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Alex Galchenyuk #4

Requested by Anon:  Hey! I love your writting! You’re the best imagine blog on tumblr. Take your time, but can I have an imagine where the reader is dating Alex Galchenyuk, but prefers gally’s burger in McDonald’s duel gallagher vs galchenyuk? Something funny where the boys chirp eachothers about it. Thank you ❤️

*Hiii! Thank you so so much! Here it is. I hope you like it. :) Funny and sweet! Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 838

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The door to the dressing room banged open and you almost jumped from shock. A grinning – very widely, by the way – Brendan Gallagher led the pack of exiting athletes. His grin spread even wider when he saw you leaning against the wall at your usual spot, a little farther from where the fans gather – so they can have their time with the athletes and not for any other reasons.

“Sooo,” he drawled, walking over to you, “I heard you went to McDonald’s,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

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Out Of Nothing At All - Nine

The building Spencer led you into didn’t look at all like a care facility or hospital, more like a huge old mansion that had been converted. He was obviously paying out a lot of money to make sure his mother was being properly cared for, something you knew he felt guilty that he couldn’t do himself.

One of the nurses came rushing over, instantly recognising him from his previous visits.

“Dr Reid! How lovely to see you again. Oooh your Mama’s gonna be so happy. Two visits in two months, she’ll wonder what’s happening.” The woman fussed over him, signing him into the visitors book.

“Yes, I erm…. have some important news for her that couldn’t be given via letter or phone. Is she okay today?”

“Today is a good day sugar. Important news eh? I’m sure she’ll be telling us about it after you’ve left. She always does. I’ll take you through.”

You trailed behind Spencer taking in the brightly but tastefully decorated walls until you reached a half open door. The nurse tapped on it, before pushing it open.

“Diana? We have a visitor for you, look who it is!” the nurse gushed.

Inside the room you spotted an older woman seated by a window, a huge volume of text sat upon her lap. She looked nothing like her son physically, yet as she looked over at you both and smiled as she took in Spencer, you could detect a similarity between the two. Something in the mannerisms.

“I’ll leave you to it. Dr Lawrence will be around later Spencer if you want to go over anything with him.” The nurse left the room.

“My my…. To what do I owe this pleasure dear son? And you’ve bought a friend too I see.”

“Hi Mom…. Erm this is…..”

“Agent Y/F/N right? I recognise her from the description in your letters. Welcome, Y/N. Now tell me; is the FBI in need of my assistance again? It’s not very often two federal agents turn up in my room together.”

The woman was a talker, just like her son. Reid tugged you into the room leading you over to the seat opposite his mother and motioning for you to sit down. You could feel her eyes on you, observing your interactions with her only child. Reid bent to her, kissing her cheek and giving an awkward hug before perching himself on the arm of the chair you’d lowered yourself into.

“Hi Mrs Reid. Yes I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.” You waved at her and saw her piercing eyes travel down your body and settle around your middle, her eyebrows then raising. Your t-shirt today had been slightly tighter than the ones you’d become accustomed to wearing recently, and although you were barely showing you could see a flicker in her eyes.

She knew. Well at least you could tell where Reid got his profiling skills from.

She looked to her son and then back to you before her lips turned up into a smile. “Will I be needing to go hat shopping?” she asked.

Ahhh shit.

“What?” Spencer gave a small laugh, confused by his mother’s question. You hit him on the leg, muttering, “she knows” under your breath.

“Wait, how?”

“A mothers instinct my darling boy. So it’s true? I’m going to be a grandmother.”

Spencer nodded and a grin broke across his mother’s face.

“When? How far along are you Y/N?”

You went to answer her but Spencer got there first, you grasping his leg and digging your fingers in to convey your annoyance.

“She’s twenty weeks so still a while to… Ouch! What was that for?“

You smiled sweetly and shrugged, his mother laughing and clapping her hands together.

“Just what I like to see, someone putting you in your place when you answer a question directed to someone else. You’re a brilliant man, but you really still haven’t learned to wait your turn have you? But it’s good to see that she knows how to handle you. How long have you two been dating?”

