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*Me and my future kids talking*

Kids: Mommy, who was president from 2016-2020?

Me: I don’t remember kids, but let me give you a rundown on what happened at the 2017 Oscars-it was WILD

Alright, so, I’ll start this off by saying I am honestly not an expert on Kakyoin, contrary to popular belief (I’d actually consider myself more of an expert on Jotaro’s character, if anything), but I’m going to do my best to give my views on Kakyoin’s character, as well as some canon evidence to support it, and hopefully it will help a bit.

If you want a great reference of how to write Kakyoin in fic, go read Sand, sand and more sand on AO3, because it’s honestly one of the best depictions of Kak I’ve ever read, and he’s quite close to canon.


Kakyoin is pretty snarky. He’s subtle about it, but he’s also kind of a shithead. He’s polite most of the time, but it seems to be more of a setting he defaults to when he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable around the people he’s with. We have quite a few quips from him as examples of this, such as him laughing at andd mocking Anne during the dark blue moon arc, and saying she couldn’t possibly be the stand user on board, and in the Geb and N'Doul fight where he orders Polnareff to attack the canteen because he “doesn’t want to”. He also at one point responds to Polnareff saying “this looks bad!” with, “well it most certainly isn’t good.”

He’s blunt, but this also means that he’s honest. He dislikes liars, and prefers that everything is set out before him clearly and plainly as opposed to someone that is clearly dancing around the subject.

He also seems like quite the know-it-all, and likes being right; and he’s probably the type to argue with someone even if he knows he’s wrong. He seems to genuinely enjoy teaching the crusaders about the culture of all the places they visit on their journey, and he has the ability to retain all of that information to recant to them, as well. It seems to be somewhat of an interest of his.

And then there’s this, of course…

The cherry thing is something that kind of bothers me in fandom and fic. Yes; Kakyoin says that cherries are his favourite fruit. Child Kakyoin has cherries on his shirt (keep in mind that the scene with child kakyoin is added in my DavidPro and is not technically canon). BUT, it doesn’t mean that he has to have everything cherry-related. It’s a seriously overused trait in fandom to the point that it just becomes annoying. Kak can have a coffee without it having to be cherry flavoured. Just remember that he canonically enjoys lots of different foods, and that he doesn’t need to exclusively eat cherries and cherry flavoured things. He probably likes to eat foods from all different cultures.

Video games: There is evidence to suggest that Kakyoin spends a LOT of time playing F-Mega, however, this doesn’t mean that his extreme knowledge of the tracks and mechanics applies to every video game in existence. He’s a teenager, with no friends in the 80’s, of course he’s going to spend time playing video games. But back in the 80s, people often only had one or two games, so it’s likely that he has simply replayed F-Mega a LOT, to the point of knowing it by heart. I know the levels of Mario 3 extremely well, simply because I played them over and over again as a kid. If you are fixated on a single game for extended periods of time (especially if it’s the only game you own), you are of course going to know the game well. Knowing a lot about a single game does not mean that he’s obsessed with video games, and does not necessarily mean that he’s a shut-in, and never goes outside.

Also keep in mind that he says that he’s “pretty good at video games”. He doesn’t claim to be great at them, and since we’ve already established that Kakyoin is quite blunt, it would be out of character to assume that he’s being humble here. He literally means that he’s just “pretty good” at them. No more, no less.

His real-world experience is vast, and it’s also mentioned that his parents take him many places on vacation. He’s been to a lot of places, and retains cultural knowledge. It’s not as if he’s read it in books: he’s actually been to these places before, and he mentions it frequently. This suggests that he gets out quite a bit, and also kind of suggests that maybe he isn’t quite the model student type in school.

Kakyoin doesn’t appear to be the honours student & straight A’s type. He doesn’t think twice about skipping out on his new school to travel to Egypt, and as I said before, his knowledge appears to come more from first-hand experience rather than school studies (and I bet he missed more than a few of his classes due to the trips that he and his parents took). He’s a know-it-all, but it doesn’t mean that he does well in school.

On the other hand, Jotaro IS a model student, despite his delinquent status. It’s more likely that Jotaro would be the one helping Kakyoin with his homework.
(He might disrespect his teachers, but he still gets good grades, and let’s not forget that he becomes a marine biologist later in life.)

Kakyoin’s profile also mentions that he “appears very effeminite”. This is another thing that is often misinterpreted. His appearence may be somewhat feminine, and he takes pride in how he looks, but his personality and mannerisms are not inherently feminine.

He hates being forced into submission, and this is the reason why he despises Dio so much. Dio took advantage of his vulnerability and the fact that Kak didn’t have any friends to use him as his pawn. He drew Kak in, made him feel wanted, needed, and then took control of his mind and body.

