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on simo & fuck,marry,kill:

Halla! I’ve been getting a bunch of asks regarding this: 

On to a cringey bit. Host explains fuck marry kill to Simo, who’s supposed to play. He picks sana, yousef, and linn- To make a long story short: Simo doesn’t quite get the game, but ends up taking Sana as his wife, kissing Linn and killing Yousef. The host realizes a little late that Simo was uncomfortable with it.

in our translation of the balloon squad’s interview and I wanted to make a post clearing up what happened there. it wasn’t really anything big, simo was just a bit uncomfortable I think. 
(sooo keep in mind I’m entirely self taught and have only been working on Norwegian for a couple months. and I’m teaching myself like 5 languages at once lmao)

EDIT: if you speak norwegian please feel free to correct me!!

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Watching Over Me

A star fell last night and I thought of you,
So high in the heavens watching over me.
Protecting me, wanting to save me.
I know each time I fall, you can’t help but jump
From the clouds to rescue me.

Even after all this time,
I’m still your little girl.
The girl you called Carebear and spoiled with dolls, and stuffed animals that played music.

I still need you daddy, your counsel, your protection, your support.

So please climb back onto the stairs of heaven, for one day soon I will be with you.

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Hunk makes it his mission to hug everyone at least once a day, especially Shiro and Keith because they're touch-starved.

not exactly what you asked for, but something i’ve been wanting to write……. 

(this got waaaaaaaay longer than originally intended, uh. oops? very hunk and shiro centric, borderline shunk, though nothing explicitly shippy)

Hugging Lance is easy, they’re pretty affectionate with each other anyways, so if Hunk hugs him a bit more or longer than usual, it’s not really something that Lance notices.

Pidge has never been much of a hugger, at least hugs she doesn’t initiate herself. But Hunk is her friend, and he’s pretty dang huggable, and so she doesn’t mind letting him initiate hugs more often than she’d allow it from anyone else. She eventually even gets used to it, accepting the hugs as they come, sometimes even continuing what she was working on and patting Hunk on the arm to show she’s good with him doing it, until Hunk lets go.

Keith is also surprisingly easy to hug. He never initiates, but he’s gotten very comfortable with Hunk’s hugs, has started really leaning into them, even if he doesn’t usually wrap his arms around Hunk in return. It’s just not something he feels he’s very good at, but Hunk doesn’t mind when he feels Keith push just a tiny bit closer into Hunk’s chest.

Coran is easy, too, like hugging one of his uncles. He never really questions Hunk’s hugs, maybe because he thinks it’s a human thing or maybe because he thinks it’s a Hunk thing. Either way, Coran takes it in stride and always welcomes Hunk’s hugs with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Hunk feels weird about hugging Allura. They aren’t close, and Hunk just can’t figure her out, she keeps her cards too close to her chest, only ever really showing her weaknesses to Coran. They’ve shared celebratory hugs, and Hunk has had to half carry her before, when she’s exhausted or over-exerted herself, but those don’t really count as hugs. But it’s fine, they show their affection in different ways. Hunk tries to replicate traditional Altean dishes, and Allura is always first to lay a comforting hand on Hunk’s shoulder or arm.

They do hug, really really hug, once when Hunk goes on a particularly dangerous mission. Allura and Hunk had, in a surprising turn of events, actually had a fight, and then Hunk had to rush off on a mission only the Yellow Paladin and Lion could do. Allura had followed him to the hangar and they’d shared a moment, each of them hugging a little harder than what’s strictly comfortable.

Hunk makes it back, a little bruised and battered, and Allura puts her hand on his shoulder and gives it a squeeze, the way she usually does. They’re okay.

It’s Shiro, though, that notices. Hunk’s tendency to hug more and longer, but to spend less time with the rest of the team. Who notices the sheer number of baked goods coming out of the kitchen, how sometimes there’s several platters full on the counter in the morning where there wasn’t when he went to bed. 

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Another preview of the short film I’m producing! Marinette is hasty until something awakens a curiosity …. What did it be?

At the moment I had to take a break (very long) in this project due to a super important work I received this week! I could not refuse the offer because it will help me a lot to get some money and support me. I also don’t know when I will return, but I promise it will be soon. There is little left to finish the main!

Wish me luck!

I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.