You both wore identical sheepish expressions as each of you waited for the other to answer.

She glanced between you both, her eyes narrowing as she picked up on the uncomfortable silence between you.

“You’re not dating are you?”

You shook your heads.

“Spencer, I thought I raised you better than that! I raised you to be a gentleman, not to go around poking girls with your stick unless you were seeing them.”


You bit back a smile, noticing the blush on his cheeks.

“In my day and age, if you knocked a girl up you….. ”

“Mom, stop. I was born in the eighties not the fifties. It wasn’t expected of people as much then, and it isn’t now. Plus…. I offered. She wouldn’t have me.”

Hey hey hey… You turned to him, feeling his mom’s eyes shift to you, obviously wondering why her son wasn’t good enough for you.

“Spencer, we’d end up killing each other….” You turned back to his Mother. “Mrs Reid, no offence to you or your son, but me and Spencer aren’t like that. It was one drunken night. What matters though, is that although we might not be together as a couple, this baby will have two parents. She will be bought up by both of us.”

She took in what you were saying, nodding a few moments later. “She…. A granddaughter?”

Spencer grinned. “Yes, would you like to see some pictures?”

“Very much so.”

You spent the next thirty minutes or so showing her the ultrasound photos and video, her asking you questions about the pregnancy so far and just generally chit chatting.

“Spencer dear, I’m quite sure Dr Lawrence will be in his office now. Why don’t you go and have a quick catch up with him, I’m sure he’s got something new to tell you about my treatment regime or something or other. ”

Spencer stood, and you moved to go with him.

“Y/N, you can stay for a moment. Keep me company. It’s not very often I get any girl talk.”

You did NOT want to have girl talk with his Mom, but you sensed there was something she wanted to say to you in private.

Reid looked at you and you nodded. He left the room, pulling the door to behind him.

A few seconds later his mother looked at you, leaning forward in her seat and placing a hand on your knee.

“He writes about you in his letters to me you know. He writes about all the team.”

Really? You definitely didn’t know that.

“What does he say?”

“That you’re the only member of the team that he struggles to get a reading on. That he doesn’t really understand you, despite trying to. And I’m struggling too. You’re very closed off you know?”


“I didn’t mean to offend you Y/N by implying you two should be married. It’s just…. With Spencer having his own father so absent in his life, I’d hate the thought that any child of his would have to go through the same. I’ve always hoped that any offspring of his, would have both parents present throughout its life.”

“It’s fine Mrs Reid, honestly. I get it. And this baby won’t go through what Spencer went through. He will be involved.”

“Diana please…. You’re carrying my grandbaby. We can do away with formality.”

You nodded to show you understood and she continued, “To be completely honest, I’m surprised to be able to say grandbaby at all. I didn’t think I’d get the opportunity to be a grandmother, Spencer being the way he is.”

Being the way he is?

Your brow furrowed and you suddenly felt compelled to defend the father of your child. “Mrs Reid….. Diana…. Your son is a amazing man. And I’m certain he’ll make a great father.”

“Oh pish pash… I know how great his mind is, he takes after me after all. And he will make the most amazing father. I meant…… Well, he’s never exactly bought anyone home to meet me. He’s far too socially awkward and incredibly unaware of how much of a catch he actually is.”

You nodded in agreement with her. It was true. As much as he did piss you off and wind you up, you could appreciate that he was a handsome guy. If you were into that type….

“Y/N. Can I ask you something else?”


“I get the distinct impression you’re not exactly thrilled about this pregnancy.”

You shrugged, “I’m not going to lie to you. I wasn’t. I’ve never wanted children of my own. But… I’ve accepted it. And, I’m getting used to the idea.”

“You weren’t going to tell Spencer were you?”

Holy fuck…. The BAU needed to hire this woman.

“I know my son Y/N. You’re twenty weeks gone, and if he’d known for that long then I would have known about this long before now. He’s not long found out himself has he? Which makes me also believe that you’d contemplated terminating the pregnancy.”

You knew the look on your face told her how correct she was. You squeezed your eyes shut, waiting for the feelings of judgement to hit you.

