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5, 6, 20, 15!!!! :D

5: What’s your favorite thing to draw?

(Thanks Ryu xDD)

6: What’s your least favorite thing to draw?

Definitely humans. Not only is it challenging for me to draw it, but I find the idea of drawing myself, or my friends… a bit creepy lol. It sounds like stalking to me ;p

15: How long does an average piece take you to complete?

Days XD. Partly because  im a very slow  artist (I want make sure its perfect in my mind  before even sending it for a draft) and because I only have very limited time per day for drawing ;/

20: What is the easiest thing for you to draw?

Cos Ive drawn him so many times. Whenever Im bored random sketches of this dude come up all over my worksheets XD

(Thanks so much for the ask!! ^^)

Here ya go kaafans. The reaction of a completely normal, non-horny naga girl to the whole theme of sexy erotic nagas/lamia we draw and the creepy nerds that love to fantasise about being seduced by a beautiful snake lady, and all the things they wanna do in their coils, but forget to ask the question “but how would SHE feel about that?”

So yeah, this girl is talking to all of us XD

Imagine upsetting Negan when he sees you reaching for Daryl during the round up.

(I had a Carl request before this one but it’s not done yet…I had finished this one first so i’m posting it first…hope you all like it and it is as requested. Instead of posting the preferences tonight I’ll post them tomorrow :D Yay for Negan being slightly creepy XD and poor Daryl :(  gif not mine/ found it on google) 

For the past few weeks, Negan and the Saviors had been looking over you and your group without your knowledge.


The moment he looked at you he was smitten. He noticed how nice you were and how resourceful you are to your group.  He somewhat became obsess with you and everyday would spend a few hours to check on you, even your name had actually been the only one he learned  

He loved almost everything about you, the only thing that bothered him was your relationship with Daryl, or the guy with long hair as he would call him.


Looking through binoculars he saw you on a supply run.  One of his men had ask him “Spying her again?”

“Yeah…she’s just so pretty…and not to mention impressive…I mean she kills walkers with no hesitation! I’m going to need her in my life!”

"So…when are we going to get them back for what they did?”

“Soon…don’t worry…I’m just letting her enjoy her freedom a little longer!”

He said laughing and smiled until he saw that Daryl  was trailing behind you. 

He saw you running back to Daryl ,as you were quite ahead, you grabbed his arm and dragged him with you. He saw you laughing and you trying to make Daryl smile. He immediately frowned and put the binoculars down.

His men were shocked and asked “What it is Negan?!”

He glared at them and grind his teeth in anger. He then told them “She’s with that guy again…the one with the long hair…She’s smiling and grabbing him…Who the hell could he be for her to care so much!”

The men looked at each other and stayed silent. The first time Negan had evoke a similar statement, one of them had said that the guy you were with was most likely your boyfriend and he didn’t take it. Negan had beaten the man for thinking and saying it and, since no one would ever say what they thought about you and Daryl.

Negan looked through the binoculars again and it frustrated him even more seeing as you were both smiling now. It had been like this each time you were outside the walls of Alexandria, you were always accompanied by Daryl. He smashed the binoculars to the ground and said “Let’s get ready to catch them…in a few days…we’ll go with the plan…make sure you bring him to me alive!”

They all nodded.

As he walked to his car he mumbled “Enjoy your freedom…Y/N…” under his breath.

After Denise died, Daryl had been distant from you and had left Alexandria on his own to avenge her. You wanted to go after him but the others told you to stay and help Maggie.

However, the next morning Daryl and the others hadn’t been back, it worried you but you still had hope to see them again that day.

You were helping with the guarding of Alexandria, when suddenly Enid had come to you running for help.

Maggie was feeling sick and luckily Rick and the others were there to bring here to the Hilltop colony to get treatment.

You went along with them and let Father Gabriel take the charge of the defense of Alexandria.


Along the road, you had been stopped multiple times and each time made you more anxious.

By night, there was only one route left and you had all decided to take it by foot in order to get away from the men following you.


As you walked in the forest, you all suddenly heard whistles and as you all started to run you suddenly got surrounded and had come to a stop.

You were all nervous about what was about to happen. A man came towards you and ordered you all on your knees, even Maggie. Others came closer and took away all your weapons. They suddenly brought Eugene and it shocked everyone.

You followed the orders and stayed silent. They suddenly dragged Michonne, Glenn, Rosita and Daryl out and it shocked everyone even more.

The moment you saw Daryl injured you wanted to go to him. You suddenly got up and said “Daryl!”

He looked towards your direction and said “Y/N…” As he was forced on his knees.

You tried to get to him but was immediately forced by the man behind you to stay on your knees.


Negan was in the RV and had been looking through the window. He had witness what you were trying to do and it angered him. He slammed his fist on the table and thought of just going out there to take you away with him. 

However knowing that his men would lose respect for him as a leader he calmed himself down and made sure the moment he heard the knock he wouldn’t just walk over to you and grab you.

The man went to knock on a RV and suddenly he came out.

He chuckled and said “Pissin’ our pants yet?”

