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Louis Tomlinson’s Estranged Dad Threatens To Tear 1D Star’s Life Apart With A Massive Bombshell

Well this isn’t a very nice thing to wake up to on a Sunday morning.

Louis Tomlinson’s estranged biological dad, Troy Austin, has threatened to tear apart his son’s life unless the One Direction star lets him back in it.

Because nothing says ‘I love you, son’ like some good ol’ fashioned blackmail, eh?

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The 46-year-old hasn’t spoken to the 23-year-old babe since they had an “angry phone conversation” three years ago, and with Lou allegedly set to become a father himself (let’s not get into that one), Troy is hoping that Lou will reach out to him.

But if he doesn’t, then he is ready to drop a “bombshell revelation” that would “come as a massive shock”.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

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Anyways, we digress.

Speaking to Louis’ fave newspaper, The Mirror, a source dished: “Troy has always wanted to repair that relationship - but if Louis isn’t prepared to do so, he’s told a few friends he has something which will really throw a grenade into things.

“He sees it as his final shot at getting Louis’ attention, and he’s said he will drop the bombshell if he feels it’s the only option he’s got left, even though it would come as a massive shock.

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“He knows it could cause another big rift within the family but is starting to feel he has nothing left to lose.”

Hmm, we would have gone for a heartfelt letter and maybe a box of chocolates, but we’ll let Troy go on with these kinda mean threats and blabbering to the papers…

Louis was just days old when Troy split with his mum, Johannah, and it is thought that their relationship has been strained ever since he took the surname of his stepdad, Mark Tomlinson.

Still, Troy insists that it isn’t his son’s superstardom and millions that have made him want to reach out, instead it is the speculation that Briana Jungwirth is three months pregnant with his baby.

Troy told the paper: “I’d like to be involved in my grandchild’s life.

“I’ve missed out on Louis’ life and I’d like to make up for that. It’s definitely time to heal the rift. Life’s too short.

“I’m sure he will be a great dad if he commits to it fully. I’d hate to think of him having the sort of relationship with his child that we have had.”

It’s started to sound a bit like an American teen movie, ain’t it?

But we reckon that if this is Austin’s way of “healing the rift”, he shouldn’t hold his breath for a phonecall from his son.

We mean, giving in to blackmail just doesn’t seem like Louis’ style.

“Things bit busy, eh?”

Cupping his hands and shouting to the sky, Atticus roared, “Give us some good news, my love!”

And the witch cackled loud, flipping the broom to face the villain, “Ghost stories are plentiful, the moon is beautiful, and monsters abound!” 

“Things bit busy, eh?”

“The world is wicked and how glorious is that?” she shouted back and, without waiting for an answer, zoomed off into the night.

Atticus watched, smiling, as the witch flew into the approaching gloom. To himself, he said, “Very glorious indeed.
More than just bromance? One Direction's Liam Payne admits he's kissed Zayn Malik!

Looks like there’s been a bit of hanky panky going on in the One Direction tour bus eh?

“…..Unfounded rumours have been circling about Louis’ and Harry’s alleged romance for quite some time, but the pair have always denied anything beyond minor gropes on stage (which we don’t mind at all, to be fair). Louis even went onto Twitter when his sexuality was questioned and said: ‘I am in fact straight.’ However, Zayn’s lips seem to be a-wandering, as he was also seen kissing Niall Horan during a recent 1D concert. What would Perrie think?!

Forget Larry Stylinson, we got a new ship in town. Ziam’s ahoy!….”

How to Expect the Unexpected / Frohana Week / Frozen Fandom Month

I suck at titles

Who: Kristoff, Anna (Kristanna), Elsa (Frohana)
Words: 2,009
Summary: Some surprising and usually happy news comes to the family, but not everyone is excited… and I suck at summaries too

Note: For Frohana week. This doesn’t really fit under any of the categories for the days but I figured, eh, might as well post it today. Enjoy it lovelies :) Shout out to my beta readers who for the life of me I can’t remember everyone who helped but thank you! :D

“This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.”

“Anna.” Elsa said calmly.

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