“I’m not judging you Y/N. Not as all. I wouldn’t have wished being a single parent on anyone, it’s hard work. And I won’t ask what made you change your mind about that. Or what made you decide to involve my son in this. But thank you.”

You opened your eyes, shocked by her words. You’d expected to be admonished by his mother…. Not thanked.

She squeezed your knee lightly. “I can see how happy he is, knowing he has a child on the way. I don’t think he ever thought it would happen either. And you honestly have made me the happiest woman alive. All I’ve wanted is to see him happy.”

Don’t cry…. Don’t fucking cry in front of his Mom.

Damn you hormones!

The door creaked back open, you taking a shaky breath to compose yourself and giving Diana a tight smile.

“I couldn’t find Dr Lawrence. But he can fill me in when I call next week. Are you ready to go Y/N?”

You nodded and got to your feet, Diana standing and giving you both hugs and making you promise to keep her fully updated.

What you didn’t know, is that Spencer had been standing outside the door for the last part of that conversation.


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===> Sentences include references to illnesses of all types—from the common cold to chronic or deadly diseases, as well as mental illness. There is some mention of death and hopeless situations. Trigger warnings may apply. <===

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Supergirl 5/22/17 (spoilers)

I decided to watch the season  finale anyway even though I haven’t watched the last  few episodes… and YAY, MON’S GONE, LEFT THE PLANET, DON’T COME BACK EVER!

I’m disappointed they turned the J’onn/M’gann relationship into a romance .  I really would rather it not be… since she was like a daughter or little sister to him in the comics and cartoons and making it romantic weird me out.

There were so many cliches and references to the news I rolled my eyes at (”nevertheless she persisted” “stronger together” “fake news” etc).  And some of the fakest punches I ever saw.  But eh, it was ok.  I liked the Wonder Woman “boots” commercial.

I think Winn has a crush on Superman (I think he mouthed “I love you” ?)

I’m relieved that they’re keeping Lena on the good side .  I really don’t like what they did with Lena in the Superwoman comics (if you like the character, don’t read it)

Not sure how I feel about the Alex/Maggie engagement… seems a little fast?

Cat’s back!  But oh no, her pink cat statue broke!

I have no idea who the Kryptonian baby was at the end.  I have read many a Superman comic and I’m still drawing a blank.

Hopefully the writers have learned their lesson from their many mistakes in season 2 and season 3 will be good.

“Things bit busy, eh?”

Cupping his hands and shouting to the sky, Atticus roared, “Give us some good news, my love!”

And the witch cackled loud, flipping the broom to face the villain, “Ghost stories are plentiful, the moon is beautiful, and monsters abound!” 

“Things bit busy, eh?”

“The world is wicked and how glorious is that?” she shouted back and, without waiting for an answer, zoomed off into the night.

Atticus watched, smiling, as the witch flew into the approaching gloom. To himself, he said, “Very glorious indeed.

We need to talk about Kirstie.

This girl can BELT. No seriously. If you haven’t gone through PTX’s music and listened to just her the entire time, do it. I’ll wait.

Ridiculous right? I can’t belt those intervals, or sustain a full mix that high, or do runs at all.

That jump she does in Royals right before Mitch’s “and I’m in love with being QUEEN”….. Kirstie sings “eh….ver…..DREAMED” and that’s just a batshit transition and she nails it. 

Also the end of Daft Punk! The up and down over her break! “We’re up all night to the sun! Eh, around the world, FEELING SO FREE, whoa-oh-oh ONE MORE NIGHT” Kirstie always gets some insanely written line.

The counterpoint in Love Lockdown. The entire end of Dog Days Are Over. The bridge in Run to You. The end of Angels We Have Heard on High, the swell in Swedish House Mafia Mashup. 

In concert, she does it all in platform heels.

Also, realize that without Kirstie, every single news outlet would call Pentatonix a boy band. Every single one. You know they would.

Kirstie, we love you a lot. And while the loudest attention goes to Scott’s runs and Mitch’s falsetto and Avi’s bass and Kevin’s SFX, I see you belting for your life out there and I think you’re fierce


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who would be the one leaving the other covered in a shit ton of hickies, like a 'holy fuck are you a vampire?!?!' amount of hickies?

