that was some good soup

good food feelings
  • opening a family sized bag of chips and having the feeling of “i never have to buy chips ever again because there are so many chips in this bag”
  • the feeling of a cold glass bowl full of ice cream making your hands nice and chilly
  • biting into a smore that you thought you cooked too much to find that it still tastes delicious
  • really hot hot chocolate with really cold whipped cream on top
  • the perfect state that cereal reaches from 30-seconds to 90-seconds after pouring the milk where it’s not so hard that it scrapes the top of your mouth but it’s not too mushy that it feels gross
  • the crunch of lettuce and onion you get when taking the first bite of a warm burger
  • opening a soda on a warm summer night sleepover 
  • sorting fruit snacks by shape and then eating the extras so all of the groups are equal and then eating 1 fruit snack from each of the groups until they’re all gone so there’s no imbalance
  • having leftovers that still taste good after reheating them
  • otter-pops halfway through melting so ur not just eating ice but also it’s not just weirdly thick fruit juice
  • eating alone at home, allowing yourself to eat whatever comfort food or weird combination you want without the fear of people judging what you eat or how much you eat. tortilla chips in a ham sandwich? delicious. dipping carrots in ketchup? live it up. pancakes for dinner? hell yeah. speaking of which…
  • pancakes, bacon, sausage, egg, and hasbrowns for dinner
  • having a warm feeling in your stomach after eating some good soup 
  • carrying a good-sized bag of snacks out of a gas station midway into a long road trip
  • movie popcorn. somehow popcorn at a movie theater ALWAYS tastes different than homemade popcorn
  • opening a box of pizza and seeing the full pizza there. no one has eaten any yet, and there is a 0% chance of opening it to be disappointed that there’s none left. it’s all there, and it’s all fresh, and it’s destiny is now in your hands
  • any/every form of potato based food. just, like, in general. tater tots, french fries, hashbrowns, potato medallions, mashed potatoes, etc. all of them are perfect foods and all of them taste perfect w/ ketchup
  • a big ol mouthful of sticky rice
  • eating on the couch while watching TV with your loved ones
  • tha cronch of appl
  • the feeling of satisfaction you get when you try a new recipe and it tastes good on the first try
  • having a friend cook you something that tastes good and seeing the look of joy on their face when they see you like it
  • eating something youve been craving all day and feeling 100% satisfied with it

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“You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay?” au sterek? <3

OK, I wrote you a quick little thing. :)

now also on ao3


When Derek shows up at Stiles’ back door that morning with a basket full of about three dozen cookies, all carefully iced to look like Batman and Spider-Man, Stiles doesn’t say anything. He just gets up from the kitchen table and opens the screen door, and then he looks down at the basket for a long, long moment, and then he rubs the heels of his hands into his eyes and groans.

He looks kind of… unkempt. He’s wearing the same sweatpants and lacrosse hoodie he’d had on two days ago when Derek saw him at his mailbox, and his hair is sticking up everywhere, and it’s obvious he hasn’t shaved in a while because there’s some actual stubble there. Derek didn’t think Stiles was even capable of facial hair. It only adds to his attractiveness, but still, Derek can’t help but be concerned.

Derek doesn’t usually start conversations, but today he feels like making an exception. “Are you okay? This is a lot more baking than usual, even for you.”

“What? What do you mean?” Stiles says, dropping his hands to his sides. His face cycles through about five or six different expressions before settling on something that’s probably trying to say “innocent and oblivious,” but… well. Derek might not know Stiles that well, but he knows Stiles is definitely not either of those things, ever.

“The cookies,” Derek says slowly. “That you leave on my doorstep a few times a week while I’m out on my morning run.”

Stiles glares down at the cookies Derek’s holding like they’ve betrayed him.

“We don’t talk about it,” Derek says slowly, unsure, “but I thought you knew that I knew it was you. I mean, no one else in the neighborhood even talks to me.”

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Nygmobblepot is Alive

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I wanted to make a list of reasons Nygmobblepot is still surviving and thriving. Some good chicken soup (I prefer Tomato) for the soul!

