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Steam (M)

WARNINGS: graphic smut, very angsty, vulgar words, riding, overstimulation, kitten kink, friends with benefits

genre: smut / angst

Summary: He had a tough day at work, and needs you to help him blow off some steam. But maybe being friends with benefits was never a good idea.

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There was something off.

You couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was, but you knew there was something wrong. By the way Yoongi called you at an odd hour of the day, his voice laced with anger. You did your best to talk to him, and calm him down. But he just wasn’t budging. And you weren’t sure what happened.

You bit your lip, anticipating for him to walk through the door.

He abruptly hung up on you, muttering a loud ‘I’m coming over, wait for me’. You weren’t sure what he meant, or what he was going to do. But you knew it was going to be exciting.

This was how Yoongi was.

Whenever he had a stressful day, he went to you and blew off some steam. You didn’t mind, in fact, you enjoyed it. It proved that he saw you as someone he trusted.

Yoongi didn’t just have sex with anyone. He chose his partners very carefully, and you knew that. So when he first kissed you, you found it quite a surprise. But, over time, you both turned into friends with benefits. You said you wouldn’t catch feelings, and neither would he.

But time changes, right?

You never imagined yourself with someone like Yoongi. Someone so self-collected on the outside, but dying on the inside. You knew how much he was hurting himself over the small things, how much he stressed himself out just to make others happy. But, over time, he really started to grow on you.

You saw the small things in him. The way he would scratch the back of his ear when he got nervous. The way he would would scrunch his nose when he did something embarrassing. The way his laugh was cut into pieces, and only sometimes let out a sound.

Just thinking about him made your heart hurt.

Yoongi never imagined being with someone like you either. Someone so kind-hearted, and honest. He always thought he would end up with someone cold, just like him. But, instead, he found you. Someone so warm on the inside, and someone so beautiful that he swore it hurt his own heart when he saw you.

You saw things in him that no one else could, and that’s why he chose you out of everyone else. You understood him, even during his worst times. You got where he came from, and respected him as, not only an idol but also, a human being in general. You understood his passion for music, and you supported him through everything. You were there when he fell apart, or when he was stressing over small, or big, things.

He envied you.

On how you could be so understanding of everyone around you, and still keep yourself sane.

But one thing he didn’t know was that you were actually driving yourself towards the edge. You were suffering in more ways than one. You had no one to support you the way you support everyone else. Sure, you had Yoongi. But he was never around. But you knew how much music meant to him, so you painted a smile on your face. You couldn’t take away the one thing keeping him sane for your own selfish reasons.

You sat on your bed, letting out a sigh as the thought of Yoongi barging through the door filled your mind. As you still remembered how he felt against your skin. As you still knew just the exact way he smelt when he held you.

You weren’t sure you could do it anymore.

You couldn’t be friends with benefits with a man you were in love with.

You heard the door swing open, and your eyes shot open as you sat up in your bed. His eyes were dark, and he looked absolutely angered. But, even then, you still saw the beauty in him. You still saw a man you knew you loved.

You swore to yourself that this was it.

This would be the last time you would ever be with him, or even see him for that matter.

He ushered towards you, kissing you roughly as your back hit the bed. His hands were roaming over your body, lifting up his loose shirt that you were wearing that you found in your closet. He loved it when you wore his t-shirts, he thought you looked absolutely wonderful in them.

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Do you have any tips on playing wes?

I’m not the best person to give DS advice? IM STILL A N00B

But yea… he’s really not as hard to play as people make him out to be… it might be just because I’ve been playing NO ONE ELSE and I have nothing to compare him to, but the hardest part to playing Wes to me is honestly just keeping him fed?

He might be a bit of a whimp but his health is not so bad, and the fact that he deals less damage doesn’t really make that much difference in the long run.

Really just,, wear armor and make sure u always got food with u when ur out exploring because this man is a bottomless pit

Exploration - Rhycien

Here it is! The Rhycien prequel from Don’t Look Back that you can find the entire masterlist here. You don’t need to read DLB, because at the end of the day this is just teenage Rhycien touching dicks in a cupboard. Yeah. 

