that was some of the most fun with drawing that i've had in forever

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Hi :) I've been following you for like forever. I think your art is amazing and it really gives me lots of inspiration to paint. I always wanted to create my own comic and now finally after years I have some good ideas but tbh I'm a little lost about how should I bring it to another level from just few ideas. Do you have any tips on how to work on your story? And how long it took you from idea to the point you started drawing Carciphona?

Hi! Thank you for writing : D I’m glad you like my art!

Even though I do try to become better, at the end of the day I do everything I do mostly for fun so I don’t have proper knowledge to back it up. Everything I can answer is based on my experience, right or wrong, but I’ll try my best to theorize what I think is the right answer for you.

I started the comic not because I thought I was ready; I just thought it’d be fun to draw the comic and I already had some material (keyword some). In these 12 years of drawing Carciphona, even in the recent years, long after I’ve started the comic, I’ve made some pretty major changes that made the story and plot almost unrecognizable compared to before.

The gist of my advice is just don’t worry about reaching a goal or next level for your story, that’s a really objective way to think about creativity and it usually makes you worry more than be creative.Even if you can’t come up with anything, you needn’t feel lost, just don’t write anything. It’s not always time to write or create. Think over what your world is for now and wait. When you know your story better, you will have more questions that will lead to more ideas for your story, just like how you won’t know you need to learn anatomy until you’ve actually drawn something and then saw the gaping hole in your knowledge about anatomy.

This to me is immersion and I only like writing when I feel immersed in what I am working with. Immersion takes time, so no matter how hard you work, it’s inevitable that you will have to give your story idea months or years to really feel natural for you to work with, and this is probably why you are feeling “lost” now–because you don’t really know your world and character all that well yet to be curious about its unknowns, and you want to move forward but you cannot. It’s likely that instead of patiently waiting for that understanding and then expanding on what you already have, you’d want to make your world more exciting by adding details like more races of people/creatures, more characters, more locations etc. This is a lot easier to do as you can see tons of characters created with little context on a daily basis, but if you force it to become more complex this way just to satisfy your standard, you are most likely going to come up with a story that is unrelatable, irrelevant and not believable (ie. character’s actions feel arbitrary instead of natural, the world consists of races and groups of characters that have no relation with each other or with the world from which they came).

I enjoy the slower method of waiting to feel immersed with my characters and world over time, and then being able to naturally continue the story by asking myself questions with that unconscious understanding of how the world and the characters are like. I think it’s important to think of your story in an inquisitive manner rather than authoritative manner. Rather than tell your world/your characters what they are, ask your characters/your world, why it is the way it is. What is the reason for certain cities to be so much more guarded or prosperous compared to others? what do they have that others don’t? Why do the characters feel so willing to travel instead of staying home? What does that say about the climate of society and civilian life, and maybe the lack of attachment they feel towards home and loved ones? who are these loved ones and what are their lives like, even if they will never appear in the story? Asking questions in this manner makes you explore the background which grounds the world and makes it the way it is–the “why” and “how”–rather than making up random facts and characters just like filler–the “what”. It makes it so that your world and their events, and your characters and their lives, exist within the context of the people and things that surround them, rather than just existing because you willed it. This makes for a solid foundation by giving you lots of gaps of information to fill and be creative about, all with information relevant and reasonable to your world. By working like this, I’ve never hit a wall with my writing in the sense that I am out of things to do with my world; I might have days or months where I cannot solve one puzzle about my story world, but I know it is not a loss of direction as much as simply another aspect of my world that will eventually make sense to me as I understand my story more in time.

good luck!

A little bump here and there

There’s so many things I’ve been wanting to do for a long while now, but I’ve let a pretty bumpy year get the best of me.  I’m human, and not perfect, sometimes things bring me down too.  My outlet to de-stress used to be games for the most part, but since starting Youtube I rarely have time to play things to just to chill / unwind.  That’s not to say I don’t have fun recording games for YouTube, I just miss out on so much stuff that I’d normally just geek out about by myself with no commentary or anything to de-stress.  For example, I still haven’t played more than an hour of The Witcher 3 when I was so hyped about it.  One short term goal I have is to make sure that I don’t let that happen to Fallout 4, I need to play it.