  • Oswald Cobblepot is still love with Edward Nygma, even more so now than he knew (even if he is going to be pissed upon his return)
  • That mysteriously titled Gotham episode 3x18 “Meant to Be”
  • That “Love” commercial FOX  released that showed Nygmobblepot over an actual canon (and popular) couple Lucifer and Chloe from FOX
  • The show creators haven’t confirmed Nygmobblepot isn’t going to be canon, and the executive producer even referenced them as always being able to find each other and soul mates.
  • Edward Nygma hallucinating Oswald, because let’s be real he Hallucinates people he loves. Kristen, Oswald, and himself.
  • Still, the writers on twitter saying “the season has many episodes left” in reference to Nygmobblepot. 
  • There are still 7 WHOLE EPISODES to come from this season!
  • Cory deleting that tweet saying Edward wasn’t queer around the same time “Meant to Be” was/is being filmed. (I understand this could be for a multitude of other reasons, but the timing is oddly random and out of no where.)
  • Oswald has always fallen and come back 10x stronger to get what he wants and what he wants is Edward’s ass, in more ways than one.

Originally posted by colfernygma

I definitely recommend for anyone moving away from their parents for the first time–whether it be moving to a school campus, or into a new apartment with a friend–make a small investment.

Thing is, when your sick in your new adult life, you aren’t going to have mum and dad to take care of you. The first time I really got sick away from my parents was awful. I had a serious stomach flu. And I wasn’t prepared. I ended up having to go shopping for things while I was still sick, because I didn’t even have friends around at the time to go out for me.

So what I recommend is making sure you have some things to help your recovery long before your ever sick. If you like, stick it in an “All That Ails Me” box. My personal must haves are as follows:

  • Some sort of electrolyte source; personally I go for Gatorade or Powerade, but if you prefer something healthier, coconut water is supposedly quite a good source, or you can make your own ‘gatorade’ with some fruit juice diluted in water and a pinch of salt.
  • Broth and broth based soups; if you can’t keep solid food down, broth is a pretty good way to get some nutrition until you can. Broth based soups are also good as you start to transition back into a normal diet.
  • BRAT foods are recommended by most healthcare professionals; they’re easy on the digestive system: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. You can usually keep rice and applesauce on hand and all times. Crackers are a good replacement for toast in my opinion.
  • Anything really with ginger (such as gingerale, or ginger tea) to help settle an upset stomach (make sure to let the gingerale flatten first if you go that route though)
  • Hot water bottle, for aches and pains
  • Make sure you have any medications that help with things like diarrhea or vomiting; tylenol, imodium, etc.
  • Tea; personally I have the Cold Surivival Kit from David’s Tea, which I love and it covers your bases (stomach ache, sniffles, sore throat), and I always try to have medicated lemon tea on hand since it puts me right to sleep and relieves everything from cough to runny nose. But any tea in general is good since they’re easy to get down, provide some nutrition, and the heat can help relieve various aches, pains, and other issues. 
  • Puke bucket; just keep one in your closet for such an occasion. It’s better than hanging over the public dorm toilets or running to the bathroom in your apartment
  • Favourite movie, stuffed animal, music, etc; I mean, you’ll probably have this anyway, and it won’t stop you from puking your guts out, but it may make you feel a little bit better when your sick and have no one to take care of you. 

These are my main suggestions, and probably the most important things, but make sure you take account of what your parents usually do to take care of you when you’re sick and help you feel better, and go out and buy that stuff so you have it on hand and are prepared if you ever get ill yourself. The things needed isn’t going to be exactly the same for everyone, since some people have little things that there parents did differently to care for them, or have other foods that they find do the same thing. Point is, make sure you have it on hand

In Sickness and In Health

Characters: Tom Holland - Y/N

Request: “can you write a cute imagine where tom takes care of you when you’re sick??” - anon

Notes: Cute, fluffy, kind of short / several people have requested this kind of imagine so i hope you guys like it! 


You feel incredibly hot but yet your skin crawls with goosebumps as you pull the covers up to your face. A shiver runs all the way down your spine before the aching in your head starts again.

Your phone goes off again but you don’t have the strength to move right now. Any exposure to the air out of your blanket will give you pneumonia for sure.

You brace yourself as several coughs escape your throat, scratching its walls painfully. You groan and feel the urge to cry but you hold it in because you know that with tears, a stuffed nose always follows.

You feel something nudge your leg and then whimper. “No, Tessa,” you cough twice, “I don’t want to get you sick.”

