that was so not the last kiss lbr

Neil and Andrew at Matt and dans wedding dancing and kissing ft. #1 andreil fan Nicky

- Okay so imagine couple years after Neil graduates PSU, and Matt has proposed to Dan like last year or something
- (and Neil is matt’s best man because lbr Bros For Life™)
- so the wedding happens (Nicky cries)
- Dan looks hella stunning
- and there is an after party in like this bar and all the original foxes are there + wymack who walked Dan down the aisle
- (plus some of the newer ones’ witch made it into the family)
- Matt and Dan are slow dancing to some song along with the other couples (Aaron and Katelyn, Nicky and Eric etc.)
- Neil and Andrew are on the side lines sitting on chairs Neil is facing the dance floor, Andrew has his back turned facing Neil knees touching nursing a glass of whiskey
- Neil lowkey wants to go dance but knows Andrew wouldn’t agree so is just sat there stupidly staring into the dance floor
- Neil is fine with it bc neither of them are into pda and stuff bc they are private people and don’t need to show of their relationship
- But Neil is kinda tipsy and wants to dance with his bf
- And Andrew notices
- 440%
- So Andrew with his usual bored look on his face tilts his head to wards neil and whispers ‘yes or no?’
- ovs Neil says yes and moves in for Andrew to kiss him but instead Andrew grabs Neil’s collar and drags him to the dance floor
- Neil realized what Andrew is doing and has to hide the stupid grin on his face but also kinda scared because tf I don’t know how to dance
- They stop at like the outer corner and Andrew tugs him in placing his hands on Neil’s waist
- Neil has to hide his grin in Andrews hair bc he is so happy
- So Neil kinda drapes his arms over Andrews shoulders (those three inches makes a difference trust me)
- And they are swaying in time to the music Neil’s heart is racing because this is happening and Andrew looks indifferent to the whole ordeal
- (on the inside he is smiling bc he loves to make Neil happy)
- Neil is a good dancer and Andrew hates him for it
- Allison wins some sort of bet and renee takes a photo; Nicky almost starts crying again bc they are so god damn cute
- They end up leaning on each others foreheads and are perfectly content in that moment
- The foxes are all lowkey watching but not saying anything bc they are still scared Andrew will gut them like a fish
- End of the song Andrew whispers ‘yes or no?’ Neil doesn’t let him finish before kissing him full on the lips
- Its not like steamy or anything but one of those adorable ones out of the movies and lasts like a whole minute
- 458%
- Nicky stars clapping and cheering, everyone joins in bc 10/10 kiss
- Que Andrews death stare (inside he is smiling because he knows they cute af)
- Neil is laughing at his family being stupidly supportive of him
- Andrew leaves to go kill Nicky
- Matt comes over like ‘bro way to steal my thunder’ bc everyone is looking at Neil and Andrew instead of the couple which got married
- Dan is like a proud mother
- Wymack wonders what he ever did to deserve these kids in his life

Like a Musical | Hoseok | Shiksa Goddess

Word Count: 706

Genre: Angst, Fluff , Au based on The Last Five Years

Summary: Shiksa Goddess from The Last Five Years

CH 1 CH 2

AN: basically I’m going to write a series based off of the last five years. The chapters (more like drabbles lbr) tend to alternate between Y/N’s and Hoseok’s perspective. Y/N’s chapters start at the end of the relationship and go backwards while Hoseok’s start from the beginning and reach the end. This is extremely similar to the musical so I have no claim to this. I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

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It was supposed to be a short first date.

But as you kicked the door shut and Hoseok pressed hurried and clumsy kisses against your lips he knew that things weren’t going as planned. It hadn’t gone to plan at all actually; he was supposed to meet you at a cute cupcake place, but somehow the date got rain-checked until you settled for going to a bar.

Hoseok smirked and pulled away from you breathlessly, “I barely got to speak with you tonight.”

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waverly-earp  asked:

do you know what would kick ass? THE MUMMY SKIMMONS AU


  • Jemma ‘I’m a scientist!*passes out drunk*’ Simmons looking for answers about a lost city seen by a select few
  • Daisy ‘I got lost in a desert and stole things’ Johnson who knows that city but doesn’t want to go back yet because she isn’t sure about the answers she’ll find there
  • “Look I just…unlocked the city.” “There’s a perfectly rational explanation for that and we’re going to find it.”
  • lbr, Daisy does kiss Jemma through the bars cause she thinks it’s her last act on earth
  • Fitz is probably allergic to camels and can’t believe Jemma talked him into this but he’s the one who won the key from Lance who stole it from Daisy in a poker game
  • they reach the city and find the book and Jemma refuses to believe in the nonsense of curses so she reads from it just to prove that
  • Daisy’s got some ties to the city in her past that she doesn’t know about and now the Mummy that awakens thinks she’s a reincarnation of his bride or something so she shoots him in the face and mutters about thousand year old bad breath and they make their way out of the city only to be found by Trip who tells them they should probably run while they - a secret society of guardians - find a way to kill the creature
  • Surprise it follows them
  • Jemma throws a cat in the creatures face cause hey even if she doesn’t believe in this stuff she paid attention to the mythology in class
  • “There’s a mummy chasing us and you still think there’s an explanation from this when you summoned it from the great beyond and it got a crush on me.” “Probably mirrors.” “Okay now you’re just straight in denial. Hey denial. De-nile. Get it?” “Daisy please.”
  • With Trip’s help they find out they can read from the other book and Daisy and Trip go to hold off the Mummy while Fitz and Jemma find the book
  • It does not end well, Daisy get captures and is going to be sacrificed so the guy can bring his bride back and she does so not appreciate being the Mummy’s Bride: the sequel.
  • Jemma charges in and demands he lets Daisy go, reading the curse that will place him back into the tomb
  • “So hey while I’m trapped like this it could be like reliving our first kiss.” “Is now really the time?”
  • They win the day, sword fight some other mummies, Trip thinks they’re crazy but he likes them and ride off into the sunset as Fitz sneezes since he’s still allergic to camels and Daisy kinda sorta stole stuff from the temple so hey now they’re also rich. 
  • They kiss again, cause it’s a perfect ending like that
  • (“Fine Daisy, supernatural beings exist, but I am still not helping you find Bigfoot.”)