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Let's talk about this J2 as Phlochte thing you mentioned. It sounds fab.

okay, we’re going to ignore Lochte rn 

so the US Men’s Olympic Swim Team had 24 people competing this year; 9 were newbies, the rest, veterans of swimming

to set us up ~imagine~ 

the year was 2012. Jensen had competed in his first Olympics in 2008. He did pretty good, all-in-all, won a few medals, and outdid what was assumed of him in his big qualifying event. the 2012 Olympics are underway and the Olympic team has taken on a few new kids, one being a very tall, very gangly Jared Padalecki.

Jensen’s a serious competitor. He’s there to win, he’s all game-face all the time. The American people love him for his good looks, charming smile, and politeness to everyone, fans, other competitors, interviewers, etc.  Jared Padalecki is a ray of fucking sunshine, beaming around, gets everyone and the entire crowd laughing.  He makes the interviewers blush and the other teammates are drawn to him like moths to a flame. Jensen can’t stand this kid coming in and causing such an uproar, but he keeps his calm…that is, until the Olympic games and Jared fucking matches him in medals and is the big hero of the relay 

Jensen can’t stand him.

and, of course, now Jared is basically guaranteed his spot, as long as he keeps up training and doesn’t face any injuries.  They get to really know each other during those times training for the 2016 Olympic games.  It starts off rocky, but they both are growing up a bit.  After a year or so of an iffy relationship, they start to learn from each other; Jensen’s got more experience, gives Jared advice. Jared teaches Jensen not to be so serious all the time, to remember to have fun with the sport (”That’s why we started doing it in the first place, right?”). They become pretty decent friends and when the qualifiers come up, they’re all over each other, cheering each other on, always on the sidelines and even have their own stupid handshake.

the 2016 Olympics are where things get weird again.  The media is pitting them against one another with headlines and interviews and it’s kind of crazy. Then there’s the whole thing about the Olympic Village and why the hell does it seem like everybody is having sex with everybody??? There’s this unresolved sexual tension (that’s been there since day one and everyone else always saw it, but not them) and it’s made even worse by the mere fact that they’re rooming together - it had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now they barely talk, can hardly look at each other.  Yet they’re expected to have this enemy/friendship thing going on so Jared’s posting snaps of Jensen to his snapchat (check out Ryan’s snaps of Michael from this year

idk what the catalyst would be, what would drive them to utter desperation for each other (I haven’t thought that far ahead yet), but yes, J2!Olympic!AU with wet boys, shirtless boys, running around beaches after their competitions are over, the craziness of the Olympic Village, the years of rivalry/teammates/friendship/something more and I just want it really bad


for all the new fans who don’t know who Lala Yusifova is, here’s her famous ball routine from 2013. she’s incredibly fierce and passionate. and she had such a great potential! 2013 was her year. unfortunately, she barely competed in 2014 because of her shoulder injury before making a decision to retire. damn you, injuries, you’re taking away the most interesting gymnasts from us!!!

also watch her hoop from 2013:

day-dreaming in math class

the constant mention of “Euclidean spaces” in math class gave me the idea for an alternate dimension(“plane”) in a D&D campaign in a Greco-Roman historical setting…

Euclidian Space:

A predominantly empty plane defined by intangible, infinitely-long, evenly-spaced gridlines running in orthogonal X, Y, and Z directions. Each intersection is labeled with a coordinate so you can find your way around. For D&D purposes, each gridline is 5 ft away from those it is parallel and directly adjacent to.

There is no gravity and no atmosphere. The plane is filled with various geometric objects of varying sizes, which float around, either very slowly or with no velocity at all. (In the event of large forces acting upon these bodies, some may fly off at high speed. Watch out!)

The plane is inhabited by the souls of mathematicians, philosophers, and certain other academics deemed worthy (by whichever god(s) of the afterlife they worshiped during their life) to spend eternity in Euclidean Space, a paradise in which they can continue to learn about the mysteries of the universe. Thus, in Euclidean Space, the otherwise ahistorical assemblage of thinkers depicted in Raphael’s the School of Athens could actually occur, provided they are all dead.

A soul not fit for eternity in Euclidean Space will eventually wither away from boredom if (for whatever reason) it is accidentally trapped here for too long. Mortals should bring spells providing air, as well as water and rations, since the plane provides none of those things.

Attached to some of the bigger floating objects are temples devoted to housing a platonic form, one such temple for every possible number, concept, and object. Yes, there are an infinite number of temples. Fortunately, the plane extends infinitely in all directions so there is plenty of space. The platonic forms are indestructible, so don’t try to eat the platonic form of a food.

At the origin (X=0, Y=0, Z=0) is a palace for the current ruler of Euclidean Space, the deified spirit of whichever mathematician can claim title to “the most important mathematician up to this point in history.” In a Greco-Roman campaign, that would be Euclid.

However, unbeknownst to the players, the Euclidean Space isn’t merely three-dimensional. To enter the palace, you have to be able to comprehend spaces of 4 and higher dimensions. The entrance to the palace isn’t at (0,0,0,0,0,…) but instead at various points along the axis of the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. dimensions. A character who successfully enters the palace will appear to slip through a crack in 3-dimensional space and disappear.

You need to do the devil’s work to have the devil’s power. Luckily, we have someone to steal the souls for us.

The Flourite Reaper was a rebound project after The Underdogs failed. It solely existed to keep me working, and, although the concept has potential, it never got developed past 4(ish) chapters. All the roughs of those chapters have been uploaded for your enjoyment  Here.

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