Can dogs even get sick from a human?

Tessa is with you for the weekend but if you had known you were going to get this sick, you would have told Tom to wait until the next weekend.

Tessa lays her head on your legs and it’s enough to spread some warmth on you and you feel grateful.

Your phone starts ringing again and you promise yourself that you’d call your mom later, after the chills are gone.

Suddenly, you hear the rattle of a door and your heart immediately goes into overdrive. Tessa’s head perks up but she doesn’t bark, which is unusual. She always barks at strangers. You go into panic mode but you lay completely frozen in your bed.

The door opens and then closes.


You hear footsteps coming your way and you try to look with your eyes for the nearest weapon… nothing.

The doorknob turns and the door opens slowly.

“Y/n? Are you in here?”

Your heart goes back to normal as you let out a sigh of relief. You’d know that voice anywhere.

“Yes, I’m in here,” you reply just as Tessa jumps from the bed and dashes towards the door.

Tom steps inside wearing the usual sweatpants he wears for bed. He has a black sweater on, the hood pulled up to his head. He leans down to caress Tessa’s face, Tessa appreciating him back with wet kisses.

“What are you doing here?” You ask.

He raises his eyebrows. “I’ve been calling you all day. I came home a day early and wanted to see you but you never answered. I got worried.”

This warms your heart but then you shake your head. “I’m alive. Well, almost. You can’t stay here, Tom. I don’t want to get you sick, or Tessa.”

“Can dogs get sick from humans?” He asks and you smile, remembering why you love him so much. “What’s wrong, though? Do you have a fever?”

He starts to unzip his sweater and removes it just as he starts to walk to your side. You shake your head frantically and lean back into the pillows as far as you can. “Thomas Stanley, stop. I’m fine!” With the last word, you go into a coughing fit which leaves your throat burning.

“That doesn’t sound like nothing!” He sits on the bed beside you and reaches for your forehead. You shut your eyes tightly, dreading the coldness from his hands. Surprisingly, his hand feels pleasant against your skin. “Shit, y/n. You’re burning up. You need to take off the covers so you can cool off.”

“No! I’m cold,” you whimper, pulling the covers closer to your body. “Honestly, Tom. I don’t want you to catch this. You may need to leave suddenly for filming and-”

“Then I’ll postpone and stay in sick with you.” He gives you the sweetest smile and then tries to pry the covers from you again. You start to shiver and Tom hands you the sweater he had taken off. “Put it on and join me in the kitchen.”

You groan but take his sweater anyway. You sit up and put it on; it fits a little too big but it’s comforting. The cold hadn’t taken your smelling senses away yet so you were able to inhale his scent but not before you let out a sneeze. “Can’t I stay in bed and just watch you from here?”

He looks down at you and chuckles. He leans down and kisses your cheek softly. “You’re not allowed to go to sleep, though. I’m making you some warm soup.”

“Soup sounds really good, actually. But you don’t really have to. We can always just order in,” you tell him.

He shakes his head. “Are you kidding? Homemade soup is the official remedy for… well, for anything! Just let me take care of you, please?”

You stare at him as his hand finds yours and he squeezes your fingers gently. You smile and roll your eyes before you agree, “Fine!”

He laughs the cutest laugh you had the pleasure to hear and then turns to Tessa. “What about you Tessa? Will you join me in the kitchen or stay with the sicko?”

“I hate you,” you murmur, laughing and then coughing some more. Tom only smirks and winks at you.

Tessa hops back onto the bed and places her head on your lap once again. Tom shakes his head, leaving the room and then shouting over his shoulder, “I swear you’re stealing her from me.”

You chuckle and pet the top of Tessa’s head. You look down the hallway that opens up to the kitchen and watch as Tom begins to place water in a pot. You sigh with content, wondering how lucky you are to have met Tom so many years ago. The friendship you kindled was one of a kind and it happened so naturally. You were both barely opening up to the idea of maybe one day dating but you were taking it day by day, seeing how things went.

But right now, seeing him chop vegetables in your kitchen, humming whatever song is in his head right now, you couldn’t see yourself being with anybody else.

After two episodes of The Office, Tom finally comes back into your room holding a large bowl. You sit up in bed and watch him set the bowl down on your bedside table.

