that was rough


Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


*Requested smut

Word Count: 2135

A/N: may be the dirtiest thing I’ve ever written, so I hope you enjoy it. :)

“Klaus, wait!” You said as he stood up, leaving the bed. “Don’t go just now.”

The Mikaelson had been absent for the past few weeks and you could not blame him for that. With all his family problems, such as Mikael and Esther coming back to life, alongside his brothers Kol and Finn, and adjusting to his newborn baby daughter Hope, eh, you felt like you had no right to push him over the edge. Ask more than what Niklaus was giving you. Loneliness was a bitch, though.

“I have to, love.” The hybrid simply replied, a grin on his face. “You know I need to take care of a few things.”

You nodded, lowering your eyesight and sighing.

“Yeah, I know.”

“I promise it will not take long.”

“That’s okay, Nik, I get it.” You bit your lip.

The hybrid started to get dressed, taking no more than a couple of minutes to get ready. Then he looked at you, his blue eyes so intense they made you hands shake. You had no doubt you loved him. The kind of love no one truly understood. A gasp came out of your lips, which made him chuckle and approach you, placing a single kiss on your forehead. Typical Klaus. After that, he left without saying anything, just whooshing out of the bedroom. You took a few minutes to just lay there, alone, in the cold bed, sort of mourning his absence. You realised that it was worthless, though, and took the courage to get up. Since you did not had clothes on, you walked straight to the bathroom, wanting to shower on Klaus’ big bathtub. The thought of maximum relaxation cheered you up. That was exactly what you needed.

A couple of minutes later you were unwinding underneath the water.

Using a sponge, you started to rub your form, slowly, making yourself shudder. It was a good sensation and something between your legs warmed up. Biting your lower lip, you let your hands run free through your body. First, you touched your breasts, playing with your nipples and giggling a little, taking full pleasure by the actions performed. Then, you touched your clit, moaning.

“Oh, God…” You whispered. “This feels so good…”

Alongside a heavy breath, you kept going, this time putting two fingers inside your pussy. As you moved them, you started to tingle. You gasped and increased the movements’ velocity. Letting your mind fantasize, it went straight about being fucked by your boyfriend. His hands touching your whole body and making you moan like no other man did. You could spend hours remembering his singularities in bed. The thought itself made you bit your lip, squirming a little in face of your own thrusts. Your walls begun to clench and you knew you were close to cum.

Shit!” You felt the numbing feeling starting to spread across your toes and fingers, which made you sped the process, just wanting to get over with it. "Oh my… I’m going to…”

“Well, love, you most certainly will not.” Nik’s voice, followed by his grin, scared you, making your hands stop immediately what you were doing.

“I just… Fuck, I thought you were going to be gone for awhile.” You babbled, unsure.

“I told you I wouldn’t take long.” He said, raising a brown. “But you couldn’t wait, huh? You had to go off and touch yourself. I strongly thing you should be punished.”

"Please, Nik, I really didn’t mean to.”

“I am sorry, Y/N, but I can not be merciful.” Klaus smiled. “You need for me to rough.”

The water was starting to get cold, but, between your legs, things were only getting warmer. And his words made you tremble and squeak. Finding a little strength, you stood up, so fast the water spilt all over the floor. But you did not care, nor did the man standing in front of you. He moved towards you, grasping your waist and pulling you into a kiss. Your hands got lost inside the locks of his hair and Klaus strongly squeezed you against his chest. By this point, his clothes were all wet. You tugged his shirt and he smiled, helping you to get it out. The touch of his skin against yours was wonderful.

“Now, what do you say I get my princess to bed?” He said, using the crooked smile you loved so much. “You still needs to be punished.”

“Take me.” You whispered. “Right now, baby.”

Klaus grinned, shaking his head and kissed your lips one more time before you hooked your legs around his waist. He bit your neck and you gasped, struggling with the friction of his bulge against your bare pussy. The Hybrid smelt your arousal all over his jeans, grabbing your butt a little more harder and rubbing your clit with his hard length.

“Fuck, Klaus.” It was a loud squeal, which made you blush. “I’m so wet.”

“I know, love. That’s my goal.”

He massaged your waist and then threw you in the bed, which made you laugh, biting your lower lip.

"You have been a very naughty girl, princess.”

“I know.” You pouted. “What will you do to me?”

“I will spank that little ass of yours to make sure you do not touch yourself again. Not unless I say so.”

Klaus sat on the bed, pulling your body and placing you on his lap, not caring that you were still wet. He stroke your butt gently, before giving a loud slap. You couldn’t help but scream. It felt sexy. Your entrance started to drip. How come with only one he would drive you to that state?

“Already?” His fingers traced your slit, feeling your juices, and you nodded weakly. “So tell me, are you ready to be fucked?”

He slapped your ass once more.

“Answer me!”

“Y-yeah, Nik.”

“’Yeah’ what?” You felt a tingling sensation on your ass as he took another strike.

“I am ready for you.” You whined, squeezing your legs together, trying to create a little relieve for the tension between your legs. “Please, fuck me.”

“Such a nice little girl.” He said, softly. “Why don’t you help me?”
“What do you want me to do?”

