smile on your face as you hand was tightly wrapped in a larger, stronger one. Namjoom and you grew closer, and soon enough coffee dates became offen, till he asked you to be his girlfriend. Leading to every other morning in the coffee shop you met at. Sitting at the table he found you at, hands togther as,you sit across from eachother. You were nervous around him still, but it was easier then before. Looking up you see his eyes on a hard copy of a book you two were reading.

“What chapter are you on?” You asked placing yours down as you let your thumb graze over his knuckles.

“Uhhh…27.” He mumbled looking up at you with a smile, you let out a small groan aa you shook your head.

“I need to rant about a part, and you are ten chapters behind me, babe read faster.”

“I would if you stop talking.” Ripping your hand from his you cross your arms and groan at him again.“Child.”

“Slow reader. God why does my boyfriend have to be so slow. ”

“That isn’t nice.”

“When am I nice,Namjoonie.”

“Don’t call me that.” He grumbled slowly shutting the book and placing it on the table. He was looking at you with a soft glare, a playful one. Soon you felt a lick under the table making you rise your eyebrow.

“And I’m the child.” He gets up from his spot and dit next to you, you breath caught in your throat as he cups you face. “Namjoon.” You numbled makimg hims smile as he pecked you lips.

“Y/N,my roomate is throwing a party tonight for his birthday…please come with me.” He asked making you glup as he gave you his puppy dog eyes, ones he knew would win you over.

“Uhhh…I guess.” Your lips where then smashed against his ashis arms wrap around you waist yous falling to his neck. It was awkward  way to kiss him, due to you both sitting in diffrent chairs and not being able to fully face eachother. But it felt the same, full of passion, love and just the feeling a safety. “I’m no wearing a dress.”

“Deal.” Pulling away from.on another he stood up and grabbed his book, and his hot chocolate. You doing the same as you open your bag to hold the books. Walking out with smiles as he holds your hand and swings them. “Wear thoese jeans you wore on our first movie date…” he mumbled making you laugh, they were tightly fitted and shapped your body perfectly.

“Oh and the crop top too?” I question making he stop and shake his head, no’s leaving his lips as he pulled you to him.

“Baby you are hot, too hot. You are not wearing that crop top to my friends birthday party…how about that one button down.” He mumbled trying to rember what clothing of yours he’s seen.

“The one with the lacy, cut open back?”

“Yeah, that one. Sexy but modest.” He mumbled as you begin to walk again, you lean your head against his shoulder as you sip at your drink.


“No heels.”

“Fuck that.” You said making him laugh, his lips press against your fourehead.

“Wait what color isthat shirt?”

“Dark blue with black lace, why?” You mumbled when you stop at your complex, he follows you as you lead him. He couldn’t help but smile, this his thrid your home and he loved how comfortable you’ve become around him.

“Just wondering.” He replied as you finally walk into your small apartment. It was cozy, and small rooms flowing togther, clothes tossed here and there. It fit you.

“Well kay, what time is the party?”

“It starts at 8…I’ll pick you up at like 7:45ish?” He questions you as you take his now empty cup and toss it. Sitting down on you bed you follow. But he has other plans, pulling you into his lap, your thighs in either side of him. Lets outt a small gasp you hit his shoulder playfully. “Hey!”


“Don’t be violent.” He mumbled, leaning up to capture you lips with his. As he pulls away his eyes look to a callender seeing a day circled on it in a bright pink. “What’s that?” He questions standing your legs now wrapped around his waist. You let out agiggle as your arm wrap around his neck.  “This isn’t the right month or year jaygi….” he mumbled making you blush.

“It was the day I met you.”

Later that day you were dressed in the outfit you and your boyfriend spoke about when a knock on your door made you grin. Rushing to it, there stood you bleach blonde boyfriend, his hair now a purple and his blue shirt matching your blue one. “Your…hair.” you mumbled making him laugh as he ran his hand through it.

“Does it look stupid. Yoongi said it looked a bit stupid…’s just you always said to do a purple so I-”

“Shut it. It looks great.” You mumbled leaning up and capturing his lips with yours. “You are matching with me?”

“Uhh yeah. Another reason why the crop top wouldn’t work…I don’t own neon pink.” Letting out a giggle you grab your keys to lock your door behind you two. Walking out you see his car as you pull your phone out while still in the light of your building. Taking a picture he couldn’t help but groan. “Y/N I look horrible in purple.” He complained making you shake his head as he begin to walk to the cat, you jump on his back the best you could as you repeat no’s.

“You look fucking hot. Shut up.”

At the party you couldn’t help but notice how small the group of people was, 20 at most. It was nice.  But also nerve racking as you met his friends officially for the first time.

~1 year after meeting eachother~

“Move in with me.” He whispered to you as his hands moves up and down your nacked back, the morning sun going through your curtains. Your eyes were still such at you humm in a response. “What was that?”

“Why not.” You grumbled opening one your eyes.

“God I love you.” Freezing at the three words that fell out of his mouth so easily. Sitting up in your arms you look at him. His face held a small smile, but fear was etched in his eyes.

“Say that again.”

“I love you.” The three words made a smile fall on your lips as you look at him, he moved closer to you as you look at him

“Thats what I thought you said.” You whisper falling back down and wrapping your body with his. “I love you as well…now go back to sleep.”

~Year and Half after meeting eachother~

“Namjoon!” You scream as he chases you around your new house he had bought you two. His hands covered in the blue paint that he had choesen for the bedroom.  “You going to paint the white walls!” You giggle when he pushes you against a wall, blue hand prints on the wall made you giggle even more as you lean up and kiss him. Pulling away from the walls he grabs you and pull you to you room.

“I have an idea for the wall.” He mumbled grabbing the purple pain you had bought as a joke.about the one time he colored his hair. Whitch was now a silver color. His grabs your handand stick them in there as he hold his in the blue paint. “Come on.” Pulling to the hall that had the blue hand prints his grans yous and put them rught under his. You smiles as you and him placed your hands down togther. Soon the wall held five hand prints for each of you, it was cute, and it held meaning. His arms wrapped around your waist as he humms in your ears.

“I love you.”

“What are you doing?” He asks you later that day, watching you as you cook something in the stove. His face squinting up in disgust as he watches you painc.

“Trying to cook.” You mumbled trying to salvage what was in the pan, but he just reaches over and shut it off.

“Nope, never again. Stop.”

“But I-”

“I cook, you clean deal?”


~2 years~

“I want to do what I love Namjoon!” You scream at him, his brown eyes glaring at you as he throws a chair down making you jump.

“You are quiting you job to become a writer! Who knows if you even make money! Y/N think rationally, are you even going to be published!” He screams making you let the tears fall down your face as you look at him.

“You have always said you’d support me, and my dreams as I have you!” You snap making him roll his neck to the side and let out a small scream of anger.

“That does not mean you can quit you job without telling me,  and buy a laptop with money we do not have Y/n.” He spoke softer as you whip your face and turn down the hall, blue paint caught your eyes. You let yourself turn to face the hand prints, you trace them lightly when a hand came up and wrapped around yours. “I love you, you know that right?” He mumbled as his lips touch the base of your neck.

“I know.” You whisper as you look at each hand print, turning around to face him you give him a tried smile.

“I also believe in you…but next time give me a warning before you lower out income for sometime.” He said with a small smile as he cups your face.

“Where’s the fun in that.” You mumbled making him let out a laugh, yours following him as your arms wrap sround his neck. “Marry me?” You ask him, he looks at you with wide eyes as shakes his head.

“Aren’t I suppose to ask you that?”

“You’re taking to long. You’ve had the ring for five months. Next time when you buy a ring do it with cash not credit.” You mumbled making him throw his head back in laughter.

“But yes, I’ll marry you.”


~3 years later~

“I’m nervous mom.” You mumbled as you pace around the dressing room. The white dress following you, you haven’t spoken to your Namjoon for the past three daya, due to the over work time to get the final touches. Yes you’ve seen one anothee but you talks weren’t filled with laughter, or kisses manly replies to what was to be done next.

“I know..and so does that Namjoon.” She mumbled handing you a small pieces of paper.

Today is the day I get to call you mine, forever. Today is the day I can finally tease you about being Mrs.Kim, today is the day the boys stop playfully calling you my wife, because it will be true. I know your nervous but you are the only thing I can think about,that I want.
I love you. I love you.
~Your Namjoonie’

A smile fall on your lips as You place the note in your shoe. A werid place, but so it was close to you. Walking to the door your mother opens it as you see your father smiling at you. Walking to him you walk, waiting for the finally door to open you take a breath. “I won’t let you fall dad.” You mumbled to him, tears in his eyes as he looks at you.

“I know.” He smiles at you as he hold you arms.

“And…thank you for letting me fall.” You mumbled as the door opened, there he stood, his eyes focused on the ground, but as soon you take a step, and his best man Yoongi pushes his shoulder his eyes were on you. Tears gather in his eyes, as he places his hand ivee his mouth. You smiled at him, as tears gather, but you fight them once you reach him you father finally gives you up. “Hi.” You whisper, as he hodl both yous hands in his.