“Are you going to feed me, now?” You joke and it makes him laugh.

“No. You’re sick, not invalid. I’m getting my own bowl. Now, eat. It’s getting late and I really want to cuddle you to sleep ever since I landed.”

You laugh as your face grows warmer than it already is.

You both eat together, him sitting next to you in bed, as he tells you stories about him and Harrison on set. The soup is perfect as it soothes your aching throat. The warmth spreads through your whole body and your constant shivers go away.

“All done, then?” Tom asks as he takes your plate and sets it on top of his on the bedside table. He shifts on the bed until he’s under the covers and then pulls you in close. “Want to watch some Daredevil? I still need to catch up.”

He plays the show and you snuggle even closer to him.

“Do you feel better, darling?” His hand rubs your shoulder back and forth.

You nod, “Thank you for everything, Tom. You’re seriously the best. I’m so happy you’re finally back home.”

“Me too,” he whispers, “Now rest. I want you to wake up brand new for what I have planned for us tomorrow.” He kisses the top of your head and holds you tightly against him. Tessa crawls to lay by your feet and you slowly relax into him. He made getting sick one of the best nights of your life.

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could you do a malec prompt based in whatever moment of season 2B?? I miss your prompts btw :)

thanks love x


“Hey,” Alec said into his phone, his head propped up with his other hand. He sighed, “Thanks for calling me.”

“Well your message seemed urgent,” Jace responded. “Where are you?”

“Magnus’,” he mumbled sadly, refusing to let his emotions get in the way of his conversation with Jace. “He’s really upset, after everything that happened to him while he was in Valentine’s body, but I don’t know what to do.”

“What are you doing now?”

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On History and Dinner

Summary: A non athletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Picks up right after On History and Pie.  Jack takes a chance and meets Bitty for dinner. It’s their first date.  A collaboration with the wonderful @zim-tits​ featuring her lovely artwork. Also on AO3

Bitty was closing up shop for the evening at Bread and Buttery Bakery when he heard a small tap. Lardo smiled as she looked through the large picture window and saw who was standing on the other side.

“It’s your boy, Bitty,” she said.

He glanced and saw Jack standing outside as he waved shyly.

Chowder unlocked and opened the door. “Welcome! Come on in.”

“Thanks,” Jack said as he came in slowly, looking at Bitty with a soft smile.

Bitty closed the register and smiled in return as he walked from behind the counter toward Jack.

“Hi, Jack.”

“Hi, Eric. Bitty.”

The two wordlessly stared at one another, smiling. Lardo, taking pity on them, cleared her throat, “Uh, Chowder, can you help me with something in back?”

Chowder frowned disappointed he wasn’t going to be able to watch.

“Sure, Lardo.”

“You came,” Bitty said. “Thanks for that. Thanks for trusting me.”

“My uncle says… well, never mind, but I’m the one that should be saying thanks – for the shortbread. It was really good.”

“Really good? I was aiming for so amazing it would make you wanna slap your mama but then again, I’m sure you love your mama, so really good will do.”

Jack laughed softly, “I do. So, are you… that is… if you’re still interested…”

“Jack, would you like to go grab something to eat?”

Jack smiled, relieved that Bitty had taken the lead.

“Yes, I’d like that.”

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Give me reasons to live

-mainly cute animals
-some cool dang fantasy like places 
-great movies
-great books
-amazing/catchy music
-tv shows
-nice and warm baths in the winter
-pools in the summer
-ice cream
-coffee with vanilla icecream 
-boba tea
-mainly sweets
-some good food/favorite foods
-people that actually care about you and love you for you 
-nice people in this world that help others out by being amazing
-cute old people that tell you some wise stuff
-babies that are actually calm and fall asleep on you and just not cry after being woken up
-baby animals
-the internet
-comfortable clothes
-nice warm drinks in the winter
-big blankets that are extra soft
-peace and quiet
-childhood nostalgia 
-being loved
-accepting yourself and actually being so comfortable with yourself that you don’t care what others say about you
-watching rain on a peaceful day while drinking your favorite hot beverage and eating some snacks
-good jokes
-horrible jokes that still make you laugh like crazy
-farting jokingly 
-annoying siblings
-caring for someone and seeing them appreciate that 
-making someones day/making them smile on accident/on purpose
-giving gifts
-earning your own money and buying stuff for yourself and others
-100 plushes in your room that you can jump into and swim around in
-graduating and flipping your teachers off 
-the win dance
-jokes about harry potter- honestly have you seen the jokes about wizards shitting their pants and just making them disappear because they apparently dont have toilets- poopikus disapearikus- 
-the old memes
-hardworking bees (aahhh the hardworking lil fellas that keep me going)
-mythical creatures
-mythical stories
-weird natural phenomenons 
-my brother saying octopussy instead of octopus 
-also goes for platypus which he calls platypussy 