“He appears to be very effeminate. In reality, he despises submitting to people or sucking up to them.” - Taken directly from his canon personality description.

Another thing that people seem to miss is the fact that he’s extremely sadistic. He says himself that Heirophant “loves nothing more than to rip things to shreds” and that it might “drive him mad with joy”. He likes being in control of the situation, remember. He probably hates losing fights, as well (especially since he could be considered a weakling for losing).

Kakyoin also seems to like Baseball, judging by his profile naming a favourite team, and sumo, as we all know from his exchange with Jotaro.

One of the things that fandom does definitely get right, is Kakyoin being the mother hen of the group. He’s taken on the role of the responsible one, because Joseph is… far from being an adult. He’s strategic and thinks everything out logically, and so is the mature one of the group, especially after Avdol’s “death”. He appears to be content to follow Joseph, but when it’s needed, he steps up and becomes the leader in his place. This is seen when Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff start physically fighting random men that they suspect are the one in the Wheel of Fortune car, to which he says that, “this is not a good idea,” and that it’s, “getting out of hand”. It’s also seen in the tower of grey fight where he mentions that it’s better that he fights on the plane, because he’s the least destructive of the bunch (even though he’s capable of blasting holes into clock towers, apparently his emerald splash isn’t destructive; okay Kak…).

He’s also fiercely protective of his friends, and extremely loyal as well. Kakyoin isn’t the type to abandon his friends in any circumstance.

He’s a CASANOVA. While Jotaro draws more unwanted attention from girls due to his bad boy façade, Kakyoin is slick and smooth with them, so much so that they notice him more over Jotaro. He’s quick to diffuse the situation when Jotaro pushes the girls aside (again, in the tower of grey arc), and it’s just… yes.

Just look at this. You can bet your ass he’s not the type to blush and stutter as he’s confessing. Straight up grabbing the girl and apologizing for Jotaro. Smooth as butter.

Here are some other scenes that might be able to explain his character a bit better as well:

Mouthing off to Joseph- Jotaro approves.

This line is wonderful. (Again, to Joseph? It’s almost like they have this kind of rivalry going on, haha)

Some really good insight to his character and motivations (And one of my favourite Jotakak moments).

The anime kind of makes this out to be a sort of “Kakyoin mocking Polnareff” scene, but in the manga he seems like he’s just stating what he heard. Pretty matter-of-fact about the whole situation.


I believe that this is the first moment that Kakyoin really realizes that he and any of his companions can die at any moment. Avdol has been shot, and he’s in complete shock. This is a normal teenager that’s now painfully aware of the danger he’s putting himself in to help out Jotaro and Joseph. Sure, he realized that he would be involved in fights, and a little blood would be shed for the greater good, but I don’t think he had realized up to this point that he might actually die.

And here’s Kakyoin’s character bio.

It’s also notable that he didn’t tell his parents where he was going prior to leaving. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s in bad standing with his parents (especially since his dying thoughts were of them), and could possibly be because he didn’t want to worry them, or something of the sort, but the fact remains that he didn’t tell them beforehand. Take from this what you will.

So yeah, this is what I get from Kakyoin. He’s kind, loyal to a fault, and deeply in love with Jotaro– and he’s a pretty complex character to write. Don’t feel like you need to take all of this into account, because it’s hard to keep his entire character intact with fanfiction. A lot of his personality comes across in facial expressions, so it’s sometimes difficult to translate that into non-visual media. Just refer back to canon if you aren’t sure of something, and you should be fine. Good luck!

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Top 5 best height differences? (for the ships!!)


1. Kagehina. I’m so weak for everything related to their height difference. Not to mention all the times that Kageyama effortlessly picks Hinata up by the shirt or that time when Hinata hid himself behind Kageyama and he actually moved a bit to cover him more and ???? honestly guys idk I just love them so much they make a mess out of me

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2. Iwaoi. THE WILDES CONCEPT IN HAIKYUU HISTORY WILL ALWAYS BE IWAIZUMI BEING SHORTER THAT OIKAWA #BLESSED literally that’s one of the best ideas Furudate ever had, kudos to him

Originally posted by iwaizyumi

3. Asanoya. They are the ultimate height difference couple and the definition of a smol tol (ง •̀_•́)ง and a tol smol (;;;*_*)

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4. Kurotsuki. Kuroo’s true current concern is not “I can’t get rid of my bedhead hair” but “what if…Tsukki….never stops getting taller?” (he’s already 3 cm ahead and he’s 2 years younger than you Kuroo….RIP)

Originally posted by saltasaurus-kei

5. Kuroken and Yakulev (bless Nekoma). JUST LOOK AT THEM. If there’s something extremely comforting in how Kuroo is way way bigger than Kenma, the fact that Yaku could be that sassy and terrifying despite being so chibi is…just amazing. I live for the day we’re gonna see Lev picking him up (and getting killed right after) tbh

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Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Man Face Monday - Great Face, Great Hair Edition

Howdy there, Face Fans!