I do want to say though that this whole journey on Youtube has ultimately become one of the proudest achievements in my life.  I've put everything I have into it, and pushed through so many challenges along the way like doubt, and near endless uncertainty.  Way before I could even call this a job I just loved hearing how just watching me play and have fun with something brought a smile to your face, or made you think a little bit less about something that was stressing you out.  I know that my content can vary quite a bit with all of the different games I play, and with friends swapping in and out often, etc. but it’s so awesome to know that you guys always have my back as we experience this journey together. 

With that said, I really do need to find a way to find some balance, and pick myself back up as I’ve been feeling a bit down for a while.  There were a lot of bumps in the road that I didn’t anticipate surrounding the move, and even when the move stuff was mostly taken care of it felt like a bunch of other things fell off track.  I’m trying to fix that, but there are some things with dependencies that I have little control of.  Still, I’ve been doing my best, and while I might not have the solution to all of the challenges just yet I’ve always been strong, and adaptive.

No matter what though I always want you guys to know how much I appreciate you.  For some of the very difficult things I’ve had to go through in the past (I’ve shared a few bits), and even with some things still on my plate in the present (maybe one day I’ll do a draw my life to go into more), having had the chance to experience all of this in my life has been a true blessing that I will be forever grateful for.  Seriously, it is still hard to believe how far we’ve come. 

So to all of you out there that have been here for me thank you all so much for supporting who I am, and what I do, and for helping me work towards what’s essentially a dream.  I care so much about this community, and I feel like every day I get to know more and more of you a little better as I read your comments, tweets, emails, and everything else.  I may not have met you in person, but I’ve come to know many familiar names and faces over the years.  Remember that I read almost everything, even if I can’t always respond.  

Again, thank you for everything, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. 

How even.

I don’t know how you all got here, but, I hope you’re enjoying your stay.

This blog is only a few months old, and I’m almost passing the most amount of followers on an RP blog I had, but the other blog took 3 years… ;; You guys are great, I’m happy that we’re able to interact and get around a lot. I’m really thankfully I met this side of the fandom and was able to participate in all sorts of wacky and even dead serious RP nonsense. I’ve really enjoyed everything here, and just being here, and being able to talk to people and RP, and I feel a lot closer to you guys than any other fandom I’ve been in. So thank you <3 I am very happy and I can seem myself being here for a good while with you guys. I haven’t done anything for my last couple of milestones, so, I figure I should do something now. So here’s the something.

@rexcrystallis | @oracleborn | @chosenbythecrystal | @suitedfordark | @floweringeclipse

You guys are some of the first people I ever interacted with on this blog, so how could I not say anything. I have been taking forever with responding to RP’s, but, I treasure the fact that I was able to talk with you guys before my true shitposting self formed and it was too late for you all.


I just mentioned you but let me mention you again because!!! I love Iris!! And /your/ Iris! I need my daemonslaying not-family naughter and sad-dad. I’m glad we interacted, and I love your art [ur poor notification box when you posted that nASTY COR. #noregerts] I really love ur art and I’m so happy to see you RP and draw and it’s not fair to be good and drawing and writing but you did it anyway :P I love our interactions, angsty or crack-nonsense, although we somehow manage to combine both ;A; Hopefully this summer I can RP more, but I’ll probably get lazy and spend too much time playing FFXV lbr.


Thank you for letting me gush about Prompto and Cor together because they are so sweet and I love so much about their relationship as little as they actually use it in game. It’s fine, I get to make my own canon outside of it :p I’m happy to RP a nice relationship between them and I’m always happy to hear your headcanon and ideas, I honestly forget sometimes that Prompto is not trans in canon, but like I said, I get to make my own canon :V and I just love so much about Prompto my first RP blog in FFXV is a Prompto, but I’m just so glad you do him justice <3

@kingslight/ @shieldvowed

I love Regis, and the Kingsglaive movie, and I love that you interact with the actors and introduced me to their streams, intentionally or not, it’s been a blessing, I have so much fun with watching Jon Campling attempt to fish in FFXV. Your cosplays are amazing, you put so much work into it and it shows! And of course, I love your writing and headcanons, those are great and fun to read. Even though I met you by kinkshaming you in a way that we’ve never let you live down, I’m really happy to see you on my dashboard, it’s always a treat.

