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Digimon popularity poll FOR SCIENCE

Okay, Digimon popularity poll FOR SCIENCE! Rank your favorite Digimon seasons in order, best to worst, however you want to define that, it’s your opinion! Listing a tie will mean the next item on the list gets less points. Not listing a season will not effect its score. Here are the 9 seasons in chronological order: Adventure, Zero Two, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, Hunters, Tri, Appmon. GO!

If we can signal boost this enough to get a lot of respondants, we’ll actually have useful information!


Loss Countdown Day 12: Sora’s Best Outfit in Tri (So Far)


It really is a lovely outfit though, with nice nods to her original season 1 clothes.

This little scene is classic Sora. First we see her silently grieving the loss of her Digimon partner–then a small girl tries to grab her attention, and Sora immediately puts on a smile and plays with her.

Best Digimon encounter in the wild ever

Hey guys, second admin here.

So to set the stage, I was in class today and we had a girl from China come over and study english with us.
But the real story begins when she asks me out of the blue

“Do you like the anime, Digimon???”

It was so weird because almost all class, no one could get a word out of her, but here she was asking ME if I liked Digimon. She must have seen my phones wallpaper (which is when all the digimon are annoying Leomon). So I say,

“Yeah, I love digimon”

Her face lit up with delight and she began to ask me a ton of questions. She asked who my favorite human and digimon were, she asked me what my favorite season was, and if I had seen Tri.


She then asked if I liked the Japanese theme song, Butterfly. Of course I said yes (I have that shit in my car, I listen to it all the time).

SHE THEN STARTS TO SING IT OUT LOUD!!! Everyone looked at us. It was at this moment that I knew exactly what to do… I pulled that shit up on my phone and sang along.
EVERYONE WENT WIDE EYED. No one had been able to get more than 2 sentences out of this supposedly shy girl. But now she and me were singing butterfly in class. Even our teacher was in shock.

Anyways, that’s my little story of a digimon encounter in the wild. If you guys have any stories, send them to me!

50cyg  asked:

Why do you rank Tri higher than Adventure?

What else but the fact I’m enjoying a lot! :D

I’m mean, the main goal of these seasons is to provide entertainment, right? That ranking basically conveys my enjoyment. Tri has provided the kind of enjoyment I didn’t even think a digimon season could pull off. xD

Adventure has been extremely fun for the past years alright, it’s just Tri is the “digimon adventure for my age” I have always longed for one way or another. Before this I didn’t even believe another Adventure season should exist, I didn’t think it would ever work, let alone it could be this well executed, in the right format too! Films instead of episodes, I mean… it still feels like a lie???! Crunchyroll’s episodic structure completely screws with the sense of pace; so of course I’m talking about the blu-ray version; it feels much better and provides a much deeper sense of imersion.

So far Tri has surprised me from every angle and aspect alright? While most things that feel worth analysing in Adventure are a weird result of luck and coincidence, with tri it’s more like, everything I have enjoyed so far feels meticulously planned in advance. The old characters are fun to follow, the new characters aren’t random mob addictions - quite the opposite - they actually help expand this universe and contribute to the overall meaning of story. This same meaning strongly resonates with the audience - we’re all adults who were once digimon fans as children, we strongly miss those fun days. We are also “chosen children”, desperately trying to bring back those fun times and stay “children at heart”, in despite of all adult-responsabilities that constantly challenge us out of our comfort zone.

So far I feel like this story is going exactly where I wanted. 

It’s by no means perfect, but so what? Neither are any of all other seasons. I feel like the direction of tri has been well executed so far; it’s the dream revival not many animated shows can brag about. Everything from structure to character development feels on point so far, it goes to the minimal detail. Considering this current staff isn’t even the “original staff”, it never stops to surprise me how they manage to catch so many cues from the original show.

This has been done with a lot of love and care. In a way it’s not even fair Tri makes it do the list. The staff had plenty of time to plan the story in advance; all other digimon seasons only had about one year to convey a decent story and interesting characters and they would more or less make things up over time, to sell a especific line of toys. Tri on another hand in the first digimon season to stand as its own product - the kind of treatment most anime shows get these days.

So yeah, it’s not the best anime I’ve ever watched by any means, and I still regard Hosoda’s movies as vastly superior in terms of storytelling; it’s just how I feel it in comparisson to all other seasons, which I have always watched and liked all for different reasons.

Sense8 - Digimon Crests

saberkane and I spent a decent amount of time halfway through the season figuring this out and we’re pretty proud of it

Will - crest of courage, Wolfgang - crest of friendship,  Lito - crest of love, Riley - crest of sincerity, Nomi - crest of knowledge, Sun - crest of reliability, Capheus - crest of hope, Kala - crest of light

Taichi and Koushiro’s eggs

Some Taishiro egg meta loosely inspired by the prompt “Beginnings”–since eggs are all about beginnings! :)

All of the children’s eggs are color-coordinated to match their crests. Taichi’s is orange; Sora’s is red; Yamato’s is blue; Koushiro’s is purple; Mimi’s is green; Jou’s is gray; Takeru’s is yellow; Hikari’s is pink; and Ken’s is lavender.

