that was so unsatisfying


finally, the family AU backstory!!!

i’m SO unsatisfied with this lmao,, this is gonna be so cliché/cheesy…. //cries. also fast storyline bc i want to make this quite short. i think it’s going to be in 5 parts but i’m not sure yet! twitter

Playing with colors a lil bit~


out of 31 anime’s watched in 2016: gangsta

 dog tags are normally used to help identify the fallen in battle. but what they wear around their necks serves a slightly different purpose. mainly it helps distinguish them from us. but it’s also a warning. “beware of dog.”

A few people have asked me about Victor’s expression after Yuuri’s short program in ep 11, so I figured I might as well answer in this form.

We’re talking about this expression:

I think there are multiple ways to interpret it, that’s for sure.

To me? This looks like empathy.

Victor can see how Yuuri breaks down after his short program and he feels for him. They’re so close that he must be able to imagine how unsatisfied Yuuri is with his performance and in turn, he’s also frustrated. His expression mirrors the feelings we can’t see on Yuuri’s face, as he presses his head to the ice.

Victor hasn’t lost a competition a single time in the recent five years at least. Tasting some form of loss again (or for the first time) leaves him understandably bitter.

Some people say that Victor is mad or disappointed at Yuuri, but I don’t think that’s the case. His narration that comes after this scene doesn’t suggest that at all.

I mean

He makes that pretty clear.

Which leads me to believe that it is indeed empathy.

That funny, sly little smile Obi Wan gives to Vader in A New Hope before he lets Vader kill him might tell the whole story about the Obi Wan character.

“I didn’t give in to evil. Not now. Not ever. And you only win now because I let you win.”

*Then Vader ends up confusedly kicking some empty clothes around, like it’s laundry day, and wondering what the hell happened. He is so utterly perplexed and unsatisfied.*

Master vs. Student. But Obi Wan always owned Anakin’s ass at the end, didn’t he?


“It’s not over for me yet.
just bear with me, since you left on your own without my consent..
I deserve at least this much.
Are you sleeping well? Eating well?
Do you still.. resent me?”

Stupid Boys Hitting On Me: Part I

Had a guy with an ak-47 tattooed on his neck explain to me why being gay was a sin last night.

Guy: “You know after you two are done doing what you’re doing, there’ll always be a part of you left unsatisfied.”
Me: “Is that so?”
Guy: “Mmhmm, ‘cause only men can make you feel right.”
Me: “So men are the best way to go?”
Guy: “Men are the ONLY way to go.”
Me: “Oh, so you like men too? That’s cute.”

I’ve been waiting years for a guy dumb enough to fall for that one.