@heterochromiairiidum/ @massadamnata

I’m not sure if we’ve ever actually had a serious RP w/ Cor, and it seems all I do is harrass your Ravus unfairly [sorry ravus ;; u deserve better all the time] and also make shitposts with you, but that’s fine, the main part of RPing is having fun and the writing can come second I think XD Thank you for putting up with my bullshit basically.


(ง'̀-‘́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง I’m kidding, lmao, I know we don’t interact much but I love our muses decision to instantly fight or ignore each other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Loqi needs more love, and I’ll be happy to give it to him. Love in the shape of Cor being a sour bitter man, but, love regardless.


I love your Noctis <3 I really do. I love your portrayal and I have a lot of fun when you’re on my dash. Thank you for letting me interact with you, and let Cor harass your Noctis to no end. 


We’ve only talked a little bit but I love your Yuna, and I love all your headcanons and ideas for the FFX world. FFX was my first Final Fantasy game and it has a place in my heart, which is why I pretty much picked the FFXV version of Auron as my RP muse. :p Also I really like our Silent Hill verse because I crave angst.

I can’t think of all the people at the moment, I’m sorry I didn’t leave a longer message than this, or at least a more thoughtful one, but, I’m happy to these guys for RPing and talking with me about stuff, just for the hell of it.

@nesrecne | @trashkingizunia | @maledictusrex | @chocobutthair | @eldestamicitiason | @the-witch-matoya | @sxrtis | @izuniashield | @promptos-biceps | @culinarystrategist | @enviousking | @utprosiim | @bxstiarius | @commodorexaranea | @yunafied | @divinamxultionem | @galahdanblade | @morethanabarcode | @divintas | @featherdicks | @regalchocobo | @knightxalpha@fieryknowledge | @lunaliee | @nightfallprince & many more I’m sure. I just wanted to thank you guys for interacting with me, and giving me the time of day to write with me and talk with me even if not.

And last but not least, the people I’ve talked to maybe a few times, and I hope I get to know you guys better, and maybe write an RP or even just talk in chat.

@irisiae | @luxarcum | @greatswordgladio | @loqibesthia | @frigustek | @pxlsatiio | @sineatcr | @yivohn | @firstsxnner | @theplagueofstars | @croweoftheglaive | @outofmychair | @novilis | @tiiamate | @oathvowed | @liibertus | @crystallineglacian | @kissthecook | @astral-ignem-feram | @pierccr | @countignis | @pargentum | @inferniangod | @nyxoftheglaive | @oraclevowed | @gvntk | @betaprom-pom |

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Okay, so about that playlist request thing, sorry it took me so long to send this ask and you really don't have to do this, guessing was a great fun anyway! But I've realised I'd love to read some April/Charlie friendship, like pre-canon era but you know, no pressure at all :3

(Sorry for the wait!)

Charlie felt out of place in Coal Hill. The problem with starting at sixth form was Quill being the  only person he knew and they weren’t on very good terms.

Charlie had tried talking to the other sixth formers but while he spoke the language (thanks to the TARDIS translation circuits) he was missing the social skills and pop culture of Earth. (There was someone but Charlie always felt like he was dying around Matteusz. According to google it was a sign of a crush, whatever that meant.)

He found Coal Hill’s library was the best place to go. Charlie understood libraries, Rhodia had been full of them, full of knowledge and culture. (It hurt too much to think about his home.) Google was helpful but books were universal.

“Excuse me?” Charlie almost dropped his book. “Sorry.” The girl who had spoken to him said. She was in his Physics class, usually quiet and almost always smiling.

“I’m okay.”

She hesitated a moment before sitting in the chair next to him. “You’re new, aren’t you?”