This is a very important question. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

To be honest, I reckon it’s Jack walking around looking like a toddler threw purple paint on him. Bitty is a god-damn hickey artist and he try though he might, he can’t keep his mouth off Jack’s pale and easily-marked skin. And weirdly enough, it doesn’t happen during sex. It most often happens in the quiet moments in between, when they’re cuddling on the couch or making out in the kitchen (between pies, obviously, nothing can take Bitty’s attention away from pies, not even JZ), or taking a shower together. Bitty will casually lean in closer until he can put his mouth somewhere (read: literally anywhere, even Jack’s calves are fair game) and proceed to suck and nip the tender flesh until he sees physical evidence that he’s been there.

Even more weird is the times when Bitty plants a giant hickey on Jack’s collarbone, or shoulder, or the nape of his neck when they weren’t even near one another. Bitty will be on one side of the room on his laptop editing a vlog, Jack will be colour-coding his sock drawer (they’re all just black and white, tbh) and suddenly Bitty will get up and launch himself at any available skin on Jack’s body and proceed to colour it with his mouth.

But Jack loves it. He thinks it’s weird, sure, because he’s never known anyone who likes to attach themselves to another person like a friendly leech, but he loves finding these marks on his skin and watching them change colour. Once Bitty has come and gone from Providence, the hickeys remain and Jack can literally count how many times Bitty’s mouth was on him. It’s hard evidence that he is loved, and desired.

(In other news, imma need some vampire AUs post haste. Someone get on that.)


He took his seat in the chair, in Grimmy’s radio station, opposite the man himself. The microphone was hanging over by his face, and the large headphones resting on his ears, and hooked over his head. You sat beside him, a hand placed on his jean-clad thigh, your other hand nursing at a mug of water that Grimmy had brought in for you. It was your first radio interview, and to be there with Harry, and even Grimmy, had calmed you down a little. Harry was the one who suggested it; his proposal was done in secret, and he wanted the world to know that you were finally tying the knot together.

“Ya'know… I’m gonna say this off the air,” Grimmy started, as he sent a grin your way, “I never ever thought Harry was going to settle down so early. I mean, he’s what? 26?” Grimmy chuckled, his lips curved into a big smile. “Knowing Harry for nearly 10 years, I’ve seen his fair share of women” He stated, as Harry blushed a bright pink colour.

“Grim.. Shu'up” Harry muttered, as he rested his hand on yours. His thumb rubbing across the back of your palm. 

“Harold… I was going to say something nice. Don’t panic your arse off” Grimmy laughed, as he adjusted the headset on his head. “I was going to say you are probably the one girl I thought Harry would settle with” He smiled, as you felt your cheeks flush. “I’m serious… I like you, (Y/N). There’s just something about you that makes me feel if Harry doesn’t marry you, then I will. I’ll just marry you right now” Grimmy laughed, as Harry shook his head. His curls falling down his cheeks, and tickling at the corner of his lips. 

“Well… I have to say, if Harold here didn’t ask me, you were my second choice. Niall is my close third” You giggled, sending Grimmy a cheeky wink. 

“Hey, now. I am here, ya'know? Your fiance is sat right next to you, and you decide to flirt with my best friend.. Not cool” Harry smirked, knocking his knee against yours. You turned your head, squeezing his thigh gently. 

“I love you, Styles…”

* * 

“Now… I know a load of you Directioner people have been really excited for this Friday morning show. Because I have the one and only, Harry Styles on with me. With his lovely girlfriend” Grimmy smiled, as his voice carried out around the room. The crew members rushing round behind the glass window, trying to get everything ready whilst the three of you spoke on the radio. “Hello, Styles. And (Y/N)” Grimmy smiled, as you nodded over at him.

“Mornin’ Nicholas” Harry smiled, his teeth clamping down on the gum he was chewing, trying to rid of the coffee breath he had that morning. “I have to say, it has been ages since I’ve been on here. What’s it been? Like a year? Year and a bit?” Harry grinned, as he laced your fingers with his, giving your hand a squeeze.

