that was the biggest plot twist ever

If you drop an ant from the Empire State Building, will it die?

In the ‘90s, there was a popular Korean TV show called Curiosity Heaven (It does not translate well) that conducted experiments based on these weird hypothetical questions.

In one episode of Curiosity Heaven, the hosts took ants to the top of the 63 Building (Seoul’s equivalent of The Tall Skyscraper Tourist Attraction in Every City, named for the number of floors it has) to drop them off. The question of the episode: if you drop an ant off a skyscraper, will it survive?

After coming to a theoretical conclusion through a lot of math and physics that the ants would survive an 820-foot fall, the plan was put into action. But as the hosts summited the top of the skyscraper, they discovered all of the ants had exploded from the atmospheric pressure. That’s right: exploded.

If that’s not the biggest plot twist I’ve ever read in my life, then I don’t know what is.

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Imagine if Emily was AD. Just imagine. I think the fandom would be shook for 22 years. Nobody would ever expect Puppy Eyes Emily Fields ;)

Dude I said this like…two days ago to someone!!! Emily being A.D. would be the biggest plot twist in the history of entertainment television. We, as a fandom, suspect everyone one and their unborn fetuses but nobody suspects Emily at all. If I were a big time writer, that’s the exact angle I would go with for a reveal. Without all the plot holes and inconsistencies, I would make my villain the most innocent person to the public, this way no one would ever consider the possibility - all while making very subtle hints towards that person.

Man…if it made sense, Emily would shock me for the rest of my life, deathbed and all. I would have paranoia and trust issues until the day i died.

We all know it’s like the most unlikely idea on the planet but can you imagine her motive? Like her infatuation with Alison got out of control until she became obsessive? Over the years she lowkey became one of those delusional lovers to the point she purposely implanted her eggs inside Alison this way they had no choice but to be together. Everything she did to Ali was “out of love” but because her brain is so warped, she doesn’t see the line between love and torture. She did all those things in the beginning to see if Alison was really dead and if she would come save her/her friends if they were in danger but over time, she became “addicted to playing with everyone’s lives”, as Mona referred A.D. to in 7x15. However, she keeps her act of innocence towards everyone and targeting herself along with the others but really doing up her victim role so that nobody would suspect she’s the mastermind because of all the situations she got herself into. That………that would be so wild.


biggest plot twist i have ever witnessed

  • Rai : Is it true that you challange every Clan Leader in Lukedonia ?
  • Frankenstein : [Standing stiffly]
  • Frankenstein : Yes
  • Rai : You called them 'Weaklings' ?
  • Frankenstein : Yes...
  • Rai : And you said that you can take them all at once and challange the Lord ?
  • Frankenstein : ....yes
  • Rai : [Sits down]
  • Rai : [Stare at Frankenstein while frowning]
  • Rai : Have a biscuit, Franken.

My headcanon Megatron is an idiot.

I’m sorry, I know everyone’s been making comments about Rung’s eyes, but I wanted to finish drawing this anyway.

Also, I hope it’s perfectly clear to everyone by now why Rung is my favorite Transformer ever.

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Is there any way to make a plot twist in a way where it doesn't seem like it came out of nowhere? That's my biggest problem, people always tell me that my plot twists feel weird and unnatural.


There definitely is – foreshadow. Drop subtle but clear hints about what’s coming all throughout the novel, so that when your readers look back it will be clear that those hints indicated your plot twist.

As an example, I’ll use The Shining by Stephen King (one of my favorite books ever). *SPOILER ALERT!*

Danny Torrance, the protagonist, is a five-year-old with telepathic powers. He has a visitor (his parents call it his imaginary friend, but it’s not) named Tony who sometimes shows him things: Tony once showed him where to find a trunk containing his father’s manuscripts; Tony also shows him horrible things happening in the hotel in which his family will be spending the winter (up in the mountains of Colorado, so they’ll be snowed in). After Danny has a semi-catatonic episode, his parents take him for a medical checkup, just to be sure of his health before they’re snowed in for three months.

The pediatrician, of course, speaks to Danny during/after his checkup, and acts somewhat as a psychiatrist; he then speaks to his parents about his diagnosis (which is nothing serious – only stress). His opinion on Tony is that he was created to deal with hard times (moving, and Danny’s parents considering divorce), and Danny no longer needs Tony, because the family is rebounding; however, Tony isn’t leaving easily, hence the nightmares Danny complains of, and the fainting spell he had. Then the pediatrician says to Mr. and Mrs. Torrance something along the lines of “And of course, you know why he’s named Tony and not Michael or Greg”, and during my first time reading, I didn’t understand what he meant. After the plot twist, it clicked.

Also, it is mentioned that Danny was born with a caul over his face, which superstition says signifies a child gifted with the second sight (in other words, the child will be able to see the future). At the time, this – and what it implies – seems like a secondary detail. Again, at the plot twist it is clear that it actually means more.

The plot twist occurs during Tony’s last visit, which takes place during the novel’s climax. During his last powow with Danny, he comes closer, into Danny’s field of vision – Danny has never seen Tony’s face before, so this is a significant event. Tony looks just like Danny, but older – still young, but maybe 11 instead of 5. Then, in the prose, Stephen King writes Danny’s full name, middle name included, which doesn’t happen at any other place in the novel: his full name is Daniel Anthony Torrance, or in other terms, Danny “Tony” Torrance. The conclusion drawn from this is that Tony is actually Danny from the future, and that Danny has both telepathy and second sight.

This plot twist grows roots throughout the book: how Danny never sees Tony’s face, how Danny was born with something said to promise the second sight, the psychiatrist’s comment on Tony’s name. Basically, Stephen King lays everything on the table without giving us the one detail everything stems from – if it was drawn as a chart, all these small details would surround one big box in the middle, and until the plot twist, that big box would be blank. After the plot twist, that box would be filled in with TONY IS AN OLDER VERSION OF DANNY AND DANNY HAS PRECOGNITIVE VISIONS. That’s what you need to do: lay everything out for the reader except the actual plot twist itself.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

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I think that the problem was that they didn't know what to do with Ali, once she was back. In season 5 they wave a little between making her still be that misterious girl who manipulates people or give a redemption arc to her. They chose the second, and probably expected her to become one liar like the others, but she could never fit in. She used to be the one that haunted the liars thoughts, and them being away from her helped their development. They should have handled her comeback diferently.

100% agree. Actually, if I were a writer I would’ve done it very differently. I would’ve had Ali alive - so that’s a plot twist in itself - but then throw a spin on the spin - by killing Ali before the girls can actually get to her. So, she didn’t die that night but she died that night in Ravenswood before the girls can get to her. So it’s shocking to the audience that she survived that night, and then shocking AGAIN that she dies before coming home safely! Then, we wouldn’t have had the huge decline in the quality of the show in season 5 when Ali came home alive. Well, I say that because I attribute Ali’s return as the biggest mistake the show ever did - thats when it really went down. I seriously prefer seeing just Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily run around Rosewood by themselves. That group dynamic is far stronger. And it’s even more entertaining when Ali is controlling their lives from the grave which is why I think seasons 1 to 4 had a great vibe to them.

Thanatos Night Vol.2 {Nia}


CV: Masuda Toshiki

Mune-kyun level: 4/5

R-18?: I wished.


Dummy-head mic used: Even the song used it.

General theme behind Thanatos Night: Once you listen to the songs that these fallen angels sing, you will die. Not only that, you will only be able to see their black wings only if you wish to die.

(Proceed for plot twists, and more of me screaming and ranting basically.)

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