-scientists discovering new animals deep in the ocean and loosing their shiz- 
-watching someone fight for their life against a disease and them actually winning the battle and getting better
-playing horror games with friends and shizzing your pants- 
-good soups,man
-accidentally predicting the future
-seeing some peoples weird talents
-booping small shark noses
-lady bug flying on your shoulder and declaring you as the chosen one
-luck charms
-water guns
-shia lebeouf 
-the WWE watch out watch out meme
-old vines
-seeing your favorite person after a long time
-unexpected gifts
-soft skin yo- 
-contact lenses to fool people into thinking that you have been taken over by a demon
-inspiring people
-working hard and actually being proud of yourself
-vintage stuff
-feeling dead after a full nighter but it was still worth it- 
-slapping a lil shi-
-people actually caring for nature
-thinking about pluto because the sweet lil planet has a heart on it and i love it
-pluto also loves you
-awful soap operas
-favorite fruits 
-trying something new and actually loving it
-taking care of yourself
-feeling good in the breeze
-road trip song or games
-future technology 
-imagine hugging a robot
-the feeling of being healthy
-acing your tests and exams
-beating depression in the face with a crowbar
-break anxietys knees with a crowbar 
-giant teddy bears
-sand castles
-making sculptures
-watching the whole show in a day
-mahoshojo yo
-a black woman has created something that cures cancer with lasers
-everyone that cares about every kind of life and cherishes them no matter where you are from or what your appearance is
-cotton candy 
-10 bathbombs 
-tickling babies
-playing in snow and not actually getting sick after that
-canceled plans that you didnt want to go to
-making a strangers baby smile/laugh by making a silly face
-enjoyable talks 
-being allowed to not hug or shake hands with anyone who you dont want to shake/hug with.
-achieving your dreams by working hard for them
-the feeling of getting 2 bucks in childhood and you thought you got rich or something.
-seeing your family happy and not argue with each other for a long long time
-secret santas
-the friends who will miss you if you ever disappeared
-comfortable sleeping positions
-great dreams
-lucid dreams

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Pairing : Ethan X Reader, Teamiplier

Request : Hello! Hope you’re day is going well! Can I please request an Ethan/Teamiplier x sick! reader. I have a cold and need something cute to read. Have a nice day!! :)) — @cwstandsforcaswinchester

Warnings : sick!reader, fluffy Ethan (yes that is a warning), teamiplier acting like over concerned parents

Your stomach ached as you tossed and turned. The sweat forming on your neck told you to push the blankets off, but you were freezing so you clutched them tighter. You could hear the boys chatting through your closed door and you groaned, pulling the blankets over your head.
You cursed the blinds for not doing their jobs, the harsh sunlight making your head throb with every beat of your heart. The faint smell of pancakes teases you from the kitchen, making your stomach growl. Yet the thought of eating makes your throat tighten. Suddenly the pounding of music rattles the walls and you let out a long, pitiful whine. 

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BTS Reaction - To This S/o having the flu


Originally posted by seokjinies

He would make you tons of soup, and scold you when you didn’t take your flu medicine. He would as a treat, make you more soup but with a Jin twist; Just the way you love it. 

“You did a good job, sweetie. How about I make you some tortilla chicken soup~ Jin Style!” 


Originally posted by mal7j


Would make you soup, but also be by your side 24/7 of the day. He would message you when he is at the studio if you needed anything back from the store to help with the cold. Tons of nagging and scolding when you disobey his orders to stay in bed.

“Stay in bed, will you. You won’t get any better moping around the apartment, Y/n.”


“No buts, you might also hurt yourself falling.”


“I love you.” 