So as you can tell, this is super NSFW. 


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Lucien was becoming tired of parties, he thought as he sat on the only sofa amidst a crowded room full of 16 year olds drinking from their parent bought alcohol.

His best friend had already dragged his other best friend off to god knows where to do god knows what and now Lucien was going to drink his misery away. He remembered the apologetic look on Feyre’s face as Tamlin pulled her away, leaving him alone and unwilling to find people elsewhere. There was a very short list of people of which Lucien could bare to even look at for more than 45 seconds, so he decided getting pissed by himself was the better alternative to making new friends. 

Sipping his almost empty bottle of cheap beer -was it the third or fourth one? He couldn’t tell - he watched the room buzz around him. From the girls dancing to the constant snapchats, to the boys watching the girls dance with open intent that made Lucien almost gag, to Cassian Spera drunkenly break dancing. He had every intention to just leave then and there.

But his lone time was interrupted by none other than the high school’s most beloved prick. One who happened to be on the list of those who Lucien couldn’t bare for more than 45 seconds, or in this case, it only took less than a second for Rhys’ presence was to be simply unbearable.

“How’s my favourite-“

“Fuck off, Rhysand. I’m not your favourite anything,” he deadpanned, unwilling to engage, unwilling to participate in the games that Rhysand Spera liked to play.

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Both Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu are capable of taking first place at a competition. I understand the idea of wanting your favorite to win at all competitions, but this isn’t about your favorite. I see people making fun of the silver medal curse and that’s fine because it’s all in happy bitterness and jokes. But what irks me is how people struggle to reason with the idea that Yuzuru is not a perfect human and attempt to lower Nathan’s achievements because apparently his best shot at winning is when Yuzu messes up. Actually hold on—some people may actually think this so I won’t go into logistics as we all have our opinions. but I will say that peeves me a bit.

All I want to say is that every athlete has his or her’s strengths and weaknesses. Part of accepting Yuzu is accepting his not clean programs. His normal performances, so to say, is not shattering world records or perfection. And when that happens, yes he is often dominant to other male skaters in the same circuit. But you have other exceptional skaters with varying levels of beautiful skating and wowza jumps who are also here to win. Don’t be a Yuzu fan just to shout really loudly about his accomplishments and overlook the scope of the competition he’s facing.

Welcome back Jack! :D

Happy to hear you had an awesome time on tour and your break :)

I kinda got emotional during the video because I was watching some old vlogs and in a REALLY old vlog (2014 I think) you said:

One day I will be up, among those people. I will never ever in a million years get a million subscribers on the channel but I will fucking work as if I have 50 million on my channel

And this tour/break just proves that he is among all these people now and that he is still working his ass off to give the community the best content he can AND he is also almost at 17 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Jack saying he wants to make us proud again hit me a small bit… I can list millions of reasons why/how he has made us proud and him just doing YT makes me proud because he has come from a small cabin in the woods, to his own apartment to his own HOUSE! And that alone makes me proud to be in this community and support him in any way that I can :)

I’m so proud to see how far he has come and can’t wait to see how far he’ll go in the future!

Anyways… Glad you’re back Jack. Just know you can take a break when you need it! We’ll always be here, waiting for you with open arms! <3

And I’m just gonna leave this little quote here:

Different isn’t bad, different can be great

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Am I the only one that is lmfao at all this drama Mike really did start a 💩storm. The best bit is after Lauren tweets about the drama Mike deletes all his tweets. Ps how does Mike know about Camila's contract 🤔😂😂😂

Duh, gotta keep up with your in-laws haven’t you??

No but jokes aside, the tweet regarding L’s domination on the track pissed me off a little. No one defended Camila when she was dragged for leading Reflection and the EP, yet everyone is getting defensive when Lauren is getting pulled for being the lead on their collabs. It’s blatant they’re doing what they did with Camila so Mike reacting to it isn’t going to change anything. 