How are you doing today? Sorry for the delay today. Oscar night got the best of me, I think! Had some fun putting edits together based on the last episode. I am seriously digging Stephen’s hair right now. Not sure how it flatters his mug so well, but it does and I am most grateful. How is the Bratva wig even more disgusting than the island wig? ::head shake::

Without further ado. Have some face. Let’s begin the week with a smile. And hair I want to ruffle. So much. 


Even in black and white. Dude. 


Green Arrow. 

A bit arty, but I liked it. 

That’s it for today, Face Seekers! I hope that your week ahead is marvelous. I am really looking forward to the next episode. Hope you are too!

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Dirty Laundry - Jack Maynard

Summary: You finally meet your best friend’s boyfriend’s brother, the one who your best friend has been trying to keep away from you.

Word Count: 1578

Warnings: None so far … little bit of swearing maybe?

Author’s Note: So! I was kinda unsure about whether or not I was gonna post this, I wrote it literally months ago and I didn’t know whether I wanted to post this, especially since it actually uses a girls name and not Y/N but i’ve decided to post it. I’m planning on this having between 10 and 15 parts/chapters/etc and yeah let me know if you guys want me to post more.

Originally posted by jack-maynard

Life was a bit fickle sometimes; you never knew what was going to happen from one moment to the next. Sometimes you could predict it; if you spent enough time with certain people then you could usually guess how they would react in particular circumstance. Other times it was a bit trickier to guess where their heads were at. If you were a wallflower, you learnt how to watch people, how to predict their every move. You studied people.

Jack Maynard was not a wallflower, not by a long shot. Jack Maynard was forever the centre of attention, he was the one at the core of every late night party and the surging force behind every boys night out. Jack had always liked having peoples eyes on him for as long as her could remember, that was where he did his best work - with all eyes on him and his actions.

Evie Freudman was not the centre of attention - not if she could avoid it. She had spent most of her teenage years in the shadows, sticking in the dark corner with a book at late night parties and skipping out early on girls nights out to watch netflix in her pyjamas. She was good at reading people; her mother had always said that she could look in someones eyes and be able to see their soul.

“Think fast Jacky Boy!” Conor Maynard’s loud voice echoed in his younger brothers ears as he launched himself onto Jack’s back, causing the younger boy to grunt as he stumbled to regain his balance. Behind him, he could hear Joe and Casper cackling at his expense. Jack groaned as he struggled to balance his older brother on his back, messily punching in the code for their building as all four of them staggered up the stairs to their second story apartment.

The entire building could hear the four boys climbing up the stairwell, which included Conor’s long-term girlfriend, Annie, and her friend, Evie. Annie looked at her friend with wide eyes as she tried to think on her feet. Annie had been friends with Evie for almost five years now, and it had been almost two since they had found each other again in London. During that entire time, Annie had made a concerted effort to keep her pseudo-brother-in-law away from her friend.

It wasn’t that she thought they would make a bad pair - quite the opposite actually - she knew that the two of them were incredibly well matched and that they would complement each other fairly well. She had no doubt that Jack would be able to bring her shy friend a little out of her shell and that Evie would perhaps be able to ground Jack a little and make him care about someone else for once. However, Jack was a notorious fuckboy and she had witnessed many a girl get her heart destroyed by him, and if she could stop Evie from being one of the many, then she would.

Evie had left her family behind in Australia; many of them had already disowned her following her fathers death. She really didn’t have anyone in London besides Annie and a few good friends that she had made at university. If nobody else was going to look out for her wellbeing, then Annie sure as hell would. If that meant keeping Jack Maynard as far away from her as possible, then so be it. Evie was just Jack’s type but he wasn’t mature enough to be what she needed, in Annie’s humble opinion.

Before Annie could even think about hiding Evie from the boys, her boyfriend and his friends were crashing through the front door of their loft apartment. She rolled her eyes before turning to her friend, “I apologise for whatever these dickheads do in the next few minutes,” she offered quickly before topping up Evie’s wine glass. “So whatever happened with that guy you went out with? Scott, was it?” she asked, listening intently as her friend went off on a tangent about the cockhead from her history lecture.

The boys were too busy fucking around in the sitting room to make much notice to the girls in the kitchen, until loud and rambunctous giggles broke through their conversation and causing Jack to look at his older brother in suspicion, “has Annie’s laugh suddenly gone up fourteen octaves?” he asked mockingly. Conor shoved his little brother as he got up to investigate, the three other boys trailing behind him on his journey to the kitchen.