Originally posted by donewithjeon


Try his best at making your soup, would give up and by can chicken soup instead. He, however, would make orange juice homemade for you. He would make sure you took your medicine when he was home and away from home. 

“Did you take you’re flu meds? If not I will be so angry! and do angry Aegyo for a good 10 minutes! You won’t like it!”

“I’m not take my medicine even more now.”

“Damn it.”

Originally posted by rapmunstar


Would be his manager to let him work at his studio instead of a big hit, and he would beg you to stay at the apartment with him so he could cater to your needs and be there for you. He can’t cook so well So he would go out to get soup already cooked because he hated giving you can food. 

“I ditched the studio to ask you come to our apartment. I want to take care of you baby.”

“Awww Namjoon. Stop being the best boyfriend EVER” You glomped him, he pulls away and laughs. “don’t get me sick.”

“I take it back meanie!”

“Oh come on, don’t be like that!”


Similar to Namjoon, He would stay home and be by your side 24/7. He would make sure you would not get up when you would have your dizzy spells and weak spells. When you get the chills, you would scold him for cuddling you for fear of him getting sick but he would ignore you as he would cover you and him up with the electric heater blanket. 

“Jimin you will get sick.”

“Mmmm.” He had his face in your back, moaning in disagreement. “I’ll be ok.”

“Promise me.”

“I Promise, Jagi. Now go to sleep.” He rubs circles on your thigh until you K.O. He follows right after.


Would feel sad that you were sick and try his best to be around you. His drama has held him down a lot so when ever he was on set and you were sick; he would video message you silly videos of himself to make you smile or laugh. He would come home with Yummy chicken soup and some chocolate. He would lay you down in bed with a nice blanket and sleep by your side. 

“Noona! I’m coming over in a bit! Did you see the video I sent you!? I love you; stay warm for me.”


Would probably be more protective like Jimin, he would be with you even to the bathroom. 

Y/N: Jungkook Really? (Blush.)

Jungkook: You fell last time, Jagiya…

Chicken Noodle Soup for the both of you, He would also make you drink orange juice even though you hated it and ginger ale for an upset stomach. He stacks up on tissues for both you and him since you both have allergies. 

“I have bought tons of tissues!” He says triumphantly, you snorted.

“Dork. must you say everything out loud like that~?”

“Ne. Now here. I bought soup!” He holds it over his head. You shook you’re heard and smiled. 

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voltron- lance with a cold but doesn't want anyone to know?

(Omg my first voltron prompt..also lowkey nervous bc I’m new to it and everyone already has a million amazing voltron fics and I have nothing new to add to the table :“D on the shorter side so I get used to writing voltron :”) )

Amongst the total debacle of space, discovering alien life, realising that the world was so vast and bigger than the human mind could comprehend, Lance had found another family through his friends. It wouldn’t quite fill the void left by the loss of his family back at earth, but they were loving,  a little ignorant and harsh at times during high drake situations, very rarely at that but Lance understood, given the clusterfuck that was their situation.

The universe had been so much larger and diverse than Lance had could have possibly imagined, so many things he did not know. Among all this, topped with insecurities he had struggled with beforehand, he struggled to find his place in all of this.

His friends were kind to him, never telling him he was useless of any sort, but he couldn’t help but feel it. Watching them, with all their own niches and spectacular talent, he grew a little envious, and wishing he could be that. Wishing he could be a little bit more than this.

So when his body began to break down, he had to ignore it, not wanting to seem any weaker than he already was.

“Paladins! Report to the bridge in 60 ticks!”

Lance groaned, not wanting to leave his comfortable, warm position on his bed. He tightened his sheets around his frame as he regained his senses. As he did, he wished he hadn’t because he became aware of a powerful headache, a stuffy nose and a fevered body.

As soon as he realised what was up with him, he widened his eyes, taking his ailment as a challenge. No way would he be taken down by something as simple as a cold.

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Missing In Action

Can I request poly Hamilsquad x reader where the reader gets really sick and the boys aren’t allowing them to go to any of their classes or do any work so they sort of sneak under the radar and the boys have to find them???

“102.3,” John told you, taking the thermometer out of your mouth and placing a washcloth on your forehead.

You groaned and rolled over in bed again.

Being sick was the worst. Alex, who was standing in the doorway, blew you a kiss as you shut your eyes again.