Dance with me? - Jack Avery

So this is my first imagine. I posted it on my instagram account but I changed it a bit to make it longer and better, I hope. Enjoy!!


You were all alone at home and it was pouring rain. Today wasn’t the best day for you, you really missed Jack. It’s been almost 2 months since you had last seen him. Sure you texted and facetimed each day but it wasn’t quite enough. You missed feeling his arms around you. You flopped onto your bed, frustrated and stared out of the window.

You see the raindrops falling down on your window. Even they had someone. You were all alone at home without your boyfriend.

Suddenly you hear someone calling your name. You sit up in bed listening carefully. After a few minutes of silence you fall back down. It was probably just your imagination playing tricks on you. Who would be dumb enough to be out in this weather anyway? And who would even be calling you. You let out a sigh and ran your hands through your hair.

Moments later you hear it again. You decide to just go check it out to put your mind to rest. Your heart is racing as you walk over to your window. You open it slowly and peered outside just a tiny bit not wanting to get wet.

When your eyes land on the person standing outside your jaw dropped. In the pouring rain stood your boyfriend. He was absolutely drenched but had a huge smile on his face.

The biggest grin came to rest on your face.

“What the hell are you doing here?” you laugh.

“I came to surprise my beautiful girlfriend what else?” he yells back, “Come out here!”

You smile softly at him and shook your head. You grab one of your -his- hoodies and slipped it over your head. Putting on some shoes you ran downstairs and headed to the door. You took a deep breath and opened the door.

You stood there looking at the love of your life. He was casually leaning against his car, as if he wasn’t standing in the middle of a thunderstorm. His head was hung low and he was shielding himself from the rain.

He lifts his head and your eyes meet. You started running over to him.

Jack catches you and you wrap your legs around his middle. After what feels like hours he puts you down but keeps his arms around your waist. Your eyes meet again. Jack starts to lean in and you meet him in the middle. You two share a soft and slow kiss, pouring all your love into it.

“I missed you,” he whispers after you pull away.

“I missed you too,” you smile.

After a few moments in his embrace Jack steps away. You look at him confused.

“Dance with me?” Jack grins.

You laugh, shaking your head at him but took his hand anyway. He pulls you into his chest and the two of you slow dance for a little while.

“I’ve always wanted to dance in the rain,” you smile.

“I know,” Jack says softly, kissing you on your forehead.

“Maybe it’s time we go inside,” you laugh.

Jack nods and the two of you head inside. You both get dressed in dry and warm clothes before climbing into bed together.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” you mumbled, already half asleep.

“Me too Y/N,” Jack smiled, kissing your head, “I love you so much.”

But you didn’t hear any of it. You had already dosed off, just happy to be back in your boyfriend’s arms.


I really hoped you enjoyed this imagine! Let me know if there is anything you want me to write.

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I’m really interested in Malta, and I’d really want to travel there someday. That being said, can you teach me a little bit of the culture of Malta?

I would love to! “Culture” is a really vague term because culture can mean a huge number of things and it can incorporate so many different aspects of Maltese life, but I will try to do my best and give a very brief summary.

I’ve done some research and present day Maltese culture is essentially “Latin European” due to the its huge impact on Malta in the past centuries and a number of traditions, beliefs, and other aspects that Malta shares with Sicily and other Mediterranean countries. (In the past, there was a number of Semitic influences but in the present day it’s linguistically rather than culturally.)

Religion plays a big part in Maltese culture I would say, as some aspects revolve around this. The religion in Malta is Roman Catholic and there are about 365 churches around the 3 islands (you can visit one every day for a year!) Each town and village has its own parish church which is dedicated to a different patron saint. Each village celebrates its patron saint on an appointed time of the year, which is called il-Festa (basically a village fiest.) Il-Festa is usually held on a weekend and during which, the whole village is decorated with lights, flags, statues, banners and more. During the actual fiest nights, there would be food stalls, music, games, and an important part of it all, fireworks! 