“It’s been what feels like years, Harold. But, you’ve been busy, haven’t you? Huh? Making babies anytime soon?” Grimmy smirked, as you choked on the water in your mouth. Spluttering and coughing as Harry rubbed your back.

“Nicholas Grimshaw… We are not even trying to have babies yet!” You giggled through splutters, your voice and throat raw from the coughing. 

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I know Harry would love a baby Styles running around! The fans go on and on about that. Trust me, love. You are going to be the one who gets to birth his child!” Grimmy grinned, and you could just picture the screaming girls listening to the broadcast that Friday morning. “Now… I hear the two of you have some news, eh? Care to share with the world, guys..”

Harry turned his head to look at you, a small yet excited smile on his lips. It was now. Now you were about to announce your engagement. You were about to break a million hearts, just by saying you were engaged. But with the smile on his face, and his hand laced with yours… You felt that no one else mattered. You loved Harry, and spending the rest of your life with him was something that you could never pass up.

“We have. We have some extremely exciting news..” Harry smiled, as he pressed a kiss to your temple. “(Y/N), care to do the honors?” He smiled, as your eyes widened. Your lips rolling and a blush flushing your cheeks. 

“Uhm… Well, we.. Uh- A few days ago, Harry asked me that all important, and life-changing question. A question I just had to say yes too” You smiled, lifting your joined hands to your lips, and pressing a soft yet warm kiss to the back of his hand. “Me and Harry are getting married. We’re engaged” You smiled, a weight feeling like it was lifted from your shoulders.

“We’re very excited, as well. Just want to marry her as soon as possible” Harry chuckled, squeezing your hand tightly.

“And there you have it! Our very own Harry Styles has officially been taken off the market. How exciting is that? I’m hoping to be best man.. Ya'know, organizing the stag-do, and helping with the reception. Oh, and just imagine the toast at the wedding party.. I can embarrass Harry to badly!” Grimmy laughed, as you felt Harry chuckle beside you.

“I’d rather you didn’t, Grimshaw. My parents will be in that room.. No stories” He smiled, as he turned to look at you. “Now.. I’m going to kiss my lovely fiancee. Play some tunes, Nicholas” Harry smirked, as he leant over the armrest of his stool, his elbow holding him up. “I love you, soon-to-be Mrs Styles” He whispered, as his lips pressed to yours.

* * 

“Congratulations, Haz!” Louis smiled, as his face illuminated the screen of Harry’s phone. “Me and El heard the radio broadcast this morning. We were still in bed, haha. Had the video playing on the TV. You looked all cosy together” He smirked, as your head tilted to rest on his shoulder. The time was only 7 o'clock, yet you and Harry were laid in bed, snugged under a duvet, in nothing but your underwear. The hairs on his legs tickling at your smooth skin. His toes brushing your calf every so often, as he shuffled to get comfier under the duvet. 

“How is El? Is she feeling any better?” You wondered, as Louis nodded. You’d been settled at home for 4 days, in hopes that your best friend would get better so you could go out for coffee and start planning the wedding right away. She was definitely in on the plans.

“She’s feeling a bit better, yeah. She’s in the bath right now. She’s not sick anymore, just a snuffly nose and a headache. But, don’t you worry. I’ve been taking care of her, love. She’ll be right as rain by tomorrow” Louis smiled, as you sent a cheerful grin his way. “Anyway… I was wondering, Harold, if you wanted to come out for drinks? To celebrate? The both of you. Niall’s idea. He text me this morning, right after you announced it. We’ll all be there. Liam and Soph, Zayn and Perrie, me and El. Niall too. We can even get your family down here…” Louis suggested, as Harry looked to you. 

“We’re in. We’ve not seen you lot together in ages. Just give us a time and date, and we’ll be there” You smiled, leaning over and pressing a kiss to Harry’s cheek. “I’m going to shower… I feel greasy and dirty. I never had my shower this morning. Harry’s fault. We were late for the interview” You giggled, kicking the duvet from your body.