“Little Eve!” Evie spun around at the loud and booming voice of her best friend’s boyfriend, smiling brightly when he came into her field of vision, hoping off of the bar stool to hug Conor tightly. Conor grinned over his shoulder at his girlfriend as he swept her friend off her feet in a massive bear hug, before gesturing to Annie that Jack was behind him and already curious.

“Mr. Annie! How are you? I haven’t seen you in forever!” Evie asked Conor brightly, her smile infectous as both Conor and Annie found themselves mirroring her grin. “I hope you’re keeping my best friend happy, making sure she’s well fed and kept away from young princes,” she implored the young man as she watched Annie roll her eyes before leaning into her boyfriend’s side, a fond smile etching its way onto her face as she looked them over.

Evie absolutely adored  watching Annie and Conor together, it made her infinitely happy to just watch them interact with each other. Despite all the teasing, she was well aware that Conor kept her best friend very very very happy and sexually satisfied (that one she wished she could be less aware of). In all the years that she had known Annie, Evie had never seen her so unapologetically happy and giddy, and she was sure that she had Conor to thank for that. He was good for Annie, a lot of silly and sweet gestures wrapped into a handsome bow.

“He does what he’s told,” Annie filled in for him, leaning up to brush a soft yet meaningful kiss to her boyfriend’s jaw. Evie found herself looking away and blushing shyly, not wanting to intrude on such a sweet and intimate moment between her two friends. Apparently, this was not a feeling that was shared by the other occupants of the room.

From the moment Jack barged into the room, her eyes were on him, drinking him in as he playfully wedged himself between the happy couple. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” he grinned, one arm over each of the couple’s shoulders. His eyes gradually fell on Evie, widening significantly at the clearly shy yet stunning person in front of him. From the way her glasses were perched on the bridge of her nose to the way she would wring her hands together under a strangers gaze; he knew that this was someone he wanted to know.

“And who might this be?” he asked, his focus never leaving the girl in front of him and delighting in the deep blush that seemed to be permanently etched onto her face. It had been a long time since he’d encountered a shy girl that didn’t immediately bore him.

Rolling her eyes, Annie shoved his arm off of her shoulders. “This is my friend, Evie, she’s too good for you,” she introduced, standing next to Evie with her arms crossed over her chest, “Evie, this is Conor’s brother, Jack,” she countered, gesturing to Jack with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Come on, we’re gonna be late for our reservation,” she commented, all but dragging her friend out of the room.

As soon as they had vanished, Jack rounded on his older brother, “What the hell was that about?” he demanded accusingly, his arms crossed tightly over his chest as he waited for Conor’s answer. “How come I’ve never met her before?” he asked with slightly less aggression, “I am charming!” he huffed, his signature pout painted across his face.

“That’s exactly why!” Conor exclaimed, “Look, you’re my brother and I love you, but you’re not exactly the most charming after you sleep with a girl,” he pointed out, placing one hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Evie isn’t a girl who you can ghost and expect her to bounce back, and if you hurt her, then Annie will kill me and I’d really like to keep my girlfriend and my bollocks if you don’t mind,” he snickered.

“So your girl just knows i’m gonna fuck up? That’s a bit cynical don’t you reckon?” Jack scowls, shrugging Conor off. “I’ve had plenty of girlfriends before!” He insinuated, puffy his chest out in indignation.

“And they all wound up hating your guts and blocking you on everything imaginable!” Conor laughs, “Gee Jack, can’t imagine why Annie would wanna keep you away from her friends!” he cackled loudly before leaning back against the counter.

Tilting his head slightly, he took in the determined and confused look on his brothers face, that wasn’t expected. “Look, i’m not getting involved because I’d like to retain my appendages, but Evie’s a big girl, she tends to keep people at arms length but if you’re your usual charming self, maybe she’ll open up to you and if you don’t seriously fuck it up, Annie might even be happy for you.”

“Don’t you want something more than a one night stand?”

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You know, after the shitstorm that was #OscarsSoWhite last year, many skeptics like me are worried about forced diversity and tokenism to the Oscars. They have improved a bit on the diversity part but they cannot forget that it's all about awarding someone of its best achievements on talent, effort, experience, and character from a variety of racial and national backgrounds of its spectrum. We need diversity, but not in a one-sided way.


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Sam just doesn't ring my bell anymore, like he used to. I wonder if all this f**kery causing me to see him in a different light, has made me realize he's just ok?

I get it, anon. What did it for me was all the bullshit last summer/fall with Shitner.  I still think he’s a great person and all the things everyone says he is and he has the best of intentions but a lot of the way situations have been handled that he’s involved in have not been good and it’s soured me on him a bit, unfortunately. That being said, nobody can make Caitriona light up and laugh the way he can and at this point I love him about 10 times more when it’s in relation to Cait. 