“Hi.” He said with a small laugh as the person who is marring you to speak. His eyes on you the whole time.

“So these two have written the vowels for us. Y/N,Namjoon.” They spoke making you nod. Your Namjoon taking a breath in.

“Y/N, we met a coffee shop, where we both never got coffee…except on Mondays.” He spoke making the room lightly laugh, his eyes on you as you smile at him. “You were shy, quite and very witty. In that small amount of time I knew I need you. But even then, I was surprised when you agreed to be my girlfriend. I remeber you having to repeat it five times before I pulled you into our first kiss. ” Pausing he looked at you, his lips quivered making you rubb you hand up his arm as he let out a shaken breath, “Baby,you are my forever. And to prove that,our handprints will forever be on the walls of our first house togther, no matter how many layers of paint is added. The blue and purple that blened togther, showed how easy it was for me to fall into your trap, the trap of your love, your smile, your laugh, and your horrible cooking even found away to make a imprint on my heart.” Letting yourself laugh he takes another shaken breath and smiles, “I’ve been ready to marry you from the moment you opened you arm for our first hug, you were there for me when I was broken down, when I was this wild child, we fight but at the end of the day I just have to look at that stupid calander, wuth that pink circle around that day we met,  and I remeber. I remeber how much you mean to me. I love you. I love you.” His hand shaking as he reaches up to whip away his tear, but you stop him to do it for him. His hands shake as he olaces the ring in your finger.

“My Namjoonie.” You state, making the boys behind him break out in laughter, the room following, it dies down fast as you continue. “You came up to me, sounding like a creepy stalker, which I soon learned was true, but I had already fallen to hard to care. You found away to break the walls I had built around myself, you broke them, and helped me open my heart not only to you but the people around me. You showed me that ture love doesn’t just suddenly rush in, it slowly builds. And I’m happy you showed that to me. I rember the first time you said you loved me,  it was sudden and came so easy to say it. It made me wounder why it was, till I spoke the words back to you. In that moment I knew why, it just felt right saying thoese words to you. It feels right to be held by you, it feels rught to kiss you, to love you. It feels like home. You’re home, Namjoon.” You words lead to more tears falling down, you were done fighting yours as they slipped making him step to you. His hand now showing off the black ring you had chosen for him.

“I’m happy to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” At thoese words, his lips crash against yours, making you lean back as cheers were heared through out the room. Pulling away you rush out rice hitting you making you skin slightly burn. As you rush to the limo. You begin to drive the venue.

“So Mrs.Kim.” he said making you giggle as you play with the ring in his hand.

“Yes Mr.Kim.”

“God, you’re my wife. You’re my wife, finally.” He mumbled to himself as he kisses your neck. “I love you, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

As you sit at the table of your venue you smile at everyone, soon your husbands best friends stand to make a toast, one after the other. Yoongi startung off of course. “Namjoon and Y/N, a pair that out shines every other couple in the room.” He stared making the room arupt with laughter. He looks at you two and smiles, “My best friend, Namjoon. I remember the day you met her, because when you came home you wouldn’t shut up about her. How she spoke, what she was weaaring or her laugh. And let me tell you I didn’t believe in you when you told me she was the most gorgeous person in the world. Not in till I met her. I also didnt believe you when you said you’d marry her one day..but here we are brother…” he raised his glass and whips a tear away, “To Namjoon and Y/N!” Next it was Hobi, followed by Jungkook,Tae, the lastly Jimin.

Speech after speech, more and more love entered the room. It felt amazing.

~Year 4~

“Do you want a baby?” Namjoon bluntly asks one night. You were sitting in bed writting your book,your glasses halfway  down your nose. His shirt covered you body. And lip now parted as you look at him.

“Ummm….what?” You question him, slowly becoming nervous thay he had found out someway. You were three months along, and had yet to tell him, wanting it to be special.

“A baby, a min me or you? Do you want one.” His words made a smile on your face as you shut you laptop and looked at him.

“Wait here.” You spoke placing your laptop down as you climb put of bed rushing to the closest.

“Wait, baby what are you doing?”

“Stay in that bed Namjoon, or no sex.” You yelled out in the air with a smile on your face as you grabbed the purple, blue box.

“That isn’t fair!” He’s yelled back with a laugh at the end, walking back into the room you set it on his lap.

“Yah, don’t open it yet!” I snap, grabbing your phone and video tapping his reaction. Sitting on your side of the bed you gube him a smile. “Go for it.”

He gives you a pointed look and stares opening it, “I don’t know how this relates to me wanting a baby Y/N.” He mumbleds as he removes a box, it was long, and on it said ,open me first.  He gives you another look and slowy lift the lide. There was a positive pregnancy test, his eyes wide as he sat up a bit more. “Wait…Y/N yo-oh my god.” He mumbled cupping his mouth as he looked at you.

“Theres more, come on.” You said with a smile. He couldn’t help but rush oulling the paper out when he found two oonesie’s.

Thing one

Thing Two

His eyes widen as he pulls out and picture, it was a oultrasound. There two circles, and baby A, baby B. “Twins?” He mumbled as he whipped his eyes, “you’re making me a dad, to twins.” He spoke making you laugh as you shut you phone off. He tackles you, holding you to his chest as he cries.

“Hey now, stop those tears.” You mumbled pulling him away from you as you cup his face. “I love you.”

“I love you.”

~57 years later~

When you had died, Namjoon felt alone. Your children say it didn’t take long before he followed you, he died two years, a five days after you. The only time he was ever late. They joked about how you would’ve teased bim about the fives days of being lonely and without him. Thats what your two children loved about you two the most, how in love you were. They barely saw you two fight, only tease. They remeber the handprints you two put on the walls, there own homes now hold the same thing with their loves.

When they were going through their things they found two fished books. Both dedicated to them,as they read the first one the realized.  It was you kive story. The one you had their father. It wasn’t tilted and nether was the other one. Which was his side of the love story. The last line of both book matched wachother.

You’re My Home.

s y n d r o m e s - pt.3

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words : 3,284

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : I finally finished it, yay ^.^ I already know how it will end and there won’t be a happy end, yay ^.^

previous : part II | next : part IV


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When you least expect it - Part 12: Better in time

Characters (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Mills), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore (mentioned), Castiel Harvelle Singer, Mary Winchester (mentioned), John Winchester (mentioned), Ben Braeden (mentioned), Lucifer, Balthazar (mentioned)

Pairings: Reader/Dean, 

Warnings:  mention of cheating, mention of loss of child, smut, swearing, dirty talk (not much), oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up guys!)

Wordcount: 4200ish

A/N: This is my newest series. It is a Mechanic!Dean AU and it is mostly written from the readers POV but it will have a few from Dean’s as well. It is an emotional rollercoaster so consider yourselves warned. It will have smut, fluff and angst. It will get pretty dark at some point too.

This chapter: Dean finds away to contact the reader. But will he like what he finds? And will his love be enough to get her back?

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9, Part 10, Part 11



Dean hadn’t slept much that night. He had went straight to her room the next day but all he had found there was the cleaning crew. When he went down to the front desk he learned she had checked out in the middle of the night not long after he had left her room. Dean had been a mess and he had needed to talk to someone and since Sam was already on his way to the airport to go on his honeymoon he had knocked Cas’ door. Cas had followed him back to his room where he had confessed everything.

Cas didn’t say a word until Dean had stopped talking and he looked at him for advice, “you are damn idiot you know that right?” Dean had just nodded and headed for the minibar but Cas had stopped him. “If you want any chance of winning her back. You gotta stop the damn drinking! That is what got you into this mess in the first place! You two were good for each other but you aren’t exactly making this easy on her!”

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Promises (MC X ?)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: ??/MC -you (read and you will see)
Rating : M

Summary: You must read on to find out who Mc is with, let it be a surprise! It is about promises, friendships and love. It is about the sweetness and bitterness life and love gives us and it is all wrapped around a story. 

Hope you like it!  (*ꈍ꒳ꈍ*)

Finally the both of us had enough time to spend it together. It was hard trying to find ways to not fall apart after we finally met. After the rfa party, I had more duties that I needed to fulfill. Jumin trusted me and that is why my workload piled up. But I never hated working, it was actually a lot of fun. Since I did get the choice of working at home or at an office, I decided I would do both - some days I would work at my apartment and some days (mostly when we had meetings) I would work at the office next to Jumin.

He was really excited that at some days we were so close, we got to eat lunch together and make plans, and it was really just a lot of fun. But how could it not be, if I spent all those moments with my best friend. And who wouldn’t consider someone like Jumin their best friend, he was caring, gentle and kind. Once you earned his trust and once he considered you a person worth of being their friend, he would do everything for you. That steady and loving gaze he gave to the people he loved was something worth much more than all the money he possessed and he had a lot of money.