I like the designs for Taichi and Koushiro’s eggs especially, because it’s easy to see simple Taishiro connections!

Taichi’s egg is orange with purple stripes. It’s meant to look like Greymon’s stripes, but it’s still a nice combo of the Taichi-Koushiro colors.

Koushiro’s egg has a star-pattern. Which character is it who wears two big stars on his sleeves in the first season? (The answer is: it’s Koushiro’s best friend!)

This ‘blog’ has been nothing but Tales trash so far (just like me lol) but hey why not change the pace for once?

Since I’m not only Tales trash but also Appmon trash, have this ‘wonderful piece of photography’ of me as my best boy Haru.

I’ve followed Appmon since the first episode and I’m so in love with everything. Yes, it’s sort of a Digimon spin-off but to me, it’s my favorite Digimon season ever (and I say that as a person who grew up with Digimon) and Haru is amazing as a protagonist.

I debuted this cosplay at Comic Con Munich this May and I really hope I can bring him back to a con real soon because he’s so comfortable to wear and.. ugh, I just love this boy so much. All I’m missing is someone to cosplay as Yuujin with me so we can be gay together lol.

mitarashiko  asked:

Your conversation with 50cyg makes me want to ask you something~ What do you think Yamato likes the most about Taichi? What is your favorite scene of them?? Do you think they think about the reasons why they two can form omegamon??!! I'm very curious *^*

You know, at first I thought these questions seemed harmless, but when I got to thinking about them…they took me a while to answer lol

I already know these answers are going to be long. So I’m just going to put them under a cut. 

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anonymous asked:

This isn't a confession sorry but i really want to start watching digimon from the beginning but idk whats the order of the show/movies? Does anyone have like a list, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you!

Well I think the best place to start is watching the series “digimon adventure” there’s also a pilot movie that takes place before that but I think it’s better to watch the series first. After that there’s digimon adventure 02. between them is the short movie “ Our War Game! “ I guess it’s fine to watch it before 02. Then there’s “ Digimon Hurricane Touchdown / Supreme Evolution! The Golden Digimentals “ which takes place late into 02, i would suggest to watch it after finishing the second season. After 02 there’s another movie called revenge of diaboromon, it’s like a second part of “our war game!”
There’s a small special called  “ Digimon Grandprix! “ But I don’t recall it having anything to do with the plot, watch it last, if you watch it at all (it’s fun).
There’s also  Digimon adventure tri now, still on-going.
That’s about it for the original continuity.
Digimon tamers is a separate story/universe, so you could watch it even before adventure but I think you shouldn’t as it references the original series a little bit.
Battle of adventurers takes place late in digimon tamers so you should probably watch it after finishing tamers, after the end of the series, there’s also another movie “runaway locomon” (runaway digimon express in japanese).
Then we have another series set in its own universe: digimon frontier
In it there’s only one movie called “island of lost digimon” (or revival of the ancient digimon, in japanese) takes place somewhere between the anime.
After it came another digimon series which has its own universe: digimon data squad/digimon savers (jp). This also has only one movie called “Ultimate Power! Activate burst mode!!” It is considered non-canon.
There’s also a small ova  “ The Digital World in Imminent Danger!”  i say watch them both after the anime.
Then we have digimon fusion/x-ros wars (jp) an anime divided in 3 story arcs.
There’s a digimon film that’s not related with any series:  Digital Monster X-Evolution

Currently running is also “ Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters “ who belongs in its own universe too, and is a bit different than previews series, still as good though.
I hope this list isn’t too confusing and I didn’t get anything wrong, feel free to correct any mistakes!

Like, i don’t get why people hate Davis so much? 

He grows so much as a character in 02 -not as much as Ken but still a lot- and like, i’m so proud of him and really like him? 

From a little annyoing brat to a little more mature young guy. 

I mean, yes, he still has this annoying side to him but he still did grow a lot through the season. 

Especially in this episode where they take Ken and Davis just wants to save his best friend, as well as in the last two episodes of 02, you really can see it.

So, why do people hate that guy so much? I don’t get it.

~sorry for being so emotional right now but i re-watched 02 the last few days~

So I’ve finally caught up on tri and while I have a fair few issues with how Taichi’s fall/demise was dealt with, an we just clap Yamato Ishida on the back? 

I mean if you look at how far his character has come from season one? I realise we haven’t seen the outcome of Taichi’s disappearance quite how we did back then, we haven’t got months of him missing and the team falling apart. Though I don’t think it would be quite so drastic now. I’m pretty sure they’d stick together and try their best, but well done Yamato on trying to pull them all back and keep them together. This is an Ishida that gets shit done.

Originally posted by littlehobbit13

*collapses into pile* I’m probably going to tweak a few more things with the colors, but this print is technically officially DONE~