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That Joly and Courf as twins post was so cute and i loved it!! bUT i have the habit of my mind always turning everything Courferre. So, imagine Courf coming to Joly one day like "I just met the hottest, nicest guy ever and I need you to teach me all about space like right now!"

Oh my goodness.

Courfeyrac is like “I know nothing about science excep that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, and that guy is so cute and clever and he loves SCIENCE, I don’t know what to do!”

So Joly sits him down and does his best to teach him a bit of everything, even though Courf’s brain hurts.

So Courfeyrac starts talking up Combeferre, reciting fact after fact everything he’s learnt, thinking his crush is going to think he’s SO smart and SO interesting, but it doesn’t seem to work. Combeferre already knows everything Courf is talking about. Courf lies down on his bed, defeated, and Joly sits next to him.

“You know.. Why don’t you try being yourself? There’s a lot you don’t know apart from science. Maybe Combeferre wants to know the real you, not the “fun science fact” you, you know?”

It works. Courfeyrac ends up admiting to Combeferre that he wanted to impress him, but that he truly wants to get to know him. In the end, Combeferre is the one teaching Courfeyrac about science, while Courf listens to his boyfriend with a smitten expression. And Courfeyrac tells him all about social sciences, which, after all, is science

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Why do so many people seem to hate lala land? I haven't seen it but I heard it was alright???

oh don’t get me wrong I don’t hate la la land you see, I actually haven’t watched it so there’s no way I can say much? But the thing is: Moonlight is a fucking amazing masterpiece, with an amazing story and totally deserved winning that award so it was really upseting for me(and probably many many people) seeing the ok film winning over moonlight. that’s why there’s so many people celebrating what happened (plus let’s be real, shit like that are always fucking funny LDKNHKLSNKLH just like that one miss universe) ((personal plus: I was a bit bitter with la la land for winning best song over moana so I must admit I was also a bit childish about hoping for them to lose)) 

But I know why there’s so much hate towards it…. As you said yourself: “I heard it was alright” and that’s it, it really seems (and I also heard a lot of people saying) that it’s an alright movie, an ok movie, but it kinda stops there. The cinematography looks fantastic, I haven’t listened to the soundtrack yet but I believe it must also be really good, I can’t say much about the rest but 14 nominations? It builds up too much hype and it end up being a huge disappointment for many people that hope to see a fucking huge masterpiece. so basically it’s all because of this (undeserved?) hype around it. “the academy just can’t resist a movie about how special the movies are, can they?”. 

Richonne 7x12 Party Day 1: When did you start shipping them?

I have said this before my but my TWD journey is a little bit different in that not only was I late to joining the show but I was familiar with most of the characters because my best friend is a huge fan. Either way, the first episode that I was exposed to, was the episode where Tyreese died. My friend had already told me all about Rick and Michonne and so I was intrigued about how the Rick she had told me about had turned into the Rick that I was seeing in front of me. One who was hardened but underneath it, there was something more. 

All of this to say, that I started watching TWD shortly thereafter and when Michonne and Rick first saw each other my interest was there. And then came the episode “Clear” and all I could think was that, these two would be great together if tptb had the balls to go there. I didn’t think that did and how glad I am to have been wrong about that. 

The moment that I decided that I was going to go down with this ship and was in full shipping mood (I was halfway there with Clear) was in “Claimed”. The kitchen scene with Rick telling Michonne that Carl needed her, with Michonne telling Rick that she was done taking breaks. I just knew that no matter what happened and what was thrown in their way, I would be behind them. Rick was in such a vulnerable place. In some ways maybe even  more vulnerable then when he first met Michonne. And what we have here was her accepting him. Not pushing him and being a support when he needed it the most. They were okay with the unknown because they had each other and together they would overcome it all. 

(pic not mine)


@floccentric told me I could do better and put a bit more heart into this Fashionista Ken repaint, which I begrudgingly knew was true cuz I put only half my ass into repainting this head.

While I still don’t think this repaint is the best, I’m a lot happier with it considering I was a bit more familiar with the sculpt now.

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Every time you post a new mormor art I die a little bit on the inside because it's so good and I love it so much and it inspires me to write some more so please never stop

Good, good this is exactly as I planned

I will do my best to keep on drawing and you keep on writing!!

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I LOVE Cassandra!!!! I'd love to know more about her relationship with Jim, Claire, and Toby... I dunno, I just can see Jim getting so overprotective over her, Claire teaching her how to braid her hair, Toby playing his video games with her... GAH I LOVE IT ALL


Jim would be an incredible big brother and yeah, he would get super mothering and protective of her, but I can also see him going through the character development of recognizing that he needs to let her live her own life and take her own chances. And the best thing he can do as her Big Bother is train her and make sure she’s prepared to handle things on her own. 