“I’ll come join you in a second.. I’ll finish chatting to Louis and then I’ll come in” Harry smiled, as you nodded. Turning around and waltzing into the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way. 

“I won’t keep you for long, mate. Shower sex tonight, eh?” Louis smirked, as Harry shook his head. The bun at the top of his head wobbling and shaking from side-to-side. “C'mon, mate. You gotta celebrate it, somehow” He winked, as Harry pointed a finger at his phone.

“You are awful, Tomlinson. Consider yourself in the audience at the wedding” He chuckled, as Louis laughed cheerfully. The sound of the bathroom door opening on his side.

“Right… I’m going to head off. Got to look after El. Make her some soup and stuff. I’ll get the details from Niall, and then text them to you. It should be around Sunday night? Maybe in the lunchtime. He suggested we go out for food” Louis smiled, as Harry nodded. The bathroom door opening and the light illuminating the bedroom. Your figure standing in the doorway.

“H, c'mon. I want you with me right now. Seeing you lying there, with a bun on your head, and your chest on show… I want you” You giggled, as Louis burst out laughing. “Hang up, Tomlinson. Give me some time with my future husband!”

* * 

“I am very glad to be marrying you, my love. Something about you made me think we were going to be together for a long, long time. I feel you could be the one to watch my hair go grey” Harry chuckled, tapping your nose softly with his forefinger. “I feel in the coming year or two, we will have a baby. And I’ll be sat in this very bathroom, on my knees by the bathtub, giving them their first bath. Just… I want this with you. And there is no one better out there for me” Harry smiled, pressing his lips to your shoulder, his hands wrapping around your waist from behind.

“You’re going all sappy on me, Styles” You giggled, placing your hand over his, resting them on your stomach. “But, I want that with you. I can’t wait to be the one to give you a baby. When Grimmy brought that up today, I just knew we need to have a baby soon. But, I don’t want to have a baby yet. So, if we’re doing this now… You’re gonna need to pull out” You giggled, tilting your head back to look up at him. Your wet hair sticking to his chest. 

“Oh… We’re having some sex, are we?” He smirked, as he twirled you around, caging you between his body and the shower wall. The coldness sending shivers down your spine, and making goosebumps rise on your skin. “I love you, baby. I love you so, so much” He whispered, ducking his head down, and sponging kisses underneath your jaw. His hands cupped the back of your thighs, patting them lightly. “Jump up..” He whispered, as he hooked your legs around his waist, your arms linking around his neck.

“Make love to me, Harry Styles. Show me how much you love me..”

Louis Tomlinson To Host Charity Cinderella Ball - One Direction’s Most Charitable Deeds

You know it, we know it, heck, the whole bloomin’ world knows it, but still it’s always nice to have an excuse to remind everybody just how bloomin’ lovely, wonderful, and big-hearted those One Direction boys are.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of the gorgeous, high-cheekboned babe that is Louis Tomlinson, who last night announced that he was set to host a ‘Cinderella Ball’ for Believe In Magic - a charity that makes dreams come true for seriously ill children.

We will give you a moment to stop crying.

With the majority of tickets to the ball being invite only, Louis has released a few to the public and we are just about ready to sell everything that we have in order to go.

We shall go to the ball, etc. etc.

Originally posted by queentianas

Anyways, Louis’ act of goodwill had us thinking about all of the other charitable and amazing good deeds that our fave four boys have done over the years, and we figured that today was as good a day as any to put all of them in writing.

After all, it’s far too common for the fab stuff that the boys do to get overlooked by all the drama and scandal surrounding their personal lives in the mainstream - so why not spread the word a little bit, eh?

1D made their mark on the philanthropist world early on in their careers, jetting off to poverty-stricken Ghana as part of Comic Relief in 2013. Clearly heartbroken by the tragedies that they were witnessing first hand, the boys also recorded the official single for the charity, a remix of ‘One Way Or Another’ and ‘Teenage Kicks’.

Prior to that, however, the boys had started to individually work with causes that meant something to them, with Niall Horan organising an event to raise money for Irish Autism Action and another charity, Temporary Emergency Accomodation Mullingar, in September 2012.