A lot of people (especially young tourists) come to Malta and only visit the areas around St.Julians (an area most popular for bars, clubs and its nightlife), and while that’s perfectly okay, you can’t really see any of authentic Maltese culture in places like these. To truly live the experience of Maltese life you need to travel to the smaller villages and seek out the narrow streets and see what beautiful gems are hidden! Talk to us locals, we’re really friendly and hospitable, and ask us questions about our villages, each one is different and has its own different mini culture and traditions than the other (even different accents!). 

Of course, there are so many aspects to Malta that you won’t really see anywhere else because they’re unique to our little islands. If you’re ever visiting places like Valletta, Sliema, or Birgu, take a look at (what tourists love the most) our traditional balconies and colorful doors!

I can’t end this post without mentioning the sea! As you all know, the Maltese Islands are surrounded by the sea, so of course aspects of culture will be incorporated around this as well, such as the Maltese cuisine (which I had made a short post about). Take a trip to Marsaxlokk (which is called the Fishing village) and you can see the fish market in the morning, or you can even catch fisherman and their wives weaving nets and making crafts

Honestly there are a lot more things that I should add but I feel like this post is coming out long enough so I’ll end it here. I think I gave a pretty good summary! Thank you for the question, I’m always so happy to see people interested to come to my country and see how colorful it is! I hope you come to Malta soon one day!


[8-bit] Battle! Battle Tree Boss | Pokemon Sun & Moon

I flipped out when I heard this song for the first time in Sun/Moon. Best remix to me of both Red and Blue’s battle themes. And I’m super happy with how this 8-bit remix of a remix of a couple of 8-bit songs turned out! Haha! xD

This is part of the October Writing Challenge (31 Horrific Days) that I am participating in. I most likely will not do all 31, but will do what is requested of me. Each one shot will star a different OC, simply because I don’t want to write in second person.

#11: The character didn’t plan on any costume for Halloween this year, but their best friend/partner wants to go shopping for the perfect costumes, perhaps even as a themed pair.


Rebecca Davis was in a bit of a rut, in life, in romance, even financially, and she had neither the time nor the energy to deal with any of it.

At 23 years old, she had always figured her life would be a little bit straighter along the edges, but nope, they’re just as jagged as they had always been, curved even. Not that Becca would ever admit such a thing in a call back home - her folks were optimists, and believed in her. She wouldn’t, couldn’t, admit to being more than just a little lost.

Not only that, but it was October, which meant Halloween was almost here, which meant she had a million and two things to do for it, like choose a costume and figure out where she was going, if she was leaving candy out for kids-

Really, Becca was missing May. May was a nice month. It didn’t rain quite as much in London (sometimes), and there weren’t any semi-important holidays in May. No, Becca would have been happy to travel back in time to May. Hell, her finances were even better then.

She groaned as her phone chirped. Her feet were propped up on her couch, and she was attempting to binge-watch The Great British Baking Show without interference. But when it chirped again, Becca lunged forward and answered it, and good thing too. “Hello?”

“Hey, Becks,” Niall Horan replied, her best friend and also crush (that part, she usually ignored). In the story that was her life, Niall played an important role, ever since she moved to London two-and-a-half years ago. “Whatcha up to?”

“Watching TGBBS,” Becca answered, like her acronym was well-known.

“Ah,” Niall said quite sagely, “Well, you better be dressed, because I’m standing in your apartment lobby, waiting for you.”

She was understandably confused. Becca pulled her phone away from her face and checked the date. October 11th. “Ni, we don’t have any plans today…” she trailed off.

“Nope!” was his cheerful response. “But, I figured you weren’t up to anything, and I wanted to go costume shopping with you.”

Becca blinked. “I wasn’t really…planning on doing anything Halloween-y this year, Ni. Not with everything that’s been going on.” And there had been a lot going on lately - her other best friend was angry and not speaking to her, and, well, life just sucked in a rather general way.