But gosh yes, Jim was a little bit leery about gaining a new sibling, but as soon as he sees Cassandra, it’s love at first sight. He adores her and babies her and one of their favorite things to do when she’s just a tiny little thing is he puts on a big cooking show for her in the kitchen while she’s in her high chair, “And now, Master Chef and Trollhunter Supreme Jim Lake Jr. will make the best bowl of mac and cheese ever to grace a stovetop for the refined palate of Miss Cassandra Strickler-Lake! Would she like some carrots as a side dish?”

“Veggie face! Want veggie face!” 

“Ahhh, Miss Cassandra has requested Veggie Face, a creation all of Master Chef Jim’s own devising! Cucumbers for eyes, carrots for the nose, and broccoli for the hair! Miss Cassie, do you want a smiley face with the ranch dressing…?” 

*giggle of glee* 

Jim also learns how to tame Cassandra’s curls and learns how to braid and twist and weave until his little baby sister is sporting quite the coiffure. Meanwhile, Strickler is usually the fashion consultant/wardrobe advisor because he’s a Changeling of Stature and Standing and Style. On the days that Cassandra happily plays dress up with Daddy, she garners lots of admiring coos from people over how smart and spiffy she looks. 

(( and then there’s the days when she pitches a Battle Royale over clothes and goes out in a velvet princess ballgown with leopard print leggings and teeny tiny combat boots and glitter splashed all over her face, but Strickler learns to accept his defeat gracefully(ish).)) 

Claire just adores her and teaches her Spanish and takes her over to the theater department where she’s interning at and they have a ball trying on the wigs and costumes over there. She does playdates between Cassandra and Enrique all the time, and whenever they have movie night, Claire makes sure to share her various critiques of the Disney Princesses with them. 

Toby has the honor of being Cassandra’s favorite because MAGIC – and because he gives the best hugs. Claire admonishes him that he shouldn’t play video games in front of her too much because it “rots the brain”, but Toby blithely replies that his brain isn’t in bad shape, Claire, relax. He does stay away from the violent stuff though, and thinks that Cassandra’s hand-eye coordination is incredible. 

anonymous asked:

hi! i'm looking after an akita mix for a bit soon and i'm a bit worried about him being stressed away from his fam? i have experience w dogs in a kennel setting, but not at home, and so i don't really know how's best to befriend him/get him to trust me. i've read akitas are v attatched to 1 person/family? i'm planning 2b calm and relaxed around him, + the source of treats, as well as a good amount of rural walks, but do you have any other ideas on how to make sure he's happy? thanks in advance!

I think you’re going to do a fabulous job! Sounds like you’ve done some research and are prepared to look after this fella. I would just be really patient with him and give him time to adapt to you and being away from home. Honestly though, I think you’ve got this and I wish you luck! (also if you ever want to send a picture my way I would loooooooove and feel free to message me anytime)

Tune-tune thinks you’re gonna do wonderful!

I am loopy as sh*t but not at this exact nanosecond in pain. Hallelujah. They brought out the big guns because one is not supposed to wind up crying semihysterically in the doctor’s office from trying to go cold turkey no pain meds for two weeks to stop the rebound pain but when a full blown seizure and major migraine hits keep bulling through.. Outside the acute embarrassment of not being my tough as nails self, having survived being handed kleenex after kleenex while i sobbed, we are now in emerg waiting to be admitted because my doc said enough is enough. Dt’s on top of the nightly seizures and 5 migrianes ia week? She gently suggested a bit of real support and supervision is in order. I think my husband cried too

@weirdlet. @andartha. @mollynoble @hunterandcossack
Thank you all for helping me get through this weekend. You are the best

Nothing Else Matters

* Ayeo Ladies and Gentlemen! So I decided to give this writing thing a shot. I personally don’t think my writing is any good but I gave it a go. With words of encouragement from @jeylovestoblog and @bangtanjaemi I finally wrote something. Now I know its probably not the best but I really hope you guys do like it!

Genre: Slight fluff and a bit of angst

Leaning against the closed door to your dressing room, you try to regain your breath. Adrenaline coursing through your veins preventing you from relaxing any time soon. You couldn’t believe that this day had come, you had worked so hard to get here. To even be able to audition for this prestigious showcase was such a huge deal.

You never allowed yourself to rest, you spent most of your nights practicing trying to perfect your dance. Earning annoying yet loving messages from your best friends every time you picked practice over them.

[Joonie]: y/n you should take a night off and come eat with us!