Why couldn’t I and my boyfriend meet so often after our party? The easiest answer – life. I had work, which gave me a sense of control in my life and he, while he still had his own things to take care of and his work. So we often couldn’t see each other. At times, I would rush to his side so that we at least had an hour together or I would go to his place and sleep over and in the next morning I would go to work.

It was hard and painful at times, but I knew that after we both worked hard and tried to make it through our relationship would be much better.
As I was overlooking some papers and thinking about all our hardships and how soon they would turn into lovely moments I smiled to myself in anticipation. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and as I peeked behind me to see who it was, I saw my best friend and boss leaning over me from behind. Then he spoke up in his deep, baritone voice.

“Do those documents have so many mistakes, that you have to show us your beautiful smile or is there something else you are thinking of?" 

I felt my cheeks flush and I turned to him to berate him, I just… couldn’t because he wore a devious smirk on his face, which made me completely silent. His whole aura was oozing confidence, it would make anyone weak.

"Cat got your tongue?” As he said that he licked his lips and I felt how my whole body shivered. What is he doing? Why is he teasing me so? He never did that! He would tease me, because of my cat stamp of approval - which I had to sign documents (a fat cat that says OK! Was on it and I know that he secretly loved it!). But he never teased me in THAT kind of way, he knew of the relationship I was in. He was aware of it and I know that he is a gentleman.

As my thoughts were slowly turning my brain to mush, I heard him laugh.

“HAHAHAHAHA! F-orgive me! I am sorry, gosh! Hahahah if I knew that teasing you would make you do all those faces…then I would start to do it much sooner!" 
He was holding his belly and I saw how tears formed at the corner of his eyes so I pouted stood up and poked his chest.

"That was not nice MISTA TRUSTFUND KID!!!” He looked at me with a deadpan expression, I felt my cheeks flush and started to get nervous. We started at each other for a while and then we both started to laugh and decided it was best to just go and grab some lunch. While we walked to the Café I started to think about what a big impact Jumin has had in my life. We didn’t know each other for a long time, but all these moments are special to me. Jumin was to me one of the greatest things that could ever happen to me.  He listened when I complained, he helped me if I was in any trouble. The trouble often being me forgetting that I have to take a break and rest, or else I would collapse. When I complained about my relationship he would often be there for me and help me, make me feel strong and try harder, so that I could grow as a person.

We sat in the Cafe where we ate our delicious lunch and I couldn’t help but notice how both of us would look at each other. I confess there is a certain kind of love between us, but I always thought our love was a deep friendship love. But after not seeing my boyfriend for so long and feeling so neglected and ignored. Because after trying so hard, for such a long time, always being the one that fights, takes time and does everything she can… I felt absolutely alone. Maybe that is why my heart is swaying. But I would never betray him.
I stared at my plate for a while and then looked up at Jumin who wore an expression of worry. I smiled gently at him and laid my hand on his.

“Jumin, do you know that you are, truly, without a doubt my best friend?"  

Then for a moment I saw his eyes widen a bit and in the same moment he took in a deep breath, then he took my hand so that we were holding them together.

"I was starting to notice it, after you confide in me and I confide in you. It is not hard to talk with you about things that worry me, you have such a soothing aura about yourself. After all the times you helped me and made me smile, I can say that without a doubt you are immensely important to me.”

Then he squeezed my hand slightly and in return I squeezed his back. We both knew, that after this, I would spend less time in the office – since I received a raise, I would be able to work from home, earn more and have more time for him, the one I longed to hold for such a long time.

After our meal, we said our goodbyes and though he offered me a ride home, I refused. I was about to prepare something special for someone special in my life. First I went shopping for groceries, so that I would be able to make all his favorite dishes, I really wanted to make him happy. Just imagining his excited face and how surprised he would be. With a few bags in my hands I decided to walk home, I needed the fresh air and some time to just think. To think about me, about us and life in general. Times like this, the evening, when the sky is such a beautiful color are truly the best times. Isn’t it wonderful how we all have favorite times, where we automatically reminiscence to our past, where we feel a sort of nostalgia running through us. It might be a certain smell, a certain image or just a certain time of day, which makes us feel this strange yet comforting feeling.

And it was such a feeling that went through my body, as I walked. My mind was filled with images of you, of images of all the things we have gone through. Those silly texts, the small conversations we had on the phone – all while you not even knowing how I actually looked like. How you always remained kind and thoughtful, how you tried your hardest not to hurt me. But at times, if I must confess you did. But by doing so you helped me grow – you helped me stand up for myself, to make sure I was me and also you began to grow and turn into a greater version of yourself. I just had to smile at the thought of how you have grown! Not only emotionally, mentally but you are so much taller and like a man. But! I will never tell you that! Maybe your head would grow too?? Ah but now I am crossing the very bridge, you know the one that is over the river, the one where you can see the mountains and the whole city on evenings like these. Ah and on this very bridge you let all the grocery bags go; while ruining most of the things we bought, you turned around and your whole adorable face was red as a beet, you then went on one knee and you almost yelled out how you promise to protect me and cherish me forever and ever. Then the beet red you stood up, you stepped closer to me, your eyes at that time were so serious, I swallowed your sweet words in such a haste and need, I can still taste them. There you were nose to nose to me, your hands were gently placed on my face and with such care you leaned closer and kissed me.

It was electrifying, alone on that bridge while around us was the whole wide and beautiful world. But all I saw at that moment was myself reflected in your eyes. Your eyes were watery and your smile was so bright and big, I felt how tears were rolling down my cheek and how you tried wiping them. At that moment all I could tell you was, thank you, thank you for loving me. And in the next moment an old grandmother ruined our sweet moments by berating us for doing indecent things in public. Even if she scared us with waiving her handbag at us, all we could do was laugh.

Hm, would you remember all those moments? Would you remember that one time we had a picnic and you stepped into dog poo? And that one time, when we cooked together and you burned yourself and scared me to death! But honestly I love taking care of you, I love it when you envelop me from behind and kiss my neck. I love how you love me.

You may have forgotten our anniversary and you may not have a lot of time for me and sometimes you do ignore my calls. But I know you love me! You do play games often, but you are so happy when you do.

Then I was near my, I mean our apartment! Hm maybe I should pick some flowers and decorate the table? Maybe you will like that? As I tried to pick the flowers I noticed something strange, the lights were on?

Were you already at home? That means! You didn’t forget! That means we can both cook together. I ran upstairs flowers in one hand, bags in the other, I tripped a few times, but it was all worth it if I could see you.

I hastily opened the door and let the bags fall down by the entrance, I put the flowers down. Why … are there women shoes? Those are not mine?

Maybe…ah! Jaehee? Of course! She probably wanted to visit us after not seeing each other for such a long time.

But, where were you? I stepped through the hallway towards your room, where I heard weird noises, the door was half open so I pushed it further.

I saw. You with someone who is not me. Blonde on blonde, I see…You never forgot about her did you.

“Yoo-sung?” I try to speak out, but why do I sound so sad, am I crying? I hold my hand to my cheek and I feel how hot tears roll down my cheeks. Ah, but why are you afraid? Why are you scared or are you angry at me for ruining it all?

I hear your words, I hear your despair, but all I see you with her.

Then it all rings a bell, why it hurts even more.

“Today? On my birthday?” I exclaim in a tearful voice, which I can hardly recognize then I turn around and walk out the door.

The Tangled Webs We Weave - A Rhys Fic

Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
Characters: Feyre, Rhysand, Cassian, Amren, The Weaver of the Wood
POV: Rhys
Ship: Feyre/Rhysand
Rating: T
Word Count: 5719

Summary: Chapter 20-21 of A Court of Mist and Fury from Rhys’s POV.

The Bone Carver has confirmed Rhys’s suspicions that Feyre could possibly locate the Book of Breathings. And what better way to test this theory than with an object that he hasn’t seen in centuries… held by one of the most dangerous beings in all of Prythian.

Comments: This idea was requested by Emily in my comments on Ao3 awhile ago, and I’ve had it on my list of ideas to write eventually. I think I did more than was originally requested, but I kinda got carried away ^^; In any case, I hope you like it!

A big thanks (as always), to the best tumblr bestie in the whole wide world, @illyriantremors, who I honestly can’t thank enough for all she puts up with in regards to me lol

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CEO!Luke Part 9

Y/N’s POV:

“Where are you taking me?” I giggle. “My bed sweetheart for your punishment” Luke hisses. “No your not” I laugh. Luke stops dead in his tracks looking at me. “What did you just say?” he asks. “I said you aren’t taking me to your bed because you are going to take me shopping for some new panties” I say. “After your punishment” Luke says continuing walking to the bed. “No Luke I’m too tired for sexual activities” I whine. “I thought you love when I touch you” Luke says. “I do it’s just I think we should get some fresh air, do some shopping for our trip, maybe get some coffee” I say. Luke takes a second to think. “Ugh coffee does sound good. Alright. We go only on one condition” Luke says. “Okay what is it?” I ask. “You have to show me everything you try on” he says winking at me. “Deal” I say plainly. “Awesome” Luke says putting me down. “Let me get dressed and then we can go” Luke says. “Wait what about me?” I ask. “What do you mean?” he asks. “Luke I have no clothes” I laugh. “Oh right aha, well we can stop by your apartment if you want” he suggests. “Yes that would be great actually” I smile. “Cool I’ll be out in a few” he says walking to another room. I lay back down on his bed. Why does everything feel normal? It feels like Luke isn’t even my boss when in reality he is. Should I have slept with him? He makes me feel so wanted and loved though. I have never had that in my life. I slept with my boss though. My boss. The person who can fire me any day. Ugh I need to stop overthinking. I’ll ask Luke later on about it because I wanna know how he feels.