“I moved from Sheffield for sixth form,” Charlie told her. The Doctor had given them both a cover story. Charlie had wanted an opportunity to experience Earth’s education and he was enjoying it so far; loneliness aside. (Which wasn’t a big change from Rhodia.)

“Charlie, right? I see you around a lot. We have the same classes but I do music. But we have Physics and English. I take music for my last subject. What about you?”

He took a minute to process what she’d said. “Art?”

“So you like drawing?” She asked, leaning forward and smiling at him. It wasn’t a mocking smile, a nice change from the rest of the school.

“Yeah,” Charlie replied. He wasn’t sure how to react. The other students rarely spoke to him, asked him anything or even looked his way.

“Sorry, am I asking too many questions? You just looked a little lonely, which I get. I’m April, by the way.” It was a nice name, most human names were. (He knew what his favourite was and tried not to blush.)

“Yeah, lonely is accurate.”

“That’s why I came to talk to you,” April said, “and you’re reading my favourite book. I thought it was a sign from the universe.”

“Does the universe often send signs?” Charlie asked confused.

“I’d like to think so.” April brushed her hair back. “What was it like? Sheffield?”

Charlie panicked for a moment. The Doctor had said no one would ask about Sheffield. “Boring, I guess.”

“I guess London must be exciting then. Less rural, lots of lights at night.”

“I don’t really like the lights. I liked looking at the stars.” They were different stars, a whole different sky. Charlie still wanted to see them.

April laughed which made her look even happier. “You really are an art student.”

“I take art?”

“No,” April shook her head, “I meant you’re dreamy.” She blushed a little. “I mean dreamy like day dreaming.”

“Is that good?”

“Yeah, it is,” April reassured him. “My mum always says that day dreamers are the best people. But maybe she was just trying to make me feel better. That’s what parents are like.”

“I won’t know.” Charlie hadn’t been close to his parents. It wasn’t personal, it was politics. He still missed them because they were his parents.

“Complicated home life?” April asked. “I get it. How are you liking the book?”

Charlie looked down at the copy of ‘Eleanor and Park’ in front of him. “It’s wonderful.”

“I’ve read it like, five times. Best love story ever.”

“I hadn’t gotten to the love part yet.” Charlie looked down at the pretty cover. “I thought it was about their friendship.”

“Most relationships start with being friends first,” April answered.

Charlie pushed thoughts of Matteusz away. (He always seemed to be thinking of Matteusz. Charlie was yet to figure out why.) “I can’t wait to finish it.”

“I totally spoiled it for you, didn’t I? I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m going to finish it soon anyway.”

“You have to tell me what you thought after. I could talk about the ending forever. Me and Tanya had a heated debate about it.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Charlie tried smiling at April, which was awkward because he was out of practice. “In the library?”


“Will we talk about it in the library? The ending?” Charlie clarified.

“Sure. Or I could text you about it?” April suggested.

Charlie nodded and pushed his phone towards her. She typed in her number and then copied his into her own contacts. Charlie smiled again at her; grateful to have made his first friend.

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Do you have any Style fic recommendations? I've already read all of your fics but I'd like to read more!

Yeah, thanks for asking! I’ve been meaning to make a Stan/Kyle rec list (I thought I had, but only in scattered comments over the years):

SekritOMG was the most influential South Park writer for me in terms of making me want to settle into this fandom and try writing longer stories myself. She really brings Stan and Kyle to life for me, her execution is always thoughtful, plot and character choices are both appropriate in terms of drawing from canon and are also often unique in the fandom, and her stories are both very funny and emotionally effective, to the point of making me just ache for things to go right for Stan and Kyle, wah.

My favorite of hers is an AU: The Rectum is a Tomb

This domestic/holiday story is delightful, and it introduced me to the concept of cock docking, which is forever a Stan/Kyle tradition for me now: Fruits and Birds

Her high school Stan/Kyle getting-together story is one of the first she did, and already the voices of major and minor characters are spot on, I think: The Other Table

Julads is my favorite newer writer. She writes with a confidence and style that I really admire, and I feel like she ‘gets’ Stan and Kyle. Her fics always feel very true to their dynamic together, and she does an excellent job balancing of humor and emotion, which I find ~essential~ in my South Park reading.