[Jungkookie]: Noona! Come bowling! You know I need some real competition, it’s too easy beating all of my hyungs in bowling! Please?!
[TaeTae]: (image attached) y/n-ah! We miss you! Look how sad I am :( you dont want your favorite to be sad now do you? Come out with us? [Momma Jin]: Princess? Please tell me you’re taking care of yourself. And that you’re eating right. Don’t forget we believe in you!
[JHOOOOOOOOOOPE]: You’ve practiced enough, you’re more than ready. Please allow yourself to take a break and come over for a movie night with us. We’ve got your favorite snacks!
[Jiminie]: We’re not taking no for an answer! You’re coming over…right?
[Oppa]: Yah! Pabo, come over? They won’t stop whining until you do.

Feeling a ping of sadness as you read their messages, you picked rehearsal over them yet again. Every once in a blue moon you would agree to take the night off and hang out with them. One night in particular you literally didn’t have a choice.

You nearly screamed when you opened your eyes at the sound of the music track being stopped, seeing Namjoon, Taehyung, Jimin, and Yoongi standing before you.

“Guys! The fuck? I was practicing!“ you stated with obvious irritation.

“Y/n, now is that any way to speak to your best friends?” Namjoon asked.

“Or to Yoongi-hyung?” you hated when they pulled that card. He was only four months older than you! Yoongi smiled his signature gummy smile at Jimin’s question.You rolled your eyes, not believing these boys.

“What do you guys want?” asking after you took a sip of much needed water, wiping the sweat from your face.

 “To hang out with you duh!” You laughed at the expression on Taehyung’s face.

“Sorry guys, no can do. You know the showcase is only,”

“Three months away!” They said in unison. “Yes we know Noona, but you need a night off,” Jimin pouted.

“I know I’ve been a bad friend but I really do need to prac-,” you couldn’t even finish your sentencebefore Namjoon threw you over his shoulder at Yoongi’s signal.

“You don’t have a choice tonight pabo,” Yoongi winked at you as he followed behind Namjoon. The other boys already ahead of you guys at the doors holding them open to let you and Namjoon through. You couldn’t help but grin at him and his cocky gesture. “Fine! I give up!” you grunted.

At the end of that night you were glad they made you take a break from dancing. Jin made a very delicious shrimp alfredo, which was your favorite. Hoseok and Jungkook picked out a few comedy movies for the night. You couldn’t believe what amazing friends you had.

You let out an audible sigh, realizing you now had to wait to hear back from the manager of the showcase, to see if you got the part. Replaying the audition in your head, you knew you could have done better on certain moves. But you had to admit, you slayed it.

Going over to your bag to retrieve the clothes you were to change into after the shower you desperately needed, you heard a faint knock at the door. You opened the door to find a stranger holding a bouquet of roses. They were the deepest ruby color you’ve ever seen, “Delivery for y/n?” he said with the kindest smile. Cute. After you thanked him, you were alone once again. Attached to the bouquet was a simple note,

“Sorry I couldn’t be there babe,” they were from y/b/f/n, the only one you allowed to call you babe. “I know you killed it. Now go have some much needed fun! Xoxo y/b/f/n”

You had hoped that she was going to be able to show up, but it was kind of hard to when she lived four thousand miles away for the time being. You couldn’t be upset, she was chasing her dreams, just like you were chasing yours. Your eyes started to water, you missed her so much. 

Finally you opted for a quick hot shower before heading home. You found it quite odd that none of the boys had stayed to congratulate you or even to ask you to go out for celebratory drinks, now that you could actually go out. You figured they would have jumped at the chance to take you out to a club or anywhere really.

In the process of towel drying your hair, you hear a familiar voice rapping as your ring tone. “What’s up Yoongi?“

“Nothing much, I just wanted to call and tell you how proud we are of you,” you blush, thanking the heavens he can’t see you. “We would have loved to stay but we have such an early radio show to do in the morning.” You can’t help but feel a little sad that you can’t celebrate with them.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to apologize, but you guys definitely owe me a night out to celebrate,” you stand to collect your things and head for your car.

“Yah pabo we do,” he said in that sleepy voice of his. You reach your car and you can’t seem to find your voice for a second. “Y/n? You okay?”

“You guys are so dead! Why…the fuck…would…you guys wrap my car in cellophane?!” you can’t help but think it was Jungkook’s idea, that brat!

“Hmmm? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you can hear Yoongi try to refrain from laughing but fails to do so. “Sorry pabo gotta go! Bye!” and with that the line went dead.