Niall was quiet for a moment. “That’s why you should go costume shoppin’ with me. Get ya out of the flat and all.” His voice was surprisingly earnest.

A slow smile spread across Becca’s face, accompanied by a warming in her stomach. Butterflies, maybe. “Niall Horan, you must actually want to hang out with me. Alright. I’ll be down shortly.” She hung up without waiting for his response, turned off the TV, and hopped up to dress.


Becca feels like she’s smoldering every time she’s with Niall. There’s never any smoke to show the depth of the feelings she hides from him, but the intensity lies dormant within her anyway.

So caught up in herself, she didn’t notice Niall’s stopped at a shop, and he suddenly grabbed her wrist and gently tugged her inside. “C’mon, Becks, we’ll find somethin’ perfect in here.” He was overly eager, and she didn’t quite understand it - what was so great about this particular Halloween?

It’s safe to say she wasn’t very interested as Niall perused the shop, occasionally holding up a costume, waiting for her one-to-two word answer. Finally, he became irritated with her lack of enthusiasm and walked her over to the corner to have a little chat.

“Rebecca Davis, you’re hardly payin’ me any attention, love.”

Her response is snark. “Didn’t think you were clingy.”

Niall frowned, hurt clear in his eyes, and she sighed deeply as she rubbed at her temple. Those puppy dog eyes…they would always get her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it…you know I love hanging out with you, I’m just feeling weird today.”

“S’alright, love. I was just kinda hopin’…” Niall was sheepish, pausing to scratch at the back of his neck. He sighed deeply, shoulders dropping. “I was hopin’ we could kinda…wear matchin’ costumes. Or somethin’ like that.”

Becca feels her heart swell in her chest. Niall Horan was the sweetest man alive, this just confirmed it. And matching costumes? Wasn’t that a couple thing? She hoped she wasn’t looking too deeply into it. “Aw, Ni…okay.” She agreed easily, like she always did when it came to him. 

Niall grinned, a sparkle evident in his eyes. Becca melted, but luckily he didn’t notice, instead taking her hand and leading her to the costumes. She tried to ignore how it felt to have her hand in his - Niall’s hand was warm, and so much bigger than hers.

That was the opposite of ignoring it, but oh well.

They had some disagreements on costumes, so much so that they nearly stormed out together over Becca’s objection to being a black cat - “Really, Niall, that’s so cliche!” - but luckily, she found something.

“Look! It’s Winnie the Pooh and Piglet!” Becca squealed, rushing forward and grabbing the costumes, grinning to herself as she turned towards a bemused Niall. “This is perfect! I love Pooh…” Indeed, Becca found herself caught up in a swirl of childhood nostalgia.

Niall was shaking his head, slight chuckles falling from his mouth. “And you’ll be Piglet? I thought he was a boy?”

Becca frowned and clutched the costumes closer to her chest. “Yes, but I’m being b-b-brave by even being seen out in public in a costume with you, so.” It was a fair point. Becca had long-since been a receiver of hate on social media.

Niall shrugged, giving her credit where credit was due. “Looks like I’m Pooh then.”

Her smile lit up the shop, though Niall wouldn’t tell her anything like that anytime soon. “And what an adorable Pooh you’ll be. Let’s go?”

Niall took the costumes and they checked out. He had been right, she thought as they meandered back to her apartment, stopping once so Becca could get a pumpkin cream cheese muffin - warmed - from Starbucks. She had needed to get out of the house.

And she was ever so excited to see all the pictures on Twitter of Niall dressed as Winnie the Pooh.

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i remember looking through ur blog when i was a bit down and i have never laughed so hard ! there were some older posts that made me have to stifle laughter so i wouldn't wake up my family skfshdjs. u also revived my passion for learning finnish despite abandoning it 5 years ago! have a good day ur art is Nice and ur jokes are Good Great n Dank

((i am overjoyed to hear all that! thank you! i try my best to keep this thing running even if i have hard times when i have to go away for a while. but it’s all you amazing fans that keep me going. and of course thank you all for always waiting patiently for my return! I couldn’t in a million years hope for better fans! oh noooo are those tears…))

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dear yayaha, you're a lovely person, and i hope you're taking it easy. there's so many people coming to you for help, but don't forget about yourself! never feel bad for taking a little time for yourself. ♥ sarah

Originally posted by zechs

I’ve been scolded by a couple people about overworking myself, so I have been trying to cut down a little bit and actually enjoy myself… but ah… it does get hard for me to answer things sometimes.