Rerooted - Is her ‘high school prom’ story that takes an approach to that typical subject matter that I really love.

Substatrum - Kyle and Stan share an apartment and the tension in their friendship builds into something more.

Two Christmases - A holiday fic about Stan and Kyle dealing with their families, a subject that is addressed very well here and something I love reading about in general (it’s also a sequel to the above story).

Swarm & Handle - An amazing historical AU about Stan and Kyle hopping trains together. Contains my favorite Stan/Kyle first time scene that I’ve read so far, an excellent Kenny, and lots of fantastic and absorbing detail in the world building.

Petroica traversi has written some great Stan/Kyle:

Hamamelidaceae Cute oneshot about Stan associating plant names with Kyle.

Gay Pirates - An AU where Kyle is a captive on Cartman’s pirate ship, and Stan takes care of him.

Black Mirror - Responsibly researched and well-handled WWII AU.

SqueakGirl was a writer of mostly fluffy romance that I really enjoyed:

Of Love and Marriage - Cute fic that starts out when they are show-age.

Things This Apartment Needs - Very enjoyable domestic fic.

Dirt Wizard by Applecrumbledore is excellent, and I also love Missed Connections (beware some heavy Kyle/Cartman content in the getting-to-Style process).

Jerk by Delires is a short but good porn story, and if you like that you could check out her other two Stan/Kyle stories.

I don’t like a lot of the older stuff, but I’m sentimental about Red String, which was the first South Park fic first I ever read (warning: it’s unfinished in a kind of devastating way).

Psychic BS was also a fun read when I was first looking into the fandom, but I wouldn’t say it’s well written and I honestly don’t remember that much of it.

Check out the Stan/Kyle section on the Kink Meme for anything you might have missed there. There’s some great stuff by anons that hasn’t been posted elsewhere to my knowledge.

My SP reading has slowed down lately — I’ve been struggling with time management and mostly trying to get my own fics done — but I recently read the first chapter of a WIP called Losing Days by GhostGenocide. It’s enjoyable and looking promising so far!

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Hi! Just wanted to tell you I really love your art, especially your comics which are among the cutest reads I've had in this fandom! Also, I remember you and some anon having some kind of lovely headcanon about Shion and Nezumi who stopped being shy about...wind blowing (^^') and enjoying teasing each other with it, and I wondered if you had planned to draw something like that one day (this is NOT a request obviously, it's just me being curious :))

Hi :) Thank you so much. 

Most of my comics are pretty silly, but I really enjoy drawing them. No. 6 is dark enough, so I guess we can all use a little fun. :) 

Ah, I’ve made this gif back then: 

Yeah, I think I had some headcanons as well, but at the moment, I don’t plan on doing another “wind blowing” doujin/gif/picture, because I started a little reunion series (their horrible reunion). And then there’s my Childhood Friends series, too. >,< 

And I’m currently very much into “Carry on” by Rainbow Rowell, and I’d like to draw 1-2 SnowBaz fanart…maybe… They are so great. So cute.  *freaks out*  ;_; I love them…They have the relationship I’d love to see for Nezumi and Shion. *cries forever*

Buuut never say never, it could still happen that I suddenly feel like drawing more “wind blowing” stories. :)

Have a great week!

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Mr. Giannis, I am an aspiring comic artist that is also a big fan of your work. With a style so different from most mainstream comics could you go into detail (if you haven't already) about how you got started in the business? Admittedly, I've been looking for a bit of guidance on the matter. Feeling a little stuck myself.

