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I stand by my theory that C never originally auditioned for XFactor. She said it herself that "I had my whole family there, and they were like, 'We don't want to keep having you get disappointed. You might as well just go home.'" but her stubborn ass convinced them otherwise? BUT her audition wasn't played AND she didn't actually make it through bootcamp (her words in Seventeen int)? Sorry, but I don't buy it.

is there ANY footage that was aired of her before she was put in fifth harmony?? It’s so weird and shady.

But consider:

Alex being the one who hit Bethany That Night and it was her who Spencer saw. Spencer just assumed she was the one who did this because at this point it was the only reasonable explanation.

Alex being caught on NAT videos. That’s how they found out about her existence. That’s the reason why Melissa was acting so strange, why she was protecting Spencer from “before it even started” and why Ian and Garrett had to die.

It could have been what Maya knew.

Ian knowing about Alex and thinking it was actually her when he wanted to push Spencer off the Bell Tower.

Alex hiding in that creepy, haunted house and watching the girls.

Alex hiding in Jenna’s garage and getting hurt in the fire. Maybe not her face but her body so she still could impersonate Spencer.

Alex being the one we saw in the flashback from before Ali went missing that Spencer doesn’t remember.

Alex stealing the game from Mona because at this point she not only hated Spencer but all of them.

Mona asking Spencer to join A Team not only because Spencer was so smart. Mona noticed there were times when Spencer acted shady. She just didn’t know it was her twin.

Alex switching places with Spencer from the beginning.

Alex making Toby join the A Team and fake his death so she could mess up with Spencer’s head and send her to Radley.

All the British words or references during the show.

How A knew so many things about the girls and nobody never saw them.

Alex being Black Veil and that’s the reason why she needed to hide her face.

Alex dressing up as the masked man in the dollhouse and that’s why Spencer had a feeling she actually knew that person.

Seriously, the list could go on.

It’s all there. They could have used all of this and made it look like it was all planned even if it wasn’t. I’m not saying it would have tied up all the loose ends but it would make much more sense.

So many possibilities. Such a wasted potential.

coming out of a dissociative period like, ah yes what a lovely pile of ignored messages and neglected obligations we have here these will be fun to deal with when i remember what emotions are

people in the k-pop fandom before an idol turns 18:

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people in the k-pop fandom at exactly 12:01am on at idol’s 18th birthday:

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About the eclipse in Oregon

@ everyone visiting the Oregon coast for the eclipse:

Please keep in mind many of these small towns, although they have been trying to prepare for -years-, cannot accomodate the massive influx of tourists in every way. Emergency response for medical issues will be stretched very thin because of this, energy grids here will be strained in spite of officials playing it off with a greedy smile, and cell towers will be fucked up, as will just about every other resource. Boating areas will be extra dangerous, especially near walls and enclosed areas.

Please be considerate to our home and each other so everyone can enjoy the eclipse safely! There is also a lot of wildlife here that people from the city are not accustomed to – paying attention and being a safe driver are extra critical in our rural coastal areas as these animals can run out from the woods along the road at any time, especially at night.

((Even on normal summer weekends when tourists come in, I watch the local ambulance drive on my 101 bridge 3-4x more often. … this is gonna be intense.))