that was the one constant if you hadn't noticed

I wonder how much of the Legends’ behaviour towards Mick during season 2 - the forgetting that as Chronos he has more time travel experience than any of them, the constant nasty jokes about his supposed lack of intelligence - is due to Rip.

Specifically, those six months of the team fighting time aberrations under his command, where he apparently yelled at Mick often enough that during the one mission we did get to see, he got to mutter “at least I didn’t screw up this time” - only for Rip to reprimand him for something that hadn’t affected the mission or the timeline in the slightest (seriously, that gold chain was as anonymous as could be).

And we all know Rip Hunter’s opinion about Mick Rory.

Six months of that, with no Len to get furious at the treatment of his partner, and Mick not at his best because he was mourning his partner, and Sara caught up in her own grief. Well. I wonder…