“Ready to go princess? Luke asks walking out. Again with the pet names. I don’t mind them now since he calls me on in every sentence he says. “Yes. You look nice” I compliment him on his choice of clothing. He is wearing grey dress pants he usually wears at work and a white button up long sleeve shirt that he rolled up to his elbows. His broad shoulders clearly visible making me realize that I had slept with his gorgeous man. “Thanks love” he says shooting a wink at me while popping on his silver watch. I wait by the door as Luke gathers his keys and puts his sunglasses on. “Alright now let’s go get you some new panties” he chuckles. “I’m excited” I say truthfully. “Excited to get new underwear or excited to give me a little show?” he grins. “Both actually, I do respect the opinions of others” I smirk. “Ah well that is very kind of you” he says opening the car door for me. “Thank you” I say climbing into the passenger seat. Luke waits as I’m fully in and closes it gently walking over to his side. Luke gets in and starts the car. The garage door opens and he pulls out into the city sunshine. “It’s so sunny today” I smile looking out the window. “I know right such a beautiful day today. Such a good day for pantie shopping” he chuckles. “Aha yes” I laugh along with him. “So coffee or Victoria Secret first?” Luke asks. “My apartment first, remember?” I say. “Oh yes oops my bad” Luke says taking a turn on my street. “Good thing I didn’t miss the turn” he says. We arrive at my apartment. “You can wait here if you want” I say getting out. “Sure thing” he says. I close the door and rush inside. I fumble with my key for a minute but eventually I got in. I speed walk to my room and try to find a pleasant outfit to wear. I grin at my closet. Why don’t we tease Mr. Hemming’s shall we? Remember how Luke said he couldn’t resist me when I wore my light pink blouse and black pencil skirt? Well that’s what I’m going with. I laugh to myself as I slip on a new fresh bra and underwear. I slip on my blouse and skirt. I turn around looking for my shoes. I spot them. Yes, my tan heels. I slip those on as well rushing to my bathroom. I put some powder and mascara on, not going too wild. I quickly brush my hair and teeth and finally smacking on some peppermint chap stick that I end up throwing in my purse. A squirt of perfume as I look at myself in the mirror. Perfect. I head to my door and lock it behind me. I walk outside seeing Luke typing away at his phone when he glances at me. I see him do a double take as he slides his glasses down taking a better look. A smirk comes across his face as I open the door and climb in. “Oh princess you really wanna start this now?” he asks. I pretend to be oblivious to what he is saying. “I’m not starting anything! Now come on let’s go! I want some new panties” I cheer clapping my hands not looking at Luke. He licks his lips and starts the car driving off. I give myself a mental high five.

We drive for about 20 minutes in complete silence. Comfortable silence though. The radio playing gently and Luke’s hand laying on my thigh while the other on the steering wheel. I didn’t notice that I have been gently rubbing my thumb along his hand until now. I don’t take it off though because I think Luke enjoys the comfort. I glance over at him just admiring his features. His chest heaving up and down slowly as his focus stays on the road. He sees me but doesn’t say a word. He just gives me a small smile and I return the same back. We finally arrive at Victoria’s Secret and my heart beats faster. I’ve been completely exposed to Luke for the past 24 hours. Why am I nervous now? We get out and Luke takes my hand in his walking to the doors of the store. Pretty colors of the beautiful sets of lingerie are scattered throughout the store. Luke takes off his sunglasses. “Good morning ladies!” Luke flashes his perfect smile at them making them all blush. “Morning Mr. Hemming’s!” they all say simultaneously. Wait what? Luke takes my hand again walking further to the checkout area. “I didn’t know you had this many mistresses?” I whisper in his ear while putting on a smile for the employees around us. “Aha no darling you got it all wrong, I own a few stores as well” he says. “Why am I not surprised that this is one of them?” I cough. Luke grabs my chin looking at me. “You’re so sexy when your sassy. Please don’t change” he says smirking at me. He looks up at the woman at the desk. “Hello Mr. Hemming’s, is there anything I can help you with today?” she asks sweetly. “Hi Karen, I would love to have the private changing room in the back for a few if you don’t mind” he asks. “Of course sir, I’ll get it ready for you” she says walking to the back. “Great, thank you very much” he says turning back to me. “Alright love pick out anything you want” he says, smiling at me. “Anything? I thought we were here to just get panties?” I ask innocently. “You think I’m letting you walk out of here with just panties?” he asks. “Oh alright” I say. Luke smiles. “Now go pick some stuff out to try on while I look around for you as well” he says pushes me gently to go look at stuff. “How do you know what I like?” I ask turning around. “Trust me, I just do” he winks. I shake my head. I mean I do need some new bras. I look around. “Hi Miss, is there anything I can help you find?” Karen from the desk asks me. “Um yes actually I’m looking for the push up bras?” I ask. “Right over here” Karen says guiding me to them. “Here we have the T-shirt perfect push up bra, the long line push up, and the Victoria perfect shape bra” she says. “Okay great thank you so much!” I say kindly. I usually wear all these types so I grab a few I like and head over to look at the panties. I inspect all the different options and pick up a few that I normally wear, along with some new ones. I looked up trying to find Luke but he was nowhere in sight. I walk over to Karen. “Hi Karen do you know where Mr. Hemming’s is?” I ask. “Oh yes I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that he will be waiting in the back for you” she says. “Oh okay thank you” I say heading to the back.

I walk behind a pink drape and find Luke sitting down on a couch. He looks at me and smiles. “You ready for the fashion show?” he smirks. “I should be asking you that” I giggle. “Oh you know I am darling, 100% ready” he grins leaning back on the couch putting both hands behind his head. “Okay well I just got stuff that I normally wear along with a few new stuff. Is that okay?” I ask. “Of course Y/N, I told you to pick anything” he smiles. “How about you try on the stuff I picked out for you?” he asks. “Oh god, what did you find?” I ask blushing. Luke pulls out some of the items he picked. “You picked out lingerie!?” I ask. “What am I gonna use that for?” I laugh. “Me obviously” he grins. “Besides lace and these colors are totally you” he says. “Well let’s find out shall we?” I ask. “We shall. I’ll be right over here babe” he says. I walk into the changing stall which was pretty big. It contained a giant mirror with lights all around it. Some hooks along the walls and a little couch. I look at the items he picked out and blushed. The first item was the Very Sexy Chantilly Lace Strappy in black. “Oh and Y/N?” Luke calls out. “What?” I ask. “Keep the heels on” he says. I knew he was smirking. “Anything for you Luke” I say as he laughs in the background. I slip it on and take a few seconds to look at myself. I tease my hair a little with my hands. I put on a confident grin and rip back the curtain. “It feels like a bathing suit” I laugh walking out. “Wow it’s already getting hot in here” Luke laughs fanning himself. “Oh stop, what do you think?” I ask turning around for him to get a full look. “I think it’s hot a fuck. I love that  long v neck. I would definitely kiss all the wa-” I cut him off.  “No, you aren’t going to make those comments. Just your honest opinion” I say pointing at him. “That is honest!” he responds. I give him a death stare. “Fine, I think that it looks very sexy on you and it suits your perfect body well” he says. I blush. “Thank you, you’re very kind” I laugh walking back in. The second item was Dreams Angel Lace & Mesh Babydoll that was stunning. I excitedly put it on. It looked really good with my tan heels. I smirk to myself feeling sexy. I open the curtain and see Luke texting. I cough grabbing his attention. He looks up and gulps harshly staring at my body. “Thoughts?” I giggle twirling around. “You look so fucking good in that darling” he says still admiring me. “I love it. Great pick” I smile. Luke shoots me a wink as I turn back around. He bends his head sideways to take a look at my ass but I clearly see him do that through the mirror. “I saw that” I laugh. “No you didn’t” he responds. “Whatever you say” I say rolling my eyes.