“Suck my cock.”

You knelt before him and took his trousers off, alongside his briefs, leaving his pulsating length free for your hands to play with it. A small sigh came out before you took it in your hands, feeling the warmth against the tip of your fingers. Klaus’ grunted, feeling your soft touch. You spit on it, making the up and down movements a lot easier. Deciding it was time to go further, you looked directly at him, brushing your mouth in the tip of his dick. The Mikaelson groaned and you took it as a sigh you should continue. As you kept sucking and letting your tongue have some fun, he grew impatient and thrusted without any warning harder in your mouth, his cock going all the way to the back of your throat. You gagged instantly.    

Your boyfriend suddenly stopped and stared at you, his eyes filled with concern.

"Did I hurt you?”

“No.” You replied, shaking your head. “I just wasn’t prepared. Can I finish what started? This time with no surprises.”

Klaus nodded, letting you go back to what you were doing. You leant over, kissing the tip and teasing him once more. It felt good to do that. Punish him just a little bit for driving you out of the bend. While masturbating him, you stroke your pussy, which made you moan against his cock. He grunted with the vibration.

"Y/N, didn’t let you play with yourself. I’ll do that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Get up.” You nodded and stood up. “I think it’s my time to have with your little body.”


With a naughty grin, he opened up a space so you could lay down. Slowly, the hybrid crawled and opened your legs, kissing your inner thighs first and making you shudder. His large hands clutched your hips, lifting them. Klaus darted out his tongue through your pussy, making you yell and ask for more. While he tasted you, kitten licking your clit, he put two of his fingers inside you. That made your eyes roll. You did not think you could scream any more louder. Klaus always had a way on doing this. It was marvellous. His lips were trained on doing wonders.

“I’m going to… Oh, my…” You knew if he continued it, you would not be able to hold on any longer.

“Oh, love, I want to feel you cum around my cock, not my fingers.”

“Please, Nik, fuck me now. I need you.”

“Such a little slut.” His fingers traced your slit and you groaned shamefully. “So wet me.”

“Come on, baby…”

“How badly do you want me to do it?”

“Very much.” You squealed. “So hard I won’t be able to walk for days.”

“Well, let’s fulfil this wish, then.”

Klaus got one of your legs and placed it on his shoulder, making your core way more wide for him. By that point you were already dripping and could not withstand more teasing. Actually, anything now could make you burst. Your boyfriend knew it, that’s why he did not wasted time and just sheeted himself inside you. Both of you moaned, experiencing high levels of pleasure through one single movement. The Original Hybrid, after a few seconds just enjoying the warmth your pussy provided, started to pound in and out of you. This time he did it really fast.

“Oh, baby. This feels so good… I love it when you fuck me hard.”

“Are you trying to tease me, Y/N?”

“Sure I am.” He gave you a sharp thrust, which made you lose a breath. “Not fair!”

“It’s never a fair game with me.”

You smiled.

Sex with him was, aside the huge amount of mixed sensations, fun. That’s why it got you hooked. He stroked your nipples and, after carefully putting down your leg, he leant in to kiss your nipples. They were already harden due the constant shivering. Now the gasps were more frequent. You knew you were more close than ever to cum. A goofy smile escaped your lips and, while Klaus glanced at you amazed, you took an advantage and rolled your bodies.

“My kitten likes to be on top, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, I do, baby. But I think it’s time for me, oh, have my release.”

“So fast?”

“I need it!”

The tension built up on your stomach was starting to spread through your form. Klaus’ hands held your ass strongly and helped you get what you craved. You were aware the next morning you would be sore. However, that did not make you stop, actually, it made you go even harder. Then, the waves of pleasure hit you, making your walls clench and Klaus grunt. You could not help but scream. So far, it had been the most amazing sex session you had ever had.

“Wait just a little bit longer, babe.” He whispered.

“Don’t worry, I want to feel you cum inside me.” You kept riding him, in a fast pace. “Come on, give me all you got.”

It was his turn to grunt and let himself go, cumming in hot spurts inside you. After a short while, he pulled you in for a kiss, a very passionate and steady one. You sighed, thrilling with everything that was happening on your body. Eventually, you left his lap and rested alongside him, just hearing his breath.

“This was awesome.” You finally said, your fingers drawing figures on his skin. “I should definitely piss you off more often.”

He chuckled.

“Yes, you should.”

“Are you okay, honey?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“That’s so much on your plate right now… I just want to check.”

“I’m with you, that means I’m more that fine.”

“Just know I love you and I’ll always be here to support you. No matter what happens.”

“Don’t worry love, everything will be fine.”

‘Your mother and your father…”

“Let’s not talk about them in out bed.” Klaus shut you up. “I just want to enjoy us.”

“Okay. I’m fine with it.”

He stroke your hair and brought you even closer to him.

“Sleep, darling. You must be tired.”

You nodded and closed your eyes, catching his scent as you got comfortable on his chest. From moments like these, you knew why your friends were wrong by judging him. Klaus could be a maniac and a psychopath. But when he committed… That was no person in the world that could be more sweet and kind than him. And that was the reason you loved him and would never give up on your relationship.

He was your daydream.

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