Originally posted by 1dlovershere

Saying that he was “honoured to be able to give back to his community”, Niall’s popularity saw the ticket website for the event break down with all 500 tickets being snapped up in moments.

Talk about a legend, eh?

Liam Payne and Harry Styles also teamed up for a cause close to their hearts, with Trekstock - a leading cancer charity that supports young people battling the illness.

As ambassadors of the charity, they launched a global campaign in 2013 which promised the chance to #HangWithLiam&Harry by offering all those who donated the chance to win an evening out with the boys.

The original goal for the campaign was to raise $500,000, however, Liam and Harry’s involvement saw them exceed the $784,000 mark - or £500,000 to you and us and Her Royal Highness - which the charity revealed would be enough to allow them to “complete funding of their Hodgkin’s lymphoma trial, in the hope of offering a much brighter future to thousands of children and young people affected by this form of disease.”


Originally posted by theonewhoprotested

Earlier this year, Liam also hosted a Great-Gatsby-Esque ball for Trekstock, ensuring that the charity celebrate their fifth birthday of saving lives and generally being awesome in style. Dressed in a gorge blue suit, Liam was supported by his bandmates as he took on the mammoth, and brilliant, task of raising money for the cause.

And of course that’s not all. Fast-forward to 2014 and you’ll find that One Direction donated a whopping £600,000 to the Stand up to Cancer campaign, by kindly giving portions of their ticket sale revenues from their Where We Are Tour to the charity.

Originally posted by tescotommo

Then, later that year, they joined charity group Band Aid 30 to record a new version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, finding the time amid their hectic schedules to record vocals for the song that went on to raise over a million pounds for the Ebola crisis in Western Africa.


Louis, the Prince Charming set to host the aforementioned Cinderella ball, is also a patron for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, dedicating his free time to putting a smile on the faces of poorly children.

The rest of the boys are also happy to put their face and name to a whole list of worthwhile foundations, so much so that when each of their birthdays roll around, dedicated fans donate in their thousands to raise money for a charity that means something to them.

Earlier this year, the fandom donated a huge £11,000 to the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in honour of Harry’s birthday, £15,000 for Bluebell Wood on behalf of Louis, and they are in the middle of raising funds for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland
 in time for Niall’s next birthday, and Médecins Sans Frontières (UK), or Doctors Without Borders, for Liam’s. 

Originally posted by babustyles

That’s a LOT of charity donations, eh?

Team all of this up with the band’s latest project #Action1D, which urges their fans to take action to basically make the world a better place, and we have some seriously concrete evidence that these four boys are bloomin’ good eggs.

And we also know for a fact that they will never, ever, change. 

Love you, boys.

+sherlolly is never a mistake

I had a lot of feels today and found some great music so I don’t actually know how to describe this one-shot that came out from that but I hope you can make sense of my feverish feels and this haphazard storyline. xx Oh yes, rated T for strong language.

Edit: Oops, I also forgot to mention: I dedicate this to tuesdayterrible, who made a post about having Sherlolly for their birthday. This is for you, dear. Happy Birthday! <3


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Molly knew she should never have allowed it, but it had happened anyway. It seemed strange that Sherlock’s gradual understanding of affection had created quite the opposite response in her. She loved him, she always would, but things were so different now. What things? she would stop to ask herself. There had been Jim Moriarty, there had been the fall, there had been faking the fall, there had been so much going on it felt right out of a movie. Yet, this had been their reality. Every dramatic twist and turn had been their reality.

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How to Expect the Unexpected / Frohana Week / Frozen Fandom Month

I suck at titles

Who: Kristoff, Anna (Kristanna), Elsa (Frohana)
Words: 2,009
Summary: Some surprising and usually happy news comes to the family, but not everyone is excited… and I suck at summaries too

Note: For Frohana week. This doesn’t really fit under any of the categories for the days but I figured, eh, might as well post it today. Enjoy it lovelies :) Shout out to my beta readers who for the life of me I can’t remember everyone who helped but thank you! :D

“This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.”

“Anna.” Elsa said calmly.

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