The last item was the Very Sexy Mesh & Lace High Waist Thong Panty also in black. I pull it through my legs and adjust myself. I realize that there wasn’t a top to match. “Uh Luke?” I ask. “Yeah?” he says. “There isn’t a top to match my bottoms” I say. “I know” he says. “But I’m topless” I laugh. “That’s why I picked it sweetheart. Let me see” he says. I cover my boobs up with my hands and walk out. “You’re a dick” I laugh. “How!?” he grins. “Why would you pick something that doesn’t have anything to match with it?” I ask. “Because I love your boobs and that thong..damn suits you so fine” he says. “Come here” he says holding his arms out. “I walk over to him and straddle him. His hands cup my ass as I make myself comfortable. “No need to hide love” he says gently taking my hands away from my breasts. His hands slide up and down my back. “Your skin is so soft and beautiful baby. You look so sexy” he whispers in my chest, kissing my collar bone. My face starts heating up from Luke’s sweet words. His hands roam more and more as they finally land on my breasts. He gives them a quick squeeze as he puts his mouth on my left breast, sucking on it hard. I gasp quietly. “Luke!” I giggle. “Sh it’s okay, no one will come in” he says going back to suck on my breast. I hang my head back at the feeling. He moves his mouth to my other breast and does the same thing. I try to hold back my moans but I’m having a very hard time. “God I love your tits baby” he growls. He faces me again. “Give Daddy some kisses” he whispers. I take both of my hands and wrap them around his face bringing our lips together. Our lips mesh together and Luke’s hands slide up and down my back. Whenever we make out, Luke has to shove his tongue down my throat and win his dominance but I don’t mind at this point. We continue our little make out session but the sound of a phone vibrating stops us. Luke reaches into his pocket to find Michael calling. I suppose it was a business call so I get up as Luke mouths “Sorry” giving me a sad look. I walk back into the changing stall and get dressed back into my normal clothes. I gently place all the lingerie back on their hooks and walk back out to Luke. “Everything okay?” I ask. “Ugh no” he sighs. “What’s wrong?” I ask sitting on his lap. “I have to attend a meeting with Mr. Lincoln about some issues he has about the construction of the new hotel he’s building” he says laying his head on my chest. “Aw I’m sure you will be fine” I comfort him, running my fingers through his hair. “No, because then that means I won’t be near you” he whines like a little boy. “You have been with me the past like 30 hours. I’m sure 2 or 3 hours away won’t kill you” I laugh. “Ugh it’s gonna suck” he groans. “Come on little boy, let’s go pay” I say getting up. “I already bought everything” he said. “You did?” I ask. “Yes” he says kissing my forehead and walking out. I follow behind him. “Goodbye ladies, thank you all for your help today” Luke says to all the women. They all say their thank you’s and wave goodbye. I wave back to all of them exiting the store. Luke and I walk hand in hand back to his car. He takes my bags and puts them in his trunk while I get in. Luke gets in the car, starting it, and pulls out.

Again the comfortable silence fills the air as we drive back. Luke just bought me some expensive lingerie and I don’t know how to repay him. Oh wait yes I do. I smirk to myself as I look over at him. I lean my head over and so does he and I kiss him. “Hi love” he smiles turning his head back to the road. I lean my head down even more as I start to undo his belt. “What do you think you’re doing Missy” he says. “Saying thank you” I giggle as I get his belt off and throw it in the back seat. I pop open the the button and pull down his zipper. “Someone’s already hard huh?” I giggle. “I mean yeah cause looking at you in all the lingerie I mean come on who wouldn't” he says. The fact that he is allowing this doesn’t make me surprised. He needs sexual interaction literally every minute of the day. He lifts up his hips a little so I can pull them down. I pull down his underwear, pulling out his hard length. I giggle to myself because I can’t believe I’m about to do this. I take him in my hands and slowly pump him. I immediately attach my mouth to his throbbing tip as Luke sighs. I suck his tip repeatedly because I know Luke secretly loves it. “Oh god princess, that’s it, just like that” he groans. I pump him faster as I swirl my tongue around and around then diving in to take him as much as I can. I moan along his length coming back up sending pleasurable vibes to Luke. “Fuck darling you’re so perfect sucking Daddy’s cock like it” he groans. Luke’s hands start to grip the steering wheel. He then places his hand on head so he can control the speed he wants. I allow his to do that as I keep sucking. “Ugh thank god my windows are tinted” he chuckles to himself. I work his tip once again playing with his balls. “Fuck princess you’re so good at this” he moans loudly. Luke’s hands bounces my head up and down against him as his moans get louder while I suck harder. “Shit I’m gonna come baby. Keep going” he hisses. I’m prepared for his release as I suck faster while pumping his harder. “Fuck fuck fuck ugh yes baby that’s it take my load” he sighs keeping my head in place as I swallow his load. I slowly come up making a pop noise. “God you’re perfect” he sighs looking at me. “Eyes on the road Hemming’s” I smirk wiping my mouth.

I take a sip of his water bottle that he had in the cup holder. “I’m sorry we won’t be able to grab coffee babe” he says placing his hand on my thigh. “It’s okay Luke” I smile. “You sure?” he asks. “Positive, I really need to take a nap anyway. I’m pretty tired” I say leaning my head against the window. “Aw” he says. We drive for about 10 minutes as we arrive back at my apartment. “Well I hope everything goes well at your meeting” I say with tired eyes. “Thanks love” he says making kissy lips. We both lean in as we mesh our lips together for a few seconds. We pull away as I exit the car. He unlocks the trunk for me so I can get my things. I walk over back to his window. “Thanks for the ride and new lingerie” I giggle. “My pleasure love” he smirks giving me another kiss. “I’ll text you after my meeting” he says putting on his sunglasses. I blush as to how good he looks. “Sounds good” I smile. “Bye love” he says as his window rolls up. I wave him bye as he takes off down the road. I take a deep breath as I head up to my apartment. I unlock my door and lock it behind me as I place my things on the counter. “Hey babe” a voice says loudly. “Clara!?” I ask. “Hi! I’m sorry to barge in but I got so bored because Michael has to go to this meeting so I thought that I’d come visit my best friend so I came here and you weren’t here!” she says. “How did you get into my house!?” I ask still in shock. “You keep it in a very bad hiding place Y/N” she laughs. “Ugh whatever. Good thing you weren’t a robber” I laugh. “I saw you and Mr. Bossy Pants kissing out there” she smirks at me. “Maybe” I giggle. “You two are adorable together Y/N like really” she smiles inspecting my bags. “Damn did you go shopping?” she asks. “Yeah since Luke destroyed my panties from last night he offered to get me more. He ended up picking some of these himself” I say. “Really? Well I’m sure he picked them for his own pleasure” she says. “Oh yeah he did. He clearly mentioned that” I laugh. “So details. Last night. Spill!” she giggles sitting me down the couch. “I’m just gonna blurt out everything okay?” I ask. “I’m ready” Clara smirks. “Okay well he is really dominant and loves dirty talk. He has this Christian Grey vibe to him because he used about 3 toys on me. He likes to get the job done and I mean really get it done because he doesn’t stop unless you cum. That it mostly it but one thing I noticed is that he loves to give affection and he craves for sex like a lot during the day” I say huffing. Clara just sits there. “You lucky bitch” she smirks. “What?” I ask. “Y/N there is nothing wrong with that. You need someone who will give it to you sexually and Luke seems to do that. I mean look at those marks on you!” she says. “He is a man Y/N. Men love sex. Michael is the same way with me” she says plainly. “Really” I ask. “Absolutely!” she smiles. “Do you not like being intimate with him? Clara asks. “No I do! He honestly has given me the best sex of my life” I laugh. “Then stick with it!” she nudges my arm. “Yeah but Clara he is my boss!” I say sitting up. “Y/N the way he looks at you and the way you guys interacted the other day doesn’t say that” she says. “We haven’t really talked about our feelings towards each other. What if he doesn’t even like me!? What if I’m just another one his mistresses!” I panic. “Y/N calm down. You are not one of his mistresses okay? If you are, I’ll beat the living shit out of him. Just invite him over tonight and have a serious talk okay? Then that way you won’t be holding back” she says sweetly. “You’re right” I smile. “Thank you so much” I say giving her a hug. “You’re my best friend. I’d do anything for you” she says into my shoulder.

Clara gets up and heads to the door. “I have to run a few errands for our trip!” she cheers. “I’m so excited Clara you have no idea!” I say opening the door for her. “Me too! It’s gonna be amazing! I’ll call you tomorrow to check in okay?” she asks. “Sounds good!” I smile watching her walk off.

Later on that Night..

I took a nice warm shower and made myself some coffee as well since Luke and I couldn’t get some. I climbed into bed making myself comfortable turning on my TV which was playing some cooking show. I went to Netflix and chose Grey’s Anatomy because yes I’m like that don’t judge it’s a great show. A few minutes later, my phone lights up and I see that Luke had sent me a text. I smile because I miss hearing from him.

L: Hello love what you up to?

Me: Just in bed watching Grey’s :) How about you? How was the meeting?

L: Great show! It was alright. We solved Mr. Lincoln’s problem so now he is happy so we are all set :) Couldn’t stop thinking about you though.

Me: That’s good. I missed you all evening. Thank you again for taking me shopping :)

L: It’s my pleasure love. I love spoiling you. You deserve it ;)

Me: You’re too sweet haha

L: Haha can’t help it when I’m around you

Me: Can you come over? I wanna talk about something

L: Sure I’ll be there in a few. Everything okay?