John stood up from the bed, the two of them leaving the room.

A few minutes of dozing passed, then the door creaked open again.

“Mon amour? Would you like some soup? You should really try and eat,” Lafayette said to you.

Internally you smiled. Your boyfriends were too good to you.

You managed to keep some soup down, but that was about all you could handle.

They left you alone to sleep, Hercules coming in after he got back from class.

You hoped this wouldn’t take long.


“You’re still at 100.2,” Herc said, giving you the bad news.

You groaned and flopped back down into you bed.

“I have stuff to do,” you told your boys. “I need to go to class.”

You tired to get up from the bed, but Alex pushed you back down.

“Take a break,” he told you.

“Says you,” you shot back.

“Seriously Y/N you can’t push yourself too hard. You’ll just feel worse.”

You gave up, knowing that they were right.

Which you hated but it was whatever.

“Fine, I’ll take a nap,” you conceded.

They all breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you.”

They all filed out of the room, shutting off the lights and closing the door behind them.

Like hell you were going to go to bed.

‘Well,’ you thought, ‘Time to get to class.’


The boys were fumbling around in the kitchen, trying to make dinner.

“Should we get Y/N some soup, or should we give them something more solid now?” John asked the group.

The rest of them shrugged.

“Would one of you go upstairs and check on them?”

Lafayette nodded and got up from his spot at the kitchen table.

A few moments of silence fell upon the house.

All of the sudden, a loud french curse word was heard, followed by Lafayette barging down the stairs and into the kitchen.


“It’s Y/N,” he gasped. “They’re gone.”


We can’t just barge in there,” Hercules reasoned as they reached Y/N’s classroom.

Alex looked ready to fight, so he was out of the question.

“I’ll go in and talk to their teacher,” Lafayette said.

The rest of the group nodded, and sat on a bench in the hallway.

Laf walked into the class, noticing that they were all currently testing.

Then it dawned on him.

That was why you didn’t want to miss class today. He couldn’t believe that he forgot.

Your big sociology exam was today, the test that would help you place into the next area of your major.

He sighed and went back out to tell the rest of the boys the situation.

They all decided to wait until you were done, but then they would drag your ass back to bed where it belonged.

About twenty minutes later you left the class, and exhausted look on your face. You looked at them with a defeated expression.

They caught you.

“Alright, back to bed for you.”

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Prompt idea : Even calling Isak "My Prince" and being extra and in love

hahaha awww Even being extra and in love….isn’t that all the time tho? 🙊  Okay slight warning - this somehow turned into a sick Isak drabble i’m so sorry. it just happened. 

“Baby what’s the matter?” Even asked walking into the bedroom and seeing Isak completely consumed by the covers. All that was left of Isak, was the little vague shape of a beautiful goofy teenage boy under the quilt. 

he sat himself on the bed and gently rubbed Isak’s back through the covers. 
“I made you breakfast baby.” 

Isak slowly lifted his head just a tad out from under the cover, so Even cold see his red nose, his puffy eyes, and his messy blonde fluffy hair. 

“I’m sick” he whined. stating the obvious. 

Even smiled down at his adorable boyfriend. The fact that he could still make Even’s heart twinge just from the mere sight of him when he was the shade of death, and covered in snot, was remarkable. 

Even was so gone for this boy. 

He pulled the corner of the cover up and swung his legs underneath, immediately intertwining them with Isak’s as he pulled the tired boy in his arms, so he was laying on top of Even’s chest. Isak’s torso agains’t his. Isak’s clammy forehead resting gently on Even’s neck. 

Isak sighed at the cool feeling of Even’s skin. 

Even pressed his hand against Isak’s cheek. “jesus baby, you’re so hot.” 

“thank you” Isak mumbled weakly 

Even was worried but he chuckled lightly anyway. “no baby. not that kind of hot - although you know you are, but-” he broke off to run his hand through Isak’s hair. “you’re really sick angel.” 

Isak didn’t listen, he just pressed his warm sweaty hand against Even’s cool cheek, and smiled satisfyingly with his eyes closed. 

Even looked down at the warm golden light sprawled out on his chest. His entire world was right on top of him, wrapped in his arms. 

He felt his heart melt at the sight of Isak. He was his everything. 