These assholes! You find it comical yet frustrating because all you wanted to do was go home and relax. Laughing to yourself you get to work trying to uncover your car of this prank, and succeed about twenty minutes later. They are so dead! Even though it was only a ten minute drive home, you turn your radio on full blast as it played ‘Mommae’ by Jay Park. You find yourself singing along to the song, drumming your fingers against the wheel and before you know it, you arrive at your apartment. Turning down the radio, ensuring you won’t scare the crap out of yourself the next time you start your car, and stepping into the chilly air that filed the night.

Every inch of your body felt heavy as exhaust settled in, hating that you lived on the top floor of the apartment complexes. Why did you have to live on the top floor? You grab your duffle bag and head for the stairs leading to your place. Great.

After what seems like a lifetime, you reach your door and slip your key into the deadbolt and twist the doorknob. 

“SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!” you drop your bag and clutch your shirt yelping. You were startled at the sight before your eyes. I swear I can’t with these boys! Frozen at the doorway, you look around to see that they have decorated your living room with streamers, balloons, and confetti, various food and drinks filled the table. Faint music plays in the background. Your heart swells with love for these dorks.

“You guys!” you start to say but an impatient Taehyung grabs your arm and pulls you into your living room. 

“You know we couldn’t just abandon you on your big night Noona,” you look over at Kookie who holds an empty box that used to contain the very cellophane wrap that surrounded your car. He chuckles.

“Oh you better believe I’m gonna get you back for that Kook!” you go over and hug the boy. Before you know it the other six members join in and make it one huge family hug. Your smile is still spread from ear to ear, “I love you dorks.”

“We love you too y/n. Now can we eat? I’m starving! ” Jimin whines as he pats his belly. You laugh. “Of course! Go eat!” All but one member heads towards the feast on the table.

“Did you really think we weren’t going to celebrate you tonight pabo?,” Yoongi leans close and whispers in your ear before lightly placing a kiss on your cheek. Your hand raised to cover your smile as your face flushes crimson from his affectionate gesture. What the fuck? Looking back at you Yoongi winks at you and heads towards the rest of the group. Min Yoongi you are such an ass.

 *if you stayed this long, thanks for reading! 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I wanna say I really miss your writing and finding you :( do you plan on writing anything for hobi I just wonder? Also I wanted to ask for advice on learning Korean- what books are best to start with for alphabet and grammar? Some tips on how to learn quicker/consistently ? I work a lot and don't have much free time but I really want to learn but I find looking online a bit sporadic and disorganised so I wondered if you had any good tips and book recs for it :) - hobi anon

Hello. I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff here when my browser crashed and I lost the entire thing. So here I go again. -_-

I don’t currently have anything planned for Hobi and I haven’t started the Jimin oneshot I do have planned because I am very busy with a commission and need to get it done. However, the best way is to send me a prompt involving Hobi and help me get an idea to write about!

As for Korean I have been learning for about a year and a half now and I have by far found these books the most useful. You can find them on amazon but I linked you to the actual site. He also has a youtube channel where he gives lessons as well. His books go over how to write Hangul, Korean grammar and the different forms of speech (honourific, informal, casual, etc.) They’re super easy to follow and he includes work sections in it. 

As for online sources, I like this site. If you type in a verb it will show you all the conjugations for it. I like using it to double-check if I did it right but I do not recommend you use it to conjugate verbs for you. 

In the beginning I used this site to help with pronunciation. I use this memorisation site every day for about twenty minutes. It’s important to study every day, even if only for about twenty to thirty minutes. It’s a lot more effective than studying once a week. I also made this post a while ago about Batchim sound shifts. 

As for advice I can give, what I really recommend is studying every day for at least half an hour. You need the repetition or else you won’t take things to memory. It’s just really important to make sure you make a schedule and stick with it. 

Study from multiple sources, one source isn’t always going to be a perfect fit. A friend of mine uses the books Talk To Me in Korean and she really likes it. Look up youtube channels or even other books. Having multiple resources is always better. I like this youtube channel because he explained how to pronounce ㄹ in a way no one ever had to me before that just made everything make sense. 

Download Korean podcasts or find them online and just listen to them. You don’t need to understand them but it will help you learn because you’re just letting yourself listen to the way the language sounds. This is far more effective than watching Dramas. Sometimes dramas have unrealistic language used in them and you want to wait to do that until you are at least conversational or more of an intermediate learner. 

When you feel you can hold up a little bit of a conversation I highly recommend the app Hello Talk. I have met most of my Korean friends using this app just looking for people to practice with. It can be a little intimidating at first but just remember people are there to learn too and are likely to make mistakes just like you. Everyone I have spoken to is very kind. So don’t be afraid, it’s a really great app. The best way to learn is forcing yourself into using Korean, so talking to people regularly is honest the quickest way to learn and the best. Books can only help so much. 

So that is all the advice I have. Good luck on your studies! I hope I helped.