Me: I honestly don’t know. I’ll see you in a few

After my last text, Luke read it and didn’t reply so he is probably heading over now. I like Luke, I really do and I want him to feel the same. If he doesn’t, I don’t think I’d be able to work for him. He makes me feel so beautiful in my skin. He makes me feel like I’m his and don’t get me started on the pet names. They either give me arousal or butterflies in my stomach. Speaking of arousal, Luke physically makes me feel so good and sometimes he is only concerned about my pleasure than his. Ugh I just really hope this talk goes well. I hear a knock at my door assuming it was Luke and it was. “Hey buttercup, you okay?” Luke asks walking in. “Yeah fine” I say shyly. “You can have a seat over on the couch” I say. “Want some coffee?” I ask. “No thanks love” he says sitting down. I walk and sit beside him. “What are you thinking about baby girl?” Luke says taking me in his lap. I wrap my left arm around him to balance myself. I take a moment and look in his calm blue eyes. “I like you” I blurt out. “A lot actually and it’s been driving me crazy because I never knew how you felt about me. I constantly thought that I was just another woman that you had fun with and I’m so sorry for thinking that. It’s just you showed me such gentle love and you spoil me with kisses and cuddles and even today with the shopping. I have never been in such a deep relationship with anyone before. You make me laugh and I love you humor even though it 100% dirty all the time but that’s why I like you. People think you’re this big mean CEO when in reality you’re a sexual nerd who likes to sit in his office naked” I begin to laugh but tears are streaming down my face. “And physically you have made me feel so insanely good and I really enjoy that because no one has ever treated me like you have. Even though you have your crazy kinks, you treat me like I’m a princess. But Luke, it has come to a point where I can’t work for you if you don’t feel the same way. I just cannot deal with that awkwardness and knowing that I’m the only one who has feelings, I just can’t” I huff out everything that I need to say while looking back to Luke. He wipes up my tears with his thumb and smiles. “Why are you laughing?” I ask.

“Because you’re so beautiful. The most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on” he whispers rubbing my face. “In response to your lovely words, I do feel like same exact way, maybe even more” he chuckles. “You do!?” I ask. “Oh god yes Y/N, there’s just something about you that I can’t let go and I don’t want to let go. I love showing you affection and care and love because then I get to see your beautiful smile. And yes I am a sexual freak but only for you because you make me feel different. A good different though. Your responses to my sexual remarks just make me wanna sex you up even more. You drive me crazy but I love that about you and baby you’re perfect in bed” He chuckles. “I am?!” I ask. “Yes baby you are but that can be saved for another conversation, another day” he whispers kissing my lips. I giggle into them making him laugh along. “What does that make us?” I ask. “Boyfriend and girlfriend now” he winks at me. “I like the sound of that” I smile into his chest. “Wait what about work?” I ask lifting my bed up. “Well do you enjoy working for my company?” he asks. “It was my dream Luke so yes of course I do” I say. “Would you want to try another position? Luke asks. “I mean I have never done 69 before” I say truthfully. Luke bursts out laughing. “Why are you laughing?” I ask. “Baby I meant position at work not in bed” he says rubbing my thigh. I instantly became red but due to the dark Luke can’t see it. “Oh my god. I’m so stupid!” I whine covering my hands. “It’s okay baby we can do that someday I promise” he chuckles peppering kisses all over my face. “I mean I wanted to be your assistant that’s what I signed up for” I say. “How about I take you off as my assistant because I don’t want you to be known as that because you’re my girl now. You can still do what an assistant does but you won’t have that title you know what I mean?” he asks. “Okay so I will be doing other work as well as yours?” I ask. “Yes is that okay?” Luke asks. “It’s perfect” I say. “Good, I’ll give you that empty office next to mine so whenever I miss you I’ll pop bye” he chuckles. “Oooo yay” I giggle kissing him. “So now that everything is settled, what do you wanna do?” I ask sweetly. Luke picks me up and lays me on my bed. “I wanna make love to my girl all night long. Will you let me do that sweetheart?” he whispers hovering over me. “Yes” I giggle whispering back as our lips connect again leading us to our night of sweet lust and passion.

Real Gone Daddy

Father’s Day.  I always yawn when people pick a day honoring some cherished segment of society to complain.  

BUT. Today I become one of those people. Kinda, sorta.  Let’s just say, this is a day which has always been loaded for me being a daughter who grew up without her father.  But for over a decade, I was done with all that.  If anything Fathers Day only makes me winge because it’s always a Sunday where restaurants are annoyingly over-booked and where my grown kids and I (all raised without fathers) awkwardly try to decide what the hell to do with the day – do we see each other and hang out, or not?

For some reason that original heartbreaker has crept up on me this year.  Well, look at him…let’s start there.  This is him the year before I was born.

Yeah, that’s him alright.  He could have been a movie star, no doubt, had he not been stuck in Ashland, Ky.  He looks every bit James Brolin (who I cast to ‘play him’ in Gas Food Lodging) and he bears resemblance to Brolin’s son Josh.  Some say Matt Dillon, some say James Garner.  (On Facebook, men, exclusively men, saw Dick York from Bewitched – seriously dudes give me a break – Darren? Pshaw!) My Daddy was a dreamboat.  And he knew it.  His older sisters, beautiful themselves, fawned over him and his good looks.

Good looks and wits were Anders currency, they had little else, as one of the poorest families who grew up in South Ashland. My dad was next to the youngest of a whole big bunch of kids born to Anna Riffe.  She was a descendant of The Hatfields and, further back, of Caleb Brewster, one of George Washington’s trusted spies portrayed in the AMC TV show Turn.  

But Anna didn’t know that.  And I wonder if that sense of pride might have empowered my father more – had he known he was related to the Brewsters who played such a major role in creating this country.  (His ancestor Nathaniel Brewster was one of the first graduates of Harvard. My father only barely completed high school.)

My mother is herself a descendant of another of Washington’s spies, Abraham Woodhull, who’s the main character of AMC’s Turn, (I know it’s insane, and I actually directed an episode of the show! And blows my mind when I see scenes where Caleb and Abe are together, knowing they are ancestors from both my maternal and paternal lines).  

Alberta Steed met Daddy when she was 12 years old.  She was actually in love with his best friend Ferris. But Ferris didn’t seem to return her passion, not in the same way, though he liked her well enough (and they made out over their adolescent/teen years).  My Daddy on the other hand, went for her big time.  During the Revolutionary War and before and after, The Brewsters and The Woodhulls and The Jaynes intermarried and interbred in Setauket, Long Island before their descendants moved on to Virginia and eventually Kentucky.  I sometimes wonder if some ancient subconcious ancestral connection brought on that spark of attraction between Bob Anders and Alberta Steed.  It was very powerful and it created me.

But even before I came along, Daddy was real gone. Because of his striking looks, he was extremely appealing to women. And having grown up with older sisters, he knew how to turn girls upside down. Simply put – Dad was a dog.  And he was always doggin’ around on my mom. And after they were married, it actually became worse, and he would not only dog around, he would abandon her and me for days at a time.

She had a jealous temper (Scorpio) and their fights were legendary. I get all that from her (I too be a Scorpion). She was also smart as hell and a fuck of a writer, so she could spit out ‘terrible truth’ insults in her jealous warfare. Yes, I inherited this too. Watch out for thrown plates and razor sharp phrases that will hurt you to your core, never to be forgotten. 

But what else to do with a man who can’t be trusted, an abandoner?   Not that mean barbs and plate shards hold him, but nothing short of abandonment causes a girl to strike out like that. Not if you’re my mom. Not if you’re me.

That’s my Daddy on the left, he played football at Ashland High School and won a sports scholarship to UK Morehead,  but it wasn’t to be.  I was.

My parents got married in 1953 because she was pregnant with me.  My dad chewed his nails, freaked out when she told him that the rabbit died (sorry bunny). My papaw, my mom’s dad, arranged their civil ceremony and gave them a little place in the back of his linoleum tile shop, even decorated it for their wedding night with my mother’s Kay guitar on the bed and a note that said something like “let there always be music between you”.

Her mother, my beloved mamaw, wouldn’t speak to her for months, mad at her for getting pregnant.  My mom was the youngest of 8 daughters. I think by the time of my conception, Grace Rice had had enough. My mamaw adored me once I was here, it was just the agony of yet another out-of-wedlock daughters’ pregnancy…and she had her reasons.

When Daddy was dying and I was at his bedside in Vegas (where else?!) he recounted the most amazing story I’d never known. I don’t think my mother even knew. He had another little girlfriend at the same time as my mom.  I think her name was Cindy, maybe Becky, a very poor little country girl. He cared for her deeply.  But when my mother told Daddy she was pregnant with me it forced his hand to make a break.  He met Cindy at the school bus stop and said, “I can’t see you no more. I’m going to have to get married. Cause I’m going to be a dad.”  He was quiet, then, “Oh she cried and cried.”