He had never loved anything as much as he loved the way Isak smiled at him, the way he giggled and shook his head every time Even did or said something mind bogglingly ridiculous, the small kisses on his cheekbones Isak wakes him up with every morning, the way the entire world opened up and enveloped him in love every single time Isak looked at him. 

This, this was everything. 

This was what loving Isak Valtersen was like. 

Once he felt the deep heavy breath of Isak sleeping against his neck, he gently and very carefully moved Isak so he was sleeping on the mattress and not Even. He shifted restlessly a little, but continued to sleep, as he wrapped his arms around a pillow as an Even substitute. 

he took Isak’s socks off and pulled the heavy quilt off and replaced it with a light cotton sheet, to try and cool down Isak’s fever. 

he looked down at his sleeping prince for a moment, his fingers brushing against his cheek, his lips, the spot between his eyebrows, his lashes. This was it. This was his entire world. 

He kissed Isak’s forehead deeply, and watched as Isak smiled happily in his sleep because of it, before getting up and going to the kitchen to make his boyfriend some god damn soup. 

When Isak woke up, besides his body feeling like he had just been hit by a bus, all else he could feel, were arms wrapped around him, his back supported by Even’s comforting chest. He squirmed around a little to make himself get as close to Even as possible. 

Even’s arms wrapped tighter around him before he felt his lips tickle Isak’s cheek. 

“welcome back my prince” he breathed softly, making Isak’s skin light more on fire than it already was - if that was possible. 

“hi” he smiled dazed. 

Even turned him around so Isak could see his soft warm comforting smile.

“Will you do a favour for me?” he asked, his eyes focused so deeply on Isak. 

Isak felt his eyes threatening to close again but he forced them open to look at Even. “anything” he breathed.

Even smiled and then reached over to pick up a glass of orange juice and a little container with a mix of pills. 

“Take these for me baby” 

Isak pouted “too many” 

Even helped Isak sit up before handing him the orange juice. “they will make you feel better. Vitamin C, panadol, this magic flu tablet my mum recommended and then you can have some soup afterwards, Okay?”

Isak rolled his eyes “since when did you become a nurse.” 

“I can wear the outfit if you want me to baby” 

Isak laughed, and it made Even’s chest combust. 

“okay fine, i’ll let you medicate me, jesus christ.” 

“I knew the sexy nurse outfit would convince you” 

he smiled a big toothy grin at Even before swallowing down the pills, wincing as they hit his sore throat. 

Even brushed his hair back comfortingly and kissed his cheek. 

“good job baby. Now will you eat some soup for me?”

“Only if you feed me.” 

Even raised his eyebrows, and smiled suggestively “really?” 

Isak giggled “i’m kidding! jesus.” 

Even felt himself relax at seeing Isak’s cheeky sassy self come back to him. He could tell he was already feeling a little better. 

Isak finished the bowl in 2 minutes. 

Even laughed “good?” 

the boy smiled “always good.” 

“you’re so beautiful you know?” Even said pulling Isak close against him. 

“yeah they say the flu does wonders for your looks.” 

Even turned Isak’s face up to him and leant down “always beautiful” 

“Even don’t your gonna get sick.” 

he shook his head, “I don’t care.”  before pressing his lips against Isak’s and letting his world combust again and again. 

3 days later Even is lying in bed surrounded by tissues as Isak shoves a bunch of pills in his hand. 

he smiles up weakly at Isak who is trying to get the damn thermometer to work.

“Worth it.” he says before sneezing.  


Q: Have you seen your kids and if not, what are you going to say to them?

RF: The boys will be sleeping and probably they don’t quite understand what’s going on - they’ll be happy to see the trophy, because they’re like “what is this thing doing here at home?!”. The girls I saw them, I had them on Facetime or Skype whatever you call it, and they were so happy, I hope they’re still awake, otherwise I’ll wake them and I’ll give them a big hug. Bu they said “we can do some good soup in this one [laughs], so that was cute.” [x]

Thorough Checkover

Characters: Sam x Reader, little bit of Dean

Words: 1387

Summary: The reader is sick, and Sam takes care of her. But as the reader get better. Sam and the reader start flirting more. Will anything come from it?

Warnings: implied smut, self doubt, cold

Italics are texts

This came to me when I was recovering from my second cold in a month. So enjoy the fluff!

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