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The mortal instruments. Malec in the book series
Lance as a womanizer and keith as his poor roommate AU:
  • they’ve been friends for awhile, its just keith decides to move in with him only because his previous roommate was just engaged and getting ready to move in with their lover so he makes up his mind to move in with lance.
  • lance the womanizer, lance who is actually smooth with the ladies, lance, who is usually bringing home girls every night or so
  • and poor keith is forced to sleep through nights of loud sex and creaking springs, keeping it low key and quiet so he won’t scare the girls away.
    • but some nights its funny bc when the girl’s thoroughly unimpressed, keith doesn’t hold back from laughing. 
    • Theres one night where one of them just goes “are you even trying” and keith is dying. Lance punches the wall to get him to stop, annoyed, but it alerts the girl. She’s just finding out there’s someone else in his apartment which prompts her to just pack up and go.
  • some nights he gets girls who are bored by him but other nights he gets girls who are so clingy it’s hard to kick them out of his apartment by the afternoon
  • one morning, lance is sharing breakfast with another clingy girl who claims she loves him until Keith walks in with a bag of groceries and the girl is convinced that lance has been cheating on him with her this entire time. 
    • Desperate to get rid of this girl, lance rushes to kiss keith and go “Pookie, you’re home!” And poor keith is utterly confused (bc wtf is a pookie) but lance whispers for him to play along
    • so the girl is now violently sobbing and yelling at lance for cheating on keith, heartbroken, apologizing to keith all the while. She leaves.
  • and thats when lance gets the idea to use keith as his “fake fiance” to scare away his clingy one night stand girls
    • and Keith’s def cool with it he’s just like “sounds gay I’m in”
  • and they get into it. They have way too much fun with it. They act out popular scenes from popular romance movies. 
    • (e.g. keith walks in on a girl making coffee for lance and just yells at him “HOW COULD YOU I WROTE YOU 365 LETTERS. I WROTE YOU EVERYDAY FOR A YEAR. IT WASNT OVER…IT STILL ISNT OVER.” And after the girl shoots lance a disgusted look and leaves without hesitation, keith and lance give each other a high five. “Nice! Notebook?” “Yeah allura made me watch that with her like 7 times”
  • and then they bond and stuff
  • they see sides of each other they’ve never known about before
  • keiths seeing lance as not just this ladies man but as this lovable dork who’s into such geeky stuff like they even go to a con together cosplaying zuko and sokka only bc lance forces him and the rest of the gang to
  • and they’re falling in love but not quite
  • and one night keith is just so curious. Like this guy is just so geeky but smooth with the ladies at the same time
  • what kind of moves does he even use on girls to get them to go home with him
  • he asks lance
  • and lance is smirking, “here i’ll show you.”
    • he asks keith to pretend he’s the girl and lance walks up to him, getting into character
    • hes pretending to adjust his fake tie before he pulls a british accent and says “forgive me but might i just note your retina receptacles are quite stunning-”
    • keith doesnt hear the rest of his line because he’s snort-laughing,”you’re joking, these pick up lines are so unbeliev-”
    • “-ably successful! see, girls fall for the adorable cheesy stuff. the more cheesy it is, the more it makes them laugh and look at you in a different light. you gotta show them adorable stuff, none of them fall for any arrogant, self-serving jerks”
  • and he pulls out his other acts claiming each and every one of them has worked on every single girl he has tried it on:
    • like rushing to a girl with a map in his hands, out of breath, frantically pointing at the map, panting, “help can you show me where I am because i think i just got lost in your eyes”
    • or stuttering and dropping index cards filled with other cheesy pickup lines and blushing furiously
    • and the list goes on
    • he mentions picking up girls in different settings like at museums and how he’ll pretend to be a tourist who cant speak english so he’ll piece together random words he remembers learning from his hs latin class hoping he’ll sound romantic enough; he nears closer to keith and whispers in his ear the days of the week in latin and keith, knowing what those words mean since he took the same fucking latin class with lance, seriously has to step away and hide his flustered face and rethink his whole life bc theres no fucking way monday through sunday should sound so sexy but it does.
  • and they continue like this late into the night with lance showing keith his other moves until its 3 AM and they’re kissing. There’s no way all those pickup lines should have worked on him, but it had.
| The College Kid’s Apartment | Yoosung x MC (Reader)

i’ve patched this together during spare moments on the Google Keep app and its surprisingly long oops. i hope you like it though!!

