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“Don’t let them erase me, Magnus. Don’t let them make the world forget.”

Shoutout to the world’s greatest composer

anonymous asked:

can you please provide some headcanons about Emerald being safe, cared for and loved for the first time in her life because lord knows she needs it (If headcanons are hard for this then could you possibly write a little something instead?)

Emerald’s eyes shut open, heart still pounding fast. She didn’t even remember the nightmare, or for how long she had been asleep. Could have been five minutes or five hours. 

She was still lying between Weiss’ legs, head resting on her stomach. You’re safe, she told herself, and it sounded odd. When had she ever been safe?

The nightmare had left an unsettling feeling in in her chest, nagging and burning. She shifted her head a little to look at Weiss who only glanced up from her book for a moment and started to gently stroke Emerald’s hair. It immediately calmed her down. 

You love her. 

She buried her face in Weiss’ sweater. Gentle fingers started to caress the back of her neck, making her stomach feel warm and tingly. 

She loves you.

Emerald lifted herself up and icy blue eyes locked with hers. Weiss looked so beautiful, wearing her hair down for once, soft white curls falling down on her shoulders. “Tired?”, Weiss asked. Emerald shook her head and Weiss layed her book on the coffee table. “You’ve been asleep for at least an hour. I thought about waking you up before you have a sore neck tomorrow.” 

And she cares for you.

“You’re comfortable.” Emerald rested her head against Weiss’ chest. Weiss wrapped her arms around her and buried her face in Emerald’s hair. “Want to go to bed? Or stay up and read?” 

“I thought you weren’t tired.” 

“I just don’t want to go to bed without you.” 

Why not both? Fluffy Emerald post coming up.

Just be aware that yeah, I wrote a little something for this one, but I am muuuuch more picky about requests that ask me to write a scene or something like that instead of headcanons.