that was such a hassle

i keep seeing people say they’d kill to have *insert fantastic music mashup tumblr audio post here* as their ringtone etc, and i have good news for you friends, xkit does have an extension that lets you download any audio post…

i literally have every audio post ive ever liked on tumblr in my phone/itunes lol

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Reactions to their s/o saying she feels bad about them having to spend money on her please

Shu:  So would you rather not have me give you any more gifts then?  Fine I won’t pay for any gifts or dates.  It’s all on you.  What’s with your face?  That’s what you wanted right?  Haha you can stop pouting now I was just playing with you…don’t feel bad I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t a hassle.

Reiji: You don’t like me spending money on you? Well excuse me for playing the role of a gentleman. Feel free to buy all this stuff yourself, since you prefer me not being polite. No? That’s what I thought. Now let me do this, it’s my choice. And I expect a “thank you” as well.

Ayato:  Why are you so worried about it?  Don’t you see the huge ass mansion Ore-Sama lives in?  I have enough money to buy myself a yacht and a penthouse but I decide to spend it on you.  Instead of complainin’, feel grateful!!!!!

Kanato: Instead of complaining, why don’t you just accept my gift like a good dolly would. I’m doing it because I love you, and I expect the same from you *kisses her cheek* Good, now take the damn gift!!

Laito:  Oh you’re right Bitch-chan~ Why should the man who’s a lot more rich pay for the dates?  That’s simply terrible and torturous!!! Fufu~ I’m just being sarcastic Bitch-chan I don’t mind spoiling you at all!  It’s cute that you’re so concerned though nfu~

Subaru: Why don’t you like it? I’m doing it cause I wanna… And it’s not like money is a problem for me. Just don’t worry about it, okay? Let me do this… I wanna make you happy. I just wanna be a good boyfriend. 

Ruki:  Hmm? It’s not a problem Livestock.  Who do you think pays for all their brothers’ things. I have more than enough money to indulge you.   I have no problem with it unless you have bad behavior.  But since you’ve been such an obeident Livestock for the past while, I don’t mind spending on you.

Kou: M-neko-chan. don’t worry about it. Not meaning to brag, but my career results in a lotta money for me. So whatever you want, it’s yours, whatever makes my little kitten happy! Just make sure you pay me back later, if you know what I mean *winks*

Yuma:  Hahaha you think this is my money?? Honestly Sow I just get a huge ass allowance from both Ruki and Karlheinz so it’s technically their hard earned money. But even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t mind paying for you. Just be lucky I love you dork.

Azusa: Hm? No really…its no big deal….I promise…I just want you happy….but if spending money on you doesn’t make you happy…I won’t do it…whatever you want *kisses her cheek* but I wanna…buy you this necklace at least.

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the one where after being exposed to it for years, JJ realizes he has learned a lot of dirty russian and uses it to great effect

Not always to great effect, because this is JJ and the writer is me. You know how I roll.


He was sort of sick of not understanding those little heart to hearts Yuri and Otabek had, right in the middle of a good fuckathon. Not that he had a problem with whatever Yuri had with Otabek. They each had one-on-one things going on with each other, on top of this ménage thing they were all about. They had a right to privacy, which was why he didn’t hassle them when they did their thing - alone. But when it was all three of them?

Well, JJ wasn’t the kind of guy to take it lying down (unless he was getting off). He wanted to do more than understand what they said. He wanted to speak Russian right back to them. He wanted to say all that sexy shit and turn them on with it, too. And he did something about it. He learned some Russian via Rosetta Stone. Only, the Russian he learned was the polite, could you give me directions to the library, style Russian. They weren’t talking about books when they were spitroasting him.

It took a year or so, but he started picking up a few phrases. And he started using them. Results varied. The first time he cornered Otabek in the bathroom while he was shaving and said, Я хочу, чтобы ты задохнулся от моего члена, he got a raised eyebrow and he had to wonder if he got it right as he waited for him to finish up.

“Try,” he said when he (finally!) got on his knees.

Then there was the time he walked into the kitchen while Yuri was cooking chicken and rice, grabbed his pert little rump and announced: “Я собираюсь разрушить эту красивую задницу!”

“I’ll ruin your ass, idiot! You just made me burn my finger!”

Otabek spat his coffee all over the kitchen table as Yuri threw a filthy dish rag in his face.

There was the time they were all sitting in an outdoor jacuzzi in Montreal. It wasn’t a public area, the thing was on a deck attached to the rental house and the backyard fences were so high a voyeur would need a helicopter to see what they were doing, which was naked hotubing. Naked, but not doing anything, yet. So he looked Otabek in the eye and tried something a little more subtle and, well, kinda nice. “Я так хочу тебя.”

Yuri kicked him in the shin. It was not a soft kick, either. “What. You don’t want me?”

JJ had to roll his eyes at him. “Seriously, baby? Come here.”

“Fuck off, Leroy. You’re always coming on to him first.” Lie! He lied so bad! But it wasn’t that bad because that pretty little kitty was eating his words once he was bent over the tub and JJ was eating his ass.

Yeah, results were mixed. And, according to every scientist ever, he needed to tweak his technique if he wanted to push them toward the positive end. And hey - he was picking up shitloads of Russian in the process. Success was looming in the horizons for the J-man.

And he’s getting closer, because just the other day, when they were giving each other good morning handjobs in the shower (man, he loves morning shower time!) he tried again. It was sort of accidental.