He walked over and continued “Boy… do I have a feeling we’re getting close! Yeah…it’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon!”

He looked all over and the moment his gaze met yours he sincerely smiled at you. He stared at you for quite a moment until one of his men cleared his throat. It immediately awaken him from his daydream and asked “Which one of you is the leader?”

His man pointed Rick and said “This one…he’s the guy…”

Negan got closer to him and said “Hi…you’re Rick right? I’m Negan and I do not appreciate you killing my men…”

The moment you heard his name, you knew something was going to go wrong.

He had then started to walk along the line and talked about his people that where killed and  how he wanted all of you to work for him.

“I want all of you to work for me! Now I can’t do that if you’re all dead! Now can you? I’m not growing a garden…but you killed my people! A whole damn lot…more than i’m comfortable with…” He said looking at Rick

Looking over to Daryl he continued “and for that…for that you’re gonna pay!” and laughed.

Hearing his words you knew what he meant and immediately tried to get closer to your dear friend.

Negan noticed you by the side and said “Don’t! Stay where you are…” 

He walked closer to you and said “Don’t try and save him…don’t beg me…the choice depends on Lucille…”

He said while showing his baseball bat to you. The sight scared you and it made you shiver in fear. Your breathing became ragged and it made Negan uncomfortable. He wanted you but not in a state of complete fear of him, in that moment he wanted to take you back at his place and just take care of you, yet your reaction had also upset him and he wanted to shake you to get your attention away from your friend. 

He had to walk away from you to control himself and went to where Daryl was. 

He laughed and said “And I think…she wants to beat this one…”

You then immediately told him “Please! Don’t! No…no…no…please…” Shaking your head and on the verge of tears.

His smile immediately disappear and suddenly his frustration won over. He exploded and it was clear to everyone how upset he was.

“What did I told you! I said to not try and save him! Why the hell! Would you even beg for him! Does he really matters that much to you!”

Everyone was shock, the whole time Negan had an impressive composure about the situation but now here he was upset over someone reaching out for their friend.

You had tears in your eyes and pleaded him “Please…just…don’t hurt him anymore…he’s already injured…he doesn’t need…”

Daryl cut you off and said “Y/N! I’m fine…better me beaten than you…”

Negan turned his attention to Daryl and said “You shut up! ”

He turned back to you and said “And you…I demand an answer from you…what is he to you? Why does it matters so much if I beat him! I’ll just get him out of his misery!”

“He’s…my friend…I…” You said having a hard time to breath.

Before you could finish Negan cut you off and said “I don’t wanna know about the rest! I don’t care anymore…”. He closed his eyes and slowly shook his head as he walked to try and calm himself down.

He got in front of you. He crouched down to eye level with you, he grabbed your chin and said “Soon… you won’t need him…”

His words made you anxious and you shook your head in denial.

He stilled you by tightening his grip and then whispered in your ear “Because you’re mine…”

He looked back at you with smile and told his men “Get her in the car! She doesn’t need to see this…”

“No! no!”

They grabbed your arms and got you to your feet. You struggled to get out of their grasp and begged for your friends life along the way.

“Please! this doesn’t have to happen…! Let them go!”

Negan looked back at where you were and said “I’m sorry…Y/N…but I have to punish your friends…and you…”

He held his bat in the air and was ready to swing. 

Your and your friends screams could be heard throughout the darkness.

Thanks, Meowth!

Now we know…

The Darkness lies within…

Well, okay, this thing is REALLY funny, sure, but omg: creepier than Desumasu/ Desukarn… or Lysandre;p

Probably it’s just a gag but I wouldn’t mind if Kojiro actually got that kind of pokemon, for a change. Ever since Matadogas’ departure he was ALWAYS about the visibly sweety. Mimikyu may be/appear sweety but it is also VERY VISIBLY creepy.

Also, wouldn’t that be kind of awesome if they got it at some point in S&M anime because…

Mimikyu’s health fails when it’s bathed in the rays of the sun, so it prefers to stick to dark places. 

… this thing can be like their reverse-Squishy XD


Monster Musume Redesign :W.I.P:

I’m actually one of those people who enjoy Monster Musume XD I enjoy the comedy, but too bad the show is just for fan service. I think it has more potential. So I decided to change things up a bit, but not too much. The first, by making the girls a little more creepy, dangerous, and a little feral. Since they’re based a little more on their mythology creatures. They’re just more evolved than the monsters they were many years ago.

I just gave Papi more feathers and a more mature face and body. And Miia more scales.

jaxonkreide replied to your post: Sometimes it’s really difficult for me to suppress…

i know that feeling;; I was on this event a while ago and there was this just really beautiful girl. I wanted to ask her for a picture and tell her how pretty she looks, but I didn’t want to be a creep;;

I feel exactly like this! And even when I manage to tell people that I think they look beautiful, afterwards I’m super embarrassed about it. Like, a few days ago, one saleswoman at the bakery where I always get my lunch at wore a necklace that really caught my attention - it had the exact same color as her eyes, down to the little spots of brown amidst the green, and really fit her so well? So I just blurted out without thinking “That necklace looks really beautiful on you”.