I try my best, I really do, and I try not to forget about me.

I appreciate it a ton though, thank you a bunch!


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How about jolyne kujo?

Why I like them
- Like all her previous JoJo, she continues the JoJo tradition of honor and justice. But she’s a bit more I guess you can say human than previous Joestars. Jolyne is I guess you can say your typical girl, she’s also a bit fun in the sense she’s the most liberal of the Joestars. Intended by Araki to be a “real women” outside of the conventions of shonen tropes. 

Why I don’t
- N/a? 

Favorite episode (scene if movie)
- No doubt her best scene IMO is her sacrifice to save Emporio. Her will lives through Emporio, that was beautiful to me.

Favorite line
- That one line where she’s jealous that snails can have sex with any other lifeform

Favorite outfit
- Her main outfit with the black coloring I think looks best.

- Hermes, I refuse the accept the “canon” pairing of Annasui. 

- Weather, Emporio

Head Canon
- N/a?

Unpopular opinion
- Her end ship with Annasui…bugs me sooo dam much. I hate stalkers and the fact Jolyne got with her stalker is just no. 

A wish
- Tone down Annasui when Part 6 gets animated. Please

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
- Ship it harder in the anime adaptation. PLEASE DON’T

5 words to best describe them
Honestly her main defining features compared to her other counterparts is that she’s the most I guess you can say real of the Joestars especially since she is the 1st Female JoJo.

My nickname for them
Joylne Joylne Joylne, 

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Not an anti-nh post.. with gaiden all that unnecessary drama Happened to SS family were external but in the last the main thing NH falling for each other became illogical , so it becomes personal.. like SP had such an amazing opportunity to do justice to the ship by giving the development and the best moments by making Naruto notice more abt hinata after war arc and slowly connect to her instead of going back and changing lost of canon bits.. for me it makes NH fake and forced (only movie wise)

I only partly agree with this, because I’ve made my issues with The Last well known. I think that the reasons for NH falling for each other were perfectly logical, but the explanation that SP gave during The Last were pretty thoughtless. There were plenty of other and better explanations they could have given which all would have still reached the same desired conclusion.

redamancy; continued

SUMMARIZED: The plot, kids. It is a - thickening. There could potentially be hints of danger here. TW for a narcissist parent. TW for an unmentioned addiction that Lola’s mother has. There’s a little bit of fluff here though so yay?

[ fanfictions ] [ 1 | 2 ]


as always I wanna tag these special and amazing babes because I love them so much and they put up with my nerdery and fuckery and their just the best ever!

@panic-angel3314 @taryndibiase @earl-01 @glowrioustrash @baronesscorbin @wwesensualfanfics @tvrnbvckle @the-fisher-queen aaand if you wanna be tagged in on this, let me know?

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so i just read your post about your grandpa and i just wanted to thank you. I've been having a bad couple weeks and that helped more than anything else has

You’re very welcome, dear anon! I wrote the story down in hopes it would help some people, like it helped me. To hear it worked - a bit - for you is the best thing to me! =D

Stay strong, I hope it will get better for you very soon!

I looked up some 1930’s clothing for children and here are some of the clothing that I chose specifically for the GA series kids. I had more dresses for Nina and Miriam, but I ran out of room on the page. So, I had to work with what I got.😅
(In my opinion, Khari has the best ones.
Able must be so proud of how handsome the boy is.)

I hope this inspires you to draw the kids with more fashionable clothing in the future…;)


Must be a nice change from the usual dirty rags they’re so used to wearing… :’)