They were standing in a circle, sleepily kissing, sighing, touching in this half awake way as they worked on their morning woods. Yuri yawned a couple of times and Otabek was shy about his morning breath and JJ couldn’t stop the way it made his heart feel like it was about to burst when they all leaned in and pressed their foreheads together. Yeah, they were jerking off, sort of, and okay, it was more about getting off so they could get on with their day, and that was the point. He needed - they all needed this to remember they were not alone.

He kissed their cheeks. “Помни, я всегда рядом.”

They both looked up, and when they did he saw everything beautiful in this world shining in their eyes. Yuri stopped stroking him off and they both touched his face. Otabek whispered his name and they both wrapped their arms around him. “Same” Otabek said. Yuri nodded against JJ’s chest.

“My Russian isn’t that bad, huh?”

Yuri kicked his shin - but not hard, this time. “Don’t ruin the moment.”

Kale, where the FUCK have you been for the last five days?
Okay, so it was a wee bit of hassle—and a lot of driving. It was also with a great deal of reassurance from @solbrar. However. I am approved to go onto T for pretty much every reason in the book; and under the proper care of a doctor who is a specialist in gender identity stuff. Now, of course, begins the fight with the insurance company to cover my script. Luckily, my pharmacy is on that like a rat on a Cheeto, and is being really cool about it (prior auths, amirite?). I have just gotten unpacked from my trip and taken a shower. Now for laundry, fur/creepy kid care, and to eat something. Not necessarily in that order. Then, gaming, RP, and commission stuff <3

PS: This is that announcement I was warning you about

PPS: If you have not been using he/him/ pronouns with me—Start. <3

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mTL to have the longest relationship before getting married finally.. could you also include roughly how many years you'd think it be if that's not too much of a hassle


Jaebum - 4/5 years

Youngjae - 4 years

Mark - 4 years

Yugyeom - 3 years

Jackson - 3 years

Bambam - 2 ½ years

Jinyoung - 2 years, I feel like he would know a little before the 1 year mark whether you were the one or not, so he wouldn’t want to waste unnecessary time if he was certain, since he’s more traditional(imo)


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Johnny the merboy AU where Max moves to Mayview one summer and tries to go swimming in the lake to cool off in an isolated part of it. But, he starts getting hassled by a curious but also territorial mermaid. After he gets over being freaked out that Mermaids Exist, he realizes that if he just hangs out outside the water, Johnny's much friendlier when he thinks his Terf isnt threatened. Max starts coming to visit him and talk and eventually Johnny lets him swim with him and heart feelings happen



Commission for sfw-imagines-headcannons2 (aka Zoey Ghost!) 

Her monster self is a ghost, and while that’s totally rad (pranks are so easy lol) there are some real drawbacks to being a ghost! For one she’s unable to dance the waltz with her darling husband! Also classy dresses are in short supply… So! In order to remedy these problems she did what she had to! She got bodied! ;o) Aka, she hassled and pestered uf!Alphys until the little reptile finally relented and made her a (less creepy, and more moe) body like she’d done for uf!Mettaton.


i h8 when people who Know my name & pronouns call me the wrong shit online. like in speaking ik u dont always have time to think about it & its easier to fuck up but if ur typing it out u got plenty of time to review & revise. like i get it if its someone i dont know too well who maybe isnt sure if its ok but if its my damn mom who i hassle all the time about it whats the excuse

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I know it can be a little bit of a hassle to tag sometimes, but I followed for McHanzo and gency is what I got

Sorry bout that friend. I didn’t even realize I posted one, given it was a gency post with mchanzo attached. Also If you have a problem with a particular post, please link it to me so I can find it. I reblog a lot of content so it’s hard to pick stuff out. I’m sorry for the gency that slipped through.

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Hello! I was wondering if you know anything about bar soaps? I want to start using more natural ingredients in my soap but have no idea where to start. What ingredients should I be looking for? I'm not in the US but any examples/makers that you already buy from would be amazing (if it isn't too much hassle of course!) I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading this 😊

Look for soaps that DON’T have sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Look instead for sodium tallowate (science talk for actual saponified oils, IE proper soap) or saponified oils/fats. Look for sellers that use “Cold process” to make their soaps. 

There’s a million good sellers on Etsy and Ebay. I’m not exactly brand loyal…I look more for scents according to my whim…but I find myself buying from CrazyMoonHerbs on etsy a lot. 

Tangina sana naging halaman nalang. Hassle magkafeelings. Ayoko na maramdaman ang paulit ulit na sakit ng rejection. Hindi lang rejection mula sa one sided affection kundi rejection mula sa bawat gawain mong failure ang resulta. Tsaka ung feeling mo na kahit ang sarili mo ay nirereject ka. Hay, sana maging halaman nalang ako. Magpo-photosynthesis nalang ako kesa umibig. Maga-absorb nalang ako ng carbon dioxide kesa i-absorb lahat ng rejection na nangyayari sakin. Halaman lang, may buhay pero walang feelings.

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Hey! Can you offer any tips on Testosterone hormones A.E. whats better, pill, shot, or patch, and any other tips on things such as age and payment methods? Im looking into it but advice from others is always something I look for. Also, do you know any places in AZ with good trans health care? Thank you

Okay just a disclaimer, I’m not on T and I don’t live in the US so idk how relevant this will be for you
And these are just things I’ve taken from posts on here:

The shot seems to be best in terms of T and changes (and price, but that may not be accurate for you in AZ idk)
so if you haven’t an issue with needles I’d definitely suggest that over other options

Gel is the only other option I’ve heard anything about, and that’s applied daily, so may be a bit more hassle, but you get a more steady level of T because its applied every day

And age to get on T would depend based on your state, so you’d have to look into that specifically.

Can any guys from AZ help any more? -Matthew