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Okay, if I don’t post this now I never will! Anyway, @arcanebarrage (not letting me tag you), just wanna saw I love your fantastic fic and I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing! c:

dps characters as john mulaney quotes

cameron: “i have a lot of stories about being a kid because it was the last time I was interesting.”

knox: “all my money is in a savings account. My dad has explained the stock market to me maybe 75 times. I still don’t understand it.”

neil: “i keep all my emotions right here (gestures to heart) and then one day i’ll die.”

todd: “the more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time.”

meeks: “you can do good work simply staying up all night and eating nothing but junk food, but probably not in the long term.” 

pitts: “i was hoping now that by now i’d look older, and i don’t. i just look worse.”

charlie: “it’s 100% easier not to do things than to do them-and so much fun not to do them.”

keating: “college is just your opinion. just you raising your hand and being like ‘i think emily dickinson is a lesbian’ and them being like ‘partial credit’ and that’s the whole thing.”


knox: “i quit drinking because i would drink too much, then i would black out and ‘ruin parties.’”

todd: “you remember being 12-when you’re like ‘no one look at me or i’ll kill myself.’”

meeks: “you could probably poor soup in my lap and i’ll apologize to you.”

neil: “i’m probably gay based on the way i act and behave and have walked and talked for the past 28 years.”

pitts: “nothing that i know can help you with your car ever. unless youre like, ‘hey, i’ve got a flat tire, does anyone here know a lot about the cosby show?’”

The dwarves’ physical state in the Halls of the Maker corresponding to their mental state though- 

  • It takes decades for Thorin’s wounds to heal and they break open at the most unexpected moments. The worst was when he saw Kíli in the Halls for the first time. He is never fully whole again, although it does a lot for him to finally receive his sister’s forgiveness. The moment the last of his wounds, the one on his forehead, is completely gone is the moment when Dwalin, the last of the Company to die, finally joins them and feigns a punch in his face and then hugs him so hard he thinks his bones will break. (It is then that Balin’s wounds finally heal too, he who had sat in the Halls for hours with Thorin, talking about how they had both let go of their lives when there would have been so much more to live for)
  • Thrór’s throat kept bleeding for so long that he took to wearing clothes with high collars in the Halls. It takes his family a long time to bring him back to where he was - and only when both Thráin and his three grandchildren arrive and tell him just how much he meant to them despite everything that had happened does he dare to wear more open clothes again.
  • Everybody thinks Fíli is okay. He puts on a brave face, spends a lot of time with his brother, his family and tries to comfort his uncle. Nobody sees when he withdraws to his chambers from time to time, hand coming away bloody when he presses it to his chest under the clothes because he still thinks he failed them all. It is Frerin who finally picks up on it first (apart from Kíli of course, but Kíli knows everything anyway) and takes him aside for a talk, a small patch of blood blossoming on his own chest where the arrow had hit home so long ago for a moment.
  • Kíli always laughs, looks unharmed and brightens everyone’s mood. He is everywhere at once, meets family members from all branches long dead that he is never known - he seems as alive in death as he ever was. Only sometimes, when he looks at his brother and his uncle, who shouldn’t be here, who he thinks he should have protected because he is the spare, it should have been him who died, not them- he flinches slightly, hand rubbing over his chest where Bolg’s weapon had found its mark.
  • Dáin has tumbled in the Halls with a curse on his lips, but his wounds that still oozed blood for hours after he has woken up - he left them alone in the midst of battle, selfishly withdrew and died when nothing was safe yet - close up quickly when he hears a quiet grunt and a giant boar throws him to the ground, rubbing his enormous face on his clothes and he sees the smiling faces of those who await him.
  • Dís follows him not long after, fallen, too, defending the mountain her kin died for. She lightly punches Thorin only moments after Dáin did and her brother carries a brighter smile than he has worn in decades when she’s finally there. Her wounds had closed the moment she had woken up - she knows she has given everything she had for the mountain and her people and could go in peace, to finally be reunited with her family and friends again.

The 15 Day Watchdog Drawing Challenge!

Day 8: Make a watchdog original character! It can be both serious or silly! It’s completely up to you!

Here they are! Their names are Jane, Jerry, Taylar, and Walter (The last two are both Walter). Click the images for descriptions.

Me in 2013:  This is my first Pokemon game… Do I want Pokemon X or Y? I’m just not sure. They both look really cool. Birds are cool, but deer are more my thing. 
Me in 2013:   *Does a ton of research trying to find exclusive Pokemon to each game and makes pros and cons lists*
Me in 2013:   *labors to make a choice*
Me in 2013:   *reluctantly chooses while quoting Robert Frost*

Me in 2014:   Do I want Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire? They both look really fun. I’d play with either of those legendaries that one’s the prettiest fish ever and that one’s a freaking dinosaur. 
Me in 2014:   Team Aqua is hilarious but Team Magma is terrifying IDK I can’t choose. 
Me in 2014:   What one do you think other people are going to get, so I can get the less common one to trade more?
Me in 2014:   *researches to try to find the most comprehensive list of exclusive pokemon to each game prior to release*
Me in 2014:   *v e r y  reluctantly makes a choice practically with my eyes closed and continues to wonder if it was the right one over a year later*

Pokemon Today:   We’re announcing Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!
Me:   The answer is Moon. 
Pokemon:   You don’t know anything else about…
Me:   Moon
Pokemon:   Don’t you want to see the legendaries?
Me:   Moon
Pokemon:   Exclusive Pokemon?
Me:   Moon
Pokemon:    But-





small psa for people getting into touhou in 2015 or consider themselves new fans

  • there’s a lot of official material. that might seem overwhelming, but please don’t let that keep you from tackling the official works. don’t be afraid to just dive headfirst in!
  • there is an order where in all the games/manga/books take place, but it’s really straight forward most of the time, like touhou 7 takes place after touhou 6 and so on. play the games in the order that suit you the best. play the game that seems the most fun to you! you can always play the other games later.

  • the print works and manga are a great way to get to know the characters and universe better, generally much more so than the games. read the official manga!

  • it’s ok to play on easy, no matter what people say. seriously, easy mode exists for a reason. if zun didn't want to play his games on easy, easy wouldn't exist.

  • there are a lot of things that don’t really seem to make sense in the beginning. touhou can be pretty unconventional, and there are some foreign concepts in gensoukyou. that’s fine. things will make sense to you eventually

  • don’t trust what all the characters say. don’t trust Akyuu, either. everyone has an agenda. there is no character in Touhou who is a reliable narrator. be skeptical, but also remember to have fun questioning the characters words, intentions and motives. 

Blackrock collab with the amazing Bashcat99!

I sketched the left and she sketched the right; then I did the lineart and colored the right, and she did the left. It turned out absolutely beautiful.

It was so much fun working with someone else, especially someone as talented and precise as her. Look at her super-neat lines and gradient shading omg.

Go follow her and all her incredible art and fics. Friendship promotion.