And Dad cried too – when I was born.  Not cause he so moved by my birth (he wasn’t there, but in all fairness it was 1954, not many dads in the delivery room back then), not cause he was overwhelmed by the first glimpse at his baby girl.  No my dad cried because I was so ugly. I was born breech and had a big red knot on my neck, and my head laid to one side as a result. My eyes were crossed and my features were squashed from the wacky trip through the birth canal, coming into the world ass-first.  Yeah he cried over all that.  And because, “She has a nose like Harry Steed”, my papaw.

But he DID come to find me beautiful. That is, when he could look beyond the mirror to see me, as he looked at himself, preening, grooming, admiring.  Seriously. He was that vain.  One of my earliest memories of Daddy was of him lifting me up into his arms and looking in the bathroom mirror together and saying, “Looky there Mary Allison, isn’t that the best looking’ man you ever did see?”  I think in that moment I must have developed my first crush, “Yes Yes Yes!”

(around 1957, the football was Daddy’s idea)

There is no question, I was enamored of him. But Daddy had issues of his own. He couldn’t stay faithful, he couldn’t provide, didn’t much like work, couldn’t stay in one place (one of our various crappy apartments) for long, and he couldn’t control his temper and not only brawled with men, he knocked my mom around too. And although I don’t remember it, he made an amends on his deathbed for throwing me against a wall cause I woke him up one morning when he was hungover.  I was 4.

My first heartbreak was when he was singing a song to my sister Luanna who had come along when I was 3.  She was just a baby, maybe a year old.  He was lying in bed with her on his belly singing, “Beautiful beautiful brown eyes…”  And I was growing more and more jealous. But then the last line of the song sent me reeling, “I’ll never love blue eyes again.”  I was the only one in our little family who had blue eyes. I burst into tears and tore out of the room. My heart was pierced all the way through. I remember the feeling to this day. He tried to console me, “Oh it’s just an old song, Mary Allison.” But that hurt never went away.

In 1959, Daddy left for good.  And when I say that I know in my heart, it was for my good. If only that had been why he left. He went to California, to look for work. We had already done that as a family once before, we had moved to Chino, Ca. to live with his sister Billie and her family, and eventually we got our own place. I remember warmly those Chino days and the train ride out west from Kentucky. But they weren’t to last, for whatever reason, and we returned to Ashland.

(Sister Luanna and me at our Aunt Billie’s house in Chino, Ca. 1959)

He had gone before. He had hitchhiked to Detroit so many times, he always came back. Now, though, Daddy was really going. He kept saying it was not forever, he would be back. But I somehow knew, by the way my mother was crying, by the way he was crying, my Daddy was never coming back. I don’t actually remember this very well, but my mother told me I ran after him as he walked away, and I grabbed his leg and wouldn’t let go, he dragged me down the hall trying to break free, and finally did, with me lying there on the floor, desperately crying.  I was five years old.  And now I’m 60 years old. I thought I was over it.  Until today. Dammit.

No Daddy never came back. He started a new family in California with my half brothers Dirk and Bobby, and their mother Dianne who paid for my parents divorce. I don’t think their marriage lasted any longer than his to my mom.

When I was six years old, for my birthday, he sent me a gift from California. A charm bracelet which spelled out H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D in chintzy gold letters and sparkly colored rhinestones.  I cherished it. I wore it every single day until I lost it on the playground at Condit Elementary School. Frantic, I remember checking every wrist of every little girl in class to see if she’d found it. It was gone, like my Daddy. Years later, I found one on Ebay, and bought it for myself, and wore it to a few choice events – premieres etc. Then one of my kids got ahold of it and reduced H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D to:

(Clearly one of my children going through some hip hop phase, which rules out Tiffany.)

The next encounter with my Daddy after the divorce was in person.  I was 7 years old and he was back in Ashland, visiting. He asked if I wanted to go to the movies. He could not have treated me to anything better, cause there was nothing I loved more than going to the movies.  He let me pick the flick. I had already seen Breakfast At Tiffany’s twice. And it was playing at The Capitol, which was not my very favorite theater, I preferred Ashland’s own movie palace The Paramount (which is still there). But, this was the movie I wanted to see more than any other with my Daddy. So we went to The Capitol Theater, just him and me, to see my favorite movie.  

Even though I was just a little girl, I understood that movie to my core.  I still hold it precious, beyond the clothes which dominates the focus of 60s pop culture fetishists, beyond however people may discredit the movie as lesser than Capote’s novella  – have you read it?  It’s not appealing in the least, and I have never met anyone who’s managed to read it all the way through unless under the gun of a lousy professor. Yet I’ve seen the movie over a hundred times. Will see it many more times before I die. A story vastly improved by Hollywood.

I remember sitting in that movie theater all wound up with excitement, and flush, like I was on a date.  I so hoped he loved the movie as much as I did. He seemed to. I don’t remember, I just remember – my Daddy took me to the movies.

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not lost on me – the two gifts my Daddy gave to me:  a charm bracelet spelling out Hollywood, and a trip to the movies, and yeah, I become a storyteller through movies.  Well, of course.  Of course.

Interesting though that my Daddy was never ‘discovered’ by Hollywood.  He would have had to have been discovered, cause no effort would have come from him toward stardom.  But he sure had the looks for it, and he could have easily done stunt work and been some handsome no-good asshole on a horse in The Rifleman or something.  Here he was living in the shadow of Hollywood tending bar…well NORTH Hollywood to be exact. And as anyone quickly discovers – ha – North Hollywood is not Hollywood at all.  It’s over the hill in the San Fernando Valley.

When I saw Daddy again, this is where he lived and where he did one good deed:  he got a motel room in NoHo for my mother and my sister Luanna and me after we fled from my stepdad who was on a bender in Phoenix.  I remember my first impression of LA: grimiest place ever. Thick orange smog. Then Dad found us an apartment in Sepulveda, a town in the North San Fernando Valley which no longer exists (well it’s called North Hills now).  It was 1969, I hadn’t seen him since we shared popcorn and Junior Mints at The Capitol.  Now I was a hippy girl and despite my insolence and all I had been through over the ensuing years, I still had expectations.  Daddy expectations.

Daddy was crushingly disappointing.  I think over the years there was an ideal built up – so easy to do with a fucking ghost.  From that letdown, and so many things beyond my control, and so many traumas which had really not been addressed, bad turned to worse, and by the end of the year – long story – I was admitted to a series of mental hospitals and one stint in juvi.  

(My mom and me, 1970, she’s pregnant with my sister Dominique, and I’m being admitted as an in-patient to Rest Haven Psychiatric Hospital which was situated above Chinatown in what was once Chavez Ravine. Tiffany saw this photo recently and wondered what the poster was. My guess is Jefferson Airplane. Those German Shepherds are just a little ominous, eh?  And where’s the Downtown LA skyline, you ask?  Didn’t yet exist. And yes, I’m barefoot.)

In 1971, at age 16, I decided to chart my own road map and save my life:  I stuck out my thumb. I reversed my father’s abandoning choice. I left California with my adventurous disappointed soul and hitchhiked off the freeways winding through the SFValley. I carried a paper sack of belongings and dressed in boy clothes and with a paper map from the Mobil Station on Nordhoff Street, I set out on that crucial journey,  eventually landing back in Ashland, Ky. to the scene of the crime – Daddy’s brutal departure for California. I reversed it, and reclaimed it.

Incredibly, Daddy was now living back in Ashland.  I lived with him and his new wife briefly, but truly his daughter, I grew restless and left.  

I saw my father seldom over the years, but every now and then, there he was, suddenly back, hoping to see me. He bought my little daughter Tiffany a beautiful pale pink quilted housecoat. One of his great acts of bravery was when Daddy saved me from flames when I was 4. I was wearing a little housecoat which caught on fire while I was warming myself on one of those little ornate 1920s gas heaters with the little cathedral windows. I got too close and my housecoat lit up.  I don’t remember it but he bolted into quick action and tackled me to the floor rolling me around until the flames were gone.  I don’t even bear a single burn scar.

When I wrote my first script in 1986, Lost Highway (not to be confused with the David Lynch film), which won both the Sam Goldwyn Screenwriting Award (first prize) and the Nicholl Fellowship, it was about my Daddy.  About a record collector in search of a lost rockabilly artist, who solicits the help of his the man’s embittered and abandoned daughter in locating the jerk. I sent the script to my Daddy and he apologized for his major jerkery. The first in a series of amends. He said, “It was not YOU. It really was ME. Nah Nah you’re better than me. Better than I ever was.”

When I made Gas Food Lodging, again, the abandoning father was blatantly dad. I even cast James Brolin, who later signed a poster for my Daddy writing, “It was great being you…”. My dad was quite pleased I cast someone “good lookin’ enough” to play him.

(James Brolin being Daddy, Fairuza Balk being me in Gas Food Lodging 1992)

When he was dying, and I knew this time he really was, I went to him.  See he had died once before from a heart attack. He had gone down the tunnel, he saw the white light, he saw his dead relatives in the meadow over the river calling to him, and then got pulled back, and found himself floating above the operating table, saw and heard the doctors working on him. He had that experience. And unlike everyone else who has had this experience, my old man still didn’t change his ways, and was still afraid of dying.