She startled, blushed and thanked me, and I just wanted to vanish into thin air because I thought I had done something considered weird. XD

Well I did a fit test last night, but unfortunately no one was awake to take a picture of me, and my selfie stick was out of batteries. So here’s the best I could do with my phone before that died too XD I’m fairly happy with the costume so far. It will definitely be getting improvements after PAX - LEDs, but also some minor things that I didn’t get to.

Leaving for PAX soon. I’m also bringing the black knight, which I’ll wear on Friday and then it’ll be the Abyss Watcher the rest of the time. Sadly, Tyrael couldn’t fit in my car because we have 5 people, so it’ll have to wait another year (I do seriously want to bring the wings back though. It will happen, I promise.)

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Hey Yugo, I wanted to apologize for the things I said when you half-revealed yourself. XD I've become too comfortable on the internet and didn't realize how creepy that must have sounded. XD

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Undertronic] SharaX

Oh hey it’s me OvO

This was a brainstorming sketch design to figure out what I would look like on paper and I think this is a good look o3o I wanted to draw an outfit that I could also find online, since I could wear this outfit when I go to conventions etc. I found a nice coat, but I still need to browse for some boots, and when I’ve put together an outfit I’ll draw a full body version x3 I’ll be dyeing the tips of my hair light orange this week, and I’ll need to go hunting for some orange tinted contacts as well ouo

On a side note, I really like the creepy lantern thing. I love lanterns actually (You can probably guess my second favorite pokemon with this information) xD

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Wowee. Your changes were just 👌 He look very creepy and unnerving which I think compliments the whole possession thing. I was thinking you were gonna give him a bald spot and 50 more years XD Can't wait to see more of this design

PBBTH i could’ve and been a cruel and unrelenting god,,, believe me i considered it, but instead i switched his Colgate 3D White with a big bag of the devils cabbage and was content.
having a perfect Edgy Hot character just isn’t me and i needed that wackiness y’know?? i think the change will pave the way for more walter from me! 

Tada! My BATIM oc. She’s Henna. She’s Henry’s cousin. When she was little, she wanted to know Henry’s secrets (about the ink machine and that things) (he tells her about everything because she was annoying af). That inspires her to be a animator and make a machine that converts cartoons in real and humans in cartoons (cartoons in real size).

One day, someone push her into the machine and she gets the power of draw everything she wants in real life. She does that with that… tentacles? (I’m not sure what it is XD.)

About her personality, she is good, but sometimes is really… creepy.

(And sorry for my English, is pretty bad :’D.)

((Your English is very good and I love this idea!!))

Sorry for the inactivity, guys.
I just got back from a college thing!
I mean.. It wasn’t just that. I was sick, then I had a lot of school stuff to do. Then I got locked in a museum with 2 of my friends in the middle of the night. Fun times.
No, seriously. We were locked inside of a museum and it was like the best thing ever. xD
We were jumping up and down in front of the camera for someone to notice us, and my friend was yelling out for help, and there was a creepy janitor that we’re like.. 80% certain he was a serial killer.
I’m so tempted to make a mini comic about it. You know what. I’m gonna do it. Right now.

Thanks for coming to the stream <3

It was real fun! And I drew for too long, I’m tired XD

Anyways, here you go, I drew all of these things!

First of all, my buddy Spooks, mun of @zombie-frisk! Their UF version to be precise xD I told them I’d do it! Hope they like it >u<

Next! Snowdin bunnies! I have to add these to the character list~ My fave will always be Bonnie, the Snowdin shopkeeper, but you guys can choose whoever you like the most! (Madeleine was oddly popular on stream chat :0)

I also did Horrortale fanart!! I’m kinda obsessed with this AU, it’s so creepy and I love it <3 Too bad I can’t draw scary things :C I tried anyway… hope it’s ok c’:

This is part of the new AU that is now in my mind, and I hope no one did a legit AU with this kind of thing before… MagicalTale? I dunno, it’s about magical girls xD I even have the plot made, someone please stop me.

This would be Chara’s Magical Girl design!! And yes, even though Chara is nonbinary, I still call them Magical Girl and I still give them the dress. Sorry, it comes with the job. But who cares, when you’re cute as hell?

Oh, my lovely Frisky bits, you too have a Magical Girl dress <3 Same thing, it comes with the job! But no one cared :P You and your mighty stick look wonderful!!
(And yes I know this is almost literally Madoka’s dress but don’t you get it that’s the point of it all, that’s the joke)

And I think that was all! Thank you for coming, I had lots of fun <3 Hope I can make another one soon!! ^^

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...This is probably gonna sound really stupid, but what's the difference between an ask and a submit? Because people submit their headcanons via the ask thing, and I don't know what people use the submit thing for... Sorry, I'm not a Tumblr user, I just anonymously stalk blogs. ...It's less creepy than my sentence sounds. XD Thank you! ^^

~well friend an ask is to send something in like a question, headcanon, or a comment if you want a response. A submission is if you send something like a fanfiction or a picture