Rating: NSFW, but not too terribly descriptive during shenanigans. Some spoilers ??

Est. Reading Time: 35 minutes (7,268 words)

Pairing: Yoosung x Female MC

Summary: A few months after the events in Yoosung’s Route (but before After Ending), Yoosung takes MC to his place for some much needed alone time. MC stays way later that originally planned and accidentally ends up staying the night. Neither know that the other is still a virgin. There is so much fluff, you could fall into it.

There’s a lot of cute build up. I have added a cut where the nsfw begins so you can ignore that bit if you want to or skip right to it

It was quite warm outside. As you and Yoosung walked away from the college campus, you fanned yourself to combat the temperature. Noticing this, he began energetically fanning you as well, trying to cool down your reddening complexion. You laughed.

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Some of Coups' Twitter Replies @pledis_17

Fan: Coups I don’t know how to ride (a bike) can you teach me?
Coups: Get on
Fan: It….rained today (in response to Coups first tweet where he said lately they’ve been having weather fit for a date lmao)
Coups: I was…working yesterday haha
Fan: The more I look the better looking you get 😍
Coups: Look closer
Fan: Do you perhaps know you’re good looking?
Coups: I don’t know hehehe
Fan: Seungcheol-ah hurry go to sleep!!! Nuna wants to sleep now
Coups: Dream about me
Fan: Truthfully tell me the reason why you look good even when covered by a mask Choi Seungcheol oppa 😭
Coups: Because I’m covered by a mask…
Fan: How about riding a couple bicycle with me?
Coups: Where should I meet you?
Fan: Let’s meet right now
Coups: Ah meet at this moment
Fan: Good looking Seungcheol oppa do you see my mention….?????ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Coups: I see it!!!!!!
Fan: Oppa ride a couple bicycle with me. I’ll sit in the front and do everything you sit in the back and rest…
Coups: You sit in the back and rest
Fan: Let’s get married oppa
Coups: When??

Cr: hoshitv

anonymous asked:

I had my first Ardyn dream last night. It was... weird yet quite pleasant. My new HC is that deep down he just wants to sit and cuddle. I'm so cheesy and soppy it's unbelievable.

Despite all the shit I say about Ardyn and the stuff I HC him to be into, I would as gladly take a fluffy dream at this point. ANYTHING BRAIN PLZ GIVE IT TO ME. *crawls into a ball and sobs*

shimmering-shiny-stardust  asked:

Can you write some cute NoiAo at school please? It could be smut or fluff whichever you like is fine

Sorry this took so long. I spent like an hour figuring out what kind of cute school stuff I wanted to write. Like always, I don’t know if this was exactly what you wanted but I hope you like it! It’s kind of long as well so yeah…Also, I took a little bit of liberty with this so there might be some stuff like isn’t one hundred percent canonically accurate but I figure, this is kind of an AU so its alright. 

Still writing prompts! Send me a pairing + situation or scenario or you know, whatever (just dmmd stuff though, please) and I’ll write it


“You suck  at this.”

Aoba reached out to take the box cutter away from Noiz as he sucked sulkily on the finger he had just cut. It was one of the several the boy had inflicted on his poor hands in the mere ten minutes sincethey started working.

Brushing his blue hair out his eyes, Aoba expertly finished up the line Noiz had been struggling to cut and began to cut out the design of what he assumed was supposed to be a star. The knife glided easily along the paper and cardboard piece they had set underneath as to not mar the floor. Aoba felt it was a bit of lost cause though as, even with his steady hand, he kept pushing down too hard and went through the cardboard easily. He imagined there had to be dozens of new marks on the floor by now but he knew no one was going to be upset about that. The floor outside of his classroom was already so messed up by years of wear and tear, what was another few dozen marks?

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