I drove to Vegas to see him. He’d been living there for about a decade. He was an alcoholic, womanizing, addicted gambler who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Going through the tunnel at the brink of stepping over had not slowed him down, and ironically it was not his heart that got him in the end, it was lung cancer.  

He was on his fifth wife. While he was coughing up his lungs, she would watch soap operas on the overhead TV in his hospital room and announce she was going out for a ‘cig’rette’.  Daddy bragged to me that the nurses couldn’t believe he was 60 years old, cause he was “so good lookin’.”  Well, it’s true, I had to admit, he was frail, he was gaunt, his skin was paper thin, and his arms easily bruised. But his gray hair was silky, full, and gorgeous and his face, that face, so handsome.

I sat with him. For days.  And I just let him talk.  He told me everything he wanted to say.  He told me about his mother, who he lost too young, and with whom he was so deeply smitten.  He told me of leaving school one day, just walking right out the door, cause he wanted to see her.  He described her opening the front door, looking at him with her hand on her hip, “Bobby what are you doing here?”  He flirted smiling, “Mama I just wanted to see you.” And she knew he truly did. She spent the whole day lavishing him. Which was not easy for a woman who had borne some 13 kids in her life.  

(With Matt Dillon, my dad’s look-alike on the set of Grace Of My Heart, 1995.)

He talked a little less about his father, Tom Anders, who by the time he met and married Anna Riffe was on the road to redemption. Anders was not his real name, it was Cantral. Tom Cantral, along with his father Alf, had once again violated the moonshining laws of South Carolina and were headed to prison when the younger Cantral, my grandfather, wrestled a gun from a US Marshall, shot him and fled. He ran to a cousins house who cut off his chains and told him, “run and don’t ever come back here again.”  

Tom Cantral became Tom Anders (his mother’s maiden name) and told many stories of his origin (he had been born and raised a Cherokee in Oklahoma was one such story, but according to my DNA results from, this was a tall tale created by a man on the lam). He met my grandmother Anna while working on building the bridge connecting Ashland and Coal Grove over the Ohio River. She was bringing lunch to her father, was the mother of four daughters and had just buried her third husband.

They married and had 8 children together. Tom Anders was never in trouble with the law again and had achieved his redemption. He achieved nothing more but he achieved that. Apparently, I adored him and he adored me. He died when I was a baby. And I never got to meet Anna, my grandmother. She died when my father was just 13 from a brain hemorrhage. And there is more to be discovered about her untimely death. 

But my Daddy didn’t talk of that. He told me of how much he loved her. She was quiet and simple, and seemingly embodied all the ideals of her Puritan forebearers.  He told me how my mother saw herself as Ruby Gentry. He told me how he thought men were more honest than women.  “With your mother, she said she loved me, I said I loved her, I thought that was settled. But what she really meant was I love you if you do certain things…and don’t do other things.”  Yes Daddy, romantic love is conditional.  But parental love very rarely is.  It should not be a disappointing relationship, it really shouldn’t be. It’s meant to be unconditional. And eventually all love should become friendship.  Maybe this is what we would become. 

The time had come for me to go. I called my spiritual teacher on the hospital pay phone and asked what I should do as my last moments with him. She was quiet, thinking, and then she said, “get him talking about that (near death) experience again”.  

So I did. He told me as he always had in the past recounting it: he walked down a tunnel toward a bright white light, beyond was a beautiful meadow, between the meadow and the tunnel was a river.  “In the meadow there was my brother Ricky calling to me, “Come on Slowpoke – that’s what he always called me.”  He was growing tired but he wrestled up the next image, “And there was my mother, she was wearing a bright pink sweater – it looked like one of them old 50s movies.”  I was enchanted, “You mean…like TECHNICOLOR?”  He smiled and snapped his fingers, “Like Technicolor!”

I said, “Well Dad, that doesn’t sound bad.”  He smiled at the ceiling, far away, “No, it was real nice.”

I felt my tears coming and gave him a kiss.  “Well, I have to go now.”  He said, “I’ll be foreseein’ ya’”.  I knew what he meant. He smiled, flirtatiously. Dying, but still flirting. We didn’t either one say I love you. That was understood.

Upon leaving Vegas, I decided to play some slots, I had some quarters, what the hell. I stopped at one of the shitty places my dad liked, off the strip, in a strip mall.  He had taught me to play the slots a few years earlier when I was in Vegas to see Martin Scorsese on the set of Casino to discuss my upcoming shoot on Grace Of My Heart.  In town also that week was my daughter Tiffany who was running the merch table for the Dinosaur Jr. tour.  Bass player Mike Johnson was getting married, everyone was in town at the same time.  I spent an evening with my Daddy teaching me to play slots.  He had emphysema and was walking around the casino with an oxygen tank, and still smoking like a fiend at the slot machines.


Now I was playing my last quarters in Vegas on my way out. I won $400 in quarters. I sent it to him to squander as he wished. He passed away a week later.

I don’t have any pictures of my Daddy and me together. At some point a jealous lover made my mother burn all her pictures of him.  But even at that, I don’t recall ever seeing any photos of us together. One last thing I had confessed to him there in Vegas: I have a tendency to fall in love with men who are unavailable. He told me something strange and liberating, “That’s their problem, not yours.”  

And if anyone would have known, he would.

Okay, I feel better now, carry on with your BBQ’s. I think I’ll watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Daddy surrounded by girls. 1935. Ashland, Ky. 

Paws Fur Coffee (Coffee Shop AU) [6/6 - COMPLETE]

(pssst pssst I got some bonus content like rejected drinks and a side comic on the way after I recover from finishing all the art for this chapter in one sitting lol)

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  [Week 2 - Chai Noir]

In the middle of the previous quarter, Marinette had been dragged along to a café at the edge of downtown by her cousin, Bridgette.

While it did get her into a regular schedule for studying, she was at least little concerned at how well Bridgette knew her crush’s schedule (“oh come on, if you were in my shoes I bet you’d be even worse!” She objected once, to which Marinette neither agreed or denied.) and the day that the shifts were shuffled around, the grumpy barista was one night replaced with a much nicer, much more familiar face.

Enter Adrien Agreste, model and son of her favorite designer.

So maybe Bridgette wasn’t that wrong about the whole “you’d be worse” thing. Not that she’d admit it anyway; as far as her cousin knew, she was just sticking to the routine she was forced into.

Marinette bought her drinks before he came in for his shift so she wouldn’t be a stuttering mess at the register, and managed only a glance when he came in before pondering on her project’s theme for her class on week 2 of the quarter. It was a seminar on generating inspiration from the world around you, which came easy to her in collége. The class was encouraging everyone to try something new outside of their normal sources of inspiration.

Pick a series of anything and create a portfolio for each thing, including a photo of the source for each piece.

The only question was…what to pick?

Turns out fate had plans for her and her final project when she heard a yell and the sound of someone crashing to the ground.

Her first words to him ended up being, “A-are you okay?!” when he laughed himself so hard he fell off of the stepladder he was on.

Not the words she would have expected, but at least they came out clearly. Even the thought of ordering a drink while he was at the counter tied up her tongue and she couldn’t understand why. Yes, he is son to Gabriel Agreste, her idol, but he’s just another student here working a food service job like most everyone else on campus. Adrien Agreste is a normal person among normal people now.

The magical powers-that-be decided he should be treated as a normal person too, because when she looked up and saw the blackboard, her nerves dissipated almost instantly.

In neat letters the blackboard read “Chai Noir.”

That’s all it took for her former celebrity crush to crack. It didn’t matter if he was cute; one punner in her life was already too much. She had to admit though, it was a good pun for the fact that the drink matched her partner.

Marinette felt a little bad for laughing at Adrien’s drawing skills, but she was more than happy to fix it for him. She barely remembered to pull up a photo for reference since she knew her partner’s face and messy long hair like the back of her hand.

Her fumble when she introduced herself aside, talking to him soon felt like easy banter like with Chat Noir or Alya. His body language was awkward and stiff at first even when his speech wasn’t, she noticed, as if he never talked to people he met this soon this much. He never showed any sign of not wanting her company, so she stayed past closing time to talk with him and get her last drink for the night.

She smiled to herself as she started pedaling. Maybe they were actually meant to meet.

When she arrived at home that night, Marinette took a long sip of the drink as she dropped her bag on the beanbag chair.

She started doodling an idea she had the other day - a cute poncho with a fluffy trim that was light enough to wear with most weather. The hoodie cords had puffballs at the ends, matching the trim, and the whole thing would pair well with cute shorts or leggings.

The drink was nearly finished when she started painting it in with her cheap watercolors. She had drawn herself in the outfit, so navy was dabbed onto her hair and peach for her skin. Boots and shorts were easy with warm brown and light blue tones, but when she got to the poncho itself, she wasn’t sure exactly what color she wanted.

That is, until she took the lid off of her coffee cup to check how much of the Chai Noir she had left.

Marinette took one last sip, poured the remaining drink in the overturned lid and dipped her clean brush in it.

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