Hey, thanks so much for following my work, I hugely appreciate it. And I’m sorry in advance for the totally not helpful answer to your question. In a way I got my start with OCB, which I did when I got fed up with never hearing back on submissions, or drawing other people’s pitches that went nowhere (also important to note how incredibly bad I was at drawing). So I did that, then I re-did it because it sucked, then I did some more of it and I keep coming back to it when I need to. Doing OCB proved to myself and to others that I can make a comic book, and it’s been teaching me how to draw all the time. So my totally bullshit advice is to find your own OCB, whatever that is. I know it’s hard, and I had to start and quit like 3 or 4 overly ambitious comics until I stumbled onto OCB and found something I felt like I could do forever. Do anything you can to make finished things, keep it short, long, serious, silly, whatever you want. Just finish things and make other things so you can compare to the past and improve. And make sure you have fun with it.

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1: Hi! This is gonna get pretty personal so forgive me if I end up being a depressing bother. But... I've always looked up to you as an artist and I would do anything in order to be able to draw like you. What I'm trying to say is, do you have any tips? Beacuse I can't seem for the life of me draw anything that is very good and when I do make something that I feel proud of, I see something better that gets way more notes and I just feel like giving up. I want to draw but I lack the talent.

2: I don’t know. I just feel like I’ll never be good enough. That no matter how much I try, it never really matters. Beacuse there are always better artists out there that gets way more attention than my shitty art. I don’t know. I’m so sorry for being such a downer. That seem to be the only talent I seem to have. To be upset and make others upset. I’m sorry again for being such a bother. You don’t have to answer these if you don’t want to. Again, sorry for being a bother.

Hi Anon! You sound fairly young. But, Im gunna show you some really embarrassing old art of mine. Here you go.

this is literally some of the first digital art i ever drew. I was probably… 14? … 15? and what you see here was all drawn with a roller ball mouse. ( that dragon one was actually drawn in MS Paint too ) so yeah i was pretty bad starting out.

like really bad

but thats okay because I was just starting out, and I didnt know how everything really worked yet. Nobody expects you to be perfect when you’re just starting out with a craft ( or anything at all really lol )

I think the problem most kids have is that they see progress as a race? If you’re not perfect within a week or you dont get recognition and hit it big within a year, then you’re suddenly doomed to fail. But it shouldn’t be viewed that way at all. You wanna draw because its fun for you, because its something you wanna do. ( and if you want recognition. Draw fanart. like. seriously. just draw fanart out the ass. Constantly. and Consistently. lol but i digress )

The most important thing though is just be easy with yourself? Give yourself some slack. Maybe try and make a doodle once a day or so. Being active helps a lot too. Give yourself a small draw task daily if you can manage it. Most importantly though, dont be so hard on yourself if you feel like you’re not progressing as fast as someone else is. People just have different paces of learning and thats perfectly fine. A lot of people only see people’s success, they don’t see the, sometimes, years and years of work and time put into getting that recognition and level of artistic skill. Some people get lucky and get a one-hit wonder. Others gotta work a little harder. Thats just how it goes.

And yeah, there’s always gunna be better artists. Like that’s just a fact of life lol but that shouldn’t stop you from making art. That’d just be silly. That’d be like that one image I saw a while back ( i dont have it on hand, unfortunately ) with a baker saying “Well this guy can make a cake better than I can, better shut down my shop and give up forever” when most people literally go “OH SHIT TWO CAKES” like the same can be applied to art. I mean just look at fanart tags. Theres so many different varieties! Why would you wanna just look at the same one image over and over?

I had the same line of thinking a few years ago when I was younger. Like “what’s even the point” So I know where you’re coming from in feeling that way. A lot of artists seem to get in this pit of dread around the time they start to feel like they’re not improving. 

But personally what I found helped me was literally just comparing my old art to my current art and doing redraws of my old art. Because that way I could see my own progress that way. When you start to stagnate, that’s actually a good sign. It means you’re starting to see mistakes in your own work, you’re training your artistic eye better! and most of the time following that, you’ll see it start to change in your art.

But all in all, if you create something you’re proud of. Take that as a victory. Take every little thing you do to better your art as a little victory. Made some art today, but it turned out kinda crappy? Victory. At least you drew something today. Didn’t really get around to drawing at all? That’s okay too! Sometimes you just need to recharge. Just be easy with yourself! Make good art, make bad art. Just keep making it. You’ll get there.